30 November 2008

Christmas Photo Competition

This photo is NOT in the competition

Our Christmas photo competition is now open, all entries can be viewed from a link in the index column. Each entry will only be identified by a number or (preferably a caption) and there is no limit to the number of photos you can send in. The competition will run until Midnight New Year's Day and David Paton "Our Dogs" photographer will judge the winning entry.

Here is the prize
This is an old print dated 1934 by K. E. Barker. It was purchased from "Trada" (renovations specialists in maps and prints) in Chipping Norton Oxon a few years ago.
Jacqui Takes The Double at the Eurodogshow

We would lie to say congratulations to Jacqui Hurley ( BTA secretary) with Sapphire ( Ch Fralex Culibre Saphhire) who took the CACIB & CAC with Best of Breed and Heather ( Fralex Culibre Heather) who took the Res. Bitch CACIB/CAC so they did the double! Heather only needs I more CACIB to become a Belgian Champion!!!!!

The BTA will be holding the Bedlington Of The Year Gala on June the 9th. There are 2 Prizes donated from Eurodogshow for the winning adult and puppy owners worth £200 each towards the tour to next November’s Eurodog Show [always the 3rd weekend of the month]. Please note Pets Passports take 7 months to arrange for anyone else wanting to join next years Tour with their dogs.
CACIB- International Challenge Certificate
CAC- Belgian equivalent to our Challenge Certificate
Sunday Morning News
Manchester Championship Dog Show Jan 17th ( Terrier Day)
(Venue Staffordshire County Show Ground)
There are 20 terrier classes at this show but NO Bedlington classes! We want to encourage the show committee to add bedlington classes for 210. Fot us to be considered we need as many entries into AVNSC as possible. We already have 8 Bedlingtons ( that I know of ) entered but we need more!!!! Stafford is well placed in the Midlands and not too far from home for many. If we get a good entry we will make a point at the show of asking the secretary for classes for 2010.
Postal entries have closed but you can enter on line until noon on Monday 8th December at http://www.dog.biz/
The AVNSC judge is Mrs Eleanor Bothwell. Please enter and let's make a bedlington statement! If you enter please email me so that I can keep a count of the numbers. The breed needs your support if we are to have classes at this show!
Christmas Photographic Competition
We will be running the competition from tomorrow until Jan 1st. Professional photographer Mr David Paton will be judging the competition. Tune in later for details.
December 1st tomorrow if you want a calendar for Christmas you need to order very soon, sales have gone very well only a limited number available

Please email Judy to order yours at jetsway@tesco.net.
Sunday and we hear from Tricia across the pond on Oracoke Island

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, so al ot of cooking was going on...it is also the official kick off to the Christmas season & the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. The dogs had a good dinner, turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans.....they were very thankful! I spent the day being sick, some sore throat, stuffy, headache, yucky thing, that fortunately didn't last long as I was better yesterday and MUCH better today. Saturday night was my last day of work for the season!!!! YEAH!!! The tourist will go away and we will get the island back to ourselves!! It will be very quiet here over the next few months, but that is what I love about it. It is a dreary overcast day today, but at least no snow like Marie had. The dogs had a very quiet week with me being sick, they spent a lot of time keeping me warm under a blanket on the sofa. They are such a pack of loves. Funny how they know when you are not yourself and try in their own way to cheer you. So hopefully I will be able to make it up to them with lots of walks this week. Well I am off to try to catch up with all the stuff I have neglected to do this week.....until later....toodles.
Thanks Tricia pleased you are feeling better, enjoy your Island over the next few months, I have written to Santa and asked if he could bring you a camera for Christmas. We would so love to meet Willo, Greyson, Rose, Amelia and little Storey!

29 November 2008

Saturday Evening News

Jazz welcomes a new little girl to his home!

It is a very long tale so I will try to be concise, on Friday 21st November, I rang both Janet Branderick and Tony Waller to see if either knew of a girl in need of a home, both said that it was very rare to get a youngish bitch in rescue, and did not hold out much hope! so on Saturday 22nd of November, Ian and I went to a Christmas fair for greyhound and whippet rescue to see if they had any whippet/lurcher girls that would be suitable. The weekend passed but on Monday morning came a phone call from a concerned Tony "Carmel a lady has just phoned me to say she saved a bedlington bitch from death row at a local pound and could I help" Tony gave me Val's number and I rang her straight away, what a lovely lady! we arranged to go next day. The rest is history. Brian has worked patiently, little by little, for three days to remove her matted shell suit, eventually our new blue jewel emerged "Sapphire" Jazz is totally besotted, although she beats him up, he even lets her take chews out of his mouth, my boy is a real gentleman.
Carmel and Brian
What fantastic news Carmel and Brian and what a lucky little girl Saphhire is to have found herself a loving home with a big softee brother to play with. Rescue bedlingtons have a very special place here on the blog, and we will look forward to lots of updates and photos. I think we should produce a bedlington calendar next year with just photos of all the blog rescue bedlingtons.

Food for thought
The Kennel Club Needs A Full Review More Changes Needed
The Kennel Club Should Take A Serious Look At The Practice Of Professional Handlers Judging At The Highest Level. Allowing Professional Handlers To Judge At Championship Show Level Is Surely Unethical. Should It Be One Or The Other? We Have One Professional Handler Who Judges BIS AT Major Championship Shows One Week And Then Resumes His Paid Handling The Next, Exhibiting Under The Top Judges He Has Been Wining And Dining With. Surely This Is Unethical And Should Not Be Allowed.
We say happy Birthday today to Mutley and Isla

Happy first birthday to Tina's Isla and her litter sister Mutley who celebrate their first birthday today. I wonder if they are having a blog pork pie today for tea? Many thanks to Howard for the photos
Saturday and we see what has been happening on the island of Skye in Scotland

We have snow up here and the dogs are loving it. Briagha runs around like a mad thing, I don'know how she manages to keep from slipping as she coaxes Cody to play chase. We've been out in the garden this morning, as I was taking pics of some of the most amazing winter skies I've ever seen. Pink fluffy clouds with frost and snow on the ground, and all from my doorstep!
Here is a pic of Cody and Briagha looking out for santa...about a month too early!
This weekend's open shows
The only one I know of is "Cleveland" not sure if i is taking place today or tomorrow? Do let me know if you are entered elsewhere. Good luck to everyone showing and hopefully look forward to some blog photos.
Competition Time


Jan has picked the winner & she has gone for:
"gather round guy's I'm filling the hole in I dug earlier...."
There was quite a few other close runners up to this.
Egg cups & eggs winging there way to....Polly.
Next show for me is LKA, I can hand them over to ???

Thank you Mark & Jan for running the competition and congratulations to Paula?

Big Mo has just phoned to say this is Karen's entry not Paula's entry!!!!

28 November 2008

Pedigree Dogs Exposed Nominated for Major Broadcast Award
Can you believe this????
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Today's Dog world breed notes from Viv Rainsbury
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From the Daily Mirror ( thanks to big Mo for this cutting)

Photos with reports are in both the Mirror and Express today.
Friday News
Mr David Cavill who chaired the recent seminar on Copper Toxicosis in the bedlington terrier has written a very good article this week in the "speakers corner" section of "Our Dogs" newspaper. The article is not aimed directly at the bedlington but gives an insight into a sensible way forward to breeding pedigree dogs. Unfortunately I can't print this article due to copy write laws but hope to get permission from Mr Cavill to upload the article to the blog.
Junior Handling
Also Michelle Alders has written a great critique on the junior handling competition at the BTA championship show. Victoria, Naomi, Sarah, Annabel and Finn do try and get a copy of the paper, once again I don't think I am allowed to copy from the paper.
Maurice has been on the pheasant shoot

Stuart is still without a computer but he kindly sent in these photoS from his mobile phone. Maurice and Stuart going off beating at the weekends.

27 November 2008


Former Game For A Laugh TV executive shot dead neighbour's dog in row over early morning barking

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Thanks to Elaine for the link
Update on Foggy the bedlington that was recently shot
Viv Rainsbury has just had a telephone call from Sue, "mum" of Foggy (Sevray Bar de Nuit),, the Bedlington who was shot earlier this year, with the news that the man who did this dreadful thing has been given a two-year conditional discharge and a £1600 fine. He didn't receive a custodial sentence (which I understand was seriously considered) because of his age (71 yrs). Sue would like to thank everyone who has offered their support over these trying times. There should be a report on Anglia Tonight (local news) at 6.00pm today, Thursday 27th, and photographers and reporters from the national press (daily Mail and Sun, possibly) were also there outside the court in Kings Lynn. Thank you all, for doing your bit to support Sue, Simon and the family.
Thank you Viv, let's hope there is plenty of news coverage, at least then he will not be able to walk down the street without everyone knowing what he has done! Please let me have any links covering this story.
TV's most popular dog is?????
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Purina will be openning a brand new Events Centre in the USA 2010
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The New Kennel Club Building Stonleigh Park
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We say a very happy birthday to Diane in Wales who was 60 on Monday.

Thursday and what has been happening in the North East? Well Whisper and Piper are reporting for the blog today

M's puppies looking so content with mum, thanks to Mark for the latest photos.

Now where is the spell checker ?

Good morning from the north east as mum is taking it easy myself Piper and Whisper are going to write the blog this week. First of all mum wants to say thank you to everyone for the well wishes and she is feeling better everyday which is good for us as back to normal walks and she better be OK for Sunday as we are showing at Cleveland show. We had a great time at the weekend there was white stuff everywhere which was great to eat but it didn't last long. For ringcraft on Tuesday Mel and Tracey came and picked us up to get mum out of the house. We had a great time with Tracey looking after me and Mel looking after Whisper. With us was Mark's T, Loki and Scooby all having a good time and coming on very well. Time to go as Dad is taking us for a walk, good luck to everyone that is showing this weekend hope to see some of you at Cleveland show
love Piper and Whisper x

26 November 2008

A little warning
Pet owners have been urged to make sure medication is securely stored following a big increase in pet poisoning. Accidents especially those involving nicotine patches and inhalers, are a growing problem, with 34% a year increase in reported cases, say M&S insurance.
Thanks to Big Mo for this news item from a local paper.
Hello all bloggers, would like to share with you that Alfie has unfortunately developed a small (about the size of a penny) 'spot/cyst' on his chest - in his little white diamond, which the Vets have recommended we have removed, wasn't prepared for this on the visit to the Vets but trusting my Vet (of 16 years) I agreed. Am very worried and would like to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences. Have attached my favourite photo of Alfie enjoying his raw hide chewie. Best wishes Jannine'
Jannine hopefully it is just a sebaceous cyst. Lots of bedlingtons develop these as they get older, they are usually quite harmless. Chelsea has had two operations to remove several cysts of various sizes.
Good morning bloggers and being Wednesday it is news from Wales and we welcome Kevin our new reporter who is helping Big Mo with the weekly news.

Well here goes my first report for the blog!
The first picture for those of you who are not familiar with the gentleman in the picture is of Steve Richards with his Bedlington whippet/greyhound known as “Bella” with her first catch, Bella is one of the pups from Daisy & Goldie’s litter. I am so proud of this litter as all the pups have turned out to be little crackers both working and also as pets, with cracking temperaments and nice thick coarse coats which was one of the reasons for breeding a litter as I wanted a dog as good as Daisy but also one with a thick coat for working.
My second pictures has a story that I thought would be interesting to share with the blog, this little liver bitch called Sophie who is about 2 years old was bought from a working home in Scotland and brought back down to south Wales as a working/pet. Sophie was I am told a little nervous on the long journey back to Wales but seemed to settle as time went on, after spending a night in her new home Sophie’s new family let her out into the garden to explore her surroundings only to find to their total surprise that she was busy looking for a way to get out of the garden, she squeezed herself through a small gap in the bottom of the fence and was gone! Need less to say there were many tears shed and sleepless nights worrying what had become of poor Sophie as she was now in totally unfamiliar surroundings. Sophie’s owner came across me a few days later with his whole family in tow out looking for her and asked if I would keep my ears open for any Belington’s found straying etc in the area, which eventually was how Sophie was located, apparently she had been seen by several people going into a horses barn in the evening high up on the moors, but when Sophie’s new owner or anybody for that matter tried to catch up with her she would take off at great speed, not wanting to frighten her anymore she was observed from afar and after nine long days was found to be bedding down in a JCB digger, so it was decided the best way to catch her without too much stress was to set a live fox trap and low and behold the next evening there she was safely captured and back with her new family.
I bumped into Sophie last week and what a difference in a bitch apparently she won't leave her new owners side now and is very settled with her new family, but she wouldn’t come anywhere near me - she really does seem to be a one man dog, funny old things Bedlingtons!.
Well until next month, Kevin

Thank you Kevin, it is lovely to see Bella and that she has turned into the cracking bitch you had hoped for, Steve must be delighted. Well Sophie certainly led you a song and dance! It does sound like she had very little if any socialisation with people before she came to Wales. A little love and affection has made all the difference to this little dog, one man and his little girl sounds good to me!

25 November 2008

We say a very happy Birthday to Jasper who is eight today and celebrated it with the now famous blog birthday pork pie!

Today is Jasper's 8th birthday. He celebrated with his pal Fosbury and a pork pie......................although Fos grabbed his pie off the table and scoffed it before we could get the camera out! Here's a few pictures of the pair with Jasper's present and card and one of fos sleeping it off! All the best
Martin and Julie
Thank you so much for sending the photos, how well the boys look. For those of you who don't know Fosbury and Jasper they both have been diagnosed with Cushings Disease, but you would never know from these photos. Martin and Julie adopted Fosbury last January when he was 11 years of age. Another older unwanted dog lives his twilight years in a loving home with his new pal Jasper!
Is this the way forward to tackle genetic problems in pedigree dogs?

Click here
Tuesday and time to hear from one of our new Midland reporters 'Sal'. We welcome Digger and Drew to the world of bedlingtonpictures
Here is a picture of our old man “Diggin’” Beldlington Pictures!

Hi All – I am here to introduce my 15 year old beddie – Digger. Digger is my second rescue dog but my first bedlington. I originally adopted my first rescue Drew as a 9 year old whippet from a greyhound and lurcher rescue almost 4 years ago. Drew was given up as being ‘snappy’ around children and so came to live here with us after I fell in love with him as a web site picture!!.. Following our home check we were passed and I drove up to Manchester to meet him – we bonded IMMEDIATELY which I had not been expecting and its been that way ever since.. He is my soul dog. Digger came a year later – I had begun to volunteer for the rescue and helped out on their website and had heard of a saluki cross lurcher coming in to rescue – my parents were looking for a second dog so I asked if when he was collected they could keep me informed. On going to collect the dog from the home the owners also had a bedlington terrier the person who collected asked what was going to happen to him – the owner stated that as he was old (12) they would have him put to sleep as ‘no one would want him’ . I had always had a soft spot for beddies but never owned one so out of curiosity you understand began to read up on them, their temperament, their needs etc and began to wonder if Drew would like a buddy! I agreed to drive back up to Manchester to take my parents to see the lurcher and also have a peek at the beddie. My parents came home with a different dog than they went to see and I spent an hour cuddling what my other half called a womble!’ I came home with ......... no one....but secretly I was already wondering if we could cope with a second dog. It got to Tuesday before I phoned the rescue to see if Digger had received any enquiries but I was told ‘we thought we would wait to see how long it took you as you were obviously smitten!’ We took Drew up on the following Saturday and came home with Digger as a ‘foster’ to see how we would get on but again I had to call the rescue after 24 hours to tell them I could not foster him as there was no way I could let him go to someone else. Where Drew is my soul dog – Digger is my little old man who is guaranteed to make me smile every day. I will update you on our rescue adventures in three weeks time but will add that at 15 Digger is deaf, arthritic, has a heart murmur, tombstone teeth but is an absolute gem. We treasure every day we have with our boy!
Stay tuned – we will be back in three weeks time with more “Digger Daze” where we will tell you off past adventures and current Digger antics!
Bye for now Sal
Welcome Sal to our team of reporters and what a lovely story. Digger and Drew sound fantastic and are so lucky to have such a loving home with you. Do send us lots of photos and news, you don't have to wait until your report week to write to us. Rescue dogs and their owners are very special here at bedlingtonpictures

24 November 2008

Get well wishes
I just wanted to wish Sylvia Morrice all the best and hope she in now recovering after her appendix operation at the beginning of the month and also to our Thursday reporter Julie who was rushed into to hospital last Thursday to have a kidney stone removed. Julie is feeling much better, is now at home but will be off from work for a couple of weeks. Keep smiling girls and lots of love to you both from everyone on the blog.
More fantastic collectable china

More fantastic bedlington china, this time a plate owned by Tony and Sandra Waller. This plate was given to Tony by a friend who came across it in an antique shop. All Tony knows is that it was made at a Honiton pottery in Devon. I can see it is signed maybe we can trace the artist.
If anyone else has unusual Bedlington pieces do photo them and send them in.

M and her babies yesterday
Thank you Mark. What a lovely look of contentment on M's face! If you are looking for a nice dog puppy there is one available email Mark for details or contact me for his email address.
Monday and we hear from our Junior handler Victoria

on Monday Jack was very good, he did an excellent heel and a great recall. His stay was OK but he saw my Dad and wanted to go to him.
At agility Jack wasn't very enthusiastic, he only walked round the course and kept walking off. When we finished the second to last course,the instructor, Linda held him until my next go (so he would want to be with me and do as he was told) it worked really well and he ran the course really fast. Linda told me to go jogging with Jack to get him used to running with me. Sadly I got tonsillitis before I even started going out with Jack.
Jack hasn't been clipped for a while but looks really cute and fluffy.We are not going to clip him until our next show which is possibly the LKA (we might not be able to go as my mum has another operation around that time) Good luck with any shows ,
love Victoria and Jack Bojangles
Thank you Victoria, rule number one in agility is the dog must see the exercise as a fun game other wise they just lose concentration. For training with Parker I have a squeaky toy, before we start I show him the toy squeak it once, run the course and at the end throw it for him. You could just use a tug toy as long as you play after you finish the exercise. He has to see the whole thing as being a game with play at the end. To help motivation you need a special toy that only comes out at agility training.
Hope you are feeling better Victoria and Linda's jogging idea would certainly be good as he would learn to run with you, I would still have a toy in your pocket to help keep concentration as he may lose interest and wonder off for a sniff or to visit the nearest tree. Best of luck to Mum for her operation and we hope that you can still make LKA.

23 November 2008

Four New Breeds At Crufts
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Bedlington Fun day 09 camping
For those of you who did not go to the last Fun Day I found a photo in the archives to show the camping field . As you can see there is a very large area for camping behind the hall. The field is NOT used for livestock and is regularly mowed.
The Kennel Club has pledged £500,000 for research into the health and welfare of Pedigree Dogs

click here
Sunday and we hear from Trish with her letter from America
It has gotten very cold here in Ocracoke.....32F last night which is way too cold for this time of year and snowflakes flying in the air yesterday. Normally it is about 70F at this time of the year, and snow is unheard of. I hope this doesn't indicate a long COLD winter. Usually we get 2 weeks of really cold weather at the end of January......then by mid February the flowers start to bloom. The dogs have become couch potatoes, they are not much into cold weather either, especially Storey, who still have very little coat.....but it is growing! I added Missing Link to their diets, Mary Lou said it would grow hair on a cue ball! So I expect coat very soon! Storey's hair on her head, although very short, is very think and wavy. She is doing so well & I have to credit the other 4, they are such good teachers. Wednesday was "VEt Day" at my house. The vet comes and we turn my house into a vet clinic for the day. I left Storey out to see how she would do with all the people coming and going. She doesn't get to see too many people, just because there is no one here this time of year.....she was so calm, so friendly and everyone fell in love with her. After she was tired of meeting people she went into the kitchen to lay on the rug in the sun. Everyone was amazed at how well adjusted she is considering where she came from. Although more than one person asked me if I lost my mind adding a 5th dog!! I think they already know the answer to that!
It is very cold here too Trish with snow and sleet showers today, winter has arrived! But it will warm all our hearts to hear that Storey is just one of the girls. I think she is definitely going to be a real favourite with the Islanders. Hopefully it won't be too long before you get your new camera and we can get to meet all of your bedlington family.

22 November 2008

Camping available at the venue, a perfect base to visit Stratford Upon Avon and the Cotswolds.
Reading Open Show
Although no classes Trudy held the flag for the Bedlingtons in the A V classes
Mollora Easter Dawn for Tobanie 2nd PG
Mollora Archangelica for Tobanie 1st puppy and won best puppy.
We say welcome to Ann Logan with Mollora Innovation as today was their first show. They won a rosette with a well deserved third place in the Minor Puppy Class.
Today's Dog News

Rescue Dogs: They're Abandoned For a Reason

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Stop Press
Ashington Open show
We say congratulations to Melissa and Loki who won Best Of Breed today and then went on to win a group group 3 placing.
David Bruce has kindly sent me some more photos from Stuart Staley's Bedlington collection

These are really beautiful and probably very expensive items

Phil Worsdale is the artist. Mark sent the the link and told us he has produced several paintings of bedlingtons & copies of his works are readily available as prints & printed onto memorabilia, cups, saucers.
Saturday and we hear today from Jane In Fife Scotland

We have a leather pouffe which I bought for myself to put my feet up. Mary has claimed it, but not to be left out Ginny wants a little bit of it as well. I came home the other day and the two of them were on it together. Its not very big so they are squashed together. lol I just love these two to bits.. Their antics surprise me every day...I couldn't have two better pets...
Thank you Jane they certainly do look the best of friends, lovely photo!

21 November 2008

Today's breed notes from "Dog World" with Viv Rainsbury
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AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorraine with
Lily- Okay, so you have a tiny hose attached to your head Mac, but watch, I can levitate a slug above mine!

Lorraine this was very clever well done, I will pass your email address on to Elaine
Big Mo has got her out the shears, but she told me she was going to try and sculpt a bedlington?
Today Dogs Trust and Nintendo have partnered on an innovative new education initiative which is being launched today by Girls Aloud
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Stuart's Jeanie says do you like my tiger throw?
A bit if a nip in the air this morning especially for Elwyn who was a up with the sparrows get to the hospital at 8am for his cataract op. We wish him all the best.

Now Mac! Listen to what I say
What do you think Lily is saying???
There is no prize, this is just for fun. I will be running a best Christmas photo competition next
OK folks Elaine has kindly offered to donate a small prize, but to make it into a competition we need at least 30 entries!!!! Less than 30 and we will roll the prize over until next month !!
You can enter as many times as you like the competition will end Friday at 6pm and Elaine will judge the best entry.

20 November 2008

Stop Press
We say many congratulations to Carmel Cleveley and Jazz who passed his SILVER Kennel Club Good Citizen Award this evening!!!!
North East News

Julie had sent the report and its lost somewhere in cyberspace so I've sent you a simlar copy!!
Well I'm afraid this week there's no Julie as shes taken ill again so your stuck with me, don't worry she's ok just feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm sure you will all join me in saying a big get well soon to her!!!
This week has been a good week for me Tuesday night was ringcraft and match night, There was a buffet and cake and to top it all off Loki won Best in Match, so I was very happy and Loki got a big bone as treat! It was a great attendance with approx 15 dogs there, Mark and Julie both did well 'T' getting a second in the puppy class and Piper getting through to the finals! So a good night had by all! Then we had a trip to the vets Wednesday as we thought Loki had stood on some glass and after a anti- filamentary injection seems fine this morning so I've been lucky (was dreading hundreds of pounds in vets bills!!!!!) I have been throwing out my settee and chairs as we were getting new and the dogs have been fighting over which of them could get on them quickest, of course my greyhounds won and I couldn't get them in at bed time, it was freezing cold and there hair was sticking up all along their back but still they wouldn't budge!!!! Loki being the littlest managed to squeeze between the greyhounds and keep warm having his own furry electric bl anklets! Marks pups are coming on well getting bigger by the day we so pleased 'M' is a good mum, Can't wait to go and have a peak in a few weeks. Good luck to anyone showing this weekend, we are at Ashington on Saturday so we will keep you posted on how things go. I'm showing now every weekend till Xmas so will be busy busy!!! The pics I've sent are Loki and his rosette, and my greyhounds squeezed on the old chairs!
We will all be so sorry to hear that Julie is not well, all our love goes to her! Get well soon Julie and keep smiling! Well done to Loki you must be really pleased and Loki really pleased to be awarded a nice juicy bone for his efforts. I love the chairs in the garden ideal as they will wash down easily, the greyhounds look totally at home in their new garden furniture. Good luck to everyone at Ashington this weekend and we will look forward to hearing all about it, where are you next weekend? I don't have the show on our list.
Tonight's viewing
"Cutting Edge Pets" Channel 4 at 9 pm

Britain is a nation of animal lovers. But how far are owners prepared to go when their pets develop special needs? From parrots on anti-depressants to paralysed rabbits in wheelchairs, this one-hour film from the Cutting Edge strand follows a number of owners striving to come to terms with their beloved pets’ disabilities.
Show news
I don't know of any open shows this weekend with bedlington classes but if you are entered at a show do email me. The Open show list in the index column is being updated as the show information comes in so do check it out for new listings
The Laddies Kennel Association Championship Show entries are 54 dogs making 51 entries. For those of you who have not been to this show it is at the NEC and bedlingtons are being exhibited on Friday Dec 12th. I have to say I love this show the shopping is fantastic worth a visit just to browse the stalls for that special doggie pressie!
Thanks to Mark for the latest show information and LKA entries .
Fines tackle litter and dog mess
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Photos from the North East

Billy with Guy at ringcraft

I don't actually have a written report today from the North East but Julie has kindly sent me the photos of Billy who is handling Guy and hopes to show him for his owner.

A woman from St Nicholas At Wade has been banned from keeping animals for life after causing unnecessary suffering to
Click here
It is bad enough to be reading about puppy farming but to find this new email this morning really saddens me. Thanks to Donna for this link and to everyone else who is sending links to our daily dog news.

19 November 2008

Puppy farm puppies often suffer with health problems
To most, they're man's best friend and a life long companion, but for some disreputable traders, puppies are simply a commodity to be cheaply and cruelly farmed and sold.
Click here
Puppy Farm exposed
There are a number of disreputable dog breeders out there who are in the business just for the money.
Click here
Thinking of buying a bedlington puppy?
The RSPCA gives the following advice:
Insist on seeing the puppy with its mother where it was raised
Never buy from an unlicensed breeding establishment
If unsure, ask to see the breeder's licence
Avoid adverts offering lots of different breeds for sale
Never buy a pup sold straight from a car boot or at an open-air event like a market
The Kennel Club add:
Always buy from reputable breeders - contact the Kennel Club for breeder details
Never buy if you feel sorry for it - they can invariably be ill
Try and leave the breeder and then report the breeder to local authority or RSPCA
Dog should ideally be raised in home - assess the state of house
The mother should be on site - ideally the father too
There is no end to Big Mo's talents when it comes to a pair of scissors or shears!! Mo show clips her dogs in the morning cuts all the neighbours hair at lunch times and finishes off the day with a bit of topiary!! Outside big Mo's house
The race is on to find out who will the first person to sculpt a Bedlington bush!!! I recon we have two contenders so far big Mo and Trevor, what about you?
Sandra's Millie joins the Burmington gang in agility training

Sandra's Millie has just begun agility training with me at home. She has had about three lessons and is very enthusiastic. Millie has not started on the weave poles but certainly now has a basic understanding of the equipment and what is required. This little girl has the enthusiasm to be a very good agility prospect and could compete next summer.
Wednesday and we hear from Enid who is reporting for Wales today

Diane's pups

Maureen is good with a pair of shears as well as scissors!!!

Hello from South Wales where the sun is shining for a change. We went to visit Diane Herbert to see her puppies. They are three weeks old and Ecco is the Dad. Luck was on her side for once because she wanted a girl for herself and another for a lady who has been waiting patiently, for a year, for a blue bitch. Misty had two blue bitches and Diane was very pleased because she didn't have to worry about finding good homes for any other pups. They look really healthy and have really thick coats. I'll let you know how they are progressing. I've had a lot of emails from the people who had pups from Fizz's litter and they are all getting on well. Crispin, in London, is going to puppy classes and is great friends with a Labradoodle called Rufus. Vernon is going to ringcraft and obedience and Les will be pleased to know that Melvyn is doing very well at Agility so Louise has got her hands full.Big Mo has found another use for her scissors - topiary! She has given me this conifer and has started the spiral pattern so its up to me to keep it up. I wonder if anyone has clipped a shrub into a Bedlington shape? I wouldn't mind having a go. I suppose you would have to make the shape with chicken wire and grow something like box or privet around it -over to to Trevor- I need professional advice! We could have a topiary competition next year and call it "Best in Shrub".Elwyn has two medical appointments this week, one for his shoulder and he is having his other cataract removed on Friday, so good luck . Maureen is going to wait this time because by the time she got home the last time the hospital was ringing to tell her Elwyn was ready to be collected. At long last the fur on Fizzs' back has started to grow after the allergic reaction to a well known brand of flea prevention. I think she will have a big area of black guard hairs so we'll have to call her Patch instead! I eventually got around to counting up Ecco's points at Open Shows and he has now got his Show Certificate of Merit.Hope to see some of you at LKA,
Thanks Enid well done to Ecoo for gaining his Certificate Of Merit. What fun "Best In shrub" competition besides Big Mo I don't think there are too many green fingered Bedlington owners to make a good entry! Now there's a challenge for our professional bedlington Gardener " Trevor" he would have the skill to grow and sculpt a bedlington bush! Good luck to Elwyn on Friday, it is great for him to have the operation done during the winter when it is too cold for caravan fishing trips! What lovely puppies Diane must be over the moon to have two bitches and not have to worry about finding homes. The stalk somehow always brings me little boys!!

18 November 2008

Agility Bedlington in New Zealand

Jed, owned by Judith Jackson in New Zealand is an Ausbed dog bred by Pam Calvert- Maher who lives at Canning Vale near Perth Western Australia.
Many thanks to Derek Lewis for the photos, there are bedlingtons now in lots of countries agility training. Wouldn't it be great to see a bedlington one day competing at the top level in an agility final at Crufts!