31 January 2009

Rocco the talking Bedlington
Results from today's Northern Dog Club Open Show

One Open class was scheduled for Bedlingtons, only 2 present. T & Loki.
1st Janmark Blue Encounter
2nd Summer in the City.

T went onto to win Terrier puppy group & terrier group.
That not been good enough we followed that up with Best pup in show AND BEST IN SHOW

Fantastic news Mark many congratulations. T goes from strength to strength, you must delighted, what a great day for the breed. With all T's success you are going to need a pay rise to afford all the bubbly!
Saturday and we say hello to Marie in Scotland

Cody and Briagha are both in need of clipping/grooming, as you can see from the pic this week. I plan to do this over the weekend, so maybe next week I will send the 'after' pic. They often sit on the arm of the sofa like this, so it wasn't too difficult to get them to pose for the camera. I was just thinking the other day of affectionate names that I tend to call the dogs. For instance Cody gets called mister monster, monster chops, or Codester, while Briagha is usually puppy chops, wee girlie, or pupster (even though she's a year old now). What do the blogger call theirs?

Thank you Marie, I like to see to dogs a little hairy especially in the winter. I think we all call our dogs funny names, I call Fudge "Fudgy bear" Parker is known as "Man Face" Diesel is often called "Squeezle" and Chelsea is plain old "Chels" !
Saturday Dog News

Take 10 show dogs
Click here

Dog owners warned as lambs hurt
Click here

Amanda Craig reviews two dog-themed books for children
Click here
Saturday morning and more winter weather on it's way!

Leo enjoying a romp in the frost at Reculver Nr Herne Bay

30 January 2009

Blog news
Due to somehow losing the index column Jon has had to change the layout slightly to the blog, Hope to get the old layout back eventually, I am too old for change!!
Leo with his favourite cuddly toy!

Thanks to Pat for this cute photo.
Terrier Registrations Down by 2,559
The total number for all Terriers registered with the Kennel Clubf or 2008 was 39,086. This compares with 41,645 registered in 2007.This is the lowest number for the Terrier Group since 2003 when there were 38,960 registered. The Ten Most Vulnerable Breeds in 2008
Registration Numbers With KC 2008
01: SKY----------------------------27
02: CESKY:------------------------29
03: SEALYHAM------------------- 43
04: AUSTRALIAN----------------- 55
05: GLEN OF IMAAL-------------- 89
06: DANDIE DINMONT----------- 119
07: MANCHESTER---------------- 135
08: NORWICH-------------------- 152
09: SMOOTH FOX---------------- 178
10: KERRY BLUE------------------ 198
Now Sit!

This is a pic we took at Xmas when piper and whisper came to visit I'm sure you will agree its a lovely one!
New PETA ad video clip!
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( This clip is a P G!)
Whatever will they think of next!!!
Friday Evening Dog News
Borough seeing a sharp rise in abandoned dogs
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Today's breed notes from Dog World by Viv Rainsbury
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KC wants ABS principles to apply to all dog breeding
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A winter wishing from Sweden. Candy doesn't like the cold snow so much, but after a while outside she is running around and playing in the snow. Candy is a daughter of our lovely "Stig" Bisbee Boardning Delta Blue and a grandchild of "Harry".
From Nina
Hello Nina how nice to meet Candy, I can't believe that Harry is a Grandad already! Candy has a very mischievous look on her face in the photo!
Today's Dog News

S Korean Firm: Dogs Cloned Using Stem Cells

Favourite Dog Walks No2
Where were we?
This is one of Enid's and Hefin's favourite walks but they want you to guess where it is!
Friday's London News
from Madeline

I bought Thandi a couple of interactive toys at Christmas, to keep her occupied on these long dark evenings. Except they don’t! This one is way too easy for her. I get it out from time to time, and she always attacks it with relish – but the game is over too soon. Can anyone suggest more challenging activities for nights in?

The sunshine has been very welcome this week. It’s cold, but at least you feel more cheerful. We’ve had some good long walks. Today we walked to Waterlow Park in Highgate: it was given to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow (one time Lord Mayor of London) in 1889 as a ‘garden for the gardenless’ which I think is a lovely idea. Its quiet there at this time of the year, and so good for walking and chasing activities (although I have to watch out for fox poo, as ever). I don’t go there much in the summer; on sunny days its littered with people lying on the grass, who don’t want dogs running near them, and children who want to stroke the ‘nice doggy’. I prefer it full of dog walkers, runners and older people exercising (like me!) Definitely turning into a grumpy old woman!
This is another picture taken in Highgate Woods, one of our favourite walks.

Thank you Madeline, I saw these interactive dog toys advertised over Christmas and wondered what they were like, obviously far too easy for the bedlington! Thandi looks like she is in the middle of nowhere in this photo, you would never think the middle of London!

29 January 2009

Here is a great photo from Vera
Shally is a 6 year old bedlington from Hungary (I don't know more about her) she climbs trees to chase squirrels!
Fantastic photo Vera
Dog News
Camilla laughs off 'boisterous' dog
Click here
The World’s First Commercially Cloned Dog Arrives
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This weekend's Open shows
The Northern Dog
31st January 2009
Judge Mrs S A Nixon (Willowyre)

Cheltenham and District Canine Society
1st February 2009
Judge Mrs C Worrall ( Bluesmurf)

Please email me if you are entered elsewhere.
Thursday Question and Answer time!

Our first question is from Lorraine
I was seeing some of the comments on the blog and was wondering if you would give us the benefit of your experience? Our little Willow, who is our first Bedlington but not our first dog, is generally a very good girl (except for her single challenging behaviour, over excited jumping up on meeting people and other dogs) and hardly ever barks, even when she does it is very soft. She will be two next month. Should we be concerned that her behaviour will worsen for a time? She is an only pet and has been spayed, does that make a difference to the "terrible Bedlington twos"? Is it a usual feature of Bedlingtons? Just so that we are prepared, back to training classes if necessary!
Our second question is from Tricia
I have a question for the blog people. Amelia will be 16 months old on 2 Feb. & she has not come into season yet. Greyson and Willo were both about 13 1/2 to 14 months when they first came into season, so I haven't really though much about it until now. I am not planning on breeding her, I just like them to cycle through one season before I have them spayed. Is this unusual? What is the average age for bedlingtons to have their first season....I'm sure it must vary greatly. Is there a point where I should be concerned about it? Thanks everyone!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Teddy Edward rookie gardener welcomes you to.......

The Magic Garden
This garden has been featured in the BBC Gardener's World and Stefan Buczacki Gardening Road Show. It has already raised £15,000 for various charities. Please do make a note of opening times, Bob ,Greg and Teddy will be delighted to meet you!
This is a great photo Rebbecca, one for the calendar competition I think!! Talking about the calendars I now have been meeting with a new printing company. Next year's calendar has a new design cover much more modern feel bigger monthly photos, better quality calendar with a hard back and it will cost roughly the same price as this years. I will take the new design to the BTA committee for their approval in March. Again all profits will be going to bedlingtons who need your help. I will give you the total you raised from this year's calendar after Crufts. A few of this years calendars were kept back for the BTA stand for overseas visitors. I am hoping you have raised about £1000, keep your fingers crossed.

28 January 2009

Good morning from the Northeast

Photo is from Billy, Pie is going out to catch a badger

And the winner is........... sorry I'm going to make you wait until the end of my natter.Thank you all for all of the entries some great names Ken has had a hard job as they are all great. I have written them all down with no names. How is the weather where you are? Not too bad in the Northeast we have been able to have a couple of trips to the beach which the dogs love. Piper just heads in and loves jumping about getting as wet as she can Whisper just looks at the sea like to say you are not getting me in there! Ring craft Tuesday night and you can tell crufts is on the way as it getting very busy Mark and Jan with T and V both doing very well V is growing everyday. With Whisper and Piper it is my last week at ring craft for 3 weeks as I have to work till 8pm every Tuesday but will keep the training going at home. I have question Piper has taken to barking at anything that moves she is 17 months now, will she grow out of this? There are a few shows in the Northeast this weekend I'm not going but will let you all know the results so good luck if you are showing . Thankvyou so much Julie
Second is Bluwolf
Third is Blufeury
Thank you Julie and congratulations to Viv for her winning name!
Barking can be a real problem become a habit and difficult to stop with normal commands Whatever the dog is barking at becomes far more interesting than your commands and your praise they will totally ignore you. As a last resort the anti- bark spray collars that use just a puff of air are successful and should cure the problem. Just a puff of air under the chin operated by a control panel in your hand is certainly not cruel. All these devices do is puff a little forced air to distract a dog's attention. When the dog barks give your usual command to STOP, if it ignores you, give a little puff of air. When the dog stops lots of praise!!! Always give the first option to stop with a command and then lots of praise!!!! These spray collars are NOT like the electric shock collars which should be banned! Like most dog training positive reinforcement works, lots of praise when the dog obeys your command. Remember the spray collar is just a training aid and once the dog learns to obey the command the collar can go back in the box. Excessive, shouting screaming and punishment will not cure an excessive barker, the dog will learn to disobey commands and it can alienate the bond between the handler and dog.
Wednesday BBC Evening Dog News
Man's dog bites ticket inspector
Click here
Hi there I am trying to come up with a kennel name but the ones I have choosen I can't have!!! Now im getting stuck I want something that is diffrent
have already tried
Storm Force
Blue Storm

help Julie xxxxxx
Come on bloggers get your thinking caps on Julie Oxbury needs a Kennel name.
Julie will give a prize to person who comes up with the best name.
Julie will let us know the winner tomorrow!
Here are a couple of photos to keep you guessing this evening!
Where have Madeline and Thandy been????
Hi Di Hi Bloggers A famous Knight in shining armour used to live here?? Name him and the castle?? Clue, when I was a bairn there was a comic of the same name. This area is also just great for walking, some of the best beaches in the country. Ps don't tell the tourists.
This one is from our Derek

Can you give us a loving new home?
Teddy is a neuteured male Bedlington Terrier cross. Teddy (previously known as dandy) is back looking for a special new home. He is not suitable to live with children, and would probably be best in a home that does not have visiting children either. He would prefer to be the only dog in the household.
Are't they just gorgeous!!!!!

Gizmo is a 13 month old lively Yorkshire Terrier cross Bedlington Terrier. He is a small black dog with white hairs mixed in. He is looking for a new home as his current owner does not have the time to look after him and give him the exercise he needs.
For more information on these rescues click here
Thank you to Rebecca Eaves for the rescue news and to everyone who has kindly heped to put a few photos in my pictures box. We also have a couple of "where Are we now" photos. Many thanks for coming to the rescue!
It's cold outside
I just love the look on Sue and Liza's Millie's face, this is the competition winning photo cropped. My desk top Bedlington photo goodie box is once again empty please help me out!

Dog News

Pedigree Dogs Exposed Filmmaker Releases Extended Footage of German Shepherds

GSD Dogs Manchester 2008

For those who saw the shocking and upsetting documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, some of the most frequent feedback we have received relates to the footage of the German Shepherds being shown. The poor dogs seemed barely capable of walking properly as a result of sloping backs and hunched hind-legs. Now Pedigree Dogs Exposed filmmaker Jemima Harrison has released extended footage of this piece of film.

Dog News

ex) Rottweiler Breeders: You Suck! You REALLY SUCK!
Click here
Wednesday and we see what Big Mo in Wales has been up to

Poor big Mo has the dreaded bug

Hi there well it has been a few weeks since I left a report Paula and Enid have done a great job, at the moment I have got the rotten bug that has hit quite a few people, and I feel dreadful it is one of those bugs that leaves you a bit weak. Enid's Dad has had it since new year poor chap he is the wrong age to be hit down with this bug, but he is a trooper and getting better thank goodness, Enid and co. are keeping busy organising the discover dogs stand which will be different this year so that will be worth a visit. Paula has recommended a dog food which I am now trying the dogs love it and it is not over priced but is full of the correct ingredient and no rubbish.
Hope you have entered Midland bedlington open show I think the closing date was Monday if not give Dorothy a ring, Tim and Julie had a great holiday but have come back to cold and rain so I am of now to put my dogs out before the heavy down pour that is forecast, look after yourselves Big Mo.
Thank you Big Mo do tell us the brand of dog food that Paula has recommended! I do hope you are feeling better, unfortunately this cod/flu bug seems to hang on!
Just keep smiling and taking the pills.

27 January 2009

Open Shows
Please do check our open show dates in the index column. If you know of any shows with bedlington classes that are not listed please email me and I will add them to the list.
Calling Eli Fjeld
I need to contact ELI FJELD who sent in the winning photo in our 2007 Christmas photo competition that was judged by Viv Rainsbury. I have lost Eli's email address another senior moment I fear!
Dog News
Labradors most favoured British dog for 20 years
Click here
Police dog plunges 40ft into stream
Click here
Police sniffer dog dies of nose cancer after sniffing cocaine
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Tuesday and Tina Time
This is my new tattoo.

This picture is one of the carvings Tony has done for the Bradford flat cart.

The backboard of the cart.

Hello to everyone on the blog-hope by now the nasty flu virus has done it's worst and everyone that has been unfortunate to get it are now feeling better. This morning was frosty and foggy but with no rain thank goodness,I'm sick of muddy paw prints on everything and will be so glad when the earth dries out!
Tomorrow is a trip to the vets with Ellie as she is going in to be spayed- That won't please Colin but will make my life easier,especially when we are on holiday in the caravan, It's a nightmare with seasons and male dogs in confined spaces!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the MBTC open show in February-it's a warmer for Crufts and always a friendly show.
Till next time. Tina .
Thank you Tina, as we can see once again Tony has been really busy producing this quite exquisite carving. Tina told me it is for a pony trap that is being used as transport at a family member's wedding. He certainly is very talented and has a lot of patience. Perhaps we can have a photo of the couple in the trap on their wedding day! Wow Tina what a fantastic tattoo, I bet Billy will wanting one like this too!
Dog News
Dog attack sparks street mail ban
Click here
Dog Walks
We are starting up another new topic on the blog ( Dog Walks). Do you have a favourite trail park that you can share with us. I know we have had some wonderful country and coastal photos. Do write and tell us and if there is enough response I Will open up a file with the recommended walks in the index column
Hello Bloggers This is one of the walks we take our dogs. It's at Hetton Downs Country Park, Houghton-Le Spring, Co. Durham. As were a lot of the Country parks in this area it was once Eppelton Colliery adjacent pit heap. The walk various from tarmac path to grass and newly wooded areas and although short at the moment once the old quarry is reclaimed it will be much longer. Plenty of rabbits about for the dogs to sniff out.

26 January 2009

Internet Dog Feeder

A young man named Tyler's built a little gadget that will feed his dog even when he's not around. Using an ioBridge IO-204 module and a continuously rotating servo in the feeder, he's able to dispense some kibble via a web page he's built which monitors the action via a webcam.
Dog News
Jennifer Aniston saves the day after catching runaway dog.
Click here
Fat dog's siezed by RSPCA
Click here
For sale at Bonhams New York February

Sale 16266 - The Dog Sale, 10 Feb 2009 New York
A Bedlington Terrier in a landscapesigned 'G. Muss-Arnolt' (lower right) oil on canvas 9 x 12 in. ( 22.8 x 30.5)Estimate: $5,000 - 8,000, £3,300 - 5,300

Wow, how I, would love this painting, I wonder if David Bruce has enough pocket money as I am sure he would love it too! Thanks to Elaine for this find, must have!

Dog News
The page that saves you money: Here's how you can save a fortune, pet
Click here
Where are we?

This time we have our junior handler Sarah with her brother George gazing out to sea but where are they??
Monday and junior handler day we say hello to Victoria

On Monday Jack went to obedience training, Jack was very good at heel work and recall. He was also quite good at weaving through other dogs. Jack's stay was quite good but we are making him stay in the stand, which he hasn't really done before. I am staying quite close to Jack(only moving a couple of steps away from Jack.) Jack is constantly improving at the stand stay and hopefully soon I will be standing 5 paces away from him. My Dad might take him for obedience training next week, as he is usually playing me up waiting for the next exercise.
At agility, Ed came along to watch. Jack was quite good but on the last hurdle Jack spotted Ed and my Dad and went to say hello. On the second run my Dad and Ed moved over a bit. Jack behaved much better but he piddled on the A-frame...again! My Dad is going to make me some weave poles as that seems to be the thing that Jack needs to practice on most. on Thursday all the local schools are going to a dance festival. I am doing a contemporary dance with a group of about 20 other girls from our school. I think Naomi is also dancing for her school.so hopefully we will meet up there!
we are really looking forward to the fun day. If it is anything like the last one it will be great.I can't wait to see all the puppies and bedlingtons out there and hopefully meet a few more bloggers. Good luck to those with puppies and those showing
lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles xx
Thanks Victoria, lovely photo, keep it safe as it would make a good entry into the BTA calendar competition. You are right about the weave poles these take much longer to get right than any other equipment. Good luck at your dance festival, perhaps someone from school could video it and upload to Utube and we could all see the performance!

25 January 2009

Hi there big brother

Chance and Misty
Chance passed away on Saturday January 10th

He was a lovely truly devoted special boy who gave all his love right to the very end!

Chance captured the hearts of all that had the honour to meet him, he had a huge heart and loved everyone he met, he loved to love and be loved in return. He had a smile for everyone and never complained. We miss him so very much we must try to rebuild our shattered lives and cherish the wonderful legacy of Chance's love that he has left us behind. Lots of love Linda, Peter, Jasper, Misty & of course Our Darling Chance
So very sad to lose a special friend but dry your tears and try to smile. Although Chance will be so sadly missed he is not totally gone his life with you will hold special memories never to be forgotten!
Today at Henley Open Show
Reserve Best In Show
Stuart chose Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever as his best in the show and the Kerry Blue Terrier as Reserve Best In Show.

The stakes winner

The Henley Open Stakes class was won by a long haired Dashhound closely followed by Poppy
Stuart Yearley judges the stakes Classes and Best In Show, bedlington classes were not scheduled for today!

Dog News
£15,000 GUARD DOG
Click here
Hey Dad you should try a bedlington cushion, not only soft but so warm on my tummy!!!
What am I standing on?
Hello Bloggers
A lot of you will know what and where the picture is, name please ??� No not the Acroplis.� But what was there first and what am I standing on ??� And what are the two objects in the picture.� No not the dogs
Thanks Derek, I don't have a clue but there maybe someone out there that does!

Good Sunday Morning everyone form Oracoke USA!

This week has been pretty interesting, in a boring kind of way here. First for about a week, until Thurs., it has been really cold here. Well on Tuesday it was about 40F in the morning and started to rain, about 2 hours later it was 35F & the rain, misty turned into frozen fog, which of course coated everything with ice....THEN is started to SNOW!!! Very rare here, we had about an inch in and hour. Of course here on the island it was blowing a gale too, so the snow was coated on my porch screens and had blown into the porch. When I took the girls out, Willo just stopped on the porch and looked at me as if to say "no way", after a bit of coaxing she came out and went down the steps of the deck and planted herself in the brick walkway and said, "no way am I walking in that stuff"! She eventually did though, but more like a cat, testing each step. In the mean time Rose (8 yrs) was running around the yard, jumping and running her nose through the snow & running those bedlington figure 8's. Here joy was contagious to everyone but Willo and the other 3 joined her. They were so funny! Wednesday was "vet day" and my dedicated vet crept her way down the Outer Banks to get her to see clients, on very icy roads. I couldn't believe she actually came, so we had our monthly controlled chaos at my house with pets and people. The photo I have sent is of Storey, she is evolving into a bedlington look, has a nice coat with lots of guard hairs. She had a little groom on Friday and she is an angel on the grooming table. I am boiling some bones in the kitchen right now so they will have a little treat later & clean teeth! The weather has warmed and was 60F yesterday and is headed in that direction this morning, thank goodness!! I am no good to anyone in the cold. Take care and love to everyone from me and the Woofs
Good morning Tricia, wow what a change in Storey, she is getting her top not back and her coat looks terrific. It must be lovely seeing a sad girl change into a beautiful content and happy bedlington!
It is amazing it can be snowing one day and 60 degrees a few days later over there, just always cold or cold and wet here!

24 January 2009

Dog News
BBC says it was misquoted on Crufts
click here
Dog News
Owner ignored dog's skin problem
Click here
Results from today's Easington and Peterlea Open Show
16 Terrier classes and Mr A Johnston (Oregill) judged the Bedlingtons

1. Walshaw's, Janmark Blue Encounter
2. Ross's, Isotops Vera Wang
Post Grad
1. Ross's, Honeymist Gaviota.
1. Walshaw's, Janmark Alannora.
2. Ross's, Cedar of the Manor
BOB & BPIP Janmark Blue Encounter
Terrier puppy group 1. Janmark Blue Encounter!

Wow Mark congratulations with T I think he is well on his way to fantastic show career!
Where is this???
This photo was taken by a blog person, but where is it!

A hello to all our friends on the 'blog' - one day Dora will work out how to leave messages ! but not yet and she was a bit cross the other day when she thought she knew one of the photos but couldn't send a guess. We are sending you a couple of recent photos of Ben and me sharing a chair. Ben thinks he is hard done bye as he does not fit in the chair very well if I get there first ! But it was my chair first and anyway we do like to cuddle up. We are looking forward to next week as Dora says we can have birthday treats ? I have been here a year now and Ben has been here 6 months so he must be about a year old. As we have both been rescued Dora says she does not know our real birthday dates so she has chosen 1st. February. We have seen our 'blog' friends with their pork pies so we are dreaming about them now. Love from Lucy and Ben and Dora
Hello Ben and Lucy, how nice to hear from you, I think your mum definitely needs some help on the computer! it would be great if she could leave messages. Not long until you birthday and hopefully big blog pork pies on the menu. I will put your photo in our Rescue Hall Of Fame with the our other top bedlingtonpictures stars. Do hope you will be able to come to the Fun Day get Mum to put the date in her diary

Norman, Ripley (Blue hat) and Flora (Red hat) on holiday in Andorra.

Welcome home Sharon, Norman, Ripley and Flora!
Dog news
Click here

Saturday and we say hello to Marie up in Scotland

Well another wet and windy week has just passed. We have had some snow too, which the dogs seem to love although they don't realise that they're still getting wet until they come back indoors. A year ago I was counting the days to getting Briagha as a puppy. I was also slightly anxious as to how she would get on with Cody, but every day I laugh at the antics of the pair of them. They are such good pals. Briagha does like more attention though, and if I make a fuss of Cody she is not amused and has to muscle in for her share of affection. She will also latch on to any vistors I have and follow them around like a wee lamb, which is sweet.
This week I'm sending a pic of Score bay. I went up there last weekend, the waves were crashing against the rocks but I'm trying a new technique and this was shot over 66 seconds. It gives the water a dreamy, almost dry ice look. Its not everyone's taste I know, but I'd appreciate bloggers opinions.
Wow Marie, gosh such a dreamy photo quite amazing, I think it is great it makes me think of what I might see if I visited another planet with that orangy colouring!
Blog visitor Map yesterday
Each of the icons is not a individual but is the I.S.P. location!
Where were we?

Billy has been having fun in the mud but what event was he at??
Ralphie wanted to go home!

Here's a photo of Ralphie taken yesterday at Minnis Bay. No sign of the wood that fell off the ship in the channel, just plenty of very cold wind. Ralphie was NOT impressed. After he got his belly wet in a puddle that was a lot deeper than he thought, he ran back to the car!
Love from Ed and Rebecca x
Thanks Ed and Becs, by the look on Ralphie's face he rather be snuggled by a warm fire than romping on the beach. I think that puddle must have given him quite a shock!