31 August 2009

Stone wins at Builth Wells


100_2180_800x600Many thanks to Sue Hogan who just emailed the photos. Stone just 18 months is KC registered from Granitor/ Plashett  breeding.  Congratulations Sue he certainly got the makings of a terrific working bedlington!  

A Letter From Sue Hogan

We Haven't been in touch with you for some time, but we are regular visitors to your site (keep up the good work). Just wondered what happened to Moor Green this year, I know Billy was supposed to be judging.

Since I last emailed you Slate had 3 pups to Stone (thanks Billy for putting him on your site winner at Builth Wells. He is KC registered and is out of a Granitor bitch by Plashett Tod. Although 18 months old he is still very dark but standing at 14" is starting to become a great little worker above and below ground.) Congratulations on getting through to Crufts with Miss Pie. We kept one of the pups Storm, she won the puppy class at Builth Wells her brother came 2nd and her other sister was just out of the rosettes.

Well that it for our showing this year but we will be keeping up to date on what is happening in the Bedlington world through yours and Billy's site. Best wishes Sue Hogan

Thanks Sue congratulations on your pups and well done at Builth Wells. Perhaps Billy could reply to you in the comments box on Moor Green. If you have any photos, we we would all love to see some photos of “Slate” and “Stone”  on the blog. 

Monday And We Hear From Young Victoria And Jack

Sandra and Norman Hyde have kindly sent us some more pictures of the puppies. We are all very excited because on Saturday we are going to see them! This will be my first time seeing very young puppies and I cant wait! There is STILL a little boy going from the litter. We are getting Jack ready for next Sunday when we are going to London Terrier Open Show at Lock Meadow Market Maidstone. After that our next show is Richmond. Hope to see some of you there. My dad has had some nice phone calls from Jamie and Kerry Zanelli and it seems that their new puppy “Iris” is settling in very well. Good luck with any puppies and shows

LPIC0851 Here is a photo of jack in the water on holiday. Love victoria and Jack

Thank you Victoria, how exciting to be seeing your puppy, it won’t be long before you have two dogs in the show ring! Do take your camera with you, we will all look forward to seeing you new little girl on the blog next week.  

Dog News: Variety of dogs' coats explained


Cathryn Mellersh, a geneticist from the Animal Health Trust in Suffolk, UK said: "This study is important because it proves a principle.

Full Story Click HERE

30 August 2009

Miss Pie Looking Good Today!


Miss Pie looking good at SKC this morning, her first prize means she qualifies for Crufts next March, well done Billy. Thanks to Billy for the photo.

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia On Oracoke Island USA

Good afternoon everyone. First I want to say congratulations to Shirley and Stewart on their wins this morning. It looks like Genie is a real star. And of course congratulations to Diesel and Lesley on that beautiful litter of puppies. Here in Ocracoke the weather has been hot and humid and will continue to be such probably until the end of October. The last 2 weeks ends we have had tropical systems move up the coast....and we got no rain from either Storey_on_deck_stepsone! Lots of huge surf, they chased away the tourists but brought in a ton of surfers & washed out the road....again. Tomorrow we start the grooming process...I will start by doing, tummies, tails. faces and feet....then each day before I go to work each one will have the clippers run over them..I am hesitant to take their coat off because I am afraid the mosquitoes will really eat them up! Now they have so much hair on all the places they are supposed to be bald I think if protects them from the bugs. I can't remember the mosquitoes being this bad for this long....miserable . I think all the rain you all have been having is a result of the storms that have gone up the coast here & then turn NE to go across the Atlantic....they go as far north as the Canadian maritime and then off the you guys!
Time of get off and do my chores and get my day going...it 9:45 am here....

Thanks Tricia, would you believe it is raining here and very cool, Jon actually asked me when the clocks go back! It is not until the end of October but you wouldn’t think so with the weather here today! I think you are wise keeping a longer coat on the girls, shaved skin must be a magnet for blood sucking type insects! I love the photo of Storey on the steps she looks amazing after having such a bad start in life, what a beautiful little girl!

SKC Results







Best Breeder
Ms S E & Mr M D Baldwin

Click HERE for class results ( Click on SKC, Terrier then Bedlington)

Well done to all the winners

Show Results

Salisbury And South Wilts Canine Association

Stuart and Genie and Ch Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook JW win Best AVNSC and Terrier Group 1 this morning, waiting now for Best In Show

SKC Congratulations to Shirley Davies and Honeymist won BOB and Reserve BOB in Scotland this morning. Full results later.

29 August 2009

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

Congratulations on Diesels new litter of puppies, they are adorable. It doesn't seem that long since we were all awaiting collection of Briagha, Lily, Billybob, Leo and Anija. Now we have several new puppies on the blog.CodyBriagha

The weather continues to be awful up here, I'm hoping September is going to be better. Oh I spotted Scruffy the Bedlington last weekend. He lives on Skye and his young owner Jack was out walking him in Portree. I haven’t seen him since he was weeks old, and he is now 15 months old. He was walking in that typical Bedlington gait and that's what caught my eye, so I stopped the car to have a chat. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me, maybe next time! Marie

Thank you Marie, there a lot of new puppies about, I think next spring is going to see a rise of entries in the puppy classes. Have a lovely weekend the forecast is promising.

Welsh Kennel Club

Jon  was not at the show last weekend so not many photos were taken. 

For Best Bitch

Line up for Best Bitch

For_Best_of_Breed 1

Peter and Stuart for Best Of Breed


The Miteymidgets Breeders team

Thanks to Derek Owen for the above photos, good luck to everyone  tomorrow at the Scottish Kennel Club Show.

28 August 2009

We Have New Bedlington Family To The Blog!  

This is a photo of our 4 BedlingtoSummer_07_779ns, Snoopy who is now 15, Holly who sadly died last September, aged 13, Holly and Snoopy's daughter Pumpkin who is 12, and the latest addition to the family Co Co who is 3, she is more clown than Chanel! 

Many thanks to Suzanne Bellis who sent me this photo of her lovely Bedlington family. I think they are all quite excited as  Diesel’s blue boy puppy will be joining them in October. I think he is going to be thoroughly spoilt!

This Week’s Breed Notes From “Dog World” By Viv Rainsbury

Click Here

Friday Bright And Sunny, Today We Hear From Ed & Becs In The Southeast !cid_8F3FBE05-B4C2-4ABF-AAB8-77DEA5C887F5

Hi everyone! We had a busy time last weekend when family came to stay, so Ralphie got a lot of attention and some nice walks. He was a bit confused on Monday when it was just the three of us again, how boring! We had a walk with Roy and Jack earlier in the week, the boys have to make the most of the peace and quiet before the little girl pup arrives at Jack’s house. It's been booster vaccination day this week, the vet's waiting room has got to be Ralphie's least favourite place in the whole world. He hid under the chair and refused to say hello to the nurse. He didn't even notice the actual injection, though he looks a bit under the weather today. I'm sure he'll be raring to go by the weekend. Enjoy your weekend , don't forget your cameras! Love from Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed xx

Thank you Ed & Becs, vets over and Ralphie can enjoy his weekend. With pups we are home this weekend, it seems strange not to be going off to an event with the dogs, no excuse now not to clean the windows!

Lesley's New Baby

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27 August 2009

“Our Dogs” News Letter

Click Here

Holly & Hobie.

Just thought I would send you this photo Of Hobie & Holly catching some rays. Been all quiet lately just looking forward to our holiday with the dogs in Scotland . Not wanting the summer to end but October can't come soon enough I  feel desperate for a break. Love KarenFoto-PR8RLH8Y

Thanks Karen what a wonderful cool place to chill out on a hot summer’s day! I bet they are asking for a nice cool Pimms with lots of ice. October is not far off it is exciting to have a holiday to look forward to.

Where Did We Visit ?

Enid and Hefin have been out and about but where????


Good Morning From The Northeast

Good morning from the north east and the weather doesn't know what it wants to do one day rain next sunshine I wish it would make it mind for the weekend as we are camping at the lakes again so would Love to have nice weather.

We have a new pet he is called Kermit the frog and has likes our back garden so much he won’t leave. I have tried putting him over next door who have the pond but he keeps on coming back the dogs are now getting use to him been there and don't bother him as long as he stays still. A few things going on this weekend don't forget the walk at the football club. With us been away we can’t make it but I know Derek and the Makems will be going. If you do get yourselves there. Whisper worried sick yesterday, I had been upstairs came down and I could not find him I looked everywhere then just a head popped out from behind the curtains he had walked all the way round the bay window behind the curtain's and had got stuck, his face was a picture! Good luck if you are going to SKC and have a great bank holiday weekend.

Thanks Julie enjoy you break at the lakes and for those of you staying at home do try and support Derek and Eileen with the sponsored walk at the football stadium on Sunday. Whatever your plans for those in the Northeast enjoy the bank holiday weekend! 

26 August 2009

We Now Have Welsh Wafflings From Paula

Well another week gone by and still we have rain – I’ve given up on the garden, the slugs and snails are taking over, I’ve ordered some nasty little nematodes to kill them off as I’m sick of them eating all the plants and I’d prefer the dogs not to have to share their garden with a pile of slugs, and then there’s also the worry of lungworm, I haven’t seen any signs but better safe than sorry. I’ve tried the usual methods but they’re coming in from other gardens as soon as there’s room. I’d also prefer they died in the soil than have a garden full of pathetic dead bodies, last time I used salt on them the garden looked like a battlefield the next morning.2009_0811(004)

Despite the rain we have managed to get out with child and dogs, last week the Breconshire Canal was calling so we took Finn and the Furies and had a lovely long walk along the canal until it was almost too dark to see and then stopped for a drink in the beer garden at one of the pubs close by. For once it was a lovely evening with only the gnats to worry about. It’s a pity the weather has been so bad here; there are so many lovely places to visit. Bernard took some pictures but the only one that wasn’t blurred was this one. Paula

Thank you Paula did you say rain, it is pouring here now and blowing a gale, no agility training tonight! Summer is nearly over and apart from a few very hot days in June we have seen very little settled weather here in Oxfordshire. unfortunately Autumn is just round the corner. Keep smiling perhaps we in for an Indian summer!

Bedlington Terriers 2010 Wall Calendar

Well here is the competition to the BTA calendar. The concept is slightly different with lots of posed photos but still very good and colourful! I am now going to do my sales bitch as to why buy the BTA.

1 Please remember, all BTA calendar profits go to needy bedlingtons!

2 The BTA calendar has 15 months and a collage page

3 The BTA calendar is slightly cheaper.

Thanks to Mary for the link, click HERE to view the Bedlington Calendar Club Calendar.

Which do you prefer?

Wednesday And Raining But We Have Big Mo From Wales to Cheer Us Up.

Hi there folks had a great time on holiday but as always time goes by to fast, the weather was great plenty of sun which we all need. This time I have put two photos of the girls fishing, a change from the men! Tony still had the biggest fish but one day we will beat him. The dogs had a great time plenty of walks at this site it is our favourite place. Good luck to those showing I will catch up with you all at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show, Big Mo.

DSCN0846 DSCN0847 Thanks Mo, hopefully it will be the girls with the biggest fish next time! Don’t go away too often as we all miss you here on the blog! Time does fly just a few short weeks and we will once again be heading towards the cold weather and then Christmas!!!

25 August 2009

Where were we?



Thank you to Maria Hobbs for the photos but where did they visit on their holidays?

A Lovely Sunny Tuesday Morning And We Say Hello To Tina In The Midlands

Good morning bloggers hope that you  are all well and are having some decent weather. We were really lucky when we were away last week in Worcester as the weather was nice for the 11 days whilst many parts of the country were not so lucky. Unfortunately the wasps came with the good weather and I spent a lot of time flapping around like an idiot but luckily so far have managed not to get stung ( I get stung every year due to flapping around) .002

All my dogs are sporting bites of some sort or another even although they have insect repellent collars on and have been sprayed with dynamite spray but hey ho that's the British outdoors for you! The fishing was good but slower than it's been in the past and already we've lost at least an hours daylight as we had to pack up at 9pm  when only a few weeks ago we were still fishing at 10pm. We have a few weeks at home then what will probably be our last outing for this year at the end of September for another week of fishing and incorporating the MBTC open show-hope to see you there! The photo is of Isla who was watching a wasp that was in the awning.Good luck to everyone showing/competing this week. Till next time Tina.

Thank you Tina, wasps are a problem we still have a huge nest in the cherry tree, I need to call the council to remove it! Hopefully on your next outing you will have more luck with the fishing. Lovely to have you and Mo back as we miss you on the blog.

24 August 2009

“Welcome Home To Our Little Girl”

Hi all as promised here are a couple of snaps of our new little girl “Iris”. We collected her yesterday from Mark & Jan Walshaw at the WKC. She is an absolute little darling and she seems to be settling in with Marley nicely playing chase in the garden, although I don’t think he quite realises yet that she will be the Boss !!! The kids are on a complete high as we have all been waiting for this day for a long time !! Today she has been to see the vet for her 1st injection so in a couple of weeks we can start taking her out and showing her off. We would like to thank Mark & Jan for giving us such a beautiful little girl.Congratulations to Sandra, Gill & Lesley for your new arrivals !! See you all soon Kerry xxx

P8090070 P8090075At long last Kerry, Iris arrives home. I can remember you inquiring about a puppy at Southern Counties back in June a long time ago! All these new puppies on the blog fantastic it will be fun to see them all in a year’s time with their birthday blog pork pies! Many congratulations do enjoy little Iris now as  pups  grow up far too quickly! We will look forward to lots more photos  of Marley and Iris. I just love these photos of her, a real bundle of cute fun!

We Now Say Hello To Our Young Handler Sarah

Well what a week we have had, the pups are now a week old & are much fatter & wigglier. They have all been putting on an ounce a day & it definitely shows lol. Lilly is doing well, I think she quite likes all the fuss she is getting. On Friday morning Mum groomed Rosie for Welsh Kennel Club, so Dad & me left after lunch only to spend six hours in traffic trying to get to Hereford, which was where we were staying. On Saturday we went to Welsh Kennel Club Championship show, where Patsy Hollings was judging Bedlingtons. Congratulations to Stuart & Angela on gaining Genie's Champion title and Sandra, Norman & Lesley on Milly's Reserve Challenge Certificate and also Peter Kiernan on Bisbee Boy Wonder's first Challenge Certificate. Rosie & me were entered in Junior Handling, the pup1 judge was Mrs.P.Marston-Pollock. There were 27 entries & seven absentees, I think it was probably the biggest class we have been in. Rosie & I came First! For me that was one of the best results of this year, not quite as good as Rosie's CCs but I'm very happy going into the Richmond Semi-Finals . Well done to Lesley & Diesel for the arrival of your three new puppies. Our next show is Suffolk Kennel Association on Bank Holiday Monday. We Hope to see some of you there. Sarah, Lilly & Rosie.

Thank you Sarah, wonderful news about your Junior Handling win at WKC, I just wish I had been there to cheer you on, many congratulations! Another week or so and the pups will have their eyes open, and then watch out! Lovely photo.

Where Were We?

Morning Bloggers  This was taken after the recent rains, hence the log jam and brown water. Sooooo!!

Its the ????? bridge over the river ???? at ?????? city in Co. ?????? built between ???? and ???? by Bishop ?????? and used to have 14 arches visible but now only has ??

Come on Martin, stop oggling the pups and get your finger working.  Open to all of course. The Makem

!cid_EF89913B-E869-435C-8EDA-DA2365FCB519@local Nice bridge Derek, goodness only knows where!

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

on Sunday Jack went to Kent county canine society.we were in Post Graduate AVNSC terrier. We also saw Stuart and Genie there who were in open AVNSC Terrier. There where 3 dogs in my class and I got 1st. In Genie's class there where also 3 dogs. Genie won Best AVNSC Terrier, a Westie got AVNSC Terrier Veteran an a Scottie got Reserve AVNSC Terrier. Well done to Stuart and Genie who was made up to a champion on Saturday and is a very special little girl.LPIC0865

After the show we went to our village Fun Day. We had a really good time, my brother had a go on some go-karts, we also watched some birds of prey.There were some fun classes for dogs but Jack was very tired from the show in the morning and it was very hot so we left it out. Also on Sunday Lesley's Diesel had 3 beautiful puppies: 1 blue boy,1 blue girl and a liver girl that Lesley has been hoping for for a long time! Congratulations to the Zanelli family who have picked up their puppy from Mark Walshaw .

Well done to everyone at welsh kennel club ,especially Norman and Sandra Hyde who got Reserve Bitch CC with Millie, and to Sarah and Lilly who had puppies last week. Our next show is London Terrier on the 6th September. we are counting the days down until we get our puppy. We are watching very closely at how they progress. See you all soon lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles xx

Thank You Victoria, well done for yesterday. Not long now until your little girl comes home, Jack will love someone to play with. Do you have a name for your puppy?

23 August 2009

Jacqui Hurley Wins Best Puppy at WKC P1050049

This Week’s Breed Notes From “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

Click HERE

This One's Mine! Beautiful!
Stop Press

Stuart and Genie have just won best AVNSC In Kent this morning waiting now for group news!
Also, well done to Victoria and Jack who won their class!
Just to infrom you all my little "Diesel" (Burmington Must Be Magic) gave birth to three pups last night, one blue girl, one liver girl, and one blue boy. Mum and babies doing well!

22 August 2009

Welsh Kennel Club Results

BEST OF BREED : 5455 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook
Dog CC : 5440 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Boy Wonder
Res Dog CC : 5427 DAVIES Mrs S Ch Honeymist Miles High
Bitch CC : 5455 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook
Res Bitch CC : 5438 HYDE Mrs S Gnejnabay Madam Dominica
Best Puppy : 5435 HURLEY Mr A L Fralex Culibre Truffles
Best Breeder : Mrs Y Bannister


P1040993Genie waiting patiently on the grooming table

P1040992Peter Kiernan putting the final touches to Bisbee Boy Wonder 

Click HERE for all the class winners

Better Late Than Never We Hear From Marie In Skye

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who voted my pic onto the front cover of the BTA calendar. It really was a nice surprise and I'm well pleased. Also well done to everyone who participated in making  it a successful venture for Lesley and the BTA.

Skye is very busy just now as the tourist season is in full flow. Its a pity the weather hasn't been kind with torrential downpours all week. The dogs absolutely hate the wet grass and Briagha tries to hop around on three legs as if keeping just one foot dry is going to make a difference.

FivesisterspanoThe nights are also drawing in, before we know it we'll be preparing for the festive season. Where does the time go? This weeks pic is a panorama of the five sisters of kintail, which is a classic ridgewalk on the road to Skye. Marie

Wow Marie another super photo you live in such beautiful surroundings  I am so pleased the calendars  are now ready for print and  I am delighted at the final   voted photos and the new design. I have just got back from Welsh Kennel Club and celebrating as Millie got the reserve bitch CC and her daughter Genie won Best Of Breed, what a day for Gnejnabay Bedlingtons! Hopefully some photos tomorrow!

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

Dog CC:
Bisbee Boy Wonder

Bitch CC:
Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook (now a Champion)

Best of Breed:
Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook

Photos tomorrow
Saturday And Today Is Terrier Day
Good luck today to everyone entered at the Welsh Kennel Championship Show. I am leaving for the show very early and won't be back until the evening. Jon is at home and I will phone through the CC winners and Best Of Breed. Hopefully I will have some photos for the blog on Sunday.

21 August 2009

I had to share this with you, this trainer is very special, training such a variety of breeds and just look what fun the dogs are having performing quite outstanding tricks! Enjoy!


Hello To all Bedlington Folk

David Collop the secretary of Bedlington Terriers Foofball Club is doing a sponsored walk around the club pitch from 9am to 7pm on Sunday 30th August. He would like to see as many Bedlington Dogs there as possible.

We The Makems are going with our tribe, though not as early as David and we are going to sponsor the Bedlington Rescue. Hopefully some of you will also come along and help David or do a little sponsoring yourself He suggests the best time to go will be lunch time when the bar is open. So we expect to see a number of Bedlingtons literally rolling around on the grass.

Derek Lewis The Makem

Do go along and support Derek and Bedlington Rescue, have fun and don’t forget to take your cameras! ,

Friday And We Hear From Ed And Becs In The Southeast

Hi everyone, this is a photo of Ralphie relaxing in the shade after too many hot days. He seems to overheat very quickly in all the glorious sunshine we've been having. Ralphie's been unfortunate enough to need two baths this week. !cid_3E29CAB0-E9FE-4206-8932-66CF23F159B8The first bath was because he thought the duck weed on a ditch of black stinky water was solid. The second time was because of the stinky rotting seaweed he's been running through on the beach. We met a man on the beach on Thursday who said he used to have three bedlington rescues. He asked us if Ralphie hated the water especially rain ( of course he does ) and whether he rubs his nose and back against the sofa (which he does ) so they are all pretty similar underneath! We also met a little girl who called him a sheep, nothing new there! Have a good weekend everyone and have fun with all those pups. Love from Ralphie, Ed and Rebecca xxx

Aren’t they funny mine will rub their bodies along the bottom of the sofa, as we have a cream sofa I always have a throw along the length and down to the carpet, it is much easier  washing that regularly than taking the covers off, I think our next sofa will be leather! Great photo I think you need to keep it safe for the calendar competition next year!

20 August 2009

Happy 9th Birthday To Rose On Oracoke Island.


My lovely Rose turns 9 years old today.  She is my re-home that I took in 5 years ago & has been a joy to all that live with her.  She is the sweetest girl ever, never a bother, all she wants to do is cuddle and give smooches.  All her sisters wish her a VERY Happy Birthday!  And of course me too. We love you Rose....

A very happy birthday Rose from everyone here on the blog xx

Here Is Your Calendar Winner For 2010


Please note a new draft is being prepared and the full calendar will be back on the blog and BTA website shortly!

Many congratulations to Marie with (I’ll get it) who narrowly beat Enid with (Now there’s two on the tree) for first place. Far more photos deserved to win. With a final entry of 255 photos, 109 photos had votes form people from not only the UK but USA and Europe.

The calendar has 15 months running until March 2011 with an extra page with a collage of 20 photos of the finalists. Once again thank your all so much for taking part by entering photos or sending me your votes. You have all contributed to produce the best calendar yet where all the money from sales will go to Bedlington Rescue, re-homing and health. There are only 330 calendars for sale, I cannot re-order once sold. The winners from the 15 months plus the cover will receive a free calendar. The calendars will be available on sale as from September, and will be available at the BTA Championship show. If you are a winner or would just like to reserve a calendar please email Judy Thompson. Cost of the calendars are £9.50 We had our first photo for the competition back in March, and now 5 months later we have a calendar with a selection of fantastic photos that will be enjoyed by everyone! Thank you all so much from all the needy dogs and everyone at the BTA.

You can contact Judy at jetsway@tesco,net Overseas orders can be reserved and payed for by PayPal.

Front Cover: Marie Kerr
January: Elaine Tuck
February: Enid Jones
March: Sarah Loveland
April: Tim Bouse
May: Kath Hall
June: Ed and Becs Eaves
July: Madeline Ahearne
August: Linda Dunn-Edwards
September: Sue and Lisa
October: Derek Lewis
November: Nigel King
December: Nina Blaser
January 2011: Sarah Loveland
February 2011: Mark Walshaw
March 2011: Margaret Phillips

There will be a draft copy of the complete calendar on the BTA website and Blog shortly!

19 August 2009

Thursday and today we say hello to Billy in the northeast.


Hi all no Julie this week due to 10 hour shifts she has had to do at work! Well no KC for me last weekend, it was off to Bulith Wells for the Heart of Wales Working Terrier and Lurcher show. It was a long way with a 7 hour drive down that included 3 burger stops and 3 Welsh Valleys.

Arrived about 6pm set up camp and into the converted barn for 7pm .Live band and larger great stuff, met a load of new friends the Welsh lads are a good bunch. I think we rolled back in the caravan at 6 in the morning only to get a phone call from the field at 11 to get down there we were on in an hour! Complete with the hangover from hell off we went. What a great turn out 6 pups 9 bitch and 8 dogs plus at least a dozen or so bedlingtons on the field plus bedlington lurchers.

The rest of the day spent watching axe racing,hole digging contest, hawks,meerkats,chainsaw carving and huskies, you can seel pictures on my blog http://www.altbedlington.blogspot.com/ ....Oh yes I found the bar so we stayed another night !!! SKC next but I can not imagine it is going to be a patch on this. till next time....Billy

Wow Billy I bet you are still supporting a thick head ,but I bet you will be back next year!!!!

We Say Hello To Enid In Wales

We went to The Western Motor Home Show at Malvern last week and were entertained by Cowboys and Indians complete with Tepees and covered wagons. Ecco enjoyed himself on his own and having so much attention from other visitors. Maria went on holiday to Devon and couldn't get over how many times a day they were stopped by people wanting to talk to Morgan (Jetsway Captain Morgan). She said she felt like royalty! They are at the Vale of Glamorgan Show today sIMG_2059o I hope they do well. There are no Bedlington classes so they are in AVT. It will be good practise for Welsh Kennel Club on Saturday. Diane Herbert is well enough to drive again so it will be good to catch up with people I haven't seen for ages. I heard from Big Mo yesterday and the fishing and weather is excellent. It's really miserable here today with mist and fine drizzle - that's the trouble living a thousand foot up at the foothills of the Brecon Beacons we're often in the clouds when it is sunny in Cardiff. The dogs are curled up after having very reluctant walks! Good luck to all those showing at WKC on Saturday  Enid x

Thanks Enid I don’t think Tina would look out of place in this photo with her Higha Watha fancy dress outfit! Well it may be  miserable there but glorious warm sunshine today. Diesel is not too keen as she is very heavy now with just three days to go,  and resorts to finding a stone floor to lay on. Maybe we will see Diane at the show it will be lovely to see her new puppy. I expect Mo and  Tina will be back at the weekend I wonder who will have caught the biggest fish this time?



Here are Sandra’s pups now over two weeks old don’t you just love the little fellow at the back. Tiny he is but having no problem holding his own at the milk bar!

Wednesday Wales News: It’s a dog’s life listening to a sermon

Click Here

18 August 2009

Bedlington News: Percy Huntsman denies illegal hunt

The trial at South East Northumberland Magistrates Court, in Bedlington, was due to last three days

Click HERE



These two still seem to get on the best out of my lot but thanks to these two that old mattress has about had it, they've been playing tug of war!

Thanks to Mel for the lovely “friends”  photo, looks like they have been having a great time pulling the stuffing out of the mattress!

The Heart Of Wales Country Fair

Billy spent last weekend enjoying showing his working dogs in the Bedlingtons Classes.

Entries were:

6 in puppy

9 in bedlington bitch Miss Colin came 3rd

8 in bedlington dog

5 in the pairs Minnie Minx and Miss Colin 4th

Well done to Billy, great to see so many bedlingtons taking part. More photos can be found on Billy's Alternative Bedlington Blog.

We Begin Tuesday with a Before And After!


Here’s a couple of snaps of Izzy, 'T' s sister, before & shortly afterwards. A nice young bitch, who now lives with my son. regards, Mark

Wow, Mark Izzy does not look the same dog after her trim. I think she needs to be making her debut in the show ring! A very pretty little girl.

17 August 2009

I Am  Delighted To  Announcing The Birth Of Four Pocoblu  Babies


Lilly had four puppies this morning at 4.30am. Three girls and one boy - mother and pups are doing fine! Attach a quick pic for the blog we're off to have a doze while it's quite. Regards Martin

And Now We Have Monday’s Where Were We?


Which market is this where you can buy lovely fruit and veg, and all 
kinds of nick knacks.   Eat your heart out Tesco and Sainsbury.
Come on Mary!

Thanks Derek, these little guessing games are such fun. Please do send in your photos and keep us all guessing where you have been on you hols!

Monday And Our Young Handler Victoria Has Returned From Her Holiday In Cornwall

I haven't written a report for two weeks because we were on holiday in Cornwall. Jack had a great time being stroked and called a lamb ten times a day. A few people stopped us when they saw Jack and told us they had bedlingtons at home. on Sunday we saw a sign for a working dog show so we took a look. There weren't many terriers there and the classes weren't going to start for a long time, so we didn't stay long but we did meet a few people who had bedlington lurches and a man who was getting a bedlington X whippet puppy. On Sunday we went to Lands End.it wasn't that windy but Jack had lots of fun sniffing about. On Tuesday we went on a boat trip to see some wild seals. Jack stood in the middle of the boaLPIC0791 t with his tail between his legs. After that we saw some seals in the harbour that had been rescued and got used to humans. jack had lots of fun on the sandy beaches, running about, chasing Frisbees and getting sandy. One time we called jack into the sea, he hated it but he came to us very slowly.it was the second time Jack has ever been into the sea(the first time he chased a seagull then stopped because he felt water around his chest!) On Thursday Jack went on an open top bus, Jack had lots of fun getting his topknot blown about.

On Friday we went to a town called Mouse Hole to do some rock pooling. We met a man who knew about bedlingtons, he said that his cousin used to breed bedlingtons and judged them at crufts. We asked who his cousin was and found out it was Mr.Ken Bounden! He had lost touch with him and we said we would give Ken Bounden his address which we have done. We all had a great time but we are glad to be home.

We are all excited because we are getting a little friend for Jack. We are having one of Sandra and Norman Hyde's puppies, we are getting a little girl. I think there is still a boy and a girl still available for this lovely litter. We are all looking forward to training and showing this little girl next year.I'm sure jack will have a great time playing with her. Lots of love Victoria and Jack.

Thank you Victoria, what a lovely report about your holiday, I do hope you will be able use it as an essay when you return to school. Fancy bumping into a long lost relation of Ken Bounden. Your Dad was telling me they lost touch some forty years ago! It certainly is a small world! Just a very few short weeks until your new puppy arrives home you must be so excited, you certainly will have your work cut out. Do go along and get her name down for puppy socialisation classes, there can be a waiting list for these classes! For details of Sandra’s litter please cal 01 844 261035.

Weekend Show Results From East Anglia by Viv Rainsbury

Saturday Clacton & District Open. 10 Bedlingtons entered under Jenny Startup

BOB our "Bonnie" (Sevray Repique), RBOB Joan Hamilton's "Ziggy" (Harrisclub Mister Moonray). Bonnie also got Gp3

Sarah Collier and Mollora Little Rosie at Pocoblu were second in the JHA Stakes

Sunday Thetford CS Open. Only two of us, sadly, but Bonnie again was BOB (and Gp4), beating her Dad Penfold, (our Ch Sevray Just Riumours ShCM)

Well done to all who had a fun weekend Viv and the Sevray crew

Thanks Viv and well done to all who took part. The bedlingtons were certainly out and about, It is fantastic to have the results on 5 open shows this weekend. It is lovely to see the breed being represented in AVNSC as well as bedlington classes. The weekend was certainly a boost for the breed after the low entries at some of the championship shows. Next weekend is WKC championship Show good luck to all entered.

16 August 2009

Yesterday At Milton Keynes Open Show

Trudie Hewitt Taylor and Pat Walsh flew the bedlington flag yesterday in AVSNC at Milton Keynes.

Trudie’s Young bitch Tasmin (Mollora Archangelica for Tobanie) was 1st in the yearling class and Reserve BOB. She was also awarded 2nd place in the Junior Stakes. Tiffanie (Mollora Eastern Dawn for Tobanie) was 2nd in Post Grad.

Pat’s Johnny (Lowbrook Lately Of Tolpedn) was first in the Open and 4th in the open stakes.

Best in Show was won by a Saffordshire Bull Terrier

Well done to Pat and Trudie who really enjoyed their day at the show.

Our Letter From America We Say Hello To Tricia

We have had a very wet and stormy week here in Ocracoke. The sun came out yesterday and with all the rain and cooler temps. my garden has been reborn. The girls however, don't think the rain is much fun. When it rains here, it never drizzles, it rains biblical amounts, so getting them out of the house for any reason is a chore. Especially this week with all the lightning. Being out here in the middle of the sea, the lightning bolts fly! I have seen them hit the street! Very frightening! Now that that weather has cleared and the sun is out it is very tropical again. I am watching 2 storms in the Atlantic Basin and preparing for any storms that may come out of these. It is time to get into "hurricane mode"......Trim back trees that would rub on the roof, make sure gutters are clean, make sure all stuff on the shed floor is up above flood level. It looks to be an interesting couple of weeks. Like Marie, I have started the grooming process, what else is there to do with the weather like this? Wednesday is "vet day" so I am also preparing for controlled chaos.

Thanks Tricia tropical warm rain must be lovely. The island must be sprouting and very lush. You would think the dogs would love the warm rain on their backs! Bedlingtons seem to have a real aversion to the rain what ever the temperature. Good luck vet day!

Happy First Birthday To Marley

Today we have another Beddy Birthday Marley is 1 today, here he is celebrating with his Pork Pie and the kids Joseph, Charles & Lucia. He will celebrating again next weekend when we get his new baby sister from Mark & Jan . Kerry Zanelli





Thank You Kerry for the photos, I wonder if Marley got a crisp from the kids? I bet he enjoyed his blog pork pie. Do send us some photos as soon as his baby sister arrives, not long now, I bet you are counting the hours. 

New Pup For Karen’s Family

Hi everyone  just thought I’d send you a photo of our new addition Mouse, apart from causing mayhem she’s been brilliant no puddles yet and quite on a night, Alfie hates her at the morailway_muse_and_mouse_053ment but he will come round eventually. Ashia’s been really good with her even tho she’s not sure what to make of her and runs to us for reassurance all the time, hopefully they will all become best friends in time    regards   karen Hoaksey


Thank you Karen, lovely to meet “Mouse”,  isn’t she lovely, she looks very confident sitting and posing for the camera, we will look forward to seeing her develop and grow! We have a few  puppies  making their first appearance on the blog, I think we are going have some great puppy photos over the next few months.

To Start Sunday A News Story With A Happy Ending: Runaway dog takes airport train!

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15 August 2009

More Dog News: School’s Out, But Do Your Homework When Buying A Puppy!

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Full results From Today’s Show

ASHBOURNE -7 dogs entered today

Junior 1st, Aireview Special Print (Mr & Miss I &T Horsewood) B P

2nd, Libarick Queen Shiela at Findeslane (Mr N King)

Post Grad 1st, Uptnorth Claret N Blues (Mr & Miss I & T Horeswood)

2nd, Wicksbria Precious Faye (Mrs M Atkins)

Open 1st, Bluesmurf Pure Genius (Mrs C M Worrall) BOB

2nd Lilymist Sky Blue at Bluesmurf (Mrs C M Worrall)

Genie (who I think was entered AVNSC) won BOB was then awadred group one at Thames Valley today.

Aireview Special Print also achieved a Puppy Group one at Ashbourne.

Well done !

Saturday and We Say Hello To Marie

This week I've Given Briagha a haircut and she looks like a wee cute pyjama case, whilst Cody still looks like scruffy murphy. When they went to bed I was calling them beauty and the hairy beast. I will get Cody done over the weekend as the weather is atrocious up here, so time to catch up on all the indoor chores.

Last night Briagha decided to help herself to some of my 'props' from a photo theme comp that I want to enter. I had bought a small treasure chest and filled it with gold coins (the chocolate variety!) and left them on the dining table. Briagha somehow goBriaghat hold of the bag with the remaining choc coins and ate them, gold foil and all. Probably about eight 'pieces of eight' in total. So needless to say, this morning when I got up she had regurgitated the lot. She seems none the worse for the experience, and in future I wont be leaving anything remotely edible where she can reach up and steal it.

Oh my goodness Marie I can envisage the mess you had to clear up! Knowing bedlingtons dogs I don’t suppose for minute she has learnt a lesson and will be stealing again if given half a chance. The weather not too good down south either today. 

We Start Saturday With The Breed Notes From “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

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More Dog News

Kim Kardashian Talks Paris Hilton, Simon Cowell (and dogs!)

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14 August 2009

A Bit Of A Brag!

After very long day at the Kennel club Buildings at Stoneleigh I just wanted to tell you that I have passed the written and practical assessment to become a Kennel Club Silver award examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. I am pooped but now smiling slurping a glass of white chilled Chablis!

One of the dogs I examined was a Bedlington called Lilly, hopefully Lilly’s Mum and Dad will soon email me some photos and I will introduce her to the bloggers it was fantastic to meet them!

My Brain Hurts

My brain hurts3

Genie certainly knows how to celebrate but behind a winning little girl there is a winning man joining in the fun! Thanks to Stuart for the photo