31 May 2010

The Great North Yorkshire Game Fair

Best of Breed. Billy with working champion  Gipcyans Miss Colin. Miss Colin did not get a group placing but came 2nd in veteran to a Border Terrier. Best in show went to a Jack Russel X Smooth Fox Terrier.

Well done Billy and Miss Colin I bet you had a lot of fun at the Game Fair! Is the stall selling  the leather slip leads  at the working shows this year?

Today At Corbridge Agricultural Show

Hello Bloggers,

Today saw the first of the North East Agricultural shows for 2010, this one being Corbridge.  Turned out a very nice day after the cold weather we have been having here in the North East, Gods Country, though a lot of us up here are wondering about this so called Global Warming myth. The Makem

!cid_61BD7DCC-9FCA-45E4-A769-CA81A97AD656 Best Pup went to Janmark Misty Horizons, 2nd Makems Lavendar Lady, 3rd Makems Caught in The Act, Res. Gnejnabay Solo Starboy At Gipcyan.

!cid_38002233-B0B6-4285-A753-DA35010D8B55 Graduate, 1st. Rubsters Piper At Jukenblu, 2nd Lisanne Singing The Blues, 3rd. Makems Precious Jewel ShCM


Open, 1st & BOB & Group 3 Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu ShCM, 2nd Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM

Thank you Derek for the photos and results, it certainly looks to have been a very pleasant sunny day. Congratulations to Mark for Best Puppy and Julie for BOB  and the group 3 placing.

Stuart And Genie Win Best Opposite Sex In Show At Bath.

DSC00096 Congratulations to Stuart and Angela as Genie was Best Opposite Sex in Show. Two dogs got the top placings.

A Very Happy Birthday

who_002[4] to Big Mo today, many happy returns Maureen and lots of love to you from all your friends on the blog xxx 

Best Puppy At Bath

IMG_2514Chris Harris With Ratzwell Dolly Mixture, many thanks to Enid for the photo. 

Yesterday At  Edwinstowe & District Canine Society

AVNSC Terrier
2nd : Murby & Heraty - Honeymist Ladybird
Post Graduate-
1st : Murby & Heraty - Honeymist String Of Pearls With Tasseltabs
1st : J Neville - Abben Blue Buttons At Chancette (Finley)
Finley continued on to win RBIS.

Many Congratulations to Helen and  John with Finley for Reserve Best In Show a great result for the breed!  

30 May 2010

Does Anyone Know?

Just for the records does anyone know who and when the last bedlington won the adult group at a champ show? And maybe big Mo can remember when Christine Bell won Best In Show at Paignton?

Many thanks to Derek Owen for the following:

The last winners of a group at a Championship show were (Mesdames P & P Hall & Morton)  Ch Dalip Lord of the Rings at Birmingham City in 2000 under Frank Jones.

The last Bedlington to win Best In Show at a Championship show  was Christine Bell  at Paignton in 1994 with Ch Reef Knot of Rathsrigg, If not mistaken one of only three Bedlington Terriers ever to take this honour at a general championship show in the UK.

Hello From Oracoke

The beautiful hot, humid summer weather has set in.  Time for the AC to come on!  The garden is exploding and I can't wait for my tomatoes to be ripe.  This week I had a little skin problem with Willo.  One night when I came home from work, Chris said, "you should look at Willo's head, she came down the hall from the bedroom and she was bleeding, but I couldn't see anything after I cleaned it up & there was no blood on her bed".  So I looked, and it looked like she had scratched her head, nothing serious, so I cleaned it with a chloryhexidine solution and that was that.  The next day when I got up and checked her, it was all moist and oozy, red,and painful.  It looked like what is described as a "hot spot", but there was no itching and the hair didn't fall out....so cleaned it again & put an anitbiotic on it.  I did that 2 times a day and it seemed to get bigger.  It is on her head, on the top, between her ears...so the little spot from the first night is bigger and seems to be spreading to another stop further down her head.  Onto the internet I go to look  up "hot spots"...and it tell me NOT to put cream or ointment on it, that it needs to dry out to heal & often time oral anitbiotics are prescribed.  Fortunately I had some antibiotics and started giving them to her on Tuesday.  After 24 hours on them, I saw a marked improvement.  I thought if it showed no improvement by Monday, we would head to the vet.  I also had to cut the hair away from the sore, so she has a bald spot on the top of her head about 3 inches long....Today it is healed over and she has a scab, no inflammation, so I think we are on our way.  I have never had a skin issue with a dog and I have no idea where this came from.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their dogs?  I must not have enough to do in my life, because this took up my whole week!!  Checking her, worrying about her.  I am much relieved that she is better.
Aside from that we have had a busy holiday weekend, the island is packed with tourists.  Storey celebrated her 4th birthday with turkey, gravy, carrots and green beans.  She thought she was VERY special.  (and of course she is).  She has been with us for 1 1/2 years already.  Almost time for another puppy.  I told Chris, we already have 5, you would never even notice another.  He gives me this look that says, "you ARE kidding, right?"  Am I??????

Willo_&_StoreyThanks Tricia I think time for another puppy on the island is a fantastic idea! Poor Willo it is lucky you had some antibiotics in the cupboard, it is obviously a condition that was not going to heal on its own. Summer has arrived at last with us today and no rain expected for us this week. We are nearly into June and the longest day, it does not seem long ago when we had all that snow! Don’t work too hard

Time for a quick nap after a long walk. Must ready their bodies for the day's events. Yesterday was a total disaster three runs and we were eliminated three times, my bedlingtons don't do rain embarrassing!

29 May 2010

Not Long Now Linda!

Hi Lesley we went to see Mark's puppies and our little boy again on Tuesday they have changed so much in two weeks. Took lots of photos these are some of the best ones.Can't wait Puppies_25th_May_2010_5wks_6_days_(23)to get him they are little live wires now proper little bedlingtons with their own little personalities developing. I'm sure Misty will be delighted to have another  friend to love, play and cuddle up to. He still gets lonely at times and misses his special friends. Love Linda & Misty xxx



Thank you Linda they certainly are little bedlingtons with very cheeky faces, I bet they are keeping Jan and Mark on their toes!

Hill Walk

This is the location of UK Agility Reading.

Dr Who

Don't forget to watch Dr Who this evening at 1900 hrs and see Kevin's chickens and Mo's house.

Genie Yesterday At BathIMG_2523

She certainly looks fantastic, many thanks to Enid for the photo  

Saturday and we say hello Marie in Skye


It’s back to business as usual here, with Briagha fully recovered and misty/rainy weather on the island. The dogs both need haircuts again, especially Cody who looks like a hairy monster so I will try to do that over the weekend. Speaking of Cody, he was trying to chase away the cows who were leaning over the fence to eat the grass in my garden the other night. He would run at them and bark, then back off (because he's not really very brave). The cows completely ignored him and he wasn't amused, so he finally gave up. Briagha and I were watching from the window and it was hilarious. This weeks pic is another from the lake district. Marie

Thanks Marie Asha is really funny to she runs up to Parsley our pet sheep barking, as soon as Parsley so much as moves Asha runs off as fast as she can. Parsley is not at all frightened of the dogs and will butt them is they come to close. Raining  today  at agility, terrible agility runs as Diesel does not do rain!  Hope tomorrow is better.

28 May 2010

Stop Press

Stuart and Genie win the terrier group at Bath this afternoon, they go forward to Best In Show On Monday (Thanks Enid)

What can I say but fantastic!!!!!!! Many thanks to Hefin for passing on the fabulous news, we will all be keeping everything crossed for Genie on Sunday. I think there will be some celebrating tonight!!!!

Today at Bath

BEST OF BREED : 1415 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Best Dog : 1410 JONES OBE, Dr H & JONES Mrs E Ch Pengerrig Iron Duke Sh.CM
Res Best Dog : 1408 HARRIS Miss S Ratzwell Independence
Best Bitch : 1415 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Res Best Bitch : 1407 HARRIS Mrs C Ratzwell Dolly Mixture
Best Puppy : 1407 HARRIS Mrs C Ratzwell Dolly Mixture
Best Veteran : 1413 WALSH Mrs P A Lowbrook London Pride at Amurospa

Click Here to see all the class results

Congratulations to  Stuart, Angela and all the winners

logo Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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Lots of Birthdays Today

pup-1[6]First we say many happy returns to Tony Waller, have a great day Tony. 

And From Tricia In The USA

Just wanted to post of photo of my wonderful rescue dog, Storey, that turns 4 years old on Friday.  She is the most special girl.  After all her hardships in her other life, she is a very happy girl.  Her tail never stops wagging!!  I love her heaps and she brings so much joy into the house....she is the clown of the pack.  Not sure what we will do for her special day, but I plan to do something....depends on the weather....we have a ton of rain on the way.
P.S.  Simon, also turns 10 years old on Friday....how odd is that?



Archie has a birthday today and Jane celebrates her special birthday with a trip to the sun!


Monologue from the Midlands,

Hello everyone. Today it gives me enormous pleasure to announce it is our beloved Archie's 11th birthday.It is almost 12 months since he had his first seizure and we feared his time with us had come to a very premature end. Archie however had very different ideas and despite a few hiccups has gone from strength to strength. In fact he is on top form at present and living life to the full.

The photo of him is with his latest toy, we bought it onboard the aircraft on our journey home, (and NO the  girls aren’t allowed to play with it!) Whilst away the three girls went off to kennels, whereas Archie had the VIP treatment at the vets. And what a time he had!!!! The cleaner, first in, in the morning adored him, as he helped her get things ready for the day, he aided and abetted the vet nurses whilst going about their duties, he even sat in on the vets meetings, offering his invaluable advice no doubt. All in all he was the centre of attention and charmed everyone at the surgery, so much so they were sorry  to see him leave.The downside to his holiday was the excess pounds he managed to ecru, so No birthday pork pie, it’s a Ryvita instead!

Both Trevor and I were sorry we missed the Fun day it looked like a marvelous day. However  our plans were made some 50 years ago and we had a week in Turkey planned. Unfortunately we had not taken into account Volcanic ash, so we spent a gruelling 161/2 hours in Manchester Airport. Once arrived however we had a wonderful time, it was just a shame we lost a day or so of such a special occasion. Never mind we enjoyed the time we had! Jane xxx



What a special day the 28th of May is for the blog, happy birthday to all our very special bedlingtons, not forgetting Simon pussy  and many congratulations to Jane on her 50th birthday and of course Tony who will celebrating today. I think Archie had the time of his life at the vets he will be sad without his blog pork pie! How nice to hear of little rescue “Storey” so full of life and happy.  

Finally good luck to everyone showing at Bath today.

27 May 2010

Whose been naughty doggies!

Still reading the blog, fantastic updates. Took this photo of Shaun this afternoon although  he wasn’t the only one who did this, he was helped by Louie the cavalier and Lily the Dalmatian. He is still being shown, but only at companion shows as he wasn’t keen on the posh scene, and mostly by Nadia for junior handling, winning quite a few firsts. Hope to come and catch up with people at Windsor take care Maria Hobbs

31982_393559056545_631801545_4258662_1344142_nMaria what naughty doggies, I just love the photo, Shaun is definitely been framed quite the innocent party! Look forward to seeing you at Windsor.

Dog News: Support for Puppy Love grows in Wales

pup4 Click HERE


Newsletter Click HERE

Phew it's been Warm!

Some pictures of the puppies enjoying the warm sunshine in their improvised run outdoors. It was only late afternoon/ early evening that it was cool enough for them. They have all recently graduated from their course in escapology, hence the close proximity of their guard's lounger. The bonus of them being in the garden is it's easier cleaning up their poo's. Regards, Clifford Evans



Thank you Clifford , it is amazing to see just how much the pups change week by week. They certainly look like mischief makers, life is just one big ball of fun in-between snoozing and eating. You will certainly miss them when they go to their new homes.


26 May 2010

Good Morning From Wales

Good morning Bloggers, I've had news via Diane Herbert that we have a new prospective Junior handler in Swansea. Tracey and Steve Richards have a bouncing baby boy born in the early hours of Tuesday morning. His name is Dylan Paul Richards and he weighed in at 8lbs. 3oz. a week early. It's a really good name for a baby born in the birthplace of Dylan Thomas. They also have a litter of pups born last Saturday. All the pups have homes to go to. Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes- they were much appreciated. My father came in singing "When I'm 64"! Don't forget to watch Dr. Who again this Sunday and look out for Kevin's chickens. The dogs have had to spend a lot of time indoors this last few days because its been so warm. Fizz has been on duty at the front door on cat alert as usual. Madeline and Thandi are enjoying themselves in the sunshine beside the sea at Mumbles. We're off to Bath on Friday so it will be all sections go to get the dogs ready. I'm not looking forward to grooming Solo as he is a real wriggle worm and objects strongly to brushes, combs and scissors. Hopefully we'll see some of you there. Finally, I'd like to wish Sarah Collier good luck in her GCSE exams.  Enid

IMG_2488 Thank you Enid, hope you enjoyed your birthday certainly fantastic weather for a family gathering. Congratulations to Tracey and Steve on the the arrival of baby Dylan and the litter of pups. it will be a relief that all the pups have homes waiting.  Safe journey down to Bath, I love the the show ground when the weather is nice it is a beautiful place to camp. We are off to an agility weekend I just need 4 points to get Diesel up into the senior competition level.

25 May 2010

Missing Bedlingtons Safe And Well

Thought i would pass on some good news, two missing bedlingtons have been reunited with their owners. Jessie, who went missing on 17th May found her own way home on 21st May, none the worse for her experience. Best of all Folly, the old bedlington, who has cataracts, is deaf and incontinent has been returned home after being missing for six weeks. She was found in a very poor state by a gentleman who took her home and cared  for her until he could find out who owned her. He spotted some posters and dog and owners are very happily reunited. What a great result! Carol

Thank you Carol for passing on the news a fantastic result. Goodness knows what poor Folly went through, six weeks is a very long time to be away from home, especially with her not being fit and well. It certainly has made my day reading of these bedlingtons safe return to their worried families

Stuart Home And RestingDSC00051[4]

Stuart is home and resting after his hernia operation yesterday. He is feeling well if rather a little sore. Stuart should be back to full fitness in a couple of week’s time. Take it easy and enjoy the rest Stuart, love from everyone on the blog.

Lady is 3 Years Old On Friday

Lady will be 3yrs on 28th may and still living the high life in Somerset. think when we named her lady , she has taken it literally . Owen and Mandy

lady_009-1Now doesn’t Lady look comfortable basking in the sun, she certainly doesn’t mind sleeping on a hard table. I wonder how long she stayed there before getting to hot? A very happy birthday to Lady on Friday

Getting Bigger Everyday!

Hi  Lesley  the pups will be three weeks old on Thursday, there eyes are open and they are getting about a bit more if not a bit wobbly will send some more pics soon     Regards  Karen

pups 3wks old 006 pups 3wks old 011They certainly are ready to explore the big wide world. Two pups is great not too much work and they have each other for company. We will look forward to seeing them playing. The little boy is available for more details please contact Karen


Dog News: Parvovirus Outbreaks In Park In The UK

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24 May 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Have Been cooling Off At The Meres

Hello Bloggers We hope you are enjoying this very nice weather. It’s been lovely up here in Shropshire  where Jazz and little Sapphire have been sunbathing in the gardens with my big fishing umbrella as shade over their beds on the lawn. We have been going for walks early in the morning and after 8pm at night where it is nice and cool for them. We are lucky were some of our favourite walks have plenty of shade made by the trees and we have the Mere's very close by so if they want a paddle to cool their paws off they can do. Also there is plenty of wild life which is good as well.  Saying this we are ready for the winter as we had the central heating replaced in the house when we got back from the fun day weekend.  Last weekend was very quiet but Jazz and Sapphire though you might like to see one of the Meres in the sunshine this one is called Colemere

!cid_96D3B04785254CE0AEA0E3FAEE7AE630@alexPC Thank you Ian I think everyone has been feeling the heat but we must not complain. At least you are now all set for a cold winter with the new boiler. The weather forecast is cooler for tomorrow.

Hello From Florida

Bubba_&_BB_5-23-10_007 Bubba Bubba_&_BB_5-23-10_002


OK Gang, Bubba is here for his monthly trim.  So, decided to get some pics for you, even thought Billy Bob is a frazzled mess.  He has played all day with all 4 of his children.  He is a great Daddy. I think Bubba is quite nice.  Enjoy. Hugs, Mary Lou

Thank you Mary Lou we love to see photos of overseas dogs and especially those that have gone abroad to live. Bubba certainly looks to be a handsome boy. I love the head photo beside the lake. 

23 May 2010

Summer Has Arrived On Oracoke

A bit of a slow start today.  I had a very late night as we hosted a HUGE wedding reception at the restaurant last night.  It was a lot of fun, but phew!  Wore me out! 
I was so glad to see how successful Fun Day was.  The pictures were great and it looked like everyone has tons of fun.  I can see this event getting bigger, and bigger  every year.  I can't wait to see what events get added to next years agenda.
I was happy to see Briagha is well.  It sounds like the same thing I went through with Grey in January. Very scary stuff, but like Briagha, Grey was fine....it was me that needed to recover!  the weather here has been gorgeous, summer has arrived here on the Outer Banks.  One of my friends at work was surprised by her husband with a JRT puppy and the girls are anxiously awaiting their turn to meet him.  She said to him "NO DOGS"!!  But he brought one home anyway and she said it was love at first sight!!  I can't wait to meet him too.  I think he will need a pack of females to keep him in line and try to wear him out!  We have had a pretty quiet week here.  The island is getting a little busier every week.  Next week end is Memorial Day weekend, which is the official kick off to summer here in the USA..it is a bank holiday and is always VERY busy....I am going to need to tune up my roller skates!  Until next week. Love to all of you, from all of us!

My_boy_Sam__the_6th_bedlingtonMy boy Sam the 6th Bedlington!

Thank you Tricia, well summer has arrived with us too, very hot over the weekend and not a cloud in the sky. Another puppy on the island how exciting do send us a photo, has the puppy  got a name yet?   What a handsome boy Sam is he looks very contented resting in the shade.  Have a good Memorial Day and Bank Holiday, enjoy the weekend but don‘t work to hard!

Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday

DSC_3612_thumb4Dear Enid Happy Birthday To You

Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather love to you  from everyone on the blog.

Congratulations to Mark BOB and BP and all the winners at SKC







Click here for the class results

22 May 2010

Doctor Who Reminder

Tune in to BBC1 1815 to-night to see big Mo's house

Sent from my HTC

We Say Hello To Marie In Sky

Briagha is almost back to her old self after that scare we had earlier in the week. I hope I never have to see that happening again, and I would urge anyone else whose pet develops bloody vomit/diarrhoea to seek urgent vet attention no matter what the hour.

On a cheerier note, my nephews wedding went well as did my holiday to the lake district. We had good spells of sunshine although it was rather cold, but ideal for taking pictures. It is such a lovely area and four days wasn't long enough to see everything, so I may go back next year. Here is one of the sunsets, its at Keswick boat landings on Derwentwater. Marie


Thank you Marie, we are so relieved that Briagha is feeling better. Pleased you had wonderful time away despite the cool weather . it is lovely to to see your  photos once again on the blog, we have certainly missed your Saturday report.  

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Ziwi Peak Review Click HERE

Dog News: Plenty more to be achieved says KC annual report...

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21 May 2010

And They Are Still Arriving

A Letter From Frances And Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing

What a lovely day yesterday was for the fun day. It was so encouraging to see so many pet Bedlingtons as opposed to show ones. I, personally was pleased to meet so many rescue Beddies from all over the country. The programme of events was very well thought out, especially the races which included owners and their pets. The children were very enthusiastic racing and entering the many classes in the show ring, after all this is how it should be? Thank you for allowing me to have a stall for Rescue, the long journey of nearly 8 hours was very worthwhile. I bought home with me £302.01p. This total was raised by so many people and I would like to thank them, on behalf of Rescue, very much for their time and generosity. Tracey for her London Marathon sponsorship, next year she is aiming to do the Paris Marathon....Good Luck. Dora for the lovely felted flower brooches, the many people who made doggie treats to sell. Stuart for his Lucky Dip prizes.
Angela for the donation of bags of dog food. Viv for the adorable pipe cleaner models of Bedlingtons. Louise for all her pieces of pottery. Pat for her donations of a dog crate, collars and leads. Not forgetting Peter Kiernan for his hours of trimming Bedlingtons, these lucky dogs had before and after snaps taken. One of my personal highlights was meeting John Glover, whose book I referred to a lot, in my early days of working Bedlingtons and the late John Piggin referred to John Glover on many occasions. Thanks again for all your support, Lesley, I am sorry if I have omitted to mention anybody. I bought back some 2010 Bedlington calendars and if anyone wants one for £5.00 then send a cheque made out to Bedlington Rescue and Rehoming to Waldron, Alltwalis, Carmarthen. SA32 7EA. These calendars are for 15 months!!! Frances Fuller

Thank you Frances, I do apologise for not getting this letter on the blog sooner but it went to my G-mail account which I only check occasionally. Another warm sunny fun day over for another year but not too long before the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club start planning the 2011 event, something for us all to look forward to!   

Hester Wins Her First Rosette

Ralphie and Hester just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to organise all the fun and games last weekend. They really enjoyed the walk and the barbie on Sat and meeting all their new friends on Sunday. They have just about recovered! The biscuits from Ed and Ossie are nearly all gone and Hester's first rosette is in pride of place. Roll on next year! Love from Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x.

!cid_62654977-5EBA-4088-A54E-E1E9B7043EC7 Thank you Ed and Becs, I think all the dogs had a great time of course helped on by the glorious weather. Next year seems a long way off but hopefully everyone has put the date in their diaries.

20 May 2010

Ashsa Leaves Home

We need 1 of these to tow behind the motorhome.

This Weekend’s Shows

22 May

Devon County Agricultural Association - Terrier Day

Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, Devon. EX5 1DJ

23 May

The Scottish Kennel Club - Terrier Day

Royal Highland Showground EH28 8NF

Chertsey & District Canine Society Open Show

Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Lane, Slough Bucks SL1 2QG

Sapphire In Display Photos

Little Sapphire has some good news for you and the Bloggers, if they go to the Whitchurch Dog Display Team web site and scroll down to the picture gallery and go to the 2010 Walford Collage Open Day and look at the pictures taken their they will see little Sapphire strutting her stuff . Hopefully they will do the next 3 display photos soon and I’m sure that Jazz will be in some of them. Lol Ian, Jazz and Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew

Walford%202010%2026 And this is the photo

Dog News

ourdogsbigOur Dogs News letter Click HERE

19 May 2010


Does anyone have the Bedlington entries for the show this weekend?

What’s This?

Hi bloggers Well what a fantastic Fun Day we had. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. On Saturday Afternoon when mum and I got back from the big market we saw two funny characters walking back to their caravan with a strange object they brought from the sale, Tracey said "I'm putting it in the caravan." Roy's face was a picture.  The K9 Marshal Crew say that it will be more like a mobile mansion by the time they finish it!!!

Perhaps if Lesley doesn't mind perhaps you Bloggers could put a funny caption to this picture. and a message from The K9 Marshal Crew thanks to all For a Fantastic  weekend we all enjoyed our time at the fun day roll on next year Ian

!cid_99D370C3B96A44A5B700ABC3DFB389ED@alexPCThank you Ian I know Tracey and Roy have just bought a caravan or was it a mobile mansion with a chimney ?  Can you think of a caption for this photo? 

Welsh News From Enid


Good morning bloggers. Didn't we all have a great time at the Fun Day? This is the third time that the sun has come out to make the day a success. We were sorry that we could not make it for the whole weekend but enjoyed ourselves on the day. I hope Nigel will be available with his public address system for us next year- it really made a difference. Congratulations to all those who gained their Good Citizens Bronze award. Our dogs were exhausted and slept all the way home.

Maureen has rung to say that the episode of Dr. Who filmed in her street is going to be screened on Saturday. If you remember, the film crew used her house as a pit stop and Kevin's chickens in one of the scenes. Maureen's house was boarded up for the duration but she could watch the action from the end of the street. Steve and Tracey Richards are expecting their baby in three weeks time but it looks as if it might be sooner. It will be all go in their house as Penny, their Bedlington, is expecting puppies a week later. Finally, a note for your diaries - Bedlington Terrier Fun Day will be at the same venue on Saturday, 16th of July 2011 hosted by the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club. If I don't see you before, see you there!!!!

Thank you Enid the weather forecast for the Fun Day was rain, I don’t think we had a drop all day! My thanks goes to Carmel she was fantastic on site giving advice to the bronze test dogs and on the day helping with registration and during the test. Unfortunately we missed John Glover’s class which was a real shame! We will be tuned in to see Dr Who on Saturday (Jon never misses an episode) to see Mo’s house and best wishes from us to Tracey and Steve with the arrival of all the babies.

John Glover’s Critique


The following is Mr Glovers (author of the Working Bedlington book) short but sweet critique on the class he judged at the fun day “The dog he would most like to take working” 

I promised I would get back to you all on the Brailes event.
To be honest there was no working dogs there other than maybe Stuart Yearleys dogs that are used above ground. However my task was to point out to the show fancy just exactly they had got, or indeed hadn't. Most of the dogs fail in coat (but not all), their backs are too short and their ribs are not flat. There are other minor points too. Condition, either too fat, or too skinny and overall conditioning-soft, lack of hard muscle.
I did do a talk and did speak of hybrids and their place in the working terrier world (and there is one, it is viable and some of you on this site know my plans regarding this)
To conclude old school judges like Stuart Yearley agree the shift in judging needs to happen, the biggest problem the post war dogs faced was fanciers breeding untypical dogs to win, Newcombe used to show but refused to conform, he walked away.
Frances Fuller also likes a good coated working type dog as does John Holden. I am pleased to say Frances Fuller raised over DSC_1249£300 for Bedlington rescue which funds the re-homing of all unwanted Bedlingtons both work, pet and show.
My winner may not have been a typical working dog but it did have some promising points, but it’s a long, long road. Some listened and agreed others just weren't interested which is a great shame. I did like the dog I placed 2nd, he would have got it but wouldn’t stand still long enough to really present himself."

In my opinion  It is certainly all down to the judges understanding of the breed standard, are they  awarding bedlingtons fit for purpose? At this moment in time you cannot exhibit many a show champion with a successful working bedlington in the same class, never the twain shall meet!