29 November 2006

What a pretty boy! Thank you Patricia for this lovely photo of Larry.

Nothing much happening this weekend but not long now until LKA. This is one of my favourite shows with so many stalls selling just about everything you need and don't need for your dog. I try to stick to my shopping list but it so hard. With Christmas just around the corner and the electric atmosphere of the show it is so easy to get carried away and spend more than you budgeted. Mind you, you might regret having to carry all those parcels and packets of dog food back to the car park!

27 November 2006

What lovely surprise when these balloons turned up on the doorstep. Thank you to Auntie Sandra for such a special present, I am so proud of my boys!

26 November 2006

This is Hammer and Diamond cooling off by the side of a lake. It certainly gets hot in California where they live!

25 November 2006

Here are a couple of warmly dressed Bedlingtons patiently waiting for the snowy weather. Thank you Trudie for sending me this cute photo of Tiffanie and Tobie.

21 November 2006

Ain't she beautiful!

We have just had our Renault van customised by new paint colour co-ordinated bumpers and trimmings, and smart new wheel trims. I think the dogs approve! I just need Parker's photo on the side to complete the picure.

20 November 2006

West Midland Terrier ( Sat 18th November)

Congratulations to Trevor and Jane Graham for taking best of breed with Ruffsfurze Athos The Achiever ( Archie) and Trudie Hewitt-Taylor with Mollora Eastern Dawn ( Tiffanie) for winning best puppy.

Many thanks to Trevor and Jane for sending us the photographs.

19 November 2006

How about one of these hand made collars, this is definitely what the best dressed Bedlingtons will be wearing this Christmas! (click on photo for larger image)

Top quality, handmade leather whippet type collars, 1.5 inches wide tapering to 0.75 inch strap personalised with your dogs name, available in either black, brown, tan or burgundy with a choice of brass or chrome fittings. Each one is made to measure so please supply accurate neck size when ordering - only £20 inclusive of UK postage.

For further details or to place an order please contact Christine Slatcher at

16 November 2006

Mother and four boys doing well, one blue, one sandy and two lovely livers. We will be enjoying a glass or two tonight to celebrate!

Diesel's Pups started to arrive at about 0900 London time. Two so far, both boys and more to come, we think.

15 November 2006

Aren't they cute! This is Betty bedlington with her cuddly toy. Many thanks to Billy for this lovely photo!

14 November 2006

Jon out walking the dogs on a cold Sunday morning, we are so lucky to live amongst such glorious countryside.

13 November 2006

Pot bellied bedlington!
It is an exciting time only a few days to go until Diesel has her puppies. I am guessing she is carrying about four babies, what do you think ?

10 November 2006

Now, no peeking while I hide behind this tree!

My thanks goes to Patricia Chapman for sending me another lovely photo of Larry.

07 November 2006

Here is a cheeky chap! There is nothing cuter than a bedlington puppy! I just love his punk hair do! Many thanks to Patricia for this lovely photo of Larry!
Not much going on over the next few weeks, we are all looking forward to the LKA show in December but until then please do send me any interesting photos for us all to enjoy. I want to keep updating the site during this quiet period, and please feel free to add comments.

05 November 2006

What a great weekend! Parker was entered today at the Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Society Association show. Parker won the AVNSC open class, he went on to win the best AVNSC and finally took group 3 in the Terrier Group. My dogs certainly deserve special treats with agility success yesterday and Parker's group 3 today!

04 November 2006

The girls were entered today at the UK Agility Steeplechase trial at Cheltenham racecourse. I woke up at 5am this morning to a temperature of minus six degrees and nearly decided to stay in bed! Cold it might have been but the girls did not seem to mind and were eager to get on the road. We arrived at 0730am and I walked the course which was still covered in a white frost.
I was so pleased we decided to go as the girls ran really well. In the first competition both Chelsea and Fudge ran clear rounds with Chelsea gaining a second place and Fudge third. In the second competition again both dogs ran clear rounds with Chelsea finishing third and Fudge fourth.

Movie, Chelsea's Run Click Here

03 November 2006

I was given a copy of this book yesterday and I feel sure this would be invaluable to many who are perhaps new owners or are thinking of having a Bedlington Terrier. This is a very informative book written by Murial Lee. It covers all aspects of the breed and goes into detail on the history, characteristics, breed standard, everyday care, training, health care, the senior dog and showing. The 156 pages are filled with photographs, diagrams and valuable all round information on the Bedlington Terrier.

You can order this book in any local book shop in the high Street , the ISBN number is 1-903098-85-8

More Photos Click Here

01 November 2006

Well November the 1st has brought us the first frosty morning, so pretty walking across the fields but we needed our mittens and scarfs. Mind you the dogs don't seem to mind the cold and they were very eager to go on their morning run.

This is a super photograph of my Parker's litter brother Larry. The photo was taken on a beach in Cornwall. My thanks goes to Patricia Chapman.