31 March 2010

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WE have had about 900 hits to the blog in the last 48 hours and a total of 5 comments on posts! It is a disappointment to see such a lack of interest for me and all those kind people who take time to write and send in photos and news! All I ask is Just an occasional comment on a post from everyone who visits. Without support there will be no bedlington blog!     

Lost Bedlington: Have you seen Folly?

Folly a 12 year old Bedlington bitch. She is deaf, has cataracts and is incontinent, the details are on doglost, she went missing from Cornish Hall End, near Finchingfield in Essex on 28th March.


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If you live in the area do look out for Folly, this little girl must be feeling very miserable in unfamiliar surroundings outside in this cold weather. Thanks to Carol for the information.

Hello From Enid In The Welsh Valleys

Hi, everyone. Nothing very exciting to report except that it is snowing but then it snowed eighteen years ago today when we moved into this house. I only managed a short walk with Fizz and Ecco because Fizz hated the cold, wet snow, dug her paws in and refused to go. I had to bring her home and take Ecco on his own. I bought the dogs a beautiful red flamingo toy yesterday and as you can see from the photos it didn't last long. They had fun while it lasted! I've had to change my old Merc. for a Golf Estate as I couldn't fit all the dogs in. The salesman was very interested in finding out about Bedlingtons because his old Staffie had died last year and he was ready to have another dog but wanted one that would be good with his grandchild. I expect he's been logging into the blog by now. Madeline is down in Mumbles for a couple of weeks and hopefully we'll manage to visit so that she can see Solo. His first show will be Terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday 2nd of May- that will be fun! Sharon Ames is judging Bedlingtons and BIS judge is Mr. D. Munro. I'll have schedules with me at National Terrier if anyone wants one. There is always a lovely, friendly atmosphere at this show so try to come and support. In Oct. 2008 Ecco was BIS, Mo's was best veteran and Paula won best puppy so we swept the board! We're off in the Motor home on Friday ready for National Terrier. There are 39 Manchester Terriers in the ring before us so we won't have to be up at the crack of dawn. Looking forward to seeing lots of you there. I hope Trevor and Jane can make it.

IMG_2382 Thank you Enid, I am just realising just how much work a pup is! When Asha’s eyes are open so is her mouth! Still we would not have it any other way. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, nice to think it is not an early start for the bedlingtons, I really do hope Trevor and Jane will be back in time from Sothwold for the show. Safe trip to all those travelling to the show

The Bully At Play

Austin (bitch) In Rescue At Many Tears Rescue Centre Llanelli


I have just been told of this poor little dog who has just been taken into rescue. I will inform Frances from Bedlington Terrier Rescue who will contact the kennel. Thanks to Donna from "Dinky Dogs Grooming" for the information

Dog News: RSPCA Poll Shows 2 Out of Every 3 Dog Owners Backs New Dog Licence

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Misty Knows Not To Chase The Sheep!

Hi taken over at Buttermere earlier on in the month. Misty is such a good boy he stays very close and always waits at any gates. Linda Dunn Edwards

Buttermere_10th_Mar_2010_(21)Thank you Linda what a good boy Misty is many dogs would be under that fence playing chase with the sheep.


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30 March 2010

The latest Addition Of K9 Magazine


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News From Florida

Hi All,

Well, Bubba has been here for 10 days with his doggy family.  The younger brothers & sister are big enough now, that a great time was had by all.  (Of course, I am exhausted!) <G>  I think Bubba is going to be shown.  His Mum is excited about it.  And, once I get him to relax, he is VERY pretty.  Sandra, I think you have every right to be extremely proud of what Billy Bob is siring.

Bubba is almost 13 months old, and look at his colour?  He has him Mum's density and his Da's texture.  As soon as the legs get grown in completely, we will be set to go. Enjoy the pictures.  I am well pleased with the way all of Billy Bob's wee one's are shaping up. Hugs, Mary Lou & The Woofs across the Pond

!cid_X_MA1_1269879151@aol !cid_X_MA5_1269879151@aol

Thank you Mary Lou, Bubba is one very striking dog, I really hope he shows well against his America cousins. He certainly looks to have a super coat!

News From Hungary

Now it's Summer Time, I see more and more dogs in our Park. I guess all Bedlingtons like the long walks and the sunshine we can see more often now. Weather is getting better in Hungary too, dogs go to their "hairdresser" to get a shorter coat. Erika sent me these photos, here you can see how grooming in different there. There is less clipping and more scissors. They groom just a day before the show.  This is Woody, 2 years old from the previous litter (same Mum and Dad than the puppies now.) He's not going anywhere now just turned up for a new style. Dog-show period is starting there too, I'm sure soon he'll go to the ring too. Wish you all the best Love, Vera

woody_2eves_kozmielottwoody_2eves_kozmiutanGoodness Vera what a transformation, Woody is so beautifully groomed, he looks completely different. He certainly looks ready for the show ring now. 

29 March 2010

National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show  on 20th March 2010 Judges Critique. 


The Critique is now on The National Bedlington Terrier Website.    Click HERE then click on show results, scroll down to judge’s critique

Jazz  And Sapphire Go Marshaling And Join The Dog Display Team! 

Hello  from The K9 Marshal Crew After one very bisy weekend. On Saterday Little Jazz and Sapphire and myself  were up at 5am and travelled down to Pantperthog Forest to marshal on the Bulldog Rally. We were at a very good spot a very tight left hand hairpin  and we saw Mary's Hubby in his  Ford Escort Mexico, to which Jazz and Sapphire cheered him on and they managed to take a   photo as he came round the hairpin and he could do with a nice picture of a Bedlington Terrier on the sides of the car it might go faster ( ha ha ). P270310_12_04

After a long day marshalling we got home at  8:30pm and after the dogs had their tea's and went to bed ready for Sunday, where Mum, Jazz, Sapphire and myself made our debut in The Whitchurch Dog Display Team at Walford Collage open day where the two displays went very well. If and when we get some photo's of the displays we post them to Lesley to put on the blog to share with you all.


What a busy weekend for Jazz and Sapphire, I love their green marshalling jackets. Do hope Mary’s hubby enjoyed his day out, he was in good paws if anything happened on the bedlie part of the circuit! Congratulations on being in the display team we are all very pround of the K9 team.  

Monday And We Say Hello To  Our Junior Handler Victoria


On Thursday I didn't go to ringcraft as I was on a history school trip to see the world war 1 trenches,the Menim Gate and a British War Cemetery at Tyne Cot. I saw a few people with our surname, when I got home I looked it on the internet, one of the men that fell lived in the same street that my granddad was born in, so we are assuming he is a relative, which was quite moving!

On Saturday we got jack and rose ready for Gravesend and Medway Canine Society. On Sunday we went to the open show. Rose was in AVNSC Terrier Puppy and AV Terrier Puppy. I was also in Junior Handling. Jamie, Kerry,  Charles Joe and Luchia Zanelli were there. Joe had a go at Junior Handling 6-11. He took Jack in and got 1st! well done Joe! Kerry and Iris got 3rd in AVNSC Terrier Puppy and 4th in AV Terrier Puppy. Well done iris!

Jack got 3rd in AV Terrier Open and 3rd in AVNSC Terrier Post Graduate. Rose got 2nd in AVNSC Terrier Puppy and 3rd in AV Terrier Puppy. Rose behaved really well for such a young puppy,I was really surprised. I decided to take rose in Junior handling, as she was behaving herself and it would be good practice to get her in the ring, Rose walked really well and stood fairly still on the table. I made a few silly mistakes in the line up,but got 2nd! A very well done to Joe who qualified for Richmond junior handling semi finals on his first go at handling! Our next show is the BTA Open Show so we will see you all there. Lots of love Victoria and Jack and Rose

Goodness Victoria what an exciting week, first discovering you may have an unknown relative that is buried in the War Cemetery. Perhaps if you investigate further you may be able to find out some more information!  And secondly well done to Rose, Iris and Jack. And a very big well done to Joe who qualified for the Junior Handling Semi-finals at his very first show.  It is fantastic to see young people taking an interest in handling, hopefully the breed shows will put on handling classes.

28 March 2010

Today At Newton Aycliffe

Whisper 1st open and Best of Breed, nothing in the group

Miss Pie 2nd in Open and Best Opposite Sex

Issacc 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed, Group 4 and 2nd in AV Terrier



Well done to Billy and Julie!

Sunday And We Catch Up With Tricia On Oracoke Island In the USA

Good morning/afternoon,
Just a quick note before I dash off to the restaurant this morning.  Everything is getting in order, cleaned, and we will be up and running on Thursday!  Where did the winter go?  The girls are getting used to this new schedule, with me out of the house during the day (Chris's schedule has changed, so he IS here).  Then their schedule will change again when I actually start working and I am gone in the evening and here during the day.  The adjustment doesn't seem to affect them at all, they fall right back into their "work" routine.
The weather has been warm enough to plant the garden....peas, carrots, onions, spinach & lettuce have gone in.  After Easter, when I can get to the garden centre we will get basil, tomatoes and peppers and hopefully some cilantro.....Storey ate mine last year!  I am also thinking of planting some blueberry plants.  I am not sure how they will do in our hot and humid summers, with relentless sun, but I think I will give them a go anyway.  The girls have enjoyed the fine weather.  It is so much fun to watch them chase each other round and round in figure eights.  Willo will just go outside and run and run and run.  It only takes one to get them all started!  What a joy to watch.
So I am off....I get the whole restaurant to myself as no one else is working today.  Hopefully I will get tons done with no distractions.  Have a great week.

As you said where does the time go, but I must say I will be happy to see this winter out of the way. The daffodils are now starting to bloom in garden and I think the countryside will be a mass of yellow by the Easter weekend. You definitely are a very keen gardener, it must be quite difficult to fit everything in now the restaurant is about to open. Don’t work too hard! 

We Welcome “Hester”,  Ralphie’s New Sister To The Blog

We've got a new puppy! Ralphie's new little sister is called Hester and she is gorgeous! We picked her up on Friday and she was 10 weeks old on Saturday. She's had several good games with Ralphie already and the toy box is emptied as soon as I put anything!cid_6E7CDAA9-2739-4D3F-9785-13676F3AE057g away!

Her name means star and we think she is one, but then we are biased! Hope you like the photo's I'm sure we'll send more. Your puppy looks very gorgeous too, I'm sure they'd have a great time playing together.

Love from, Rebecca, Ed, Ralphie and Hester xx.


!cid_E8FB05C5-4029-4860-B393-60106198A2E4Congratulations Ed and Rebecca, you certainly kept that quiet!  Hester  looks to have settled in and enjoying life. Do send us lots more photos we love puppies pics on the blog. I think this little girl is going to keep you and Ralphie on your toes.  Enjoy her while she is tiny!

27 March 2010


DOG NEWS: This week’s breed notes by Viv Rainsbury

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DOG NEWS:  More4’s TV criticism of Crufts BOB ‘devastates’ owner

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Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

I had a policeman at my door last night, delivering Briagha! She had escaped again around bedtime and I couldn't find her anywhere. About an hour later there was a knock at the door and there was the policeman (who was on his way home but still in uniform). He had found her out on the road and recognised her as belonging to me, fortunately she was still in one piece as it’s a quietish country road. Cody is behaving like an angel compared to her, she is a wee monster.


I'm hoping to go shopping in Inverness this weekend as I haven't been there for about six months due to the wintry weather. I'm also looking forward to the light evenings as the clocks change this weekend. Marie

Thank you Marie, Asha is a half sister to Briagha no wonder Asha is so naughty! I panic too if our dogs escape from the garden, we live on a very quiet lane too but unfortunately just outside our house is a blind bend in the road. Love the photo she looks one very happy little girl. Have a great shopping trip!

26 March 2010



Episode 2 – What Makes a World Class Dog Breeder?

This is the second in a series of Dog World/Eukanuba Breeders' Masterclasses chaired by Andrew Brace. In this episode, four of the dog world's top personalities, Mike Gadsby, Zena Thorn-Andrews, Anne Macdonald and Harry O'Donoghue discuss what makes a World Class dog breeder.
Questions include: 'At what age do you select your best puppies?', 'When you sell a puppy with clear show potential, are you prepared to sell such a puppy to a complete novice?'

Click HERE to watch the video!

Afternoon Soooze!


Dog World Archive

The Bedlington: Graceful and lithe yet capable of fending for himself by Eileen Geeson

25 Feb 2010 08:00


We have several people join the blog who have just acquired a puppy  or thinking about having a bedlington in the family. This post makes informative reading for those new to the breed

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Breed Notes by Viv Rainsbury form March 19th

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Today’s notes have not yet been uploaded to the their website

This Weekend’s Shows

Sunday March 28th

Newton Aycliffe and District Canine Society

ESTON SPORTS ACADEMY, Normanby Road, South Bank. Middlesbrough. TS6 9AE

National Working Terrier Federation

Northern Region Terrier & Lurcher Show (Selby).


March 27th & 28th

UK Agility weekend Newbury Show Ground.

Dog News: PETA Advert Deemed ‘Offensive’ By The Kennel Club, Advertising Standards Authority Rejects Claim

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Misty In Mourning!

Hi Poor Misty is so lonely we often find him cuddled up to Jasper's casket He licks it and cuddles up with him. He often just stands looking into space even when we go out for walks he will stand and just stare into the distance. Its heartbreaking I think he Misty%203rd%20Mar%202010%20(17)picks up on my sadness and emptiness too he is such a beautiful little boy and he is so sad to watch. Linda Dunn Edwards

Linda this is such a sad looking boy but it might help if you put the casket out of sight  take away their old toys and bedding,  buy new different toys and soft bedding for Misty.  Misty needs help to move on and be encouraged to enjoy life once again. Try new activities, how about taking him to agility classes, all dogs find this fun, or maybe throwing games with a new frisbee. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see a photo of Misty as happy as he looked in the BTA 2010 calendar.

25 March 2010

Dog News: Pets In Social Housing – New Guidelines Launched By Pet Advisory Committee

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Where Were We?


Here is a photo of our Kizzy for the blog, but where were we on this sunny day? Mary

Thursday And We Say Hello To Julie With Her Northeast Natter.

Good morning from the north east. After a great weekend it was great to take the dogs out on Monday night and let them get mucky which Whisper loved and I think he found every puddle in the woods. Piper was just Piper and spent most of her time looking for something to chase and I have to say at one point Mr. Bunny was close to meeting his maker. I think some lessons from Miss Colin and Minnie are in order.

Well this weekend Ken is away on a stag weekend so all the bed to myself well that is if Whisper and Piper don't get there first.

I got some great news from work that I had won a day off so for the first time in 11 years I have Easter weekend off I can’t wait!  I am so looking forward to going to Nat Terrier show, I have to ask, as I have never been before, I entered on line and does anyone know when the tickets will arrive? Well that is all from me enjoy if you are showing this weekend and good luck Julie x

Thank you Julie, I am not sure what happens with on line entries but I am sure there will be a blogger who can help. You must be really excited at having Easter off, 11 years is along time to be working over Easter breaks.

24 March 2010

Happy 14th Birthday to Fosebury



Today is Fosbury's 14th birthday. He had a lovely swim in the lake (which was full of grass cuttings) before having a birthday lunch of blog pork pie. Here's a couple of pictures of him with his buddy Jasper. All the very best Martin and Julie

A very happy birthday to Fosbury, he looks terrific for an old man. I don’t think he wants to wait for his birthday pork. It is lovely to see Fosbury and Jasper so fit and well in their twilight years!


PICT0002-1Agatha has joined the Bedlington Lonely Hearts Group, in this photo she is hoping Mr Right will pass by the gate!

Dog News: Wales the first part of the UK to ban pet shock collars

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Tara & Minta Achieve Their Gold!

I Just want to let you know that Minta and Tara received their Good Citizen Gold Award on Monday night. We’ve had great fun during the training and it’s been good for socialisation as well. If anyone is thinking of going for any of the awards, the training a one is good for the dogs, and of course it means extra sausage bits! Good luck to those that are going to do the Bronze during the fun day. Once more thanks for the Blog – my morning ritual when I come to work is a cup of coffee and check the blog. Till the next show Carol Wharton-Smith

Fantastic Carol Well done to Tara and Minta! I must update the blog awards list as we have Sapphire as well to add to the “Gold” section. I have just two places left for anyone wishing to have a go at the bronze award on the Fun day. Please email me if you would like to go on the list.

Click HERE for The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award Fact Sheet. Just email me if you would like further information.

Mystery Bedlingtons Go Bargain Hunting!

Hello Bloggers, Did any bloggers manage to see Bargain Hunt on Monday 22nd March. Mum, Brian and myself were having a cuppa tea while we watched it on BBC 1 and two Bedlingtons appeared on the screen walking around trying to get some bargains. Here is a picture of one we couldn’t get the other one our printers just ran out of ink.

!cid_59188404E4CD4025AE5D8AE57643160E@alexPC Thanks Ian I did not see the programme, but someone in bedlington cyber space may know who the be mystery beddies are!

Born To Be A Swamp Creature!

DSCF9310Agatha ready to be turned into a bedlington princess!  


Agatha soon decides she would rather remain a swamp creature but after a battle and a couple of head locks we managed to turn her into something resembling a bedlington!

23 March 2010

Happy Birthday Ed!

!cid_35DE7576-0D81-49B0-BB98-AA816F55DAD2 A very Happy Birthday to Edward Eaves today, Ralphie is hoping Ed is going to share  a blog pork pie! I think a glass of bubbly is more to Ed’s taste!

Redditch Show May 15th.

Please note my mistake, Bedlingtons are being judged by Nigel Merrick (Magicgem) Mr. R. Garbutt will judge the group. Thanks to Tina for spotting another senior moment.

To be Held under Kennel Club Rules & Show Regulations
Unbenched & To be Judged on the Group System

Click HERE to down load the schedule

Bedlington Rescue Update from Frances

Frances wrote to us about 2 Beddies 7 or 8 years old, brother and sister that she re-homed 5 years ago. The owner died and they had to be re-homed together.
Frances emailed me yesterday with good news, they have gone to a new home in Bolton, and all is well, they are getting on with the Airdale and 2 cats that Beryl the new owner has already. If I remember these two were very over weight. Hopefully now on a proper diet they will soon become fit and healthy!

Coursing Bedlingtons In Hungary

I've got some more news from Hungary. There was this year's first coursing training this weekend for breeds like greyhounds, whippet and others. Others breeds could have a go too and they already have a special team for Bedlingtons, who were doing quite well last year. They enjoyed it, after a few times they became really enthusiastic about running and chasing.

This dog in the pictures is Toby, he's bred by Erika too, Zefír's first son. The team also contains her litter-sister Keira (that's my blogger name with her picture) and her daughter Cserge.  Wish you all the best, love VERA


Tóbi fut2Thank you Vera, coursing looks great fun for the dogs. I wish there was club near our home, I would love to take the dogs coursing. Fantastic photos and so refreshing to see the dogs having so much fun!

Tuesday Wafflings from Our Jane In The Midlands

Well the past two weeks have been something of a roller-coaster for the Ruffsfurze family. I’ll start with the trip to Crufts, we thoroughly enjoyed our first stint on the Discover Dogs stand. At first Maya and Nesta were non too impressed on being put in a pen but soon started to play to their public. We spoke to some lovely people, some of which had owned a bedlington and quite a few who would like to! On the arrival of the Makems we made or way back to the bedlington ring where everyone was busy preparing their dogs for a walk on the famous green carpet. The highlight of the day for me was to see Carol & Brendan again,( they own Mayas sister Phoebe). As all who attend Crufts will know it is a long, long  and tiring day, so to get totally lost on your way back to the car park is frustrating to say the least, you should have seen my blisters!


Early Saturday morning we headed off down to Southwold, calling in on Trevor's parents and my mum on the way. We finally arrived just as it was starting to get dark, once the car was un-packed Trevor took the gang, who were beside themselves to be back at their favourite place, for a walk. Along the seafront there were rabbits out in abundance, so it was no surprise when Archie made a lunge,( still on his expandable lead!) and appeared with not a rabbit but an exceedingly large RAT in his in his jaws!!!!! There is life in the old dog yet.


The weather, as is so often the case, excelled for us. On Tuesday mum, Archie and I visited dad at the nursing home. We always took one member of the Ruffsfurze family to see him, as it really seemed to cheer him up. We returned home to Worcestershire on Wednesday, only to be woken on Thursday by a call from my brother to say dad had passed away earlier that morning. Despite his having been ill for many years it came as a great shock.

After much debate Trevor and I decided to honour our entry to the National Bedlington and journeyed up to Yorkshire. And what a lovely day we had. Apart from Maya winning res best bitch there were many other things to make it special. Linda and Sophie, (who own Nestas daughter Tasha) came down for the day. We managed to talk young Sophie into entering the junior handling class, (age 6 to 11), which she went on to win , handling our little pocket rocket Nesta. What a  pair of stars they were and indeed well done to all the winners on the day.

I am still waiting on the funeral details so don’t know if we shall make the National Terrier or not. So good luck to one and all, but never forget it is the best dog that sits by the side of you when you get home. Best wishes to all, Jane

Thanks Jane many congratulations on reserve bitch at the weekend. I was sorry to miss the show. The club shows are the most relaxed and fun! Clever old Archie not easy catching a rat on the end of a leash, I bet he was very proud of his prize!  We are very sorry to hear about your Dad as you say it still comes as a shock even though he was in care and not well! Safe journey back to Southwold and hope you are back in time for National Terrier.

22 March 2010

We say hello to Sarah And Bodger Bedlington

Hello from Fortrose, Scotland. This is Bodger, he is going to be 2 in May and he loves digging and cuddling the cat! I have been checking out the blog for a while now, and its great seeing all the lovely Beddies out there! Sarah.



We welcome Sarah and “Bodger” to the blog. It is lovely to meet you, we don’t have very many bloggers from Scotland! I just love Bodger’s name, form the photos he looks to be a real little character. He certainly likes to dig in the snow! We will look forward to seeing “Bodger” on the blog again very soon.

Fun Day Weekend Saturday Open Show

If you are at Brailes over the Fun Day weekend you may be interested in showing on Saturday May 15th.

Redditch And District Canine Society are holding their show at the Sports Connexion Coventry on May 15. Bedlingtons are being judged by Mr.Nigel Merrick (Magicgem) . Classes are: Puppy, Post Grad and Open Mr R Garbutt is judging the Terrier Group

The Sports Connection is just 40 minutes drive from Brailes. for a schedule please contact the secretary Mrs Sue Malpas on 01902 634475 E-mail: collies.athome@fsmail.net Entires close 19th April

New Bedlington Classes At Marlborough

Marlborough are putting on bedlington classes for the first time. The show is being held at the West Wilts Equestrian Centre, Holt. If you live within striking distance please try and support this show. Three classes: Junior, Post Grad and Open. To be judges by Chris Harris. For a schedule please contact the secretary Mrs Ros Brakes on 01249 813451

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

We didn't go to obedience with Rose as she has her season. We have put a nappy on her this week! On Sunday we went to Woolwich and District Open Show. We couldn't take Rose but we took Jack,who was in Open Av Terrier and Graduate AVNSC Terrier. We also saw Peter Kiernan and Jamie, Kerry and Joe zanelli. Peter got 1st in Open AV Terrier and then got best AV Terrier, and was awarded  terrier group 2 well done Peter!  Kerry and Iris got 2nd in puppy AV Terrier and 1st in A V Minor Puppy, well done Kerry! Jack got 2nd in Graduate AVNSC Terrier and Reserve in Open AV Terrier, as always we are very proud of Jack and he went very well for me. We are hoping Rose will be over her season by next Sunday as we have another dog show (Gravesend and Medway Canine Society) where we will hopefully see Jamie and Kerry again. We all had a great time today lots of love Victoria jack and baby Rose xx

fujifilm_266Kerry with Iris 

fujifilm_270 Victoria and Peter


Thank you Victoria, what a lot of shows with Bedlington classes, it is great to see  photos from all the shows up and down the country, well done to everyone, the breed did very well winning lots of rosettes. Hopefully little Rose will be out of season next weekend, it was a shame she missed the show yesterday! 

21 March 2010

Today At Otley Show Leeds

Hi hope you get these they are a couple of pictures from today’s Otley Show at Leeds Uni, I got a third with Mouse in av puppy terrier and John Neville got a second in avnsc and a first in av terrier. He was also in av members open which was at the end of the show so I don’t know how he got on in that one, regards   karen Hoaksey


random 1 010

random 1 015

Thank you Karen well done to you and John. A great photo of “Mouse”,  she looks a real little show girl.

Today  At Murton Terrier and Lurcher show



Nice little black bedlington so common at working shows

I got to the show late on after I had been to Eston,they had moved the show down a few fields as they are building a new cricket house on the old field.It was good to get back to camo clad showing, the bar should be open next year Billy

Thank you Billy these shows are a world away from the KC shows but they are an important part of life in the countryside, working terriers and our English Heritage. 

Today At Easton And Barnaby

whisper issacc and pie at eston11111

Congratulations to Julie with Whisper who won Best Of Breed and Billy with Issacc who was Best Puppy.

Spring time On Oracoke!

Hello everyone,
It looks like you all have been very busy with shows!  I especially want to congratulate Ian and Sapphire on their Gold Good Citizen.  What a wonderful accomplishment for a rescue, she must be a really special dog.  My girls have gotten to spend a lot of time outside as the weather has turned gorgeous!  I spent a back breaking day yesterday in the garden cultivating the soil and pulling out clover that has taken over....I loved every minute of it, it was so good to spend hour upon hour outside.  It was also good to see it warm enough the have the girls panting!  I got very adventurous with Storey and Amelia....I have trotted Amelia next to my bike, but never Storey, so I decided to take them both at the same time.  Storey must have done this before in her other life, she was perfect....picked up the trotting pace and was in complete focus.....Amelia on the other hand, trots, then tries to run, tries to look around, which doesn't work with me on the bike & it takes her a bit more time to get into the groove, Storey acted like she did it everyday.  Work is creeping up on me, the restaurant re-opens on 1 April....I am guessing that sometime this week I will be going in to  start the clean/set up to get things in the front of the house up and running.   Until then I am going to enjoy the rest of the time off.
I am off to meet my friend to take a walk at Springer's Point....a beautiful maritime forest along the Pamlico Sound.  Until next week.....enjoy SPRING!!!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)



Thank you Tricia, we have sun today as well, I have actually been sitting outside with a glass of wine this lunchtime. It is still early days so don’t suppose the warm sunshine is going to last.  Enjoy your time off it must be lovely on the Island today. Taking the dogs out on the bike is a sure way of getting them fit, Diesel and Parker could do with losing a bit of weight! Enjoy the rest of your free time, not long until Easter and the crowds return!   

Stuart And Angela Say Goodbye

photoStuart and Angela Yearley said goodbye to “Lowbrook Lilo Lil” , Maurice’s Mum this morning. Lily who was 16 was fit and healthy right up until today when she fell ill and had to be rushed to the emergency vets.  Lily will be sadly missed but on a positive note she lived a long happy and healthy life!   

The National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show


Click Here for more photos, many thank to Martin Collier!