31 December 2010

Happy New Year To Everyone


Hope you all enjoy a wonderful evening. The New Year starts with Coventry Ladies Premier Open Show tomorrow, no classes but I do know at least four bedlington entered in AVNSC! Monday is  Worcester & Malvern Canine Society. Three Bedlington classes being judged by Stuart Cooper. Good luck to everyone entered this weekend.

Rosie Has A Make Over
We had a quiet Christmas at home, partly due to the snow and ice, which  fortunately is now melting fast, and also becasue I was on-call. We usually like to have long walks and save the eating to the evening. This year's walks were short but pleasant in the winter sunshine. Boxing day Rosie and Jasper had baths, and we managed to groom the whole of Rosie. This is quite an achievement, as neither of them are keen on being brushed or clipped, and we have been doing grooming in little stages. Rosie was well over-due, and resembled a woolly teddy, with a beard that Santa would have been proud of.  I know that I'm very much a novice, and I still have problems blending in the tops of the legs, but given that I had to work fast, I'm really pleased with the result, and a slim bedlington shaped girl appeared from under all her curls. I'm sorry that I couldn't get to stand for her photo. Best wishes Sarah
Copy (1) of IMG_1420
Thank you Sarah, Rosie looks terrific with  her new hairdo and quite the bedlington model in her pink collar. It certainly is not easy trying to groom a dog who fidgets, you should be proud of your achievements as she looks ready for the show ring!   

30 December 2010

Comfirmation Of Top Bedlingtons 2010

Top Bedlington & 4th top Terrier In The UK
Mrs S & Mrs A Yearley: Ch Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook JW ShCM

Top Sire
Mrs C Smallwood Cleveley: Burmington Baton Rouge Avec Brynsire

Top Breeder
Mrs S Hyde: Gnejnabay

Top Puppy
Mrs E Jones & Dr H Jones OBE: Pengerrig Unique

Results from Yesterday At Luton


1st -  Mollora Hazy Days At Bluesmurf
2nd - Burmington Truly Blue
3rd - Pocoblu Concerto
Res - Tobanie Earth Song (B.P)

1st - Sevray Rebus
2nd - Pocoblu Misterioso
3rd - Makems Honky Tonk Woman
Res - Mollora Eastern Dawn For Tobanie
OPEN (10 - 5 ABSENT)

1st - Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove (B.O.B.)
2nd - Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf (R.B.O.B.)
3rd - Mollora Little Rosie At Pocoblu
Res - Miteymidgets Cruiser At Pocoblu
VHC - Seaofiron Where Angels Play

Many thanks to Christine Worrall for the results.

Fun Time Had By Jazz & Sapphire



Hello Everyone,
We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas I know there were two little Bedlingtons here in north Shropshire who just couldn't wait for Doggie Paws to come on Christmas Eve. They were so wound up and on top form that they played until 11:45pm waiting to see Doggie paws that they fell fast asleep on the landing. On Christmas day they both raced down stairs to count how many presents they had (6 presents each)! After they opened 1 present each we went for a special Christmas walk around Brown Moss near Whitchurch and with the snow lying on the ground they had such a good time. We didn't get home till 11:30am to open the rest of our presents. Jazz and Sapphire wanted to come Quad biking with me (a fantastic present of Mum to me).  After we all had a fantastic dinner Jazz and Sapphire opened the rest of their presents and fell fast asleep in front of the telly watching Shrek. But now the Snow  is almost gone (thank  goodness) we can start to go on longer walks.  I know the K9 Marshal Crew are looking forward to the sports car show to see all their friends that they Marshal with. So from all of us in the K9 Marshal Crew House hold wish Every one of you an the Blog A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A VERY GOOD YEAR Doggy Lick

Thank you Ian do take a photo of your quad bike, Billy will be very envious. I know how he likes boy’s toys as well!

29 December 2010

Today At Luton

Congratulations to Yvonne Bannister who won BOB today. I haven’t got any  class or group  results from today’s show.  

Bedlington Calendar

II hope you had a great Xmas & are looking forward to a great New Year. A friend bought me a delightful Bedlington Calendar for Xmas & i was simply wondering whether any of your bloggers would like the link as it contains some lovely pictures of Bedlingtons.  The link to the website is below: http://www.avonsidepublishing.co.uk/Bedlington_Terrier.asp


I have also included a picture of Mia & Blue guarding our Xmas presents from any unwanted attention. Regards Glen, Mark

What a lovely photo, a really beautiful tree next to that gorgeous fireplace with two very alert bedies guarding the pressies! Thank you for the link to the 2011 calendar there are some lovely photos to enjoy throughout the year. You must buy  an Avon Publishing calendar next autumn for 2012 as our bedlingtons  are being featured. A photo shoot took place here a few weeks ago by a professional photographer and she contacted me just before Christmas to say Avon Publishing had approved 13  proofs and are going to print for 2012. I am soooooooooooooo excited as I have not seen the photos as I signed over all the rights.  The  day the shoot took place was perfect as the sun shone and not a cloud in sky!  All the photos  were  were taken in natural surroundings mostly in woodland and by the river..


Windsor Champ Show Judge

Bedlington Judge is Mr Roger Crooks.
Thanks to Stuart for the Info
Good Morning From Wales
Good morning Bloggers. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Our family had rules about presents this year. The adults were only allowed to spend £5 on each other and give what they would have spent to charity but the children had to make gifts for Hefin and myself. As you can see in the photo, they really put a lot of thought into the gifts. Megan painted us a portrait of Solo in the manner of Craigie, Andrew made a calendar with our dogs on each month and all the families birthdays so that we don't forget, Tomos, Rowan and Gwen made pickled onion, chutney and mincemeat. I think they were the nicest presents ever!
Brain Holland and Julie Bouse both celebrated their birthdays over the Christmas period. Julie's was on Boxing Day but she didn't get our card as the post hasn't been delivered. Elwyn cooked the turkey in the Wright's household and it was very successful. He told us that Kevin and all the family had terrible colds so I hope they will be well enough to come on New Years Day.
The snow has started to thaw and we will all be glad to get back to normal. It just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Enid
Thank you Enid what a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts, home made gifts are extra special and the grand children would have thoroughly enjoyed crafting, cooking and wrapping their very special pressies.  Do hope Brian and Julie enjoyed their special day and well done to Chef Elwyn. I think the snow will will stay away over the New Year weekend so we will think of you all having a lovely time New Year’s day 

28 December 2010

Today At Ashbourne

Detailed results - 12 entries with 6 absentees

Junior 1st Burmington Truly Blue  2nd Mollora Hazy Days At Blusmurf


Post Graduate 1st Bisbee Belle Inni


Open 1st Bisbee Beachcomber 2nd Rathsrigg Millrace 3rd Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf


BOB Bisbee Beachcomber Reserve BOB Bisbee Belle Inni - No puppies

ash10 012

Bisbee Beachcomber  was Terrier Group 1

Have attached pictures of all 3 classes - as you can see the layout was not helpful for taking pictures nor in the absence of Jon's camera was the light Derek

Thank you Derek and Donna the results and photos, congratulations Dorothy for your group 1 a fantastic day for the breed! I am disappointed we were not able to go today. Good luck to everyone entered tomorrow.

Stop Press: Ashbourne

No class results yet but congratulations to Dorothy Owen who won BOB.

Good luck to everyone showing tomorrow at Woodgreen Animal Shelter!

27 December 2010

I Want One!!!!

The  dog in the video clip is an Hungarian Pumi. A fantastic herding breed non shedding long coated  stocky bedlington sized dog. As far as I can tell no breeders in the UK but this dog is bred in Europe and the US and is excelling in performance sports taking a third place in the USA National  agility championships this year. 



Hungarian Pumi (Agility Finals)

Happy Birthday To Mr Makem

A very special happy birthday today to our Derek


Hello Bloggers, It's Christmas, time for daft goings on and as it's me birthday, 21 again why not.  As you can see Eileen's just about to put the roast joint in the oven hope it turns out nice and juicy.


All the best folks for the New Year.  Those of you who show may you all have good wins and enjoy your shows. The Makems

Hey Derek you kept that quiet I have now put the date the diary!!! Enjoy you roast dinner, I love Eileen’s apron and oven gloves they look to pretty to get all greasy! Have a fun filled day lots of love to you from every on the blog xxx

Ashbourne Tomorrow

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. unfortunately we won’t be able to go tomorrow but I am sure there will be a good bedlington turnout. There are three bedlington classes under Mr Barry Day 

The Latest Designer Gear

Hi thought the bloggers might like to see Mabel on Christmas day- she's been wearing a nice warm and waterproof coat for walks recently so tolerated her elf suit long enough for a photo! We had a very quiet day as we're expecting our first baby any day now so M got lots of cuddles, snoozes and fuss (and a squeaky snowman under the tree!).
Seasons greetings to all and best wishes for 2011,
Jenny, Kevin and Mabel

xmas mabel elf

Thank you Kevin and Jenny Mabel definitely looks ready to party in her elf costume! What an exciting time with the new baby due at any time, Do let us know what you have. Our very best wishes to you both and we will  wait patiently to hear the exciting news!


This is the beautiful Maya wearing the latest design in doggie snow gear. She certainly looks warm and ready for the off in this yellow number! 

26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day From Tricia

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!
The weather here has turned dreary and rainy with a winter storm swirling all around us......lots of snow for NC & VA. but hopefully not here.  Everyone here (except me) are hoping for snow!  We are only 26 miles from the Gulf Stream, so that helps to keep us warmer.  I will update IF we do get snow (yuck)....  We had a nice quiet Christmas.  The girls opened the pressies Christmas Eve.  I got them 2 of those furry toys without the stuffings, I forget what they are called...they got a fox and a racoon.  A Kong frisbee, A Kong extreme and a "ball" made of twisted Kong rubber.....then comes Storey, the dog that can chew up anything, but the Kong.....her first order of business was to try to chew the squeekers out of the fox and racoon.....Amelia decided EVERYTHING was HERS, the Kong was the biggest hit....Storey can't eat it, it rolls funny.  It is so popular, that I ordered 2 more yesterday from Amazon.  And I haven't even put anything inside it yet!!  Chris made fennel encrusted tuna, with a lemon aoli over couscous  for dinner.....it was wonderful!  The dogs also got tuna, but not the same as we ate.  He steamed some tuna for them.  I am also sitting for "Kitty", so tried to make Christmas special for her.....lit up the tree for her, put on Christmas music and she had tuna for dinner too!  We had a long snuggle and I gave her a massage.....she melts onto my lap when I do that.
I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to all..... Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thanks Tricia, wow Chris sounds a fantastic chef how nice to have a man around the house who likes to cook. What a wonderful  time you had watching the girls play with their toys.  Among other goodies Asha had a squeaky Santa as a present, needless to say the squeak did not last long and she deposited the stuffing all round the house! The dogs love tearing the paper off their pressies especially if there are treats or food to be found inside the wrapping paper.

No more snow for us but still loads lying, the cold temperatures during the day have not made much impact on a thaw! We had a quiet day yesterday sharing roast goose with Jon’s and my Mum but today have had a house full of friends to lunch. Everyone has gone and just having a break from the clearing up. Happy Boxing day to everyone

Boxing Day Who Am I?




23 December 2010

Show Diary Date

12th February 2011. West Midland Terrier Society
Great Barr Leisure Centre, Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham Bedlington: Junior, Post Grad & Open
Judge: Jane Graham (Ruffsfruze)
Schedules from Mr J Dace, 65 Low St, Cheslyn Ha25/1/2011y, Walsall, W56 7HH
Enries Close18/1/2011 or online at Fossedata on 25/1/2011

Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury



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A Bit Of Christmas Trivia

A Bit Of Christmas Trivia

22 December 2010


Clue 1: This bedlington is a champion
Clue 2:  This should be easy for Mark!

Welsh News From Enid



Good morning Bloggers. With all the snow around, it's been very quiet here. As you can see in the photo, we've had an extremely cold patch. I've never seen icicles like this before. I keep knocking them off the troffins  above the conservatory before they get too long and heavy. One of our neighbours cleared the street with a digger so we can get out to the main road and the buses started running yesterday - the first time since Thursday. Luckily we have a 4x4 so Hefin has been able to go to work and do house calls.
He brought home a brace of pheasant yesterday and the dogs went wild! It's his job to pluck them an prepare them for me to cook. If anyone has a good recipe for pheasant, I'd be happy to try something different. I usually roast them. My turkey hasn't arrived yet so maybe it will be roast pheasant for Christmas dinner! Happy Christmas to everyone from Enid, Hefin, and the Pengerrig Gang.


Thank you Enid I just love pheasant and always cook mine in the slow cooker with shallots, bacon, cooked in a mixture of Chicken stock / red wine and finished off with mushrooms. 

Fry the onion in the bacon transfer to pot  cut the pheasant in half brown in, bacon fat and a little extra oil,when brown add about two tablespoons of flour stir in thoroughly and add black pepper Stock/red wine to cover. Transfer to slow cooker and cook on low for about 6-7 hours. Add mushrooms towards the end of cooking. You may have to thicken the sauce again with a little corn flour at the end of the cooking time. I always serve with creamed potatoes mixed with a little nutmeg and a green veg! Delicious  .  , 

Blog News



We  congratulate Angela and Stuart Yearley with Ch Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook JW ShCM  (Genie) who finished the showing year as TOP 4th terrier in the country. Congratulations also go to Sandra Hyde who bred Genie

Does anyone  recognise the lady with the bedlington in Rick Stein’s cooking programme today? 

Where & When?

limit bitch - winners


21 December 2010

I Year Old Monty Needs A New Home

Monty is 1 year old, liver, castrated reasonable on the lead, o.k. with children, not with cats, has a good disposition but needs to find a new home in January 2011. His owner has a 15 year old Beddie but sadly her parents are ill and in different hospitals, in Bedfordshire, she cannot give Monty the time a young dog needs and has come to the conclusion that he would be better off in a more stable household.
She is willing to hang on to him until after Christmas as households are generally topsy turvey at this time of the year. So if there is anyone who can offer this pooch a home please ring
Frances Fuller 01559 384499 ( Bedlington Rescue & Re-homing)
Thank you and a very happy and peaceful Christmas to aal.

Thank you Frances. What super opportunity for anyone looking for a young Bedlington. I am sure Monty will soon find a new forever home.

Diary Date: East Anglian Game & Country Fair

Click Here for more details

Winter Midland Musings From Jane

Well after being quite complacent about our lack of the white stuff our pals in the North East and Wales have been enduring, our number was up Saturday


As you can see from the photos Trevor took in the morning while out with the girls, our snow free zone no longer exists! We woke up to snow yesterday morning and it finally dried up around 4pm by which time there was a thick duvet draped over our little village. As I work for an early shift on a Sunday I ventured out very gingerly at 5-30 am and of all mornings the duty manager missed her alarm call so arrived half an hour late. Needless to say I avoided hypothermia, Stella and Maya’s love of the cold white stuff is NOT shared by myself!

We are, (or were) due to spend Christmas in Southwold with my mum however we will have to wait and see how the travelling conditions progress over the coming week. My sister, who lives just outside Southwold, has had a visitor in her back garden the past couple of days. A muntjac deer who’s even been gazing through the patio windows. Suppose he doesn’t know they are having venison for Christmas dinner lol !!!  Keep warm and safe one and all and here’s to a happy and peaceful Christmas wherever you may be spending it. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, we ventured out yesterday and got stuck on the way home luckily we had a spade with us and was able dig a path along the lane to get the van back home. Needless to say with a few more centimetres of snow last night I won’t be able to to get to Stratford for my Christmas heelwork to music Demo today. I am really disappointed as we have been practising for weeks. It was going to be special as i arranged for a keyboard player to accompany the girls with Christmas music. The van is really bad in the snow and not worth the risk of it sliding out of control. Do hope you manage to get to Southwold unfortunately more snow is forecasted for the Midlands tonight, let’s hope it is just a few light flurries. 

We have quite a few muntjac deer in our area and they are very shy, never seen one close to the house although once saw one trotting  down the end of the lane. I am  amazed that one was tame enough to come in the garden let alone look  through your sister’s patio window!

20 December 2010

A Note From Jazz & Sapphie


Show Diary Date

Swindon & District Canine Society
Sarurday March 5th
The Oasis Leisure Centre Swindon SN2 IEP
Bedlington: Junior Post Grad & Open
Judge: Mr J A Barney (Romaunt)
Secretary: Mrs K Stirk  01793 520347
Entries Close Saturday 22nd January

Play Fighting In The Snow




Mark’s “J” & “VY” having fun

Just A Little Snow!


He may look worried, but Chokko actually loves the snow, he'd spend all day outside if he could!  He is just really pleased he's not a dachshund! Love Louise xx

18 December 2010

Where & When????



Much harder this time! Snow has arrived in force today we won’t be able to get out now until the local farmer comes along the lane in his tractor!. 

Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury



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Show Diary Date

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Assoc
Yarm, Cleveland (just off A19)
Saturday 19th March 2011.
Bedlington Junior, P Grad & Open.
Judge Miss Shelley Worrall
schedules Gill Griffiths 01287 677526

Happy Birthday Julie

billy julie fox-1

With love from everyone on the blog, Hope you are not snowed in and can get out to celebrate!