31 August 2010

Tuesday’s Midland Musings from Jane

Now I know it may be no big deal to some of you but our trip to Scotland at the weekend was an awfully big adventure for us! We set off from Worcestershire at some unearthly time on Friday morning and having miss judged it totally we arrived outside Carlisle well before lunch time. We duly booked in to our hotel, we had been advised the room was small AND so it was, very small! The location was lovely, close to the River Esk and the dogs were soon enjoying a walk along the riverbank in the beautiful afternoon sunshine.


Tired we retreated back to our room before venturing down to the bar for a meal, we had been told the girls could join us and they behaved themselves impeccably. Needless to say as most Bedlingtons do, they caused quite a stir with all the usual comments about poodles/sheep etc. We were warned there was a wedding party ensconced in the hotel and a lively night was expected so Trevor and I headed off to bed at an early 10pm. It was at 1am we were first woken up by the merry revellers return to their rooms and so it continued until gone 3am!!!!

We rose at 5-30am for an early start to reach Edinburgh in plenty of time as we were first in the ring. Despite feeling quite shell shocked we arrived remarkably refreshed and set our selves up ready for our go in the big ring. The highlight of our day was to meet up with Thecla & Danny who own Rudi, our Archies brother. Although we last met them some 11 years ago when they collected their new boy, we have been in regular contact ever since. Theclas family has owned bedlingtons since the 1940,s, many from famous kennels but none she recons have been quite like Rudi,( oh dear we do like to produce originals!!! lol) John Holden was our judge for the day and he picked an interesting selection for his winners, well done to Yvonne and Julie for the top awards. We arrived back at our hotel and braced ourselves,as another wedding party was due to celebrate their impending nuptials, thankfully this celebration went off with far less exuberance and was a much more refined affair. Later we took the girls down to the bar for a meal,( us not them, though they did get a small share of our scampi and chips!) It was at this point Stella was propositioned , YES Stella! A rather worse for ware chap fell totally in love with her! He was totally besotted, staring into her eyes and declaring his love for her. He even offered £200 for her which he advanced to £300 when we told him we were sorry but she was not for sale at any price! After a far better nights sleep and an excellent big breakfast we set off back home. It had been a heck of a long journey but a great big adventure to boot! Till the next time, Jane


Thank you Jane definitely a weekend never to be forgotten. How fantastic to meet up with Thecla and Danny after all these years, although you have been in regular contact I expect lots of catching up to do! I bet you were pleased to get home and back into your own bed and I know Stella is very pleased that you totally love her! It was certainly a weekend to remember.

Midweek US Oracoke News:  Hurricane Earl Heads Towards The Island!

Hi everyone,
All eyes are on Hurricane Earl today.  Waiting to see when they will evacuate the island.....I will stay, as always.  Yesterday the girls got to spend a lot of time outside helping to trim trees away from  the house & taking down some large limes off my neighbours tree that was against my roof.  Cleaning up the yard and making sure nothing is out there to float away when the tide comes up.  It sounds like Earl will pay us a visit in the wee hours of Friday morning.  I hate hurricanes when it is dark outside and you can't see anything.  We are going to the store this morning to get some extra stuff that we can eat when we are without power.  The good thing is, the island has its own generator and after the storm moves away, they will start that and we will have generator power until the fix the regular power.   The vibe on the island has changed from the care free summer mode, to  the perparedness mode and you can feel it.  Hopeful this storm will stay off shore, but it is 270 miles wide so we will get something from it, we are just hoping not a direct hit and the eye wall stays offshore.  While I have power I will keep you updated and try to get photos....I hope I will be sending photos of  beautiful late  summer  days. 
Smooches from me and the girls..(this will be Storey and I believe Amelia's first hurricane!)

Goodness Tricia I can just imagine all the islanders preparing for the storm and securing their homes. The not knowing for sure does not help but I imagine the storm could change direction between now and Friday. Do keep us updated on Earl’s movements and timing Good luck we are thinking of you! 

Summery Of Show Entries

29 entries of Bedlingtons at Richmond.
24 AV Terrier at Birmingham

Thanks to Enid for the info

Best In Show

Hi - thought you might be interested in my latest "Best In Show". At the Annual Exhibition of the Lowestoft Art Group, which ended on Saturday, my painting of badgers won the public vote for Best Painting in the Exhibition, and also the members' vote for Best Painting. I was really quite chuffed to win both these awards, from a total of 120 paintings in the Exhibition Viv


Congratulations viv, this is just a beautiful realistic painting of a badger family. It is certainly not an easy subject as badgers are very shy animals and being nocturnal not often photographed or seen in their habitat in the wild.

To view more of Viv’s wonderful animal paintings do visit her website, A link can be found in the index column under “Bedlington Painters And Artists”.

Hello Bloggers

Well we just got in after our second display of the weekend and both displays went very well. The first display was at our own town’s carnival which was on Saturday. It  was very busy down the park with lots of people in fancy dress and spectators alike. When we  set the equipment up the people around the main arena were at least 6 people deep all the way round the ring! When we went in everyone cheered and clapped, the display went very well with Jazz being the clown of the team and Little Sapphire being the daintiest girl dog strutting her stuff on the dog walk (they are becoming very popular team members)!  When finished Jazz and Sapphire were surrounded by people who wanted to give them loads of fuss. 


On Sunday we all went to a local car boot sale to see if we could get any bargains but we didn't see anything that took our fancy. On Monday we set off to our second display of the weekend, near the two pictures. Can any of the bloggers tell where it is? The grounds to this place were very nice the dogs enjoyed it very much, every one did well. Today we did two displays one at 12 noon and then again at 2pm but in between most of the team including mum and myself enjoyed fresh cream cakes and a cupper tea. By the time we got home the dogs, mum and myself were worn out! We enjoyed our weekend very much and the weather today was nice sunny and warm. Ian and the K9 Crew


Where were we ? 

30 August 2010

Today At Leicester

Four bedlingtons were entered today in AVNSC,

Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington won her puppy class of 3  and won best AVNSC puppy after beating a another puppy from the junior class.

Three of us were entered in Open, Paul Wilkinson with his welsh terrier won the class with the best bedlington going to J Neville’s Abben blue Buttons At Chancete who won 3rd place in the class of 12 entries .

It was great to see Bedlingtons entered at this show maybe they will consider putting on classes next time.

Bank Holiday with Ed, Ossie, Rosie & Jasper

We’ve had a busy time, Saturday at the Weardale Agricultural show, where Ed came 2nd in the terrier class. We met a lovely 13-week-old Bedlie puppy ‘Fizz’ who came 3rd in the puppy class. We told her owners about the blog, as well as a couple who’d like a Bedlington. We’ve told lots of people about Vinny – hope he gets a new home soon.

Sunday we joined a friend who was doing a guided walk for a Newcastle Ramblers Group, and had a very interesting and educational 5 mile walk around the Sillver and Lead mines of Castleside, Co Durham. Here we are stopping for a snack, near an old water wheel pit which powered the machinery at the mine.


Thank you Tony and Sarah, sounds like you had a very enjoyable walk but from the look of your clothing it must have been some what cold!! I do hope Vinny finds a home soon, Vinny is still a young dog and will make a great family pet.

Well done to Ed who came second in the terrier class, and hopefully we will soon get to meet Fizz and her owners. 

Guess Where Ed, Ossie Rosie and Jasper Have Been!!!


I know as I have been told but do you know where you can see this old bus and tram?

Yesterday At the Weardale Agricultural Show

Bedlington Dog


1st the black dog on the right, 2nd Isacc, 3rd the liver, 4th the Airview blue


Bedlington Bitch,1st Miss Olga, 2nd Miss Colin



Veteran, 1st Miss Colin, 2nd Lakeland


Best of Breed, 1st Black Dog, 2nd Miss Olga

Fantastic Billy what a great day for the Gypsian Team!

29 August 2010

For a bit of fun, Can you all Guess who this Well known  little Bedlington is?


Breeders Placings SKC

BREEDER GROUP 1Mrs Y Bannister Breed: Bedlington Terrier
BREEDER GROUP 2Kell Breed: Norwich Terrier
BREEDER GROUP 3Cox-Purcell Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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Parker Group 4

Milton Keynes and District Canine Society Open Show.

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia


Good morning bloggers.
We have had another uneventful week. Business is slowing down just a bit, which is nice. I will be nice to get the island back to ourselves when the season is over. Amelia has managed to lick herself ( on her little vulva) to a raw ,swollen mess. She must have been very busy Thursday night whilst I was asleep, because Friday morning she was miserable. So she has a "thing" I have managed to make to keep her from reaching it to lick around her neck. We have been cleaning it and putting antibiotic cream on it and vet is sending me some Keflex to give her orally, so she doesn't get an infection.....she has been beside herself! She is very sensitive to touch any way, and has been since she was a puppy, so any discomfort, however mild, drives her to distraction. I actually slept on the dog bed with the dogs last night to be sure so middle of the night licking was going on. I am seeing a slight improvement . I will keep you posted on this developing story with Amelia.
I am very distressed over poor Vinny who is looking to be re-homed. I do hope someone takes him in. Poor guy.
I am enclosing some photos that my neighbour across the street took of the dogs looking off the deck.....how funny they must look to people passing by.


Thank you Tricia poor Amelia, I wonder if she got stung! I do hope she is getting better and you can sleep in a proper bed tonight, do keep us updated! I love the deck photos, definitely entries for the next calendar photo competition.

28 August 2010











Re-home Vinny: Letter from Frances

No luck at the moment. We are off to the Great Dorset Steam Fair on Sunday, for a week. I have contacted the owner and said that if nothing had happened I would collect him and have him here, the owner said that he was waiting for someone to let him know if he would give Vinny a home.
All that I can say is watch this space. Frances

Vinny is being cared for but is still in need of a new forever home!

27 August 2010



Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

Click HERE

A quick note

I don’t know how but I somehow managed to lose the open show information in the index column. I have started a new list, please email me if you have details of open shows with classes.

Good luck to everyone entered at SKC tomorrow, does anyone know what time bedlingtons are in the ring?



Newsletter Click HERE

8 Today, A Very happy Birthday to:

D-1 Diesel

di_lure_3 Diamond



Hammer ( Master Earthdog )

These dogs may not be show champions but have proved themselves, in the field of Agility, Earthdog, Rally lure coursing and heelwork to music winning numerous prizes in the UK and in the USA. Fit for life and purpose but under many show judges not fit for a place in the show ring! I am proud to have bred these dogs who are a credit to the world of the Bedlington terrier. I would like to thank Jeri a good friend who made a brave decision to import my working outcross “Burmington” puppies. .

26 August 2010

A Speedy Recovery!

tina 1

To Tina who had a an operation today to remove a bunion on her foot! Poor Tina will be in pain and hobbling about for a few weeks but hope not  to long before we see her at the end of Isla’s leash in the show ring. Love to you and keep smiling Tina!

Dog News: Plans To Boost Show Popularity

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Meet Alan And Tilly


I saw one of your bedlington' that is to do with your site?... 'Teazle' at the weekend at  Mapledurham Royal County Game fair. She's the one on the left. 


I don't know if you feature the crosses but my dog is a 7 month old puppy,   'Matilda Whiplington' (Tilly) the 1st cross beddy/whippet  on the right. She's such a character! I'm Alan Hayball, an artist and I was exhibiting at the show.

!cid_5B9D8022-0F49-413C-9CA7-368C760274BF@local  Tilly at Three months


Tilly At 8 weeks


I draw and paint pictures of dogs, this is a pencil study I did of Tilly.


Thank you Allan and welcome to the blog. We  recently spent a weekend in Mapledurham at an agility competition, it was lovely camping in the field along side the river Thames. Tilly is not alone as we have many regular bedlington lurchers on the blog.

Click HERE to visit Alan’s blog

Click HERE to visit Alan’s website

25 August 2010

Bank On Art


My daughters dog,  little Minnie,  is no longer just a’ meeter and greeter’ at the Bank Art Gallery in Carlisle – it seems that since a recent refurbishment  she has now been appointed as a full collective member!! A very important job for a little beddie. Elaine Tuck

Wow Elaine, Minnie is a very important member of the team. I just love the photo is that your daughter bending down?

Click HERE to view the website

Can You Help Vinny!

I have been asked to rehome Vinny, a 7yr. old blue dog, entire, needs a trim, pulls on the lead, doesn't like cats, had no contact with children, vaccinations up to date, microchipped, his elderly owner is ill and cannot cope, he has had contact with another dog in the family but when that died and another was bought into the household Vinny didn't take to the addition.
He is in the Swansea area, I have no one that is suitable at the moment. I am going away on holiday from AUG.29th. to Sept. 7th. Can anyone help either with adoption or fostering until I return from holiday? Frances Fuller 01559 384499

As yet No offer to help poor Vinny! He is not an old dog so if you are looking for a pet bedlington do give call Fances a call!

Oh Sh*t!

Click on this link for more fun photos of pets. JC.


We Catch Up With Ian And The K9 Bedlies

Its been a funny week for the K9 Marshal Crew. On Monday we waited for Mum and Brain to get home after their 3 week tour of the last 3 shows. I had  to help them push the caravan up to the front fence before we went for our daily adventures, ending up at Whixall moss,  we had a very nice walk of about 6 miles.  Then Monday evening Mum, Jazz, Little Sapphire and myself went dog training with the rest of the display team as this Bank Holiday weekend we have two ( yes TWO) displays. On Saturday we are part of our town’s Carnival in Ellesmere then on Monday we will then be at Beeston doing a display there. On our arrival at the training field we were called over to have a look at the new graphics on the trailer which are very good. On our way back to the car Mum and I laughed out loud because Jazz was sitting in the drivers seat and little Sapphire was sitting in the passengers seat as if they were going some where like the seaside!  


What do you think they are saying?

We will have a report on the two displays to let you know how they went. This  picture is of Jazz And Sapphire on a foot bridge over the canal on the Preece Junction. 


I think they are saying "Well Sapphire can you see the pub or the car ?” Sapphie replies, “no I cannot Jazz unless I can stand on you're shoulders, I'm only a small little girl you know"!  . Ian Jazz Little Sapphie  the k9 Marshal Crew. 

Thank you Ian, have a great weekend and enjoy yourself with the display team. The k9  team have so much fun with all their activities. Tell mum I hope to see her at Birmingham in a couple of weeks time!

Dog News: It’s Not “Always The Same Breeds” Say Vets

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Good Morning From Wales

Good morning Bloggers. My photo today is Yvonne Bannisters team winning the Terrier Breeders Group at WKC. She is doing really well but the KC have altered the rules this year and only the top thirty winning breeders will be invited to Crufts so we are keeping our fingers crossed for her.


Tim had an emergency admission to hospital again on Friday night but he came home Tuesday afternoon and is feeling much better. I have had an email from Linda and Alma is walking and is very pleased with herself. She keeps looking for Fizz and Larry. Linda has been looking at the blog and thought the Pesky Rabbit was hilarious! Can you imagine her trying to take it as hand luggage to NZ? By the time you read this we will be on our way to sunny Scotland via the Dandie Dinmont Caravan park outside Carlisle. Hope to see lots of you there as there is a good entry for our judge. Enid

Thank you Enid, well done to the Miteymidgets team it would be fantastic if  they qualify for  the finals at Crufts. Safe journey to everyone travelling up to Scotland. The post code for the show is EH12 9DN  (which is for the airport) and then follow signs for Ingliston. Linda hope you are settled back home and got over any jet lag. Poor Tim, pleased to read he is feeling better, best wishes to you.  

24 August 2010

Diary Date, West Midland Terrier


Junior, Post Graduate and Open: Judge Mr Trevor Graham (Ruffsfurze)  

Click Here to download schedule


Alys Goes To The Seaside

This is a photo of our new puppy Alys, this was her first trip to the seaside, before she was allowed to walk outside. We had to replace our computer so could not send before. She is now about 20 weeks will send up to date photo soon. Rod Chris Lucy & Alys


Thank you Rod and Chris  for the photo  I wonder what they are watching? With the new computer no excuse not to send us lots of photos, it is lovely for us to watch pups grow up on the blog.


Blast From The Past!


I have been looking thru some old photos, this is Hannah 16 years ago when i used to show Bulldogs. Anyone got any old piks of dogs they used to show Billy

Thank you Billy, how cute Hannah looks handling that very strong looking dog, I did not know you showed Bulldogs!

Dog News: Urgent Call for Improved Dog Laws From Animal Welfare Groups

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23 August 2010

Hefin Catches That Pesky WKC Giant Pink Rabbit!


The rabbit weighs a ton! Stuart and Angela were a little bit surprised when they saw how big it was. I don't think Genie and Harry were very impressed with their new toy. Enid xx

A Very Happy First Birthday Today To Diesel’s Baby “Yuva”



Billy Has Classes Put On At Hunt Show

Yesterday i was off to Borrowby for The Glaisdale Hunt Terrier and Lurcher show.On the way we passed Miss Colin's favourite place "BUNNY LAND" she gets so excited.


Unfortunately there was no bedlington class's so after a quick word with the organiser i had a bedlington class put on,needless to say I was the only there with bedlingtons!

1st Issacc, 2nd Miss Colin, 3rd Minnie the Minx

Best in Show went to a Patterdale cross, we had a great day,the weather was great and a nice drive out on top of the North York Moors, even had time to pick some lucky heather to sell at work. Billy

Sounds like you had a really fun day, well done to Issacc, maybe  they will put on classes next year! Definitely gypsy in your blood gathering and selling lucky heather.

22 August 2010

Hello from Tricia On Oracoke Island

Sorry I missed last weeks report.  I have been having problems with carpel tunnel and have been trying to limit my time on the computer, as it aggravates it.  It will also keep me from grooming the dogs for a bit....  All has been quiet here.  The kids start back to school on Wednesday, so we will see a slow down in the tourist traffic.  It will be a much needed break....we have been incredibly  busy for the last 2 weeks at work.   We are all worn out.
The dogs have discovered a little black cat (a kitten I think) living under the house behind me.  The house has a crawl space under it and the dogs are determined to FIND THAT CAT!!  I swear Amelia has tried to crawl through a vent to get to it.  It is quite a distraction at potty time.  I am sure the cat is feral, so they will never get near it, but they sure have fun trying.  Still too hot and humid for anyone to spend any amount of time outdoors and I think the girls are looking forward to more fallish weather.  It will be nice to get them out more.  Even in the morning at 7 am it will be 85F and so humid you wring the water out of the air.  We have about another month to 6 weeks of this weather and then it should be less humid and more pleasant to be outside.  Until next time.


Thank you Tricia, not sure where the carpel tunnel is situated but hope it is not to painful. It is hard to believe we are nearly back to the short cold days of winter, I hate the long dark evenings. What a gorgeous sunset photo, the sea is so still not a ripple to be seen. I expect that feral cat will keep the girls amused so close but just too far away to be caught   

Yesterday At WKC


For Best Of Breed



For Best Puppy

Many thanks to Alan Roberts for the photos

Giant Pesky Rabbit On Campsite At WKC!


Look what Stuart and Angela found using their facilities in the motor home!


And this bed is just right!!!

Thank you Stuart I think he must have frightened the dogs away! Safe journey to everyone travelling home today.

21 August 2010



DCC Honeymist Miles High
RDCC Bla Skuggins Jack in the Box at Honeymist
BCC BOB Gene Genie Gal at Lowbrook
RBCC Honeymist Midnight Star
BP Honeymist Midnight Star

Thanks to Tina for the above results. Click HERE for Class Results

Well done to Stuart, Angela and the Honeymist Bedlingtons

Genie made it to the final 8 in the group