31 March 2007

Llaffan is still laughing!
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Once again congratulations to Stewart with Harry!
Many thanks to Martin Collier for kindly sending through the photos after a long journey home.

Ch Rathsrigg Rose Cut ( click to enlarge photo)

The Judge Mr Roy North evaluating the line of Bedlingtons.
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Jill Collier with The Best Puppy In Show Mollora Little Rosie.
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Heading the line up for Best Dog is the Veteran Tredoman Song Of The South with Tim Bouse.
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Here we have Stewart Yearley with Best In Show Ch Lowbrook LLaffan JW ShCM and Denise Burns with Rathsrigg Rose Cut, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show.
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National Bedlington Terrier Open Show Results
Judge Mr Roy North
Best in Show, Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW ShCM, ( Stewart Yearley)
Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show , Ch Rathsrigg Rose Cut, ( Denise Burns)
Reserve Dog, Bisbee Blue Max, (Derek and Dorothy Owen)
Reserve Bitch, Mollora Kristi Marie With Janmark ShCM , ( Mark Walshaw)
Best Puppy, Mollora Little Rosie, (Sarah Collier)
Best Veteran, Tredoman Song Of The South, ( Tim Bouse)

More workers from the Murton Show
Show update
Bath postal entries close on April 4th and on line April 14th. We will be at National Terrier next Saturday to take photos. David Taylor has a good an entry of 61.

30 March 2007

Cinderella came home from the ball to find she had a whole house full of puppies! ( click to enlarge photo)

Maureen and I would like to thank every one who has contributed to the blog by sending us photographs and taking the time to make us all laugh with the comments, it has been really entertaining. We are getting low on photographs so all of you showing, ratting, dog walking folk don't forget to take your camera with you this weekend! Good Luck to all those entered at The National Bedlington Show tomorrow. As soon as I receive the results we will publish them.
Sorry for not being able to publish the winner earlier..bet you've all been on and off the site in anticipation. The winner is....MARK. With The Royal(canin family) and Jim last seen muttering "sofa my arse" It might be my sense of humour but I thought that really good! Well done Mark.
Stop Press
Stewart Yearley's critique for Crufts will be in today's " Our Dogs" and "Dog World" paper.

Take me to bed bedlies!
Who needs a teddy when you can cuddle up to one of these! Once again a big thank you to Billy. I just Love this photo!

29 March 2007

Look out Llaffan, this will take the smile off your face, Tredegar boy from the valleys is hitting the big time at WELKS!

This is the weather at the Pits today!
What was the weather like where you are today? This happy chappy is 80 years young and lives next door to Maureen and Elwyn. He certainly had his work cut out preparing the ground for his first crop of broad beans. Wow, that is a lot or digging for a man of his age, I could not do it!

The Tredegar girl dog walkers.
Thanks Kevin, what a team, does that mean you can stay at home and watch the rugby on a Sunday afternoon? I wonder if they would still go walking on a rainy day!

Ben proudly wearing his rosette from the Murton Working Terrier Show.
Thanks Billy for the photo

Clip from this weeks "our Dogs"
Thanks goes to Martin for sending it to us.
LAST DAY TODAY! ( only a few hours left)
IT'S COMPETITION TIME! (click to enlarge)
How much television do you watch? This time we are looking for the best television programme (past or present) to fit this naughty puppy photo! The prize will be a voucher for 2-4kg bag of Royal Canin dog food. Tina will be judging and the competition closes Midday on Friday March 30th. It is very quiet on the show scene this week so I am hoping that you will all enter several times!

28 March 2007

Show update
It is the National Bedlington Terrier Show this Saturday which is held near Selby. We unfortunately won't be attending. If someone could post through the results or even a photo of the winners that would be great!
Murton Working Terrier Show
Thanks to Billy for the photos, looks like they had a lovely sunny day

Best Puppy at the Murton Show

27 March 2007

Jake, Sooty and Sue!

Who said Bedlingtons don't like water!
This is Goldie the Bedlington swimming in the lake with a Lurcher. Thank you Kevin for this great photo.
This is Lucy all dressed up as Cinderella. Lucy is certainly not going to the ball without her puppy! How cute they look, many thanks to Kevin for this delightful photograph!

26 March 2007

More dog fun tomorrow night Tuesday at 8pm with "The Underdog Show"
Julian Clary presents, as the remaining celebrities and their rescue canine partners hope to impress the viewers and judges. Results 10pm.

Jake does not look too happy about the idea of a make over!

Many thanks to Billy for sending me the before and after photos of Jake who recently came into Diane's grooming studio for a shampoo and set!

Wow, doesn't Jake look a handsome boy!
Sylvia Morrice heads the line up at GT Yarmouth Gorleston & District Open Show
Limit & RBOB: Mrs Yvonne Bannisters' Miteymidgets Tetrach
Open Dog: Mrs S Morrices' Ch Mollora Ladida Crackerjack
Open Bitch BOB & GRP 2: Ed & Viv Rainburys' Sevray Daisy JW
Best Puppy & P GRP 4: Mrs J Colliers' Mollora Little Rosie.
Many thanks to Martin for the photo and results.

25 March 2007

UK Agility Newbury 24th and 25th March 2007
Our first show the season got under way in what seemed like arctic conditions, but the weather certainly did not dampen the dogs spirits. Saturday was very damp and cold but the dogs were eager to run. I messed up the agility in the morning by by running the wrong course (a senior moment I think) but made up for it in the afternoon in the jumping competiton when both Diesel and Fudge ran clear rounds, with Diesel finishing her round in very fast time to come fourth.
Today seemed a little warmer thank goodness, and Diesel ran a terrific steeplechase event this morning going clear in a fast time and again this afternoon ran another clear round in the agility which was fast enough to earn her third place. My old girl Chelsea, who will be eleven this year also ran a clear round a little slower to come home fourth.
We certainly had a lovely weekend but I am always a little saddened by the absence of any other Bedlingtons at agility events.

24 March 2007

Old Sea Dog
This is Dougal (Rhicullin Benjamin) on the back of Bob Dunch's boat Taipan on Kielder water in Northumberland. All Bob's dogs enjoy a trip out on the water as long as they have plenty of "call of nature breaks".

23 March 2007

Winter or Spring?
I don't think Fizz is bothered as long as there is a tasty morsel among the daffodils. Many thanks goes to Enid for sharing this delightful photo.
Scottish Kennel Club Entries
Closing, post mark 26th March or 2nd April on-line.
Louisville Speciality 4 Day Show USA
Last weekend was an important event in the Bedlington calendar. Congratulations to all the winners, I am hoping that someone will send us some photos but until then here are the results.

22 March 2007

Stop Press
61 Bedlingtons entered under Mr David Taylor at National Terrier. Judging starts at 9am in ring 5 with 80 Parson Russell Terriers before us.

Come on Mum, you can run faster than that. Look there is a squirrel over there!
Another lovely photo from Lorraine, Wordsworth has certainly got his eye on something very interesting.

21 March 2007

I would send a copy of this photo straight to Pedigree!
Many thanks to Bob Dunch for this really cute puppy photo.

Who is watching who!
Another great photograph from Lorraine, this certainly made me smile.

20 March 2007

Optima loves the Snow and lives in Norway
This is a grand old Lady (Borsali'nos) Optima who is 11 years old and is very used to the snow. Many thanks to Eli Fjeld for sending this photo of a very special snow queen bedlie.

Smile please!
Many thanks to Bob Dunch from Northumberland for this great photo, I just love puppies.
These five Bedlington Terrier Puppies were born just before Christmas 2006 to Bob's dogs Dougal & Annie.
A Consumer's Guide to Pet Food:Valuable Information for Pet Owners
This is worth a look as it helps to understand the labelling on dog food products.

Spot The Bedlington
A big thank you to Lorraine Dodds for sending this really cute photo of Wordsworth her puppy.
(click on photo to enlarge)

19 March 2007

Dog food recall in the USA
Watch Video
List of Symptoms
Menu Foods Inc., whose products are sold under dozens of brand names, announced Saturday that it was recalling 50 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food. The "cuts and gravy" style products, sold in cans and pouches, are marketed nationwide by retailers such as Wal-Mart, Safeway and PetSmart. Consumers kept a phone line (866-895-2708) set up by Menu Foods busy all weekend. The Food and Drug Administration advises consumers immediately to stop using the products, listed at menufoods.com/recall, and consult their veterinarians if pets show signs of kidney failure. In a statement on the FDA website, Menu Foods says it hasn't discovered the cause of the problem. Complaints about animal illness coincided, however, with the introduction of an ingredient from a new supplier. Menu Foods says it has stopped using the ingredient.

Watch Video
"We take these complaints very seriously," Paul Henderson, Menu Foods' president and CEO, said in the statement. "We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our products maintain the very highest quality standards." Laurie Miller, a veterinarian at the Hope Center for Advanced Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Va., says she has received "flurries" of calls; she now is treating a 2-year-old German shepherd that developed diarrhea and vomiting after eating a type of Iams dog food included in the recall.

Signs of Trouble
Experts advise owners to call their veterinarian if a pet has eaten recalled food and shows symptoms of possible kidney failure. An animal could be in trouble if it:· Stops eating· Appears tired and lifeless· Seems excessively thirsty· Urinates much more than usual· Vomits· Has diarrhea· Seems to have abdominal painSource: USA Today
The dog's owners, who heard about the recall on the TV news, originally thought their pet had caught a stomach bug when he was boarded in a kennel, Miller says. The owners became frightened when the dog threw up black material that looked like blood. Those symptoms could be caused by kidney failure, says Miller, who is running tests of the dog's blood. The kidneys contain many tiny filters that help the body excrete toxins. A buildup of toxins can make animals feel nauseated. Miller says the German shepherd, although initially dehydrated, has a good chance of recovery. He's young and healthy, she says, and his owners haven't fed him any of the food since Saturday.
Copyright 2007 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Co. Inc. All Rights Reserved.
2007-03-19 09:56:33
New photographer on the blog
Not having a dog to show I borrowed one of Jon's cameras and put on my new bright yellow bedlingtonpictures sweat shirt! Jon gave me a two minute lesson on how to focus and frame a photo and hey presto I became a photographer! I certainly looked the professional as I clicked away at every opportunity! Unfortunately, being my first attempt at taking shots indoors I had to delete quite a few!

18 March 2007

Show News
We will be taking photos at National Terrier on Saturday the 7th April. For those of you who are not entering at SKC, Trevor Graham will be judging the Bedlingtons at Redditch and District Canine Society Open Show on the same day Saturday May 19th. Christine Bell is the Terrier Group Judge for the show.

Mrs Christine Bell scissors the final touches to her dog's coat before the start of judging.

Bedlington Terrier and Bedlington Puppy Of 2006
It was a lovely relaxed day to meet friends old and new. The exhibitors groomed their dogs in the morning and at midday we all sat down to a very generous buffet lunch. There was a total of 21 dogs/puppies for the afternoon competition.
Many congratulations to Martin, Jill and Sarah with Rosie, and of course to Stewart and Angela Yearley with Harry.

16 March 2007

More Crufts 2007 Photos
These are the last of the photos taken at Crufts (no particular order). Tune in Sunday for Bedlington Terrier of the Year pictures.

The Pedigree stand, very early in the morning.
Entires for Birmingham National close on Monday!

14 March 2007

What tickled them?

Mum I want a cuddle!
Food for thought!
Taken from a USA forum this morning
As an outsider looking in to Bedlingtonland, forgive me if what I am about to say sounds a bit puerile or simplistic but when it comes to breeding back good coats, and reducing the size (slightly) surely this cannot be that difficult? The potential problems lie not with the breeding in (or back in) of such improvements , but persuading your average Bedlington show enthusiast that such dogs are a worthwhile prospect in a show situation. These huge ,white cotton coated "Bedlingtons" did not appear overnight, they were not snuck in the back door, they were planned and bred to look like that over a sustained period. Then to put the lid on it, certain judges started to favour these dogs, and from that point , the downward spiral began. Now, I do not know that much about the mechanics of dog showing, but I do know that when you start to value the aesthetic values of any subject above all else, you have got trouble on your hands. When Ferrari or Porsche or Aston Martin offer us a sports car, of course it looks stunningly beautiful on the outside, but its allure would soon fade if it was found to have nothing under the bonnet/hood. So of course they use a blend of good looks and performance, not to mention character . It is telling to note that these "thoroughbred" car manufacturers are very careful not to radically alter the looks of their cars from one decade to the next. Of course, multi national motor companies do this not by accident because they know that it is the heritage that ultimately makes them special. Oh yes , I nearly forgot, whilst I was attempting to be positive I almost forgot about Mrs Davies's silly side swipe about "ugly working strains" Relax Shirl, for today I am feeling tolerant of such ignorant rubbish. (whats fuels it I wonder) Let me clarify for those who may be interested in how your dogs working cousins are bred. A working terrier (that is an earthdog) cannot be "barrel chested" and still negotiate his way around a foxes den. Foxes are more akin to cats'in their physical build, therefore any serious eathdog must be narrow enough in the chest department to go where the fox has gone before him. My own dog is 16" (lovely long legs) but narrow enough around the chest that I can span him with both hands. The short legged , barrel chested working dogs I imagine are the> product of trial/chance matings of pedigree Bedlingtons and poor grade Fell/Patterdale Terriers.> No serious hunter would have anything to gain in breeding a barrel chested dog. Have a look in the photo section of this site, Look at the> Rillington bred dogs of "printer1959" and my own dog, they are the results of careful selective breeding.
David Bruce
"talk sense to a fool and he will call you foolish" - Euripides>>

I think this is Mr Scorah busily combing and next to him Shelly and Christine Slatcher.