31 December 2007

Competition winner photo 16

Here is our competition winner, the photo was sent in by Eli Fjeld. Congratulations Eli a bedlingtonpictures cap will be on its way soon. Please can you email me with your address? And here is a note from our judge Viv Rainsbury who is a wonderful animal artist.
Hi Lesley - thank you so much for asking me to judge the photo competition - there were some fantastic pictures, and what a talented bunch our Bedlingtons (and their owners) are!
I was really spoilt for choice, and I felt so many of the photos were beautifully done (although one or two owed a great deal to the senders' technical skills, and some looked a bit too "posed" and contrived)but there was one photo which kept drawing me back, for its pefect composition, clarity and detail, and which, for me, summed up the essential joie de vivre of a perfect "White Christmas". It's photo number 16, of the delightful little dog pirouetting in the snow. I just loved it - whoever sent it in, please can I have a copy? If there needed to be a runner-up, it would be the photo of the "poinsettia puppies".
I would like to thank Viv for judging our competition, there were some great photos for her to chose from. Also I would like to thank all the photographers for taking part, it is you kind folk who help to make this blog a great place for all Bedlington fans. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE
And here is the runner up! Photo 30 poinsettia puppies

Congratulations to Tony and Tina Welsh , getting these little guys to stand still must have been a nightmare. Well done and a little prize of M & S Cherry Chocolates will be yours!

This trip to the seaside looks great fun!
Kevin and family blew the cobwebs away on a beach in Wales
Being Monday it is our young reporters day

Here's the report for Monday form Sarah

Saturday was Luton Canine Association's Premier Open Show & the breed judge was a Mr B Gray. The winners were as follows,
1st Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget).
1st Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie)
2nd Makems Honky Tonk Woman (Brenda).
1st MiteyMidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
2nd Sevray Dasiy JW (Daisy)
3rd Ch Sevray Just Rumours SHCM (Pinfold).
BOB & Terrier Group four went to Mollora Little Rosie, BP & Terrier Puppy Group four went to Seaofiron Where Angles Play & RBOB to MiteyMigets Cruiser. Lilly & I had a surprise when in the middle of the YKC Handling class they played the national anthem very loud, It frightened the life out of the dogs & me, But once it had finished we carried on & got Reserve (4th) out of six ,but unfortunately we didn't get any photos. The venue was Wood Green Animal Shelter so we had a look at the animals, there were some lovely Greyhounds & a Lurcher.
Bye for now Sarah.
Fantastic Sarah! what a day for the Collier bedlingtons, many congratulations to you and of course Mary with little Bridget.

Our Christmas report from Victoria

Jack had a lovely Christmas. He got a new blanket, 3 squeaky toys (one is already destroyed!)and a tiger rope pull (also destroyed). He had loads of fun visiting friends and family over Christmas and we have had some nice Christmas walks with jack. I haven't had much time to practice but I will make an extra effort today as he has a show next Sunday(6th January). Today me and my Dad are going to give jack a trim , I'm sure Jack is not looking forward to it. He only has to see the clippers and he runs to the sofa and pretends to be asleep, but once we have started he stands really well for us. Fingers crossed the clipping will go well. We wish you all a happy New Year lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles.

I hope the clipping went well Victoria, it certainly helps when they stand still on the table. I think your Dad is going to be a very good dog groomer, maybe he should change his career and open up a dog grooming shop! Jack would like that with new playmates every day. I expect you are excited about next weekend. Being your very first show, try not to be too nervous, just go in the ring have fun and enjoy your day. I wish I could be there to cheer you on!

30 December 2007

The last letter for 2007 from the USA

The bedlington world is still pretty quiet here. Come February and March when the dogs shows really get rolling there should be lots of bedlington news to report. Now you're stuck with my household bedlington news. I have had Amelia for 4 weeks today and she is doing great. She comes when called & sits front!! She does that all on her own. She is walking on a leash, knows the commands sit, down, wait & is getting very good a the potty stuff. For the end of December the weather here is amazing.....warm and sunny, so the dogs and I are getting to spend a lot of time outside and I am able to still do a little gardening. I was so happy to hear about Lucy being rescued because I had heard about her on another site and alerted Lesley. The person that had first posted on her at Roden was so happy to hear about her finding a home and hopefully we will have a new blogger as I sent her to this site to see Lucy's story. I hope everyone is planning a fun New Years celebration and 2008 is a spectacular year for all my world wide bedlington friends. I will remain on the island as they are closing our road for 3 months to replace some bridges...the closure begins January 2nd. Talk about being isolated and cut off......I love it though, it is the reason I came here. Happy Happy New Year to everyone. I am signing off here, my last report for 2007. See you all in 2008!!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank You Tricia, gosh does that mean the only way off of the island for 3 months is by boat? How far are you from the mainland? It is fantastic as we have two islanders writing for the blog Oracoke and Skye! Two very beautiful islands but I would think very different!
Competition Photos All 32
Competition Closing today

This is just to remind you the photo competition closes today 4pm. I will get Jon to upload the album to the index page this evening.

This is a mischievous look on Cody's face!

Baby Ellie with her body guards Billy and Cracker

Thanks Steve for this delightful family photo.

29 December 2007

This was Bentley's favourite toy this Christmas, a Santa balloon. Bentley had loads of fun chasing this Santa round the living room!

Out walking this afternoon

Competition photo 33

Cody the Highland beachcomber

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Cody and I had a great time visiting family. He was a big hit with everyone, and very well behaved. My 2yr old niece is going through a 'frightened of dogs' phase, but she managed to pluck up the courage to feel his fur at least! My 3yr old niece just loved Cody to bits, and he was very good around her. Later, I showed both kids the bedlington blog pics on my sisters computer. They were convinced that every single one was Cody, even the pic of you Lesley with 7 dogs....they were all Cody!!
So now we're back home in Skye where the weather is mild but wet at the moment. It will soon be a new year, and we're looking forward to keeping in touch with all the bloggers and reading their bedlie stories. I may also add a puppy to my household in the spring :-)
Wishing you all a happy new year from Skye,
Marie and Cody
Thank You Marie, so pleased to hear you are back home safe after a fun family Christmas. Oh a new puppy in the spring how exciting what are you considering , a Bedlingon or maybe a Dalmation baby? Whatever it is we will look forward to the photos on the blog.
Competition photo 32

28 December 2007

Junior dog or bitch

Ashbourne and District Canine Society Open at Newark today
Judge - Mr J Thirwell
Junior - 4 entries
1st ~ Heraty's ~ Inglemaric Make My Day
2nd ~ Walters/Mitchell's ~ Aireview Xmas Holly
3rd ~ Owen's ~ Bisbee Bobby Dazzler
Res ~ Atkins ~ Wicksbria Precious Faye

Post Grad - 1 entry
Owen's ~ Bisbee Bewitched

Open - 2 entries
1st ~ Owen's ~ Bisbee Painted Lady
2nd ~ Owen's ~ Bisbee Blue Max

BOB ~ Bisbee Painted Lady
Best Puppy ~ Inglemaric Make My Day
Thanks to Donna and Brian for the photo and results, it is fantastic to have them on the blog so quickly. Congratulations to Dorothy for BOB and Ed and Helen for Best Puppy.

Guess where I went today ? Answer - to see Lucy at Roden and you may not be too surprised to know that she is booked to come home with me on 12 January. She has just been spayed so will wait until her stitches are removed. We went for a little walk and she is lovely. She is blue and quite small and fairly quiet - they say that they have not heard her bark ! But I will be surprized if that continues as all the others have been very good door bells or do I mean 'dog bells' ! Anyway, as I am a long way from the Dog Trust site at Roden they will not be able to do a home visit so I am going to get my Vet to Fax through a letter/ reference and that will do. Then on the Saturday morning we go to fetch her (my son and I) there will be an induction lecture -THEN LUCY WILL BE MY NEW FRIEND. Thank you for your help - I will keep in touch and send a picture when I have one.
Best wishes Dora
This is just fantastic news, maybe your son could take a photo of you and Lucy leaving the kennels. The best thing about this blog has been getting to know all those wonderful people and the bedlingtons that have been involved with rescue. I am so excited for you, congratulations, I can't wait until we see little Lucy on the blog.
BTA Committe meeting
This is just to remind committee members that the next meeting is at our house on Saturday 12th January at 11am. So that I have some idea for lunch numbers, can you please contact me if you CAN'T make it. Also, if you need directions please phone me on 01608 686332 or send an email.
Thanks Lesley
You can all have a tit bit when I have finished!
The Walshaw gang stop for lunch on Boxing Day.

Mac says, time for tea!
Thanks to Elaine for the photo.
Competition photo 31

27 December 2007

Compettion photo 30
Goodbye Rosie
It is with sad news we say goodbye to a very much loved little girl. Rosie who shared her life with Angela and Stuart Yearley died today of heart failure aged 13. Everybody will be very upset to hear of your loss, lots of love and thinking about you both, from everyone on the blog.
Photo Competition
You only have a couple of days left to enter our photo competition. The entries will close on Sunday the 30th at 4pm. All the photos will be put into a folder which can be viewed on the index page. I will let you know as soon as our judge has chosen a winner.
Competition photo 29

The Walshaws walking off their turkey dinner.
This weeks's Shows

Ashbourne & District CS Open Show
Friday 28th Dec, 2007 -at Newark & Notts Showground.. Classes Junior, PG and Open. Judge Mr John Thirlwell. Sec. Name Mr Mosedale tele no 01283 819923 closes 30th November.
Do check out the New Year Show dates in the blog index column. If you know of any others for the list please email me.
Thanks to Martin for this info
Luton's on Saturday 29th at Wood Green. If you are at the shows do take some photos if you have time.
Mac blowing the Christmas cobwebs away!
Elaine wishes everyone on the blog a Happy New Year

26 December 2007

Greetings from us over the border in Wales

Hope all you bloggers had a great time, there is not much to report at the moment, the only thing to report on is food, chocolates, drink and presents, the weather is mild which is great, so no cold and wet dogs.
So carry on enjoying your selves from the Welsh blogers. Brian Jean / Tim Julie / Enid Hefin / Kevin Deb / Clifford Pat / Steve Tracy / Diane / Frances Chris / Paula Bernard / Rhiannon / Maureen Elwyn / and Madeline. If there is anyone I have forgoten I will say sorry now. I hope you get some good bargains, if you are of to the sales, or are you keeping your pennies for Crufts ?
That's it for now.
Competition photo 28
( I take my hat off to you!)

Competition photo 27
Competition photo 26
Boxing Day Post
How are we all feeling today? A lovely walk today with the dogs for me is just what the doctor ordered. I have had a request from Canada to help find working Bedlington puppies. If you know of any pups for sale, must be from Granitor stock and from KC registered parents please let me know. Do enjoy the rest of your day and remember keep those photos coming for the competition.
Stop Press
I have just had a letter from Dora who has just spend her first Christmas without a doggie to share it with! If you remember Dora wrote to me a couple of weeks ago. Dora is experienced with Bedlingtons and wants to offer a home to an unwanted Bedlington up to about 7 years of age. Again if you can help Dora email me and I will pass on the information!
Bye for now!

What are you doing today?

25 December 2007

Competition photo 25

Hope you have all had a wonderfull day.
I have attached a photo that sums up Christmas Afternoon, taken today, with all my girls.
After having a big lunch, sat / laid out on the sofa, eating sweets & watching tv.
p.s. boys sulking, in other room due to bitch in season.
Xmas Day "Caught Just In Time"
Competition slide 24

24 December 2007

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, lots of love from me Chelsea, Fudge, Deisel and Parker! xxx
PS Keep those Christmas competition photos coming!

Couple of better pics of Frosty and Colin's Lurcher pups all waiting to see which one is going to be picked by their prospective new Mum and Dad.
Oh Tina they are so pretty,I think I would want to take them all home!

Competition photo 23
Competition photo 22

Good morning to our young adult reporter Sarah

Colchester & District Canine Society was Sunday, the breed judge was Mrs C Mayers .The winners where Limit Dog or Bitch Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie) Open Dog & RBOB Ch. Mollora Ladida Crackerjack (Jack) Open Bitch & BOB Ch. Mollora Royal Occasion (Asia) & Lilly got 2nd in Open Bitch ,Unfortunately we don't have any photos as Dad had to handle some dogs .Unfortunately the steward for the Junior Handling class had a personal vendetta against hats & would not let me enter the ring ,So Lucy continued the handling class were she got Reserve out of six & the steward got a good telling off .In spite of that all had a good day & the tinsel covered dogs did too. The next show down south will be Luton Canine Association.
See you soon, Sarah
I always think you look so elegant and pretty in your pink hat, it suits you and makes you special in the line up! That Steward will have learned a valuable lesson, there can't be anything in the rules to say no hats! Well it is Christmas day tomorrow so have a great time. Lots of love to you all from all of us here at bedlington pictures.
Competition photo 21

It's Christmas Eve and I bet our Junior handlers are very excited!

Here is our report from Victoria

Not much has happened here in Kent as everyone is getting ready for Christmas. As there are no classes at the moment I have been doing a little training at home.Yesterday we did the present run , a lot of of our family hadn't seen Jack for a while and commented about how much he had grown and how well behaved he was. My Auntie Debby said he is really handsome and also said she would like a bedlie in the new year, she has had various terriers in the past and at present has a 14 year old broken coated jack Russel called Giggs. Our first open show is on the 6th January, we are entered in the AV terrier as there are no Bedlington classes at that show. Hopefully there will be other Bedlingtons at the show. Jack has been very mischievous lately ,he has been jumping up at balloons and trying to get the Christmas decorations. We are keeping a very close eye on him. We have been looking very closely at the competition and think all the photos are really good we haven't entered yet but will do soon. We all wish you a very merry Christmas and a successful New Year.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles

Hello victoria, you must write and tell me what you had for Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day and Jack is a good boy. Not long now until your first show, we are all very proud of what you have achieved with Jack in such a short time. Lots of love to you all and have a great time!

23 December 2007

Competition Photo 20
Parker and Mummy Fudge in the field this afternoon.
Competition photo 19

Hi from the US.

Let me first wish all my bedlington picture friends a magical and joyful Christmas season. Things are pretty quiet here, with Christmas coming on and all. However on my bedlington front, my month has been very busy. I got my new puppy, Chelsea's Tangled Up In Blue, call name Amelia on 30 Nov. It was a very long drive to get her into the depths of the Washington DC traffic on a Friday afternoon. People have to be crazy to live like that!!!! About 10 minutes drive from the insanity is Linda Freeman's house (the breeder I got Amelia from).....beautiful, rural area, deer in the front yard, quiet, lovely house setting up on a hillside. After Linda went over all the paper work with me and the puppies were fed, 2 hours after I arrived I was off again into the craziness.......rush hour lasts for hours in DC. I don't think it actually ever stops. On the road for my return 8 hour trip to my quiet little island. I arrived at the ferry at 3:30am....first ferry leaves at 5 am, so I took the time to sleep. All the dogs were so good....they are so patient and forgiving. Arrived at my house at 6 am. I had left 24 hours before and had been on the road for all but the 2 hours at Linda's. I layed on the dog bed with the girls and the puppy and we all slept for a few hours. Amelia is the sweetest, smartest little girl. I have had her for 3 weeks today and I can't believe all she has learned. She is laying in my lap as I type this, she keeps trying to rest her nose on the keyboard. My girls have accepted her into the pack, although they were a little standoffish at first. The first to welcome her and play was Sam, my cat. I think he was just happy that there was someone smaller than him in the house! The 2 of them have a great time together. So the outside bedlington world may be quiet, but my house has been in full swing with bedlington activity. I am so glad the blog is up and running again, so I can bore you all to death with my ramblings from the US. Have a Merry Christmas and I will do the New Year's wishing next week in my ramblings .

Wow Tricia we tend to forget what a huge country you live in! It must have been a nightmare journey but well worth the effort with your new family member. It will be a very special Christmas with a puppy in the house. I wonder what she will make of the beach, all that lovely sand to run on!

22 December 2007

Competition photo 18

competition photo 17

Competition photo 16

Well, up here we are busy getting organised for Christmas....only three more sleeps to go!
The weather has been fantastic in Skye all week, cold but with clear blue skies and sunshine. Looking outside you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was July instead of December. Cody has taken full advantage of being able to get out without getting his feet wet.
This morning though it seems we are back to wet and windy weather, but tomorrow Cody and I are off 'home' to Lanarkshire to spend Christmas with my family. I'm loving the photo competition, such clever scenes...so well done to everyone who has entered.
Before I go, can I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Christmas, and I hope Santa is good to you (especially to the bedlies!).
Marie (and Cody)

PS this is from Cody...Jingle bells (skye remix)
Jingle bells, the cows all smell
the sheep are whiffy too
Cody's going to have a bath
so he smells better than ewe.

Then for Christmas dinner
there's only grass for ewe
but cody's mum is spoilt for choice
lamb bhoona or lamb stew?
Competition photo 15

Wishing you and everyone on bedlington pictures a merry Xmas. Whisper was trimmed Wed by Mathew as you can see he did a great job and whisper looks lovely. Piper is just legs at the moment and lost her first baby tooth on Thursday.
Thanks Julie for the photo. Both your pups look gorgeous, they are at the age where they are lots of fun and into everything. I just love Bedlington pups, we will look forward to seeing them playing with their presents on Christmas day!

21 December 2007

Little Bridie from Colorado all tucked up and ready for bed. I think she is keeping an eye open for Santa.

Competition photo 14
Introducing Jenny and Boycie
Boycie is now 11 years old. We adopted him from rescue 5 years ago. We didn’t know then that he was a Bedlington. His fur was so overgrown and matted, we could hardly see his shape or his little face. He is the love of my life and such a super boy. He has some health problems including allergies, a heart murmur and fluid on the lung plus a lens defect that he was born with which means he can’t see much further than 3 foot in front of his little brown nose. But he is so kind and gentle and adorable, we love him just as he is.
This a another wonderful story of unwanted Bedlington who is now happy and much loved. All the rescue dogs, the kind people who run Bedlington rescue, those who give up their time and money, and the delightful people who re home these dogs have a special place in all our hearts and on this blog. We can't thank them all enough!
I see no ships!
Introducing Bertie Bedlington one of Diesel's grown up pups here on holiday this summer in the Norfolk Broads. Thanks to Sophie for the photo, hopefully we will a lot more of Bertie on the blog!

Competition photo 13
Competition photo 12

Gosh how they have grown !

Here's a few pics of frosty's and Colins Lurcher pups.They will be 5 weeks on Sunday-can't believe how they've grown!! Tina.
How I love the little dark brown one at the back of the photo, they are all just gorgeous Tina. Have they all got homes?

20 December 2007

Thursday Evening News
As I mentioned last night Lesley Butler goes into hospital on the 27th Dec for about 5 days. If you would like to send a card to the hospital she will be admitted into Ward M2, Pilgrim Hospital, Sibsey Rd, Boston Lincs PE 21 9QS.
A lady called Dora phoned me today and would like to offer a home to an unwanted Bedlington. Dora is an experienced Bedlington owner and is prepared to take on a dog or bitch up to about 6 or 7 years of age. If you know anyone who is looking to re home a bedlington Dora can be contacted at (dwmack61@hotmail,com)
That's all folks from me tonight, keep the competition photos coming
Thanks to you all
Competition photo 11
The Bedlington Terrier Club Of America have a wonderful website. Do go and take a look at the home page where you will find a Christmas photo slide show. There are some terrfic seasonal photos. Click on the link
Christmas photo comp entry 10