31 May 2007

Enid and Hefin's dogs playing in the sea, not sure who they are Enid?
Fun Day Update
It is now confirmed there will be a terrier racing demo! No visiting spectators dogs will be allowed to take part. I reckon Diesel is odds on favourite! This will be fun. ( All dogs in the demo will run under their own risk). Dogs taking part will be muzzled to ensure no accidents in the excitement.
SKC Open Bitch Wiiners
SKC Bitch CC Toffset Tickadeboo

Here is the handsome Billy Maureen's choice for our mascot
Midland Bedlington Fun Day
( Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Awards)
A Kennel Club examiner will be in attendance for those who wish to take the bronze award. The bronze award just requires the dog to be able to complete a few very basic disciplines. All dogs who have passed their bronze are eligible for the Good Citizen class at Crufts. To find out what is required for the test go to the KC website click on activities and events, click on Good Citizen Dog Scheme. The bronze award in not an obedience test more a test in good manners, so do have ago, all those that pass get a certificate and rosette, if you would like any more information drop me an email.

30 May 2007

Happy Birthday to Olga who is one today. I know she had a lovely time opening all her prezzies, lots of love to you Olga from all your friends on bedlingtonpictures.
Happy Birthday to the bedlingtonpictures Press Secretary!
Tomorrow is Maureen's Birthday, many happy returns Maureen and thank you for all your help, you have been so supportive and the reason this website is so successful, lots of love from all of us who tune in and especially the editor!

Bedlingtonpictures Mascots
I have always loved Betty, she is so cute and fluffy just like a pyjama case with take me to bed pom pom ears, ( the Diana Dors of Bedlingtons) that I have decided to nominate her as the bedlingtonpictures mascot for the boys. Girls I have not left us out as I nominate my other favourite dog ("Goldie" a real he man good looking stud )the mascot for us, or have you got your own favourite pin up dogs, we need one for the girls and one for the boys, please give a reason for your choice!
Who would you nominate?
SKC Junior Bitch Winner

SKC Limit Bitch Winner Bisbee Bushwillow of Sharonr
Is this a toy?
Of course not it is the one only Betty, Billy she is a real doll!

29 May 2007

Lil sitting on Chris at the Welsh Kennel Club Champ show last year.
Lil does not mind where she places her bottom!
SKC Puppy Bitch Class Winners
SKC Open Dog Class Winners
Bentley and Benedict
No wonder we all love bedlingtons, many thanks to Nicola Slade for the adorable photo.
Lil's babies now just 24 hours old, Ah!

Bedlington Blog News
Yesterday was a very special Bedlington day. First Many congratulations to all the new Bedlington mums. Thank you to Mathew for all the updates, we have all been thinking about Mouse over the last few days. Fantastic news about Dawn and Louie winning best in Show yesterday, the champagne must have flowing up North last night. Yesterday kept me on this computer for hours, unfortunately no pay but we had 254 hits to the blog , this was 100 hits over our last record. Thank you so much for all your support, keep the photos coming and look forward to seeing lots more pictures of Mouse and Lil's babies.

Many congratulations to our Mouse Mathew and Ann-Marie!
Mathew was woken up by squeaking at 1:30am. Mouse has had four pups 1 dog and 3 bitches, no problems at all, she did everything her self, Mathew just drank cup after cup of tea. These pictures are the first pup and after the last one.

28 May 2007

At last we have a winner!

We can now get rid of these women and Maureen's wellies! Check the comments to find out our winner. The prize kindly donated by Maureen is a wonderful box of dog food!

Northumberland County Show
Here Are the results from today's show. Wow, Mark and Dawn what a terrific day, many congratulations. Thank You Mark for sending us the results and photos!
Junior. 1. Janmark Tigannello with Debussey (D Bussey).
Post Graduate. 1. Janmark Alannora (M Walshaw).
Open. 1. Winfell Reward of Debussey (D Bussey).
Dawn had an excellent day, going, BOB & Grp 1, with Louis, BP & P Grp 2 with Minnie, in excellent groups of terriers.

Mark had to leave prior to BIS, so fingers crossed.

Born This Morning!
Louise and Chris Jones would like to announce the arrival of six beautiful puppies to their little girl Bakabaks Blues Beacon (Lil) and Bakabaks Bold As Brass (Sam) four liver and two Blue! Many congratulations what a lovely litter.
New Sign maker on the Blog!
We all want one, looks like John Bussey is going to be busy, check out comments for information and to place an order.
Open Northern Shows Summer 2007
Many thanks to Mark for this information. Click here for a list of events.
SKC Post Graduate Dog Winner

SKC Limit Dog Winners

27 May 2007


Help please - an adult male Bedlington Terrier has gone missing in the Coggeshall / Feering / Sky Green area of Essex. He is a rescued dog, got spooked on Tuesday and ran off. There have been sightings of him but no-one has been able to catch him. His name is Oscar, and he is wearing a whippet-style collar. Don't know if he is micro-chipped. Any info, sightings etc, please contact Yvonne Bannister at yvonne@miteymidgets or on 01379 783245. If you can't get her (everyone will be out looking tomorrow, Monday) get in touch with me on viv.rainsbury@rjt.co.uk or viv@sevray.com or viv@blueartsfly.com All appropriate agencies and organisations have been contacted. Many thanks, Viv (Sevray bedlingtons)
Mouse Imminent
Mouse at nine weeks, she looks like she is going to burst, this is your last chance to enter the competition.
Bedlington Sunday news!
Birthday wishes go to Tony Waller. Many Happy Returns for tomorrow. Hope to see you and Sandra again very soon. Have a lovely day Tony! Kevin Mumford has a litter of ten baby ferrets looking for homes, seems they make good companions for Bedlington puppies! For more information you can contact Kevin at debramumford06@aol.com.
SKC Puppy Dog Class

SKC Junior Dog Class winner
Over the next few days we will showing you the winners of the classes at SKC. Many thanks to Harvey Bell for sending through the photos.
Show update
Jon will be taking photos at Southern Counties Championship show on Saturday. If anyone would like individual photos taken of their dogs you only have to ask. No charge unless you want them printed, (cost just to cover photographic paper and any postage). Contact me before Friday to make arrangements for photo shoot after judging.
Look how they have grown! This is D's puppies now four weeks old. They are so pretty, Thanks Mark and Jan for sending us the photo.
Introducing Davie and his puppy Oscar who is just 8 months. I know some of you met Davie at SKC. Welcome Davie to the world of Bedlingtons and look forward to meeting you and Oscar very soon.

26 May 2007

Ozzi and Maureen with their rosette for third after stong competition in the Champion Stakes at Bath.
Sandra's Brace
It's Jon here and Les is in the bath so I can publish this collage of the brace. And did they look good, twins. Look at that concentration.
Many congratulations to Judy Thompson with her puppy Jetsway Absolut Blue who took third prize with a big entry in the Puppy Stakes at Bath yesterday. Welll done Judy.
Mother to be "Mouse"
Just a few hours left to enter out competition!
Jacqui Hurley Takes BOB and Best Puppy

25 May 2007

Bath Championship Dog Show 25th May 2007
Congratulations to Jacqui Hurley with Fralex Calibre Sapphire who won BOB, Best Puppy and made the final cut in the group today at Bath. Sorry no relavent picture at this time but the full line up will be available to view tomorrow, early evening.
Do you think I have put on some weight this week?

21 May 2007

Twinkle the puppy fast asleep with her best friend Mr Big. Many thanks to Sandra Hyde for the photo.
SKC Puppy Dog
First Uptnorth Ombudsman, second Janmark Alannora, third Sharnor Blue Diamond.
Many thanks to Billy for this photo, unfortunately he had to change cameras after the puppy dog class and the rest of the photos files are physically too small to publish. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it!

20 May 2007

Scottish Kennel Club Results
Mr C Reaston

Coventry and District Kennel Association Open show

Poppy goes one better today!


Best AVNSC Puppy

Terrier Group 2

Terrier Puppy Group 1


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