31 May 2008

Southern Counties 2008

Bedlingtons starting soon.
Saturday and good luck to everyone showing at Southern Counties and I wonder what has been going on up in Skye?

A hunting we won't go!

There was a rabbit lurking around the garden the other day. I let the dogs out to come help me take the wheelie bin down to the gate. The rabbit lay down low in the grass and Cody and Briagha ran straight past! As I approached with the bin, mister rabbit decided to make a run for it, and hopped off toward the field behind the house. Briagha glanced up as it went, but paid no great heed whilst Cody was too busy elsewhere. As we headed back up to the house, the dogs passed the spot where mister rabbit had been hiding. Suddenly they realised that something very interesting had been here, and they sniffed around for ages. 'Hey mum we've found an interesting scent over here!' 'A bit too late, the rabbit is long gone' I laughed to myself.
I'm sure mister rabbit was laughing too.
Thank you Marie aren't they funny and Mr rabbit lives to to tell another tale!

30 May 2008

Billy's Miss Olga has grown up into a beautiful dog and celebrated her second birthday yesterday

Relaxing at Billy's home

Ok, I guess it is time to put my thoughts on paper about my trip to the UK and all the wonderful people I met there, not to mention all the beautiful Bedlingtons.

For the past year of planning this trip, it has been an adventure. Some good, some bad and some, just downright confusing. All of the rules and requirements of the British government, to get a dog into the country were a bit daunting, but, we got it all done. The day arrived and Miss Pie and I were off to the airport. 12 hours later, we arrived in Paris, got to the train station, went to Calais, got the ferry and landed in Dover. We were only 2 hours later than expected. So, I am sure Billy had already had 3 heart attacks. Especially since the trip had already been delayed for 3 days due to a glitch with my vet not getting the proper health cert. from our state agricultural office on time. But, all is well that ends well. I arrived and when I walked thru the door at customs, Billy was waiting, looked at me with no luggage and asked, “WHERE IS MY DOG?” WOW! What a welcome!!!!!!!! Once he was sure I had his dog for him, I finally got a welcome hug and off we were toward Sunderland, with a side trip to Roy & Victoria’s for tea and biscuits. What a welcome we got there. And, there was where I got to finally meet Billy Bob. He had stayed with them to play with Jack Bojangles while Billy came for me. Of course, Jack fell hard for the cute little American girl. And we all had a great time watching him try to woo her.
We got to Sunderland rather late on Friday evening and the next day was a whirl of grooming for the Birmingham National on Sunday. That was when the REAL fun began. I got to my first English dog show and started meeting all the Bedlington folks there. First, Lesley and Sandra and then Dawn, who helped me with the groom on Miss Pie. Everyone was sooo wonderful to me, I felt like royalty. (Whoops, bad expression in a country that has Royalty. Sorry!) I took many pics that day of all the dogs and have enjoyed looking through them since I got home. I was impressed with the dogs, and enjoyed Mrs. Davies judging. I was able to follow her thinking and her choices easily. I didn’t want that day to end. We did take time to go and visit Derek & Eileen Lewis on our way back to Sunderland. Again, I was so welcomed and enjoyed our visit so much. Especially getting to see the new members of the family that were only 3 days old. Cute babies and wonderful momma dog. And, I must add that The Lewis’s back garden is even more wonderful and beautiful than their front one. The only mishap of that day, was Miss Pie getting her toe pinched in the jeep door when we got home. You know she played that up to the hilt all week.
The next week was spent sightseeing and getting to meet many super people. Of course, I did have to remind Billy that I am not 46, but 64. That man about walked this Yankee’s legs off. But, there was so much that I wanted to see, I could not quit. Coming to England has been a dream for me for many years, as my Dad was born in England though he was raised in the states. So, your country is a big part of my heritage. And, now I can say that I am VERY proud of my heritage. I hope you all realize how proud you should be of your country and of yourselves as people. I have never visited any country that made me feel more welcome and where the people were s gracious. “A BIG AMERICAN THANK YOU”, for the time and trip of my life. I hope that I can return the hospitality to anyone of you who comes to my country.
My last weekend was spent going to Scotland to the Scottish KC Show. Another wonderful experience and again, really beautiful dogs. Mr. Bell’s BOB bitch was breathtaking and his BOS boy was a real charmer, too. Once again, I was able to follow his judging and his decisions. I wish we had more judges here that were as consistant as both of the judges I watched in England and Scotland. I was disappointed that I did not get to say “HI” to Janet Gilleys in Scotland. I had the pleasure of meeting Janet in the states when she came over for our Montgomery County Terrier Specialty a few years ago.
After a couple more days of sightseeing and shopping, it was time to bid a very sad farewell to everyone. Billy Bob and I headed for the states. I felt like I was leaving my own family. Billy and Diane made me feel like part of their family and I did not want to leave. At that point, I had to reflect back over the past year of plans and deciding to bring Miss Pie to Billy. I had a lot of different reactions to it. People here said I was crazy to let her leave the country and that I should keep her here, the same as you all felt about Billy Bob leaving the UK. I had one gal from England post to me and tell me that if I cared about my dogs, I would not let one of them go to Billy, as he didn’t care about his dogs enough. Well, I am including a couple of pics of what I found at Billy and Diane’s home while I was there. This young woman did not realize that I already knew how Billy’s dogs lived long before I got there. I know that Miss Pie has the best home she could possibly have with Billy & Diane, just as they know that Billy Bob has a wonderful home here with me. Miss Pie was raised in my home with the whole dog family and people around her from the day she was born. She could not have lived any different life from that now. And, Billy Bob is being raised the same way. In fact, he is wrestling with Miss Molly as I write this in my family room. And,, his next stop will be onto Ray’s lap for some TV and quiet time before he heads for his bed for the night. I know that many people have their own thoughts about importing/exporting dogs. But, I feel that Billy and I are going to contribute to the gene pool in both of our countries. And, that can only be a good thing!!!!!!!
On that note, I think I have written quite enough for one evening. Billy Bob will be showing on June 20, 21 & 22. We will have a report for you all then. We will try to fly the British Flag with pride. (Too bad I forgot to purchase one for him while I was there.) I was going to get a small one to go on his crate. Oh well, thanks to the Beatles,, I’ll bet I can find one here in Florida.
So long from across the pond. Will post news as we have it. Again, THANK YOU to each and everyone who welcomed me so warmly.
It was lovely to meet you but I was sorry you were not able to find time to stay with us, but pleased you did manage to meet new Bedlngtond folk and make lots of new friends. We will all look forward to following Billybob's show career on the blog and you will see lots of Miss American Pie ( if Billy remembers to take his camera!). Miss Pie is showing under Mr. Ron Menaker tomorrow, I know Billy is very excited even though he has a four hour journey to the show ground. Many thanks for writing and keeping us updated by contributing regularly to our bedlingtonpictues blog.

Friday and first up is our Stu with his report from London and the Home Counties

Off to Newbury for Southern Counties straight after work today. The camper is full of booze and stuff from the Tesco nearly out of date counter so we are well set up come rain or shine. The forecast looks pretty good so lets hope it's right.
Pat has sportingly had to cry off with a dose of kennel cough which is a shame because Johnny is in lovely coat at the moment and an article in Tassels and Tails by our judge was very complimentary about the colour of the English Bedlingtons. Unusual for an American. Be Interesting to see what he thinks of Maurice.
I've been in dock with a gammy leg this week, X-rays and all that to see what's wrong. Half a bottle of Scotch should dull the pain for Saturday so I'm not letting you off the hook unless I really have to. Anyway, Angie can handle them just as well, if not better than I can. Went to The Highclere Show on Monday. Spent 11 quid to get in and spent an hour sheltering with the lovely Tracy in the Countryman's Weekly tent before giving up and coming home. The rain was horizontal, the dogs were soaked and so, despite all my wet weather gear, was I. It's not often I give up but that was not a joke it was a ruddy pantomime.
See y'all Saturday.

29 May 2008

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Enter one swamp rat!

Exit one beauty queen

Viv Rainsbury sent me thse"before and after" pictures of Bonnie (Sevray Repique). Viv says, "she obviously inherited the "swamp rat" gene from her Mum, Dora"! All that remains now is for Viv to keep her looking like the "after" shot as she is entered in a show today.
Thank you Viv for sending the photos and the very best of luck with little Bonnie today.

And the there was one!

This is the last of Holly's pups you may remember the north east litter that Mark Walshaw sent to you 8 weeks ago now, Mark suggested we send you a picture of him and ask if you could put him on your site and hopefully find him the right home. we would be grateful for any help
Paul & Jeanette
Our phone number is 01915263013.
I am surprised there is still a liver pup looking for a home! He looks adorable for anyone interested, Mark's Q ( Janmark Allanora) is Dad
More birthday greeting but this time to some little paws who are one today.
Happy 1st birthday (thursday 29th) to all the SEAOFIRON puppies. They are: Ssasca-Seaofiron This Is The One (us). Brough-Seaofiron Made Of Stone (Brian Andrew, Exmoor), Cridget-Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Mary Godden, cambridge), Phoebe-Seaofiron Here It Comes (Irene Fielding, New Forest).
Matthew, Ann-Marie, Mouse (mum), Jake and Blue.
A special good morning to Tony Waller who celebrates a birthday today, best wishes from everyone at bedlingtonpicturs, have a great day Tony!
Thursday is North East and we hear first from Mark

A snap of a couple of the lurcher pups owned & bred by Louise, arent they beautiful. They are such a well balanced litter.
What an excellent day Northumberland Show proved to be, with several people getting a touch of sunburn, the breeze got a little draughty at times, but we will not complain about that. The showfield was dry & all rings were very busy. Not a large turn out for the Bedlingtons, however the terrier group itself was very well supported, with over 90 terriers in attendance. Eventual winner was A Maughans Wire Fox. I did not stay for BIS has I had other tasks to complete. It was good to see & meet many Bedlington pet owners at Corbridge, all enjoying their day out & telling their own little bedlington stories.
I called in on the way home to see Millies (the lurcher) pups, they are beautiful & so laid back for ones so young. Louise advises me that they will probably keep two of the pups, mother Millie does dancing to music / heelwork & they are hoping that these offspring will complete in agility? Looking at mother & offspring I think they would be better suited to the hills & countryside of Durham, doing what comes naturally to a lurcher! So if you are looking for a handy type of dog, get in touch with Louise.
It was good to catch up with the makems (Derek & Eileen) & Janette & Family, hearing of the progress of their litters of pups. As usual Derek & Eileen did not fail in the brew department, with a liberal supply of coffee & Yorkshire Tea Cake, thank you very much. It was good to meet up with Kevin & Ann Ovenden, we only seem to see them at this show nowadays, which is a shame. They always sponsor the Bedlington classes, I was lucky enough to receive £10 for BOB (will go towards the diesel!!). Unfortunately I did not make ringcraft this week as I had several things to catch up on, with the pups keeping us busy, hopefully we will make it next week.
Hope to catch up with a few people at Southern Counties on Saturday, I have Welf as co-pilot for the day, it will be a very long day, with a few miles to put on the clock. Good luck to all exhibitors, I hope you enjoy your day.
Does anyone out there have a space blanket or similar that they have going spare or alternatively I can purchase if suitable. Looking for a decent size to cover a puppy run.
And now Mathew

Monday we went to Ducombe Park Country Fair Athelmsley. We missed blue's class in the Lurcher show, so we entered Mouse and Sasca in the terrier show. There was a good turnout for bedlingtons, about 10 in total. Bedlington pup 2nd Sasca Bedlington bitch 1st Mouse also she went on to win Best Of Breed. Matthew
Well done to little Sasca and Mouse

28 May 2008

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This little dog is new to the blog, her name is Ousha and she lives on a working farm near Bath. Ousha has a wonderful time as she spends all day running lose on the farm with her lurcher companion. I bet these two are a couple of good rabbit hunters and rat catchers! Many thanks to Sandra Hyde for taking this photo on a recent visit to the farm.
On miserable rainy afternoon, what better way than to cheer yourself up by taking a few minutes to watch this lovely musical clip of baby Briagha up in Skye.
Many thanks to Marie

Wednesday, and to find out what has been happening in Wales, we hear from Enid, big Mo is away having fun on a fishing holiday

Hi, everyone, just thought I'd let you know what we've been up to this last couple of weeks.After SKC we decided to make our way home slowly through Northumberland. We stayed at a beautiful Caravan Club site in Spittal, on the outskirts of Berwick on Tweed. It had the most fantastic sea views. The beach was only a short stroll away and the dogs had a whale of a time as they were allowed to run free. They made lots of new friends as everyone seemed to have a dog. We met a couple from Hampshire who were visiting Berwick with thier two Bedlingtons and a Dandy Dinmont! The one was a Honeymist and was 13 years old and the other was a rescue from Francis Fuller that they got last year before Francis moved to Wales. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. We chatted for ages and they said how they wished the Breed clubs would do more for the ordinary pet owners. Naturally, we told them about Bedlington Pictures and the great time we had last year at the Fun Day. I've forgotten their names but if they read this perhaps they could post some pictures of their dogs. We camped at The Grange Caravan Site at Durham and Steve will be surprised to know that we walked into the city centre along a public footpath through the woods and along the river! The dogs caused quite a stir with the Japanese tourists and had loads of photos taken. On Monday, we went to the City of Swansea Show which is a big two day event with the dog Show as one little part of it. We always enter as it is a great day out - but not this year.The weather was the complete opposite from the one in Northumberland- cold ,wet and windy.We were all squashed into a small Marquee with very small rings and the poles were shaking and the sides flapping. Ecco was in AVTNSC open and went on to win ANVT so we waited for the Group. They decided to do all Monday's Groups after Junior handling at one thirty. All the judges and committee went for lunch and we waited and waited with the wind increasing all the time. People brave enough to go outside in the rain came back and said that the Show was closing and everyone had to leave the ground as quickly as possible. No one in our Marquee believed them and one lady said that she wasn't leaving as she had won the Hound puppy group the day before and had raced back from Bath to take part in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show. With that THE HEALTH and SAFTY OFFICER arrived and ordered us all to evacuate immediately! He was the only person to remember we were there! The horses had gone ages before and the show ground was almost deserted. There was no tannoy system near to us so that we could hear announcements. So after two days of showing, there was no Monday Groups and no Best in Show but worst of all no sign of the Committee! Apparently, a little girl had been injured by fallen branches and the wind was approaching gale force so they had no option but to close everything down. Sorry I haven't got any photos but I this is a new computer and I need to practice. Hope to see some of you at Southern Counties and The MBT Champ Show.Enid
Thank you Enid, I think the Swansea show will be one you will never foget! It would have been great to of had a photo of a deserted show field except for one lady and her hound. I must say this story made me smile this morning.
And we aso see how Paula in Wales is getting on with her lovely pups

The pups are 8 weeks old today, and at long last we know which one is staying with us. I wanted nice summery photos in the garden, but it's rained so much here that I didn't get the chance and had to take some indoors. It's hard to believe it's almost June.
What a lovely pup Paula it has been a treat to see them change and grow over the past weeks. Do keep sending us updates, I really enjoy watching the blog pups growing up and following their careers at ring craft, obedience and anything else they get involved with.
We wish a very happy birthday to Lady from Somerset who is one today. Many thanks to Mandy and Owen for this lovely spring photo of their birthday girl.

27 May 2008

This is Ralphie walking alongside a path covered in blossom. Thanks to Ed and Becs for this photo, maybe a BTA calendar entry?

Here is a photo of Billybob relaxing with May Lou's friend after his first American Trim. It is going to be so exciting for us to follow his show career over in America! Many thanks to Mary Lou for sending through the photo.
News from Wales wanted!
Big Mo is away for the next two Wednesdays if you live in Wales and can help me out with me bedlington news or photos that would be great!
Photos from yesterday's the Northumberland County Show sent in by Sue and Liza
Millie wins Junior Bitch

The line in the Open Class

Mark's handsome Q walks away with Best Of breed .
Many thanks to Sue and Liza for the photos, I wish we could have been there with you, what a glorious sunny day up there yesterday, it poured down with gale force winds here all day!

No Tina time this week but I wonder what Lucy the rescue has been up to!

Lucy says she was very bemused yesterday when these two mallards landed on her garden pond !They stayed for about 10 minutes and seemed to enjoy 'ducking' up and down in the water. However, Lucy was a bit cross as Dora would not let her go out any further than the doorway so she couldn't get to near to them. In the Midlands it was raining nearly all day so as they say it was 'good weather for ducks ! Another adventure again soon. Love from Lucy to all 'blog' friends - and love from Dora as well.

26 May 2008

Jeri and Diamond with her rosettes and trophy for top Bedlington at the Greeley Terrier agility week Colorado USA.
News Flash

Congratulations to Mark Walshw with Janmark Alannora who took Best Of Breed and Terrier group 4 today at the Northumberland County Show Today.
Great photo of Billy's winning working bedlington Mini The Minx
Worried about CT !
Take a look at this article by Viv Rainsbury printed in the dog press recently
Monday and we see what our young reporters hve been doing

On Monday at obedience training, Jack was brilliant and all because I used a firm voice. He knew all the commands I have taught him but chose not to do them! We had to make them wait at a door, go through the door, with the dog staying, then call them. Jack wasn't great the first time but the second time he did VERY well. On Thursday at ring craft Jack didn't do much but the times we did take him up he was very good. He is getting better at walking with a slack lead and even went past his friend Elsie,the Deer hound without trying to sniff her bum ! When we did junior handling Jack was back to his usual self trying to play with the other dogs. I am looking forward to the Southern Counties show on Saturday because it will be the first champ show I have handled him at. I am in junior handling with Parker, post grad with jack and YKC stakes with Jack.
My Mum ran a very hilly 13 mile (half marathon) race today. She ran it in 2 hours and 53 minutes, Jack says he is very proud of her and wishes he could run it with her! Good luck with any shows and hopefully see you at Southern Counties.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack.
Wow, Victoria what a fit mum you have, many congratulations to Tracey. What charity was she running for? Not long now until Saturday, you are certainly going to be busy with three classes entered. Jack looks fantastic I love all that leg hair, what a handsome fellow he is!
The Bedlington Terrier Pub

Here is Sarah's report for Monday.
First of all well-done to everyone who went to Bath on Friday. We've never been to Bath so maybe that will be one for next year. On Monday we took our friend with Japanese Chins to ring-craft. Lilly & I came first in Junior Handling, but neither Lilly nor Rosie got placed in their classes. Witch is common due to the fact that not many people know what a Bedlington is, but our friends latest puppy Chin 'Shilo' came second in under-age puppy. Hopefully when Shilo is older I will be able to show him in Junior Handling. I hope all is well with Naomi as we did not hear from her last week & of course well-done to Victoria with Jack, keep working hard & he will improve. Lilly also went through a stage of sniffing the ground, but with training & time she learnt to keep her head up. Keep going with your obedience & fingers crossed you pass your Bronze Good Citizen.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, I expect you are in the Junior Handling and YKC class with Victoria, hopefully we will get some photos of the two you in the ring. There is far too many of us oldies in the breed we need a lot of new young enthusiasts if the Bedlington is to grow and flourish in the future.

25 May 2008

More liver treats please mum!!!!!

Jake says, "Look what I have won"!
Saturday and we hear from our Bedlington pet reporter Louise

It's good news this week as there is now another dog to add to the KC Award list - Jake's just passed his bronze test. I thought we were doomed as although there were only 3 dogs taking the test at the same time - one of them was a white dog called Polo - who Jake loves and whines to be next to him. His lead work could have been better but other than that he did great and passed with flying colours. Photo is of Jake enjoying his reward after the test - liver treats.
An update on Millie from Sue & Liza....
Having promised news from Millie's agility class for this week's pet report, I'm afraid we have to miss the class again on Saturday. Millie is off to see Dawn for a good wash and brush up today instead, as she's entered in the Northumberland County Show on Monday, and would win nothing but the sheep shearing competition in her current state! As we're also missing one of Millie's obedience classes today, we went to a class Friday night instead. There were some gorgeous dogs there - a Saluki, two huge American Akitas (we'd only heard of Japanese Akitas before, but apparently these are different), and a cute chocolate Lab who just didn't want to be told what to do. Millie is getting better with every class, and can hold a sit stay for a full minute now, as opposed to the 5 seconds we achieved just a few weeks ago. We're convinced she only passed the stay in her Bronze test because she was rooted to the spot by hailstones at the time! With the way she's working now though, the Silver doesn't seem quite as unattainable as we first thought, which is great.
That's it for another week - remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at mailto:loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week, Louise & Jake.
Congratulations to Jake another very clever boy to add our KC Good Citizen award list. The silver is not hard just a little more practising guys, I think it is a two minute stay for the silver, the rest should be a breeze! Good Luck to Millie on Monday, do take along the camera, I bet she looks a real picture in her show trim.
2nd and 3rd in the pairs
Mini wins Best Of Breed

Bedlington results from today at the
Yorkshire Game Fair ( Harewood House)

Bedlington Bitch
1st Mini The Minx ( Billy)
2nd Miss Colin (Billy)
Bedlington Dog
1st Spike (David Bruce)
BOB Mini the Minx, (qualifies for the Moor Green working Bedlington championship)
Congratulations to Billy!
1st a Border Terrier
2nd Mini The Minx
3rd Miss Colin
1st Border terriers
2nd Miss Colin and Miss Olga
3rd Mini The Minx and Betty Beach Ball
1st ( Mini, Colin and Betty)


I know these photos are long awaited but just don't seem to have had the time to do much except puppy watch and cuddle. Millie has settled in to family life very well and I just hope these photos come out okay as it's the first time I've ever sent anything like this. Don't know if you want to put them on the blogg. All I can say is she's absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to have around, why we didn't get a Bedlington sooner I'll never know. Have met up with Elaine Tuck and we are both attending puppy training classes. We have to be separated though as it gets a bit confusing when we are shouting for Millie and Lily!! Anyway will stay in touch must go as the sun is shining and someone (I guess who) would like to go to the park AGAIN!! take care xx
Yvette Lamb
I am so pleased that you have written to me and sent the photo of little Millie ! Enjoy her while she is still a pup as they grow up far too quickly! Perhaps you can take a photo for us with Millie and Lily together at puppy class?

24 May 2008

Competition results
We'd like Sue and Liza to win with 'Twist and Shout ' by the Beatles, because twist and shout is exactly what Jack and Ralphie do! If you can get their address we'll pop the Frisbee in the post .
Best wishes, Rebecca and Ed and Ralphie.
Thank you Ed and Becs for running the competition you certainly had some really good entries. I will pass your email address to Sue and Liza

Vote now for Teena

Please can you put my pic on your blog and encourage people to vote for me? It,s the pic of me and Poppie, I have entered for the nations favourite hairdressing awards 2008 and to get further I now need as many people to vote!
Please vote for me online as soon as poss, at www.headandshoulders.co.uk click midlands and a pic of me comes up, its Teena Curzons the hair team, click VOTE!
Love Teena
Saturday and we hear the news from Scotland

I have visitors here at the moment so haven't been on the blog much, but I have an email for the blog from Jane in Fife:

Both the girls have been enjoying being outside in the sunshine this week. Wee Mary is not so wee anymore she climbed up the silver birch tree we have and sat on top of the birds nesting box. It was quite funny but I'm glad there are no birds nesting in the box. Ginny sat at the bottom of the tree looking up with amazement, it was very funny to watch. We have a new summer house built and the girls think it belongs to them, they run down to the door and wait for me to let them in.
I will try and get some pics for you of them in the summer house. Another funny thing happened this week we had a small rabbit in the garden living under the shed,we have never had a rabbit before and Ginny knows that it was there she ran all round the garden to find it.The other day Neil was taking Ginny out for a walk, just as he was making his way down the drive the rabbit ran through his legs followed by Mary and then Ginny, they all ran round into the neighbours garden we laughed and laughed not sure who was chasing who.
Jane, Ginny and Mary
Bath Championship Show

Honeymist Miles High wins Best Of Breed at Bath today.
Congratulations to all the winners

Congratulations to Jeri and Diamond (Burmington Maid From Magic) who took all these prizes and the trophy for the top Bedlington in an agility week show in Creeley Colorado USA.
I am a really proud Mum today!!

Many congratulations to Norman and Sharon Ames with Leia's first litter of 5 gorgeous puppies (three girls and two boys). They were born on the 16th May. What a proud mum she looks!
Competition Time

Here are Jack and Ralphie but what are they saying or doing? We need SONG TITLES with the artists as a caption. Many thanks to Ed and Rebecca for sponsoring the competition by sending a great picture and donating a Frisbee similar to the one in the photo as a prize. This competition will close on Saturday May 24th You can enter as many times as you like!


23 May 2008

From a cutey

Into a beauty
This is Mathew's "Blue" another lovely dog we have seen grow up from a tiny puppy!
Billybob finds himself a comfortable chair to sleep off his jet lag!
Billy Bob & I are both suffering from jet lag at the moment. Here is a poor pic of him crashed in the family room this morning. He is having a GREAT time with Pie's sister, Miss Molly and my boy, Lil Man has taken him under his wing to train in the American ways! (That should be a nightmare for me, as Lil Man is just as Cheeky as Billy Bob! I feel sure those two will become the TERRIBLE TWOSOME!!!!!!
Will keep you posted on our progress as we go. Billy Bob will be showing next month at 3 shows in Orlando, FL. Everyone keep fingers crossed for him and Lil Man that weekend. (June 20, 21 & 22)
Hugs from Billy Bob and Mary Lou.

22 May 2008

Barney and Ella
Hello again , thought you might like to see this snap I took of Barney and Ella this was a rare moment , I think she took him by surprise, he was settled on the sofa when she climbed up walked straight over him, turned on the arm of the sofa and then lay herself down on top of him, I thought he'd soon move but they both stayed together for a little while till Ella began to fidget.That was Barney's cue to get down and leave her to it. We are away next week in the caravan so hopefully we should have some more pics for the blog when we get back.
That is a great photo Muriel another one for the calendar competition? We now have just 15 entries, not enough!

Wow what a great bike my Dad has says Piper!!!
That certainly looks like a big boy's toy Julie do you ride on the back?