30 June 2010

Thursday And Our Northeast Natter From Julie

Good morning from the Northeast and we have had a very busy week getting the dogs ready for the weekend show. We  also have a new car we had to travel to the lakes  to go and see it and  then  picked it up on Wednesday. We  have an A4 estate with a bit of a kick! Both whisper and Piper have tried the boot out for size and I can’t wait for Saturday to test it going to a show  There are 2 shows this weekend in the Northeast

1. Ashington and district on Saturday 3rd at Birthy Sport Complex

2.. Lanchester show on Sunday 4Th

I'm not going to be able to get to Sunday show so if anyone is going please send the results to Lesley and any photos. The champ show season is now in full swing and it is great to see all the photos. Well that is all from me this week if you are heading to Windsor have a great time and I hope the weather says nice. Good luck and enjoy, Julie xx


This is Issac in Billy’s  jeep going through Sherwood Forest at the weekend, he was at a Steam Rally in Clumber Park.

Thank you Julie, how exciting a new car, what colour is it? Jon had a bright red A4 saloon car a while ago. Good luck at the show on Saturday  and will look forward to the photos. I love the photo of Issacc he certainly is taking note of where he is going!


The East Anglian Bedlington Norfolk Show Meet

The East Anglians had another of our famed (notorious?) get-togethers at the Royal Norfolk Show today.  In between the Pimms and strawberries and cream, we managed to fit in a bit of showing, and our Bonnie took BOB and Group 4, and Penfold won the Terrier Veteran class and went on to BVIS (Day 1).  The picture shows the gang (and no, we are not the "Norfolk broads" ...) - Viv with Rowan and Krystal, Mary with Brenda and Bridget, Joan with Ziggy and Petal, Edd with Bonnie and Penfold and Lucy with Freddie. The other member of the gang, Karen, had left for home (with Taz) by the time the Pimms ran out and we thought we ought to record the day for posterity. And to round off a good day for us personally, Penfold won £15 in one of the Stakes classes, and Krystal Whippet won a fiver, so another bottle of something or other might be on the cards for the next show. Viv xxx


Pimms , Srawberries and winning prizes in perfect weather, I think I missed a great day out. Well done to everyone especially Penfold for BVIS and £15 for a bottle for the next show. 

We have several bedlingtons in our area now and we are going to arrange a Cotswold Bedlington Meet for next Spring. Thinking about it  we will have Northeast, East Anglian, Southeast, and now Cotswold groups. I am sure Wales could easily get a group together too! Perhaps one day there will be enough groups  to run a Bedlington fun day  teams event!        

Big Day For Big Mo!

The day has nearly arrived for Mo’s daughter Linda and little Alma to arrive back to the UK tomorrow from New Zealand. Do hope they had a non eventful journey and arrive home safely at Mo and Elwyn’s home in Bedwelty Pits. Hopefully Mo will send through some family photos soon.

Ralphie And Hester Get steamed up!

We thought you might like to see some photos of what Ralphie and Hester got up to last Sunday. We took our two scruffs to the Preston Rally and East Kent Show and they both really enjoyed it. There were hundreds of vintage vehicles, classic cars and army vehicles as well as hundreds of steam powered machines from apple squishers to ploughs, steam rollers to model engines.!cid_CA090E18-3BDF-4DFC-BD30-14FA0C1C1E93

The puffing and whooshing didn't bother them at all and Hester seemed to enjoy the organ music . There was also a funfair with carousels and bumper cars and plenty of ice cream stalls. They also had ferret and terrier racing and dog agility. The dogs as usual worked the crowd and met several admirers including a nice couple that we sent to the BTA website for puppy info as well as several people who, "hadn't seen one of those for a long time". Then as it was such a hot day we all had ice creams and then went home before we melted! Love from Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x.


Thank you Ed and Becs, I think Hester and Ralphie were one of the star attractions! It certainly is a fantastic day out, If we lived nearer I would be there entering the terrier racing with Parker. We are going to the The CLA Game Fair end at the end of the month can’t wait but hope it is not going to be to hot!

Bonnie’s Puppy News (Another New Home)

Last week end Arthur or Oscar still undecided on his name left us to start
his new life with John and Sue Morgan in Cardiff. John has had Bedlington
Terriers before and has been waiting for the right time to take on a new puppy. P62600~1

John is a keen walker and has a new companion or will have when a little bigger to accompany him. John and his son collected him and rushed back to Cardiff so the rest of the family could get acquainted. Sue has had to forgo a planned holiday to Cornwall to accommodate the new arrival. I just hope the weather is as good later in the year for their rescheduled break. The picture of the brace of "Beauties" was taken just before John took Arthur / Oscar home. We have two puppies left Saffi the little girl and a little boy named temporarily "Trio". They do not appear to have missed their brothers and sister and seem to relish the extra space and attention.
Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford what a hand full, very big babies now. Do hope you have passed on the blog address to the new owners. We have seen these babies every week since they were born and would love to see them grow and develop with their new families.

29 June 2010

Tuesday And Midland Musings From Jane

Hi All from sunny Worcestershire., Life here is still rather strange, Archie's passing has left a huge void and his quirky personality is missed tremendously. Maya, his dreadful daughter has been trying to make up for any emptiness we have been feeling. As is with the order of things the girls have been re jiggling their positions in the pack and generally misbehaving while they re-establish family life. Just as I was due to finish my shift on Sunday morning, Steve, a neighbour from a few doors away, came down to the shop to say one of our dogs was in their garden. He had tried to alert Trevor but hadn't been able to find him, so had come down to see if I was at work. I duly hurried back up the road only to find Trevor at our neighbours gate with the errant Maya in his arms. The bedlington Houdini, it was revealed had chewed a hole in part of the fence that was hidden behind another fence panel out of our sight. Needless to say she had found the adventure great fun! Though she was none too amused as I began to remove all of those horrible little sticky baubles she had become adorned with while on the loose. She certainly has inherited her fathers personality, gregarious, demonstrative and so full of fun. Trevor and I are so grateful a certain person did as we requested when she decided to return her to us, that, we must thank her for! Finally lets hope this glorious weather continues and a long hot summer is on the cards! Jane xxx


Is This The way Out?

Thank you Jane, it is such a worry when one of the dogs escapes, luckily a neighbour found her before she did a runner to far up the road! As you say Maya is a very special girl and how lucky she was returned as Archie lives on in her fun personality!

Class Winners At Blackpool Championship Show Kindly Sent to Us By Derek Lewis


Puppy Dog


Post Graduate Dog


Limit Dog


Open Dog


Puppy Bitch


Junior Bitch


Post Graduate Bitch


Limit Bitch


Open Bitch

P1010472 Line Up For BOB.

28 June 2010

Blackpool P1010478

Visit the blog tomorrow to view all the class winners (kindly sent in by Derek) from the Recent Championship Show At Blackpool!

Photos Of The Winners from The World Dog Show Kindly sent For The Blog  By Nina In Germany

WW'10, BOB and BIG 2: Velvety Angel Eyes (bitch)

WW'10 and BOS: Airis Blue Volshebnik Merlin (male)

WJW'10: Coquet Water All You Need Is Love (bitch)

WJW'10: Meripihkan It's Now Or Never

WVW'10: Meripihkan She's So High (bitch)

WVW'10: Meripihkan So You Say (male)






Thank you Nina for sending us the photos, It lovely for us to see the winners from this very prestigious show. 

Time For Fun!


This is a photo of Quincy and Pug having time out on the beach on the way back to Germany after the World  Dog Show. Quincy  bred by Nina was 3rd in the Open Class. Blog on later for photos of the World Dog Show winners kindly sent to me by Nina.

Good morning From The K9 Marshal Crew

Hello all, Well Little Jazz and Sapphire have been out and about again. In the week we have been getting up at 7:00am to go for our daily walks in the coolness of the morning before it gets to hot. Both dogs have been paddling in the Meres to cool their paws down, we then in the evening walk after 7:00pm when it goes cool again.


On Saturday Jazz ,Sapphire and myself travelled over to Wellington in Telford for yet another dog display with the dog display team, Since it was warmish on our way we had the windows and the sunroof open on the car so Jazz and Sapphire could have the wind blowing through their top knots. 


The display went well considering the heat all the dogs were kept in the shade of a gazebo and the shade of the p.a. system trailer. Once the display was over we went back to the car were mum had kindly got some WET COATS that she bought from one of the shows so I soaked the coats and put them on the dogs. They worked like a charm and kept the K9 Marshal Crew nice and cool!      

On Sunday we went to the park on the banks of the main mere to see the competitors do this years triathlon event based in the park. They do a 5 mile swim in the mere followed by a 25k cycle ride then finished of by a 10k run. Well laugh I had tears of laughter running down my face because Jazz and Sapphire wanted to do the swim with them and show them how to do it. It was so funny even the spectators was laughing too! Hopefully on Saturday 3rd of July we will travel up to Wrexham for yet another dog display and we will let you know how that one goes.  All the best to you all and keep enjoying this lovely weather from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire.

Thank you Ian another very busy weekend, the dog display team certainly get about! I made some cool coats for the dogs out of absorbent cloth and they work a treat, they certainly help for agility during hot weather. I wet them put them in a plastic freezer bag and pop them in the freezer compartment in the motorhome for about 30 minutes. Once ice cool I pop them on the dogs just 10 minutes before they run an agility course! 

27 June 2010

Too Hot On Oracoke Island

I'm very excited to read how well everyone is doing at the shows! The photos of the dogs look wonderful. I love the photo of the Paws in the X pen and hope agility is going well for Lesley. Then I read there are more new puppies! How much fun....I love following their progress on the blog.
Here in Ocracoke, we have been very dull. It has been too hot and humid to go outside and do anything. Early in the morning when I get up (7 am) it is already 85F. As I write this it at 10 am and it is 93F! And is going to 100F! Since I work outside, I am wiped out by the time I get home. It boggles my mind that people want to sit outside in this heat and eat. It amazes me that they can eat at all! Not only that, they will wait for up to an hour for a table on the Porch, so they can sit in the heat! I just don't get it, but it pays my bills. The girls can stand about 15 minutes out there and then they are at the door begging to come inside in the AC. I am thinking about getting them a wading pool to see if they will go in that......I don't see any of them actually getting in. They will think it is a giant water bowl! Although Amelia likes to play in the hose. When I water the plants she is always trying to bite at the shower spray & if I spray her, she runs around and comes back for more! The other 4 huddle at the end of the deck as if to say "don't spray us with that"! Wish I had more dramatic news.....well, maybe not, I like the quiet, uneventful life I lead....Until next time. Enjoy the summer, it is flying by!

Thank you Trica, it is very hot here too, although not on the 90 degrees! I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than eating food feeling hot and very sticky. As you say the tourists pay the bills and as long as they are happy anything goes! How did Amelia’s little op go? I presume she has recovered and is fit and well if she is playing with the hose pipe.

The World Dog Show Winners


Best Of Breed (Ch ww-08-09-10 Velvety Angel Eyes) and Best Opposite Sex (Ch Airis Blue Volshebnik Merlin).


This is a Photo Of Benny’s Stepa (Ch ww-08 nw-08 Blju Be Judzhens  More Than A Feeling). who was fourth in the Champion Class.

Congratulations Benny and  to all the winners and many thanks to Benny for sending me the photos for the blog.


To Trudie with Tiffanie who gave birth to 5 lovely pups yesterday, 3 boys and two girls. Mum babies are fit and well, hopefully we will have some photos tomorrow! 


Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

26 June 2010

Curiosity Got The Better Of Ben!

Sorry we have not been in touch lately but Dora has been so busy or so she tells us. She has been away from home quite often for a day or two at a time at meetings. We are really pleased to see her when she gets home but we do have lots of fun with Andrew when she is away.
Ben and I had a really good day at the Fun Day and we still talk about it. I have told Ben that he must practise all year so he gets his 'bronze' next year. Ben is a really good boy usually but sometimes he can be very silly. I am attaching a photo of him. The other day when we were on a walk he climbed over a 'fence' He had been eyeing it up for weeks but Dora always noticed. Anyway he got over this day but then got stuck - he had a real struggle to get back but did eventually, luckily .he did not hurt himself.
We really want to say how much we love the look of the new web page - it is really smart and Dora loves it too. All for now - Love from Lucy and Ben and Dora of-course.


Thank you Dora, Ben is such a character, he is a great big softie. Thank goodness he did not hurt himself climbing over the fence, he must have seen something very special on the other side! I am sure he will pass his bronze next year, third time lucky, it is a bit like taking your driving test you get there in the end! The Midland will be running the fun day next year, it will not be in May as recent years, 2011 is scheduled for July.

UK Agility Newbury 26th June 2010


Sent from my iPhone

Diesel Agility

A good run for Diesel this morning at UK Agility Newbury. Lesley is a happy girl now, however, Parker is next.

Too Hot For Walking!


Larry and Leo waiting for Daddy to get a ticket, so we can walk up Hellvelyn. Only got half way too hot! Pat.

Hi Pat fantastic weather for doing very little. We are at an agility show this weekend and I doubt very much that the weather will be cool enough for me to run he dogs.

25 June 2010

Genie Group 2

Results From Today At Blackpool

BEST OF BREED : 1255 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Dog CC : 1244 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Boy Wonder
Res Dog CC : 1252 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 1255 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 1249 OWEN Mrs D Bisbee Belle Inni
Best Puppy : 1230 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Rocabec Definitely Maybe
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : Bannister

Congratulations to all the winners, Stuart and Genie will be in the group later.

Click here to view all the class results

Genie BOB

Resting before the group.

Final groom.

Sent from Stuart's Nokia phone

Blackpool Championship Show

The very best of luck to everyone showing at Blackpool today, you certainly have a beautiful day on what can be a very cold and windy showground! We are not at the show but will post results on the blog.

24 June 2010

Hello From Norway


Hi all, Great weather in Denmark, about 22 degrees. We had the first grooming today and will finish him off at the show. 59 Bedlingtons entering the World Dog show this year. Looking forward to a good time with friends! :)Best wishes Benny

The very Best of luck Benny at the show, 59 Bedlingtons is a good entry. I hope you have a wonderful time showing and catching up with friends, just wish we were there with you, what day are the Bedlingtons showing? Do hope someone will send us some photos of the winners for the blog.

Baby Greengrass Dog?

Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. Your Asha is looking very grown up now, our Hester is only a couple of weeks behind! Here's a pic of our Ralphie and Hester enjoying the weather. Hester is looking very grown up now and we keep finding little teeth on the carpet! Poor Ralphie has got an ear infection at the moment and is less inclined to play with her so she is making her own amusements. At the moment she is running in and out of the patio door with a long stem of Canterbury bells! A lady at pu!cid_B3BDBD36-1516-4A4B-98F9-4F47B1585716ppy class was really surprised to know she was nearly fully grown because she thought Hester was a baby "Greengrass" dog , makes a change from being called a labradoodle! Love from, Rebecca, Ed, Ralphie and Hester x.

Thanks Ed and Becs, goodness what is a baby “Greengrass” dog? I have never heard of, or as far as I know never seen one before! Hester has certainly changed, quite the young teenager, it amazes me just how quickly puppies grow and and become young adults. Hope Ralphie is feeling better and getting over his ear infection.

Blue has a new Mum

David and Cheryl collected "Blue" from us yesterday evening instead of
today. Cheryl since her visit to chose "Blue" has been counting the days
before she could take him home. Long term commitments made it difficult,
until yesterday. The delay has given David plenty of time to spend lots of
money on a new crate, bedding, all the essentials and of course loads of
toys. They are well prepared for their new arrival.

Blue's new home is Blockley in the Cotswold's so he will have plenty of long walks to keep him fit. He will also have another play mate to be introduced to, Cheryl's Mothers Yorkshire terrier. We look forward to the pictures. Blue is going to be well and truly spoilt. Poor David won't get a look in! Pat and I wish them all the best and trust they will have many, many years of enjoying the experience that owning a beautiful Bedlington brings.
Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford, we welcome “Blue” to the Cotswolds, he is only 10 minutes drive from us in Sutton under Brailes. With Chokko and Agatha moving in near by and my friend's two bedlingtons on a farm down the road we will soon have enough local bedlingtons for a “Cotswold Bedlington Meet”


Happy First Birthday To Mouse

mouse 1 year old 002

Hi all, the pups are getting very active now so not much peace in our house, they are on the go from morning till night and keeping us very busy, Mouse was one this week but she has not been very well so the customary pork pie is on hold for a couple more days, I am going to trim the pups this weekend so beware the next time you see pictures of the pups they might be bald! as I have only just got the hang of grooming the grown ups.   Regards    karen.

pups 7wks 002

pups 7wks 004

Thanks Karen a very happy birthday to Mouse, hope she will be well enough soon for her pork pie birthday treat!  Grooming pups is not simple as they won’t stand still for more than a second, if you can get someone to help hold them it makes life easier, good luck and do send us some before and after photos .

We,ve Scored


Brian and Donna’s Monthy was so excited after watching the game he just had to go and practise his goal kick !! 

Hardwick Amble

Hellooooooo  Bloggers. Firstly many thanks to all the folk who turned up for the Hardwick Amble, it was nice to see some old ones and some new ones. We even had a new rescue Bedlington turn up so he's now happy in his new home.  As Julie has already mentioned there were 26/27 dogs so not bad.  The Makems managed to have 8 representatives in attendance followed by 4 dogs of the Nodes family then 3s with Mark and Julie then various two's and single dogs with their owners.  Must mention Sue and Gary with their Liver Bedlington and their Bedlington cross and their Lurcher.  All dogs were up to their best behaviour, no fighting, mind you the pups were full of pep.


Hardwick Country Park is a nice location and easy walk and I did hear a few folk say they would probably return again.  After the walk most of us had drinks, non alcoholic, from the cafe and caught up on the latest tittle tattle and some of the newer owners got good info from some of the more experienced Bedlington folk. Hopefully another walk/meeting will be organised when the shows have quietened down. The Makem

Thanks Derek, a great time had by all and fantastic to have new owners joining in. We will look forward to having a diary date and location for your next meet.

23 June 2010

News From Enid In Methyr

Good morning Bloggers, Isn't the weather glorious at the moment? Solo loves attacking the water from the hose pipe - it's much nicer than the water in his bowl.


I took him and Ecco up onto the forestry road this morning and they wallowed in the muddiest ditch you have ever seen so baths were the order of the day. I suppose it was good for their coats -people pay good money for mud baths!  We went to a Ruby Wedding party on Saturday in Kinver and our new Sat Nav took us the scenic route right past Jane's shop. We met a lady who had been caravanning in Thrumpton the week before and her grandchild was saying "Baa". It turned out that she was next to Carol and David with their Beddies after the Midland Show. She had never seen one before and was amazed we could work out who they were.
Clifford and Pat are still looking for good homes for their dog puppies so if you know of anyone looking for a puppy please get in touch. Both Bonny and Ecco have excellent temperaments and like most Beddies, love children. There is great excitement over at Maureen and Elwyn's. Their daughter, Linda and baby Alma are coming to visit from New Zealand. They are staying with us for a month but will spend as much time as possible over with them. It's spurred me on to clean out my cupboards and bake for the freezer. We're off to Blackpool on Thursday and staying on a Caravan Club site. We've never been to this Show before as Hefin has always had to work but as he is on holiday from tomorrow we thought we would give it a go. Let’s hope the weather stays fine and we don't have the usual gales. Hope to see some of you on Friday. Enid

Thank you Enid, I am so excited for Maureen and Elwyn. At last they are going to little Alma their granddaughter for the first time.  The weather is forecasted  to be hot over the weekend so no gales for Blackpool. We are at an an agility weekend but I fear it will be far too hot for the dogs and our course times will be slow.  Safe journey for everyone going to Blackpool and good luck to you all.

22 June 2010

Windsor Entries

There are 42 dogs entered making 44 entries altogether. Thanks to Enid for information.

A Busy Weekend For Jazz and Sapphire

Hi Bloggers. Well what another busy weekend the weather was fantastic nice and sunny and warm but not to warm to put Jazz and Sapphire off their activities. On Saturday we went to Shrewsbury carnival, by the time we got there it was in full flow and we sat down by the river Severn. It was so nice just to watch the world go by and the people in their row boats rowing and watch the people enjoying the carnival. By the time the rest of the dog display team got there we didn't want to get up it was so relaxing! We all got together to look around before we did our display and when we did the display itself everything went very well for once ( you could say it was a spot on performance by dogs and owners). By the time we left Jazz and Sapphire were so tired by all the attention and fuss they got.


Then on Sunday we went to Marshal on a rally in mid Wales where we saw Nigel (Mary's hubby ) and said a quick hello because he was busy with his service crew and the car. We had to go onto the stage and set up our marshal post, we enjoyed a full day of Motor Sport and seeing Nigel and his rally car. We hope you did well Nigel, you were kicking the dust up well behind you. By the time we got home Jazz and Sapphire had their teas they went bed for an hour to charge their batteries up for a mad half an hour racing round the garden playing together.


Thank you Ian what a busy fun weekend for the K9 team. I love their fluorescent marshal coats, they look very professional! We had our village fete last weekend, no doggie events, I was running the book stall, the tea and homemade cakes were not to be missed!

Bonnie’s Pups First Proper Car Journey.

Other than visits to the vets for vaccinations this was their first big trip.Unfortunately my mother is feeling a little poorly so it was off to Swansea to visit granny and hopefully buck her up.P62000~2

Misty drew the short straw and was on the back seat with the little devils. Mum, Bonnie was on Pats lap enjoying the views. They were all extremely well behaved and slept most of the way. On arrival it was straight out to the garden for number ones and two's followed by a mad two hours or more of running a muck. Unlike our garden my mother's garden is enclosed and safe. We could let them get on with it.They had a thoroughly good time. We got back around two in the afternoon with four content but exhausted puppies. We thought they were not going to wake up even for food but six hours later they had recovered and were full of it again!. Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford the pups are just lovely, I bet watching them play cheered grandma up. I would loved to have seen them playing with the water! It does not take them long to to re-charge their batteries, I expect sleeping eating and playing fills their day!

21 June 2010



Breed notes By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria


Sorry i haven't written my report for a long . On Saturday we gave Rose and Jack baths and trims as they hadn't been clipped in a while. We only took Rose to Whitstable and District show on Sunday. Rose was entered in avnsc terrier junior and av puppy bitch stakes,i was also in junior handling. Rose got 2nd in avnsc terrier junior and then got best avnsc terrier puppy leading onto avnsc puppy group 3.
In junior handling i got reserve.I was quite surprised as it was quite a big class and ! wasn't expecting to be placed. In puppy bitch stakes Rose got reserve. We also saw Peter Kiernan ,and Dong, as he was stewarding at the show. i would like to thank Peter for his handling tips. Our next show is Kingston and District open show at Ardingly hopefully we will see some of you there.Lots of love Victoria and Jack and Rose.

Thank you Victoria, well done to you and little Rose, you certainly had a good day, with a group 3 and your junior handling. I bet you came  home with a load of coloured ribbons! Sorry we won’t be seeing you at Windsor but good luck for your next show at Kingston