30 September 2008

The Bedlington Terrier Association Calendars
Calendars are £9.00 plus £1.50 pp, 2 calendars £2.00 pp

To order please contact Judy Thompson at jetsway@tesco.net or call her on 01666 860204. The calendars will be on sale at the BTA Championship Show Saturday October 4th.
All proceeds to Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming and Health. Please tell all your friends about these lovely calendars, we need to raise lots of money to help support those poor dogs who come into rescue. Bedlington rescue is run by very dedicated teams of people up and down the country who need our support. My thanks goes to everyone who sent in photos for the competition, we had some fantastic entries this year.

The story of the "Jack" by our young handler Victoria

I have been helping out at a farm that breeds Shetland ponies. The lady was speaking to my Dad and dogs came up in conversation. She then showed us a Jack Russel bitch who was pregnant with her second litter, she was part of a deal with a trailer. The farm owner was going to wait until the puppies are all sold then find a home for the bitch (called Lady). Me and my Dad fell in love with her at once and said yes,but my mum hadn't seen her. Later,when my mum came from work we went to show her Lady. We brought Jack along to see if she was OK with him. Lady didn't mind at all that Jack wouldn't stop sniffing her bum and she was very friendly with everyone. My mum doesn't really like Jack Russel's so we didn't know how she would take to lady. My mum liked her lots so we were really excited about having lady!
Later that night my Grandad rang up, his 12 year old West Highland White Terrier bitch had died. We all loved her and she gave my Grandad lots of fun, acting like a puppy all her life. We spoke to him about Lady and hopefully he is taking her on in a few months time.
Wow Victoria what a lovely story, Lady is staying in the family and going to have a wonderful home. Next time you go to the farm do take some photos of Lady for us. Do you know when thr puppies are due?
Straight out of the blue Stuart Yearley was made redundant this morning. He wanted me to tell everyone he can't be contacted by email and will only be available on his home phone. Unfortunately he cannot now write the Friday news as he does not have a computer but he will phone me if there is something that needs to go on the blog.
Is there anyone out there who could offer our Stuart a job? He is off to the Job Centre tomorrow to try is luck at his local B&Q and other stores for new vacancies.

What a difference a week makes - last week, running free and chasing Mac!


I've been caged because he's chasing me. It certainly is a man's world!

Poor Lily what we girls have to go through, it is not fair! Thanks Elaine what a beautiful teenager Lily is, I love the photo of her in the grass.


When we were introduce to the blog ands the world of showing you asked me to keep you posted of Loki's progress, well I'm very pleased with our progress so far we have been attending ringcraft every week and its certainly paid off to date we have had only four shows one being Darlington champ show and we had some great results in our 1st show we got BOB and short listed for best in show, 2nd show we got a 1st at Darlington and qualified for Crufts! 3rd show we got a 4th (but hey cant win them all) and on Sunday at 4th show we got BOB and shortlisted for best in show again! I am extremely pleased with my little boy and would just like to thank everybody who has helped us along the way! We still have along way to go but with lots of practice I hope we carry on getting some good results, I have sent a picture of loki at his 1st show! Mel
Congratulations Melissa, it is lovely to hear from you and Loki. You certainly have a little star Bedlington with Loki, what a terrific start to his show career.
Briagha and Cody
We are all wishing Briagha the best of luck today as she is going to the vets to be spayed. Marie will give us a update later.

29 September 2008

Monday Evening News

Good evening all in bedlington land, the bedlington fishing team are still away so no Tina Time tomorrow. If you can help me out with some photos or news that would be great as I have nothing to upload for the blog in the morning! No report from our young handler Victoria today as she is poorly, so get better quickly Victoria and we are keeping everything crossed you are well for the BTA show on Saturday.
If you live near London, Discover Dogs 2008 tickets are on sale now! Discover Dogs 2008 takes place on 8th-9th November at Earls Court 2, London. If you love dogs, Discover Dogs at Earls Court is the event you’ve been waiting for. Chris Harris and her team will once again be manning the bedlington stand. Shop for cool doggy gear and bone up on training tips! It's your ticket to tail wagging fun! Purchase Discover Dogs 2008 tickets online here or call 0871 230 7154 to book over the phone.
Christmas Comes Early For Donna And Aireview Xmas Holly At The Midland Bedlington Open Show
Judge: Mrs Linda Gent
BEST IN SHOW: Aireview Xmas Holly
BOS: Burmington And Me Too
BEST PUPPY: Wudrusjuk Work Of Art
BEST VETERAN: Ch Toffset Treasure Trove
Congratulations to all the winners
Click HERE for the photos of all the exhibitors
Bedlington Terrier Association Championship Show
There is a total of 63 dogs and 96 entries for the show the Saturday
Monday and STILL the sun is shining here in Oxfordshire, we start the week with our favourite photos, 'puppies'. Tune in tonight for all the Midland Bedlington Terrier Show photos.

Hello aren't I just handsome says this little boy of Sandra's

I wonder who lives next door

Hello my name is Taffe I am four months old now and have moved in with the agility set in San Francisco
Never let your blankets dangle off the washing line says Enid!

28 September 2008

Midland Open Show
Due to a slight glitch we may not be able to get the photos from all the exhibitors and winners on the blog until tomorrow.

Enid and Larry enjoy their day

Just a quick look says Linda!

Give me a cuddle

I love you Dad!

27 September 2008

Can I have a kiss

This pup by Harry is just six months old and first time in the ring for her and Nigel King. We welcome them to the world of Bedlingtons and showing

Photos from Today's Midland Show
Judged by Mrs Linda Gent
Donna with Aireview Xmas Holly wins Post Graduate Bitch

Sandra with Rotherview Revue wins Open bitch

Parker wins open dog

Best Veteran Big Mo with Toffset Treasure Trove

Best Puppy Tina with Wudrusjuk Work Of Art

A very relaxed fun day at the Midland show, it was great to meet new people in the breed and old friends alike. Many thanks to all the Midland Committee and especially to all those in the kitchen who dished up a great lunch of pie and peas, and of course to Sandra Waller's for her renowned trifle!

Parker Wins Open Dog

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club.
Good Morning blogers just to wish everyone good luck at Midland bedlington today and tune in tonight for the first of the photos.

26 September 2008

Friday and we hear from Stu

Friday again already and we've had Genie, the pup, for five days. She has settled in quickly and fitted in so easily with the rest of the pack that it seems she has been with us for ever. She is a real comedienne, barking in the ears of the older dogs while they are sleeping and then scampering off with her tail between her legs before they realise what's happening. Her favourite trick is pulling on the telephone cable while you're making a call.
It's been four years since we've had a pup in the house and we've had to start thinking again about leaving things lying around at "pup" level or below. How soon we forget. She's such a cutie I'm surprised that the rest of her litter have not been snapped up weeks ago. I'm picking up some pictures tonight so I'll send them to Les if they're any good.
I got a bit ahead of myself last week so I'll once again wish everyone good luck at The Midland tomorrow. I've always enjoyed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the Midland shows and, win or lose, always come away feeling I've had a good day. I know there are going to be some novices there so, you old hands, give them some encouragement and a little tuition if you see them struggling. (It also gives the nosy ones amongst us a chance to check out their dogs) You can always stop helping when they start beating you. I know we appreciated it when we started out. So often people give up showing before they've really started because they don't feel welcome. I'm pleased to say that that happens very rarely in the Bedlington World.
Back to work now.
Thank you Stu, and as you say we must help and encourage all novices, the breed needs new enthusiasts if it is to grow and flourish!!! The Midland is a great show and hopefully we will be there to take photos, it will be a fun day, I really love the breed open shows as they always so relaxed and friendly.
We will all be looking forward to seeing Genie photos, her mother is very extrovert and lively to the fact I have and started agility training Millie, she is one Bedlington who may just have the temperament and drive to make a competition prospect!
I come from Florida and don't do mud says Miss American Pie
Good morning bloggers how nice to wake up to another dry morning, I bet the bedlington fishing team are relieved! This morning is a puppy morning with photos from Enid and Jeri in California,
This is Ecco playing with his daughter who was bred by Sharon Ames

Can you hear me!
This is one of Fizz's little boys who is now 7 weeks old

Taff is four months old and has just moved into her new home with Jeri, she has a very famous grandad who is Willowind Tenure the Bedlington that won the group at prestigious Westminster show in Hew York.

25 September 2008

Now Steve don't be shy by hiding behind that tent pole, they have to be the best pair of shins I have seen in ages!
We say good morning to Julie from the North East

Morning from the Northeast

Well I have just recoded from Sunday my legs were killing me for 2 days and i thought i was fit no chance at Derek's pace but I think everyone enjoyed themselves and can I say a big thank you to Mark and Dawn for setting everything up. The meal was to die for and was great to sit down and relax and just to chat to people who all love their bedlingtons as much as I do. Well back to ring craft on Tuesday night with a good turn out with myself, Jill, Mel and Carol all of the dogs doing very well.good luck if you are showing at the Midland and hope Big Mo and the gang have a great fishing holiday. Julie
Thanks Julie you certainly have a wonderful bedlington family up there in the North East.
Lily and Mac enjoy a romp on the beach on the island of Skye

Hello everyone I hve been digging in the sand!
Thank You Elaine I just love this photo you must keep it for next year's calendar competition.

24 September 2008

I have just returned from my very first appointment as an examiner for the Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen test. I had three Labs and a Flat Coat Retriever. Unfortunately one dog failed on the one minute stay. A week on Sunday I am off to Newbury Show ground to examine the Good Citizen Bronze at the Dandie Dinmont and Cresky Terrier Fun day.
A letter from Jane Graham

Did anyone hear tonight's "File on 4" at 8pm Tuesday evening. It was most interesting in light of the R.S.P.C.A,s recent outburst on pedigree dogs and dog showing, revealing a most sinister side to the charity. The programme can be down loaded as a pod cast or listened to as a repeat on Sunday at 5pm. Trevor worked at a Animal Sanctuary/Nature Reserve for many years and had numerous dealings with the R.S.P.C.A. officers, often finding their attitudes and procedures rigid and dispassionate to both animals and humans. It is, after all a charity that relies on it's funding from the great animal loving British public, having already alienated a proportion of these, i.e. pedigree dog folk, it seems hell bent on adding to this number. Listen and see what you think?

Not a Beddie story I know but one that touched me none the less. This evening a former colleague from Littlewoods many moons ago called into Tescos, I hadn,t seen her for quite some time. After some pleasantries she told me she had now got a dog, Flossie. I knew for a fact she was a cat person, owner of 6! so I was a little surprised. One dark wet morning a year or so ago whilst taking her husband to work and stationary in traffic, she spied what she thought was an animal on some waste land. After dropping her other half off she went back to investigate, clambering over the rubble she found a small scared dog tied by i't,s lead to a spike. Refusing to uncurl from the it's position my friend picked the dog up as it was and put her in the boot of the car and took her back to her home. The poor little thing was very, very smelly so she bathed and then fed her before deciding to contact a rescue shelter. Needless to say she didn't end up there, Flossie, a Staffie aged about 5 months the vet said, had found herself a home. My friend, though never having owned a dog before, sounds like she has done a fabulous job, house training her, socialising her, indeed Flossie and all 6 cats are now great pals and she is by all accounts a wonderful ambassador for a much maligned breed.
My friend has promised to pop in again soon with some photos of this lucky little girl, who is obviously so very much loved. It just makes me wonder if it wasn't for a queue of traffic, sharp eyes and curiosity what would have happened to poor little Flossie, I shudder to think.
Jane xx
Thank you Jane, did anyone else see last night's programme? I will down load it later.
And what a wonderful end to such a sad story, that poor pup could have easily died, how could anyone leave a pup tied to a spike, it makes me shudder to think how cruel folk can be! Do get your friend to send us some photos of Flossie
Clyde Boy form Ken Bounden's Book
Good morning and being Wednesday we hear from big MO
Clyde Boy

Clyde's Pedigree

Tribeca on the beach in Scotland

Thandi and Zac on the beach in Wales

Hi there folks the picture on the blog of Clyde Boy is really interesting to me as I have the book WART'S AND ALL, by ELIZABETH CURRAN COOPER, so i have sent two photo's one is the stud card, look at the charge for stud fee, the other is the Clyde boy, I do hope you like them I have promised Lesley the book as I think she will value it more than me, and she will use it for reference for use on the blog.
There are two pictures Toffset Thandi with Zak on a beach in Wales it looks as if they are not talking, the other is CH Toffset Tribeca with Julie's brother who is on holiday from America they are on a beach in Scotland and Tribeca just loves to jump and jump on her back legs, I am of now as I am tired it's been a hard all the packing of the caravan, and the brain work have we got this have we got that, the main thing is I have the dog food and the dogs, look after yourselves I will see some of you at the Midland show.
Thank you big Mo have a great few days fishing and see you Saturday, I am really looking forward to seeing the book. it was fun researching the artist and dog in painting, I really admire Ken and all those who have taken time and trouble to write about the History of the Bedlington.

23 September 2008

Location: Batley
MISSING bedlington terrier dog, 4 years old , lost/stolen from Carlinghow on 16/9/08 he is very soft he has no road sense if you have him or you know where he is his name is charlie and he is a much loved family member, kids missing him please contact Vicky .
07013 165973 Anytime
Thanks to Melissa Lacey who found this on the free ads on the net. Carlinghow is in West Yorkshire. If you live in the area keep a look out for a stray bedlington.
Maud Alice Earl (1864-1943)
was an eminent British-American canine painter. Her works are much enjoyed by dog enthusiasts and also accurately record many breeds. Earl was the born in London, the daughter of artist George Earl and his first wife Alice Beaumont Rawlins. Maud's profession was the continuation of a family tradition. George Earl, an avid sportsman and noted sporting painter, was his daughter’s first teacher and had his daughter study the anatomy of her subjects, drawing dog, horse and human skeletons to improve her skill. She later said that her father’s instruction had given her ability that set her apart from other dog painters. After her father's tutelage Maud went on to study at Royal Female School of Art (later incorporated into the Central School of Art). Earl became famous during the Victorian Era, a time when women were not expected to make their living at painting. Nevertheless, she developed a select clientele, including Royals amongst her patrons such as Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra. Although evidently extremely successful in England, Earl felt that the world she knew had been destroyed by World War I and she emigrated to New York City in 1916. By this time her work had received wide international recognition and her popular images were published in a number of books and in print form. The Sportsman's Year featured twelve of Earl's works as engravings. Maud Earl died in New York in 1943 and is buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York. [Ref: 2260] £260.00
Clyde Boy Born 18th April 1894 bred by Mr Jordison and then owned by William Wears.
Clyde boy weighed lbs 24 and was actualy a blue his stud fee was £1 -1 shilling pre payed
Maud Earl (1864-1943) Clyde Boy, a Beddlington terrier signed and dated 'M. Earl/99' (lower right) oil on canvas 18 x 24 in. (45.7 x 60.9 cm.)
Sold at Chrisites in 2003 for £7,638
Sale 9646 sporting art and dogs 12 June 2003 London, South Kensington
Wow how I would like to own this painting, I just love the look of this old boy! Thanks to Billy for emailing us a photo of this great painting. Has anyone information on the dog???
Do you live near Milton Keynes and know of a dog training club that has a ring craft section ?
Jannine who lives in Milton Keynes has entered Molly in her first show and is desperately trying to find a good class in the area.
Fun in the sun at Darlington Championship show
Mark how did you manange to keep that lovely jacket clean?

Have fun at Championship Shows in the UK

Thanks to Jan Walshaw for the photos

Good Morning bloggers. and being Tuesday it is Tina Time but before I hand you over we would all like to wish Tina a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday. An early greeting as Big Mo and Tina are off tomorrow for an end of season fishing week. I know big Mo has ordered and Indian Summer, we will keep everything crossed for you Big Mo. Tina and Mo will be taking a day off on Saturday and will be showing at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show.

Good morning bloggers-after a glorious spell of sunshine the rain has arrived again-it's heard that we're going away in the caravan! The NE walk looked and sounded a roaring success perhaps they'll do a winter wonderland one. I hope that Norman is feeling OK after his visit to hospital yesterday and will soon be back on form we wish him a speedy recovery.Please don't forget to send Enid and Heffin your applications for the CT seminar-I know November sounds a long way off but it's just around the corner and it's an important topic.I have obtained some more blue dog blankets if anyone wants any please let me know. The price is £1 50p each or two for £2 50p.
On a sad note Gerry Pepper has lost his old bedlington-Rectra of Excellence known as Jake.He was 16 years old in May. A good old timer but always sad to see a much loved dog go. Good luck to everyone showing and competing at the weekend and will see some of you at the MBTC. Till next time Tina.
Betty Beach Ball
A girl after my own heart likes her food and knows how to chill out! Thanks to Billy for the photo

22 September 2008

Miss American Pie feels very special after reading her story in the Bedlington Terrier Club Of America's autumn addition of "Tassels and Tails"
Click to enlarge
Special paws, what a lovely poem thanks to Janet Peacock for sharing it with us!

Monday and we say hello to Victoria and Jack Bojangles

it has been very quiet in Kent this week, we didn't take jack to ring craft and we had no shows.
we have been giving jack a lot of roadwork as the judge at London Terrier said that Jack needs more road work to build up his muscles on his back end. At obedience practice Jack was good at heel, stay and going through the gate. Good luck to all those showing and those with puppies .
Lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles xx
Thank you Victoria we will look forward to seeing you soon at the BTA show. Not long now until your Bronze Good Citizen Test, i am sure Jack will pass easily!

New record for Bedlingtonpictures

We had a total of 801 hits to the blog yesterday from 317 vistors.
Anija before being groomed for the show

Anija the real liver pup shows off her coat in the ring

Not many photos from the show because of Anija's season. There were male dogs going mad beside us, so we only had her in-and-out these two days.Getting very good critiques.Will send two photos in two mails to see if it helps. One from the show, and one before grooming to show you. Isn`t she just lovely in coat ? Comparing to the other livers, they are white!!!
Anija looks great Nina, you don't have to worry as she will never turn white, congratulations on her critiques, you must be very pleased.

21 September 2008

And last but not least this Sunday night we have an interview

Mr Carrot is interviewing Mr Kibble .


We all need to be aware of what ingredients go into our dog food, and I believe there is excellent as well as very poor quality dried dog food but I had to smile reading this! The author had a good sense of humour

A great time was had by all at the North East walk today

Well with 30 bedlingtons walking thought the town we did get some looks thank you for a great day.

Mel, Evan, Linda, Sophie, Ed, Ellen, Sarah, Tony, Brian, Bernadette, David, Eve,David ,Carol, Fiona, Margaret, Kevin, David, Andrew, Darren, Angela, Sharon, Mark, Graeme, Stephanie, Jennifer, the Makems Billy, Diane, Dawn and Julie
Loki, Tasha, Tilly, Tilly, Pepper, Sonny, Gypsy, Ed, Ossie, Dizzy ,Charlie, Minta, Tata, Portia, Isla, T, I, Oscar, Pearl, Opal, Chrystal, Opaz, Miss Pie, Ben, Betty beach ball, Minnie and Cal
Wish we lived nearer you have so much fun up in the North! Many thanks to Julie for the photos.