31 December 2009


Please can anyone  explain to  how Top Sire and Top Stud Dog are determined ??


To celebrate New Year we have photos from Elaine & Ernie of Minni and Lilly enjoying the winter snow.



Minnie is spending New Year's eve with us - she so loves the snow - and is a great playmate for Lily. Mac is content to watch the terrible two from the side lines!! Happy and prosperous new year to you all. Elaine and Ernie.

Thank you Elaine great photos for New Year’s Eve! Happy And Prosperous New Year to everyone from me and Jon!

Top Bedlingtons 09

Top Bedlington: Ch Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook Jw ShCM  ( Angela and Stuart Yearley)

Top Puppy:  Ch Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook Jw ShCM

Please can someone confirm Top Breeder and top Stud Dog?

Thursday’s Northeast Natter from Our Julie

Good morning from the northeast and another year is about to leave us. What a great year it has been on the blog thank you Jon and Lesley for putting so much time into the blog we have had laughs and some tears but everyday this site makes me smile.

Whisper and Piper have grown up so much this year and had a great time over the Christmas period with all there pressys and treats.

We have been to some great shows this year I think the high point was going to Crufts for the first time to show. Oh my god that was the most freighting experience of the year but again a few hugs and words of advise and I was ok. Next year and I can’t wait to see all the new pups coming on to the show ring good luck kids. Well that is all from me this week have a great new year eve hope to see everyone soon. Wishing everyone on the blog a very happy new year Julie xx

Thanks Julie it certainly has been the year for blog puppies and the first to make their show ring debut I think is a pup from one of Mark’s litters. Little Iris is just six months and is entered into her first show on Sunday. We wish Iris and Kerry good luck and look forward to the photos.

Wednesday Welsh Wafflings From Paula: Snow Dogs

Not a lot happening here today, the snow is still coming down but is
really slushy, we had another 10 inches yesterday, I think our town has had the worst of it so far - we got mentioned on the weather news! 
Luckily the first 8 inches had melted away.  It's been vile trudging
through the wetness and the dogs aren't impressed at all, they won't
run about and just give me that look - you know the one that says
you're torturing them.  I took a photo of them when I asked them if
they wanted to go Walkies!    they just snuggled nearer the stove, we can't get near it LOL    we're supposed to get more tonight, maybe I'll be able to get some photos if it's proper frozen stuff

DSCF3245 Thank you Paula, look on the bright side, the slushy stuff should clear quickly, although 10 inches is a lot to have to melt. Luckily we have not had snow in Oxfordshire but over 24 hours of rain! It has been so wet  the dogs have missed their walks over the hill  this week.

30 December 2009

Two Weeks Old Already!002


Here are some photo's of the puppies that Lizzie ( our Neice) has taken yesterday afternoon. Norman & Sandra

Gosh they are on the move now the fun begins, what time wasters, but what fun!

Where Were We?

where-are-we-5How nice to see a summer photo! Martin and family have once again  been on their travels but where were they this time?

29 December 2009

New Year Shows With Classes!

Saturday 2nd January Worcester & Malvern judge Andrew Westwood.

Can you email me if you are entered elsewhere over the holiday weekend!

Ah Nearly New Year, Time For Betty Beach Ball’s Bath!

100_4504 Well it is that time of the year when Betty has her bath,what a fight we have on our hands,here she is just out of the bath! BILLY

100_4505 100_4507 Billy, Betty has to win a prize for the cute factor, of course after my Diesel!!!!!  Great photos many thanks.

Please Please Please Support Your Blog !

Once again we only have very few comments on the blog. 165 people visited the blog yesterday with a total of 512 hits. Out of 165 people just four contributed and left a comment on the posts. I don’t want everyone to write everyday but please support by writing a comment form time to time! Without support people will stop sending me news and photos and the blog will not flourish.  Goodness, think of the time I will have on my hands without the blog!

MIsty In His Snow Boots!












Hi all what do you think of these for snow boots!!!

Gribdale_20th_Dec_09_(46) Gribdale_20th_Dec_09_(45)

Many thanks to Lind Dunn- Edwards for the photos. The photo of Linda and Misty is a “cracker” hope you have it framed Linda!

Tuesday And Tina Time From The Midlands

Good morning bloggers-last Tina Time of the year. I hope you all had a lovely time at Christmas and Santa was good to you! Most of the toys that the dogs received have either been chewed up or confiscated due to arguments! On Christmas morning Colin managed to eat a full half of a tennis ball so all the balls were taken off them-he finally sicked the said  ball pieces up in the evening -but kept all his dinner down! He's a greedy dog and doesn't like to share the toys and has spent ages guarding the nylabones and rubber chew things so today I confiscated them until he can share better. The photo's of the new pups on the blog have been wonderful and also the greetings cards from far and wide were really professional  looking. Don't forget that Crufts entries close soon-Postal on 8th Jan and on-line on 15th jan. The MBTC are  holding their usual pre-crufts open show at Tollerton on 27th February, judge is Colin Powell (Bowtman) and entries close 23rd Jan. Good luck to everyone showing/competing . Keep warm and wishing you all a Happy ,Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. 'Till next time. TINA

Thank you Tina, I am pleased it is not only mine who are naughty .  They all had Nylabones too but I had to put Parker in the kennel with his or he would have taken them away from the girls! Another year of shows start this weekend with the build up to Crufts in March.

28 December 2009

Puppy Monday: Say Hello to TJ with his new Mum and Dad!

TJ has settled into his new home in Consett very well.  He likes playing with his new toy from Santa.  TJ has been on his first adventure out in the car this morning to our local farm, to collect some eggs, he was really good.  We can't wait to get him out for walks. Best Wishes for the New Year. John, Lesley, John & TJ.

005Lesley, John and TJ welcome to bedlingtonpictures. Luckily Derek managed to deliver him safely in all that snowy weather! We love puppies on the blog and will look forward  to lots more photos of TJ growing up.

Letter From America!

Sorry I am a day late.  Chris and I were gone for the week end to Virginia Beach, VA, where Chris's Dad lives.  There was a big family dinner Saturday night and the dogs had a blast!  So many people to pay attention to them.  And so many people that couldn't believe how well behaved they were.  It always amazes me that people think that because your dogs aren't absolute raving maniacs that they believe you have some dog training gift.  There was another dog in the house so they had a canine playmate too.  I think he was overwhelmed by 5 ladies wanting to sniff him all at the same time!  The visit went well.
We had a nice quite Christmas. There are photos in the camera & I will post them as soon as Chris gets it back to me.  The girls  got some Nylabone chew toys....Storey loves to chew bones.  I swear she can decimate even the toughest bone!  The rope toy with the tennis ball on it didn't last long, they had to tennis ball off the rope before the end of Christmas day.  A box of sweet potatoes gourmet, organic biscuits topped off their goodies....surprisingly I have left the box under the tree and no one has touched it.  The weather has been pleasant here, not too cold and sunny.
I am looking forward to another wonderful year on the blog.  I cannot believe how it has grown!  Thank you Jon and Lesley for all your work.  I look forward to watching all the puppies grow and to all the fun stories about them.  Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here on Ocracoke! Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia sounds like you had a great time over Christmas and the girls had lots of special attention. Hopefully you will soon be able to send us some photos. Talking  about presents under the tree we left a small Christmas wrapped box containing 6 Belgium chocolates under the tree, walking past I noticed it was gone and there was Diesel in  her basket demolishing chocolate number 5, she took off the wrapping paper and prized open the box, luckily she was not Ill but I kept a close eye on her for a while and moved anything edible away from the floor and surfaces near any chairs. All my dogs are such foodies!  

Puppy Monday: Misty’s Babies!

11863_197420614086_741409086_3126790_3722624_n 11863_199613189086_741409086_3133614_653758_n Congratulations to Norman, Sharon and a very proud Misty. The puppies are about two weeks old now.

Puppy Monday: A Note From Billy

Well Sunday was a trip down to see Ken and Julie for one of 100_4498Ken’s super Sunday dinners, and very nice it was too. Issacc and Minne had a drive down too. Minne ended up in the naughty cageas she does,and Issacc drew blood on Ken again. A few piks of Issacc 100_4502Thanks Billy If I remember rightly Issacc has his first show next weekend as well, it will be fantastic to see all the new puppies show ring debuts.

Monday Junior Handler Day And We Say Hello To Victoria

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.It has been really interesting reading all the reports from around the world,the blog seems to be getting bigger every year.thank you Jon and Lesley for all your hard work. Jack and Rose would like to say thank you to Ed,Rebecca and Ralphie who got them both a rat for Christmas,Jack surprised us all buy opening his presents without any help!
Rose is calming down now and becoming more cuddly and less bitey every day. She is also listening more to us and will come back to us when we call her back from the garden, (she usually plays a game where she will stand just outside the door then when we come to get her she will run to the back of the garden). 
On Boxing day my Dad gave Jack and Rose a clip.Jack is very good on the table but Rose is already much better even with her front feet being clipped. After that we went to the Gate Inn with my Nan to see some Morris Dancers.The Morris Dancers seemed to know a lot about bedlingtons, which surprised me as most of the people that come up to us,ask us what breed they are. Rose ruined her new clip by getting VERY muddy and had fun playing with a one year old spaniel. ixus_026_(2)
It was Rose's first Christmas and she has had lots of fun 'ragging' wrapping paper and playing with the family. We have had a really good year this year, one of the highlights was picking up Rose from Sandra and Norman Hyde (who must have had a very busy Christmas with five puppies to look after),going to dog shows with Jack  and also going to a few agility fun shows (which I would like to do more in the new year)
on January 3rd we have a dog show with Jack in AVNSC terrier where we hope to meet Jamie and Kerry with Iris as it is her debut.
Have a happy New Year and see you all at Crufts. Lots of love Victoria Jack Bojangles and Rose.

LPIC0559Thank you Victoria, 2009 was certainly a fun doogie year and 2010 will be busier with little Rose joining the Colley show team. Good luck on the 3rd January, will this be Rose’s first show as well?    

27 December 2009

Partied Out!

ixus_024-1 This is Victoria’s “Rose”, I think she has had one mince pie too many!

Bedlington Baubles



Our baubles found homes on two miniature silver Christmas trees. 

DSC_5096Mummy Fudge and Diesel find a sunny spot to sleep off their Christmas lunch!

Heres' a guess who competition!

From the words of a famous rock group "Who Are You" Who, who, who, who? Taken in 1962 in New York Harbour on the return to service of the cruise Liner Queen of Bermuda after a refit. It's a big day for one of these sailors on the 27th. Some of you Scottish bloggers might know some of the faces. Who Are You??????? !cid_AABC5344-5517-4877-B994-5E7A7D0EA9EC

It is a very special day for one of these handsome sailors!

A very happy 70th birthday today to Derek, lots of love from everyone on the blog!

26 December 2009

Note From The K9 Marshal Crew

Hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas day. Just a little message of The Jazz Man, he helped his mum to do the Christmas dinner while it was all too much for little Sapphire pups. She was too stressed out to do anything. After opening all her presents of Doggy Paws, and two drinks of Sherry her stress levels into overdrive!

!cid_F2E416FC33354C81A86C81658DF91F1F@alexPC !cid_0F299F868B8E477798A99D006082016C@alexPC Thank you Ian I love your cap and Jazz’s apron, I bet he helped mum by clearing up any food that might have accidental dropped onto the floor . Hope little Sapphire is more relaxed today after yesterday’s excitement.

A Note From Carmel


Hi, hope you had a good day yesterday, if like me your whacked today.  Brian wants to know what does "amp" stand for, you can tell how early he turned on the blog this morning, I was still in bed and bleary eyed, he said he would google it but I thought you would be able to answer his question!.

It has been great reading all the messages from far and near, and the underlying theme of "See you at Crufts" some people obviously know one another, but there is a lot of people who we read messages from but do not know in person, dare I say "Badges" perhaps another way to raise rescue funds? All the best Carmel

Thank You Carmel I think a rescue badge for Crufts  is a great idea, the badges cost about 50 pence and perhaps we could sell them for £1.50p. Come on bloggers we need a  design and  it could be worded “Bedlington Rescue At Crufts”  WE NEED SOME IDEAS BLOGGERS!

Brian what do you mean by “amp” was it a typing  mistake on the blog?

Cody And Briagha Had A Good  Christmas!


Well that's Christmas over for another year.

I hope Santa was good to all the bloggers and all the bedlies. My dogs had a great time, with new toys and turkey galore and getting to run around in the snow. Last weekend I discovered another dead rabbit in the garden. This one had been half eaten during the week (I wondered where Cody kept disappearing to in the dark), and it was only in the daylight of Saturday that I spotted this dead 'thing' sticking up in the grass. It seems that they have been feasting on it during the week and the bottom half was no more....eeek!

I don't know why they suddenly seem to be catching rabbits when they never did before. They must have a gun and a stalkers hat hidden round the side of the house!!Anyway, its haircut time for them this weekend (or should that be harecut..he he!) Marie

Thank you Marie, not only turkey for Christmas but fresh game  to snack on as an appetiser, yuk! Enjoy the rest of your time off love to you Briagha and Cody.

“Our Dogs” Newsletter


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Waiting For Santa!


This is Minnie the Minx looking for Santa on Xmas Eve! BILLY

Thanks Billy hope he brought her lots of pressies !

Merry Christmas

kennel Delta Blue
Bedlingtons & Poodles


25 December 2009

Hooray It Is Christmas day! IMG_0712

Our Mum is really busy today and asked me to write a note on the blog. I do hope Santa brings you lots of lovely surprises, I am hoping for a big bag of treats and some new toys! Don’t forget to take photos for the blog I can’t wait to see you all opening your parcels Have a wonderful day, love to all our bedlington friends, a very Merry Christmas Love PARKER

24 December 2009

Christmas Greeting Messages


Add a Christmas greeting in the comments!


Happy Christmas everyone and all the best of everything to you all in 2010 Compliments of the Season Harvey Bell

Merry Christmas to you Harvey and your family, thank you so much for contributing to the blog with your show photos. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows in 2010

Christmas Dog News: Celebrity Supporters At The Mayhew Christmas Evening

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We welcome “King” to the blog 31-10-2009_012

DSC00340 DSC00346

Finally, I found a liver pup and I named him KING. I got it from a breeder in west midland. KING is now 4 month old. Here are some pictures of him. I wish you a great Christmas and Happy New Year.
Kind regards, Chen Li

Congratulations Chen Li, thank you for the photos he looks gorgeous! You have been waiting a long time for a liver puppy. Have a wonderful Christmas and we will look forward to seeing lots more photos of “King”

Greetings From Karenrandom_09_006

Hi  Lesley thought you might like to see the latest picture of Mouse, she is six months old today how time flies, I took her up to Mel Lacey for a decent clip and as you can see she has done a brilliant job on her. Merry Xmas everyone and all the best for 2010  Karen, Nigel and family x

Thank you Karen, Mouse has certainly grown since we last saw her and what a beautiful dark coat! Happy Christmas to you and your family from everyone  on the blog.

Greetings From Nina Blaser In Germany


We wish you and your family  happy holidays and a great Start into the new Year with health and success for 2010!!!!

Bedlington Terrier "Arc-en-ciel"

Nina, Carda und Gisela Bläser, Germany


Thank you Nina. best wishes to you and your family from everyone  on bedlingtonpictures

23 December 2009

Greetings From Jukenblu

Wishing everyone on bedlington pictures a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. It has been a great year thank you to all my bedlington friends for making it so! Love Julie, Ken, Whisper and Piper xxxx

crufts_2009Happy Christmas to you too and thank you so much for all your help on Thursday’s Northeast Bedlington News!   

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the bloggers! From Ralphie, Ed and Rebecca

!cid_CF91353B-C421-4D6D-ACC6-12696D7EEAF3 Thank you Ed and Becs, and a very Happy Christmas to you too!

Talking About Agility.....

In the USA the top agility pedigree dogs are invited to take part in a special agility event which took place on December 12th. Melody Guiver and Hunter who is the top US agility Bedlington ran a fantastic clear round to win a place in this prestigious event.

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…………


If you go down to the woods today you may have a big surprise for you may see the k9 marshal crew (Jazz and Sapphire) by a Christmas tree. They are getting into the Christmas spirit now that the snow is starting to fall. They both said that they cannot wait till its deep enough to build a snow dog !

This photo is just lovely Ian, I wonder what you are saying as Jazz is definitely all ears! Come on bloggers let's have a bit of fun, what do you think Ian is saying to a very interested Jazz?

Greetings From Florida

Hi Bloggers, Just want to extend a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year wish to each and everyone of you from all the Marico Gang.This is Am. & Col. Ch. Marikov Cute Trick, taken when we were in Columbia.  She was a very strong part of our beginnings.  Trick had her faults.  But, she was a SHOW girl who walked into the ring like she owned it.  So, did a lot of winning even with her faults. Hugs to Everyone, Mary Lou & the Woofs in sheep's clothing

Marikov Bedlingtons Florida, USA


Thank you Mary Lou and a very Happy Christmas and prosperous  New Year to you from all of us on the blog.


Read The Latest Issue Of K9 Magazine ( by kind permission of Ryan O’Meara)


We're really proud of this issue, in fact it's one our finest issues ever; featuring...An interview with guitar LEGEND and big-time dog fan, Steve Lukather, health focus on canine cataracts, training videos, how to play interactive dog games, exclusive video product reviews, Out and About with radio personality Jo Good, diary of a dog warden with Neil Burton (video), dogs looking for new homes, how to your dog's ears clean and healthy, how YOUR personality affects your dog, best of the web (dot com dogs), how to make your own canine first aid kit, spotting the signs of canine joint problems & much, much more!

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Christmas Greetings From Hessel and the HolyLambs Kennel In Israel

I really tried to post a message on Bedlington Pictures but I never seem to manage. I obviously don't know how to do it. So please send a message from me: Wishing all my friends at Bedlingtonpictures a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Successful and Wonderful New Year. All the best for 2010 and lots of hugs from us at HolyLambs to all the Bedlies and other 4 legged for the New Year. Best Wishes, Hessel and the gang at HolyLambs - Israel. DSCF8640acropped DSCF8653acropped Thank You Hessel a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family from everyone at bedlingtonpictures

Christmas Greetings From Hungary


With this picture Erika and me (since I don't own a dog I had to steal it from her) would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of lovely Bedlington photos on your website.

I would like to wish Erica, Vera and all our overseas blog visitors a very happy Christmas prosperous New year!

David Tennant's Tie


Have found this on the net and thought it might help reveal the source of David Tennant's Tie. From the picture it appears to be a scarf - silk? if so it could easily be worn as a tie or cravat. It may be that a tie in the same print is available but not online PAULA

Thanks Paula he may have bought the tie just because he liked the design not realising the dog printed was an actual breed!