31 October 2009

Time For Gardening!


Perhaps Willow thinks if she plants herself she may grow quicker! Thanks to Norman and Sandra for the photo, Willow has been staying, with Sandra  while her owners are on holiday.

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

There hasn't been much happening up here this week, just the usual mix of weather and work. I'm now off work for a week though, and I have visitors arriving on Thursday. We are hoping to go to the fireworks display next Saturday at Dunvegan castle, as I would love to get some good pics of that. I'll send one for the blog if I manage to get anything useful.dogs

Briagha continues to sneak into the field, but doesn't go far and sneaks back indoors hoping that I haven't noticed where she's been! Cody currently has half a haircut as I clippered his body but haven’t trimmed his head yet, so he looks like a skinny lion at the moment. I'll get that finished today hopefully. Marie

Thank you Marie enjoy your time off, I am really looking forward to seeing your fireworks photos, I have every faith that you will get some super shots! Cody’s coat looks fantastic a true liver bedlington.

Dog News: “Our Dogs” Newsletter

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Letter From Dot and Dora Our Obedience Duo

I took Dora to her first obedience class with the experienced dogs.  What a good girl she did everything that was asked of her and an unexpected bonus was that she did a complete retrieve.  Dora would not pick up or hold and would just rag the object when we first started the classes.  However a bit of work every night with lots of treats and praise and she did it.  We have now booked in for the pre beginners and the beginners in December and look forward to going.  Another bonus is she thrives on the work and is completely at home with the others dogs like she has been going all her life.  Will get someone to take a photo of her working and at the next show in the stays. Regards Dot

Fantastic Dot we are so proud of you, I lot of hard work and commitment  goes into training a bedlington for competition obedience! Good luck next month, I am really looking forward to seeing some photos. Are you you up for a demo at the Fun day in May?

This is a clip of another bedlington giving an earthdog demo at "Meet The Breeds" in New York recently.

Dog News: Pedigree Health Campaigner Launches Website in Response to Pedigree Dogs Exposed

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30 October 2009

The Barn Hunt P1030148-2  P1030154P1030153

The Barn Hunt is an event held at terrier shows in the USA. It comprises of six different stations that the dog has to investigate. The dog must investigate All the stations in a certain amount of time. Little Diamond got a 5th place out of 70 terriers in this event, well done Diamond!  Thanks to Jeri for the photos

One Week Old And Lonely!


Solo is almost a week old and growing stronger every day. Here he is with his "brother". It's not much fun being the only one.

Thank you Enid lovely photo, look on the bright side Solo won’t have to share the milk bar with his big brother!

This photo Says it All!


Photo by Mark Walshaw.

Liver Dog Puppy

I do not like advertising on the blog but there is such a shortage of puppies from known breeders at the moment. I  had a phone call this morning to say there is a liver dog puppy ( 3 weeks old) available. It’s father Is Victoria’s Jack Bo-Jangles out of my Diesel  and it’s mother is a working bitch bred by Frances Fuller. I have  not seen the pup but been told it is very dark coated and will be KC registered!

Genie Still Top All Breeds Puppy 09


On Checking today Genie still holds on to top UK puppy in all breeds, with just one more championship show to go. Genie is on 13 points her nearest rival is a Portuguese Podengo puppy on 11 points. This is so exciting!

Stop Press, just found out the Podengo is out of puppy!

Out Of Work Actor!

who_004 Ozzi says, please please take me on I would be a prefect companion for Dr Who!

Dog News: Dog World Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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Any Shows This Weekend?

SAM_0194I don’t know of any shows this weekend with Bedlington classes but good luck to young Victoria who is entered AVNSC on Sunday. The blog had a very good day yesterday with 407 people visiting and a total of 773 hits, it is fantastic now to have lots of regular overseas visitors, thanks to all of you for supporting the blog.  I phoned Francis Fuller yesterday (Bedlington Rescue)  about Morris and Megan, she is contacting the rescue centre and will keep me updated.     

Friday And The Southeast Report From Ed Becs & Ralphie

This week was the start of the new school term for Ralphie, he coped very well with a new class full of bouncy Labradors . We've got homework already! A down stay when the doorbell rings ....I don't think so. That's going to take some practice and plenty of sausage!We met some lovely dogs on the beach this week , Bean a bedlington cross and Blue, a liver bedlington ( both named by the smallest children of the family ) Ralphie thought they were great fun.

!cid_5F593BDF-4DFD-4EDD-8717-BB11E2135575 They certainly had a lot of hair, Ralphie is working u!cid_EF0E3AF9-8DB4-4D91-B3B7-126A8408AFEFp to that for the grooming seminar . We've made the most of some lovely sunny afternoons on the beach and in the puddles, the only downside is all the sand in the car and the house. He won't  shake 'til he gets in the front door!  



Let’s Play


Have we met? I am sure I have seen you somewhere before! 

Love to everyone from Ralphie, Ed and Rebecca x.

Thank you Ed and Becs, Rlaphie’s new friends look like bearded collies/bedlingtons with all that coat. I wonder why they called the liver bedlington “ Blue”, that has to be a first!

Dog News: Newly Appointed Veterinary Chief Hits Out at BSL in Northern Ireland Speech

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Your Dog - Hero Dog Locked Away

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29 October 2009

Applications Close!

This is the last chance to book a place at the BTA grooming Seminar on November 22nd. Applications close on the 31st October. Details are on the BTA website, there is a link in the index column.

Lunch For The Competitors!

DSC00063Lunch was served after judging at the Petplan finals today, perhaps Stuart will email me with the menu!  

Bedlington Racing In California

Bedrace1 (1 of 1)-1

They’re off! We have Taffe, Diamond, Hammer and Booker in this race and Taffe wins!   Thanks to Jeri for the photo

More From Mo's House

The local paper and a spectator with a video camera were not too far away during the filming.

A Truly Bedlington Pose!


Hello From A Cold Italy

This  is  picture of my Bedlington gang taken this morning when the fog and wet weather was horrible !!!

…. IT’S VERY COLD OUTSIDE ! Greetings from Italy to everybody Giulia


Hello Giulia, it maybe cold outside but your gang are snuggled together and look very cosy, it is surprising how many bedlingtons you can get into one small bed, thank you so much for sending us the photo 

Petplan Finals

Genie finished the day equal 6th in the finals this lunch time. There  would have been about 30 finalists taking part.  A very good result for Genie, congratulations to to Angela and Stuart!

DSC00061 Petplan finals winner

Thursday And Our Northeast Natter From Julie

Good morning from the northeast and the weather is still been kind to us up here in the northeast, mind you the nights are really drawing in. Our tea time walk is now in the dark but the dogs don't mind, I have brought them both collar lights so I don't lose them on the field.

I can’t believe I have a weekend off from showing but I am still busy with family coming over from Switzerland so we are doing the family thing, mind you cant wait to see them! My auntie has never seen a bedlington as she informed me that there are no bedlingtons in Switzerland as she has never met one and cant wait to see Whisper and Piper so hope to get some great photos.


Billy has provided the photos this week, this is him and Minnie back to full health and on top form doing what she does best working!  Good luck if you are showing this weekend have a great time Julie xx  


100_4217 Thank you Julie enjoy your time off with your family, you never know we may have someone in tunes into the blog with a bedlington in Switzerland! Lovely to see Mini back to her old self. I love this dog she is typical of the good old fashioned working bedlington we see in many old photos.

28 October 2009

Bedlingtons In Rescue: Megan

Megan-BedlingtonTerrier-28-10-09a 27-10-09 Megane is a beautiful 2 yr old Bedlington Terrier. She has been a breeding dog all her life so knows nothing about home life so will need a kind and patient home who are willing to give her time to learn.  She  will need another dog to help her gain confidence so please only apply if you have another dog or dogs living in the house who will help her 

And Morris 

27-10-09 Morris is a stunning 4 yr old Bedlington Terrier. He has been a stud dog all his life so will need another dog to live with as that is all he has ever experienced.  If you can Morris-BedlingtonTerrier-28-10-09offer Morris a kind and patient home and are willing to give him time to learn and have another dog or dogs to help him gain confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home ex-breeding dogs where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company.  They get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience.

For more details please contact Many Tears Rescue click HERE for their website

Many thanks to Nicola Woodhouse for the information, I do hope someone out in bedlington land can give a home to these poor unloved dogs. They are both young and deserve a new beginning and a forever loving  home!  


I have had three enquiries for puppies today, if you have a litter or know of litter where pups are available please email me.

The Petplan Junior Stakes

Now in its 15th year, has established itself as a popular and well supported event on the UK dog show circuit. Junior Stakes is open to dogs and bitches from 6-18 months on day of qualifying. The quantity and quality of entries continues to strengthen from year to year and the Grand Final tomorrow will bring together some of the finest young show dogs in the country for an exciting culmination to this year’s competition.

Already many of these young stars have made an impact in their breed rings and this year the level of competition promises to be as high as ever. As is the tradition with the Finals of this event, dogs will be judged using a points system where Breed Type, Conformation and Movement are rewarded and the highest scoring dogs also have the luxury of extra points given by the judges for “Star Quality”.

The finals will be held tomorrow at Sandown Racecourse. I don’t know if there has ever been a bedlington in the final before but everyone on the blog wishes Stuart and Genie the very best of luck!


Dog News: Needy animals feature in BBC Lifeline appeal

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Storey’s One Year Anniversary

A bitter sweet story from our Tricia On Oracoke Island USA

One year ago, today, Storey came in to my life officially.  I can remember it was a sunny, cool day and I was waiting to hear from Angela (her foster Mum) as to when she would be flying out to me. Because there were a few glitches, she wasn't getting into the Norfolk Va. airport until 10:30 pm.  I left here about 3 o'clock that afternoon....I had to stop at a Western Union, to send the rescue org. the fee for her and the airport is 4 hours away.  All the girls came with me....I stopped at Pet Smart to get Storey a sweater because it was cold and because I knew she had no hair.  Of course I got to the airport way early & I waited and got to know the man in the American Airlines office.  At some point he sent me off for a coffee, since he knew after I got her, I had a 4 hour drive back to Ocracoke...actually it was longer, because the last ferry to the island leaves at midnight....when I got back from getting my coffee, he told me she was here.  I said, ok, I need to get my mind and my body language into the right place for our first introduction.....then I saw her, crouched in her crate & after one look, I just knew she would be fine.  When I got her outside and put her on a lead to take her to potty, bam!!  There was an instant connection & she was mine & I felt like she had never been anywhere, but with me.  I had fixed her a bed on the front seat of the car, so I could touch her and be near her on the drive down....I have never seen a dog look physically and mentally exhausted, but Storey did that night, sitting in my car....I called Angela (she wanted me to call her as soon as I got Storey)  I told her she was perfect!  My girls got a chance to spend quite a few hours in the car with her being able to see her and smell her....we got back down to the ferry about 4 am and the first ferry would be leaving at 5 am...I tried to have a short sleep....everyone was beat.  We were home by 6 am....everyone pottied, was fed about 7 am and then we all laid down on the floor for a sleep....after about an hour we got up and started our first full day together.  I took Storey for a walk and introduced her to a lot of people....she went to the restaurant, the book store, down to Chris's work  & I was amazed at her.....she was calm, never fearful, not aggressive, not shy, she truly knows how to go with the flow.  She is the happiest dog I have ever seen, you can see and feel her happiness.  Her tail never stops wagging and I swear she smiles....watching her place chase through the house with the rest of the girls is joyful.  I don't know who was the luckiest....her or me.....I am just happy she came to live with me and the rescue choose me for her, even though they were a bit apprehensive, because I already had 4 bitches.  She is a perfect fit for us and there has never been one single problem with any of the girls.  Since the weather has cooled, I love watching them cuddle up together at night.....when the lights go out I give the command "blanket"!  All 5 of them (plus the cat) head down the hallway to the bedroom to their bed & snuggle in for the night.  What a joy to have these

Storey's_happy_faceFor those of you who don’t know about “Story” she was rescued  along with several other bedlingtons from a breeder in America. Tricia and other kind people offered these poor dogs forever homes. The Bedlingtons were in terrible condition and had to spend several weeks in a reception centre until they were fit enough to travel.  All the  bedlingtons were adopted by experienced families where they are assured of spending  the rest of their lives in comfort and happiness.

Tricia this is a very sad tale with a happy  ending, thank you so much for telling the bloggers about one special little girl who has a story to tell and is the light of your life!

This Evening’s Walk At Brailes28102009025

Happy Birthday To Sydney

It was Sidney's First Birthday yesterday and as you can see from the first picture, when we first collected him last Christmas,  he has gone from a 'Cutie' to a Beauty.   PC230246

Sidney is the son of M & Q - Mark Walshaw's Clan!!   He has brought us lots of joy.. apart from having a draught excluder for his first girlfriend, but since his 'op' he has settled down and is certainly a little character.

Happy 1st Birthday to our little lad xxPA200017
Best Wishes Julia & John Carr.

Wow what a lovely boy, puppies grow and change so much in their first year! Happy Birthday Sydney from everyone on the blog

The Tardis Lands At Railway Cottages, Our Report From Wales And Big Mo!

who_002 Big Mo and Dr Who

Hi there well the BBC drama Dr. Who has been filmed and what a day! It all started on Friday the dress department started with their props banana trees, palm trees big cabbage pumpkin, herbs too many to mention. They measured windows and doors of three houses mine included. They had to look as though no one lived there and we where then boarded up. Three wind turbines where placed two in the jungle one outside our house. They then built a chicken coop and run then Kevin was asked to bring four chickens down, good old Kevin did just that. and off he went. To my horror one jumped out so we where running around the pumpkins trying to catch it, security man me and Elwyn with a net what a laugh! There where no cars to be in view on the day of filming so off went the caravan and all the cars. Monday morning seven a.m. and it all kicks off twenty lorries six blacked out mercs lights, cranes, camera's and about eighty crew all on the old railway line outside the houses what a shock to the system! More props arrive then the actors (whose campers where parked about 20 mins away) start to arrive in there blacked out cars and the creepy monsters which we could not film!!! it was a bit congested so the traffic wardens where called in as the road started to jam. Now how do we keep the dogs quiet well they where in a state of shock like us they where allowed out between shoots and then back in their kennels, we where so proud of them they where so good. My house was used as a rest and changing room for the actors and every member of staff had the use of the loo and the kitchen had 6 Dr Who director chairs so they could take five and have tea and toast! The actors kindly signed autographs for Kevin's Lucy and my neighbours niece and Dr Who signed his saying thank you for lending me the chickens. The actors have appeared in Prime Suspect, Casualty, Torchwood the Coumas sorry but I cant remember them all! You will have to wait till next April to see a two part episode. It was so strange to see these actors walking through your back door and into your house but they where great company and they can come again. We did watch some of the shoots on the producer's monitor and it looked fantastic well I would say that!

Great news Madeline has had her plaster off and is starting to venture out another eight weeks before she can drive so still away to go but she is getting there, also great news for Enid and Hefin Fizz and Solo are doing well. Sorry i have not been on the blog but as you can see have been a bit busy. take care Big Mo


Click HERE for more of Mo’s Dr Who photos

What a fantastic day Mo, a day to remember, you must have thought you were in some huge studios in the USA, we are all very envious. Pleased to hear Madeline is on the move, but 8 weeks without driving will be inconvenient.

27 October 2009

No Midland Report Today!

We are short of a report from the Midlands, Tina and Jane Graham have been holding the fort  but need some help! I did ask recently if volunteers could help them out but sadly no one volunteered! All the reporters need help if the blog is to run like a daily bedlington news journal!

Cuddle time!

SAM_0182  SAM_0183

Weigh In!


I keep telling her I am going in the show ring not the boxing ring, it’s her age you know she is a bit muddled!

The look on Willow’s face says it all!

How To Sharpen Your Scissors!! - More bloopers are a click away

Sharpening hair scissors has to carried out by a trained person using the correct tools, but I had a go following the clip with a blunt pair of scissors and afterwards they certainly were much better. This certainly would put a little more life into a pair of scissors that need professional sharpening. I can't think of any reason why the foil will harm the edge of the blade! Any comments would be appreciated on this, or do you have a way of putting life back into your favourite scissors?

Dog News: Why We Can’t Afford to Lose Trust in our Vets

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26 October 2009

We Catch Up With The K9 Marshal Crew

Hi everyone, just thought you would like to see how the k9 marshal crew spend there time when they are not busy. Jazz and Sapphire knew that the WRC Rally GB was on this weekend but we decided to have the weekend off and spend some time doing nothing but playing in the garden and going to meet our human and doggie friends on our walks. With the bit of nice sunshine we had yesterday afternoon  we had time to play,  after they helped me  clear the leaves  from our pear tree in the front garden! We had a mad hour playing ball. As you can see little Sapphire is warn out yet Jazz is ready to go again and play with his friend next door!

!cid_D8359FAA80654F2BB0DAC8631FBEFFAC@alexPCThank you Ian Sapphire definitely looks pooped with the ball touching her nose. Sounds like you had a fun afternoon!

Issacc Attends His First Show

100_4181Little Issacc was awarded fourth place in his very first show on match night at the dog training club, there were six entered in the puppy class and Issacc is only 11 weeks old!

100_4183After a hectic evening in the show ring there is nothing better than a cuddle with his new mum Mini!


Thanks to Billy for the photos, it is great keeping up with all the pups from this litter.

Chuckyboy Meets Pinky And Perky

Hi Everyone,
It's good to see al the sisters and brother of Chuckyboy’s litter doing well and there are some great pics of many Bedlingtons. Unfortunately Chuckyboy is like a demented flea and is never still long enough to get a great quality pic but here are a couple recent ones.Chuckyboy%20&%20Pinky%20=%20Feedng%20Time
He had his 1st meeting with the ferrets but unfortunately the night before our oldest ferret 'Big White' died of a chest infection, he was 7 and the vet said it was a good age, he is resting peacefully now in the garden with some spring bulbs marking his place. Anyway, we opened the hutch at feeding time and the brother ferrets Pinky and Perky rushed down for there food so Chuckyboy decided he was having some too.!!  That pup has no fear in anything he does and they all get on famously.
He is sleeping less now and has a right old temper on him when he can't get what he wants.  He managed to open the cupboard door the other day and as I walked in from being out the back there Chuckyboy was eating 2 dried dog Chuckyboy%20Posingsausages he had pinched from the cupboard as our other two dogs just sat and watched him devour them.The%20Dreaded%20Duck





Well I will endeavour to improve on my camera skills.  Have a great week everyone   Aly & Bradley... Chuckyboy, Tasmin and Brock

Thank you Ali what a little character Chuckyboy is! It is just how amazing this cute flurry pup can be so fearless and demanding. It is lovely to see him with the ferret, I am sure they will all become the best of friends.

Hello To David!




We say hello to David Slack with Buffy and Ceda who live in London. No information came through with the photos so if you blog on David do tell us a little about your lovely bedlingtons

Little Agatha Update

A quick update on Agatha.  The vet prescribed Rilexine, which, as you said, worked very well.  As we were away in Spain for 4 days on a business trip, Agatha went to stay with friends, who have a small kennels. So that she didn't miss out on her walks, John & Carol made her a special waterproof 'designer' boot.  Apparently she was very proud of this, and paraded around in front of the other dogs, earning herself the nickname of The Devil who wears Prada!

Thanks to all the bloggers who offered advice to help Agatha's allergy problem, here is a photo of her in her favourite spot.

PICT0001 Thank you Louise, these allergies are a real problem  and very hard to clear up permanently. I am pleased the Rilexine helped but being an anti-biotic they can’t stay on the tablets. If it is something like a grass allergy hopefully Agatha may be free from itching for a few months. Don’t all bedlies love to find a sunny spot to lay in.

Monday and We Catch Up With Our Young Handler Victoria

On Monday Rose went to her first puppy socialisation class. There were a lot of big dogs there and Rose was a bit nervous of them, but she liked a boxer puppy who was the closest size to her. we had to do some recall but when it was Rose's turn she didn't understand and just stood there looking about. I didn't mind because Rose was very nervous and there was a lots of noise going on around her.LPIC1097

We went to agility with Jack on Tuesday. Jack was quite slow but and we think this is because my dad fed him before we went to agility. On Thursday Rose went to ring craft. Rose started walking quite well this week and didn't seem to mind the dogs barking. Rose met some English Mastiffs and seemed to want to play with them. On Sunday we took Rose and Jack to the beach. Rose decided to run off and play with every dog she could see. On the way back we met Ed, Rebecca and Ralphie who were just about to go for a walk. Our next show is on the 1st November and is at Lock Meadow Market. We are in AVNSC. see you all soon love Victoria Jack Bo Jangles and Rose.

Thank you Victoria, goodness with all these doggie classes you are going to be busy after school and home work. Rose needs to go out and about have and have lots of new experiences. It all takes time and commitment but you will have a well socialised puppy by the time you take her in the ring next year.  

We Say Hello To Our New Bedlington Blog Baby

Introducing Solo, born yesterday by emergency caesarean section as he was lying transversely and was the only pup. He is going to stay with us, mum Fizz, brother Ecco and "uncle" Larry. Mother and pup doing well and has gained 10% of his birth weight in a day. Enid


Congratulation to Enid & Hefin, we welcome the new baby Pengerrig team member to the blog. 

25 October 2009

Truly Amazing



Thought the anglers on the blog would like to see some wild fish.  The Makems went to Durham yesterday for a walk and there's a big, big salmon run going up the river Wear this week end.  Sooooo get the fish net tights out sling them off Milburngate bridge to catch your supper. The Makems

What amazing photos Derek, the instinct that drives the salmon to head up stream in almost impossible conditions is  awe inspiring!