30 April 2008

Wednesday Evening news
Cody up in Skye has not been too well here is a letter I received from Marie this evening
I've had a bit of a health scare with Cody today.
I came home at lunchtime and he'd been passing blood and diarrhoea. He continued to pass a fair bit of fresh blood so I called the vet. We still don't know the cause although it has settled for now. He had a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection incase it is infection/inflammation. I suspect possibly something he's ingested as Briagha has been digging up bits of plastic and all sorts from the garden recently....but who knows?! He seems ok at the moment but I'm keeping a close eye on him. Briagha is absolutely fine! It was an anxious few hours for me though, especially having witnessed what happened to Shawn and then Kelly over recent times. I'll keep you posted of any changes. Marie
Do keep us posted Marie as you say he has just probably swallowed something out of the garden that has irritated his tummy or intestines.
And here is the third place winner in the Bedlington Anglers Competition, Stu with another very sizable catch!
Tony wins the Top barn Bedlington Anglers competition!
The winner of the fishing was Tony with a mirror carp weighing 18 lbs 3 ozs,unfortunately Mo and myself had gone back to the vans to cook our dinners,but Tony Waller took a couple of snaps with my camera but he forgot to use the zoom. The bottle of wine will be saved and handed to the next bedlington angler winner later in the year.
Results from the Bedlington Anglers Club
Maurice says goody gumdrops a nice big fish for tea! No such luck for Maurice the carp was put back into the pond to grow even bigger!

And here we have the runner up Tina with a 12 pound 7 ounce carp. Who caught the biggset fish? Tune in later for a photo of the winner.
Millie out in her new spotted birthday collar

I've tried and tried to get a nice photo of her wearing her collar and lead today, but every time I've had the "perfect shot" she's turned away at the last split second and ruined it! Attached is a photo of her out on a walk today, having a good old sniff around. At least you can see her collar, it's brown with girlie pink spots and suits her very well!

Vera visited Crosby Beach recently, to see the 'Another Place' figures by Antony Gormley. She took this photo of Zack with one of the figures - we think he's saying 'well, are we going for a walk, mate, or not?' It's quite moody, so I thought I'd send it to you, for your archive.
Still enjoying your website!
Regards Madeline
I loved this one Madeline, Zack could almost be a part of the statue
Wednesday is Wales day and first we see what Paula's pups are up to.
Paula's pups at three weeks old
They are now play fighting, play growling, eating small amounts of real food and starting to look like proper little dogs. Don't know how I'll get the housework done as I keep stopping to watch them.
Pups are real time wasters Paula, but enjoy them while you can because they grow up and leave home very quickly.

29 April 2008

Barney Bunny

I know it seems ages ago but here's a pic of barney wearing his Easter bunny ears and top, it's actually the top half of a babygro. It was taken at Corbridge Rugby Club, when we were running the Easter weekend caravan rally as you can see the ears didn't stay on for long, a quick shake of the head and they were gone! He didn't seem to mind the top though, we entered into the Easter holiday mood by making fools of ourselves and greeting all the caravans as they arrived wearing bunny ears, T shirts worn over our coats[ well it was bitter cold ] with a rabbit transfer on just like Barneys and also white fluffy bunny tails. Despite the snow and the wind and rain at times throughout the weekend we still had a good time.Next time I'll try to send a normal photo of Barney for a change. Muriel
Muriel I think you and Barney win top prize for being the bedlingtonpictures best comedians! I still laugh at the photo you send us of you in the chair with Barney lying upside down on your lap while you clipped his nails. I enlarged that photo for the Discover Dogs photo board at crufts it is a great photo!
When the cats away the mice will play!
We had all better watch out as big Mo is back blogging, welcome home big Mo!

Jasper and FosburyJasper and Fosbury (the rescue with Cushings disease) just back from the hairdessers.
Fosbury gets better all the time. His coat looks great now and hopefully the bald patches on his back legs will soon get some fur on them. Regards Martin and Julie.
What a couple of swells these two handsome guys are. It is fantastic to hear Fos is feeling better and he looks terrific.
Bedlington Pups in New Zealand
Up until now I did not know of any bedlingtons in New Zealand, many thanks to Derek Lewis who sent me through this link from a local newspaper.
New hit counter
Jon has just uploaded a new hit counter with extra digit places. The hits were first recorded on a counter from July last year.

Happy Birthday to Millie who is one today!

Well, we can't quite believe it but our little Millie will be is year old today! She had a pre-birthday party yesterday, when Lesley and Mike brought her best friend (and niece) Maddie to visit. They had a good old play fight and run around as usual, and Maddie also enjoyed playing 'hunt the cat', not realising that Oscar and Bessie were snoozing happily behind a closed bedroom door! After that we all went off to the pub for a very nice Sunday lunch. When we came back home, those with 2 legs had sherry trifle, whilst those with four had a special Bacon & Cheese flavour doggy birthday cake!
Attached is a photo of Millie "sharing" her cake with Maddie - clearly she thought that as it was her cake she should eat both portions! Maddie, Lesley & Mike also brought Millie a lovely hamper full of goodies and presents - also attached is a photo of Millie enjoying a rawhide lollipop!
Millie has a lovely new collar and lead for her birthday, so we may get a photo of her showing that off once she's unwrapped her presents .
Love, Sue & Liza
Many happy returns to Millie, it looks like the people as well as the dogs had a good time yesterday! We look forward to seeing Millie with her new collar and lead.

We welcome Jane and Neil with Ginny and Mary to the blog

Ginny is my second bedlington. She was one when we got her, she is now three. My husband Neil and I saw her advertised in the paper.The man who sold her to us used her for hunting and I don't think she lived up to his expectations. She lived in a kennel with two other older bedlingtons and we think she was bullied. She was (and still is) a little timid. She did not like men at all in the beginning but now she is fine with most visitors. We had to get all her hair cut off when we brought her home as she had been lying in wet blankets for I don't know how long. The skin on her back end was in a terrible mess. To this day she will not step out in the rain, and she absolutely loves the fire and will lie in front of it for ages. We had an old cat (Toby) when we brought Ginny home and we just kept them separate for a week or so and they were fine together. Sadly Toby died of old age. We then got a new kitten (Mary) and Ginny absolutely loves her, they get on great. Ginny is a lovely dog considering what she had been through in her earlier life she has turned into the most loving companion, she is very special to us..
What a lovely story and this photo just says everything, again this great photo would make another fantastic entry for the BTA calendar competition.

These past two weeks have bought disappointment and joy. Our male puppy was returned by his new owners as they could not manage a boisterous dog puppy. So for a week we were back up to four pups at home again. However in that time we have managed to house train them all – almost! We were unclear as to how we were going to manage our lives with three puppies once Millie had gone to Consett on the 3rd of May. Jaz was less than impressed with Bluey’s return and our greyhound was beside herself and spends most of her day with her muzzle on. Mark clipped Blue on the Monday and revealed a fine dog under all the fur. He is definitely Q’s son – What a head he has. But even the discovery of such a good looker could not lift our depression over the prospect of having to keep all three of the puppies.
Then on Thursday we had a call from Bluey’s owners and they asked if they could possibly have a bitch instead and could they pick her up on Saturday? What could we say – we really wanted them to enjoy the experience of owning a Beddie, so we said yes. Hence the joy and so far we have had nothing but good vibes from Oakenshaw. Hopefully now they have found the right dog. So we are now left with a beautifully proportioned dog that could go on to show and possibly win, but living in a home that doesn’t have the time to dedicate to the world of showing. So if there is anyone out there that wants a fully vaccinated/chipped and housetrained handsome dog…………
On the lighter side MEJ is certainly making her mark on her world as she knows it. She may have been the smallest bitch in the litter but she has the largest personality and the loudest bark. She running us ragged!
The pictures are of the three girls before Abi left and of Bluey getting his teeth into something good. More news soon
Sharon & Jaz.
The hardest part of breeding a litter of pups is making sure they all go to the right people who not only understand the Bedlington but have a conducive environment and time to devote to training a pup. Not easy! I try to keep in touch with my puppy owners and have made some fantastic new friends.

28 April 2008

Two of a kind!!!!
I just had to send you this one too, Ian and Willow look so similar it made me laugh!
Another great photo Lorraine maybe a good entry for the BTA calendar competition?

We say hello to young Shaz, our junior handler Naomi's new baby.

At last we have a good enough picture of shaz for us to send in. She is now 12 weeks old and is lovely, I love her to bits. It took my mum and me ages to get her to stand still, but we have finally got one of her. Her grandfather is CH Sevray just rumours.
Naomi Oscar and Shaz.

Here we have another photo of baby Leo, I think he is looking for Larry!

A note for our junior reporter Sarah
Here's my report :
Well-done to all the winners at W.E.L.K.S. I hope you all enjoyed the day. We have had a nice weekend, it was Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary, so we went out for a meal with the family. Lilly and Rosie are looking a bit scruffy at the moment but I'm sure Mum will sort them out in time for showing on Saturday.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie
Thanks Sarah, happy aniversary to Mum and Dad, where are you off to next weekend?
Monday and time to hear from out Junior handler Victoria
Jack on a trip to the seaside

At obedience Jack had to do a sponsored 10 minute stay down for charity,he managed 3 ½ minutes! He was a little monster the rest of the time, I told him off when he wouldn't respond to me then he wouldn't do anything and started sulking! At ring craft Jack was the total opposite, he even stood still when I had to walk round him for junior handling! It was my Mum's birthday on Sunday and we went to a light house in Dover. Dogs were not allowed inside so me and my Dad stayed outside. When my mum, who was on top of the lighthouse, called for Jack, our funny bedlington looked everywhere but up.
My Dad has been talking to Billy a lot recently about Miss American Pie (Billy's new bitch) who is coming into the country, via Paris and Dover. Billy is going to spend the night with us ,then we are going to dog sit Billybob while Billy goes to meet Mary Lou and Miss American Pie. I am very excited!.well done to those that showed at WELKS and good luck to those that are showing.Lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles.
Thank you Victoria, perhaps you can send us a photo of Billybob with Jack, I bet they will have a good time playing together.
This is a great photo of baby Leo and Larry, I think this would make an ideal BTA calendar competition photo. All the competition winners will receive a free calender and the money raised goes to Bedlington rescue and welfare, check BTA website for details.
Thanks to Pat for the great photo.

27 April 2008

I wonder what it is like on Oracoke Island today, lets find out as we hear from Trish and the Bedlingtons from across the pond!

It is a glorious, sunny summer-like day here in Ocracoke....Carolina blue sky as far as the eye can see. Not much to report from here. The girls spent the morning sunning themselves on the deck. Amelia, however, has got to learn that digging up the potted plants is a no no! And picking the flowers is also a no no.......at this rate my lush tropical deck will be barren! There was a dead rodent in the yard this morning (the cat, my Simon), so all noses where to the ground & nobody could concentrate on going potty.....Simon is my ratter and leaves us a "gift" on a regular basis. Greyson would be right out there with him if she spent the night outdoors. The 2 of them would be a deadly pair. The tourists are starting to find their way here....(if is is tourist season, why can't we shoot them??!!) We have a saying here...."they come on vacation and leave on probation" when people come here they seem to think that anything goes & they get themselves into trouble, just being stupid, nothing serious. I have had people ask me is they are still in the USA & if we take American currency........DUH!! So this will be my life until about September...... My girls keep me sane at this time of the year. We do alot of walking now before it gets too hot, by May or early June it will be so hot that the dogs will not be able to walk on the road & there are no sidewalks here....I should get little walking shoes for them!! Or flip-flops!! Thats all from here......until next week......
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thanks Tricia would you believe we have had some lovely warm sunny weather here as well, the fruit trees are a lush green and we have with lots of spring flowers in the garden, really pretty, but the work has begun trying to keep it all looking neat and tidy.
This is a great photo of Ken baby Anija and the Bull Terrier
Thanks to Nina and Sandra for forwarding it to me

It has been very quiet on the blog this week so no report from Louise this week buy we thank her for this photo of her handsome boy.

26 April 2008

Shirley Davies with Ch Honeymist Time Will Tell wins Best of Breed at W.E.L.K.S. judged by MS S.Baldwin.
Congratulations to all the winners!
Click Here For More Photos

Look Cody I can see out of the window now I am a big girl!

Well the good spell of weather has finally ended, with rain and wind now here. The dogs are not amused as they would play in the garden for hours when it was fine, but they hate the rain.
There was a film crew in Portree earlier this week making a new volvo ad, and they brought in wind and rain simulators...the locals thought this was hilarious!
Last night I found a tick on Briagha just above her eye...eeeek! I had bought a tick removal tool before I moved here but hadn't needed it until now. Looks like I will have to get some frontline combo from the vet, unless any bloggers have better suggestions.
This week I'm enclosing a pic of the new calf born in the field nearby.
Thank you Marie, Briagha is certainly growing very fast! Is that a Highland calf?

25 April 2008

W.E.L.K.S results, Judged by MS S. Baldwin
BOB: Mrs Davies Ch Honeymist Time will Tell
Dog CC: Mr R Scorah Rivendown Return of The King
Reserve Bitch CC: Mrs C. R. Moore Tolpedn Hot Totty
Reserve Dog CC: Victorova & Bounden, Mrs C. Miss N. & Mr K. Tolpedn Fire Light Prince
Best Puppy Codling & Jones Mrs R. & Mr V L. Bisbee Black Jack At Jansams
Tune in tomorrow night for the photos of all the exhibitors and winners.

The Show Is About To Begin

Ready For The Off

23 April 2008

Congratulations to Dawn who wins reserve best in show with Janmark Tigganello Avec De-Bussey at the Sunderland show last Sunday.
Just ot let you know Lorraine has posted a "Willow" update on the Health section of the BTA forum.
Wednesday and no big Mo report but instead we catch up on some very smart pooches first our Briagha from Skye and then Jake from the North East



Here's a couple of before and after pics of Briagha. I'm still not great at clipping, but learning all the time. (Any constructive criticism welcome!) I wish we could have more articles on the blog about grooming.
Thank you Marie Briagha does not look too happy with her hair do but I am sure she must feel much better after her smelly mud bath!
And now we have a very dapper looking young man

As it's a quiet week thought I'd send you a couple of photos of Jake after his visit to Auntie Dawn's this afternoon. Thanks to Dawn Jake can now hold his head up high - even my 5 year old daughter noticed the difference - she said "he looks just like one of the Bedlington dogs in the book".
Thanks Louise & Jake
What a handsome young man, Dawn has done a terrific job. Many thanks to Louise and Marie for filling in while big Mo is away. I have spoken to Mo on the phone and unfortunately the fish aren't biting just a couple of tiddlers yesterday!

22 April 2008

Congratulations to Whisper and Piper, here they are with their rosettes from the Sunderland show. I think Julie is one very proud Mum!
Mary Lou with Billy's Miss American Pie on Sunday who won the winners bitch and gained more points towards her Champion Title.
No Tina Time this week but instead we hear how about Lucy the rescue bedlington is getting on.
I love reading the blog and I see you may be short of news this week so thought it was about time I got in touch again. Lucy and I have been together for 3 months and she has settled really well. If I leave her for a few hours, she is very good. I used to leave her in the kitchen behind a gate with music to keep her company but she really did not like being there - she would dribble on the gate and bark. ( I left a tape on one day) However I tried leaving her to have the run of the kitchen, hall and landing and she is much happier. I shut all the doors to the other rooms but she likes a bit more freedom - so that hurdle over - and she knows I will return. So far she has only blotted her copy book once - but in a rather expensive way - she chewed half way through a seat belt when left in the car for about 10 mins. It was not the first time I had left her but she must have been bored that day ! She knew I was not pleased as I ignored her on the journey home which she hated. As she loves coming in the car with me because it usually means a big run in a country park on the way home - I think she got the message. So far so good as she has not done that again. Lucy has her bed on the landing. Last week it seemed much colder again so I tucked her up in an old rug and she did not stir all night - so I think she liked that - here is a picture of her in rug !
All for now love from Dora and Lucy
Never mind Dora, when you take on a rescue, you just don't know what has happened in the past. Certainly Lucy is learning quickly put suffering from anxiety when she is left on her own. It will take time but she will feel more secure being left in familiar surroundings as time goes on.
Talking about agility I am a proud mum as Diesel's sister Diamond (Burmington Maid from Magic) achieved her advanced "gamblers" agility title in The USA recently, this is not easy for a bedlington! Many congratulations to Jeri!

21 April 2008

Agility Training
Do you live in South Warwickshire and would you like to do a little fun agility training with your dog? I will be starting weekly agility training at my home commencing on Thursday May 1st from 630pm. Everyone welcome beginners or improvers, please email me for details.
We say Hello to our young handler Sarah Collier
On Wednesday we went to obedience & it was the progress test to see how hard everyone had been training in the last year. Rosie was a bit naughty for Mum ,but then what can you expect from a terrier! Lilly had decided she was not going to join in ,so she got 6th & Rosie got 3rd. Lilly & I also got the clubs special for working very hard. Well done to everyone who went to Sunderland & good luck to everyone going to W.E.L.K.S, hopefully we will see some of you at Scottish Kennel Club in May. The Girls have been out for their mourning walk, half of the time Lilly had her head down a rabbit hole (trying to catch herself some breakfast). We've chosen the affix "Pocoblu" for when we breed Lilly. "Poco" is an Italian music term meaning "a little" because Mum wanted a little affix & "blu" means "blue" the color of both our Girls.
Sarah,Lilly & Rosie
Thanks Sarah, what a lovely affix very catching and with a special meaning! Well done on your progress test and your special for working hard. We are not going up to Scotland perhaps you can persuade Dad to take his camera along, are you going to WELKS?

20 April 2008

It has been a VERY quiet week this week, no shows. On Monday at obedience Jack was quite good. He has a strange habit where he plays with his toy that we bring along every week when no one is looking. When he is asked to show everyone how he plays he ignores the toy and tries to see the other dogs. It was very busy at ring craft as there are lots of new dogs. Jack wasn't terrible but he wasn't perfect, he got used to some of the new dogs but he won't rest until he has made friends with every dog! We went for a walk with Ed, Rebecca and Ralphie on Sunday morning. It was good fun seeing the two bedlingtons jump about in the fields. In the afternoon we went down to the gate Inn (jacks favourite pub)and met Pat, David, Larry and Leo. Jack and Leo had a bedlington wrestling match that included a lot of playful growling and whining. Our next show is 18th May at Ardingly. We are entered in the AVNSC and Junior Handling.
Good luck to everyone who is showing.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles( known to Lesley at Bojoy)
Sunday and I wonder what is happening on Oracoke island in the USA!
A big thunderstorm came through earlier and lightning bolts were flying every where, so I wanted to stay off the computer until it was all over. We get some amazing storms here, thunder that rattles your house like and earthquake!. Not much to report in my little bedlington world. The girls are doing well, Amelia is 6 1/2 months old already and is really leggy, especially since I took a #5 blade to her and clipped her down. That puppy fluff really tends to knot up on their legs....now she is VERY streamlined! The weather has been wonderful and the other day I pulled, I should say chopped down, at dandilion weed that was at least 10 feet tall! Got all the soil turned in the garden and tomorrow I start planting........it is the girls favorite part. I start to dig a hole and they get in and finish it for me. When I say "enough" they stop & we have a place to plant a plant. It takes longer that way, but it is every so much more fun for all of us. The mosiquitoes are horrible.....they never went away all winter, but when you start digging things up, they all come out....UCK!! The downside of the nice weather. The nice hard rain we had today should be great for planting tomorrow & MUDDY........bathtub here we come!!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Thank you Tricia, have the visitors started to arrive? What is the most popular dish you sever in the cafe? Perhaps the island has a special dish! Ten foot dandelions, we don't get that here, I don't think I have ever seen one that tall! I do hope the girls were not frightened by the storm, I expect they get used to the thunder.
Results of the Sunderland Show
Firstly many thanks to Mr & Mrs Hurley for their judging of the Bedlingtons, the remaining Terriers and of course the Terrier Group. It's quite a long journey from their home to these North East Shows and it is appreciated. There was a good entry to the show even though some Bedlington folk had to miss the show due to family illness and pregnancies (of the bitches) not the owners.
Junior. Oxbury's Rubsters Piper.
Post Grad. 1. Wharton-Smith's Mitheymidgets Sherman Tank.
2. Ross's Cedar Of The Manor.
3. Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
4. Bussey's Honeymist Desier Of De-Bussey.
1. Bussey's Janmark Tigganello Avec De-Bussey.
2. Ross's Winfell Reward Of De-Bussey.
3. Wharton-Smith's Miteymidgets Shooting Star.
BOB & Group 1. Bussey's Janmark TigganelloAvec De-Bussey.
BP &P Group 2. Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
Well done to everyone.Derek Lewis
Thank you Derek for the results and well done to everyone especially Julie with Piper and whisper who are new to the show ring. Will post photos once Billy our NE photographer has sent them through.
Congratulations to Dawn who took RBIS, fantastic news.

Sunday and it is time to hear from Louise our pet reporter

The end of another good week for Jake.... he did well again at training on Monday night - was really pleased with his stays managing 60 seconds with other dogs walking past him. It's just a shame he can't be so good when we're out - his recall is very bad when another dog is about - too busy sniffing the other dog(s). We've practiced recalls a lot and when there's no other dogs its not a problem - so I'm hoping it's just his hormones and that he'll get better when he's had his op (to get his bits off) in May. Until then I think for his own safety we'll have to keep on the lead when there are other dogs about.
On Wednesday afternoon we went to Richmond Castle. Jake had a great time, he even went to the top of the keep - he managed all the steps better than my 5 yr old daughter! We went back to Richmond Castle on Saturday as there were activities on to celebrate St George's Day - brrrr it was a lot colder than Wednesday, mainly due to the wind. We braved the elements and had a brief picnic in the grounds and then walked to Easby Abbey. It was a 2 mile round trip, again Jake managed a lot better than we did! He was very tired last night though - he went to bed at 6.30 and didn't get up til 8 this morning!
Just one question this week, from Ed and Rebecca... We had a letter from our vet saying we should get Ralphie (our Bedlington) regularly tested for glaucoma as it is a problem in the breed. We hadn't heard of it in Bedlingtons before, is it a common problem?
Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week, Louise & Jake
Sorry I am so late in getting this report on the blog but I have just come back from a Richard Curtis workshop. Richard was the clown in the Crufts demonstration with Mary Ray. It was fantastic I have learnt so much that I am off now to give Parker a lesson before I forget!!!
Hopefully it won't be long before we add Jake to our Good Citizen awards page, keep up the training Louise.
Sleepy Billybob

Thanks to Billy he is so cute.

More fun in the sun this time baby baby Lily with her Frisbee
Many thanks to Elaine for the photo.

19 April 2008

Jack and Ralphie having fun in the spring sunshine! Thanks to Ed and Becs for this photo.
If you are mad about horses you will love this clip

I wonder what has been happening in sunny Sky here is episode1

The Adventures of Cody and Briagha
Episode 1 - A smelly tale (and head...and body)

Once upon a time, the sun arrived in Skye and stayed for a whole week.
Briagha and Cody had such fun, playing in their large garden every evening until it got dark or until they got tired (whichever came first).
One evening they decided to play chase, and they ran around hot on each others heels for a while. Then Cody had a cunning plan. So he steered Briagha toward the smelly swamp and plop....in she fell! She jumped out and carried on chasing Cody, who was now laughing heartily at her. A strange pong followed her around everywhere she ran...but Briagha didn't mind it too much. In fact she let Cody guide her toward it a few more times just so she could get even dirtier and smellier (it was all Cody's fault, after all!).
When her mummy saw the mess she was in, she was carried (at arms length) and put into a warm shower. Briagha was far from amused at first,(especially as Cody watched from the dry side of the shower screen with a crafty smirk on his face).... but eventually she liked the feeling of the nice warm water washing over her. Her mummy was mumbling something about how her litter brothers and sisters were on some blog looking like cute cuddly toys, (winning shows and everything!), whilst Briagha would only win 'Miss Scruff 2008'.
Briagha rather liked the sound of that.
(Not) The End.....
Thanks Marie, aren't they funny, poor Briagha doesn't look very happy at having a shower, great story I can just imaging those two chasing about!

18 April 2008

And here are the prize winners on big Mo's Marathon Date competition

The winners are Sue and Liza with 1993 the time was 4 hours 29 minutes it was actually my daughter who ran it
Tina was second her prize a haircut. thank you for entering will give the picture to Mark at WELKS and he can pass it on to you at the meet
Angela Yearley The 2007 Bedlington fishing competition winner

Off fishing with the Bedlington angling club in a couple of days so things will be quiet for a while. Some of us will be breaking off for a day to take in WELKS so we may see you there. It's all getting a bit competitive between regular bloggers Big Mo, Tina W and my Angie with all of them plotting how to catch the biggest carp of the week so we should have some fun. Of course camping out means the dogs will enjoy themselves trying to escape and causing chaos and panics. We'll try and take some pics for the blog so you can all ridicule our efforts and brag about how much better fishermen you all are. Off now to get some maggots and other stinking things for bait. We really have to fight to stop the dogs eating putrid trout pellets and aniseed boilies, and luncheon meat with green mould is pure heaven for them.
Good luck to all those showing this week and remember, it's all about enjoying what you and your dogs do. If you get a bit jaded, come fishing.
Good luck Stu, Angela and everyone have a great week! We will look forward to photos and a report when you return.