30 September 2007

Tiffanie before the accident

I have just had a call form Trudie to say Tiffanie broke her femur this afternoon during a coastal walk after jumping off a wall. Tiffanie who is still at the vets on the south coast will be coming back tomorrow to undergo an operation to plate the bones together.

We are so sorry to hear about Tiffanie lots of love to you and please keep us informed on her progress .

London & Home Counties Terrier Club
Post Graduate

Judge Mr Ken Bartlett

Post Grad
1. Mrs J Colliers Mollora Little Rosie
2. Mr K Bounden & Miss M Alders Lowbrook Lark of Tolpedn
3. Mrs C Harris Ratzwell Sweet Dream
Res. Miss S Harris & Mr I Budd Ratzwell Indepedence
1. Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser
2.Mrs L Winstanley's Ratzwell Blue Ash
3.Mrs C Harris Ratzwell Branigans Boy
BOB Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser
RBOB Mrs J Colliers Mollora Little Rosie

Unfortunately Martin's Camera packed up for BVIS which was won by Mrs L Winstanley's Ratzwell Blue Ash.
Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser was shortlisted (6) from 23 dogs for BIS.
What a great day for the Collier family many congratulations!
Portsmouth and Southsea Open Show
Congratulations to Pat Walsh and Ken Bounden with Lowbrook Lately of Tolpedn (Johnny) who took Best Of Breed this morning.
Johnny has just been awarded Terrier Group 4
Poppy says, look at my necklace!
The little bone necklace was a present from Billy, a must for a teenage girl about town!
Poor Daisy, all those mouths to feed but what a proud mum. Kevin, I think you are going to have your hands full in a couple of weeks time!

29 September 2007

Today's Belfast Champioshp Show Results
Unfortunately only three Bedlingtons turned up with Best Of Breed going to Shirley Davies Honeymist Sunny, Best Opposite to Sex went to Shirley Davies Honeymist Who's Who and Reserve Best Of Breed went to Mr L Mc Cartan Honeymist Lotus Bud. Many congratulations to Shirley who went on to win group 3.
Thank to Viv Rainsbury for kindly sending me through the results.
My my hasn't she grown into a beautiful young girl, this is Billy's Miss American Pie!

Ralphie lives with Jack the Westie, here they are playing football , I recon Ralphie is setting himself up for a penalty goal kick!
Tiffanie says this needs investigating!
What a pretty garden Tiffanie has to play in many thanks to Trudy for the photo.

28 September 2007

Many congratulations from bedlingtonpictures to Tim Bouse and Julie Jones who were married last weekend. Julie welcome to the land of Bedlingtons for better or worse!

Would you believe Saturday tomorrow and no doggie activities for us. No activities no pictures, help! With just a few photos on file I desperately need material to keep me going until the BTA show next weekend. There are three open shows this weekend that we know of with Bedlington classes, so if you are going please email me the results even if you don't have time to take photos. Looking forward to receiving photos, show news or bedlie articles, many thanks.

Say hello to Blossom, Blossom is just 15 years young and belongs to Donna's Dad!
Goldie out working

I think the fishing team have caught a few bedlingtons!

27 September 2007

As requested a photo of Sam
This is the approved logo that will be embroidered on to the top left hand side of the sweatshirts. I will have them for collection at the BTA show.

Want to know a little about raw feeding? Click on the link, for an informative guide.

Diesel says I see no ships or should I say rabbits!
Just a reminder
I just wanted to remind everyone that if you click on Bedlington Pictures Library you can view the exhibitors and winners from 28 of this years open and championship shows including Crufts and the Midland Bedlington Fun Day.
Wait for me I'm comimg!

I can't jump over this, maybe I can bite my way through

If I really try I know I can squeeze through here!

Poor Jake is definitely missing out, I wonder if he managed to get through!
Thanks Kevin for the photos Jake is a real little character.

26 September 2007

Tina and Colin
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tina happy birthday to you! Lots of love from all of us here at Bedlington Pictures
Ch Bisbee Benvenuto wins Best Of Breed
National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show August 4th photos
By kind permission of Mr Harvey Bell. Due to limited web space I can only load a small selection of pictures from this show. Please contact Harvey if you would like a CD containing all the photos.
I don't like my photo being taken, says Willow (Aireview Xmas Holly). This was taken before the Midland Bedlington Show, perhaps she has changed her mind now she is a super star after winning Best Puppy! Thanks Donna perhaps we can have a smiley photo of Willow with her prizes.

25 September 2007

Honestly this is how I watch tv at night!!! Cuddles with mummy!!!
At least they keep you warm on a cold winter's evening. Thank you Trudie for sending me the photo, how about a picture of your new camper van?
Tuesday News
Firstly I would like to thank Mr Harvey Bell for the photo C D he gave us on Saturday. One of the shows on the CD was the National Bedlington Championship Show. The photos are now on my computer and I will upload them to the blog shortly.
I think this weekend is fairly quiet on the show scene, the only one I know of is Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association on Sunday with three Bedlington classes. Do let me know if there are any in your area or that you are entered in.
Don't forget the BTA Championship show on Saturday 6th. I am really pleased as I have had enquiries from our wonderful pet owners about coming along to watch. We will be very pleased to see you and it is an ideal opportunity for new owners to meet us all and learn more about the breed. Although we would love to meet your dogs due to Kennel Club regulations unentered dogs are not allowed into the venue. I have asked the BTA Secretary to let us know how many dogs are entered at the show.
Remember I always look forward to receiving Bedlington news and photos, we have had some wonderful photos over the last few months!
87 Dogs entered at the BTA

24 September 2007

Mollora Kristi Mari at Janmark wins Best In Show

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Pictures

Judged by Mr P J Greenway ( Rayfos)

Following my post on September 13th

I understand the Kennel club run an Accredited Breeder list and a separate Puppy List. Mrs Sheila Baldwin is a very well respected Bedlington Kennel Club Accredited (occasional) breeder whose name is on the puppy list. Mrs Baldwin has no puppies for sale at this time and was not involved and never will be with selling a puppy by return of cheque over the phone. Unfortunately there are still people who sell puppies with little regard to their future welfare, which not only makes me but all those caring breeders extremely sad and cross!
I want to thank Mrs Baldwin for phoning me this morning. Our beloved Bedlington breed owe a lot to Mrs Baldwin and all the other volunteers who are very active in rescue and Bedlington welfare.
Video: Driffield BOB Winner

Girls, Monday Morning coffee break viewing!
New York Pet Fashion Week. A Bedlington super model on the cat walk

23 September 2007

Fish of the day or should I say catch of the week!
This is Maureen's 15 pounds 4 ounce whopper! I think a good time was had by all those who took a short caravan break in between the shows.
The Bedlingtonettes out fishing. Tina Maureen and Sandra are the pin up girls by the lake!
Larry and kitten
David found this kitten, we had to bring it home as it was out in the middle of nowhere. We had just arrived home from hols and David took Larry out for a walk, and came home with this. Larry cannot stop kissing it, it's got to go I am afraid, but at the moment it's in the dog bed until tomorrow.
Ah, this is so cute Pat I think Larry wants his new pal to stay!

22 September 2007

Rathsrigg One Misty Morning
Driffield Chanpionship Dog Show 21st Sep 2007 Pictures
Many thanks to Billy for turning up on a miserable day to take the photos for me.

I fell in the lake and I told them I don't like water!
Poor Larry, great photo Pat many thanks.

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show 22nd September 2007
Judged by Mr P J Greenway (Rayfos)

Best of Breed was won by Mark Walshaw with Mollora Kristi Marie with Janamrk ShCM. Reserve Best Of Breed and Best Opposite Sex went to my Parker (Burmington And Me Too).
Many congratulations to Donna with Aireview Xmas Holly ( Wiilow). This was her very first show and she won Best Puppy

The photos for all the winners and exhibitors next week.

21 September 2007

Watching The Proceedings Around The Wet Weather Arena At Driffield Today
Wet! Wet! Wet!
It certainly did rain today at Driffield Championship Show. Mind you a soggy Jill still managed to give Billy ( who was today's bedlingtonpicture photographer) a happy smile.
All the photographs from today's show will be published on the blogg Sunday.
BOB Rathsrigg One Misty Morning

Driffield 2007
Bedlington Terrier
Judge: Mrs A M Emsley

Dog CC : 2679 MAYES Mr G & Mrs S M Rathsrigg One Misty Morning
Res Dog CC : 2688 OWEN Mr D & Mrs D Bisbee Blue Max
Bitch CC : 2692 RICHARDSON Mr & Mrs C CA Uptnorth Sister Bliss
Res Bitch CC : 2687 OWEN Mrs D Ch Bisbee Benvenut
Best Puppy : 2681 MORRICE Mrs S A Mollora Fancy Pants

BEST OF BREED : 2679 MAYES Mr G & Mrs S M Rathsrigg One Misty Morning

Congratulations to all the winners
Say hello to Liam an up and coming junior handler. Liam here with Rathsrigg Loch Cladach (Ascham). This photo was taken at Stanhope Agc Show.

Liam won BOB with Rathsrigg Loch Cladach at the Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Show and he was showing the Ascham for only the second time. Liam also Won the Stakes Class with this dog after having handled the following Best of Breeds Smooth Fox Terrier (his own) Parson Russell BOB, Lakeland Terrier BOB, then his best handling win was Reserve Best Puppy in Show with a Wire Fox Terrier not a bad days work for this up and coming Junior Handler. Liam also won a Second in the Stakes classes winning a total of £9. Liam is a junior member of The National Bedlington Terrier Club.

I think Liam must be well on his way to becoming a professional handler, well done and many congratulations. Thank you to Dennis Thornton, Liam's Grandad for telling us about Liam and sending through the photo.
Ralphie says, " look at the view Dad"!

20 September 2007

Fishing update
Just to inform you Maureen caught a whopper yesterday, 14 pounds 4 ounces! Wow it is a wonder it didn't pull her into the pond, Maureen can't possibly weigh much more than the fish! Hopefully she will send a photo next week. Hey Stewart, bet you can't beat that on your fishing holiday!
Stop Press
A wrong calculation was made the fish apparently weighed 15 pounds 4ozs
Elizdrew Lucky Jim having a well earned cuddle at Darlington.
Does anyone know his pet name?

Driffield Conditions Please?
It has been raining quite a bit down here in Oxfordshire and I think rain is the forecast overnight in the North. Does anyone know the conditions at Wetherby? Tomorrow is the second day. I think wellies and woollies may be the order of the day.
All my Bedlingtons love to bask in the sun and Ralphie is no different, I love his little rabbit feet!

19 September 2007

Just to let you know there is only one left!
All the sweatshirts have now been reserved, but I wll keep a stanby list!
This photo is of Vera (Baird) holding Thandi on the canal boat during their holiday in Wales. Thandi looks just like a cuddly toy in his life jacket!

Hefin definitely looks cool in his glasses and panama, me I needed my thermals and scarf at Darlington!
Ralphie admiring the sculpture and the view at the White Horse Country Park on > Detling Hill in Kent. Thanks to Ed and Rebecca for the photo.

18 September 2007

I think we have a couple of posers here (Elwyn and Maurice)
Bedlington Pictures Tuesday Evening News
Hopefully (if I can get out of bed early enough) I will be at Driffield Championship show with Jon's camera and Billy has kindly offered to be photographer for the day. I hope to be at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show on Saturday with Jon.
September 22nd and 23rd is the Paws In The Park in Kent. There are lots of doggie activities both days so do go along and of course don't forget your camera. For details click on the link. http://pawsinthepark.net/index.html
Due to commitments Martin Collier cannot devote enough time to the BTA website and is looking for a new webmaster. I have been asked to take it on but this will depend if I can manage as my computer skills are limited! Martin will carry on with the BTA website until I feel confident enough to run it properly or someone with website design and more experience is found.
I have just put in an initial order for 12 bedlingtonpictures sweatshirt. These sweatshirt will be in Navy Blue or Black with the Bedlington motif and writing in yellow. They are of excellent quality, the motif and writing will be machine embroidered onto the fabric ( no transfer) The sweat shirts are very durable can be washed at a high temperate. They are generous in size and come in S,M and Large. The price will be £14 each ( exactly what I paid for them)! 10 have already been reserved, if you would like to reserve one just let me know. There will be NO commitment to purchase until I post some photos . Hopefully I will have them ready by the beginning of October and could deliver at the BTA show.
No more from me for now, except to say thank you to everyone who tunes in and contributes to the blogg.
Twinkle feeling sorry for herself after she had just returned from the vets after being spayed.
Poor Twinkle I wonder where Mr Big is? I hope she is feeling better now.
Killer Bedlingtons

What fun! Many thanks to David for finding this clip for us

17 September 2007


It looks like Ralphie has a soul mate who also has a craving for carrots! Lady was the smallest of Lil's pups. Perhaps Ralphie has told her carrots will make her grow into a big strong hunting dog! Many thanks to Owen Goff for sending us the photo.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr the north wind doth blow
A hot drink and a warm sweater kept Dawn going at Darlington
Martin where did you get those shorts?

The Bedlington Pictures Fan Club enjoying a cuppa after judging yesterday.
From left to right..... Steve, Billy, Mathew, Dawn, Ann Marie, Derek and Mark.

Meg at 4 months

Here is a new little liver girl to Bedlington Pictures. Meg is now 11 months and apparently totally bonkers! Many thanks to Rob for the photos.

16 September 2007

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier

Well done to the Colliers for attending the show, hope you enjoy the remainder of your time Up North! Bedlingtons were judged by a lady called Jean Singh (Parson Russells), she found her BOB in Rathsrigg Loch Cladach, there were 13 Bedlingtons present.
Many thanks to Mark for this show report

Junior (7,1)
1. Rathsrigg Loch Cladach
2. Janmark Allanora

PG (5)
1. Janmark Tignanello avec Debussey
2. Debussey Addicted to Love

Open (2)
1. Winfell Reward Sh.CM
2. Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark Sh.CM
Blankets Spread!
Beware the Blue Blankets appear to be taking over!!

Southerners have even began importing them into the North East. Our North East Reporter Mark Walshaw spotted this one at the show today, will there be a country wide epidemic of blue fleeces?