30 April 2009

Fun day reminder

I don't remember who this is having ago at the agility ( Fun Day 07)

Here we have Finn concentrating on not spilling a drop.

Just a month to go before the Fun Day on May 31st. Do put the date in your diary and if you have a tent or caravan or camper you can spend the weekend camping at the venue for £5 a night. No electric available just basic facilities. To book your place please contact Enid. If you are going to take your Good Citizen bronze test please make sure you have a poo bag on you for the test and bring along your dog brush. Your dog does not need to be microchipped but it must be wearing an I D tag with your name address and post code! The telephone number is optional. If you arrive mid morning Carmel will be on hand to run through the requirements so you are well prepared for the test in the afternoon. There is only a limited number of test places available, if you would like to book a test place please email me. For further details about the Fun day contact Enid, and do check out the Brailes village website as it has list of the day's activities under "Whats On" then scroll down to forthcoming events.

Happy birthday Millie

It was Millie’s 2nd Birthday yesterday, and it’s been quite peaceful and restful for her... because little Mabel has been to the vet to be spayed! Millie had her card & pressie this morning, then when we came back from the vet with Mabel, I made her some special birthday doggie bone biscuits. She seems to like them, as you can see from the photos.
Poor Mabel is feeling very sorry for herself and whimpering away in her bed. Some special biccies have been put to one side for her to enjoy tomorrow when she’s feeling better!
A very happy birthday to Millie, your biscuits certainly seem to be a hit! Hope Mabel is feeing better today, it is surprising how quickly they do recover!
The Russian National Bedlington Terrier Show18 April 2009, Moscow. Judge Jaroslav Kubala.
Today we have clip number 5 Females - Intermediate, open, winners classes.

Thursday and we hear from Julie
Good morning from the northeast

Well it has been a busy week for the Jukenblu household with me beeing off work for the week I have been able to send loads more time with the dogs which they love and it is nice to recharge the batteries we have had a few lazy day but also been on some great walks as well. Sunday and the 5 mile walk ended up been 7 and they didn't tell us that the first 3 and a half were all up hill! My legs were killing me but both of the dogs had a great time and we were still going strong at the end of the walk. We bumped in to a basset hound walk on our way back they had only come a short way and were already protesting, my 2 were happy to see them and still wanted to play. I have been informed that we raised over £1500 for the air ambulance so it was all worth the pain. Well done to Mabel on her award you little star.
At ring craft and only myself and Mel attended with all 4 dogs but it was very busy and Whisper was a lot better with all the dogs doing very well and coming on a treat.
Update of a few shows over the next few weeks in the Northeast
Sunday 3rd may = Hartlepool and District
Monday 25Th may =Northumberland County Show
Sunday 7Th June = Ripon and District June 13th Southwest Durham July 4 Easton and Barnaby

Sunday 5Th July = Lanchester Agricultural Show

good luck if you are showing this weekend

Thank you Julie and very well done for your walk it certainly was worth all the aches and pains with the money raised! Thank you for the show dates, do all these shows have Bedlington classes?

29 April 2009

More Welsh news from Enid with photos from Madeline
Vera and Craigie exchanging phone numbers. Note the plates in Ken's book - Craigie wants to write to Ken and thank him for including his painting. And what is Hefin laughing at?

Vera Baird chats with Craigie.
Enid presenting Ken Bounden's book to Craigie Aitchison at Abergavenny on Saturday evening, whilst Hefin looks on.

We had a great time at Tim's party and the buffet was brilliant. Tim had a new laptop for his birthday so that he can look at the blog. He'll be online in a couple of weeks. Saturday turned out to be a really good day for us. Ecco won his fifth ticket which we were thrilled with and we were home in good time so that we could go to the Craigie Aitchinson exhibition and talk. The first people we saw when we walked in were Madeline and Vera so we had very congenial company for the evening. There we several new works that had been painted in Italy, portraits and drawings from the 1950's. The place was so crowded that it was difficult to look at them properly but as the exhibition runs until May 23rd. we'll go and have another look. The talk was in the ballroom of the Angel Hotel and the room was full. Tilly, the Bedlington Terrier from Abergavenny, enjoyed herself and Craigie made a big fuss of her. We learned an awful lot about Craigie's life and his attitude towards painting and he came across as a very humble and approachable person. He was delighted to be given a copy of Ken Bounden's book which has a copy of one of his paintings in it. Tilly's owner, Linda rang me on Monday because she wanted a book and I told her about bedlingtonpictures and she couldn't wait to log on - so if your reading this, Linda, welcome to the World Wide Bedlington Family!
Thank you Enid how wonderful to meet Craigie in person, see some his works of art and to be able to attend the talk, certainly an evening you will never forget!
Wednesday and it is Welsh Wafflings from Paula
Happy Birthday Tim!

Beacons Light Sunrise Rose

A drawing of Tim's liver bitch sketched by Paula from the photograph was a wonderful gift from all Julie and Tim's bedlington friends.

Yesterday was Tim’s 65th Birthday and Julie had organised a surprise party for him at the Lord Nelson Inn, Nelson, a lovely ‘Olde Inne’. All his family and friends, including some Welsh Bedlington friends were there and a good time was had by all. Julie had arranged for a huge buffet and live entertainment and Tim’s son had written a hilarious poem for the occasion which he had us all in stitches with. There was even a mystery guest! Wonder if anyone can figure out who it was? Paula,
A very happy birthday to Tim and it looks like a good time was had by all. That is a beautiful drawing Paula, Tim must be over the moon. Who is in fancy dress, well I recon it can only be Big Mo, or maybe not with a glass of wine in his/her hand!
Bedlington News
Take a break

This one is for the long distant travellers going to SKC.If any of you are going via the A1/A1M and fancy or need a stop off either before or after the show you are welcome to drop in. We are only 3 mile from junction 63 at the Chester-Le-Street/Sunderland turn off. Tea, coffee bathroom and even a couple of beds available plus space in the motor home on the drive.Just let us know.
The Makems

New Bedlington Classes
I've just been told about a NEW Open Show, scheduling Bedlingtons. It's Crowle Agricultural Show, which is reinstating the Dog Section (which has been lacking for some time). The show will be held on Sunday 28 June, and there will be 3 Bedlington classes (Junior, Graduate and Open) for judge Albert Wight to do. Royal Canin are sponsoring the show with prizes for BOB, BPIB and all the top winners, and there is £40 on offer for BIS, £20 BPIS and £20 BVIS. Entries close on 30 May, and you can download a shedule from www.crowleshow.org.uk
Crowle is in North Lincs, not too far from the M180, so looks to be easily accessible from most areas. Let's hope exhibitors in that part of the world (and further afield) will support this venture, and make it worth their while in giving us classes and, hopefully in the future, breed judges. Secretary is Diane Parry (01427 873035, e-mail: leiborschy@btinternet.com)
Viv Rainsbury
A new dog event at the East Of England Championship Show in July
Click here
Click here
Well done to the East of England show committee, this event can only help promote healthy pedigree dogs and encourage all dog owners to come and have a great day out at a championship show, it certainly gets my vote! How about a bedlington agility and Good Citizen display team, that would be fun!

Well the sun is shinning it really looks like summer is on its way and we start Wedensday with clip number 4 from the show.

The Russian National Bedlington Terrier Show18 April 2009, Moscow. Judge Jaroslav Kubala (SK).

We continue with video clip number four Males - champion and Rus NBTC Winner classes, Best male on show.

28 April 2009

Many thanks to Stewart Bloor for the clip of Twinkle, I don't think she can quite make up her mind in which direction to go!

Ralphie takes to the woods
Here we have a photo of Ralphie, I think he has been visiting the same woods as Jack, Larry, Leo and Jack, those bluebells look familiar! Thanks to Ed and Becs for the photo.
Last weekend's Companion Dog Show at Burnopfield

Whose a clever girl then

Just wanted to pass on some good news – little Mabel got her Bronze Good Citizens Award last weekend She’s been doing so well in her obedience classes, and is already well on the way to her Silver. Needless to say we’re very proud of her, especially as she’s just turned 6 months.
Neither of our girls got placed in the AV Puppy or Terrier & Hound group, but they did better in the fun classes, with Mabel coming in as second Prettiest Bitch in a class of about 25, and then the pair of them coming third in Two or More Dogs From The Same Home from an entry of about 15 pairs. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take any photos at the show, so have attached a couple I took on another picnic we had last week – one of Mabel on her own, and another with Millie having a quiet word in her ear. Maybe she was giving her some tips on how to get her Bronze Award.
Mabel is a little star to get her bronze award at 6 months, well done! Mabel will now go our Good Citizen Award List. Again just fantastic photos certainly worth entering into our competition. The blog is so lucky to have so many fantastic photographers!
Tiptoe through the bluebells
I am wondering what Larry has seen in the distance!
Thanks to Pat for the lovely photo, maybe a calendar photo entry Pat?
Talking about food!

Health and Safety warning!

What ever you do DON'T ask Mark Walshaw to help you cook at the next barbecue!! He nearly set the whole campsite ablaze at the WELKS showground! Beware he may be at it again at the Fun Day!

Special Delivery!
Look at what the postman delivered to Bog Mo this morning!
Dog News
Can Dogs Catch Swine Flu?
Click here
The Russian National Bedlington Terrier Show18 April 2009, Moscow. Judge Jaroslav Kubala (SK).
We continue with video clip number three. Males - veteran, intermediate, open & winners classes.

Everyone should be able to open the clips as they are now on "youtube"
I have changed both clip 1 and clip 2 to youtube so please do scroll down and try again if you were unable to open them.
Tuesday and we hear from Tina in the Midlands
Tina won the fancy dress competition at the last Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Fun Day. Tina and the dogs looked fantastic .
Good morning bloggers-We've been spoilt last week with the nice April sunshine the dogs loved it, not too warm and sometimes a gentle breeze, Colin was still lying outside the other night at almost 11o'clock he was moon bathing and star gazing! The 1st fishing trip with the caravan starts this week with a 10 day trip to Worcester so fingers crossed the weather is kind to us, Big Mo and Elwyn and Tony and Sandra are going too plus the 10 dogs of course! It amazes me just how much stuff I cram into the van. It's like a compulsion I can't stop myself and more than half the things I take never see the light of day-every year I vow to not take half of it with me but come packing time it turns up in the van! ( It gives Tony something to grumble about!) There hasn't been a great response to Lesley's plea for help with snippets from the regions over the summer -please support our blog and email either the area reporters or direct to Lesley letting us know that you are willing to add a little something now and again. Good luck to everyone showing, competing this weekend.
Till next time Tina.
Thank you Tina, do have a lovely break and do phone to let me know who is in the lead for catching the biggest fish! Ed and Becs have emailed me to say they will help on the blog, we will now have a London and a Southeast report on a Friday. Many thanks to Ed and Becs, I really appreciate their support by coming on to our blog reporter's team!
Bedlingtonpictures hits an all time record yesterday
Recent visitor map
The blog produced an all time hit record with 1,418 hits recorded over the last 24 hours! That is just amazing!

27 April 2009

What I do best is sleep and eat! This is Isla, looking to come back in the house after a hard day sleeping in the garden.
Thank you Darren for the photo it is certainly a hard life for bedlington!

Here is an unusual photo from Derek Lewis, I wonder where the Makem Beddies have been visiting?
We say hello to Sarah Collier for her Monday Junior Handler's report

Here is my report for Monday : Saturday was W.E.L.K.S (West of England Ladies Kennel Society). The judge was Mr P Wilkinson. Rosie came Third in Post-Graduate & Lilly was First in Limit. Well done to every one who went & I hope it did turn out to be quite a nice day. Congratulations to Stewart & Genie, Sandra you must be very proud. Tonight is match night a ring-craft, so Lilly & me will be in junior handling. Also one of our trainers, Fiona, is taking her Border Collie pup Chance. He came for practice last week & did very well so it will be his very first practice show. On Wednesday we will be doing our Obedience Progress Test, Lilly & Rosie have been practicing so maybe they will get a result. The only problem is that you are not allowed treats, so it shall be interesting. I think our next show is Southern Counties Canine Association, though we still have not got round to entering. We shall see you all at the Fun Day on the 31st of May. We have managed to find some stewards for the Companion Show, if the sun shines it shall be a nice day out. Sarah, Lilly & Rosie
Well done at WELKS Sarah, and we will be thinking of you this evening at your Match Night. Do let us know how you get on. What is involved in an Obedience Progress Test? It is not something I have come across before. Treats are not allowed in any obedience tests you just have to make sure the dogs think you may have some lurking on you!
The Russian National Bedlington Terrier Show
18 April 2009, Moscow. Judge Jaroslav Kubala (SK).

We continue with video clip number two, Junior class (females), Best Junior in breed.
Click here
This is a real treat being able to watch the judging of this show many thanks to Irina Isaeva.
Billy starts his show career

I'm sending you a picture of Tanya Docwra's 7 month-old "Billy" for the blog - he's the latest puppy by Penfold to hit the showring (and I expect he'll be out in the field working with the rest of the crew as soon as he's old enough.) His Mum is a "very-nearly" Whippet.
Thank you to Viv Rainsbury for the photo of Billy, what a beautiful lurcher, he certainly is built for speed. Do let us know how he gets on at the shows.
Monday and we hear from Victoria

On Monday Jack went to obedience, Jack was very good at his heel, wait and back away. His stay could have been better but as we got him in the down the dogs for the next class came in!
At agility we saw Jack was limping a bit. Jack was up the woods earlier that day and we think Jack had a thorn in his pad which had come out but he still felt it there. We spoke to the instructor and she said he would be OK. Jack was fine and ran around quite well. We were put with the large dogs and Jack doesn't like an Australian shepherd and at times tried to get at him!
Jack went over the jumps very well and came when I called him. His only fault was when he ran past the dog walk or when he jumped off it, overall it was a very good class.
Dad is just about to finish my weave poles so I will be practicing hard with them when they are done. My dad has been put under a bit of pressure this week from my mum to finish plastering my brother's bedroom and me trying to get him to finish my weave poles. At last he seems to have finished both!
Well done everyone at WELKS especially Stuart and Angela with Genie who has already got her 2nd cc at 8 months! Also well done to mark's T and Chokko. Also well done to Sarah with Lily and Rosie! Our next show is Southern Counties.we are in Post Grad Dog.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles.xxx
Thank you Victoria, I can't wait until the Fun Day and we get to see Jack run in agility, with Jack, Jazz, Paker and Diesel we have a Burmington Bedlngtons Agility team, fantastic!!!

26 April 2009

A pressy to big Mo from the Makems
The Makems have had a lovely week end in North Yorkshire Big Mo, the smelly packet will be in the 1st class post in the morning, will it be from Fortunes or have the dogs raided the hearse!
Thanks Derek lucky big Mo! I know what will be in the post
The Russian National Bedlington Terrier Show
18 April 2009, Moscow. Judge Jaroslav Kubala (SK).

this is a wonderful oportunity to see the exhibitors and winners from the Russian show. There are several video clips here is the first one of 6 clips others to follow.
Baby (male), puppy class (male and females) and junior class(males
Click here
Many thanks to Irina Isaeva for sharing these clips with us.
West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show

The Bedlingtons were judged by Mr Paul Wilkinson

Click here for photos of all the exhibitors.
The Lakeland has just won Best In Show!

Letter from America, we say hello to Tricia
We have been having glorious weather here....sunny, warm, breezy, blue skies. The dogs have been loving laying on the deck in the sun. My feet have been very happy to be shoeless, my favorite way to be, and walking on a sun warmed deck. Things are pretty quiet here now that I am back at work. The dogs and I spend the morning on the deck with coffee and a book. We have been working in the garden, the bit of rain that we have had has made everything grow wildly. The fig trees are full of leaves and by July will be full of figs, the azaleas are in full bloom and beautiful. Every day the dogs find some new scent in the yard, I reckon Simon my cat has been hunting at night and they smell the chase.....a gecko or a rodent, who knows. My neighbor told me that he actually climbed up the side of her house to get after something! I had some tourist stop their car the other day to tell me I had some nice Kerry Blue Terriers! Of course I corrected him and of course he never heard of a Bedlington Terrier. Then he just said "are they all yours"? They certainly are! Storey seems to be especially used to sleeping outside....the other dogs spend their time checking things out, but she lays down in the shade and goes to sleep.....I think maybe she spent a to of time outside where she came from. My little Storey that had no hair or topknot is now in full bloom also....lots of thick coat and alot of color....it is time to start the grooming regimen again....she will be with me 6 months on the 28 April....seems I have had her always, she is a perfect fit. Until next week.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Living the dream and making the magic happen!
Thanks Tricia, Oracoke sounds just idyllic, with all the blossom and warm sunshine. Figs how I just love fresh figs, I wish we could pick them from the tress they are so expensive here in the UK. Whwn you have some time do send us some photos of Storey we would all love to see her in full bloom!
Genie is something special

Stuart and Genie pose for the dog press after his terrific group two win with 8 month old puppy.
We are just home with the caravan and will try to get the show photos uploaded tonight.

25 April 2009

Genie wins adult Terrier Group 2

What a day for Stuart and Genie she was only beaten into second place by the top winning Lakeland Terrier Averis & Scawthorn Mr J and Mr D Ch Saredon For Yours Eyes Only. This is a fantastic achievement for an 8 month old puppy in top class company, just amazing! Congratulations to Norman and Sandra Hyde who bred Genie.

Stop Press
WELKS today
Stuart and Angela make the double by winning Best of Breed and Best Puppy this afternoon. Gnejnejnay Bay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook is awarded her second ticket at only 8 months old! Congratulations also to Enid who won the dog ticket with Ch Pengerrig Iron Duke, this will be Ecco's 5th CC. Reseve Dog went to Sharon Ames with Sharnor Blue Diamond and Reserve Bitch wnt to Sylvia Morrice with Ch Moll0ra Fancy Pants. Tune in tomorrow night for all the photos.
Saturday and we hear from Marie in Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle

Its back to rain up here after a glorious week or so of constant sunshine. The dogs are not amused as they loved lying out on the porch basking in the sun. Hopefully it will return soon.
Next weekend I'm off to Northumberland for a photography meet, I'm really looking forward to the change of scenery. Bamburgh castle is top of my list, but there are many more attractions in the area as I'm sure you north-eastern bloggers are well aware. I'm taking the dogs to Lanarkshire on the way down, as they are going into the same kennels as at Christmas time.
On the way back on bank holiday Monday I'll be stopping off to meet with family for lunch, and to see my new great-niece Addison for the first time. She was born in January. I'll then pick up the dogs and head back to Skye.
So a busy time ahead, and no blog from me until I return, hopefully with some lovely pics :-)
This week I enclose a shot of Eilean Donan castle. I took this on good Friday evening, my friend has ordered it in canvas as a surprise for her boyfriends birthday as he just loves this castle.
Thank you Marie, enjoy you photographic meet and family visit, we will all look foreword to see hearing all about your trip down south and seeing the photos. Once again Eilean Donan Castle is just another stunning photo, you are very talented!

24 April 2009

"Dog World" Nutritional Supplement
This makes interesting reading
Click here
Dog News by
Today's breed notes from " Dog World" by Viv Rainsbury
Click here
Dog news
Dog walkers face £500 beach fines
Click here
Feeling Groovy puppies by Jeannie Breslin in the USA.
The first ten photos were taken just hours after birth. Congratulations to Jeannie on such a lovely litter of blue and liver babies.

Another photo from the Northeast Meet
Darcy Codey and Megan saying hello to Dizzy

23 April 2009

Just William
Another great photo from Sue and Liza taken at the Northeast Meet
Go on Leo, down you go, I will just wait here just in case I get all dirty and possibly bitten!
Many thanks to Pat for the photo.
Young Bitch for sale in Wales advertised on "epupz"

Christine Worrall emailed me about this little 10 month bedlington bitch that is for sale, she does not have any papers but click on the link for details. This little girl is in need of a wash and brush up!

Click here
Time for Julie with her Northeast Natter.

Good morning from the northeast hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is here!
Nothing been going on this week except ring craft on Tuesday, a full house with Mark, Mel and myself. Sigyn is coming on very well and Mark had Q who it was great to see. Whisper was having I'm not doing this night and wasn't having any of the training so I just worked with Piper. Do all boys go thought this? He is 22 months now and he has turned into Kevin the teenager lol. The Northeast meet looked like a great time sorry I could not made it, the road signs are great Darren and so glad everyone had a great time. This weekend myself and ken are walking from Grosmont to Goathland which is about 5 miles to support a friend of Ken's who was paralysed in a bike accident, we are taking the dogs so hope to get some good photos. Good luck if you are showing this weekend.
Julie x
Thanks Julie I think boys will be boys, when they don't want to do something you tell,it can be difficult to change their minds. Although saying this the boys are very loving and loyal companions. Hope the weather stays nice for your 5 mile walk.

22 April 2009

Rain rain go away!
The Janamrk gang waiting patiently for the rain to stop, camping is not much fun in the rain!
Help if you can!
Well it looks like summer is on its way, caravaning, shows, fishing and holidays planned over the next few months. I really do appreciate the blog reporters top of the list has to be Victoria who never misses a week, she is definitely in for a pay rise! Saying this is there anyone else who could help out over the summer months? I am going to be away a lot but promise to update the blog every day from the caravan but of course only if there is news and photos to upload! With Parker behaving himself I have a lot more agility events this year and will not be entered at several championship shows this summer, but will be delighted to upload photos of the winners to the blog and BTA website if I receive them. If are you not already helping out but could find some time please contact the area liaison reporter who will tell you where help is needed.
Monday Junior reports ( Lesley caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk))
Tuesday Midland ( Tina kcwelsh@msn.com)
Wednesday Wales ( Big Mo toffset@aol.com)
Thursday Northeast (Julie Julieoxbury@btinternet.com)
Friday is London Lesley caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk)
Saturday Scotland ( Marie treblecel@aol.com)
Sunday USA ( Tricia oracokeobx@yahoo.com)
If you can help out even if only once a month with a report or fill in over a holiday period please contact your area reporter. We welcome new reporters from overseas just email me if you would like to write a regular weekly report with news and photos from your country.
The calendar competition is well under way now with nearly 50 entries, I am looking forward to receiving lots more entries over the next few weeks.
Stop Press
We say many congratulations to Robyn Bates in Tasmania, whose bitch has just given birth to 11 pups (this must be a record)! Mother and pups all doing fine at the moment.
We have a new bedlington to the blog and we say hello to Helle with her 9 month old puppy "Cita"

I am sending a pictures off my beautiful Bedlington Terrier, "Cita"she is 9 months old, and from Norway, in Oslo. The pictures is from "Østensjøvannet" in Oslo :)
Best regards Helle K. Evensen
Welcome Helle and Cita to bedlingtonpictures, what a pretty little girl Ctia is! I think you live in a very beautiful part of the world, looking at the photos young Cita is going to have some wonderful countryside to explore. Do take time to visit Helle and Ctia's blog, just click on the link

Wednesday and news from the Welsh Valleys

Hi there from Wales, the weather has been fantastic great to be outdoors , but I have no doggy things to talk about so I will make it up to you next week. Elwyn's shoulder has been rather painful to say the least, so let's hope it gets a bit easier and I can get the camera out and take some photos. Friday will be a sad day as one of our doggy friends has lost her fight with cancer, she was a lovely lady. she had sealyham terriers and did well with them her name is Gwyneth Jones so this will be a sad day for her husband Cliff and their family. Good to see Gwen's dog is getting better after her ordeal, bedlingtons are made of strong stuff, so until next week
Big Mo.
Hopefully it won't be too long before Elwyn has less pain and more mobility, the pain will get better but it does take time and eventually he will be as good as new. Keep smiling the sun is shinning and just look forward to those lazy hazy days of summer fishing!

21 April 2009

Dog News

FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths, Illnesses
Click here
Summer is on the way.

Here we have Loki taking a dip, who said bedlingtons don't like to swim!
Thanks to Mel for the photo.
More from the Meet
One of Darren's great signs

Here we have Isla looking very hopeful I think Darren may have a treat in his hand! I Wonder if Darren is coming to the Fun Day, those signs would certainly come in handy!

Smile please!
Millie and Mabel at yesterday's Midland Meet
We start this Tuesday morning with Bedlingtonos in the sun

Many thanks to Julie for the photos of Whisper and Piper in the garden.

20 April 2009

Miss Colin's favourite place "Bunnyland"
Wev've arrived Dad!

Thanks for the great photo Billy
Northeast Meet
The Makem gang
Another photo great photo from Sue