31 July 2009

Twinkle saw this mouse and even though the creature long disappeared down a hole, she never gave up! I'm sure that if I went back to the same spot she would still be after it even now!

Thank you Stewart she must definitely knows the difference between a ferret and a mouse! For those of you who don't know Twinkle she shares her bed with Mr Big her best friend the ferret.

Dog News: Today’s Breed Notes From “Dog World”, By Viv Rainsbury

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006_small_pic This is just a lovely photo of Viv’s Whippets Krystal the puppy and Bee who is 13. I feel sleepy just looking at this photo.

Dog News: Candle-Lit Vigils Held For Deathrow Dog Bruce:

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Friday And We Say Good Morning To Ed, Becs, and Ralphie.

It's been an unsettled week here, summer one minute then winter the next. The combine harvesters have been busy gathering the wheat in the fields round by us, making a nice sweet smell in the air. It has been quite warm though and the sea must be w!cid_7A453DC2-609E-458F-A6CA-7DF0803CF609arming up as Ralphie seems to be getting a taste for paddling! It could be quite a while before he plucks up the courage to go for a swim.... He's going in up to his knees to fetch a tennis ball, but he's still an amateur compared to the gun dogs we see diving straight in. Ralphie still won't go out in the rain for a wee, so he must be a proper Bedlington! Hope everyone has a nice weekend, whether showing or just enjoying the great British summer! Love Ed, Rebecca and Ralphie .

Thank you Ed and Becs, well at least he goes in up to his knees. I had to laugh at Scooter pup in the pool, he hated the water at fist and now leaps in to retrieve toys and loves every minute at the pool. And of course Kevin’s dogs are natural swimmers even in the very cold lakes in Wales! Keeping on the water theme, I had photos sent to me for the competition yesterday of a bedlington named “Mop”, what a great name for a puppy!

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30 July 2009

Saturday August 1st The National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show

18 class show,
Judging will start at 11.00am,
Show opens at 10.00am –

Tune in on the blog for dog classes results lunchtime!

Sunday August 2nd Bedlington Classes at The East of England Show at Newmarket

10 entered on Sunday to be judged by Christine Worrall (Bluesmurf) ( Shelly's Mum)



I  found this while looking for something totally different on net. I got mine yesterday and I wasn't disappointed  its beautiful! Mel

Click Here

Thank you Mel this little guy has such a cute face!

Just a note

To say thanks to Mark Walshaw, Marie and Sarah Hailwood  who sent me cheques today for their entry into the photo competition. Also many thanks to those who sent in a a donation. The competition closes midnight Friday, blog on Saturday with details of  how to vote for you favourite 3 photos. Remember everyone can vote you do not have to have entered the competition. It is going to be exciting, but very hard to choose just three photos.!

Congratulations To Big Mo

Just heard Maureen’s daughter Linda who lives in South Island In NZ has just given birth to a baby girl. She weighed at 8lbs at birth, both , mum and daughter are both fine! 

We say Hello To Agatha In Devon

PICT0006 Do I have to go out there in the rain!

Agatha usually loves her morning walk, but as you can see from the attached photo she is clearly thinking: "Well Mum, if you are daft enough to want to get cold and wet out there, you can go on your own.  I'm staying where I am, so just go away and leave me to snooze in peace!"  Louise

Many thanks to Louise who sent me this adorable photo yesterday. I think Agatha was not the only bedlington hiding under a duvet yesterday morning!

I want to thank Louise who will be taking some  photos for the blog  at  Paignton Championship show next week and to Karen Hoaksey who will snap away at the NBTC Champ Show on Saturday. Hopefully we will be at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show!

News From Sweden

I just like to send you some wonderful (for me...) news from Sweden. My male Oliver, Ch Isotop's Sprite had a wonderful day at the All Breed Show in Alfta, Sweden where he first became BOB, later when it start to rain he became Group 1 and finally when the rain was very heavy he was placed as BEST IN SHOW 2. What a day, I was so happy....and wet...ha ha.

At the same show his daughter Doris, Toolbox Lifestyle got a CC and became BOS, and his litter brother Isotop's Silver came 2nd best male with CC.

The first photo is of Isotop's Silver.

Isotop’s Silver





s Oliver winning Group 1 and I'm very VERY happy.

Oliver winning Group1





are when Oliver won Best In Show 2,

Oiver won Best In Show 2





 D BOB and BOS and the breedjudge Harto Stockmari from Finland.

BOB and BOS and the breed judge Harto Stockmari from Finland.




Thank You Malin and congratulations, what a wonderful day for the Isotops kennel. I expect you can’t stop smiling! Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful dogs. We love to have photos and news from our overseas friends. Many Congratulations from everyone here at bedlingtonpictures

Thursday And Not Raining! We say Hello This Morning To Julie With Her Northeast Natter

Good morning from the northeast hope you like the photos this is myself and Karen we nipped up to Marks on Monday night to see the pups who are so lush and reminded me so much of when i first went to see Piper as she was the same age as the girls.005

Only a short one from me this week the wedding was very nice and the weather was lovely. Nessie went home Saturday morning and Ben and Milly arrived on Sunday so very busy with four bedlingtons in the house. Whisper is top dog as soon as Ben walked in he submitted and they are now the best of friends. Piper and Milly just love each other,It’s hard work walking four dogs but I am getting the hang of it. Good luck and see you on Saturday at NBTC and have a safe journey Julie x


Thank you Julie. I bet it was very hard not to put one of these babies in your handbag and walk off! One of the girls is going to live with Kerry and her family in Kent, do hope she blogs on today to see her pup!

29 July 2009

I think Some Animals Like The rain!!

montypics_033Photo sent in by Donna, I wonder if they are still laying?

Blog News:

It has been a long time since we have heard from our regular bloggers Sue and Liza, I  was rather worried and put  a note on the blog  to see if anyone had heard from them but with no avail. This email has just come through!

So sorry that we haven’t been on the blog for such a long time.  I’m afraid Liza has been quite poorly for a while, so I haven’t been quite as internet obsessed as I usually am, haha!  Liza still isn’t too good, but hopefully we can get back to the blog on a regular basis soon. In the meantime, we did want to support the Calendar competition, so I’ll be sending you our entries after this email.  Please say hello to all our blog friends for us, we have missed keeping up to date and will hopefully be back soon.

Love from Sue, Liza, Millie & Mabel xx

We have all been worried as you are such great supporters of the blog, I am so sorry to hear Liza is still not well, hopefully Millie and Mabel have kept her smiling. Lots of love to you both and hopefully we see you back blogging on very soon xx

The BTA Championship Show Schedule

Schedules have been posted to all BTA members but I have been asked by several people who are not members, if  schedules are available. Jon has just uploaded the classes and entry from onto the BTA website, for a complete schedule with all the information please contact  the Hon Sec Mrs Jacqui Hurley. 

Click Here for BTA Entry Form

Click Here for BTA Show Classes

There is a lot of interest in the eye testing clinic taking place the same day, the application form can be downloaded from the website. 

Dog News: Shoppers Hurt In Town Centre Dog Fight terror

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Many thanks to Karen Button for the link.

Please Give Me A Home

Bedlington Bitch For Re- homing (Swindon Area) Contact Number 07758248055

I year old bitch for re-homing, this has just been sent to me by Karen Hoakesy. I have been on the website but can’t find the page where this lovely little girl is advertised. If anyone can find the link please email me.

Click HERE for details

Many thanks to Peter Kiernan for the link.


Mavis is still with Greyhound Gap, don't think she is ready for rehoming yet and Im not sure if they have found a forever home for her.

Thanks to Nik, Corrie and Molly for this information,

We Now Say Hello To Big Mo Who Has Just Retuned From A Week Away With The Bedlington Fishing Club

Hi there folks as you can see the weather was kind to us  I don't think we had one soaking. As you can see Tony Waller is looking well after his brief stay in hospital and its great for the other Tony to have his birthday away with friends, do you like his tee shirt that Tony aDSCN0836nd Sandra had made for him? It’s of the biggest fish, yes Tony won again, the other picture is of my dogs sun bathing I think it was time to turn over! They are so fussy they like there own blankets to sunbath on  they had a great time. They do like to go in the caravan they are on tender hooks when they see us loading, running around in great excitement. Hope everyone is well  and good luck with any shows that you are at. Big Mo.





Time to party!





The dogs spent the week sunbathing



DSCN0830 Tony’s  19lb 4oz winning fish

Thank you Mo I think you all had a wonderful time away, congratulations to Tony for  catching the biggest fish, and fantastic to see Tony Waller back to full health and enjoying his holiday. I don’t think I have ever seen a fish that big, he must have had a very strong line to haul that whooper into the net.

Wednesday And Welsh Wafflings From Wales And We Have Two Reports Today, First We Say Hello To Paula  

Not much to write about this week, Bernard's finishing the repairs on some violins so we aren't going anywhere interesting apart from Celtic Band one evening a week.  We've been mostly doing indoor stuff because the weather has been foul.  Finn's just come back in after 5 minutes outside on his bike DSCF3044and it's pouring down  - again!  I think we're growing flippers!
The dogs are hating this weather and it's not so much going for a walk with them as going for a drag, I daren't let them off the lead or they hightail it back home.   Even when it's dryer, they won't run about as the grass and ground is soaking and soggy.  In between bouts of playing all the dogs want to do is snuggle up as it's not very warm here - it's summer so the back door stays open unless the rain is actually coming in - we need some fresh air!     Lola likes to get right in between the other two, but they don't always want her DSCF3050to, so she has to sneak in slooowly.  I took the photos last Sunday when she was trying to get into a snuggle.   She stayed with her back end up for about 20 minutes before she managed to get where she wanted without the others grumbling about it.   Looking at the photos you'd think we only had the one vetbed, but there was another THREE in the room at the time.  They always seem to cram onto just one.  but as long as they're happy... Regards Paula

Thank you Paula, you wouldn’t think that Bedlingtons are working terriers !!!  But I bet if they saw a rabbit in the garden they would forget about the wet grass and rain and be off!  Getting mine to go out in the rain just before bed time is almost impossible!

28 July 2009

Home waiting!

I have had an inquiry from a family wanting  to offer a home to  an unwanted  Bedlington. They have spend the last two days trying to get through to  Meadowgreen about “Chester” but without much luck. The rescue centre have not returned their  calls or answered their emails! If you know of a bedlington that needs a home please contact me and I will pass on the details.

East Midland Canine Society are holding an open show on Thursday evening, 13th August at Stags Holt, March, Cambs.

It has bedlington classes, postal entries are finished now but you can enter online.

Click Here to enter

The more know, the more will turn up   Maria H

Thanks Maria

Today’s Dog News

      Death Row Dog, Bruce - BBC Radio Interview

      Click HERE

2010 Calendar Entries So far

Calendar Photos For 2010

Tuesday And Tina Time, News From The Midlands

Good morning bloggers, Well after a week away with Mo and Elwyn and Tony and Sandra and the dogs I have the usual huge pile of washing and the caravan to get cleaned ready for our next trip, the grass needs cutting again and the weeds are sprouting in a abundance and of course it's been raining! I'm looking forward to August when they say we're going to have a heat wave yippee!! The fishing went well with my Tony yet again landing the biggest fish at 19lbs-I'll have to start fishing the same pond as him and give hIMG_0937wedding2im some competition!  The dogs love to go away but like to be back home too-when we return they run round the garden sniffing at everything  and Colin cocks his leg on all the plants that have no doubt enjoyed a wee free week, Ellie rolls around in her bed as if she's missed it and Isla hoovers the floors to make sure there's not a crumb to be had then they usually snooze for a while before repeating it all-they are funny!IMG_0952wedding1

Good luck to everyone showing/competing this week. 'Till next time Tina.



Here's a few pics of the Bradford flat cart that the bride went to the church on.

Thanks Tina what a whopper of a fish, Tony must have had a very strong line to net that one! Congratulations to him. The cart looks fantastic, for those of you new to the blog Tony renovated the Bradford Cart especially for the wedding. What a fantastic photo of the bride and groom, they are really enjoying the ride.  

27 July 2009

We Now Say Hello To Sarah

After a long haul to Leeds and back we went to Kingston Canine Society Open Show on Saturday. We have been to The South of England Showground before, but I think we must of been so worn out from Leeds that we got lost! After ringing home and findBeanBaging out where it was we made it to the show. I could not believe that there were only two Bedlingtons entered! Victoria showed Jack in Post-Graduate and got first, well done. Rosie was entered in Open and came first. BOB went to Rosie & Victoria n' Jack won Reserve BOB, well done. I think a well done is in order for Shelly Worrall, she did a good job and hopefully we will see her judging again. Rosie n' me were also entered in a Junior Handling Class. There were thirteen entries with two absentees. Rosie n' me were Forth, the judge was a bit strange she was giving critiques in the ring even for the adults. Rosie then went in to group, it was the biggest Terrier Group we have ever been in. Rosie won Group Two, more Show Certificate of Merit points lol. We were also entered in Open Stakes, but I was so tired I was just falling asleep. We are back up north next weekend for the National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show and East of England Ladies Kennel Society on the way back.

Hope to see some of you there.Sarah, Lilly & Rosie.P.s Here is a picture of Rosie on her new been bag that Mum made.

Wow Sarah two very busy weekends good luck at the National and East of England. Well done to Shelley and we will look forward to seeing her judge again very soon. What a posh bean bag, mum should go into business making and selling these, Rosie looking so comfortable is the perfect advert.

Well Monday and it is once again pouring down this morning, but to cheer us up we say hello to our junior handler Victoria

Agility was cancelled this week as our instructors mum had been rushed into hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I have been practicing weave poles in the garden a lot this week and surprisingLPIC0786ly Jack has been very good. He doesn't usually do weave poles at home, but at classes jack is quite good.

on Saturday we went to Kingston District Canine Society Open Show. Sarah and Martin were there with Rosie. It was really nice to see them. The grass was quite long and wet so Jack was skipping about a bit. Our judge was Shelly Worrall, it was a shame that she came all the way down  to judge just 2 bedlingtons!We got first in post graduate and reserve BOB. Well done to Sarah who got BOB we didn't see Sarah in the group, but we had our fingers crossed on the way home, hoping that she did well. My Dad was itching to get away and watch the Tour de France! Good luck with any shows and puppies. Lots of love Victoria and Jack.

Thank you Victoria, this is the third open show I know of with three or less entered or turn up. There only 4 entered at Bouremouth and just 13 at Paignton where there are CC’s! We will be lucky to see Bedlington classes at these shows next year!   I am so pleased that Jack is doing well at agility, hopefully you will be able to compete with him soon at UK Agility and Kennel Club agility events.

26 July 2009

There is a 5 year old male Bedlington ( called Chester) at Meadowgreen Dog Rescue.

Click HERE for more detials

Meadowgreen is just nine miles south-east of Norwich near Loddon and opens between 11am and 3pm every day except Mondays.

Thank you to Barry and Mary for in information, let’s hope Chester is rehomed soon!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

This photo is entered into our competition, it has been sent in by Nina. Nina please can you email me!  

Play Fighting

069 076 Thanks to Mark for the photos, just look at the size of those teeth and strength of jaw, if they were not playing they could really hurt each other!

Results From Yesterday’s Cleveland Open Show


1st Walshaws - Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM.

2nd Laceys- Aireview Diamond Print (Best Puppy)

3rd Hoakseys - Aireview Little Princess


1st Walshaws - Janmark Alannora

2nd Laceys - Summer in the city Sh.CM

BOB was Janmark Blue Encounter JW Shcm, who also got shortlisted from 42 dogs for BIS (not judged on group system).

Well done to the Janmarks

25 July 2009

A New Bedlington Judge

DSC00023We welcome to the list of Bedlington Judges Shelley Worrall, who undertook her first appointment today. I don’t know which open show she was at, but well done Shelley! Thanks to Stuart Yearley for the photo. Stuart was judging other classes at the same show .


One proud pup at Leeds yesterday!


Thanks to Stuart for the photo

Saturday Dog News:

    Securing a healthy future for dogs

    Click Here

   Dog Bites: How to Treat and Prevent Them

   Click HERE

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

My visitors have gone, and although it was great having them here its also nice to get back to a normal routine. Briagha's rash is back on her stomach, but the grass has just been cut so I suspect that may be the cause. I'll try an antihistamine to see if it helps.The rabbits have been in the gardogsden practically every day this past week or two. Now if I say 'where's the rabbits?' the dogs both go and look out the window expectantly, but that's about as good as they get at hunting.

They then go out and run straight past the rabbits, or go in the wrong direction. At least its good exercise.

It is funny Marie how they love to chase if you say “rabbits” or “rats”! When I run Diesel at agility I say, “go get those dirty rats”, up goes her head and she puts on a spurt to get round the course that little bit quicker knocking off valuable seconds to the course time. Chelsea gets itchy rash in the summer and I bath her twice a week in Malaseb shampoo which seems to help.

24 July 2009

Leeds Championship Show Today
The Miteymidgets Breeders Team

Leeds Championship show photos by kind permission or Karen Hoaksey

Click Here

Judging for Best in Terrier Group Judge: Mr Ellis Hulme


Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook BEDLINGTON TERRIER – Bitch

3rd : 3078 VICKERS & PUNTER Messrs
Eskwyre A Fine Romance LAKELAND TERRIER – Bitch

4th : 3268 BREEZE Mrs S C
Salena Black Shadow SKYE TERRIER - Dog

STOP PRESS: Leeds Terrier Group

Genie is Placed second in the  terrier adult group this afternoon. There was no puppy group at thIs show.

Many congratulations to Stuart and Angela. 

BOB Leeds

leeds_champ_show_047 No Stopping Genie!

More photos from Karen later

Results From Today At Leeds

Puppy Dog - Hitchen's My Guy

Junior Dog - 1st Walshaw's Janmark Blue Encounter

2nd Birkhead's Cassenal Dream Maker

Limit dog - 1st Davies's Bla Skuggans Jack In The Box ( swed imp )

2nd Cumming's Blue Flame At Rocabec

3rd Owen's Bisbee Blue Max

Res Walshaw's Janmark Blue Encounter

Open Dog - 1st Davies's Ch Honeymist Miles High

2nd Garbutt's Ch Aireview Reprint

3rd Walshaw's Janmark Alannora

Puppy Bitch - 1st Yearly's Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook

2nd Davies's Honeymist Crazy Rhythm

3rd Horsewood's Aireview Special Print

Res Garbutts's Aireview Starprint

Junior Bitch - 1st Yearley's Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook

2nd Hoaksey's Aireview Little Princess

3rd King's Linbarick Queen Chiela At Frindleslane

Post Grad Bitch - 1st Bannister's Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove

2nd Hamilton's Rotherview Shear Magic

Limit Bitch - 1st Bannister's Miteymidgets Matilda

2nd Wharton-smith's Miteymwidgets Shooting Star

3rd Walter's Aireview Xmas Holly

res Owen's Bisbee Bobby Dazzler

vhc Gillies Rhicullen Ghillie's Lass

Open Bitch - 1st Taylor's Ch Swifstream Inkahoots With Uptnorth

2nd Cumming's Toffset Tribeca

3rd Davies's Honeymist Tease N Freeze

res Bannister's Miteymidgets Tetrarch

vhc Gillies Am Ch Rhicullen Amber Twilight Of Kyfo

Breeders competition Miteymidgets

Dog CC Davies with Bla Skuggans Jack In The Box

Bitch CC Yearley BOB Yearley

Many thanks to karen Hoaksey For the results

Today’s Breed Notes From Dog World By Viv Rainsbury

Click HERE

Stop Press

Genie wins Best Puppy And Best of Breed at Leeds this morning, more results later.

Friday And We Say Hello To Ed Becs And Ralphie

Hi everyone, here's Ralphie's Friday report . This is a photo of Ralphie demonstrating just how big a Bedlington gob can be! He used it to great effect at obedience this week where a new collie joined the class and put everyone off by staring. Ralphie defended his pack of three class mates by having a good bark at it and then keeping a careful eye on it for the rest of the lesson! We still m!cid_DFD1CC8F-123A-4173-B20C-E973F36AC43Aanaged to get a reward card for walking to heel in a figure of eight ! He's got three weeks holiday now , whoopee! We'll have to do some practise though , as we start Gold preparation when we get back. He can do all of the required tests but we'll have more problems with getting him to relax as the gold class is a different group of dogs. Have you noticed when dogs are nervous , or worried they don't like laying down, they will also scratch , yawn and look away a lot? Not much good for following commands!

We've been down on the beach a lot this week , Ralphie had a new frisbee to play with. If you can roll it on the hard sand it makes for a great game! There is a pack of shitzus that we meet there quite regularly and Ralphie gives them a lot of respect , then he teases them by getting them to chase him away and doing spins! We met up with Jack and Roy on Wednesday and had a nice walk on the cliff top and beach . Have a good weekend , love from, Ralphie , Rebecca and Ed xx

Thank you Ed and Becs, I know what you mean about looking away or scratching during training, it can be hard keeping a bedlington focused! You are so lucky having a beach to walk on, I think Parker has only ever been on a beach once in his life time!

Friday News

Good luck to everyone at Leeds today. Karen is going to watch and taking a camera so hopefully a few photos later on. Do let me know if you are entered at an open show this weekend.

Vigil For Deathrow Dog Gains Worldwide Attention

Click Here

23 July 2009

More Dog News

Call for vets to stop promoting early neutering

Click HERE

Dog News:

“Our Dogs” Newsletter

Click Here

A Beautiful Picture of a Princess and a Dog

Click Here

Paignton Championship show has an entry of only 13. This must the be the lowest bedlington ever entry for a show where CC’s are on offer. The cost of travelling to the south coast and the recession is biting hard in some parts of the UK . Saying this an entry of 70 at the NBTC is terrific !

Thursday And We Say Hello To Julie For A Northeast Natter.

Good morning from the Northeast and I been very busy this week I’m dog sitting my mum’s dog call Nessie who is a patterdale terrier crossed with a Dalmatian. She is settling in very well and is enjoying Whisper and Piper’s company,  we only get the odd grumble when Whisper tries to pinch her food. She is 11 now so she is  a lot slower than my two but goodness, she leave her hair everywhere, we crufts%202009%20009don't know how lucky we are have bedlingtons! I have to hoover twice a day to keep it under control. Next week Nessie goes home and my friend’s 2 bedlingtons Milly and Ben come to stay for 2 weeks, do you think i should start to charge lol ?

Ken brought me the DVD Marley And Me what a great film so true but I sobbed my heart out at the end.

Cleveland show on Saturday and I’m not able to go as my niece is getting married so think I better go. I would  rather be showing my dogs but you have to do the family thing and i have brought a very nice dress so good luck if you are showing at Leeds and good luck if anyone is showing at the weekend  Julie x

Thank you Julie, I think we are very lucky having dogs that don’t shed their hair, I hate to think what the state of our house would be like living with  5 dogs that shed! Enjoy your day at the wedding, the weather forecast for Saturday is promising.

22 July 2009

We Say Happy Birthday To Tony Welsh DSCN0819[3]

Today is Tony’s birthday, Tony and Tina, are away fishing with Big Mo and Elwyn,  I hope they are all having wonderful time and celebrating Tony’s special day. 

Wednesday And Today Welsh Wafflings From Enid.

It doesn't feel much like summer at the moment but we did manage to catch a few days of sunshine at Pembrey Country park. We stayed in the caravan Club site next door and can recommend it as one of the most dog friendly places to visit. The dogs had a great time running on Cefn Sidan Sands with miles of beach to explore. Hefin enjoyed the jets practising on the firing ranges just beyonIMG_2002d! We were stopped by a gentleman on our way to the beach one morning and he had two five year old Bedlingtons in the back of his car. He lived locally but the dogs were from Sheffield and their dad was Dalip Lord of the Rings. We spent ages chatting - as you do! There was also a couple of Bedlington Lurchers on site. In fact , I think there were more dogs than people there. Good news from Jetsway Captain Morgan's household - Jack's big sister gained a first class honours degree in Journalism and is one of the few people in her year to get a job. Tim and Julie won a trip of a lifetime to watch the last test match of the British Lions. They had a fabulous time in Johannesburg as guests of the sponsors and had seats in the hospitality suite where they met Gareth Edwards. The day afterwards they went out to one of the Townships where Tim was a dab hand atIMG_2022 tree planting. I'm looking forward to Thursday when Crispen - one of Fizz's puppies is going to visit on the way to Pembrokeshire for his holidays. I've been kept up to date with photo's ect. but  this is the first time for me to see him since he left. We are not able to go to Leeds so good luck to everyone on Friday.

Thank you Enid for all the news, what a win for Tim and Julie, they were treated like very special V I P’s, fantastic! I love the beach photo,  there can’t be many days when it has been warm enough to walk along the beach in just a T shirt. Good luck to everyone on Friday, I have not had any offers of photos but hopefully someone will take a photo of the Best of Breed for the blog.

21 July 2009

Dog News: “Our Dogs” Newsletter

Click HERE

I am pleased to announce that Angela and Stuart’s “Genie” Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook is TOP PUPPY so far this year (not just in Bedlingons or terriers) but all breeds. What fantastic news for Angela, Stuart and Sandra who bred Genie, congratulations to you all.

Click HERE to view the points

Calendar Photo  Up date:  NOW 204 Entries Just Amazing!

I’m busy doi’n nuthin !!…………..

Dog News:

DDA Confusion In Northern Ireland As Bruce Awaits His Fate On Deathrow

bruce  Click Here

Calendar Competition Update

I have just caught my first pink monster

Bottums up

Here are just two of the entries that came in yesterday, we have some fantastic photos, next year’s calendar is going to be the best yet. Yesterday’s  photos has brought the entry to an AMAZING 201 PHOTOS  and still 11days until the competition closes! Everyone will be able to vote for  two photos they would like to see in the calendar. It is going to be so hard as so many deserve to win. Do go to the blog index column   click on “BTA Calendar Entries” and see just how difficult it is going to be to choose just two photos! There is still time to enter by email or post, please make sure you send in the entry money of £1 per photo by the closing date. If the entry money for a winning photo has not been paid it will not be included. For more details on the competition click HERE

20 July 2009

Blog News

The sun is shinning which is great but unfortunately the beech hedge needs cutting, so no excuse, this is the one job I hate, luckily its only once a year. Before I go out to tackle it I would just like to say how nice it was to see Jennifer Lacey with Esmay yesterday. Jen please DSC_4248email me as Jon took lots of photos and I will send them to you. It was a very poor turnout yesterday at the open shows with just three at Evesham (a big show with over 400 classes) and just two bedlingtons exhibited at Worthing. Next weekend is Leeds, we are not entered but if someone could take a photo of the winners that would be great.




Changing the subject we have not heard from Sue and Liza with Millie and Mabel for several weeks. Sue and Liza are fantastic photographers and they have not entered the BTA photo competition. I just hope they are OK? Billy sent me a photo of Mini yesterday, she is looking fantastic, this little dog has been very poorly with a terrible rare skin condition that proved difficult to treat. It is great to see Mini back to full health .


IMG_0175-1 Mille and Mabel

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria Our Junior Handler

On Tuesday we went to agility, we haven't been for a few weeks as it was delayed because of the heat. Jack was really good.he went over the jumps really fast and his tail wouldn't stop wagging! Jack even went through the weave poles with out me having LPIC0768to call him, stop and direct him through every pole!

on Sunday we went to Worthing and District open show which had bedlington classes (very rare for an open show in the south)we were in post graduate dog.in total 5 bedlingtons had registered for the show but only 2 turned up (me with jack and Stuart Yearly with Genie).I got first in my class and reserve best of breed! Well done to Genie,as usual she was gorgeous and a well deserved winner. Good luck with any shows lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles

Thank you Victoria Jack really seems to be enjoying his agility, a break from training is good as it maintains enthusiasm! Training a little and not to often works well with bedlingtons. Well done for yesterday Jack looks fantastic in the photo he has matured into a lovely looking dog.

19 July 2009

What A Day For Mel And all The Family

Today we went to Sneaton and Hawsker agricultural show with 9 ferrets and two bedlingtons in tow! We didn't really want to go as the rain was really heavy yesterday and again this mfifiorning so we wrapped up warm and braved the elements. The judging for the ferrets started at 10 am and our results were fantastic we wiped the board clean coming home with 5-1sts, 3-2nds,1-3rd then BIS, RBIS, Best young ferret, and Evan winning Best child's ferret too! There was an entry of 56 so it was a big entry, We have been showing ferrets now for 9 years and have near done this ever before it was unbelievable! Then the sun came out and we entered the exemption dog show with Sigyn and our luck just kept on going we won BIS and BPIS!!!! I have had excellent day and have rosettes, prize money and two bags dog dog food to prove it! So today the rain didn't stop play!!!! sigyn%20proffThe pic i have enclosed of the ferret is Fifi, Evans ferret! Mel

Wow Mel fantastic how did you manage to carry all the rosettes and prizes back to the car? Certainly a day to remember! Well done and congratulations

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia On Oracoke Island.

We all woke to a cloudy and rainy morning, which is a good thing.  We have needed rain for a long time.  I got drenched Friday night on my bike ride home from work as it was a torrential downpour which lasted all night....the garden is going crazy!!  Of course my girls aren't a fan of rain, you would think they were made out of spun sugar & would melt if any rain got on them.  Willo you literally have to drag out the door!  They are all ready for another groom...after the family leaves on 1 Aug. they will be doing time on the grooming table.  Some overnight guests we had for a couple of days kept the girls busy in the "I need attention" department....poor things they are so neglected.  Life has been pretty quiet here, just work and dog time....next weekend when the fam gets here that will all change!  The girls will not get a moments peace!

Thanks Tricia I think you have sent the rain here too, we have had some real tropical very heavy rain showers  and it is quite chilly, I have spent the weekend in rain jackets and waterproof trousers!

MMMMMMMMMM, I  Like A Slice Of That Blog Pie!

Hefin would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. He didn't have a pork pie because I made summer pudding from the fruit in the garden. What do you think of the party hat?  Enid xx



Is that a candle in the middle of a cake hat Enid?