30 June 2008

Some light hearted bed time viewing, OK not a bedlington but this clip made me smile

Many thanks to Jeri for sharing this one!

Windsor Championship Show
Mrs Sylvia Morrice wins Best Of Breed at Windsor Championship Show yesterday judged by Mr B Rodgers.
We have 190 show photos Here
Congratulations to all the winners
Windsor Championship Show photos LATER, need my morning coffee first. It is worth keeping you all waiting as yesterday's hits finished up at 703
Our Blog

In response to requests for more videos, I've taken the liberty of creating a wee montage of blog pictures.
I hope its to every one's liking.I tried to choose a good mix of pics and I apologise if I've missed anyone out, but the song doesn't last long enough to include any more!

This is lovely Marie, gosh you must have spent a long time going through hundreds of photos, I wonder how many photos there are all together on the blog?
Great music too, many thanks for creating this clip, I know it will be enjoyed by everyone
Monday and junior reporters day first we hear from Sarah, we will hear from Victoria later as her email is down at the moment.
Here's my report for Monday : Firstly well-done to all who made the journey to Windsor Championship Show. I decided to have a rest on Sunday so Dad & George went with the Girls. The weather did not look too good, but I hope you all had a good day. The judge Mr B Rodgers awarded Rosie Second in Post-Grad & Lilly Third in Limit. I think I mentioned last week about the Norfolk & Norwich C.S show only having an open class for Bedlingtons. But I think we might have another class next time as there was a pretty good turn out of ten Bedlingtons. I though it looked a bit like the march of the Bedlingtons ,as we all (in a neat line) marched single file to the ring. Enough rambling though & here are the results from Thursday.

Open Dog or Bitch 1 absent
1st Ch Sevray Just Rumours ShCM (Penfold)
2nd Sevray Rare Edition
3rd Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie)
Res Miteymidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
V.H.C Jetsway Mother's Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora)

BOB was Ch Sevray Just Rumours ShCM
BP was Sevray Rebus (Freddy)
BAVTP & Puppy Group Four was Sevray Repique (Bonnie)
(BAVTP stands for best any variety terrier puppy)

Unfortunately we do not have any photos as Dad was showing Lilly & had also forgot his camera. Our next show will be Leeds City & District C.A, so I hope to see some of you there. But do not forget entries for the Welsh Kennel Club show close online tonight & last chances for East of England Ladies K.S by post.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie

Thanks Sarah what a terrific entry for just one class, sounds like you had fun!

29 June 2008

Stop press
The blog has broken its record for hits in one day. 640 hits have been recorded on the hit counter so far for today Sunday!
Sunday Evening News
We are not actually home yet from Windsor and I am writing this on Sandra Hyde's laptop! Congratulations to all the winners today especially Victoria our young handler with Jack who won a second place in Post Graduate dog. I was really sad that Stuart was not well enough to be at the show, not quite the same without his smile and jokes round the benches! Nice though to see Angela holding the fort at the end of the lead. I will be late home tonight but hopefully Jon will have the photos on by tomorrow evening.



Open Bitch

Best Dog

Correction Below

Open dog winner.

Best Dog

Open Dog

The Show Begins

Windsor 2008

Sunday 29th June.

It's been a quiet week for Ed and Ossie, after their little op. They were feeling a bit sorry for themselves at first, but cheered up after a day or two. It's just so hard to play properly wearing a lamp shade. Still, stiches out today, and they've been promised a good walk at the weekend if the weather is OK.

No report from Louise as she is away this weekends but she has sent this photo and note through fron Sarah Hailwood

Betty Beach Ball moon bathing
And here we have Ben on top of my kit car for a better view
Thanks to Billy for the photos, I love Betty Beach ball.

28 June 2008

Saturday, I wonder hat has been happening in Skye
Well the weather has been truly miserable these past few days, but in between showers Cody and Briagha have been continuing their quest to have rabbit stew for supper.
I have uploaded the latest video of their antics

Thank you Marie it is fantatic to see the dogs having fun, we all really enjoy your video clips and music, more, more more, please

Angel Feet

Mary Lou and Minnie the Minx at the
Angel Of The North

What an unusual statue Billy! Can anyone one up there in North tell us the history?
It is a hard life for a bedlington! This is "Lady" reading a book and soaking up the sunshine!

Thanks to Mandy and Owen for the photo of their girl relaxing!

27 June 2008

We welcome home Stu our home counties reporter from a relaxing week away with his fishing rod!
Angie and I had a great time at Angler's Paradise last week, catching some fair sized carp, tench and Koi. (photo's next week), all under the stare of the springers and jackies who own the fishery owners. It was nice to have something to pat when our own gang were left at home. The different reactions we received when we got home were quite interesting. Some of the dogs choosing to ignore us, some to react as if we had been away for years, and some as if we had just been to the shops. It took Maurice three days to come and greet me because he feels we should take him everywhere with us and his nose was right out of joint 'cos we left him behind.
At work, there have been a number of sightings of Bedlingtons in the Windsor area this week so we have to assume that people are camping in the Queen's garden for the show this weekend and making their presence obvious around the town. If the leg holds up I hope to see some of you there on Sunday. If not Angie will be at the helm once more and I'll be dog sitting.
Welcome back Stu and Angie, I have always wondered what it would be like to go away for a few days without the dogs! One thing I do know is Diesel would react just like Maurice, it must be in the genes!

Can you guess who this handsome young man is with his very first bedlington?

Hi all, this is a photo of my first bedlington "SANDY" she was born 12th january 1977 & breed by my brother Allan & sired by my brother Brian's dog. Her sire was breed by Pat Hall KC. name Dick Dastadley OF Derader a liver & taned dog, her mother was a liver bedlington x whippet she had three pups 2 dogs 1 bitch all were blue's, her mother's sire must have been a blue wippet, our children thought that she would change colour to sandy so that how she got her name. Sadly Sandy died nine week's after we moved home's in february 1989 and is buried in our garden.

Click to enlarge, see if you can see your entry on the collage

BTA 2009 Calendar Competition

69 entries so far and two weeks left before closing date
Here is a delighful photo of of Vera Baird, (aka Solicitor General) relaxing on board a narrow boat on the Langollen Canal, with Thandi Tombi.
Thanks to Madeline for the photo, I love the smile on Vera and Thandi's face!

26 June 2008

Computer virus warning!!!
PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS! You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,' regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a mail called' POSTCARD,' even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer immediately. This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept. COPY THIS E-MAIL, AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. REMEMBER: IF YOU SEND IT TO THEM, YOU WILL BENEFIT ALL OF US Snopes lists all the names it could come in.
We say hello to little Miss Jillie

Hi I thought I would make a visit to the blog, I hope you like the picture of me it was taken up at Sandwell Valley were I live in the West Midlands and went for a good walk with my mom and dad but it was a very windy day there. The duck pond was splashing over the sides at me and boy do I hate water. Yesterday I went out in the car with my mom and dad to see my new sister that we are having in two or three weeks time she is smashing. Two boys and another girl are already spoken for and there are two boys left. When my sister comes in a few weeks time I will get mom and dad to take some photos of me and my sister and send them to the blog. Oh by the way my name is Jillie and I live in the West Midlands with my mom and dad Sally and John.
p.s: Mom and Dad are thinking of entering my picture in the BTA Calendar if they are not to late, by the way my new sisters name will be Rosie.
Welcome to bedlington pictures Jillie, you can't live too far from us as we are near Stratford. You must be very excited at having a little sister to play with, tell Mum and Dad to send us lots of photos. I will make sure I enter your photo in the competition but tell mum and dad to send me a caption to go with it.
Hammer works towards his "Master" Earth Dog" title

Hammer is a great earth dog and is working towards his "Master Earth Dog" title ( the highest accolade in the activity). We don't have this event in the UK but it is very popular with terrier owners in America. The dogs work towards several titles from Beginners to Master. In Earth dog the dogs go to ground through a network tunnels. They have to complete three timed runs at each level and pass the set criteria for each level before moving on to the next level. We will look forward to hearing about Hammer gaining his "Master "Earth Dog" title soon!

25 June 2008

Wednesday Evening Ramblings
We have Windsor Championship Sunday and hopefully we will be at this event to take photos. Also I am wondering if anyone up in the Northeast can help with me with short report for tomorrow? Mark is away and by now settled into a spot near the river at Windsor. I expect he is sitting in a sun lounger with a cold glass of Chablis and watching the boats go by, lucky for some! It is all very quiet in bedlington land so if you can help out with photos that would be great.
Thanks again to everyone the blog would not be the success it is without all your help and support.
Calendar competition photos

We now have 63 photos for the competition. Do go on to the BTA site to view all the latest entries, there are lots of fantastic photos with their captions!. You still have time to enter as the closing date is July 14. It would be great to have 100 photos and raise £100 on entries by the closing date. On behalf of the BTA, Bedlington Rescue and Welfare I would like to thank everyone who has entered so far.


Hi there folks hope you are all well, what do you think of the two photo's of Paula's pup Lola? One was taken by Paula the other was taken by her son Finn, can you guess which one was taken by Finn, Enid tells me that her Dad is having his 2nd cataract operation next week, the first op worked so well that as soon as this one is over and done he wants a new car not bad for 90 years old, Elwyn had his first drive in the car and he was fine the doctor said that if he could read the number plate at 25 yds then he could drive so he is waiting for his other eye to be done, we should thank our lucky stars that these operations are there for us. It just shows you that you need two people to be able to drive because when one is not able it can be a real problem. If I could not drive we would have to use taxis because of where we live.
My dogs have taken over all the garden and field so I have no spare land to grow veg a very kind neighbour offered to let us use her garden to grow veg as she has not got the time to tend to it herself. So this morning I rang the hire company to order a machine to do the job of turning it over. To my horror they quoted me 2000 pound insurance then it came to light I had asked for an excavator I should have said cultivator!!! Elwyn laughed all day at the thought of that big machine in one of the gardens and all the work because of dogs! I have not been to any shows so good luck to those showing, I see Paula had the correct answer to how many pups where born 4 was the right guess so well done.
Thank you big MO, I have been smiling all morning too, I don't think you would get an excavator down your garden path! I just love the puppy photos, I think Finn took the photo with Lola and all the flowers. These photos would make great calendar entries

24 June 2008

Nova's lovely babies

4 puppies born yesterday morning by caesarean section, two boys and two girls. Mum is Su Ch Skybar Supernova Expansion (Nova) Dad is Bisbee Boarding Delta Blue (Stig) - Grandparents are Ch Lowbrook Llaffan (Harry) and Bisbee Painted Lady (Bonnie)
Congratulations to Nina and Nova, and thank you for the lovely photos also many thanks to Dorothy Owen for the above family information.
Stop Press from Tina
I have just a phone call from Dorothy Owen the secretary of the MBTC to say that the schedules for the open show on saturday 27th September have been sent out today by 2nd class post.The show will be held at Freehay and the judge will be Linda Gent. If you want to enter this show and are not due to be sent a schedule please contact Dorothy either by email or phone her details are-telephone0115 9816018 ,email bisbee@btinternet.com. Hope to see some new faces there. Tina.
Tuesday and it is Tina Time with her report from the Midlands
Tina with her dog Colin

Hello everyone yet again not much to write about this week. Lesley Butler is looking after a rescue Bedlington cross that is only around 7 months old,he has spent most of his life tied to a tree outside and his coat is in a mess but nothing a good clip or two won't sort out. He's loving and adores human attention even after his bad start to life so let's hope that he gets a loving home very soon. Glad we were showing at Blackpool on Friday and not Sunday when they had to close the show it must have been awful for everyone and their dogs. My mum is down from Scotland at the moment so we're having days out (weather permitting) here and there but leaving the dogs at home so they're not best pleased when we go off but we're soon forgiven when we get back as they're all there with their tails wagging and wanting fuss.
Till next week, Tina
Thank you Tina it must have been very frightening for the dogs at Blackpool with all that debris flying about. Unfortunately dogs don't forget any bad experience! Hope you are having a relaxing few days with mum the peak District around your home has very pretty countryside especially this time of year.

More BillyBob photos from Florida

23 June 2008

61 days pregnant how many pups?????
This photo was sent to me by Nina Engevi two days ago. I have been away and only just down loaded my emails so don't know if the pups have been born yet! It is not a competition but I recon six pups four boys and two girls!
This mother to be certainly looks quite the model with her beautifully trimmed head and body.
Higham Press photo

Blackpool show was abandoned due to the adverse weather conditions. Click on the link to Higham Press for the latest information and more photos. http://www.highampress.co.uk/info.asp
Thanks to Enid for finding the information on Higham Press
We hear from Sarah with the results and photos form Newmarket last weekend. The judge was
Mr T Johnston.
Sevray Rebus

Sevary Repique

Graduate Dog OR Bitch

Open Dog OR Bitch

BOB, RES BOB & Best Puppy

Puppy 0 absent
1st Sevray Repique (Bonnie)
2nd Sevray Rebus (Freddy)
Graduate Dog or Bitch 1 absent
1st Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie)
2nd Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget)
3rd Harrisclub Flash Harry (Taz)
Res Makems Honky Tonk Woman (Brenda)
Open Dog or Bitch 0 absent
1st Ch Sevray Just Rumours ShCM (Penfold)
2nd Miteymidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
3rd Jetsway Mother's Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora)
BOB & Terrier Group 2 was Ch Sevray Just Rumours ShCM.
Reserve BOB was Mollora Little Rosie.
BP was Sevray Repique

Another triumph for the Bedlington was in Junior Handling. There were three Bedlington handlers entered in JH, but unfortunately Lucy could not make it & Naomi was not their either. So it was only Lilly & me for Bedlingtons, but we still did the Bedlingtons proud with a First place. On the note of handling I would like to say well-done to Kathryn, who for the first time handled at a show & did very well with Freddy. Our next show will be Norfolk & Norwich C.S, there is only an open class for Bedlingtons, but hopefully we can change that for next year.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie
Congratulations to Viv and well done Sarah for your reserve best of breed and winning the junior handling class. It looks like you had glorious weather! If the breed is to flourish and grow we need a lot more young bedlington enthusiasts. It is so refreshing to see the young handlers with a bedlington on the end of the lead in the show ring.
Monday, young handler day and it is time to see how Jack and Victoria are getting on!

On Monday at obedience, Jack was very good, he did verywell at off lead heel. It was a new heel pattern this week (staggered poles instead of poles in a straightline). Jack was also very good at recall off lead but he did a tiny thing wrong - he came to me before I called him! Jack even played with his toy (he doesn't usually do this in front of everyone, instead he plays when he's not supposed to!) Jack is also getting quite good at weaving through dogs and staying still when dogs are weaving around him. We are working hard toward our bronze good citizen award although there is no sign that we will be doing the test yet. We did not take Jack to ringcraft because we are giving Jack a rest. We will be going on Thursday as we are showing at Windsor on Sunday. Hopefully the rest will make it a little more interesting for Jack. My dad bumped into Pat Leo and Larry while walking Jack, Jack and leo had a good old run around. Jack has also been walking with Ed and Rebecca and Ralphie, they get on really well and are really excited when they meet. Whenever we talk about Ralphie Jack gets very excited and tilts his head sideways. Good luck to any shows and well done to everyone at Blackpool championship show. Victoria and Jack xx

22 June 2008

Saturday I wonder what Louise and Jake have been up to!

What a horrible day it was yesterday - it poured with rain all day. We braved the weather for a quick half hour walk, and we both came back looking like drowned rats. As Jake was so wet I realised I couldn't put it off any longer - Jake needed a bath and a trim. As we haven't bought a grooming table yet we improvised by putting a yoga mat on a table, and my other half had to hold him most of the time. We ran into problems straight away, we'd watched Sylvia Maurice's DVD and she said to start with the neck and underchin - but Jake did not like this at all. He really struggled and I was afraid we were going to cut his lips, so we moved onto the ears and tail - and then his body. He was calmer for a while, but then struggled again when we tried to do his legs / feet / undercarriage. I then managed to scissor his head. I hadn't realised it was going to take so long - before I knew it 3 hours had passed! Sylvia made it look effortless on the DVD, but then I suppose thats down to years of practice and a calmer, older dog.
I've still got some finishing off to do on his paws and head - but I'm glad we've got it done. I think he looks OK - for a first time - and from a distance! At least he'll be easier to keep clean and tidy on his first camping trip next week - just hope the weather is better!
Louise & Jake
Congratulations Louise Jake looks fantastic, doing your own clipping will save you hundreds of pounds over the years.

Billy Bob's first show in Florida
Hi Gang,
Here are the pictures of Billy Bob today at the show. He won his class, the same as yesterday and then his big brother, Lil Man Won the points. But, this judge really liked him and said he wanted to see him again when he grew up!!!!!!! Tomorrow is a big day for us. We will have another show report tomorrow night. He is being soooo good, I am VERY proud of him. He shows like a little seasoned trooper. And, just loves everyone he meets. Humans & animals alike.
We are headed for bed. We all are pooped. Tomorrow.
Hugs & Slurps from the USA
Mary Lou, Billy Bob and the Gang
Thnak you so much for the prompt photos and news, well done for yesterday, we will be keeping everything crossed for him today. It is so exciting to see one of our blog puppies being shown over in America. We have all followed this litter of pups from the day they were born! Go fly the flag for the UK Billy Bob!

Welcome to a new blog puppy "Clementine" who lives in the USA
My husband and I just got our first Bedlington terrier puppy, who is now 10 weeks old and very loving and full of energy. We've called her Clementine after Winston Churchill's wife (a friend's dog is called Winston). She is living with us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA. We've only had her a week and have taken so many photos of her already! Here is one of them:
Michelle Gibbons
Welcome to bedlingtonpictures baby Clementine and Michelle. What a beautifull puppy, she looks a real bundle of fun, enjoy her while she is tiny, they grow up so quickly!

21 June 2008

Good morning bloggers, Saturday and time to see what has been happening up in Skye

Cody and Briagha are still on the trail of mister rabbit, and filming has already begun on the sequel. Watch this space!
Both dogs need a haircut, so I will try to get that done this weekend. Briagha is very good on the grooming table, and in fact overall she has a lovely nature. Cody has promoted himself to head watchdog since my dalmatian passed away last year, and I find its an ongoing battle to keep him quiet when other dogs and people walk passed the house. I'm working on it though, using tips from the dog whisperer.
He is very gentle with Briagha though, in fact if anything she can be too boisterous for him sometimes and I have to tell her to give him some peace. I'm really pleased with how well they get on though.
Thank you Marie, I really love your video clips, I think Mr Rabbit is quite clever and not at all worried living so close two hunting terriers!

Me and my brother

Many thanks to Pat for these adorable photos of Larry and baby Leo