30 September 2010

Dog News: Is pet food actually POISONING our dogs?

Rebecca Hosking decided to turn detective when her collie fell ill. What the woman who led Britain's first campaign to ban plastic bags discovered will alarm every animal lover.
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Thursday Is Northeast Bedlington News Two Reports Today  

We both enjoyed the M.B.T.C. show last week end, nice to meet up with some bloggers and other Bedlington folk.  Thanks to all the committee and helpers and thanks to Enid for her lovely Welsh cakes, always a treat.
We were at a Caravan Club site over at Leek about 15 mile from the show.  There is a site close to Freehay but their price for two nights was well over the top, they even wanted to charge for the dogs..  One other Bedlington was at the site, lives down the souf area, Bracknell I believe.  This site has good standings and facilities and there's plenty of good walks in the area both easy and for the more energetic plenty of climes such as the Roaches.
On leaving on the Sunday we decided to drive over the tops on the way home and stopped off at a country park about 12 miles from Leek.  So what’s the name of the country park ?????? and what’s the name of the folly  ?????
Thank you Derek do you have the name of the caravan club site you stayed at? It sounds a good overnight place to stay for those travelling to “Freehay”.  I haven’t got a clue about the country park but I expect someone in bedlington cyberspace may know.

Billy’s Northeast Natter

What a busy weekend i had off to sunny Shropshire. I.packed up the jeep and caravan along with Issacc Minnie and Miss Colin and away we went. We met up with Ian and the K9 Marshals. On arriving we  left Minnie Issacc and Miss Colin in Ian’s garden and went in for a cuppa, when i came back out Miss Colin had got thru the smallest gap in the fence, "Don't worry",said Ian's neighbour "your dog is over here beside the rabbit hutch". one lucky rabbit lives another day!
Ready For Action
Sunday and off to the race,had a great time watching the days race next time it’s off to the 4x4 trials. I am busy as a bee again this weekend Driffield Champ Show on Saturday and then its off to Lincolnshire for a Hunt And Terrier show. I will be camping that night so i may have to take 1/2 a dozen dogs i think it is going to be a bit chilly on the night.. Till next time Billy
Going home Issacc sleeps off all the excitement!
Thank you Billy, what a fun weekend,  I Like the very professional beacon on top of the jeep! Good luck at Driffield and the show on Sunday, don’t forget your camera! Please call me if the lead man has his stall..

29 September 2010



Breed Notes By Viv Raisbury Click HERE

Stop Press, Show Cancelled!

The Terrier Club of South Wales Show on Sunday 10th. October has been cancelled. All exhibitors will be notified individually. On behalf of the committee I extend our apologies. Enid

Fudge, Diesel And Parker Entertain

We had a wonderful morning at Briar Croft retirement apartments in Stratford Upon Avon this morning. Parker gave a faultless heelwork demo, and girls danced and performed their routines to the audience with enthusiasm. I must say I really enjoyed seeing the delight on the people’s faces as the dogs went through their paces. Animals and pets aren't allowed to be kept in the apartments so it was a real treat for the residents. Today has spurred me on to add new routines and concentrate on training Asha, hopefully she will join the Burmington HTM Display Bedlingtons when we return for another performance in December. 
We are able to give demonstrations to people, in hospital, care homes or retirement apartments within the Banbury and Stratford area, please email me if you would like further details. Lesley  


Championship Show Entries 85 dogs 125 entries

Good Morning From Enid In Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. Here's a photo of Solo with his favourite treat - a deer ear. They don't smell like pigs ears and they keep the dogs entertained for hours. They are also brilliant for keeping teeth nice and clean. Ecco doesn't like them until they have been chewed by another dog!
While we were walking along the forestry road last week the dogs picked up the scent of some creature underneath a big slab of iron. Fizz was beside herself and tried to dig down underneath. She was showing Solo and Ecco how to do it. I've never seen them so filthy dirty and we had to drag them away. Out of our four, Fizz has the biggest hunting instinct. Are bitches better at catching rats than dogs, I wonder?
I'd like to thank everyone who helped in the kitchen at MBTC Show last weekend. Dong Dong had the cleanest hands of the day because she took over the washing up! I delivered Lesley's jam tarts to Maureen on Sunday and they were much appreciated. While we were there it was fascinating to see the variety of birds visiting the bird feeders. A beautiful woodpecker came to feed and it comes at the same time every day. I've neglected my bird feeders recently so I'll have to pull my socks up.
Finally last week's "Where were we?" photo was taken at Newby Hall where the Darlington Show was held. Enid


Thank you Enid, no matter what people say today’s Bedlington retains a very strong hunting instinct. Even if most don’t like going out in the wet, It is great to know that the breed is totally focused when it comes to chasing a rabbit or scratching around to catch a rat, even when it is raining!

I would never have guessed Newby Hall, what was the line up of dog’s in last week’s photo?

28 September 2010


The BTA Bulletin arrived this week on my doorstep and I noticed a mistake as  my name was on the list of committee members. I was due for re-election this year and decided not to stand due to family  commitments and wedding planning with our daughter getting married next spring.  Lesley Caines

Second Litter In Israel

I would like to say that we have the second litter EVER in Israel of Bedlington Terriers. I had the first litter ever, and now there is a new litter. I am NOT the breeder this time, but one of my bred pups from my first litter is the Sire to the pups.
The pups have a good mixture of Swedish/Russian/German lines with a bit of Granitor further back down the Pedigree.  There were 3 pups born, all blue. 2 boys and 1 girl. Regards Hessel



Thank you Hessel how exciting to have another litter of home bred Bedlingtons in Israel. Do send me some more photos, it is lovely to see them grow  and develop in the first few weeks.

Ian, Billy And The Bedlingtons Go Out To Play!

Hello all.  First thing first a thank you to Enid who very kindly sent some Trifle, cakes and apple pie home with Mum and Brian from Mid Bed. Our Billy  came to Ellesmere with Issacc, Mrs. Colin and Minnie for the weekend and boy the weekend was GREAT!!! 

During the week the K9 Marshal Crew have been busy in the gardens giving them a birthday and a good tidy up as well as nice walks down the canals. Little Jazz and Sapphire were getting very excited on Friday because our Billy from up north would soon be  arriving some time on Saturday. So we got up early and went for our daily walk and then home to wait for a phone call from Billy. He called at about 3:30pm to say that he found a lovely camp site 2 miles away and it was nice and clean.So we went to find him and he came around to let the dogs have a run in the front garden.  When Mum and Brian came home he joined us for a cooked chicken and salad tea and we all had a chin wag for some time before he went to have a power sleep.

We were up early on Sunday morning to go for a walk before we headed off to Whitchurch for the grass tracking. We went in convoy in two Bedlington limo's, not only did the dogs have lots of fuss and a good time but Jazz, Sapphire and myself think that Billy enjoyed himself too. It’s a long way for him to travel but the change of scenery for him, did him good. Billy you're a hero and a star in you're own twinkle  (bless him) and thanks for a very good weekend Billy.



Thank you Ian, I think you and Billy will be having a lot of fun weekends together at motor racing events next season. Issacc, Mini and Colin will need to get themselves some bright green florescent marshal jackets. 

27 September 2010

Summer Wins Best In Show Puppy

Sorry we've not been in touch for a while, TJ and Summer have been to a local dog show today, at High Spen, in the North East. The cold didn't keep people away, there was a really good turn out. Summer got first place for Best Pup in Show. Congratulations to all who won at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Show.The McNally's


Congratulations and well done to little “Summer,” how exciting to be going home with all those red ribbons! Thank you so much for sending in the photo.

Show Results

Cleethorpes and district canine society-
Best in show
- John Neville -Abben Blue Buttons at Chancete

Edwinstowe And District Canine Society-
Terrier Group 3 - Murby & Heraty-Honeymist String Of Pearls with Tasseltabs

I know it was a very long day for John but it paid off! Thanks Helen

Fanstastic news! Many congratulations to John for BIS, and well done Helen for your group placing. Shame there are no photos!

Donna Noticed A Handyman At The MBTC Show!


1st Trim

We have made our first attempt at trimming Alys.  We were surprised how good she was, did not clip for too long for first try, will have to trim her legs etc. another day. Many thanks for all the advice on diet.
Other photo was in the Abbey Gardens, Bury St. Edmunds a couple of weeks ago, the flower beds were magnificent, full of beautiful colour.
Regards Rod Chris Lucy & Alys 

Thank you Rod and Chris, Alys look very happy sunning herself in the chair. I see she let you trim her ears,that’s always the hardest part for pups to bear.  The gardens look glorious, looking outside today I can’t believe that photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago! 

Little Update From King and Kiefer. 

I just started learning taking portraits in my home studio.  Results are not so perfect, but two boys are absolutely cute.  They even tried to sleep on the high table for taking pictures...King is more comfortable with cameras and lights, while Kiefer was so nervous and kept looking for his dad's help.....(he was hoping dad can get him off the table, hahaha, but he was wrong ). I took about 200 pictures, but only 30 of them are not so 'horrible'......Here are some of them.  King is growing big now, even higher than his brother Kiefer! Have a great weekend! Kind regards, Chen




Thank you Chen just lovely photos, the backdrop is just perfect for the dogs. It is lovely to hear from you and have an update on “King” and Kiefer.

26 September 2010

Just For Jon

 Sent in by Ian and Billy


Sunday And We Catch Up With Tricia

Hello everyone,
I Have been a bit quiet here as nothing has been happening in my little corner of the world. Tthe girls are waiting for their haircuts to continue....one down, my dear Amelia is very short!  The others have been started, feet clean, ears clean, bellies clean.....I feel like I am on an assembly line sometimes!  I am very impressed with all the results of all the shows that have been going on in the UK.  Congratulations to all, the dogs all look so beautiful!  The weather here is gorgeous and as a result we have been quite busy at the restaurant......an unexpected surprise, very nice, but we are all so tired.  I am looking forward to having down time with the girls, cool weather and lots of time to spend outside with them and go for walks.  When there are a lot of people here it is almost impossible to walk them.....when you walk anywhere with 5 bedlingtons, you get stopped ALL the time and asked the same questions over and over....There is no walking, just standing and talking.....taking a few steps and repeating......So I am really looking forward to getting back to the long walks.the dogs are getting tired of the yard.
Until next week....

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

sunset_013Oracoke Sunset

Thank you Tricia what beautiful sunset, the sky mirrors the calm water! . We are feeling the first cold weather, warm coats are the order of the day today in UK. It is a shame as we had a couple of really lovely warm days last week.  Do send us a photo once the girls have had their hair cuts. I always seem to be trimming dogs it is amazing just how quickly they become untidy.

Yesterday At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show


Mark and Jan Walshaw’s “T” (Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM)

Click Here to view the photos of all the class winners and exhibitors.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To


TINA from everyone on the blog. Do hope your foot is nearly better and you are able to get about on your special day! Lots of love to you from all of us.

25 September 2010

Results From Belfast Dog Show Society






Open - Bitch, Entries: 2 Absentees: 1 1st HONEYMIST CRAZY RHYTHM (MRS S DAVIES)

Today At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Open Show


Judge: Mrs Nicky J L Patterson

Best In Show: Mr M & Mrs J.Walshaw Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM

Reserve Best In Show: Mrs Y Bannister Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove


Best Puppy: Mr N C & Mrs N C & Mrs S Sharnor Emerald Electra


Best Veteran: Ch Moltyke Taggles With Miteymidgets

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to the committee for a lovely day. A special big thank you to all the kitchen helpers who once again provided fantastic food all day from bacon butties first thing through to lunch and afternoon tea and cakes!

Blog in tomorrow for the photos of all class winners and exhibitors.

Calling Whiplingtons

Thought I'd create an album for all members of the 'whiplington' sisters and brotherhood. Any new members welcome...just have to be shaggy and whiplington like!
(BUT...Where's 'Hector'?, the only 'dog' in Matilda's litter of 9. Come on Hector lets have a photo!) C
heers, al

!cid_668C5EBF-8101-42A3-8B99-29975BE010C8@local Tilly



Than you Alan we do have several whiplington regular visitors to the blog. Great photos of Tilly! Hope we get to meet Hector!

24 September 2010

Can You Give Stella A Loving New Home!


There is a Bedlington for re-homing at  White Hall Dog Rescue near Leeds.

Stella is a 3 year old Bedlington Terrier. She was brought to us after her owner lost his home and could no longer keep her. He brought her to us to see if we could pay for her putting to sleep. She therefore joined the clan at Whitehall. Stella is very friendly little dog. She loves people and gets on with most dogs, although she can be a bit bossy with them at times. All in all Stella is a fun little dog.

Click HERE

Many thanks to Tony Waller for informing the blog


Good luck to everyone tomorrow at the show. Blog on tomorrow night for photo of BIS



Breed Notes by Viv Rainsbury Click HERE


Genome Barks Podcast – Genetic Disease With Dr Mathew Ellinwood


Click HERE

An informative podcast for the bedlington breeder and pet owner!



Newsletter Click Here

23 September 2010

Read The Latest Addition Of K9 Magazine


Tell Tales Signs for Recognising Dog Stress
- The Link Between Diet & Behaviour
- Vet Warning on Artifical Sweeteners
- Dog Adoption: A First Hand Account
- Is Your Dog Angry?
- 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Dog Friendly
- Dog Product Reviews (with videos)
- Is Your Dog Normal?
- Dogs and Earthquakes: A Fascinating Insight

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Thursday’s Northeast News From Glorious Beamish

Hello Bloggers,once again it's been the time for the Beamish Agricultural show, nothing as elaborate as some of the big shows but just as nice and friendly. It also gives a chance for some North East Bedlington owners to get dressed up and play act for a day or so and to give what knowledge we have to the public and to hand out information sheets etc.

The Bedlington being from the North East was once again requested to come to Beamish to be on show and displayed to the public. So Sarah and myself started off the first day with 8 dogs of varying ages, shapes and sizes from a puppy of 10 month to a couple of oldies who live in homes where they serve good food. Among Sarah's brood were her two rescued dogs from the Isle of Wight, Rosie and Jasper.


The first day, Thursday, was wettish to say the least, with quite a few showers making us retreat into the tent to keep the dogs dry. It was still a fairly busy day with quite a few school parties some of which just loved to see and pet the dogs, others were told by their teachers to keep a wide birth, spoil sports, PC gone mad. Sarah's day was made up when two visitors turned out to relatives of the breeder of two of her dogs, Ed and Ossie, Julia Martindale's (Bojen). So she was able to show off the dogs to this couple and to assure Julia that they are being well cared for.

We had visits form a few colonials from Tasmania, Australia and America who were greatly impressed with the look and casual attitude of the dogs present. It was kind of strange that when another Bedlington appeared on the scene the dogs took no notice, however in something else cropped up all hell broke loose.


Friday started off dry though a bitingly cold north wind made standing around slightly unpleasant, it did manage to improve as the afternoon wore on. Again there were a couple of school parties, not as many as them previous day and not as many older visitors, the pensioners must have been to the Metro Centre. Even so the folk that did visit the stand all liked the dogs and would loved to have taken them home.

Saturday turned out to be full sunshine and with more visitors, this time mostly family groups and coach trips with folk from the souf. We had a special dog visitor to the stand in the form of Archie a Dandie Dinmont who had come along to be shown with his ancestors. Most folk were amazed to hear that the Bedlington is related to the Dandie and loved both.

Saturday was also the 5th birthday of Sarah's Ed and Ossie. So all Bedlingtons in attendance had a pork pie followed by a large non alcoholic drink. Much enjoyed by all.


Sunday, a bit wet at times though still very busy. There were of course all the usual events of an agricultural show some of which themed to the time that Beamish Museum represents. A good turnout of Dales Ponies, Shetland Ponies and some of the museums Shire Horses were all on display. The Shires either dressed up or pulling the old ploughs and other horse drawn farm vehicles. There were various displays of birds of prey a couple of which decided not to return after their display and had a night on the town. Glad to say all did return eventually.

So once again Beamish turned out to be a pleasant, an enjoyable occasion, and a chance to show off the Bedlington Terrier. Some of the public always ask the age old questions, are they lambs or poodles so we put them on the right track. If we are invited back next year I hope to get a couple of Liver dogs to show and perhaps a couple of pups if there are any around. So lookout for next year’s invite. We did have some folk who were generally interested in having a Bedlington in the future and someone was also interested in having a rescue so we pointed them in the right direction.

Finally many thanks to Sarah and Tony and of course Ed, Ossie, Rosie, Jasper, Pearl, Opal, Chrystal, Topaz and Dusty the Bedlingtons and Archie the Dandie for their help, it was appreciated. The Makem

Thank you Derek what fun, but four days is a long time for an event although I think you were fairly lucky with the weather. The old fashioned clothes just makes the perfect setting. And the Dandie Dinmont certainly completes the picture.

Margaret Inglis has a bedlington stand this weekend at the Malvern Autumn Show on the Three Counties Showground. If you are going do pop along to the dog display area and say hello to Margaret and the bedlingtons.

Belfast Championship Show Entries

Just 5 Bedlingtons entered at this show

22 September 2010

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Entries

There are 61 dogs entered which includes 15 nfc - so 46 for competition.

Don’t forget Christine and Shelley are setting up their dog treat etc stall in the entrance hall.

Thank you to Dorothy Owen for the summery of entries

Wednesday’s News From The Welsh Valleys

Hi, everyone, here's a photo of my gang but where were they and can you say who's who?


It's the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show on Saturday at Freehay so I've been busy preparing the kitchen essentials. I expect I will forget something as I have to take everything down to the salt and pepper. We've had loads of apples on our tree this year so I've made a couple of apple pies and of course I'll be making Welsh cakes too. Sandra is bringing her famous trifle so put your orders in now!
I'm making home cooked beef or ham salad and there will be hot bacon butties available. There is always a very friendly atmosphere at the show and if you are new to the game don't be shy and come and say hello to me in the kitchen.
Jen Lacey's pups are five weeks old tomorrow and terrorising her elderly Jack Russel. Their favourite game is playing in a ball pit Jen has set up. They've all got lovely homes to go to so hopefully the new owners will join us on the blog. Looking forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday. Enid

Thank you Enid goodness only knows where you were, how about Larry, Fizz, Ecco and Solo for the order of dogs? If you are new to the blog or just love bedlingtons do come and join us at the show on Saturday, I can really recommend the delicious lunch prepared and served by the committee

Entries For Driffield Championship Show

29 Dogs with 30 entries

Beamish Glorious Beamish


More photos and Beamish News in tomorrow's Northeast Natter!

Dog News: Irresponsible Dog Owners to be Targeted in National Park

Click HERE

21 September 2010

Darlington 2010


Team Miteymidgets Win The Breeders Competition


Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove on table from which she took the CC and BOB.


The Llimit dog line up with Millrace at front from which he took the dog CC.


Yvonne with Miteymidgets Myaquila who won the Veteran Group


The Darlington Show Committee with a beaming Mark Walshaw.

Many thanks to Derek Owen for the first three photos

Hello All In Blog World 


Well after a sort of busy week and Jazz and Sapphire gave me a helping paw at Whittington Castle cutting the grass on Thursday, They helped me get the car loaded and ready for the weekend of off roading. So at 5:45am on Saturday we all headed off to Hafran Forest to marshal on a 4x4 Event. Once we all signed on we went to our post  we got the bacon, egg and sausage breakfast going, Jazz and Sapphire were licking their chops watching the fry up! By the time we finished breakfast the 4x4's were starting to come through the stage, we were on a hairpin bend (which was after a 2 mile straight) so at times it was a bit hair raising because they was coming to the hairpin  at 125mph. If they got it wrong and went straight on and missed the hairpin they would end up down a 120 feet deep gully, luckily they all stopped in time!  when we got back home tired, had our teas and went to bed.


On Sunday we went down to see our friend Biggles , had a very nice walk  before visiting the blog and checking our a-mails for any messages. We had a very nice surprise as our Billy and the Gipcyan marshal crew are coming down this weekend to go to the last Grass tracking meeting of the year with us, so it'll be loads of fun!!!!  I will get some photos for you all to see what a fun time we will have, Jazz and Sapphire said they are getting very excited to see Billy and his crew at the weekend!

Thank you Ian what will you do with your weekends once all the racing and grass cutting finishes? I hate the thought of winter just round the corner. You will have a fantastic time next weekend with Billy and the Gypcian Crew, I am looking forward to your report already


Looking For A Christmas Present!


If anyone is looking for a Christmas present, I've got lots of books here in storage for Ken. They are not available through booksellers. They are £20 reduced from £30 and postage is £4.50 by parcel post for delivery in the UK.

Polly Receives Her Puppy Foundation Certificate



Thank you Dot a very well done to young Polly, I am sure  it won’t be long before we see photos of Polly receiving her Bronze award.