30 June 2009

Blackpool Championship Show

Judge Mr Les Aspen


Click HERE for photos, I would like to thank Mr Norman Ames who was our blog photographer at this show.

ESTIMATED BREEDING VALUES (EBVs)  A way to breed away from inherited disease in all dog breeds?

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Could a breeding programme like this be used in fighting Copper Toxicosis in the Bedlington? It certainly sounds a very promising breeding programme to combat inherited problems in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Tuesday And Today Is Midland’s Tina Time

Good morning bloggers- I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine even although it's very humid. The dogs don't seem to be bothered too much by the warm temperatures and like many others dogs are sunbathing and then cooling off in the kitchen by lying on the stone tiles. It might be a different matter from Wednesday as we're off to just outside Oxford to do some fishing on the Thamtony_on_molly_003es and showing at Windsor on Saturday-fingers crossed it's a bit cooler by then! I have been on Bedllington Banter run by Sally and it's a great website to chat about your dogs-do make yourselves members if you haven't already. All is quiet in my household at the moment, the dogs have been fed and are lounging around waiting for the cooler night air so that we can go a walk.I started putting stuff in the caravan this afternoon and all 3 went stupid, running round and jumping at each other in sheer excitement and Ellie kept getting under my feet as usual-I think she's seen the film home alone and doesn't want me to forget her! As I won't be here next week I would appreciate if someone could drop a line to Lesley so that she has something to put on the blog next Tuesday. The photo is of the trial run of the Bradford flat cart that Tony has restored for his nephews wedding next month, I will get some better pictures of it on the wedding day. Till next time Tina.

Thank you Tina, fishing on the Thames sounds great and Oxford is not too far to go for the show on Saturday. There is no end to Tony’s talents, walking sticks and pony traps, I wonder what his next project will be? Don’t forget to send us photos of the cart at the wedding, I can see it now all decorated with flowers, just lovely !

29 June 2009

Diesel And Fudge Delight The Residents

IMG_0773 IMG_0771






The heat did not deter Fudge and Diesel this afternoon when they performed their dance routine to a delighted audience in a local care home. It was just fantastic to see so many smiling faces and Fudge is definitely going back for some more fruit cake!

Monday And We Say Hello To Our Junior Handler Victoria

I haven't got much to say this week. It has been very hot this week and most of the time Jack has been moving from the sun to the shade and back again. At agility Jack was quite good,the only thing that Jack did wrong was jump off he dog walk to attack an Australian Shepherd! Jack has never like this dog and always waLPIC0745nts to attack him. All the dogs were barking when it was Jack’s turn to go so when Jack finished his run he was all excited and started barking at me and running about! I think Jack really enjoys agility now and looks forward to going every week. This morning Jack went missing. We heard him in the shed where we keep hay for my guinea pig and chinchilla . Jack came out with a freshly killed rat in his mouth! We always wondered why Jack always wanted to go in the shed. We know now! The strange thing is Jack shows no interest in my guinea pig even when he is in the run eating grass! Next Saturday is Windsor and I cant wait! This week is going to be very busy getting Jack ready, bathing and trimming our little boy! see you all there. Love Victoria and Jack.

Thank you Victoria, you must be so proud of Jack catching the rat and training so well in agility. We will look forward to seeing you on Saturday at Windsor. Did you decide on a kennel name yet?

28 June 2009

Stop Press For Babies

We say Congratulations to Mark’s “K” who gave birth to three bouncing baby girls today, mum and babies doing well


RSPCA Chief Vet Warns of Death Trap For Dogs.

Dog owners have been urged to keep their pets cool this summer to avoid the heartbreak of losing a much-loved companion

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Vet Charity Warns of BBQ Dangers for Dogs

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7 Questions For Dog Breeders and The Kennel Club from K9 Magazine!

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Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia In The USA

I hear there are new pups in our blog community and can't wait to read about them and see photos of the little bundles of fluff. Here in Ocracoke we are in the summer southern "slow mode". The temps and humidity are such that you sweat standing still, so the girls have been spending most of their days in the AC. The garden has been loving this weather and I have been getting 6 to 7 tomatoes a day out of it and tons of basil. I love tomatoes, and eat a lot of them, but there are so many that Chris is going toGreyson,_Rose,_Amelia have to find something to make with them! We have been busy pressure washing the house and decks. Because of the climate here green stuff and lichen grows on everything. It is quiet a fun job.....does anyone over there in the UK ever have to do this? Owning a pressure washer here is like owning a lawn mower, everyone has one. When I lived in the north I had a snow blower & now I have traded it for a pressure washer. The girls aren't sure what to make of it, as it is noisy....they walk wide around it when it is off and check it out with great curiosity, but don't want to be outside when it is on! The cilantro that Storey and Amelia ate in last weeks report is as I expected, not re-growing. I believe it is a lost cause. The dogs and I have had a visitor from the UK. My friend Anna, who lives in West Sussex, makes these very cute "Sock Bunnies" & sells them and other art stuff on line. One of her Bunny's has been named "Global Bunny". She is been to Kenya, Cape Town, South Africa, Marrakesh, Edinburgh, Scotland and now she is here in the USA with me and is having her picture taken at sites on the island,then I will send her back to the UK and she will go off on another adventure, so the girls have gotten to do the "tourist stuff"...they have been to the Ocracoke Lighthouse, The Old Coast Guard Station. Tomorrow we will go to the beach for a bit and to see the wild ponies...then she will be off to home. People are very curious to see 5 "sheep" and a Sock Bunny out and about, we do attract a lot of attention. When I download the photos, I will send one to Lesley for the blog. I am off the trudge my way through Sunday cleaning....until next week.

Thank you Tricia it has been kind of tropical here too this weekend, very warm and humid over the last two days but not long enough for green mould to be forming on any outside wood work. It can be hot and humid here one day and cold enough for coats and jackets a few days later. It sounds like you and Anna are having a great time together, I would like to join you on the beach tomorrow, how nice to walk down the road for a cool dip into the sea! I'm home now after a dreadful day at the agility show. It was 80 degrees on the show ground mid morning and Parker decided he did not want to run and was very slow so I carried him off from the the course with three jumps still to complete, how embarrassing is that!!! What amazed me is the Jack Russels and Border terriers had no problem with the heat and ran some terrific rounds. No wonder we don’t see Bedlingtons competiting in agility competitions. Yesterday early morning he ran so fast I could not keep up with him, today a totally different dog. We are entered at the UK Agility Nationals at the end of July, I just hope the weather is cool and he does not let me down again! Bedlingtons, they certainly are challenging in performance events

Top Dog

27062009043 This cup is empty where’s the champagne?

Shaun beats over 100 mixed breed dogs dogs to awarded  Best In Show at an  exemption show yesterday! Fantastic Shaun and many thanks to Maria  for sending us the photo!  

27 June 2009

Shirley Davies with Ch Honeymist Miles High who won Best Of Breed At Blackpool


Thanks to Norman Ames for the photo more Blackpool photos next week.

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

I've had a busy few days on my holidays from work. Firstly I had to do a horse shoot (camera, not gun!) for a work colleague, which was really enjoyable for me. Then my friends arrived on Thursday night, and we've taken in two beautiful sunsets and evQuiraing-dawn-crop-weben a sunrise/dawn (pic enclosed) which involved getting up at 2.45am. Given that they're not photography people, I was well impressed that they joined me. I think they enjoyed the sight, but we're still suffering from sleep deprivation. We've been blessed with great weather and the dogs are enjoying it too, although sometimes struggling with the heat and I think Cody may have hay fever (do dogs get this?) Briagha is still doing her houdini act through the fence into the field, and I'm still trying to stop her. I still have another week off work to go, yippee! Marie

Thanks Marie, I am not sure about dogs and hay fever but they do get grass and dust allergies. Chelsea suffers very badly this time of the year and is on constant medication to try and keep itching and swelling at bay! What a really beautiful photo certainly worth the very early start, it is just a magical scene! All you need to do  is take an afternoon nap and you will feel refreshed!

We are still at Newbury it is so hot here I decided to pull the dogs from competition this afternoon. Parker had a fantastic fast round this morning but I could not keep him under control and he had faults in the agility. He had a clear round in the steeplechase mid morning but ran lot slower due to the heat. Diesel ran well but made one small mistake for 5 faults. We are entered again tomorrow  but if it is too hot and the dogs are  lethargic I will scratch from competition. DSC_3981

Parker in the Steeplechase this morning

Our Dogs Newsletter

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26 June 2009

Blackpool Today



Thank you to Norman Ames for today’s photos at Blackpool, I will upload all of Norman’s photos to the blog at the beginning of next week as we are tied up with UK agility all over the weekend. A special congratulations go to Angela and Stuart with Genie and Mark with “T” as they both gained enough points today for their KC Junior Warrant Certificates!

We Say Hello To Holly And Hobie Who Have Been Helping To Look After Missy The Cat.



Wish my Dad would come!             Hope mum doesn’t want her seat!

Thanks to Karen for the photos of her lovely bedlington family.

Results From Blackpool

BEST OF BREED : 1378 DAVIES Mrs S Ch Honeymist Miles High
Dog CC : 1378 DAVIES Mrs S Ch Honeymist Miles High
Res Dog CC : 1396 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Janmark Blue Encounter Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 1398 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook
Res Bitch CC : 1393 RICHARDSON Mr & Mrs C C Ch Uptnorth Sister Bliss
Best Puppy : 1398 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook

For all the class entries click here

Congratulations to Shirley Davies, Angela and Stuart Yearley and all the winners. We were not at this show today but will publish any photos we kindly receive.

This Week’s Breed Notes From “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

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NEW Ethical Dog Breeder Magazine Announced

If you subscribe now to this new magazine it is only £7 for the year, it may be of interest to those of you who are thinking of breeding  in the near future.                                                                         Click here for details

Friday And We Say Hello To Ed, Becs And Ralphie In The Southeast

Ralphie's been enjoying the sunshine this week, working on his tan in the garden!  The season brought us a minor drama earlier in the week.  Ralphie had been nibbling and licking one of his paws for a couple of days, we checked it over and couldn't see!cid_5BC307A8-3F6A-41FC-8CD7-BA8D198B5FAA anything wrong.  On Monday he limped round a walk with his mate Jack Bojangles, and at the end we found a large blister between his toes.  We gave it a squeeze and along with a load of pus we pulled out a huge grass seed.  He's normally such a wimp with any injuries but he put up with all the poking and prodding well, it must have felt a lot better without that grass seed in his foot.  We cleaned his foot up with some anti-septic and he's back to his normal happy self now.  Here's a photo of him pulling a daft face on his walk today! Love Ed, Rebecca and Ralphie x

Thanks Ed And Becs, it is surprising just how much damage a grass seed in between the toes can do! It is something we must all watch out for if our dog looks to be sore when out walking. Pleased Ralphie is now back to his normal self

25 June 2009

Calendar Photo Competition Update


We now have 126 photos entered with a month left to run until the closing date. Many thanks to those who emailed me competition photos today! We just have four weeks to match last year’s entry of 170. Do check through your photos if you have not already entered and send me an entry, everyone has a chance of winning with the top 16 photos being chosen by popular vote! If You send prints please send a stamped addressed envelope if you want them returned. Entry money of £1 per photo MUST be paid by July 31st and cheques made out to the Bedlington Terrier Association. It is exciting, we have some fantastic entries it is going to be so hard to chose between them all! Do do check out the wonderful photos so far from the blog index column or the BTA website. Print entry and entry money please to me no later than July 31st:

Mrs L Caines, Garroulds, Sutton under Brailes Banbury Oxon OX15 5BH

Missy On The Road To Recovery!

Feeling_much_better_now_i_have_my_medicine_thankyou_for_your_kind_words_lol_MissyHello everyone, just to say now I am on my medication I am feeling much better, my Mum and Dad have been so worried about me but I told them there is plenty of life in the old girl yet! Thank you all for the kind comments as I know Mum appreciated her bedlie friend’s support, she was so worried as I was really quite poorly for a while! MMMMM, I think I can persuade her for extra tea, a little Scottish Organic  salmon would just help  me get my strength back. Love Missy.

Walkies For Jazz And Sapphire


Thanks to Ian for this photo which he took while out walking from his mobile phone.

Caravan Club SiteIMG_1982 

Better know as “Bedlington Paradise Camping”!

This sign was in the Caravan Club site at Freshwater East. There were loads of rabbits there and they were out nibbling the grass all day. Our dogs were desperate to get at them!  Enid

Thanks Enid Diesel and Parker have already booked a month’s camping!!!! 

Good Citizen Awards Page Update

I am going to update the page in the index column for the dogs that passed their KC Good Citizen Test, we have Ossie ,Ben, Lucy, Pushka, Alfie and Rosie from the fun day. Have you recently passed a GC test if so email me and I will put you on our awards list. I do apologise for not doing the page sooner but I forgot. This old age thingy is not a lot of fun!

Thursday And Time For The Northeast Natter

Good morning from the northeast

Well I’m back thanks to Mel for standing in last week, just needed some time out and enjoyed my week off spending loads of time catching up with jobs at home and spending loads of time with the dogs which they both enjoyed. Ken spent Saturday doing the boundary 500 challenge all in aid of the great north air acrufts_2009_004ambulance 500 miles covering from Middlesbrough to Berwick over to Whitehaven to barrow in Furness to Skip ton then Scarborough then home he finished in 16 hours and loved every second and only got rained on for the last 30 miles . Back to work on Monday and had only left ken for 1 day to get home to his new toy a new Yamaha R1 to people who don't know about bikes, very fast and I cant complain as he has brought the right colour bedlington grey! As Piper is out of season now the house has just got back to normal Whisper has gone back to being so laid back and Piper is back to running around like a nutter no change there.I don't know of any shows this weekend in the Northeast if you are showing good luck and enjoy  Julie xx

Thank you Julie, well done to Ken a very long day he must have been exhausted!! The bike looks awesome, I must say a real boy’s toy, maybe you could get a photo of Whisper sitting on it for us? Let’s hope we have a really good summer so he can get out and enjoy  it.                                                                                         I don’t know of any shows other than Blackpool tomorrow  do let us know if you are entered elsewhere.

24 June 2009

Rabbits I See Rabbits!

014Thank you to Mark for the photo but don’t know who this lovely boy is!

Vet Charity in Lungworm Warning - Beware of Slug Season

This came in this morning, it will be of special interest to Donna

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Are You Aware of The Dangers of Canine Lungworms?

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Wednesday And Today We Say Hello To Enid And Big Mo For Our Welsh Wafflings

Hi, Everyone, what lovely weather we are having. Last week we went to Freshwater East in Pembrokeshire for a couple of days. Nearly everyone on the Caravan Club site had a dog with them as they are allowed on the beach all year round and it is only a shIMG_1979_2ort distance from the site. As we were returning from our first walk we were stopped and told that there were another two Bedlingtons there on holiday. Naturally we had to find them and one of them, Judy, was Fizz's niece. So meet Misty and Judy who live in Swindon. I know that Les is a regular Blog watcher and that BedlingtIMG_1985ons have been part of their family for over thirty years. We also met a lady from Holland who used to own Bedlingtons and she was delighted to meet five in one go. On one of our walks there was a sudden heavy shower and we set the record for the most people and Bedlingtons in a telephone box! Tim and Julie have five smashing puppies, as you can see. They are six weeks old now and finding their feet. Tim is very pleased that they all have really good homes to go to. The dogs are making a mess of his lawn and are trying to get to Australia which is why the pots are there. We went to the IMG_1992National Terrier Club AGM today and are pleased that David Taylor has been elected onto the committee - good to have a Bedlington representative there. If you are a member of the club you can use their hospitality room and they provide excellent sandwiches and home made cakes for free. Finally, congratulations to Maureen who did a good job judging at Three Counties. I hope she enjoyed her day. Enid

Thank you Enid, we are certainly one big bedlington family, it is always so exciting to meet someone in the street with a Bedlington. That is how I got into showing, Margaret Ingliss stopped me in the street in cheltenham when I was walking the dogs, we arranged to meet up and she persuaded me to show Fudge and Eric gave me my first lesson on how to trim a Bedlington. I just love the puppy flower pot photo perhaps you could persuade Tim to enter it our calendar competition.

And from Big Mo

Well hi there just a few words from the fishing team, we are back from our hols the weather was good but a little windy, thank goodness we missed the rain, there are twoDSCN0819 photo's one of Tony with the winning fish 11lb 6 oz, my best was 8lb, so well done to him the other picture is a present from Paula / Polly what a clever girl she is the picture is of Tipper who died a short time ago, Paula took about 20 pictures in 2002 she wanted a head study and she had kept them all this time, she is a talented artist it is so like Tipper it is amazing, look after yourselves and good luck with your showing. Big Mo

DSCN0818 Thank you Mo how fantastic to have two reporters in one day, I think a first for the blog, it certainly makes a fantastic Welsh News feature! Congratulations to Tony for winning the biggest fish, the look on Tony’s face in the photo says it all! Paula is certainly very talented what a beautiful picture of Tipper how lovely to receive such a special present. I am sure you will cherish it as it takes pride on the wall in your home! We all enjoyed the Three Counties Dog show the weather was fantastic and thank you for judging the breed in a positive but very friendly and relaxed manner. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

23 June 2009


Friday is Blackpool Championship Show. Does anyone know the Bedlington entry? We are not going as we are off to a UK agility two day show at Newbury this weekend. I think Norman and Sharon Ames are entered at Blackpool, so hopefully we will have some photos for the blog. Good luck to everyone entered.

Tuesday And Midland Day And We Say Hello To Donna

Last Saturday afternoon we took the dogs over the fields like we always do, having a great time watching Monty joining in. One minute Willow was by my side the next she had gone. We couldn't find her anywhere she had vanished into thin air. Two hours later I had to take Monty home and go and get the car and IMG_0196a spade, while Brian went with stuey to check the rabbit holes. I thought that it I would never see her again! Still nothing, I went back home again just to check the phone as she has got a tag on, there was a message!! '' Er we have your dog''. Well it turns out the ice cream man picked her up in his van she was walking down the road, he opened the door and she jumped in I could not believe it. He told us what a great temperament she had, and she was so hot he gave her a saucer of ice cream!! I felt awful about it but wasn't we lucky to get her back! until next time Donna

Thank you Donna, you must have been frantic, your mind must have been going over every possible horrid thing that might happen to her! You had better keep her on a tight lead next time you see an ice- cream van as she will be off after a vanilla sundae! A story with a happy ending thank goodness

Dog News: Woman killed by stampeding cattle                                                       

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Terrier Survives 100ft Cliff Fall

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Never Too Hot For A Bedlington
Summer has come to the Northeast, here we have Mark's Q sunbathing, I wonder how long he sat there before getting too hot?

22 June 2009

We Now Say Hello To Our Junior Handler Sarah

Here is my report for Monday : I am sorry I have not written a report for so long, it's just that Mum & Dad say I have to finish all my course work (form my exams) before I can write anything. Well we have had a fantastic three weeks with Rosie's first CC, Second in Open Bitch at the Midland & NewmSaraharket Open Show Yesterday. It was a bit gray to start with yesterday, but it turned out to be really hot and sunny, I have proof. We have not got the result so only Junior Handing news. Lilly & me were entered in the 12-16 class the judge was Ms Vanessa Cox. Only four of us braved the sun, it was well worth it though as Lilly & me were first. Then we went in to the challenge for Best Junior Handler in Show (of day two of the show), 6-11 against 12-16, and yet again the sun was shinning on us as Lilly & me were BJH of Day Two. We then had to go in for Supreme Best Junior Handler in Show (the winner from day one against the winner of day two), yet again the sun was shinning on us as Lilly & me went Supreme Best Junior Handler in Show. But, anyway, we all had a great day & a party to finish. I hope to see you all at Windsor on the 4th.Sarah, Lilly & Rosie.

Wow Sarah Supreme Best Junior Handler, that is fantastic we are all very proud of you. June has been a brilliant month for Pocoblu Bedlingtons, congratulations!

The Bedlington Marshall Crew In Hafran Forest.

Hello everyone,

Young Jazz and Sapphire have been rallying yet again this time to Hafran forrest where they helped there Uncle Ian a lot. this time we were a radio car so we were in touch with RJazzally HQ. So we knew what was going on the other stages as well as ours. In this picture you can see THE  BEDLINGTON  MARSHAL CREW , Jazz and Sapphire making sure that the cars go threw the water splash correctly ha ha !

Thank you   Ian, I love their special Marshall Jackets, definitely a must for these rally umpires!   It sounds like you really had a fun day, Jazz seems to very interested win watching the water splash!

Monday And We Hear From Our Junior Handler Victoria

On Tuesday we went to agility. Jack was very good at going over the jumps,through the tunnel and going up the see saw. My Dad took him to see if he would get any rats. Jack didn't get any buLPIC0272-1t decided to chase a rabbit instead, after that Jack had one eye on the door of the riding school! On Saturday my Dad clipped jack’s coat off for Windsor I hope he hasn't taken off too much! Here are some open shows we are entered in. Worthing and District Canine Society at the South of England Showground, we are in Post Graduate and the judge is Mr P Netherwood. On 19 July Kingston Canine Society at the South Of England Show Ground. On 25 July we are in Post Graduate our judge  is Shelly Warrel and AV Terrier Special Beginners judged  by Mr Stuart Yearly! We are at Kent County Canine Association at Lcckmeadow Market Hall, we are in AVNSC Terrier with Mrs J Singh judging on 23 August. Sept 6th  London Terrier at Lockmeadow  Market Hall. We are in Post Graduate with Mr A Hunt as our the judge

See you all at Windsor. Love Victoria and jack Bojangles.

Thank you Victoria, gosh you have a full calendar of shows this summer, go and have fun with Jack and come home and tell us all about it. Less than two weeks until Windsor and see you there! 

21 June 2009

Vic Granger Limited Print Working Bedlingtons

!BU1Uk)QB2k~$(KGrHgoH-CYEjlLl9odTBKPkgyRLKw~~_1David Bruce asked me to put a link to this lovely limited edition print of working bedlingtons for sale on Ebay.

Click here

Stop Press: Gene Wins Best Puppy In Show

Genie (Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook) has just won best puppy in show at Southampton this evening. Congratulations to Stuart and and Angela Yearley!

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia In The USA

Good sunny Sunday to you all,
We have been in some hot and humid weather here in Ocracoke (typical this time of year), but this morning there is a bit of a northwest wind and the humidity isn't too bad, so the girls are enjoying a bit of time on the deck. The cat has been walking the deck rail tormenting AmStorey_in_her_deck_chair_(2)elia, she can't seem to leave him alone. I think she wants to play with him the way the indoor cat plays, but Simon is NOT a cat that plays with the dogs....she is going to get swatted really good from him one day & I fear that not even that will deter her. Amelia and Storey decided this week, while we were all on the deck....me reading, to eat the cilantro I have been growing. I was sitting in my chair reading and they came up to me to lick my face & I smelled something....CILANTRO breath!!! When I checked my plant all the leaves were gone & now I just have stems sticking out of the pot. I have been having a hard time with this plant to start with, so my hopes of it coming back are slim. They haven't touched anything else... We are having a visitor for a few days, Chris's Dad is coming. He will drive the dogs crazy!! He isn't very good with animals, cats or dogs, and all he keeps doing is making noises at the dogs to get them to come to him. I think they think he is crazy, as they have never seen a human act this way, so they stay away. He has not met Storey or Amelia, so we will see how that goes. They are both attention hogs, so they will probably be all over him. Business is good here, a lot of families on vacation. It is hard to believe 4th of July is in just 2 weeks....that means the season is 1/2 over....4th of July is American Independence Day and I don't know about anywhere else, but it is like a carnival here for that weekend....crazy, over the top party people!! It is just hard to believe that is is almost here already....Everyone have a great week. Until next Sunday.....

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)Living the dream and making the magic happen!

Thank You Tricia, do hope Chris’s Dad gets used to the girls, it must be hard if you are not used to dogs let alone living with a pack of dogs and a cat! The longest day and as from tomorrow the nights will be drawing in once again! As you say Summer does not seem to really have arrived. Wimbledon tennis starts here tomorrow and the weather forecast is excellent, there will lots glued to their televisions over the next fortnight, watching tennis is addictive and so exciting. On an another exciting note Diesel went to visit Harry (Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW ShCM) today and hopefully we have little paws in August, it is three years since we had babies here so I am really looking forward to the patter of tiny paws. I love the photo of Storey she looks like a little queen sitting in her deck chair. After such a dreadful ordeal in her last home she certainly is now happy, settled and a very pretty little girl. Do you hear how any of the other rescue bedlingtons are doing? Don’t work too hard and look forward to your report next week

Dog News….Regulation of Electronic Collars - Does Australia Have The Right Approach?

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Two Peas In A Pod

011 016

T & Misty met up tonight, they really enjoyed themselves, they are very similar. cheers, Mark

They certainly do Mark, two lovely boys!

20 June 2009

Our Dogs Newsletter

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Calendar Photo Competition.

Please remember to include a caption with your photo entry. Several photos came through yesterday without captions. When voting takes place we need to identify each photo by the caption. We now have 113 photos entered and they can all be viewed on the BTA website or from the blog link in the index column. Enter as many times as you like for just £1 per photo, to be paid by the end of July. There will be 16 photo winners ( 15 months) with the top winning photo for the cover. Each winner will receive a free calendar as a prize. You will get a chance to vote for your favourite photo. Voting will take place over the first 7 days in August. Please make cheques for your entry to the Bedlington Terrier Association and sent to me. Mrs L Caines, Garroulds, Sutton Under Brailes, Banbury ,Oxon Ox15 5BH by the closing date July 31st. If you send me prints please include a stamped addressed envelope if you wish them returned.

We have some fantastic photos so many thanks to those of you who have already entered. The proceeds once again to Bedlington Rescue, Health and Re-homing. This year’s calendar competition and sales raised over £1,100 which is fantastic. As promised there will be a report about the dogs that this year’s calendar money has helped.

Puppy Request

I have had an inquiry from a lady looking for a bitch puppy, she is living in Italy and is coming to the UK in July. If you have a bitch pup available contact me and I will pass on her email address.

Millie Maddie  And Mabel Go Boating

We haven’t been on the blog for a while as we’re all away on the Norfolk Broads at the moment with Lesley & Mike and their Beddie, Maddie.  We’re moored up in Norwich right now, which is how I’ve managed to get a stable enough internet connection to send you an email!16062009077                                                                                       The weather has been very kind to us, and we’re all having a very happy and relaxing time.  I’ve attached a photo of myself and the girls on our first afternoon on the water – we put them in their little lifejackets until we were sure they could be trusted not to chase each other right off the edge of the boat! 

Little Mabel has proved the real old sea dog of the three girls, and is not at all bothered by life on the water.  Millie is a little more cautious, and does seem to breathe a sigh of relief when we’re back on dry land, as does Maddie, who doesn’t like the sound of the engine one little bit!

Thanks Sue and Lisa, I bet you get a lot of comments from passers by when they see three bedlingtons on the deck in life jackets! Have a great time and bring back lots of photos.

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

I'm now officially on holiday from work for two whole weeks. I'm hoping that the good weather will return, as its a bit wet here at the moment. The dogs don't think much of it eithersnizort_sunset2_lge, they hate getting their wee feet wet. I have visitors next weekend, but apart from that I'll decide each day what I'm going to do with the free time.

I'm sure it will involve a bit of photography, dog walking and avoidance of the dreaded midge. I've bought a midge jacket, and had to wear it for the first time last weekend when I shot the enclosed sunset pic. I must've looked like a terrorist with it on! Still, it does the job better than all the creams, sprays and lotions.      Marie

Thanks Marie enjoy you time off the weather forecast is really good for next week, great with Wimbledon starting Monday. I think we would all like to see a photo of you in your midge jacket, I have never seen or heard of a midge jacket before!

19 June 2009

Northeast Meet Reminder

The next North East Bedlington Meet, which will take place at the old school in Toronto nr. Bishop Auckland on Sunday 28th June from 10.00 to 13.00.

This Week’s Breed Notes From “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

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Happy First Birthday To Misty

This is Misty taken on his 1st Birthday outing over at Harrop Tarn in the Lake District as you can see he has grown into the most gorgeous little boy. He is an absolute joy to own and would like Harrop_Tarn_2nd_May_(47)to thank Mark for allowing us both the honour & pleasure of sharing our lives with such a wonderful little star.


Thank you Linda for the photos. happy birthday to Misty he has certainly grown up into a most handsome young man!

Friday And We Say Hello To Ed And Becs In The Southeast

Hi everyone! This is a photo of Ralphie and Leo looking for mischief last Friday. We've had quite a quiet week this week. Ralphie did well at our training class managing to do a down stay while the teacher bounced a very tempting football up and down the h!cid_CE9DB66A-0DDB-40BB-AFFE-220FC8B0052Fall!  However he failed pretty miserably at leaving a plate left on the floor ( there wasn't even any food on it ! ) . We did some outside work as the evenings are so light at the moment but Ralphie was mainly looking for cats with his friend a springer spaniel. One of the other dogs in the class is having to work really hard to overcome a fear of the dark , caused by some yobs throwing fireworks in his direction during an evening walk . There are so many complete idiots around . On a lighter note with lots of people out and about off on trips and holidays, we've found a nice place to stop for a break 10 mins from the M25 J9 . Polesdon Lacey is a National Trust property well known for it's roses but it is also really dog friendly with nice walks and a courtyard cafe, much better than the services ( but you do have to pay and display in the car park unless you're an NT member .   ) . Have a nice weekend ! Love from Ed , Rebecca and Ralphie x

Thank you Ed and Becs, ah, Ralphie likes his food!  You can train him to leave the plate by making him wait when you put his food down at home. I put all the dishes down and command the dogs to “leave” until I give the command “eat”!  If you practise this at home it should also work at class. Polesdon Lacey sounds a great retreat from the M25! Do hope Pat is on the mend and we will see photos of her out with the dogs vey soon.

18 June 2009

Positive Training: Teaching a Dog To Walk Nicely on a Lead

I thought this clip may be of some help to our puppy and new bedlington owners,

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Our Dogs Newsletter


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Northeast Events



18 class show,

Judging will start at 11.00am, Show opens at 10.00am –
Tea/Coffee and Bacon Butties available prior to start of judging.
Refreshments will be available all day, and Bedlington memorabilia for sale.
Visitors welcome, dogs not entered for the show, MUST be entered -NOT FOR COMPETITON. PUPPIES UNDER 6 MONTHS OF AGE ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHIN THE PRECINTS OF THE SHOW.  SCHEDULES and Entry forms are now available
from the secretary
Email: nat.bedlington@blueyonder.co.uk or
download from www.arenaprint.co.uk

Attention all in the North East, get yer sen to the BTFC with your bedlingtons & join in the fun, tell Dave Mark sent you !!

Bedlington Terrier Football Club
Bank Holiday Sunday 30th August 2009 .
Club Secretary Dave Collop will be doing a 10 hour sponsored walk around the pitch to raise money for the club and The Bedlington Terrier Rescue Group(North East Branch). We are looking for sponsors to sponsor Dave at so much a lap or for the full time.
In conjunction with this a sweepstake will be run with a £50 prize to the person who guesses the number of laps that will be completed in the 10 hours. Please see any club official or player to sponsor Dave.
In conjunction with this there will be numerous activities at the Ground on that day making a great day out. For details please telephone 07853052450 or email davidcollop@hotmail.com

"Please support David in his challenge, part of the proceeds will go to the National Bedlington Rescue Group".

cheers, Mark

Thursday And We Hear From Mel For Today’s Northeast Natter

Hi ya, I'm afraid you stuck with me this week as Julie has gone away for a few days to the lakes.(Lucky Julie!) Whisper and Piper have been left in the safe hands of their aunty Sam!! (Lucky Whisper and Piper) lol!! I'd just like to say before i start well dosigyn_proff2-1ne everyone at Three Counties! Well I’ve had a hectic weekend this week with the Midland champ show with Bedlingtons on Saturday and North Yorkshire county agricultural show on Sunday with the ferrets!! On both days we were blessed with glorious sunshine, Saturday was a great day having been able to catch up with everybody as I don't get to many champ shows and I am very pleased with Loki's 4th in Limit dog and 3rd in open stakes class. Well done to everybody who won especially Enid and Ecco and Viv with Bonnie and not forgetting Stuart with little Genie! It was nice to be there to see them win for once!! The photos on the blog by Jon of the day were fantastic as always, I'm sure I can say a great had by all! On Sunday I had just as good day taking 10 ferrets and coming with back with 9 prizes, 4 = 1sts, 2 =2nds, 3= 3rds and with Evan and his ferret Fifi winning best young handler! (Bless him he's only two!) What more could I ask for from a weekend. Now were back to reality the sun has gone and the rain has returned hopefully the sun will appear again for this weekend. My next show isn't till 4th July at Eston and Barnaby and 5th July at Lanchester yet another busy weekend that will be for me!!!!!!!! Today is my 4th Wedding anniversary so going for a slap up meal tonight so going to go and start getting ready, bye for now Mel x The picture have enclosed is one I had taken two weeks ago of Sigyn at 6 and a half months!

Thanks Mel, last weekend was certainly one for you to remember coming home with so many prizes.. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary have a lovely evening. What a super photo of Sigyn, she is so beautifully groomed!

17 June 2009

New Bedlington Forum (Bedlington Banter)

A new direct link to the forum can be accessed in the index column under “ Sites Of Interest”

There is also a direct link to Billy’s “Alternative Bedlington” blog.

Wednesday And Today We Have Welsh Wafflings From Paula

With all the lovely weather we’ve had lately the dogs have taken to practically living in the garden, they love the sunshine and sunbathe until they can barely stand then stagger into the cool of the house and throw themselves on the cool floor. Then as soon as they have recovered it’s back out for another session. They’ve aLola_18_weeks05-08-08_016lways done this so I thought nothing of it that they were refusing to come in. Then I realised that they were paying a lot of attention to the fence between ours and the neighbours’ garden. Scrabbling at times trying to get in there – very unusual. So I mentioned it to the neighbour and asked if they could think of a reason. THEY HAVE A RABBIT! which they leave out in the garden while they are at work. I’ve now heard it scrabbling the other side of the fence and just hope it doesn’t nibble it’s way through. Ours can’t dig through as the gardens are different levels and theirs is concrete (poor bun) so the dogs would have to dig up through concrete. Wanting to deter the dogs from obsessing about the rabbit I decided that a little water might help as they all look innocent as soon as we go into the garden – “Rabbit? what Rabbit would that be then – you mean there’s a rabbit in there? “ - So I got Finn’s supersoaker – it’s quite small and not very efficient but it might do the trick – and stood in the bathroom, in the bath with the top fan light of the window open ready to fire and hopefully put them off trying to dig through. I was there for ages hardly daring to breathe or move and give the game away, not easy when you’re no taller than a bar of soap and can barely reach to see out. No sign of the dogs. Then after about 20 minutes I heard a tiny sound behind me. It was Piper, giving me a look that clearly said “Do you really think we’re that stupid? “ Bernard and Finn think it’s highly hilarious that the dogs are yet again one step ahead. I blame Kevin – all the dogs of his breeding have got way too much going on between their ears.

Oh Paula how funny, I can just imagine you in the bathroom standing in the bath and Piper watching you from behind!! I really laughed reading this, it certainly made me laugh on what is a horrid afternoon here in Oxfordshire!

Rescue Update

Sadly I have just heard from Trudie that Griffin the 7 year old Bedlington at “Chilterns Dog Rescue” has been put to sleep due to a serious medical condition.

Also I have had an inquiry for a rescue, or a bedlington that needs re-homing (at least 18 months old) for an active pensioner whose much loved bedlington has recently passed away. If you can help please email me.

Now Is The Time To Enter The Photo Competition



We are still 70 photos less that last year’s entry so now is the time to search through you photos and send in an entry. If you can’t email me your entry just send the prints to me by post (with a stamped address envelope if you want them returned). All calendar sale proceeds will go to Bedlington rescue, welfare and re-homing. Please send prints with a cheque for £1 per photo made out to the Bedlington  Terrier Association to :  Mrs L Caines,  Garroulds, Sutton Under Brailes Banbury Oxon OX15 5BH. The competition closes July 31st, and the entry money for all emailed photos  must be paid by the closing date.   I would like to thank everyone who has entered so far, there are some fantastic photos already and I am looking forward to receiving lots more entries over the next few weeks. 

Wednesday News

Pedigree: Good, Honest Food (at £7m) But Will YOU Feed it Now?

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BARF for Behaviour: Is Your Dog’s Diet Leading Them to Misbehave

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16 June 2009

Photos From Today At Three Counties Championship Show

As there were no CC’s on offer at this show just 16 bedlingtons were judged today by Mrs Maureen Wright.

DSC_3929 Best of Breed Tina with Wudrusjuk Work Of Art


Trudie had a wonderful day with her girls. Tasmine was 5th out of 12 in the Special Yearling Stakes class. Tasmine was the only terrier to be placed! Tasmine went on to be awarded 3rd place in the Pet Plan Junior Stakes out of 22 entered. Not to be out done Tiffanie was awarded 4th place in the Special beginner’s Stakes.What a great day for the Tobanie Bedlingtons!

Many congratulations to all of today’s winners. 

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Hefin With Vera And Zac

!cid_X_MA1_1245143921@aolThis has to be the last photo of Zac which was taken by David Paton at the Fun Day. A happy photo that Vera and Madeline will always cherish! 

Three Counties Championship Show

BOB Mr T & Mrs K C Welsh, Wudrusjuk Work Of Art

Reserve Best Of Breed Mr & Mrs D Owen, Bisbee Blue Max

Best Puppy Mr S & Mrs A Yearley, Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook

Congratulations to the winners, photos on later.

We Say Hello To Jane From The Midlands

Hello from the Midlands. I don,t know about anyone else but I am sooooooooooo looking forward to our first holiday of 2009. We shall be off to Southwold before long and I can’t wait. If the beddies were aware the trip was imminent they would be like any other children constantly wanting to know just how much longer before we go. It is every inch as much their holiday as ours and their sheePicture_069r joy when we arrive by the sea is wonderful to behold. Nesta in particular loves the sea, being totally fearless, despite her tiny stature. Her other great love, (and ours!|) the Lord Nelson pub is shown in the photo. Fish and chips with a pint of Adnams is heaven on earth. I must confess to being a little concerned about Delphi our old girl and how she will cope with the strange surroundings, far better than I give her credit for I’m sure. We usually see at least a couple of other beddies, Digby who’s owner runs the wonderful Dennys and a little liver girl who has a holiday home in Southwold, lucky pup! It will be great to see our friends Darren, (the fisherman) and Carol his wife at the Sole Bay Fish Company, lunch at their seafood restaurant is a highlight of the week. The kids always enjoy a visit to my parents, Trevor and I having no children ourselves, the beddies are as near as grand children as they have and are treated as so.  So where ever you may be spending your summer, home or away may the sun shine and the skies be blue.And don’t forget don’t eat starfish or seaweed and drinking the sea makes you sick!    Til the next time, Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, have a lovely holiday, I have never been to Southwold but will certainly put it on my must visit list. Both Jon and I eat a lot of fish and we would love to try the seafood restaurant. Don’t forget your camera!