31 July 2008

"WORMING", Do you use Drontal Plus?
We are advised to worm our dogs every three months, I keep to this as I feed my dogs on a raw meat and vegetable based diet. If like me you have several dogs worming can get expensive so it pays to shop around.
http://www.vetuk.co.uk/ is an online order company and has the cheapest Drontal wormer I can find at £1. 59 per tablet.
Checking the retail store, "Pets At Home" their Drontal Plus was £8.99 for two tablets!
Just thought I would share information this with you.
Kazumi's water babies cooling off in Japan

" It's our first time, Falda is a good swimmer.
He leads Hikaru is not good at swimming."
Thank you the photos Kazumi, after being in the heat the water must feel lovely Falda, looks very relaxed as he swims!
Good morning Bloggers, Thursday and time to hear from our man of the moment with his
North East Natterings

" We now have another member to our group in the North East, Derek Lewis & myself noted a lady with a well groomed Bedlington in tow at Cleveland Show. Away we went in hot pursuit, turns out the lady & her husband were showing ferrets & she is a dog groomer. After several minutes (well nearly an hour), Melissa had details for my local ringcraft club, schedules to complete for some local shows & her head was buzzing with Bedlington terrier info overload!! She subsequently attended the ringcraft on Tuesday night (doing very well,I might add) & hopefully will be enjoying the show scene at Sedgefield. Iwill not be attending so if you are please keep your eye out for her. I twas a good night at Ringcraft with 7 bedlingtons in attendance for match /rossette night. I took my 2 youngsters & was delighted to be placed second with the young puppy dog 'T' & Julie handled 'I' in the same class to 5th place, both receiving their first rosettes. Melissa, Julie, Carol & David were all in attendance with Bedlingtons & did the breed proud in the competitions, unfortunately the Bedlingtons did not get the top awards.Weather has been very good in the North, with temperatures peaking on the 2 main show days up here, Cleveland, Saturday & Leeds, Sunday, far to hot forthe dogs, however the people who kept grumbling on how hot is was, give yourselves a shake, we are entitled to a few warm days & a little bit of heat?Show attendances are down in most areas, with people possibly counting their pennies prior to committing to outlays, its maybe time to star tarranging car shares for trips to shows, who knows maybe more buses will be arranged again for Champ shows? Its good to see the fuel prices seem to have steadied a little at present.The CLA game fair looked hectic & fun at Blenheim, we missed out on the event last year when the CLA Game Fair incoprporating the Terrier show casewas to be held at Harewood House, we were all complaining about the weather then , torrential non stop rain. It caused many shows to be cancelled. A couple of dog related stories from the local press this week saw a ban put on dogs not been on leads in open spaces in the middle ofMiddlesborough, after 2 bull terrier type dogs decided to lock onto one another during a lunchtime stroll in a busy central park area. Headlines & photographs across the front of the Evening Gazette .Also a local man was found dead by a gamekeeper, a day after collapsing ona moorland walk, with his loyal Jack Russell still at his side, loyalty,priceless. If anyone in the North East would like a Bedlington Terrier (Hanger) as modeled below by Sylvia Morris, get the £20 to me or Sylvia, let Sylvia know you want one (or more) & I can arrange to pick up from a suitable show (all profits going to the Bedlington rescue)?
Till next time,Mark "
Thanks Mark, show entries are definitely down especially this way at champ shows where there are no CC's. Bournemouth has a low entry of just 10 next week. Bounemouth, Three counties, and South wales all with poor entries this year. I have to admit we have not been to as many shows this year, entering a couple of dogs, price of petrol and camping fees is keeping us nearer to home!

30 July 2008

Wednesday and we tune in to Big Mo in wales

Hi there one and all hope you are all well the weather hear is bad to say the least, thunder storms heavy rain the ground is sodden, not what you want when camping had better get the wellies out. I have nothing to report on this week just a short video clip of Lola's brother running around, next week Paula and son Finn are the Welsh reporters so I am sure she will do a great job. For a start the spelling will be better, good luck to all showing in the next 3 weeks, Marie I look foreword to your next video clip as I now have speaker's that work, take care.
Thanks Big Mo have a wonderful holiday and don't forget to put the sign on the front door, "Gone Fishing"
This morning we go over to Japan and hear from Kazuni Abe

Now Japan is very very Hot!!!!
My dogs enjoy swimming at dog's pool. I met Nancy at Tokyo in March. The day was big dogshow in Japan!! (2008 FCI ASIAN INT'L DOG SHOW) She said " Fald is Ten's son" and Trimmed Falda. It was beautiful shape!! Falda was in the spotlight while we were waiting his turn on stage. I didn't think he was affected by her trimming !!!! Falda's gotten the BOB
Kazuni Abe

Congratulations on Best of Breed with Falda, you must be delighted. I have visited Nancy at her grooming shop in San Francisco and watched her show groom a bedlington. She is so talented with a pair of scissors the way she sculptures a bedlington's coat. The coats are not clipped but left to grow long and then scissored into shape.
Do send us some more photos we would love to see the dogs in the swimming pool. For those of you who don't know about"Ten" ( Willowind Tenure ) he won the group at the famous Westminster Show in New York. The Westminster show is equiviilant to our Crufts, the only difference being you have to be a champion in breed to enter.

And we thought she was a Bedlington!

Just thought you may like to see this picture of Lenni, and we thought she was a bedlington not a Labrador like the Andrex puppy! The second photo is her having a rest after all that running around with toilet roll! could I also be a little cheeky and let everyone know that me and Dave will be doing the Great Yorkshire Run on sept 7th. We shall be donating all the money we make in sponsorship to the miscarriage association so if anyone has a spare £1 or £2 you can sponsor us herehttp://www.justgiving.com/traceybeadle I'm sure Lenni will be there to cheer us on! Thanks Tracey
Thank you Tracey, Lenni should audition for the Andrex commercial. I hope she did not chew the roll up into little pieces as it is hard to get up off the carpet! Good luck in the Great Yorkshire Run!

29 July 2008

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The highest number of hit to the blog in one day over the past week was yesterday with 541
And now tonight's Midland report from Dora

I think I read that Tina was away so here is some news from the Midlands this week. The weather has been lovely, almost too hot to walk the dogs even in the early morning or evening but we got out every day. One day earlier on we had about a six mile walk along the old railway track which has been made into a walk. Plenty of seats to rest occasionally and plenty of 'dog loos' so it is really clean however it is still fairly rough country and not too 'spruced up'. Lucy and Ben had a good time exploring and meeting other doggy chums. Lucy and Ben are still the best of friends, they play together and wrestle with the same toy. In the above photo they are both trying to get into the same bed in the kitchen while I was getting their meal ready. I have just caught them in the act - tugging their blanket while my back was turned. The weather forecast says it is getting cooler so another long walk is on the way. Love from Dora Lucy and Ben
Thanks Dora it just fantastic that they have become such good friends and play and sleep together.We will look forward to hearing about what they get up to in next week's report. I just love Ben's ears, he is a real character
Birthday Greetings
We say many happy returns today to Lesley Butler. Have a lovely day from all friends at Bedlingtonpictures, everyone was sorry that they did not see you at Leeds at the weekend. Lesley was entered but was not able to make it to the show.
Jane's Jottings
The Ruffsfurze gang!
I recon they are game for a bit of lure coursing!
Welcome to Jane's Jottings your replacement to Tina Time for one week only. After a drop of rain and a rumble of thunder things are considerably cooler here in the Midlands this morning. It will certainly make dog walking a little more pleasurable today as its been a very sticky affair of late. Some of the hazards of long hot dry spells, depending on where you walk your dogs are coats full of grass seeds, those horrible little sticky bobble things, allergies, hot spots and the dreaded harvest mites! If you have been lucky enough to avoid these blood sucking little horrors here's what look out for, generally picked after a long hot dry spell in long grass they can be found on the feet and ears. They are tiny yellowy orange mites just visible, depending on how good your eyesight is, that cause intense itching. A pinch of Thornit powder keeps them at bay or a spray of pump action Frontline if they have already been infested.
Well what a day we had on Sunday at the Leeds Championship show! Maya our youngest took her first C.C. at just 15 months from junior. We were sooooo proud! A huge well done to all the other winners especially to Sarah and Lily for picking up a first and well deserved Res.C.C. It was very hot, which doesn't,t make showing easy and with no air conditioning it was a long hot drive home. Still off back up north on Saturday for the National Bedlington Champ show at Thorpe Willoughby, which I'm sure will be an enjoyable, well run show as always. So I look forward to seeing all of you who plan on being there.
The C.L.A. game fair looked enormous fun and certainly one to try and catch next year. Let's hope the bedlingtons will be back by popular demand. Well that's all for now. Good luck to all at the National on Saturday and East of England L.K.S. on Sunday, or whatever you may be up to. Just keep enjoying those super, woolly dogs we love so much.
Jane xxx
Thank you Jane. We say hello to the first of new Tuesday reporters filling in for Tina, I have persuaded Jane to write for three weeks and she will be supported by Dora with reports on her two rescue bedlingtons Lucy and Ben. Tune in later for Dora's report. I would like to thank Dora and Jane keeping the Tuesday Midlands News running out while Tina is off on her fishing holiday.

Ecco met two of his little girls at Leeds. This is Grace - Miteymidgets Carleon Cove.
Many thanks to Enid for thie photo, I wonder if he knew it was his daughter?
Message from Stuart
Just to let you know that schedules are out for London and Home Counties Terrier Club on September 14th at Maidstone. Judge Mr Brian Reeves. Entries Close 25th August. Schedules available from Gill Thomas on 0208 8742461.
Paignton Championship Show 37 entries
Poor Millie feeling the heat last Saturday

Here is a guessing game when do you think Millie will whelp? Millie has been scanned and is supposedly carrying 5 pups, she had two matings 7 days apart. 62 days will be on Friday from the first mating. No prizes, this is just for fun. Please say day and time and will see who can get the closest.

If you would like further information on the litter or would like to add your name to Sandra's puppy list please email me, all these Gnejnaybay pups will be liver.

Tuesday and Tina Time in the Midlands

Sylvia Morrice at the Leeds Championship show, can anyone tell us what she is holding? Is it a hanging basket bracket?

Hi all, glorious weather at the moment and of course we're moaning that it's too hot,I think it's because it wasn't a gradual warming up but a case of getting up and the sun was scorching, fingers crossed it's here to stay! Just a quick reminder that the MBTC Open show on the 27th September judge Mrs Linda Gent-entries close Saturday 9th August-anyone without a schedule wishing to attend can contact Dorothy Owen on 0115 9816018 ,if you're coming along to watch and are bringing your pet dog please be aware that you must enter them not for competition or else they will not be allowed into the show. It's all systems go at the weekend ,showing on Saturday at Selby, back home for a few hours sleep and then driving through the night to Devon for the start of our fishing holiday, the dogs already know they're going on their hols as they have watched with interest everything going into the caravan so they get excited and get under my feet something terrible,I wonder if they're afraid I might forget to pack them! That's all for the next few weeks-please send Lesley lots of things for the blog as me, Big Mo and Stu will be unavailable!!
Thank you Tina have a great time away and keep us informed who is winning in the fishing competition. Good luck on Saturday and have a safe journey down to devon. Paula is kindly going to write for Big Mo in Wales while she is away and hopefully Dora will fill in for you in the Midlands. If you live in the south and would like write a short report on a Friday for London and the Home counites while Stuart is fishing just let me know.
Hector update

Just to let you know how Hector is getting on. First week was fairly non-stop and, as I was told, just like having a new baby in the house - non-stop action when he is awake and catching up on things you haven't done and getting ready for the next time he's awake! Anyway we seem to have settled into a routine a bit more this week. But I think I'll throw all my puppy books out - Hector obviously hasn't read them yet!! He's not that interested in food rewards a lot of the time, and he definitely doesn't want to go to the toilet within 3 minutes of waking! As for going in a chosen spot - can this really work or shall I give up now??? We're beginning to think we should have called him Stargazer - he just loves to lay in my arms and stretch his neck right back and gaze upwards. I never realized dogs could be so cuddly! Or so difficult to take a good photo of - my admiration for all those fantastic calendar photographers has gone up tremendously. Anyway here's our best two so far.
Lovely to see Hector again he has changed in just the short time he has been with you. Puppies are huge time wasters but enjoy him as he will grow up very quickly! Hector says puppy books, my mum does not need to read that rubbish! It is great to hear he is going on a puppy course and then hopefully he will work towards his Good Citizen tests. Your photography is fine, no excuses now for not sending us lots of updates.

28 July 2008

No this is not Kevin's Goldie or Sam but Leo taking a dip in a lake on Exmoor, great photo. Thanks to Pat for this one

Lure Coursing at the Game fair terriers v lurchers

Watching the proceedings, Poppy decided sleeping was much better than chasing a silly bit of rag!

Ready steady!!!!

They are off ! The Jack Russells are quick off the mark in this heat.

The Jack wins
It's mine it's mine it's mine, he is not going to let go of his prize !!
This was so much fun to watch a real crowd puller.
We have a winner!!

Meet Fred who came to visit us at the bedlington stand he is a Bedlington x Basset Hound. Congratulations to Julie, if you email me your address I will send a prize.
The best fun of all at the Game Fair was watching the lure coursing competition, terriers against lurchers. There were several heats and then a final. The lurcher won yesterday. Jon has some great photos of this event and I will publish them tonight.
Talking about lure coursing I had a go with Parker and Diesel early in the morning before it got too hot. Parker did really well running the course and was really moving at the end catching the pretend prey. Little Diesel started off in good form but the grass was rough and long and being just under 15 inches she lost sight of the lure in the long grass which was a shame! Anyway this was such fun I am going to add another egg to my basket and see if there is a local club I can join with the dogs! Kevin if you are reading this can you give me a call.
I would just like to thank Stuart who organised the weekend for us and to Norman and Sharon who also helped. Although extremely hot the dogs put on a good show, between the three of us we maned the stand from 8am until 6pm. Lets hope we get invited back nest year. The Game Fair or the show ring? The answer is obvious for us.
Do tune in later for the lure coursing photos.
We say hello to Sarah Collier with her Monday News

Here's my report for Monday : On Sunday we went to Leeds Championship show, our breed judge was Mr B Emsley. Rosie was entered in Post-Graduate & Came Second. Lilly was entered in Limit & came First. Because Lilly was First she had to go in for the challenge & came out with her first Reserve Challenge Certificate. We are over the moon & Congratulations to everyone especially Trevor & Jane with Maya who won the Bitch Challenge Certificate. I hope every one had a good day at Leeds & no one got to much sun-burn. Away from the breed I took Rosie in YKC Handling & came Second out of all seventeen. I was very pleased with Rosie as I do not usually use her for handling classes, but she behaved very well (for a change). Mum took George down to the Stately Home to see some of the birds & animals. George especially liked the Palm Cockatiel, which are completely black & have red rings around their eyes (they look like they would make a good pet for Darth Vader). We hope to see you all at National Bedlington Terrier on Saturday & maybe some of you on Sunday at East of England Ladies Kennel Society. I hope everyone who went to the game fair had a good time & the dogs too.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie
Congratulations Sarah for your reserve CC yesterday, what a great day for Lily and Rosie in the Junior Handling. I just wish we had been there to see you win!
Monday and time to hear from you young Victoria

On Monday we had obedience. Jack was very tired from the dog show the day before. He wasn't that good at backing away or heel and he went off to explore the first time we did recall but the second time Jack was very good, staying until I told him to come. We didn't go to ring craft on Thursday but we will be going more often soon as the person who runs ring craft is going on
holiday and asked my dad if he could help. A week ago we went to have a look at an agility class. There where mostly border collies there. As I watched them whizz around the course I thought Jack would never reach that standard but we will give it a go. We are hoping to start the beginners class in September. We have only got a few fun dog shows coming up until September 6th when we are at Richmond,in post grad dog. the summer holidays have started so I will be able to practice obedience/ring craft training at home with jack much more.I will also be able to take him for lots of 'walkies'! Good luck at any shows coming up and with any puppies.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack xxx
Thank you Victoria, I think you will find the agility training lots of fun, we will soon have a blog agility Bedington team!

27 July 2008

Congratulations to all the winners at Leeds Championship Show today

Trevor Graham with Fuffsfurze Mavrodaphne win the bitch C C

Dorothy Owen with Bisbee Blue Max win the dog CC and best of breed
Thanks to Tony waller for the photos

Bedlinton X ?? competition
Come on folks still NO winner, you will kick yourself when I tell you.

Can you guess what this cross is?

Diesel's New Look

Dressed up to kill after a grooming by Sharon. Soon to take part in a lure event.
Hello bloggers

This computer is slowly fading on me so this will be the last entry until I get home from the Game fair. Good luck for those showing at Leeds, and thanks Derek for the photos of Cleveland, could upload one on this dying laptop Do click on here later as big Mo will put the results in the comments for Leeds. Hopefully Jon will take some photos on his phone and upload them later.
Bye for now.

Cleveland show turned out to be very hot, alas only 3 dogs turned up, another show that has had a low turn out. BOB once again Mark Walshaws "Q", 2nd Eileen Lewis with Chrystal, Makems Precious Jewel. Even I "The Makem" had to enter the ring for once, only managed 3rd with Makems Filthy And Gorgeous. Must get some training in for one of the big shows.The Tea and coffee after the judging was very much appreciated in a relaxed manner along with the Yorkshire Tea Loaf which as we all know is Mr Walshaw's favourite tea time nibble. A new face, spectator turned up to watch with a well trimmed Bedlington, which we hope will be coming to the North East Bedlington meetings and perhaps encouraged to enter into showing. Generally quite a lot of the public showed interest in the Bedlingtons and I find this is always to the good of the breed that at these local agricultural shows dogs are present.Next North East agricultural show will be at Sedgefield on the 9th August. After that folks it's up the Wear valley for the real village country shows both KC and working entries.Hope to see some of you there.

26 July 2008

Bedlingtons?? What do you think
No more form me and Blenheim CLA Game Fair for today , we are on duty tomorrow afternoon, I just hope it is a bit cooler in the terrier tent! I want to take Diesel Lure Coursing in the morning if it is not too hot, that looks real fun.

How about turning up at the next show in one of these!

Isn't this puppy cute! He is a Bedlington x Bulldog x Greyhound

These two lovely lurchers visited the stand Bedlington x Saluki

Here is a second photo for the competition bedlington x????

Relaxing After The Event

A stressful day and a need to relax. Parker at work!

The Terrier Parade

Lesley and her bedlingtons.
CLA Game Fair 2008
Breakfast before the event.

25 July 2008

Blenheim Palace

That's all for today but we should have more photos and news from the Game Fair tomorrow evening.

By lunch time you could hardly move, goodness knows the numbers tomorrow will bring!
The bedlingtons on display in the arena

I can't remember which one of these rods Big Mo said I needed!

Here is another lovely lurcher on the caravan park!

Hey kevin how about this little girl? I could have taken her home!
Hey Big Mo look what I found!!!

Game Fair 2008

Well we all arrived safely at Blenheim, Angie and I actually following Jon and Lesley through the gate. The terrier feature being a first time event we didn’t know quite what to expect and neither at first did the organisers. For a while it was all a bit chaotic but we eventually got set up on Thursday evening. Friday morning arrived and we turned up at the tent to find that the terrier pens had all been painted over night and they and the grass were all wet green paint. Eventually we got sorted out and set up a pen of our own using Sharron and Norman’s puppy pens. The crowds have been relentless all day, some of them queueing for two hours to get parked. We’ve seen plenty of Bedlington crosses but NOT ONE purebred. Where are you all? Perhaps Bedlington folk have to work for a living and we will see some of you over the weekend. We hope so ‘cos we’re beginning to feel quite lonely.
The parades in the events ring have been quite well received with the Lowbrook gang and the Sharnors taking centre stage today. We have a sort of rota but basically we’re all mucking in if we’re around. It’s the Burmingtons turn tomorrow morning so I’ll be off looking for carp fishing bait and gear so I can beat Tony and Big Mo next week. Mainly trout and salmon gear here though.
The dogs have been the real stars today, putting up with the public mauling them all day in the heat without so much as a grumble.

A Sea Of People

Title should have read, CLA Game Fair 2008

Time, 0900 and the park is packed. The bedlington group lead by Stuart Yearly.

Can I have this one says Ralphie? Maybe not quite as big a fish as big Mo's catch but you have to start some where! Thanks to Elaine for the photo.
Well today is the first day of the Game Fair. Jon will be taking photos all day and our Stuart will be reporting on the blog tonight with the latest bedlington news so tune in later!

24 July 2008