30 November 2009

Dog News: 'Dogs bred' at fatal attack house

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Parker Reluctantly Sharing His Birthday Treats With The Girls!


Dog News: Ryan O’Meara Leaves Position as Editor of K9 Magazine

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We  will be sorry to lose Ryan as the editor of K9 magazine, Ryan is a regular blog visitor, a bedlington lover and recently kindly advertised our BTA rescue calendar. Ryan we wish you well in your new position and hope you will still find time to visit  us  at bedlingtonpictures!. The very best of luck from all the bloggers 

Monday And We Catch Up With Victoria

On Monday we took rose to obedience. rose was very good at recall and heel,but when we had to handle all over the dog ,rose didn't want to stay still and didn't like it when i felt her front legs,so i will have to practice that on the grooming table.

On Tuesday Jack went to agility. Jack was going over the obstacles but not very fast, so my dad had a go and Jack ran around much faster. Me and my Dad are going to take it in turn taking Jack around the course and I am going to have to teach my Dad the words I use to direct Jack. We were invited to an agility show on Sunday but I had my swine flu injection in the week and I felt unwell on Sunday morning. On Thursday Rose went to ringcraft. She had improved loads on her heel and is slowly starting to stand properly when she stops.Rose is steadily loosing baby teeth and a new front tooth is coming through already. our next show in LKA so I will hopefully see you there,see you all soon love Victoria, Jack and Rose

LPIC1097Thank you Victoria, it won’t be very long before we see little Rose in the show ring,pups grow up so quickly! Do remember when training Jack for agility he must think the whole exercise as a fun game. To keep him motivated try to play with him and get him excited before you start the course. Unfortunately bedlingtons are not collies and easily get bored and lose motivation. 

29 November 2009

Today At Manchester Sporting Terrier

Junior: 1st Worralls Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf

open:    1st Nevilles Abben Blue Buttons At Chancete BOB and Group 4

             2nd Hoakseys Airview Little Princess

             3rd Shorrocks Rotherview Isadora

Av Classes

Post Grad: 1st Nevilles Abben Blue Buttons At Chancete

                 2nd Shorrocks Rotherview Isadora

Open Bitch: 1st Hoakseys Airview Little Princess

Judges were Miss C Clarke-O'Neill for the bedlington classes and Mr Max King for the AV and Best in Show.


  Christine and Grace


The Open Class

Well done to everyone, and many thanks to Karen for the results and photos.

Today At Cleveland Canine Society Show

Just three Bedlingtons today at this event


1st Miss American Pie

2nd Jukenblu Piper


1st Jukenblu Whisper BOB




Well done Julie and Billy. 

Sunday And Time To hear From Our Tricia,

 I wonder If It is Raining On Oracoke Island?

Hello everyone,
The weather here as finally turned sunny and pleasant.  The dogs are happy to be able to get outside for more than just a potty.  It is now time to clean up all the dead branches that came out of the trees in the wind.  Our Thanksgiving went very nicely and the dogs have been enjoying left over turkey, sweet potatoes and baked apples in their food.  A nice trip to the Pub with friends after dinner  was very enjoyable.  After tonight, the vast majority of all the business will close, including the Pub which always stayed open year round.  Our little grocery store, the hardware store & of course the Liquor store will be open.  My last night of work was last night, so the girls will have me home full time all winter...with the pleasant weather we will be spending a lot of time outside until winter sets in.... 
Right now Amelia is getting mauled by her older sister Greyson.  She and Greyson have taken to playing a lot lately.  Greyson is a "tom boy" and plays really rough with her and she loves it! 012

They get a stuffed toy (without stuffing anymore) and play tug with it....Greyson always wins & runs off with it with Amelia on her heels!  They will keep this up until I say "ENOUGH!"  The 2 of them really are a lot of fun to watch.  Sometimes all 5 of them will join in & then the throw rugs fly and chaos ensues!  Hopefully I will get out and get a bunch of photos of the girls that I can share here.  Until next week, everyone take care.

Thank You Tricia, pleased you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Now  not working It must be lovely to have time to yourself and be able to all the doggy activities. Hope the weather remains dry it must great to walk or ride your bike without the hot humid weather and mosquitoes.  

The Pitman Painters ( From The Gallery)

Hello Bloggers

Further to the articles on the Pitman Painters.  I don't recall seeing a copy of the Bedlington painting in the gallery but did see the following in the trip through the pit display.  I bet some of the of the bloggers remember their days down the pit but doubt if they would have had a tin bath hanging up at the back door. Looking forward to comments.  The Makem

!cid_E045B694-51FB-40BA-BE00-63221FCE8AF3!cid_C7A7C6D3-BCE1-4240-AD5B-D3811C4683A4!cid_6F12C92A-60BF-4E0C-954C-C6B341BE35D6Thanks Derek, I just wish the company were still on tour, learning the history behind the painters and watching  the video trailer made me realise what I have missed.

Hello From Florida



More pups looking for freedom, I think all these paws will be quite a handful on Christmas Day. Thanks to Mary Lou for the photos. 

28 November 2009

The Pitmen Painters

The Ashington Group, otherwise known as the Pitmen Painters, miners from the North East, set up an art group in the 1930s.
Viv and Carol  came across this when a magazine article appeared about the group, in which there was a fabulous painting of a Bedlington, created by one of the painters, and Carol did some further research.

William_Moore's_Bedlington_2The Pitmen Painters play, came to Norwich, so they went. They weren’t disappointed – the whole play was brilliant, and they were delighted when the Bedlington painting was the focus of almost an entire scene. 

Thanks to Viv for sending the photo of the painting. What luck to have the play come to Norwich. Unfortunately the tour ends today in Bath. Click on the link to view the trailer.

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Diary Date! Make Sunday 16th May 2010 your day out with the family, Advance notice to all Bedlington Terrier owners and enthusiasts.

Make Sunday 16th May 2010 your day out with the family, commencing in he morning Top Bedlington Terrier Competition for 2009 will take place. Those dogs eligible to compete will be invited by letter by the B.T.A. early in 2010. This will be followed by the Good Citizens Bronze Award during the morning. (This covers all Breeds). During the afternoon there will be Fun Races, Fun classes, Fancy Dress, Terrier Racing . These classes are not confined just to Bedlington Terriers, all are welcome. This event is being held at Brailes Village Hall which 12 miles west of Banbury (Oxon),on Sunday 16th May (just to remind you), Refreshments will be available all day and a Caravan/Camping Site will be available from Friday 14th May for £5 per night. Full information of this event will be published in the New Year on the BTA website, regarding the programme. times, entry fees etc. For further information please contact the B.T.A. Secretary Jacqui Hurley on Tel. No 01980-862600 or Eileen Nicolls (Committee Chairperson) on Tel. No. 01903-246639.

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

The weather has been absolutely awful with rain and wind like I've never seen before. So its been a case of run to the car and drive to work. I've hardly even seen daylight these days. At least it will soon be December and the weather is normally colder but brighter up here then. The dogs hate it too, and they stand on the front porch longing for some dry spells. I have a stall at the local Christmas fayre next weekend, so that should keep me out of mischief as I get the prints organised. This week pic is of a loch in Glen Affric on a misty morning. Marie


Thank you Marie what a beautiful real winter photo! I certainly prefer the cold crisp weather to these wet dreary rainy days we have been having lately!

“Oue Dogs” Newsletter

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I’m Out!

IMG_2185 Solo had his first walk in the garden yesterday and really enjoyed himself. Ecco is quite taken with him. He slept for hours afterwards. I think this is the first time it has stopped raining this week so we took advantage of the sunshine.  Enid

Thank You Enid, definitely no house house work will be done in your house, with a toddler around, enjoy! 

27 November 2009

Check Out The National Bedlington Terrier Club Website for that pressy Old%20Mugs%20003


candle The  National Bedlington Terrier Club have a few items of  merchandise on the website on offer.


“Dog World” Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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Friday,  Wet Again But Ralphie’s Photo Brings A Little Sunshine A Dull Morning! !cid_23321704-46DC-4622-8A95-B337B748CA96

Here's a photo of Ralphie down at the beach with his new aerodynamic haircut.  For that we have to thank Chris Harris, Judy Thompson and Stuart Yearley for their help in getting Ralphie in shape at the grooming seminar.  He's quite a wriggler on the grooming table and without their help Ralphie would have gone home looking terrible!  We learnt a lot on Sunday, so maybe we'll have a go at grooming him again.  Unfortunately for Ralphie it's going cold this weekend, he'll be wanting all that coat back we cut off!  Love from Ralphie, Rebecca and Ed x

Thanks Ed &Becs, the grooming seminar was a real learning curve   and everyone went home feeling  more positive about trimming their dogs. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have another one! 

26 November 2009

Come fly with me,  lets take a trip toooooo  Penshaw. Park.

!cid_4B110396-CF01-470E-9E34-B77EEBE4B56FThe Makems

Penshaw/Herrington Park is a couple of mile from our home and we take the dogs there quite a lot.  It used to be the site of Herrington colliery which was open casted when the colliery closed then turned into a country park.  The obtect's behind Pearl are placed on top of what was the slag heap and are sight look outs.  They are focused on various parts of County Durham which you see when you look through the slits of the metal casts.

Thank you Derek for he explanation , I did not have a clue what I was looking at! Us southerners have a lot to learn!

Let Me Out!


Solo is trying his best to escape from his puppy pen at the lowest point where Fizz jumps in!

Thanks Enid I don’t think any puppies like being in their play pens!

“Our Dogs” Newsletter

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Thursday And Julie With The Northeast Natter

Good morning from the Northeast, wind and rain go away! well it has been a busy week in the Jukenblu household with work, ring craft and getting the dogs ready for the weekend show, we are at Cleveland Dog Show on Sunday so hope to get some photos .

You meet bedlington people everywhere I met a lovely couple last week with Alfie a 20 week old puppy who they had brought from the paper. The people where he had been brought from gave them no info on how to look after his coat or any info at all really so the poor guy even thought Diane has brushed him was in need a good hair cut! so I nipped down Monday and made him look like a bedlington wish I has got some photos he is now looking great. I also gave then the web site and said i would tell everyone about Alfie

Walk at Seaton Carew. Sunday 13th December 2009. TS5 1DE

The post code is the golf club which is next to the car park. There is also a large stone coloured building which is a sewage pumping station. Coming from the A178 from Stockton you need to turn right after the golf club. Coming from the north via Hartlepool need to turn in left after the bus station at Seaton Carew. 10 to 10.30 The walk will be a couple of hours if the weather is fine. Follow the link for a map of the area.


Good luck if you are showing this week and hope to see everyone in the Northeast at the walk Julie xx

Thanks Julie, what a shame you did not get a photo of Alfie, it just amazes me people are breeding bedlingtons who have little knowledge of the breed, Alfie is in good hands now! Good luck on Sunday and will look forward to the photos.

25 November 2009

Jasper shares his birthday date with Parker and Larry



Here's a couple of pictures of him and Fosbury enjoying their blog pork pies, which they had to wait for til this evening when Martin got home from work! Jasper had a new bowl for his present.

The 25th November must be liver bedlington day, a very happy birthday to Jasper who is 9 today. Hope they enjoyed their birthday pies. Thanks to Martin and Julie for the photos

Just four Weeks Old!

!cid_5E7D9EB2-BA63-4C76-8490-76F9EEDADC1B  !cid_10437151-1F2B-43B0-94BA-B94BC8BAE23C

Isn’t he lovely! This young man is just beginning to get mobile and  starting to lick milk from a dish. He is awaiting a home, please phone Eileen and Derek Lewes after 5pm on 0191 3852440 for details.

Thank You Agatha!


Love, Parker xxx

Birthday Treats For Parker From His Girl Friend Agatha! 



Hi Parker, Happy birthday!!  I'm really pleased you like the treats I made for you, but make sure you don't eat all of them AND your birthday blog pork pie all at the same time!! My mum helped me make the treats, here is a photo of us making them, and another of me having a rest after all my exertions in the kitchen. Lots of love - Agatha xx

More From The Grooming Seminar


Peter advising on how to trim a very woolly Amber


In this photo Peter had just finished scissoring one front leg.


A beautifully bedlington head

West Midland Terrier

Picture%20041 Click HERE to read Mark’s Critique

A very Happy Birthday to Parker and Larry who are 5 today!

SAM_0229 index_001[5]

Larry will be celebrating with Jack and Rose, Larry says, hope blog pork pie is on the menu!

24 November 2009

Ruby At The Seminar

P1050628This is Ruby, she is nearly six months  and this was her first trim 

P1050647 I would like to thank Sharon who volunteered her skills not only on a fidgety Ruby but on many of the other bedlingtons. Also many thanks to Roy Colley who helped set up and to Victoria for drying the dishes. 


Ruby was transformed into a beautiful bedlington puppy after her trim.

Betty Beach Ball In Full Flight!


I don’t think I have ever seen Betty so active! Thanks to Billy for the photo.

Woof Woof Amber Says Happy Birthday Dad!

P1050661A very happy birthday in Nigel King who is 71 today. Lots of love to you from everyone at bedlington pictures xxx

A Note From Kerry & Jamie

I would just like to say a very big thank you to everyone that was involved in the grooming seminar on Sunday we had a fantastic time and really learnt loads. I would like to say a special thank you to Jackie Hurley & Roy Colley who helped us both no end all day. We can’t wait to see you all soon in the ring !! Kerry & Jamie


Iris Making Friends

Thank you Kerry, I have to say that the seminar was really enjoyable. Like the fun day it is so nice to meet people without the stress of showing your dog.

Tuesday And We Have Our Midland Mailing From Jane 

Things here are pretty well back to normal, our holiday well behind us now and winter regimes resumed. Boots and waterproofs are the order of the day,(well most days anyway!) Yesterdays jaunt saw a bit of excitement, the pony of two locals girls who happen to be identical twins, decided to take a dip in the canal.The fire- brigade were called as the mare showed no sign of being able to extricate herself, unfortunately she dislikes men and it was up to her young owner to join her in the water and guide her to safety. When I caught up with the twins later they told me their mare was under observation for the next 48 hours but happily seemed no worse for her adventure. The twins however had spent the rest of the day erecting fences!

Archie's obsession with balls is out of control and now firmly refuses to leave for his walk without a tennis ball planted between his jaws. It is most amusing as he refuses to relinquish his prized possession even when offered a biscuit, or another dog is out off order and in need of a verbal rebuke! If we meet up with our friend Albert, who always has a ball in his pocket, Archie convinced his mouth is big enough to hold 2, will beg to be given the object of his desire.

Best wishes to one and all, keep warm and dry, that's if your beddies will let you!!!! Jane

southwold_055 Thank you Jane this weather is unbelievable, so wet and windy, I don’t think we have yet to wake up to a cold crisp white frosty morning. Reading about Archie makes me laugh I can just imagine him with his tennis ball. Pleased the pony is not hurt after its demise, it is so important to check fencing daily in bouts of really strong winds and gales.  

23 November 2009

Issacc Finds The Cat Bed!

100_4366This photo is so cute, thanks Billy!

Baby J

025 027Oooooh I wonder what is in there???

Not long now before we see baby J in the show ring. It was nice to meet her sister Iris at the seminar yesterday! 

Visit John Glover’s Country pursuits


working%20bedlington%20book%20cover-1I met John  for the first time at Midland Bedlington Fun Day last May and he kindly signed my book. John now has a new website

P1040983 (1)  Click HERE to visit Johns website

The Bloggers Know How To Party!!

Hello Bloggers

Here's a few pics from Friday night of Bedlington bloggers on a night out.   First we start off quite respectable but as the night wore on some of us deteriorated.  Once again the Janmarks won most of the raffle prizes, guess this was because Mark was in charge of selling the tickets. Marks new pup looks as if it has nice colour though not too sure about the length of it's nose, and the air guitar, well what more can we say. The Makem 



Love the black shirt and yellow tie, Derek!  I bet you are a great little mover, Jan you look like a teenager! 


A slurp for you and two slurps for me! MM, maybe none for you and all for me don’t want a drunk bedlington, can’t see straight but I think there is something wrong with your nose !!!!! 


Shake rattle and roll those hips Mark!!!!