30 September 2009

Builth Wells Camping For South  Wales Kennel Assoc Champ Show.

I've just checked and Builth Wells has already switched to digital TV. Anyone camping will not be able to get an analogue signal and will have to have a suitable aerial and a digi box.

Thanks to Enid for the info

My Baby “Truly” 

P1050233-1“Truly” now 5 and a half weeks had her first trim today! 

Wednesday Evening Notices

I have been asked to give you all a final remind about the eye clinic taking place at the BTA Championship Show Middleton Cheyney  Nr  Banbury on October 10th. There are just a couple of places still available. If you have booked a place do remember to bring along your registration certificate and micro chip number if you have one!

Also only limited space available for the grooming seminar on the 22nd November, details on the BTA website, there is a link in the index column.

And finally I have updated the open show dates but Mark wrote to remind me that you can download schedules and entry forms for many open show on Foss data http://www.fossedata.co.uk/

Wednesday Is Welsh Wafflings Day And We Say Hello To Enid


Hi, Everyone. The sun is shining and I am still able to pick flowers from the garden even though it will be October tomorrow.flowers The beans are continuing to grow so that's a bonus. The fine weather makes going to shows so much easier. Our Midland Bedlington Open Show was held at a new venue and many people choose to groom the dogs outside because it was such a nice day. I think most people enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to see so many new people and meet up with old friends. I spend most of my time in the kitchen so only get time for a chat when serving tea! I must say that our judge, Peter, looked very smart as did the ring stewards. Well done, Jane - you can come again! I had entered Larry in Veteran but he's had problems with mites and his coat was really out of condition so I didn't show him. I think he was disappointed because he enjoys being shown but he liked watching all the goings on and the small piece of left over pie he got to eat. On the way home I got confused at the M42/M6 junction and we ended up in Coventry and had to come home the scenic route via Stratford. We were not alone getting lost - Diane relied on her sat nav to go to the Newport Dog Show where they had a Bedlington class for the first time and it took her to the wrong side of Cardiff and by the time she arrived the Terriers had finished. Judy gave me my calendar on the weekend and I must say I am very pleased with it. We're off to the Driffield Champ Show tomorrow so hope to see lots of you on Saturday. If you are going, Julie, I've got your ring clip from Deryk Owen so remind me! Good luck to everyone and remember- win or lose the best dog goes home with you!

Thank you Enid, the Midland show was great and always so nice to meet new people and welcome them to the breed. And as you say it is great to win but at the end of the day you take the best dog home. We had a fun day catching up with friends old and new and tucking into a delicious lunch put together by a dedicated team in the kitchen. See you at Driffield, Jon is staying home baby sitting the pups but Martin has kindly offered to take the blog show photos.

Just A note

We welcome the K9 Magazine to our blog. Thank you so much for viewing and Leaving a comment on our blog. I would like to thank the magazine for the news that is so much a part of our daily news here on bedlingtonpictures.

12 weeks and gorgeous!

12 wee This is Mark’s little girl now 12 weeks old, hasn’t she grown up and  what a little beauty! We will look forward to seeing her in puppy classes in the New Year! 

Dog News: Would Your Dog Die in the Wild?

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New breed Standards agreed

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Bateson: ‘breeding legislation is unlikely’

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Cornwall Fun!

cornwall_sept_09_070Another great photo from Pat of Larry and Leo enjoying a romp on the beach! 

Wednesday And Today We Start With Part Three From The Russian Dog Show September 2009

This is the final part of the Russian Dog Show, I would like to thank Irina Iseva for the three lovely clips. It is certainly fantastic for us to see the Russian entries and judging at this major show.

29 September 2009

Dog News: Facebook, Twitter and Myspace To Help Dogs In Rescues Find Homes

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Open Show Dates

Just to let you know I have updated the open show dates file in the index column. Please check for autumn shows with classes. Thanks to Christine Worrall for the latest info

MinI The Surrogate Mum

100_3961 Just a little wash!

100_3963 Sleep Tight


Hello there!

What a lucky boy Issaac is! Not only has he got Billy and Diane to cuddle him but his very own new bedlington mum Mini  Thanks to Billy for the photos.

Part Two From Russia September 25 2009.

Part three on the blog tomorrow

Tuesday And We Here From The Midlands And Mrs Graham!

JANEExhibitors If you don’t do as I say you will put you in detention!!!!!

Well the weather men finally got it right and the dogs and us have been enjoying the Indian summer. The garden has become so dry and dusty when the dogs come indoors from lying out in the sun they bring all kinds of detritus in with them. Stella has been busy munching on the over ripe figs that I missed. As for the squirrels that tease them while performing acrobatics from our eucalyptus tree to the bird feeders in next doors garden, well heaven help them if they fall. Archie visited Lisa, our vet Monday evening she was very pleased with him and felt he was holding his own .She has the most wonderful rapport with animals and seems to be able to put them at ease in what must be a very stressful situation. The medication he is on has changed his appetite totally, he has gone from having very little interest in food to being a food obsessive! On Saturday I took on the role of assistant steward at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show. My mentor was the excellent Dr Hefin Jones, I hope I wasn't too much of a pain and did as I was told! I was reminded just the other week what a very small world this is. While passing the canal lock on our daily walk we met a lady from Yorkshire holidaying on her barge, she instantly recognised the dogs as bedlingtons and proceeded to tell me her friend had bred, shown and exported them all over the world until recently when she retired. Naturally curious I asked who it could be , Pat Hall she replied, (breeder/owner of Archie's .dad) needless to say I introduced her to the relations and sent our best wishes to Pat & Brian. Good luck to everyone with their newly acquired puppies, make sure you enjoy every minute as they grow so very quickly. Best wishes to one and all and may the Indian summer go on and on and on! Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, I am so pleased that Archie has found a new lease of life, is well and happy and eating for England. I hope you enjoyed your day stewarding, I steward just once a year for our local open show and really enjoy the day. The only trouble is Jane is if I were the judge in your ring I think I might be a little frightened you would tell me off!!! Joking apart a great photo certainly made me laugh!

28 September 2009

Monday And We Say Hello To Sarah

I've just got some puppy pictures this week. They have all had their first hair cut & not a silver back in sight! We thought they looked cute when they were scruffy, but they are twice as cute with their smart hair cuts. Good luck to the Colley's with their new puppy Rose, it's much more fun with two bedlies. Twinkle the rat has been to the vets again, the swelling on her face has not gone down. She's now on two doses of antibiotics a day so hopefully there will be a change, if not it may be a tumour XP. Hope to see you all at Driffield. Sarah, Lilly, Rosie, Chief & The Girls.




Thank you Sarah the pups look gorgeous, real little bedlingtons!  Mum has done a fantastic job trimming them! I will do ours next week, what blade did mum use on their backs? I am so sorry to hear about Twinkle, we will all keep everything crossed the medication reduces the swelling and it is nothing serious!

Larry In Cornwallcornwall_sept_09_075

This just a super photo I think David is a very good photographer, many thanks to Pat for the photo.

News From Ian And The k9 Marshalling Bedlingtons

Sunday 27th September Jazz, Sapphire and I went for our daily adventures down the Llangollen canal and got stopped by a nice couple, who were moored up on their narrow boat to say hello to Jazz and Sapphire. They hadn't seen a bedlington for a number of years and while we were all talking the last remaining Vulcan bomber flew over head at 2 thousand feet on its way back home from an air display in Southport. Jazz and Sapphire looked on in amazement as did us all, as the fantastic sight of a great plane as it flew into the distance.!cid_D77F40A034374900881AF46E18D3518E@alexPC

The day after, the k9 marshal crew raced down to R A F Shawbury to see the famous red arrows who put on a display.  Both  Jazz and Sapphire were not put off by all the noise from the jets but sat there  in the field and watched them fly 100 feet above their heads. Afterwards they both enjoyed a big 99 ice~cream! Now both Jazz and Sapphire are saving all there paw money to get a fast bird like those planes to put on a display of their own at the next Midland Bedlington show!

Thank you Ian all this brings back memories, when we were posted to Malta and Jon, flying Nimrods, the Vulcan was the other aircraft stationed in Malta with us. Gosh Ian that was many moons ago!

Change Of Judge

Bedlingtons will now be judged by Mr Peter Broadbent at Newton Aycliffe Canine Society Show Sunday the 18th October. Thanks to Mark for info.

Russia September 25th 2009

This is part one, part two tomorrow, the clips were produced by Irina Isaeva, Moscow, Russia.

Wet dog! 


This is Isla looking very wet after a days walking in the Lake District with Darren & Angela.

I bet Isla had fun, she has a contented look on her face, lovely photo thank you for sending it to us.

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

On Tuesday we started agility again with Jack. Jack ran the first few courses really well getting clear rounds all the time, then jack didn't touch the contact point on the A frame. We made him do it again and he ran over the point then jack ran round in a circle barking at everyone then running up the dog walk running round and having lots of fun. I caught him then carried on with the course. Jack went over the jumps then as we got to the dog walk jack tripped, did a forward roll and hit his head on the edge of the dog walk. Jack stood stunned for a few minutes but then calmed down. He went a little bit flat after that, but I'm sure he will be raring to go next week.

on Saturday we picked up our little puppy Rose. She is soo sweet, when we got her home Jack was very excited and wagged his tail for the rest of the day. Rose wanted to play with Jack all the time. Jack was very gentle with her and nudged her away gently when he had had enough. At night we put Rose in her crate, she whined a bit at around midnight and 6 in the morning but went back to sleep.


On Sunday we went to the vets to give Rose her first jabs. she was very good and didn't whine one bit. Later on Sunday we clipped Rose. We gave her a basic puppy clip.I was surprised how much fluff came off her and how well she behaved. Our next show is the BTA champ. LPIC0965-1

See you soon lots of love Victoria Jack and Rose

How exciting Victoria, little Rose looks like real bedlington with her grown up clip. You are going to need eyes in the back of your head as she will soon be into everything. Enjoy as puppies are so much fun!

27 September 2009

For That Special Christmas Pressy!


Paul Smith Tie

Paul Smith classic tie made from woven navy silk with a Craigie Aitchison inspired design. Blade width 6cm  Length approximately 146cm Woven 100% silk £65.00

I love this tie really smart for a well dressed judge perhaps! It is vey expensive but very unusual!

Click HERE for details,thanks to Ed and Becs for this find! 

Mini Becomes A Mum


Little Issac finally arrived home with Billy late last night and has been taken on by would be mum Mini. Mini has adopted him as her pup and little Issac has no objection having a new mum to cuddle up to.

Today At  Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and District C S Show Today In Norwich.

Post Grad Dog/Bitch - lst Sevray Rebus,  2nd Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove 3rd Makems Honky Tonk Woman 4th Woolytop Another Star  VHC Harrisclub Flash Harry

Limit Dog/Bitch  - mmmmm lst and 2nd - either Miteymmidgets Matilda or Harrisclub Mister Moonray - 3rd Seaofiron Where Angels Play.

Open Dog/Bitch - oooooo dunno!!!!

BOB Sevray Rebus.  

lovely day weather absolutely fab!!!!

I wrote the results in the programme and then picked up the wrong programme when we left - anyone that knows me would say 'that's typical'!!!!! Thanks

Mary Godden

Thanks Mary it is so easy to pick up the wrong catalogue, many congratulations to Sevray Rebus, who I think  is called “Freddie”

Yesterday At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Open Show


Click HERE for the photos of all the exhibitors.

Just Look At That!


Here we have an early Sunday morning snap of Sonny Colley, with upside down “Jack” and their baby “Rose”!

Dog News

“Our Dogs” Newsletter:  Click HERE

 Dog Warden Conference Will Be Best Ever: Click HERE

Do You Have A Blue Dog Puppy?

A very nice experienced bedlington home awaits a little blue dog puppy. If you can help please email me.

Larry & Leo Go To Cornwallcornwall_sept_09_031

Thank you to Pat for this photo of her with the boys. It is fantastic to see Pat looking so well and enjoying a holiday. Pat has been very unwell with a rare heart condition. 

Sunday And  Today We Say Hello To Our Reporter Tricia In The USA. 

Sorry I have been AWOL.  We have had a busy couple of weeks here in Ocracoke.  It seems we have become a wedding destination.  Friday night we hosted a rehearsal dinner for the Governor of North Carolina's son, who got married here this weekend in a big bash.  We did dinner for 125 people.  It was really a lot of fun.  Saturday night we hosted a smaller wedding dinner for a party of 32.  My friend and co-worker Rebecca & I are becoming quite the wedding people.  The weather here has been fair and unseasonably cool.  September is still summer here, but this month has been temps in the low 80's low humidity, clear blue skies, except of course for Saturday, it rained all day.  The mosquitoes finally seem to be waning, so perhaps I will be able to shear the girls. 
The girls have not been too busy.  I sent away for some new toys for them...Booda Bones....they are rope like tug toys.  I ordered 3 from Amazon and thought they were all the same size, but the one is HUGE!!!  They look so funny carrying it around, or course the huge one is the favourite.Storey_relaxed_in_the_sun
Congratulations to everyone at the Midlands show.  What a great day everyone had.  I have been waiting to see pictures of Billy's trip to pick up Issac, he promised me a photo documentary, like he did when he went to get Ben and Miss Pie.  I was very disappointed this morning to see no pre-dawn photos him him loading the Jeep......Billy????  Where are you with the piccies?  I expected a blow by blow. Until next week.  Keep well.

Thank you Tricia, Billy had a very long day and probably did not get home with Issac until after midnight. He phoned me about 9pm on a coffee break with at least three hours still to go before arriving home. Victoria also collected little Rose yesterday so we will look forward to her report tomorrow. Wow Tricia  all those wedding receptions, it certainly sounds like a lot of very hard work but fun at the same time. Quite an occasion to be hosting the reception for the Governor’s son! We are having lovely weather here not hot but the sun keeps shining, quite amazing for this time of year.   

26 September 2009

Today At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show

Congratulations to the winners

BEST IN SHOW: Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove


RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Ch Mollora Little Rosie at Pocoblu


BEST DOG: Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM


BEST PUPPY: Aireview Diamond Print


Mr Peter Kiernan judged today’s show


The Midland always put on a terrific show and today was no exception and enjoyed by all the exhibiters. Well done to the committee who ran the show and to all those who helped with the catering in the kitchen. Pie and peas were enjoyed lunch time, Jill Collier and Sarah’s home made cakes were not to be missed and we queued for a bowl Sandra Waller’s delicious Trifle! I am looking forward to next year already! How wonderful to see Harvey Bell with his camera. A minute silence was held before the commencement of judging, although we all had a great time Christine was sorely missed by us all!

Photos of all the exhibitors will be on the blog by tomorrow evening.

Saturday And We say Hello To Marie in Sky

I have visitors this weekend and the weather isn't great, so we'll just have to eat, drink and be merry indoors. The dogs love the company and don't know who to follow next. I'm off work until next Thursday, so let’s hope the weather improves as I need my photography fix.I'm really excited for those who are collecting puppies this weekend and can't wait to see them on the blog. I'm also looking forward to the bedlington calendar 2010. My family didn't know until this weekend that Cody and Briagha are on the front, I must've forgot to tell them...oops! Marie

CodyThank you Marie enjoy your time off, I must say we have had lovely weather here over several days so sending good weather vibes north of the border! I love the photo of Cody!

25 September 2009


To Tony And Sandra Waller who celebrate 44 years of marriage today!DSCN0834[4]

This week’s breed notes from “Dog World” by Viv Rainsbury

Click HERE

A Note From Judy Who Is Marketing The BTA Calendars

There has been a problem with my email account I am hoping to get reconnected shortly on original e-mail address, but I assume those e-mails of people who have ordered calendars this last week may have gone astray (I dont know how these things work) and I will be getting in touch with all the people who ordered calendars as soon as I am reconnected, luckly I wrote down all of the email address of people booking them if I can't ressurect my original mail box!
Until further notice you can conract me at:



Bedlington Logo

The running bedlington logo belongs to Sandy Miles in the USA and Sandy has kindly given me permission to use it on our blog, many thanks Sandy. Do visit sandy’s website at   www.sandonoakhill.com

Tomorrow is the Midland Bedlington Terrier Open Show, good luck to all entered. We are going as it is not too far from home and have a puppy sitter here for the day, Jon will be there to take photos. Once again Jon is looking after pups and can’t make Driffield, I hope to share transport for the day but would like a volunteer for the photos, maybe Norman or Martin? Both Norman and Martin have been terrific at helping out with photos at the Championship shows. The blog has managed to upload photos from the Bedlington classes from all the major shows this summer. Many thanks to Norman Ames, martin Collier and everyone else who sends results and photos from the open shows up and down the country!

Friday and we say Hello To Ed Becs and Ralphie

Hi everyone! Here's our holiday report. We spent our holiday in the lovely Lake district and by some miracle we didn't have any rain at all. It's the furthest north Ralphie has ever been and he managed to clock up his first three mountains while we were there. Our highest point was a walk from Haweswater that reached High street where the Romans marched and where more recently they had horse racing and wrestling competitions.!cid_042D1429-8E30-408E-88B5-AB84905682AA

I don't know how they had the energy! It is also home to the last Golden Eagle in the area. He builds a new nest every year but since his mate died it has all been in vain. needless to say we didn't spot him! We stopped to take some photos from the Roman fort on the Hardknott pass, it was so clear you could see the sea. One day we saw a lot of Alpacas in a field there must have been at least 40 babies and adults. They'd had their coats clipped and looked a bit like giant bedlingtons with their top knots. They even came in blue and liver! !cid_843DAE61-02E4-4C19-A64E-A894B0005B03

On the last day we stopped for a walk at a "Where are we now?" ...any guesses? Ralphie spent a good 5 mins trying to fit the buoy in his mouth. It's the Lake district you can see in the background. Ralphie spent about three days sleeping when we got back all the walking and good behaviour required for a hotel really wore him out!

We were sad to read of the death of Christine Bell when we returned. When we were on the puppy list we nearly had one of theirs and Harvey and Christine sent us a lovely DVD of the pups having their first clip. Looking forward to seeing those new puppy photos , love from, Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed xx


Where were we in this photo?

Thanks Ed and Becs, I think you really enjoyed your holiday and weren’t you lucky with the weather! I just love the Alpaca, it looks so comical with its long brown top not, I wonder if they all that colour “liver”! Perhaps someone could tell us. Does anyone recognise the above photo, maybe Billy and Diane as I know they often go camping in the Lake District.

24 September 2009

Just To Be With You Again!

We end this evening with a wonderful tribute to a much love bedlington. Toby passed away in July from acute renal failure.
Thank you to Jan for sharing this beautiful tribute of a very much loved and missed family member!

Chocco Says Goodbye!


Proud Chocco says goodbye to the first of his pups tomorrow and the rest of the litter over the weekend. What an exciting time for Victoria who collects Rose and Billy who collects Isaac on Saturday. It is going to be great to see these puppies grow up and and follow their show ring career next spring. Thanks to Norman Hyde for the photo.

Special birthday

Just to let you all know it is Tina’s 50th birthday on Saturday. Tina and big Mo are away fishing but will be at the Midland show on Saturday!

This Week’s “Our Dogs” Newsletter

Click HERE

From what I can see on the puppy points Stuart and Angela’s Genie still holds the top UK puppy with 13 points. The nearest rival is a Portuguese Podengo puppy with 11points. The nearest terrier puppy is a border with 7 points. On these results Genie has a good lead and is in line to win top terrier puppy 09. At the moment she still in the lead for top UK puppy! What a accolade for the breed if Genie wins top UK puppy 09! Genie will compete for Pet Plan Junior Stakes Top Junior of 09 next month at Sandown Racecourse.


Again the blog lacks support with 270 people yesterday visiting bedlingtonpictures and not one comment one yesterday’s letters. No comments and we will lose the the weekly reporters as they won’t want to write and folk won’t send me in photos and letters. It was lovely to hear from Malin yesterday and although it took me an hour just to upload her post I was very grateful that she wrote for the blog! I am not prepared to put all the time an effort into the blog for people who just lurk and don’t have a few minutes to respond to some of the news. I know there are regular bloggers away but it is up to those of you lurkers who enjoy the blog to support it now and again. Close the blog I will and just continue with BTA news and championship show photos on the BTA website! It’s up to all of you!    

Thursday And We Say Hello To Julie In The northeast.

Good morning from the northeast and we are all been busy bees up here this weekend and with the open shows starting back up I think i am showing nearly every weekend in October and November but i cant wait! Darlington show what a great time and so different to last year (the mud) it was great to go shopping and meet up was everyone well done again to Sarah Billy and Yvonne and it was great to watch the group I didn't want to go home. Sunday NCST show and again early start but a great day and lovely venue.This weekend myself and Billy are on a road trip so will get plenty of photos and he has said I can drive the jeep he he. So to Kegworth to show the dogs, then we go and pick up Billy, and Diane's new baby up so hopefully we should be home by next Thursday. i know what Billy is like for getting lost! Good luck if you are showing this week and hope to see you all on Saturday.

crufts_2009_001 I think this lovely photo Julie sent is whisper??

Thank you Julie a very long Saturday is on the cards for you and Billy. Billy and Diane must be so excited as I know just how much they missed the liver pup Billybob when he went off to his lovely new home America!  Safe journey and we will look forward to all the photos.

23 September 2009

We Now Say Hello To Paula In Wales

Not a lot to report from here this week, but thought you'd like to see Lola's Indoor Agility. She does this every evening when she has her dinner. We haven't trained her to do it, she invented it herself - she's very creative and a real 'thinker'. Finn took the videos and then put them together. In the second half of the video, the 'gobby' one is Phoebe, her motto is " If in doubt, bark. If no doubt - bark, in fact bark anyway" LOL

Thanks Paula, this clip made me laugh, get Lola off to the nearest agility training class, definitely an agility champion in the making

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We had 309 visitors to the blog with a total of 514 hits yesterday

Wednesday and We Say Hello To Enid In Wales

We've had almost two weeks of sunshine and it will certainly help to shorten the winter. Last week we returned to the Caravan Club site at Pembrey Country park in glorious sunshine. The photo is of Worms Head on the Gower from Cefn Sidan Sands. This beach can only be accessed through the Country park and is so long that it never gets crowded. There is one section which has a restriction on dogs but a short walk and the rest is available.IMG_2004

The dogs had a whale of a time. This camp site has more dogs than I have ever seen. We met one of Fizz's pups there. He's called Jake and lives in Caerphilly. It was their first time at Pembrey but I'm sure they will be regular visitors. There were two 15 week old Lurchers from the same litter on site. They were Bedlington/ whippet crosses. One looked exactly like a Bedlington and the brother looked like a whippet. Unfortunately, they had left before I could take a photo.I made a list of the different pedigree breeds staying and it was over 25 and that didn't include the much loved mutts. I've been chatting to Madeline today and she is managing quite well because her sister is staying to lend a hand. Thandi is having to learn to go out with other people. It will be several weeks before Madeline is out of plaster and a few months before she will be able to drive again. It is fortunate that she has the bungalow in Mumbles. She said she had nothing but praise for the way she was treated in Morrison Hospital which is good to know in these times of knocking the NHS. We came to the conclusion that you had to look for the positives and try to forget the negatives. Maureen and Tina are off fishing again. We'll all be at the MBTC Show on Saturday at Kegworth Village hall. The Show starts at 11 o'clock and we welcome anyone who is not showing but would like to come to watch. A little bird tells me that someone will be reaching the big 50 on Saturday- watch this space!

Thanks Enid it is amazing as we have haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks and the grass is turning brown. This is the first week this summer I have not had the mower out! Poor Madeline, all one could say it could have been worse, a few weeks in plaster and hopefully she will be good as new. Mind you it must be very frustrating to sit around doing nothing for weeks. “Mumbles” what lovely name for a town is it as pretty as it sounds? Not a sole on Cefn Sidan beach quite amazing, I wish we live nearer the coast it must be paradise for the dogs!

News From Malin In Sweden

I have been out on the road travelling from dog show to dog show for several of weeks now. Well I have been home in the week - working and taking care of my family and dogs, but in the weekends there is all about dog shows.

On Sep 6 there was a International All Breed Show where I show my young male Oscar, Singasong (17 month). He became BOS and got a CC. He is out of my male Oliver, Ch Isotop's Sprite. BOB was Doris, Toolbox Lifestyle, bred and own by my sister Eva Byberg. Doris is also a child of Oliver. My daughter Patricia showed Doris and Oscar in Brace,  among a large group of couples they became Best In Show 2-Brace. DSC_0301  

At the show show Patricia competed in Junior handling with Oliver and was placed as Best In Show 4-junior handlerDSC_0293





  My Oliver, Ch Isotop's Sprite had a successful weekend on Sep 12 at a Terrier Club Show in the south of Sweden. First he became BOB and later was he placed as BEST IN SHOW 4DSC_0265

I'm special proud over this placement because he compete against all the Top Winning Terriers at this show, so to be number 4 in the Best In Show final is big. His son Oscar became 2nd best male and got a CC. My son Kevin who is only 10 year competed with the bitch “Nirvana, Isotop's Unplugged” got a CC and became Swedish Champion and BOS. You should just see how proud Kevin was over his dog. Nirvana is half English, her father is the English import Ch Rivendown Gandalf The Grey.DSC_0181

Last weekend I took a trip to Denmark and two International All Breed Show, there among the Copenhagen Winner Show 2009. Oliver won BOB both days and got the Copenhagen Winner title. His daughter Doris, Toolbox Lifestyle got a CC and became BOS and also got the Copenhagen Winner title. Oscar was 2nd best male and got a CC.   It was long drive down to Denmark (1620 kilometres) and I was the only one driving. I was very tired when I came home again.  But the Danish dog shows are very nice, and I will come back soon again.DSC_0275

This weekend I'm going to Ă…land, which is a Island between Sweden and Finland, it belongs to Finland. There is a International All Breed Show there and of course I take Oliver with me. But I have got a bad feeling over this show.....I don't think Oliver will do so good there....I don't know.....oh well I just have to wait and see what he gets.

Congratulations Malin, you certainly do a lot of travelling but worth it with all the success you have had this summer. Kevin and Patricia must be wonderful young handlers and you must be delighted with their success.  Good luck for the weekend and do write to us as how you got on as we love to have news and photos from the Isotops Kennel. 

22 September 2009

Dog News: And The Best New Pet Product for 2009 Is…..

Click HERE to find out!

Mark Walshaw at Darlington

d_terr1Mark is on the committee of the Darlington Championship Show and seen here helping to present the prize to Ruby who was awarded terrier group1 at the show.

Canine CPR

I thought this video clip and website is of interest to all of us on the blog

For more information and video clips

We Say Hello To Donna From The Midlands

Hi all, no shows for me and willow again lately, i thought she was due in season earlier this month so i didn't enter any. then i checked calendar and she's due end of next month, drat! i haven't got any recent photos of Monty to show you he's about 5months now. i will take some later, he has started eating his own poop, yuk. no more kisses for Monty!

on Saturday we went to a show in the next village, collingham show and ploughing match. I was going to enter Monty in a companion puppy class but it was too hot. Brian took himself off to the vegetable tent while I waited outside with the dogs taking those sheepish comments. I like to stop late to see the hounds, their amazing health and fitness always mesmerizes me, that resulted in us missing the ploughing match ah well!IMG_0039

Sunday was time for a bit of piece and tranquillity in the canoe. Stuey likes to join us, my other dogs are not trained although I'm considering taking Monty he will love it. Anyway that's all for now.  Donna.


IMG_0053Thanks Donna I love the photo of Stuey and Brian in the canoe. Is the Collingham village near you the village in Lincoln? We used to live near a Collingham many moons ago. The fox hounds are always very impressive to watch. I expect they needs lots and lots of exercise as  you never hear of any being kept as pets! Also You never see many classes for them at shows although there is a class at Crufts.

Wonderful wonderful Beamish!


It wasn't Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhangan it was Wonderful Wonderful  BEAMISH.   Ohhhhh  what  four memorial days the Makems spent at  Beamish Agricultural Show here in the North East.  Hope you all like  the Trilby and better still the pictures of Sarah and Tony in their  outfits especially made for the day. As for the dogs well they all liked meeting the public and being  mobbed and stroked by loads of school kids on the first two days. The weekend was mostly families with lots of questions from parents  about what are they and how are they in the home, are they good with  kids why are they here.  As to why they are here.


Well as all we bloggers know the Bedlington is a northern dog and as Beamish promotes life and living in the late 18th early 19th centuries they  thought that they would have a dog breed from Northumberland there  this year.There were a few dogs about with visitors which were greeted with the  odd bark, alas not one other Bedlington was around which is unusual  at agricultural shows here in the North East.  Guess most folk don't 
know you can take your dogs into Beamish. 


One couple, from India did mention that they had seen the breed before, a liver dog on the beach  at Swansea. Who's dog was that ??  Another couple said that they had  meet a lady on a beach in Skye with a blue and a liver dog, we all know who that was, don't we. Apart from the dogs there were other folk doing their bits, all  dressed up of course.  A vegetable, flower  and home cooked show was  held on the week end.  Thought the Welsh bloggers would like to see  some good North East Leeks, LOL.


There were a couple woodsmen giving displays on making house old items, spoons krackets, flowers etc. all  by the old methods of yesterday.  There were quilters, lasses making  clippie and hookie mats and an old man carving walking sticks. I gave him a couple of head pictures of our dogs and he's going to have a bash at doing a Bedlington head.


The picture of the thrashing I thought shows how true to life Beamish  is.  All the barley was grown in the adjacent fields and brought to  the show field in a wagon hauled by a  shire horse all dressed up in  his best harness.  Some of the straw was then used to make scarecrows for the show and some was used for the sheath tossing competition. The horses are also used for other jobs around the museum and one was  even ploughing up potatoes which were for sale and were lovely with  the roast beef with the Sunday diner.So folks now for the advertising plug.  When you are on holiday in  the North East, Gods Country, pay a visit to BEAMISH MUSEUM.  You'll  enjoy it.  I might get a pass in now to have a good look around.  Many thanks to Seb Littlewood of Beamish for giving me the chance to  take our wonderful breed to the museum and many thanks to Sarah and  Tony for their help.
Derek & Eileen Lewis The Makems

Thank you Derek what a great event to visit, is it held every year? it would be really nice to come up for a long weekend with the caravan and spend a day at Beamish. It certainly makes the visit feasible in the fact dogs are allowed! Both yourselves, Tony and Sarah have done a wonderful job promoting the bedlington terrier, great photos of you in your outfits. Well done you are all a credit to the breed.