31 July 2010

Dog News:Veterinary documentary sparks investigation

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Busy Weekend For Ian And The K9 Crew! 

Hi Everyone, just Having 5 minutes before everything gets busy for us again, this Friday. We’re off to Whittington Castle to cut the grass around the Castle, then Jazz,Sapphire and myself will be going to Radnor Forest about 8 miles up the road from the Royal Welsh showground at Builth Wells. We will be putting our hi-vis Marshal stuff on for the 5th round of the British Cross Country Championship.

Then Saturday 7th August The K9 Marshal Crew head off to Oswestry Show where we will be in the Main arena doing a display with The Whitchurch Dog Display Team and Jazz and Sapphire have promised me that they will be on their best behaviour. On Sunday 8th August we have been asked to be the race starter and finisher for this years charity Banger race meeting near  Welshpool. We will get some pictures of the events for you all to see lol The K9 Marshal Crew


Hey Ian it must be time to go!!!!

Thank you Ian, you and your bedlington  team certainly lead  very full active weekends. We will look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing the news from this week’s activities.



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30 July 2010

I suppose you could call it a Makem Bedie Time.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh , thanks to Derek for the photo!

Tugg –E –Nuff Agility finals

Just a note to say Diesel ran the round without making any mistakes this afternoon. She certainly was not fast enough for one of the 3 places and probably collected a few time faults but I am so proud of her. The small collies and working sheepdogs are super fast but I was very proud to qualify and represent the breed in this UK Agility final.

Jasper and Rosie are settling in well with Ed and Ossie.

We took them to meet Tony’s family near Middlesbrough last weekend. Everyone was very impressed how well all 4 dogs get on. It was such a lovely day; we climbed a smallish hill ‘The Wainstones’. The new guys are pretty fit, and even had energy left to run round the garden playing with their ball when we got back, while Ed and Ossie put their feet up. Best wishes Sarah


Thank you Sarah, it is so nice to read that Jasper and Rosie have settled in their new home. We have so many kind people on the blog who have opened their homes to rescue dogs and dogs that need re- homing. Everyone of them are special, our re-homed dogs are an important  part of our bedlington blog family. We will look forward to lots more photos of Jasper, Rosie, Ed and Ossie enjoying life.

Dog News: MP’s Urgent Call for Rapid Repeal of Breed Specific Legislation

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At last a dangerous dog act with new laws that address this problem with owners properly held to account”.

The Birthday Girl


That looks a very shiny new Bicycle, I do hope you all had a great family day! Thanks to Mo for the photo.

Amanda In Norway After Her Groom


Here is a photo of Amanda - Cimisa's Queen Of My Heart - She was visiting for a groom today! She is also a daughter of Mia and she is about 2 1/2 years old :) Best wishes Benny

Thank you Benny I bet Amanda’s owners were delighted, she certainly looks ready for the show ring.

29 July 2010

Tonight’s Northeast Show News From Mark

Can you add the following to N East news:
Friday 17th September 2010
Darlington Championship Dog Show, Newby Hall - Terrier Day .
Bedlington Terriers Judged by Mrs Dorothy Owen (Bisbee).
Online entries close 10th August 2010, enter now !!
A great day out for all dog lovers.

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, Yarm.
Saturday 11th September 2010.
Bedlington Classes. Junior, Post Graduate & Open.
Judge Joan Hamilton.
Entries Close Wed 18th August 2010, schedules Gill Griffiths 01287 677526.
Support your Terrier Shows, this is a qualifying show for National Terrier Open show winners final 2011 (adult & Puppy).

A Note From Ken And Tracy.

Hi All, Just a quick update for Ryedale show,we had a great day in good company,"Ice" (Sharnor Emerald Ice Via Ycart)had a super day winning Av Terrier Puppy,AVNSC Puppy & Best AVNSC Puppy,she finished the day in style making it through to the last 4 for best puppy in show,it was lovely to see her dad "T" CH Janmark Blue Encounter JW Shcm go through and win Reserve Best In Show (well done mark he looked great),

Thank you to Derek for posting the photo. Hope to see you some soon. Tracy & Ken

Congratulations to Ken and Tracy with “Ice”. She certainly has been very  successful  in the puppy classes and I am sure “Ice” has a  great future ahead in the show ring , you must  be delighted! 

A Very Happy First Birthday To Alma


Hope you have a wonderful day with Grandpa Elwyn and Grandma Maureen. Lots love from everyone on the blog.

BOB At Leeds


Enid and Ecoo thank you to Donna for sending through the photo.

Hello To Julie And Billy With More Thursday News

Good morning from the Northeast. Well it has been very quite in our house and I got to have the house to myself for the weekend as ken went away to Scotland on the bike. I got some time to do some gardening i must have been bored. The flowers I planted have lasted now for 3 days without Piper helping herself! The caravan hunt is now can’t wait as it means we can go to more champ shows further afield.  Just a short natter from me this week good luck if you are showing this weekend have a great time and good luck Julie x

And News From Billy

Saturday it was up at 6 and off to Leeds champ show with Issacc,it was good to meet up with everyone, it seems like ages ago for my last champ show. Sunday it was time for a change so off to Consett Fun Dog Show in aid of the PDSA, I took Miss Pie and Issacc. We met up with TJ who came third in the puppy which was really good with a class of over 30.Free micro chipping was on offer so I got Isaacc chipped, Miss Pie has three in her so she was let off the needle! I found the home made cake stall and being greedy eyes i got 6...i still feel ill. The pik is Isaac and Miss Pie squeezing in the puppy basket. Billy


Thank you Billy and Julie  I am really envious of all the local terrier and country shows up in the Northeast. We have very few down south just the odd Hunt Kennel Terrier and Lurcher show in our area. All those cakes Billy serves you right for feeling poorly, on a positive note not a problem for you if you add a couple of pounds in weight!

News From Derek


Thursday and it's raining at Herrington Country Park, as I'm off to a show on Saturday I think I had better get off to Eileen's hairdressers for a good wash and brush up before I'm taken to Cleveland Show. Mind you I did enjoy getting messed up while skirting through the hedge rows with the rest of the Makems gang.


Oh!!!! what a difference a couple of days make. The sun is out and just look at the bonny rosettes two of the Makems girls won at Cleveland County Show. My half sister got BOB and Group 4 and I got BP and Puppy Group 1. I know there wasn't a lot of dogs at the show but the judge still said savour your win and do a couple of circuits of the ring. Dusty Makem.


Tuesday took us to Ryedale North Yorkshire Agricultural show. Now there's a show to go to if any bloggers are in the area next year. A really big agricultural show with plenty to see both animals and other attractions. The dog show section had no classes for Bedlingtons so the three dogs entered by Mark and Tracy were in variety classes all of which they won. This show was not run on the group system so the final judging was late. I've since heard that Mark got Reserve Best In Show with "T". Perhaps Tracy might let us know how she got on with her pup. The Makem

Thank you Derek well done to little Dusty and her half sister at the Cleveland show. I just love the motorhome sign, the blog has a fan club, thank you Derek and Eileen!!!! A fantastic day too for the Janmark team at Rydale, bedlingtons are certainly making an impact at the open shows this year.

Acer Joins Minky And Jinny

Hi Lesley, this is my new bedlington boy Acer, I have had him two weeks, although he has his own bed he always sleeps with Jinny and Minky. It reminds me of a little rhyme that goes,.three in a bed and the little one said roll over!. He is a super ,loving and very steady puppy and has settled in very well. Thanks to Julie for letting me have him,he's been well worth the wait. Christine


Thank you Christine, what a happy relaxed trio. Do send us some more photos soon!

28 July 2010

Digger Receives His Special Cake



My boys cake arrived last week from Daisy's Dog deli on behalf of Dogs Today magazine - it was huge and they loved it (we had to share with some dog friends as it was too much for two oldies)!! Here are said pics of cake and Digger waiting for his cue.


Can You Help

I am currently completing my canine behaviour certificate with the 'Think Dog' team - my current assignment is to consider other factors that contribute to behavioural issues such as diet and medication and I need real life examples of how medication or diet has affected dogs either physically emotionally or behaviourally. I can be contacted on the following email address;
salliecinammon@googlemail.com Thanks in advance Sally

Thank you Sally what a fantastic cake it certainly looks very yummy!!! I just love the look on Digger’s face.

Talking about Diet, my old girl Chelsea who is 14 has suffered very badly with an allergy affecting her ears. paws and tail. The allergy is at its worst in the summer and probably environmental.  Last summer her ear canal had completely closed through swelling. Just by chance last winter I started feeding her raw salmon trimmings which I get from the supermarket. I add the fish daily and she loves it. Would you believe no sign of any allergy this summer, her ears are scared  but not inflamed and no more brown paws and bottom  from the constant licking. The only difference to her life in no more medication and daily raw salmon in her diet. Could it be the fish or has the problem just  gone away?    Although she is now going deaf It is lovely to see her so well and without the constant irritation.

Where Were We?

The answer is: Carreg Cennen Castle, a beautiful picturesque ruin on a bluff in the most beautiful camarthenshire countryside.

We will have another guess the castle soon on the blog!


Sorry not to have been in touch for some time, real problems with my email this time! Sooty, Boy and I have been out and about a fair bit, with a castle theme to most of our recent outings, might be fun for inclusion in your "where were we?" spot on the blog. I am looking forward to the Welsh Kennel club show in Builth Wells again in a few weeks time, hope to catch up with some of the bloggers there. Andrea Bird

Thank you Andrea what beautiful scenery in this photo. But where were Sooty and Boy? Not too difficult for some of the bloggers!


Great day For The Janmarks

Excellent day for the bedlington at Ryedale Show yesterday! 'Ice', wins AVNSC puppy (sired by 'T') owned by Tracey & Ken, our J (Janmark Misty Horizons) wins Junior & 'T' Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Shcm, wins open & goes onto win Reserve Best in Show. Judge Frank Kane. regards, Mark

Congratulations to  the “Janmark” Team

Hello From Enid In Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. After the excitement of last weekend at Leeds we have come back to reality. My washing machine broke down and I've had to have a new one even though it was only two years old and they are coming to repair the ceiling in the kitchen at long last so everything has has to be removed. Linda and Alma have been with us for three weeks and the time has flown. Alma loves the dogs  but although Fizz will eat anything, she draws the line at gravel! It's Alma's first birthday on Thursday and she is going to celebrate with a cake at Nana Maureen and Grandpa Elwyn's. We will have to miss the fun because we will be going to the Midland Bedlington seminar in Kegworth but I'll take a birthday photo with the Welsh flag flying. They leave for NZ on Monday when we will be at Paignton Enid


Thank you Enid and many congratulations for your BOB at Leeds. It is so exciting to win at one of the major shows. A very happy birthday to baby Alma we will look forward to seeing the photos. We are off today to the UK agility Nationals where Diesel is  competing  in the Tug –E--Nuff  agility final on Friday. Unfortunately rain is forecast, Diesel does not do rain!!!!

27 July 2010

Bluesmurf Pet Supplies

Stall Treats For NBTC Championship Show

We will be selling Pedigree Gravy Bones (Original & Chicken), Markies (Original & Minin), Bicrok Multi, Jumbone Mini & Medium, Fish4Dogs, Tripe Sticks, Dried Sausage, Dried Liver, Roast Bones, Chew Brushes (Natural Treats in the shape of a toothbrush), James Wellbeloved Pure Incentives, Wagg Sensitive Treats and Wagg Puppy Treats. I have tried to make it varied so that there should be something for everyone!!

If anyone has an enquiry relating to any products that they require for their pets, not just Bedlingtons, they can e-mail me direct at bluesmurfpetsupplies@hotmail.com where I can give them a price and deliver it to the show if necessary Thanks  Chris


Dog World have got in a bit of a muddle with publishing the breed notes. The notes from July 2nd and 16th ( by Viv Rainsbury) have only just been published to their website

Breed notes from July 2nd

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Breed Notes From  July 16th

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Recommended Groomers

I have just updated our list of “recommended bedlington groomers”. Do check out the list in the index column if you are looking for a groomer in your area.


A Relaxing Week For he K9 Marshal Crew

Hello al, well it’s been a relaxing week for us up here in North Shropshire, It started off with Jazz and Sapphire helping us tidy the garden by trimming  some of the plants and bushes. While we were on our daily walk on Tuesday there were a load of Army, Navy and Air force personnel in one of the parks doing an inter forces Triathlon (5k swim 40k cycle ride and a 10k run).  Jazz, Sapphire and myself sat on one of the fishing posts to watch them  swim in the main mere ( rather them than me the water was cold)!


We clapped in support as they came out of the water to pick their bikes up. On Tuesday afternoon our friend phoned up to say he had a spare ticket to go and see The New Saints football team play Bohemian ( from Dublin Ireland) in the European cup, (an early round cup tie). We went to see the game and The New Saints won 4-0. To finish the week off the three of us went fishing at our friends pool where he has some nice Carp. The heaviest one we caught was 4.5 pounds, others caught were pounds heavier! After 3 hours and 15 fish we came home because Jazz and Sapphire were complaining that they  were hungry. We had some tea and a cuppa tea and settled down to watch Top Gear on the telly. Speak to you all soon Ian, Jazz and Little Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you Ian, I bet it was really cold in the Mere, these young service men are very tough! You may not have caught the biggest fish but I bet the dogs enjoyed relaxing by the pool on a warm sunny afternoon!

26 July 2010

Blog News

First congratulations to Angela and Stuart whose auction bid purchased the big rabbit. I just wonder what they are going to do with it! The money will be going to Bedlington Rescue

A note from Dot who has just competed with Dora in an obedience competition

Handler’s inexperience on my part lost Dora vital points at the show this weekend at Blackpool. I learnt a valuable lesson but ended up with an 8th rosette not the third. I was still very pleased and as our tradition in the club goes, whoever gets a rosette buys cake for the Thursday training session. Hopefully I will be able to work a better round on Sunday in the Lune Valley. Regards Dot

Bluesmurf Pet Supplies Ltd. (NBTC Show)

Please could you put a note on the Blog that me and Shelley will be at NBTC Champ Show on 7th August selling a variety of dog treats on behalf of our new business Bluesmurf Pet Supplies Ltd. A proportion of the profit is being donated to Bedlington Rescue/Health.

A note From Tricia In USA

Just a quick note, whilst I have a moment.....sorry I missed my report....much activity with little girls. We have been on the go from morning til night.....I feel as if I have been shot out of a cannon and am having so much fun. The girls, I believe have gone numb from petting. Cassie, (7 years) can't get enough of them!! She falls asleep with them on the floor at night and sometimes in the morning I find her in their bed with them.....I am off..

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Well done to Dot and Dora a very good result for a bedlington and good luck at the show next Sunday. Hope everyone enjoys the cake on Thursday. Also blog on later for a list of the treats that will be on sale at the NBTC show. Tricia It certainly sounds like life in your house is one big party have fun and look forward to some photos when you have time.

Rose Is Top Puppy At Kingston Canine Society


Sorry I haven't written a report for a long time, we haven't been to any shows or classes since my last report. On Saturday we went to Kingston Canine Society open show at Ardingly Showground. We took Rose and Jack with us.
Rose was in Special Yearling and Jack was in Open. It was really nice to see Chris Harris who was there with 'Ratzwell Dolly Mixture'.(Hattie). Jack got 1st in Open and Reserve Best Of Breed. Rose got 1st in Special Yearling,Best Puppy and Best of Breed! Rose then went on to get Puppy Group 1! Thank you to Amanda Fay and Jen for their ringside support.(Fay and Jen have just bought one of Jack and Shaz's puppies,called Baloo,and are hoping to show him. Good luck to them in the future! My Dad had to take Jack in for the challenge, it his only the second time he has ever been in the ring and didn't do too bad.(although he only had to stand him! )
our next show is Milton Keynes and district open show on 29th August,hopefully we will meet some of you there!

Congratulations Victoria, what a great day for the Colley Bedlingtons! I  understand there were 9 puppies in the group, you must be delighted!  Do hope Fay and Jen send us a photo of Baloo as we would love to meet him  Enjoy your summer holiday hope you can get away in the caravan  We have entered Milton Keynes so look forward to seeing you all there.

25 July 2010

Doesn’t Time Fly!

Pups now four weeks old and out in the garden having lunch!! Trudie



Wow Trudie  haven’t they grown real little tearaways now! It is such fun watching them play at this age,  real time wasters!

24 July 2010

Leeds 2010

Bedlington Terrier

Judge: Mr Craig Richardson

BEST OF BREED : 4987 JONES OBE, Dr H & JONES Mrs E Ch Pengerrig Iron Duke Sh.CM
Dog CC : 4987 JONES OBE, Dr H & JONES Mrs E Ch Pengerrig Iron Duke Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : 4970 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Rocabec Definitely Maybe
Bitch CC : 4997 PHILLIPS Mr & Mrs I J Cassdenal Serenditpity
Res Bitch CC : 5005 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 4970 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Rocabec Definitely Maybe

Congratulations to all the winners also to Yvonne Bannister who won the Breeder's Group

Click HERE for all the class resuts

News From Enid In The Welsh Valleys

Keep The Bids Coming In!!!!

Bidding Closes Tomorrow

Hi, everyone,
It's raining again but we're used to that here. Maureen is taking Linda and baby Alma to visit Madelaine today. It's so good to see her out and about and hopefully she'll be off fishing in in the caravan in a couple of weeks. Alma is enjoying herself and her favourite pastime is mountaineering between the dog baskets and climbing the stairs. All the dogs are so good with her but then they have had plenty of exposure to children.
I had a call from Julie Brooks and she has had to cancel her trip to her son in Newport because she still has two dog puppies looking for homes. So if you know of anyone wanting a puppy get in touch with her.
As you can see, the RABBIT IS STILL IN THE BUILDING! Linda and Maureen want to auction it for Bedlington Rescue. So far we have two unofficial bids of £5 and £6.50. Bidding will close at midnight on Sunday.I'm sure there must be someone out there desperate to own a 5ft. tall pink and white rabbit even it you take out the filling and use it as a fancy dress costume! We're going to Leeds tomorrow so hope to see some of you there in the sunshine.


Thank you Enid, what good idea to turn the rabbit into a fancy dress costume maybe for the fun day next year! That has definitely got to be a project for Ian. Great to hear Mo is out and about, hope they have a lovely day with Madelaine and great to hear she will be off camping again..

What day are you showing at Leeds? We are not going but if anyone is taking a camera we would love a few photos of the of the winners for the blog .I am off to London on Friday to go wedding dress shopping with our daughter, she is getting married next May. I am really looking forward to some girlie shopping, Jon is staying at home looking after the blog and dog sitting.

23 July 2010


Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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Dog News:  British Veterinary Association Responds to Panorama Undercover Reporter

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Mail On Line “Medivet” News Article

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TJ Has A New Sister!

Hi Bloggers. We have a new friend for TJ, please meet Summer, we just picked her up at the weekend from Ralph & Pam Garbutt, but we've been so busy with the new addition, this is the first chance I've had to send through any pictures.  What a little character she is!  She has settled in very well. Summer and TJ are having wild half hours together, we are so pleased they are getting on very well, but poor TJ is starting to feel what her sharp little teeth feel like, they soon get tired though and both flake out!!  Bedtime is great, she goes to bed about 10ish and wake's up around 6.30am for breaky!  No sleepless nights thank goodness! I'll keep you all updated of her progress over the next coming weeks. The McNally's



Fantastic news, we welcome Little Summer to the blog. I am sure the dogs are going have endless hours of fun and games. Pups do have razor sharp teeth, but I am sure TJ will soon teach her to be gentle when play fighting. we will look forward to lots more photos

22 July 2010

Northeast Natter from Julie

Urgently wanted: Waterproof, windproof cosy caravan!

Good morning from the northeast and I don't think the weather knows what it wants to do down pours one minute then sunshine the next.  It’s July what is going on! Well the camping was good and bad the good parts are that we had 2 days of peace and some great walks until Thursday night which is the bad part. It started to rain and rain and then the wind started, well at about 4am we were woken by the tent poles snapping on one of the bedrooms and the camping stove been thrown to the other side of the tent. The wind was now gale force and the rain was going down so heavy that we had to get the tent down as quickly as we could. Everything was thrown in the car and we were on our way home at 6am. The dogs as always were great and didn't freak when all the drama was happening. Mind you I’m glad that we didn't have to stop on the way home as we both looked like drowned rats lol.Ken is now looking for a caravan.


Well with Leeds show this weekend there is no open shows in the northeast good luck if you are going I have to work so can’t make it hope everyone has a great time Julie x

Thank you Julie what a horrid end to your holiday, I think camping is great fun in a tent in glorious weather, the trouble is even in mid summer you cannot be sure you won’t be washed away! A caravan is definitely a better option in this country.   

South Wales Kennel, BTA Championship Show and Terrier Of South Wales Over The Same Weekend!

Margaret is judging South Wales KA. on Friday 8th October, the BTA Championship Show with Sylvia Morrice judging on Saturday 9th and Jane Graham judging the Terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday 10th!!!!!!!!!!

With show entries low what a mistake to schedule three shows with classes over the same weekend. If you are entering the BTA do try and support Margaret and Jane on the Friday and Sunday. We aslo need all the Welsh show bedlingtons to turn out and support their open shows.

Katie & Alice


Hi Lesley these are some photos of Katie and our Daughter Alice. We purchased Katie from Clifford and Pat Evans. We purchased Katie for our daughter Alice and they are becoming great friends. Strangely enough I purchase my First Bedlington a little Bitch called Barnsnap Ballet Dancer in 1985 from Tom and Mary McErlean.The puppies were born the 5/4/1985 and then Tom and Mary took our little girl to Southern Counties Championship show and gave her to Ken Bounden. Ken brought her back to Exeter that night .We travelled up from Plymouth to collect her. 25 years on Katie was born 11 April and we travelled to Wales on the Saturday that Southern Counties show was being held. Chloe lived to she was 14 years 6 months.We had 2 litters from her .We kept Jimmy from the first litter and he live to over 16 years and was sired by Ken Bounden's Cham100_1208pion Greywolf Of Tolpedn in 1989.Our second litter was Sired by Foggy Furze Fulmar owned by Janet Brandrick in 1990. I showed Chloe a lot in those days and she qualified for Crufts on numerous occasions .

So this time my Wife Jena decided she would like to cut Katie and has done very well on her first attempt. Barry, Jena, Alice & Katie


Time for a nap!

Thank you Barry. Wow what a history of owning breeding and showing Bedlingtons! How nice you have decided to have another bedlington in the family. I do hope you decide to show Katie and work towards having another Crufts qualifier in the family. Katie is well on the way as Jena has certainly made her look very smart.

21 July 2010

South Wales Kennel Association


A note from Viv  Rainsbury

Can you put a bit on the blog, please, just to ask exhibitors who may be going to the BTA to make a long weekend of it, and consider a round trip taking in South Wales KA. This show is the day before the BTA, and it would be a real disappointment if Margaret Inglis (Inglemaric) were to suffer a low entry because of the BTA's change of date from their usual first Saturday in October. Thanks, Viv

Thank you Viv I really do hope Maragaret has a good entry for this show! Hopefully the Welsh bedlingtons will be there as well to boost the entry numbers.

Julie’s Pups Hacker & Delyth




These are photo’s of Hacker sitting by the chair waiting for his new Mum and Dad to collect him and Delyth sharpening her teeth. Would be grateful if you could put them on the blog Thanks Julie

Thank you Julie we always love puppy photos on the blog. Do give Hacker’s new mum and dad the blog details it will be lovely to see him grow up.


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Bailey Pup The Live Wire


Bailey is a little live wire and such a little character he is quite bossy Misty just gives in to him so Bailey takes full advantage. He has the attitude of what's yours is mine and what's mine is my own poor Misty jumps on the settee out of his way but it won't be long before he can get up. He climbs up my legs then Misty takes off onto one of the other sofas or the chair !!! Linda, Peter, Misty & Bailey-Jay



Thank you Linda for the photos. What a great puppy Bailey is  with lots of attitude. All young pups think they are top dogs I expect Misty will eventually put him in his place.

20 July 2010


I wondered if anyone can help us find a Supplier of a natural product  called Lorax. When we first got Bedlingtons we bought a new clipper and the recommended blades from our local kennel shop. We saw this product and have used it ever since.but now our kennel shop has closed. This  product is described as a concentrate .non hot spot veterinary cream lotion.It also can be used on humans as a skin softener and moisturiser.This product was made in Penzance Cornwall but i have been unable to contact them.The Ingredients are Almond. Aloe Vera. Apricot.Avocado. Calendula. Jojoba. Glycerine. Lanolin. Vitamin A.E and D Oils. It Would be interesting to know what other Bedlington owners use on the newly clipped short areas of their Bedlingtons. Christine

Thank you Christine, I have never heard of Lorax and can’t find anything about the product on Google. Does anyone use this product! I use Sudocrem on any minor skin irritations on our dogs.  

Plum Tree Update

The good news is Stuart and Angela inform me they are going to plant a new plum tree, the down side is it will be a few years before Angela has plum jam bubbling away on the cooker. Great the old tree will be replaced for for future generations to enjoy.

Polly Starts School

I am so lucky that Julie has let me have one of her puppies!

Hi Lesley Just had 2 weeks off work to settle Polly in with Rupert and Dora.  No computer at home or would have emailed earlier.  Things have gone very well, Polly is a bouncing bundle of good humour and fun.  She has such a good temperament and takes everything in her stride.  Polly is having her first obedience class next Tuesday at Reedyford DTC and I think she will take to it like a duck to water.  I will have my photos developed and will send you some. Dora has an obedience show on Sunday. We have a pre-beginners and a special Kennel Club pre-beginners class I am looking forward to the show.  Rupert loves his home and his walks round the reservoir. Hope you are all well.  Dot x

Thank you Dot, there is nothing better than a new puppy in the family and hope Polly enjoys her first lessons puppy school. Good luck to you and Dora at the obedience show on Sunday we are all very proud of you as it is not easy training a bedlington to competition standard.

Sporting Bedlingtons

Hi All. Well its been a nice quite week here in North Shropshire for The K9 Marshal Crew, we have had our daily walks and meet up with all of our friends either down the Llangollen Canal, Montgomery Canal or round the two Meres. Then on one of the nights we were all watching Telly on different sports, when Jazz and little Sapphire took a keen interest in the programme and we started thinking (Very Dangerous for me I know) how many different kind of sports can the other bloggers think of that Bedlingtons can dominate in (just for a bit of fun) i.e. if you all remember Jazz and Sapphire's picture from our last report in our friends Grass Tracking Car, This could be classed as Extreme Terrier Racing (First to the finishing line gets a Big Smacko chew) So get you're thinking caps on folks lol The K9 Marshal Crew!


Extreme Terrier Racing

Thank you Ian, this is a difficult one, we have a few fishing bedlingtons, Yuva and Thandi go out with their mum running along side the bike . I don’t know of any more sporting Bedlingtons but there are bound to be bloggers whose dogs take part in other sporting activities.

Midland Musings From Jane


Trevor & I had a holiday in our favourite place, (Southwold) last week. The weather was mixed but not too bad, certainly better than here in the Midlands or so I was told! The girls had an absolute blast! Maya found her sea legs at last, hurling herself into the waves with joy and total fearlessness. We had 2 encounters of the Bedlington kind. Firstly we met Violet and her family, Violet is a lovely young liver girl, who we have met before as her family have a holiday home close by. We then met Lou-Lou, a very pretty little blue girl about 12 months old. We didn’t see Digby this time however so we hope he is ok!


It was quite an emotional journey, as after 21 years at her present address my mother is down sizing to a bungalow. The good news is she is moving even closer to the coast, (YES!!!!!  you,ve guessed the girls want to move in with Granny!) We are looking forward to our next trip and hope it will be the start of a happy new life for mum.  Well that's all for now, best wishes to you all and your woolly ones. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, we have never been to Southwold, if we are in the area it certainly is the quintessential seaside town not to be missed . The beach looks totally deserted even with the clear blue sky, maybe a cold wind blowing that day. Hope your mum’s move goes without any hassle, I bet she is excited and planning where everything is going to go.    

Latest Instalment About Bonnie’s Puppies

Saffi's First Ice Cream and Haircut

A trip to the seaside is going to get more expensive from now on Saffi also
likes ice cream. If we are lucky Pat I get a lick each and the girls finish the rest. Misty has the best technique and bites big lumps and its all out war over the cone. They tend to draw a lot of attention when they have ice cream all over their chops.


Pat eventually allowed me to give Saffi her first trim. She looked very ragged as the long puppy coat was coming off. I did it in two stints and left her tail and ears until the following morning, luckily no none saw her in this state. It still not perfect but it's a start, it's difficult operating scissors and clippers on a moving target. So it was off to Carmarthen to show off her new hairdo and meet lots of people, she was a little shy of crowds on previous outings but today was loving it. Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford, I don’t know of a bedlington that does not love ice cream, they certainly are tucking into that cone! Well done on the clipping Saffi looks quite the young smart girl ready for a trip to town!

19 July 2010

Going Going Gone


Maurice says, definitely no more plums for us!

Happy Birthday Today To Hefin!!!!


A very happy birthday to you from all your friends on bedlingtonpictures.Have a lovely day!

Leeholme Working Mens Club Lurcher & Terrier Show

Hello Bloggers, Saturday was Leeholme Working Mens Club Lurcher & Terrier Show, not exactly Crufts but a pleasant outing with just as much rivalry on show.  The beer was flowing,  the food from the club bar, well, pie & peas, hot dogs and burgers, chips and the ice cream van playing a tune what more can one say. There were 8 Bedlingtons there, not all were entered for show.  Bloggers in attendance, The Makems, Darren from Toronto, that's the one in Co. Durham and new to the blog Karen with Bramble.  Darren won the bitch class with Isla, Dusty only got third this time and Karen was also third in the dog class.


As can be seen in the pictures  quite a lot of greyhounds and lurchers with big classes and the working Lakeland Terriers were just gorgeous.


  Their owner told us they live outside all year round and sleep in a beer barrel.  And where are our Bedlingtons sleeping, ??, outside no chance, but all tucked up in cosy beds with the heating going full blast in the winter.  Dress code for these shows is very laid back, Eileen just loved the guy in his blue bib & brace (dungarees).  


How would that do for a KC show, perhaps Blogger Mr Walshaw could comment. Have fun folks at your shows, The Makems 

Hi Derek and Eileen, what fun I wish we had more working shows down souf!! I just love the Lakelands the dog in the middle looks amazing, so fit and muscled! I fancy wearing a bright red pair of dungarees in the ring forgetting the dog, just the thing to catch the judge’s eye

Yesterday At Newton Aycliffe

1st open...Issacc

2nd open Piper

Best of Breed ... Issacc

Best Puppy in Breed .... Issacc

GROUP 4 Terrier,  PUPPY GROUP 3 and 2nd in AV Terrier Puppy



Well done Billy a great day for Issacc!

18 July 2010

Today At Evesham


Asha Just 6 months Old Won Terrier Puppy Group 4 Today at Evesham. 



BOB And Group 4 Sandra Hyde’s. Poppy

DSC_2302Judge Mr Julien Barney