31 December 2008

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Happy New Year To Everyone

New years come and new years go,
Pieces of time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
We know we’re privileged to have you in it.
Our appreciation never ends
For our greatest blessings: our family and friends.
Happy New Year

Christmas photo entry
We now have 39 entries just 27 hours left to enter
Meet Jasmine, the rescue dog who has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time

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New Years Bedlingtons gifts from big Mo
Hi there what with the cold and dark nights, the telly is rubbish so I am bored, what can I do certainly no not house work nor the ironing! I have decided to make some bedlingtons for next Xmas, so if you would like to have one as a new years gift all you have to do is send me a stamped addressed envelope no smaller than 9 x 7 in. and state what colour gold or silver and I will post your gift, does not matter where you live. Big Mo.
These are lovely big Mo I think they would be fantastic as decoration for a special cake or for the Christmas tree next year, or maybe as a door plaque for a child's bedroom. I don't think you will have time for the telly anymore!
As requested Big Mo's address
Mrs M Wright
4 Railway Cottages
Bedwellty Pitts
Gwent NP22 4 BP
Fire dog investigates 100th blaze
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Is The Kennel Club an Underground Cult?
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but we are not telling you untill tomorrow!!!!!!!!
That will get you all tuning in with hangovers tomorrow he he he!!!
Christmas photo entry
We finally meet the Oracoke Bedlingtons
Willo, Rose, Greyson, Storey and Amelia
Willo and Rose
The rescue Storey who is slowly getting her coat back, she was so matted she had to be shaved by the rescue kennels
No room for mum on the sofa

Waiting for the sun!

This is a great day for the blog, we have heard from the Oracoke Bedlingtons for such a long time but today we actually meet them! What lovely dogs and Storey looks so happy in the photo.
Thank You Tricia we will look forward to lots more photos.

Wednesday and it the Welsh Waffles with Big Mo
Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to all the people who spend there time in helping to rehome and rescue bedlingtons in trouble I THINK YOU SHOULD BE IN THE NEW YEAR HONERS LIST, so from all the dogs you have helped (THANKYOU)
Roll on summer

Hi there I am not sure if it's my turn but hear we go, hope you all had a great Xmas and were you pleased with your presents? HOPE YOU ARE KEEPING WARM BECAUSE IT IS BELOW FREEZING IN MANY PLACES the mountain rescue teams have been called out 17 times over the last few days because people have not had the right equipment for the freezing conditions, so wrap up warm new years eve if you are bringing in the new year outside. I expect we will have the fireworks so look after the dogs. The Welsh clan will be together at Hefin and Enid's new years day for a great meal and a drink I will send some photo's, so from Wales WE WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR HAVE A GREAT TIME AND GOOD LUCK FOR 2009, BIG MO.
Thanks Mo it certainly is very cold here too, if you are out tonight, take care especially on the icy roads. I have to brave the cold this weekend with an out of doors agility show, at least the dogs don't seem to mind the cold they just hate competing in the rain!

30 December 2008

Dog owners get chocolate warning
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Christmas photo entry
Last chance to enter our Christmas Photo competition.

The Christmas Photo competition closes tomorrow at JAN 1st at midnight!! We have 35 entries so far and they can all be viewed from the file in the index column. Professional photographer David Paton will judge the entries. I hope to get the results on the blog sometime over the weekend.
Results from Luton


Junior (3)
1. Sevray Repique
2, Sevray Rebus
3. Mollora Archangelica for Tobanie
Graduate (5)
1. Mollora Little Rosie at Pocoblu
2. Harrisclub Silver Charmer
3. Mollara Eastern Dawn For Tobanie
Res. Seaofiron Where Angels Play
VHC. Makems Honky Tonk Woman
Open (7) 1 ABS
1. CH Sevray Just Rumours ShCM
2. Harrisclub Mister Moonray
3. Miteymidgets Cruiser at Pocoblu
RES. Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray
VHC. Lowbrook Lately of Tolpedn
Congratulations to everyone, I think you all had a great time, I wonder if Mary had any chips lunch time ??? I like to pinch her chips when I can, especially when she has tomato ketchup all over them!
Thanks to Martin for the results and photos, can anyone tell us who took BOB?

Competition photo entry
Tuesday and Tina Time

Good morning bloggers, as Lesley is struggling a bit for items for the blog and I can't remember who is meant to be writing for the Midlands I thought I'd send her this picture of Tony trying out his new camo fishing outfit this morning .I was merrily cleaning the cooker when this figure nipped past me and disappeared into the garden-a shout of "can you see me" made me look out the window-there he was in amongst the pampas grass trying very hard to blend in!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and havn't gone too mad in the sales-I'm going later today as my money I was given is burning a hole in my pocket! Wishing everyone a Happy New year! Tina.
Thank you Tina, the new camo fishing gear seems to be doing the job as I can hardly make him out on the pampas grass!

Lynne I have deleted your email address by mistake and want to contact you, can you please email me.
Thanks Lesley

Christmas photo competition entry
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This is a nice story
I guess most men get to a certain age and feel there is something missing in their lives....................

29 December 2008

Good evening everyone, now Christmas has been and gone the blog news is slowly drying up and I find myself once again looking for new material to update the blog everyday. If possible can we have the weekly reports back on line! Thank you Victoria for your Monday Junior Handler report today ....
A message from Trevor and Jane
Trevor and I would like to pass on Christmas Greetings to all on Bedlington Pictures. We are sorry if it is a little late as we spent a very special Christmas with my parents in Norfolk, the first one in 28 years! It was a long, long held ambition to be with mum and dad, who is very poorly, at this time of year. For the beddies a walk along the beach on Christmas morning was a real delight. With no access to a computer this is the fist opportunity we have now back home. So we hope you had a wonderful time with your families both human and bedlington and are looking forward to a super 2009.
With love and best wishes to all, Jane xxx
Thank you Jane we will look forward to seeing you very soon. Just a quick reminder that the Christmas Photo competition closes on Thursday at midnight.
Viv's gingerbread bedlingtons enjoyed at by all the competitors

Trudie wins BPIB and puppy group 4 today at Luton

Congratulations to Trudie, tune in later for the rest of the results from the Luton show. Thanks to Martin for the photo
Rise in number of abandoned dogs
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Best Friends

It has been a very long year in Bedlingtonland but it has always been fun, from sunny Windsor to muddy Richmond. We have been awarded our Bronze Good Citizen Award and have started agility. We have qualified for Crufts and got reserve BOB in Worthing and District Canine Society Open Show. I am very proud of Jack who is so much better behaved than he was one year ago.
Santa has decided that Jack was a good boy and he got a pack of balloons (Jack loves popping them!)a squeaky pig (thank you Ralphie!) and a tug toy from Father Christmas.(which now has the stuffing ripped out of it!)
Sonny is now old enough to Junior Handle. He says that he wants to so i will give him a go the next time we go to ringcraft. I would like to thank everyone for their advice, help and comments on the blog, especially Lesley who introduced us to showing and for teaching my Dad to groom and clip Jack Jon for the photography at dog shows, Billy, who handled Jack in crufts and his qualifying champ show (BTA champ show), Norman and Sandra who let me handle Megan at the BTA open show in April and Naomi and Sarah for their help with junior handling. Also i would like to thank my mum for her support, dog show lunches and flasks of coffee AND I would like to thank my Dad for grooming and clipping Jack.
Happy New Year to everyone lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles xx

Thank you Victoria, it has been quite a year for your family, not only with the dogs but also Mum running and completing the half marathon for charity! I wander what 2oo9 will bring maybe another Junior Handler in Sonny, how exciting! We will look forward to seeing you and all the young handlers at next seasons shows. Let us try and encourage more young people into the breed, and maybe the breed clubs will put on Junior handling classes at all their shows. We must say well done to Dad as he now trims Jack to a fantastic show standard. You, Dad, Sonny ( the next Junior Handler) and Mum with the sandwiches will make a great show team in 09!

28 December 2008

Results of today's show Spennymoor and District
Only one class
1st was Loki, (Summer in the City) and 2nd was Badger, (Cedar of the manor)
Loki didn't do anything in the group but went on to win
1st in Av terrier
1st in the open stakes class so a great day had by all.

Well done Mellisa. it has been a great day for the breed at the Open shows, let's hope for another good day tomorrow at Luton.
Stop Press
Mark makes a real statement with his dogs today at Ashbourne
Janmark Alannora. BOB & Grp 2 terrier.
Janmark Blue Encounter. Junior, BPIB, Terrier Puppy Grp 1 & Reserve Best Pup in show.
Many congratulations what a great day for you Mark and for the breed, well done!
Articles form this week's "Dog World"
No room for breed politics or apathy by Sheila Atter
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The Clarges Street Clarion by Trumpeter
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KC’s proposed changes to breed Standards
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Ashbourne & District Canine Society Open Show
Janmark Blue Encounter
Junior dog/bitch

Ashbourne & District Canine Society Open Show
Judge Mr Tom Johnston

1 Janmark Blue Encounter
2 Abben Blue Buttons
3 Mollora Arcmangelica for Tobanie
Post Grad
1 Aireview Xmas Holly
2 Inglemaric Make My Day
3 Wicksbria Precious Faye
4 Mollora Eastern Dawn For Tobanie
1 Janmark Alannora
2 Lowbrook Lately Of Topeldn
3 Ruffsurze Roumeli For Tobanie
BOB Janmark Alannora
BP Janmark Blue Encounter
RES Aireview Xmas Holly
Well done to Donna and Mark and many thanks to Brian and Donna for the photos and results of today's show
Sunday News
Checking the show list reveals several open shows this week, all with Bedlington classes. If you are entered the best of luck and have an enjoyable day, do take some photos if you have time and if possible email me the results for the blog. Besides show dates do write down the date in your diary for the Midland Bedlington Fun Day in North Oxfordshire which is on the last Sunday in May which is the 31st. Don't forget there will be camping available at the venue, details of the events will be published nearer the time. .
Can someone please let me know who is judging Luton?
Ashford & District C/S
28th December 08
3 bedlington classes
Judge Mr T Johnston
28th December 2008
Judge Mr Vince Rodger (sharbul).
Luton Canine Association Premier Open Show
29th December
Wood Green Animal Shelter
Worcester & Malvern Canine Society
3rd Janauary
Judge Mr J Ford (Jefmor)
Billingham c/c
4th January 2009
Judge Mrs S Holroyd (Ballroyd)
We congratulate Sylvia Morrice with Ch Mollora Fancy Pants who takes the title

Congratulations to Sylvia for winning top bedlington this year.

Ch Mollora Fancy Pants is Top Bedlington (4CCs all with BOB plus a Gp3 place). Stuart's Harry (Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW Sh.CM) is a close runner-up, with 4CCs but 2 BOBs.
Top Puppy is Julie Cumming's Honeymist Blue Flame at Rocabec (5BPIB, and 4RCCs to go with them).
I will publish photos of Julie with her top puppy Honeymist Blue Flame later in the week.
Many congratulations to Sylvia and Julie from everyone on the blog.

27 December 2008

Downturn hits dog rescue centres
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Hi thought you might like to see Misty's 1st Christmas photos he is a little dream and really enjoyed his first Christmas see you soon and Merry Christmas to you all
love Linda, Peter, Chance Jasper & Misty xxx
Thank you Linda I am so pleased that Misty is a dream, in a funny sort of way he has the same expression on his face as Jasper and Chance!
Bedlington Doodles
Check out this kennel in the USA breeding poodle x bedlingtons
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Competition photo entry

Guess where we were on Boxing Day?

This photo is from Enid but where was she, can anyone tell us?
Christmas photo entry
Christmas photo entry

26 December 2008

Would you believe it but we welcome Mabel no2!!! Is there a third out there???


We’ve been a little bit preoccupied for the last few days so haven’t been contributing to the blog very much, but I’m sure you’ll understand the reason why when you hear our news... we are now the proud parents of a beautiful puppy and baby sister for our Millie! Her name is Mabel, she’s 8 weeks old today, and is a real character. We just fell in love as soon as we met her.
Millie was not at all impressed by the new addition to the family for the first couple of days, and took to her bed in a massive sulk. Thankfully, by the third day, she decided to investigate the little one, and soon realised that she could play with her so all was not lost after all! The two of them play together really well, although Millie still isn’t too impressed when Mabel hangs off her ears, bites her legs or steals her “big girl’s” toys!
Love Sue, Liza, Millie & Mabel x
Two new Mabels in one night!! Fantastic what a co incidence, welcome Mabel,what a great photo you are so cute, I don't suppose for one moment you would be naughty!! Congratulations Sue ans Liza we will look forward to lots of photos of Mabel and Millie
Boxing Day and we welcome a new bedlington to the blog and her name is Mabel
Hello from Cambridgeshire!
This is Mabel, who's 7.5 months old. We've been regular readers of the blog ever since we knew for sure we were getting a Bedlie, but not managed to send a photo yet... She came from Doncaster, apparently pedigree parents though she's not registered- she's actually pretty big for a Bedlington as well, though we think she's finished growing now (10.7 kg!). She's very well known around our village, very friendly but quite mad as well! She's enjoyed the festivities so far, here she is waiting for Christmas to come (and like many others we've seen on the blog, enjoying the sofa!)
Jenny and Kevin, Nr Ely, Cambridgeshire
Hello Mabel welcome to bedlingtonpictures. What a pretty girl she is with her lovely dark coat. We do have a few blog Bedlingtons in your part of the country. You will have to meet up with Ben and Lucy as they live in Cambridge

We have a special birthday today, we say a very happy birthday to Julie Bouse who celebrates her 50th birthday today. Happy birthday Julie from everyone on the blog

"Look what I got for Christmas", says Jeanie!

Thanks to Stewart for the photo

Puppy Heaven,
This is William taking it easy after a hectic Christmas Day
Thanks to Billy for the photo

25 December 2008

Today's breed notes from " Dog World"
by Viv Rainsbury

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To everyone in Bedlingtonland

  • 08 has been quite a year for the bedlingtonpictures, Jon has been able to take photographs at championship shows of all the exhibitors and we congratulate all those Bedlingtons who were made up into champions this year. Information on the blog has helped to see several bedlingtons rescued and re-homed and we regularly receive progress reports and photos of these special dogs. We ran a photographic competition for the Bedlington Terrier Association Calendars this summer, we had 230 photos entered and a blog vote found the winning photos. All the calendars have been sold and over £1000 (final total to be announced) has been raised for rescue and re-homing. We have encouraged owners to take part in agility and training and we now have 15 Bedingtons that have gained a Kennel Club Good Citizen award and several attending agility classes up and down the country. I must just give a special thank you to the reporters and especially big Mo who proof reads all my posts, I receive at least 6 emails everyday from Mo pulling me up on my typing and spelling errors. Big Mo is my hidden strength running the blog. I would like to say thank you to everyone who send in news, photos and contributes by adding comments. Also a special mention to our Junior Handlers, well done to all of you. The future of our breed lies in your commitment and enthusiasm. Puppies have been foremost on the blog and we have seen photos of several litters born and watched them grow and they are now a part of the bedlingtonpictures family. It is fantastic that Bedlington pictures now has a regular following world wide and the highest number of hits in one day this year was an amazing 960.
  • My high light of the year has to be Parker gaining his KC Good Citizen Gold award, Fudge now competing in the Senior level at UK Agility and Millie winning BOB at LKA. On behalf of Jon and I we wish you a wonderful day today, a peaceful New Year and successful 09. Have a wondeful Christmas and New Year from Jon, Lesley, Parker, Diesel Chelsea and Fudge! Click here


Keep the competition photos coming!

Wishing all our friends and family a merry Christmas and a Happy 2009 love
Julie, Ken ,Whisper and Piper

Merry Christmas
From Paula, Bernard, Finn and the Furies
A wonderful Christmas and New Year to everyone
from Mark & Jan Walshaw and all the dogs
Sandra Norman & The 5 Gnejnabay Bedlingtons would like to wish all of you a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
Hi there to all you, we know that people all over the world blog on so I would just like to wish you A
Big Mo, Elwyn, Tipper, Maggie, Minty and Ozzy
A very very Merry Christmas....to one and all dogs...regards SteveLockett
Wishing everyone and their beddies a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year!
Love Tina Tony and gang! xxx
Wishing everyone a Happy Chritmas
From Enid, Hefin , Larry, Fizz and Ecco
Lots of loveNina & Atle Anija & Ken, Edie & Adora
We would like to wish everyone in Bedlingtons a very Merry Yuletide and best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and happy 2009,
from Viv, Edd and all the Sevray gang

A very Happy Christmas to all the bloggers. And a special hello to the South Wales group, who have been so welcoming to Thandi and me, starting with Big Mo (of course!) and also to Enid and Hefin, Steve, Paula and Diane. Looking forward to more of the same in 2009. Special greetings also to Tina, who always adds such nice comments to the blog. This is such a wonderful site (many, many thanks Lesley for all the time and effort you put in) providing a link between so many Bedlington families. Looking forward to reading your news and seeing your photos in 2009.
Love from Thandi Tombi and Madeline

I would like to wish all my 'blog' friends for their kind words over the last 12 months. Here is a picture of Lucy explaining to Ben what Christmas is all about as this will be his first one.
Lots of love from Dora and Lucy and Ben

This will be our position after our long Christmas Day walk on the moors.
Happy Christmas to all our Bedlington friends and their families.
From Ed and Ossie, and Sarah and Tony
All I want for Christmas is a little girl to play with and boss me about!!!
Have a wonderful Chrsitmas and New Year from Ed, Rebecca and
a lonely Ralphie
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Love Julie, Ken ,Whisper and Piper.
Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.
Love from Gwen, Steve, Scamp, Candy & Misty.

I would just like to say a big thank you and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the kind blog folk who helped me to find such a wonderful new home with Pauline and Don
Love from Honey