31 May 2009

Letter From Our Tricia in America

I am just going to write a short report as I know the blog will soon be filled with photos and stories of your wonderful Fun Day & I can't wait to read the stories and see the photos.
My girls are in the process of getting summer hair cuts with 2 down and 3 to go tomorrow on my day off. The weather is beautiful, sunny, blue skies, warm, with just a perfect breeze....the gnats and misquitoes are quite another story....they are really bad right now and they seem to especially like Amelia! It must be the sweet and sour of her...she is the only one that seems to notice them, but she is a very sensitive girl.
Everyone have a wonderful time today & I will anxiously await all the details of the day.

Thanks Tricia, I certainly caught the sun today my face is bright red this evening! How perfect it would be on the island right now without the gnats, just the thought of them makes me itch! Do send us a photo of the girls in their new summer trim! I expect they will be very pleased to have their coats taken off!

Hundreds of Photos Were Taken Today At The Fun Day, Here Are Just A Few, Lots More Later In The Week.


John Glover author of "The Working Bedlington " signs my book.


Ready steady and nearly off!

DSC_2892 Jack Bojangles and Victoria win the agility


Parade of the rescue dogs we had 11 rescues at the Fund day, it was just wonderful to see them all so happy and loved!

DSC_3032 Here we have pirates and surfing bedlingtons in the fancy dress


Big Mo is presented with a cake for her 65th birthday

DSC_3035 Grandma Fudge still remembers her dance routine, there is life in the old dog yet!

3581205211_e3f6afa6b28 Dogs passed the KC Good Citizen Bronze Test, congratulations to them.


We ended the day with terrier racing that was so much fun! The dogs really enjoyed playing this game, no problem with this heat in this event, they would have run no matter what the temperature!

That’s it for now folks lots more photos to come later!

Just A quickie

Must dash to put up the agility ring for the Fun day but to keep you going here are photos of Ralphie and Jack, meeting up with the rescues Fosbury and Jaspur on Broadstairs beech last Friday. It is just fantastic to see blog bedlingtons get together! 





Thanks to Martin and Julie for the photos.

30 May 2009

This  Evening’s Bedlington Walk

IMG_1394 About 26  Bedlingtons completed the hour and a half walk this evening.



On the way home


IMG_1421   Everyone relaxes with a cold drink, we certainly need it! 


Happy Fun Day Campers Enjoying The Weather At Brailes

P1040951 P1040952


A Good Advert For DFS The 2010 Sponsor For Crufts


We are all so comfy, mum will have to find somewhere else to sit! 

Thanks to Mel for the photo, I think you need to buy another sofa, try DFS

Saturday and what a glorious start to  the day at Brailes, all the campers turned up yesterday and after setting up, a few sun downers and then supper at the “Gate” pub I recon a few sore heads this morning!  I will take some photos later so tune in tonight.

Saturday and what has been happening in Scotland.  

The weather up here is glorious this weekend, and I see its set to be the same at your fun day. I'm sure it will be a fantastic day out for everyone and I hope you all really enjoy yourselves....etouchdown_lgespecially the dogs!  I'm looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the pics on the blog. Happy Birthday wishes from Cody and Briagha to Archie, Storey and Miss Olga. We hope you had nice treats (pork pies etc). And of course not forgetting the human birthdays too...Tony and Big Mo. Lastly, best wishes to Pat, I hope you make a full and fast recovery from your heart attack. Well as its a lovely Saturday morning, we're about to have breakfast and then decide where to go for the day.To the hills, or perhaps to the beach? Decisions, decisions.

Thank you Marie enjoy the sun and we will look forward to see fantastic photos from Skye. 

29 May 2009

“Our Dogs” Newsletter

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Today’s Breed Notes From “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

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Smile Please It is My Birthday, And Mine, And Mine Too!


My name is Archie and It is my 10th birthday and I am fed up of waiting for my pork pie

Storey_evolvingAnd My Birthday too, my name is Storey and I am three today and live with Tricia and the Woofs on Oracoke Island USA

IMG_2182 And My birthday too, I am Miss Olga, I am three as well today and live with Billy, Diane, Betty Beach ball, oops I should say Betty Beach Babe (with that new slim figure ) and the rest of my Bedlington family. I am off to Brailes, to gate crash the pig roast at the hall tomorrow night!

Many Happy Returns to all our Birthday Bedlies!

Friday And here Is The Report From Ed & Becs In The South East

Hello everyone, here's Ralphies latest action report. Last Sunday we all went sailing in Ed's Dad's boat . The weather was!cid_2C1F45A8-F653-4DCE-9BEC-57B66F72AAF2 perfect, glorious sunshine and a gentle wind  ( Ralphie doesn't like it when the wind is strong and the boat goes too fast! ). It was just right for a fun trip out before lunch, we even had a fly past from a Spitfire on it's way to an air show. We sailed from a place called Conyer which is up a creek near Faversham, the land is very flat round there and it can be hard to keep your bearings. Ralphie liked the bits near the shore best, he could watch the sheep and the rabbits on the banks.This week was exciting for another reason, on Thursday evening met up with Martin, Julie and Rosie who !cid_6AC8621D-2627-4CA9-89FA-1were on holiday with the lovely Fosbury and Jasper. All the boys got on very well and we had a lovely walk on the beach at Broadstairs, playing with Ralphie and Jack Bojangles seemed to give Fosbury a spring in his step! We all took plenty of photos, so hopefully we'll be seeing some more from Martin. Can't wait to see everyone at the fun day, love from, Ralphie , Rebecca and Ed x


Thanks Ed and Becs, I love Ralphie’s life jacket, he has certainly got his eyes on the sheep maybe he thought they were bedlingtons!  It is fantastic to think you met up with Fosbury and Jasper, we are certainly one lovely big bedlington family! 12 pitches have been booked for Brailes with many arriving this lunch time, safe journey to all of you, and it is sun, sun, sun here in the Cotswolds this morning.

28 May 2009

Another Special Birthday


A very happy birthday to Tony Waller who is 65 today!

Candy Update

Just to let you know the dog warden has been in touch about the attack on Candy. Apparently the dog was very 017unpredictable and has attacked before. The guy who owned it was told he would be going to court, but because he had been in court before he decided to have the dog put down. Candy is doing great, but when she see's other dogs now she barks, which she never did before. We are just hoping that with time she will get over it. Gwen x

I am so pleased Candy is physically fit now, unfortunately it will be a very long time before she trusts other dogs. You will have to train her by only introducing  very slowly  to dogs you know and trust. 

Thursday And It Is The Northeast Natter

Good morning from the Northeast and my sunburn has gone down from Monday what a great day it was great to see some new faces in the classes and codey and Susan did so well in there PICT0142first show. Well done to the Makem’s for the best of breed

ken and myself had a great day with great company I don't think we stopped laughing all day and the time flow by we were so lucky we were able to keep the dogs cool as were under a marquee so they didn't get to hot.

Just a short one from me this week as I’m sulking as i have to work on Saturday and won’t be able to come to the fun day. Everyone have a great time can’t wait to see the photos. love Julie xx PS Lesley can you send me a fun day badge with Billy he is paying lol!

Thanks Julie the badges will on Sale at the hall, I will remind Billy, I hope he is paying I am sure you are worth all of the 50 pence!

27 May 2009

Dog News

New Principal Sponsor for Crufts 2010

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Rescue Update

Please please can you give me a home!

I have spoken to the Chiltern Dog Rescue Centre and they have told me a bit about the Bedlington they have. They have just telephoned back to agree that we can publish their telephone number, in case anyone would like to get in touch directly. It is '01442 876009'.

The dog is called Griffin and is about 7. He has CDRS_Logo_2005_thumb[5]come to them from Wales, where he didn't get on with other dogs in the home. They have mixed him with dogs since he has been in the Centre and think he is good with other dogs now; however, he might be better as an only dog in a home. When he came to them, he had an anal abscess, but that is now well on the mend.

They would be happy to hear from prospective adopters, to whom they would send their usual paperwork.

Many thanks to Madeline for contacting the rescue centre, there must a kind home waiting for this little dog. If I get time I will print this page and pin it up in the hall at the Fun day.

Fun Day Update


There will be two classes of Agility

Class 1 The Champion Stakes, for any dog which has undergone some kind of formal training, the course to be run with dogs off leash! D

Class 2 The Trier's Stakes, for all beginner dogs wishing to have ago and the course will be competed with dogs on the leash.

If you would like to enter these classes, on arrival at the venue please make your way to the agility ring and put your name down for either class one or two .


For those taking the test on arrival please book in to Carmel. Carmel will have the necessary handout leaflets and will check your ID tags. If you don’t have the correct information on your dog’s tag don’t worry as Carmel will have tags with her. The dogs that pass will be awarded a KC Certificate and rosette. Also you will be able to purchase an Official KC Bronze metal badge! Don't forget to bring your dog's brush and have a poo bag on you for the test.


I am delighted to inform you that Mr John Glover who wrote the "Working Bedlington" will be at the Fun Day to answer any questions about working your bedlington . If you have a copy of his book bring it along for him to sign. My thanks go to Billy for arranging John to join us


Sunday is our Big Mo’s 65 Birthday, I have made a banner to go up in the hall, search out Tina as she will have a card for you all to sign. Mo went off fishing this morning so will not see this notice. That’s it for now and the weather forecast for Sunday is fantastic!

Mutley Finds Herself A Prize!

Hi Lesley-have just been sent this great pic of Mutley with the hedgehog that she found in the garden. Howard anhedgehogd family were in the house when she came in barking. She got them to follow her to the bottom of the garden to show them what she'd found, she was quite miffed when they fed it some cat food! See you Sunday Tina x

Thank You Tina Mutley looks very surprised! I hope she did not get too close as I think hedgehogs carry a lot of fleas. Safe trip to the fishing site and see you at the weekend

Wednesday Welsh Wafflings From Paula

Well it’s Wednesday and it’s almost time to pack up for the fun day and a bit of camping – except we still don’t know if that’s going to happen LOL I just love it when I can’t plan anything, it stops me getting all uptight and I just have to go with the flow.The last ten days have gone in a bit of a blur, w2008_0912(007)be’ve all had the dreaded lurgy here. After an emergency trip to A&E a week last Sunday and treatment for a severe asthma attack, Bernard announced a few days later that he thought he had flu – Man-flu says I. So he proceeded to cough splutter, sneeze, wheeze and exude various noxious fluids until it was clear that he really wasn’t well and he took to his bed. Then Finn went down with it… I now know how the Roman Gladiators felt when they were waiting in the cells under the Roman Colloseum! there was no escape! Of course, I had it worse than they did – they infected me in a pincer movement that any army would be proud of and I got the germs from both of them. Never mind, we’re on the mend now and will be well by the weekend. Now I’ve just got to get the dogs trimmed and bathed or they’ll be mistaken for strays…All the best Paula

Oh dear Paula your family have had a bit of a do so to speak, but I can’t help smile, you certainly have a way with words! Hopefully the family are now fighting fit and ready for Sunday. I understand Bernard is helping me out with the agility. We have a few trained agility bedlingtons taking part this year, it is going to be a great competition.

Here Is Young Codey At Her Very First Show


Thanks To Susan For The Photo.

Billy With Miss Colin Win A First Prize At The Corbridge Show


26 May 2009

Percy Wins A Red Rosette  

On Saturday 9 May, Percy entered his first ever competition....and what a day that was... The sun was shinning when we left home but once we had arrived at the Berwickshire Hunt SupportsDSC02130-1 Club - Greyhound, Lurcher and Terrier Show the sky was black and it didn't get any better. There were some fantastic dogs with Border, Lakeland and Jack Russell classes, elegant greyhounds and wonderful faced lurchers.Percy was the only Bedlington there however there were some other terriers so he was entered in the "other terrier group" which was right at the end of the competition.  Percy thought it was great meeting all these different well behaved dogs in one place. Eventually the heavens opened and for the next few hours we had squally showers and westerly winds racing across the borders. By the time Percy's class was called most of the other terriers had given up due to the weather and Percy was certainly in a class of his own....he came away with a lovely red rosette - I think they awarded it to him out of sheer courage to with stand the weather...!!!Even though we all got soaked and despite the cold DSC02131the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the day and met some lovely dogs and their friendly owners....

One very tired little Bedlington slept all the way home and when we got back the sun was shinning and not a cloud in the sky. Percy made a bee-line straight to the warmest part of the house and then followed the sun around the houses settling down for a well earned afternoon snooze on the carpet...!Bye for now.....Fiona and Percy x

Thank you Fiona a well deserved win, well done to you and Percy to stick out all the rain and fly the flag for the breed! I just love the top photo very artistic, it is amazing how light and shadows give a photo that wow factor!

Dog News

The Queen to Stop Breeding Corgis After Cancer Claims Another of Her Dogs

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Hurry Up It Must Be Time To Go!

elwyns_pics_007Big Mo’s dogs are ready for the off, they are so excited about the Fun Day as a little bird told them that there may be a sausage or pork pie race!


This is a photo on the Makem’s personalized camper, a special camper for very special dogs, look out for it on the Brailes field .

Highclere Country Fair


Morrice and Genie meet Stuart's game keeper. (Photo from a mobile phone)  

Pat Update
Just to let you all know that Pat is feeling better and is thoroughly frustrated at being stuck in hospital. She is seeing a heart specialist today. Depending on the outcome she may have to be transferred to another hospital in London.

25 May 2009

Bedlington Rescue

I have just had an email from Kim Bray to say she has found a Bedlington at this rescue centre, the only formation on line is it is a 7 year old neutered male.


Click Here to view the page. I need a volunteer who could contact the centre tomorrow to find out more.

Photos From Today’s Northumberland  Show

dog_show_northumberland_003                                    Aireview Little Princessdog_show_northumberland_002                                        dog_show_northumberland_008                                      Julie And Whisperdog_show_northumberland_019                                       Julie Mark And Eileen

Many thanks to Karen Hoaksey for the photos

Hello Bloggers
The Makems have had a very enjoyable weekend. Firstly the old
enemies, the "Geordies" were relegated to division 2, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!
shame about the "Smokies" also getting relegated, they are a bit to
far to the south to be called derby games. And today was Northumberland County Show. And what a lovely show it turned out to be, nice and sunny, loads of folk around both doggie and strangers to explain our breed to.
11 Bedlingtons were entered, only one was missing, Makems Blue Velvet Lady. She has had a broken leg which is still pinned so her show days are over now but still likes her days out especially to the
agricultural shows. Judge Mr Roy Stott "Ghyllmoire who at first raised a few eyebrows by not placing the first class of dogs on the table. It was later discussed that the judge does not have to table the dogs ??????. One very experienced Bedlington shower did say it was preferred for the breed to be tabled. Perhaps some of our prominent judge bloggers could verify this point ??

Junior 1 st Hoaksey's, Aireview Little Princes.
2nd Andrews, Janwhiffin Diamond Codey (her first show).
Graduate 1st Lewis's Makems Filthy And Gorgeous.
2nd Ovenden's Lisanne Singing The Blues.
3rd Thornton's Rathsrigg Loch Cladach.
4th Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper.
Open 1st Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
2nd Walshaw's Janmark Blue Encounter ShCM
3rd Overden's Bankcroft Bathsheba.
4th Lewis's Makems Precious Jewel ShCM
A.V.O. 1st Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
A.V.P.G. 2nd Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper
And wait for it, Lewis's Makems Filthy And Gorgeous got Best Of
Breed. Sorry folks nowt in group.Sorry forgot the camera but Codey's boss did take some so hopefully he will post them on.
The Makems

Congratulations Derek sounds like you all had a great day out. I have never heard of a judge not putting a Bedlington on the table, but I don’t know the rules about table dogs! Unfortunately Stewart did not win today in the Stakes final at Bath.

Monday And Junior Handler News

First of all I would just like to say good luck to Stuart today with Harry who will returning to the  Bath Show this afternoon for the final of the Champion Stakes

On Monday me and Jack went to obedience. We had moved up a class and I was really excited. The class was very different to what I was used to. All the other dogs are working towards their gold award. Lots of exercises I hadn't done before, such as send awayLPIC0692 to bed, hold a toy and  Jack to come when i am walking away. I could see that Jack was trying very hard but as we both didn't know what to do. On Tuesday at agility Jack was VERY good.  He was running very fast round the course and only missing out on clear rounds by running past the jump before I could tell him to go over it. On the last run Jack was running super fast and ran up the seesaw, I usually have to hold it for him when he goes over the top but as I was 3 jumps behind I had to yell out “steady”. Surprisingly Jack stopped the moment i said it! I am really looking forward to the fun day and can’t wait to see most of you.

On Saturday we looked after Larry and Leo, Pat and David's bedlingtons. At first they missed their mummy and daddy but Jack was their to cheer them up by play fighting and just being a pest! On a sad note we got a phone call on Sunday morning to say that Pat had had a  heart attack on the way home we all wish her a speedy recovery. love Victoria and jack Bo jangles xx

Thank you Victoria, pleae keep us updated on Pat, hopefully she will be out of hospital very soon. Well it looks like you may be in with a chance of winning the agility, it is the fast dogs that win the prizes.

24 May 2009

Sunday’s Letter From America

This week has been uneventful, as usual, but that is why I live where I live.  I was so sorry to read about Pat, how frightening it must have bee for her.  All of us here are wishing  her the best and a quick recovery. 
I am so jealous that all of you will be at Fun Day next week!  I can't wait to read the blog reports and see the photos, I am sure the weather will be perfect for it.  It is a holiday week-end here in the US, so the island has been pretty active with tourist.  They are all fascinated with the dogs and people stop to ask about them all the time.  We can barely go in the yard to potty, without someone stopping to meet them.  And then when they see 5 of them together, well they can't believe that anyone would have 5 dogs to start with!  The weather here has been sunny and warm, the oppressive humidity hasn't kicked in yet, so the dogs are loving lounging in the sun....that will probably end soon and then it will be so tropical all they will want to do is be in the AC.  The pavement will get so hot that walks will be out of the question & there are no sidewalks here, so it is asphalt roads & they get really hot here.  With the hot weather on our door step, the girls will be getting their "summer trim".....REALLY short!
Everyone have a blast next week end.  Wish I lived closer so I could come, it sounds like such a nice time.  I will be thinking of you all.

Thank you Tricia, we are all getting excited about next weekend and keep tuning into the long range weather forecast! The last Fun Day had 80 bedlingtons taking part and I really do think there will be more this year. Gosh it must get hot there, it can’t be much fun for the dogs if the can’t go far due to the heat on the ground. Your girls must be a real tourist attraction, I bet they love all the fuss. Do send us a photo after their summer trim, it will be lovely to see them in their summer coats.

Flea and Tick Products

I know several of you have had problems after applying spot on treatments. This is an American clip but well worth watching as it names the chemicals that probably are the cause of side effects after using these products.

Stop Press


I have just had a call to say Pat (Leo and Larry’s Mum), suffered a heart attack last night. David and Pat were on their way home from a concert when she had to be rushed to hospital. Pat is comfortable and hopes to be able to return home in a few days. Unfortunately "rest" will be the order of the day and they won’t be able to join in the Fun Day next week. All our very best wishes and love go to you Pat from all your friends here on the blog.