31 July 2007

This is Willow just four and a half months, she looks really cute after her trim. I just love her woolly legs.
Many thanks to Lorraine for the photo.
Fantastic Fun Day Coverage In "Our Dogs".
Hefin has spoken to John Holden from "our Dogs" and he wants a 700 word article and several of David Paton's pictures to put in the paper probably on the 10th. Aug. It will most likely be a half page but we might get a whole one.
Hefin would like the name of the young lady who won the junior handling with Daisey, she also won the Ken Bounden statuette for the most entries. You can contact Hefin on 01 685 723878.
Poppy playing in the sun this morning.

Just a thought!
The Fun Day brought together Bedlingtons from all over the country we at last were able to meet a lot of the dogs and owners who we recognised from this blogg. We have made some fantastic new friends two and four legged! I am totally in love with Stuey and I think Jon was trying to sneak Billy away in the back of his wheelchair! Anyway it has got me thinking. The Northern Bedlington Meet which is not a club just a social gathering once a month where grooming, ring craft, terrier racing or anything else can be discussed over a cup of coffee, seems a terrific idea. I wonder how many Bedlingtons live within an hours drive of your home?

If you are interested in a social gathering email me or leave a comment stating large towns or cities within an hours of your home. I will collect all the details and if there is any interest put you in touch with each other. I know we have a few Bedlingtons down in the Essex area and of course many in Wales.
Well that's my thought for the day. Isn't it fantastic to see the sun, oh dear I have run out of Pimms, never mind there is a can of Coke in the fridge!

Here is Bluebell with her new friend Daisy, who is Trevor's daughter's Shitzu. Bluebell is coming on in leaps and bounds, has a good appetite and is very healthy.....credit due to Mark Walshaw. Many thanks to Trevor Woolley for sending us the photo

30 July 2007

This is a photo of 'Blue' & his owner Tyrone from Sheffield, after he had a clip & is owner had a demonstration on how to use his newly purchased clippers!
Thank you to Mark for the photo an introducing us to all the new puppy owners. Tyrone good luck with the clipping and we will look forward to seeing a lot more photos of Blue. I just love puppies there were lots at the Fun Day to cuddle!
Poor D
On Monday 'D' was lost for nearly 6 hours. She was discovered 'luckily' under a large shed on allotments, she had been rabbiting & dug herself further & further under, eventually burying herself. She had to be rescued by taking the floor boards up from the building. As you can see, she was a bit of a mess. Her eyes have been really bad this week, they were badly scratched by the soil. Furthermore, the rabbit got away, this time!
I am wondering if it was rats under the shed. Rats are well known for nesting under sheds especially if there is grain stored in them. Hope she is better soon Mark, keep us posted.
Friday was a very special day at Brailes for Mary as she was able to collect her new little girl Bridgette from Mathew and Ann Marie. Mary do let us know how she is settling in.
This is one of Lilys pups with a pair of Rosies tights I get the feeling there might be too many ladders in them for Rosie to wear them again. Many thanks to Louise for the photo. Unfortunately I don't have this puppy's name.

29 July 2007

Three Crufts Judges And Hefin The Fun Day Organiser

David Paton is producing 171 high resolution photos of the fun day on to a CD which can be purchased for £10. You can also order indivdual photos 9x6 for £3. Please contact David on davids.paton@virgin.net or on 01608 685110.

Here's The Link To View Davids Pictures
Leeds Championship Show (Pam Garbutt's Critique)

Pam Garbutts critique for Leeds is on http://www.dog.biz/ Click on to Judges critiques in the left hand box then there are 3 windows that drop down, which show it is, breed and group.
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Fun Day 2007

Maureen does a fantastic job showing everyone how to trim their Bedlington, I wonder if little Milie pup is next on the table?

Tina and he dogs looked terrific as Indians and won the Fancy Dress

27 July 2007

Half Way

Those in front

and those behind

A photo before we start our hill side walk.

Bedlington Blogg Fun Day News
Luckily everyone has a camping place for the Fun Day. The weather forecast is GOOD for the next couple of days so we are hoping that the field will be dry enough for all the outside activities to take place. The weekend starts off this afternoon when we shall go on a walk through the Brailes Hills followed by supper here in the garden. Hopefully I will have some photos on the blogg late this evening. On Saturday David Payton an "Our Dogs" photographer will be on site and will be providing a photographic CD of the day, he will also be available to take individual photos. If you are having a go at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award, do take a leaflet in the morning stating the requirements. Please make sure your name address and telephone number are on your the dog's collar and that you have a poo bag in your pocket at the start of the test. Well that's all from me for now!
Stuey the Bedlington lurcher out for a walk in the woods, thank you Donna for the photo. I just love his beautiful colour.

26 July 2007

The stream at the bottom of the field turned into a river! That is our house in the background.

The Heart of Wales Country Fair
The Heart of Wales Country Fair is being held on the farm next to the Builth Showground on the 18th and 19th of August. As well as the usual Falconry, ferreting, Hounds etc. there are Bedlington classes in the terrier show on the Sunday. It is within easy walking distance for anyone attending WKC on the Saturday after showing, or all day Sunday. For more info pop into your local Smiths and look in the back of The Countrymans Weekly.
Thanks Stewart for the information.
This cool dude Jake recons he is going to the Bedlington Fun Day in the sun, he is hoping he might pull a few Bedlingtonettes with his up to the minute shades.
Thanks to Mathew for this great photo of your pin up boy!
Kevin giving the little fellow Jake a trim, just look at all that coat!

Another pretty Bedlie from the Northern Meet probably not Mac with a pink collar but do you know who?

25 July 2007

Puppy, Junior, and Post Graduate winners at Leeds. ( the missing photos)
Uptnorth Qucksilver wins Post Grduate Dog

Bisbee Blue Max wins Junior Dog

Uptnorth Ombudsman wins Puppy Dog
Please stop raining we want to go to the Fun Day and see our friends.
Thanks to Enid for the photo.
Blogg morning news

Elwyn and Maureen and Tina and Tony have found a large field with glorious views to set up camp. They are all going fishing today, let's hope it remains dry for them. Martin Collier and family will join them on the field today and Billy tommorrw. Paula and family are going to Brailes Hall today as they can pitch their tent on the grass and Mathew on Friday. Carmel and Brian are taking their caravan to Brailes and parking on the gravel. I think Hefin and Enid who are organising the fun day have decided to camp at Lemington Lakes on the hard standing with their motorhome. It is a shame that everyone is scattered but at least the event is going ahead. The forecast is for rain tomorrow DRY Friday and Saturday.

This is Sharon and Norman's new home from home. They are going to be spending the summers travelling all over Britain and Europe.

24 July 2007

Elaine sent me this photo from the Bedlington Meet last Sunday, but who is this pretty dog posing on the stage?

Look what Ralphie found on the beach in Cornwall! He seems to think it might be worth trying to eat.
STOP PRESS (Fun Day Camping)
Lemington Lakes is proving very tight for space in the camping area. Elwyn and Tony have new moved to a new venue a couple of miles away in a one and a half acre field. They are now at Badgers Oak Farm Great Wolford, contact Mrs Simpson on 07816680567. Maureen says there is fishing there and only £5:50p a night. You can contact Maureen on 07796 438342.
Billy's New Baby
This litte home looks fantastic can't wait to see you again on Friday.

23 July 2007

Ralphie on holiday with Ed and Rebecca Eaves in Cornwall and look the sun is shinning!

Studying the form!
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Tony happy birthday to you.
Safe drive tomorrow and happy fishing.
Game Fair at Harewood House has been cancelled.
The CLA Game Fair cancels for the first time in its 49 year historyThe CLA Game Fair has made the difficult decision to cancel their show which was due to open at Harewood House, nr Leeds on Friday 27th July.Adverse, and worse than predicted weather which has hit Harewood Estate over the last 48 hours, has now defeated all the efforts the organisers have made in order to open the show this coming Friday. Up until then the gallant efforts of the 100 strong site team and the added financial commitment made by the CLA to keep the site in good condition and build upon target meant that the show organisers remained confident that they would be able to receive the contractors and exhibitors from Monday in the run up to the show.Despite weeks of rain the site was drying out well before the deluge ofrain on Friday afternoon followed by lighter but continuous rain throughout the weekend. The site is now saturated with water lying in all areas of the show ground regardless of the ditches which have been dug to drain as much excess as possible. Vehicle movement is at a stand still other tha nmovement along the 4000 meters of trackway and acres of bark that have been put along all the show Rows. The concern is that once the exhibitors,catering units and other show contractors arrive many vehicles would have to drive off the protected areas in order to set up and the ground cannot take it. This would create a safety issue apart from the other issues of vehicles getting stuck or not being able to reach their stands.The show site, caravan park and the car parks would need continuous sunshine to make it possible to continue and the forecast for the coming 5days is more rain.This has resulted in a meeting held today with the heads of the CLA and The Game Fair Board, who have given full consideration to all health and safety advise, which concluded that to hold the decision off beyond today (Sunday22nd July) in the remote hope that weather and site conditions may improve would risk an even greater loss to the many businesses and individuals whose livelihood will be affected by the show’s cancellation. The organisers are only too aware that aside from the financial loss they are going to have to bear, the overall economic impact of the cancellation will be in the region of £50million. This was the expected spend both inside show and the local region surrounding Harewood following an Economic Impact Survey undertaken by Bournemouth University last year.The Chairman of The CLA Game Fair Board, Vincent Hedley Lewis, stated‘Ourselves aside, our hearts go out to all the people who’s livelihood is going to be affected by our not being able to go ahead. We have truly done all we could to keep the show going for everyone’s sake. To proceed thisweek with the wet conditions we are experiencing would be a health and safety risk as well as an even greater financial loss to the hundreds of businesses and individuals who support us each year. We were not defeated by foot and mouth in 2001 but the rain has defeated us this summer.’
Mark Walshaw
Midland Bedlington Fun day is ON, a couple of caravan spaces available on the gravel at Brailes, or join the fishing clan at Lemington Lakes.
Jake one of Lil's pups has arrived at his new home with kevin and the family. He certainly looks to have settled in well!
Poor Mini gets her Tassels cut short! ( photo by Billy)

Northern Bedlington Meet
Yesterday saw the 5th NE BedlingtonTerrier Get Together, held at West Cornforth , County Durham. It was an excellent day with good attendance, with once again new faces turning up on the day. The event goes from strength to strength. Yesterday there were over two dozen bedlingtons, these dogs brought with them over 30 humans! Bacon buns were enjoyed by all, trimming, ringcraft, nattering & enjoyment was had by all & guess what, I won some raffle prizes.
Unfortunately both Dawn & I forgot our cameras, our budding professional Reg also left his at home, luckily Billy took a couple of snaps & will hopefully share them. We also had in attendance two young ladies, who snapped away merrily, I am sure there will be some excellent photographs to be shared by 'Macs' family!

22 July 2007

Fun day Camping.
Provided you leave your car in the car park on the gravel you can pitch a tent on the camping field at Brailes, unfortunately no caravans in the field.
There is a lovely camp site with hard standings and electrical hook up for caravans at Lemington Lakes just five minutes drive from the Fun Day venue. Lemington Lakes provide a fishing tackle shop and cafe on site. If you fancy a day's fishing what could be better! The cost is £12 a night please click on link for more details.
If you would like to pitch your tent at Brailes please phone Maureen on 01495 711191
Leeds Championship Dog Show 21st July 2007
Unfortunately we arrived late after being in traffic for 45minutes. I groomed Poppy before picking up the camera by which time they were on Limit dog so the first 3 classes are missing. Enid took some of the early classes with her camera and I will upload them once they arrive. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can get Jon to the shows, we certainly need his camera expertise back on the blogg.

Many congratulations to Sylvia Morrice, Shirley Davies and Janet Taylor and of course all of us who sloshed about in the mud!

Click Here For Photos

Competition winner
There are two correct answers to the competition, Hefin and Enid are kindly giving two prizes each one a bottle of wine, to be collected at the Fun Day or the next show.The dog is Bert brother of Ecco (Pengerrig Iron Duke) and he lives in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.
Fun Day Update
The fun day IS going ahead, if wet there will be one or two adjustments to the days programme. We are trying to arrange camping in the local area, I will keep you updated.
Brailes this morning, looks fine but unfortunately definitely waterlogged, not suitable for camping.
Bedlington Sunday News
Well the sun is shining right now and I am going to inspect the playing field at Brailes this morning, the stormy rain has caused Brailes houses and three houses in our village to be flooded. Like many of you I have been looking forward to the Fun Day, and would never have believed that we could have such severe weather in July.
Enid and I managed to take photos at Leeds yesterday and Pam Garbutt did a terrific job managing to judge all the classes outside. At the time we were the only breed outside, it looked really funny to see all the outside rings empty. Jon managed the day on his own with several neighbours calling in to make sure he was OK. Many thanks to Phyliss Taylor who took me and Poppy to the show. I will get the photos on later today. Please send me an email so that I can restore my address book, I feel quite lost not having contact with all my friends!
Flying Mac
Many thanks to Elaine Ernie and Catherine for the photo, I wonder what Mac has seen.

Get Well Denise
Denise Burns has recently returned from hospital after a a successful operation and although she felt sore sounded quite cheerful. She would like to say thank you to all those kind people who sent her cards and would welcome calls from friends on 01282413064. Thanks to Kath Hall for informing us about Denise. We all wish Denise speedy recovery and will look forward to seeing her again very soon.

21 July 2007

Road Closed!

Mud mud glorious mud. The Leeds photos will be on tomorrow.
Late Night News
My hard drive crashed today but Jon has got a replacement. Unfortunately I have lost all my emails and photos in my inbox. Please write to me so I can start a new address book. I have lost photos from all of you who sent me any the last four days! Please can you send them again.
Unfortunately we have been hit very badly by the floods and the field at Brailes is waterlogged. There will be no camping allowed on the Brailes playing field for the time being and the Fun Day organisers will make a decision shortly to whether the event can take place on Saturday. Martin Collier is away camping on the Norfolk Broads and is coming to Brailes straight from there we need to contact him, but I don't have his mobile number.
Leeds Results Can Be Found Here
Click Here
Leeds results coming soon.
This made me smile!

20 July 2007

Stop Press
Cleveland Agricultural Show - Cancelled.
28th July 2007.
Thanks Mark
What a fantastic photo of Jake, Mouse and Sky's pal.
Blogg News ( Leeds)
Can anyone tell us the condition of the Leeds show ground and camping area at Harewood House?
Latest news 2 pm
The camp site is 50/50 and the show ground is fine. There is rain forecasted for Leeds tonight.
Latest news 530pm
Only one light shower at Leeds this afternoon.
Birthday Greetings
Many happy returns to Hefin today and Norman Ames tomorrow, I think there may be a party at Leeds camp site tomorrow night!
Cracker the Bedlington having a play fight with Holly who looks like a Welsh Terrier, thanks to to Stephen and Sharon for the photo.
Look what I've got!
Maureen looks chuffed at handling her new friend in the ring at the National Bedlington Companion Dog Show.

19 July 2007

Liver pups (Hammer)
This is my little Hammer before he left home.

Pegerrig Iron Duke on his way to Best Of Breed at Paignton.

Many thanks to Heffin who kindly took the photos for this show.

Click Here For Photos
Bedlington Blogg update
Firstly safe journey and have fun all you happy campers at Harewood House this weekend, be prepared as the weather forecast is not good for tomorrow. Good luck to everyone showing on Saturday. There is yet NO winner on (guess who is his brother) competition. I won't give any clues other than there has been some jiggery pokery going on trying to lead people off the scent. Do have another go!
Oh Dad I wish it would stop raining!