31 October 2010

Happy Birthday To Storey & Greyson

The Rescue Girl Storey

The rescue girl “Storey”

Hello everyone, we have had much to celebrate this week....Storey's 2nd anniversary with us and tomorrow is Greyson's 8th birthday.  The girls celebrated Storey's day with "salmon pies" instead of pork pies!  They each got one and each one reacted differently.......Storey gobbled hers up, no questions asked....Rose took hers out of her bowl and put it on the rug & broke it into pieces.  Greyson was also all over hers, Willo was a little unsure of what to do with it, but figured it out and dear Amelia just look at it and then looked at us like she was asking" what do I do with this"!!??  Once we broke a piece off for her she ate it right up.....fish being her favourite food!  It was quite amusing to watch all the different reactions.   I am not sure if they will get another so soon, for Greyson's birthday tomorrow, but we will see...  Right now the girls are out with Chris as he is cleaning some fresh fish he got from a friend this morning....sheepshead!  Looks like we will be having fish of some sort for dinner tonight.  The girls are very interested in watching him.  I think maybe they are planning on fish tonight too.  He will actually cook them fresh fish for their dinners at night while I am at work!   Last night was the last night of our regular season at the restaurant......we are closed until Wednesday and then re-open 4 nights a week....I will be down to working 2-3 nights from working 6 nights.....they have to wean us off.  Our last night will be 27 November until mid April.....where did the summer go??  It is almost time to start planning for Christmas!  Next Sunday we change the clocks, so it will really feel like the end of summer with the darkness setting in so early.....about 5 pm here.  I am going out to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having today...until next week!

The birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl “Greyson”

Thank you Tricia a very happy birthday to Storey (two years with you)  and Greyson. I think now they have had a taster they  will look forward to more fish pie treats. Winter is definitely just round the corner, it only seems like yesterday you were telling us the restaurant was opening for the tourist season! The girls are certainly going to enjoy having Mum at home all day! Lots of lovely beach walks and bike rides with no mosquitos!

Seaham & Sally

We had run out to Seaham Harbour, only 6 mile so not too far for us.  Nice sunny day again so as it's been half term the grand bairns have had a good holiday.


Well, our pack of Bedlingtons were their usual selves, running all over the beach sniffing, some times barking at other dogs.  Then who appears along the beach.  A Bedlington with a coat on, and it's a nice sunny day, Oh! a softie we all thought.

However it turned out that this was Sally who had been saved by her present owner from being put to sleep.  Sally is 12 years old and is blind due to cataracts and her original owner had taken her to the vets to be put down.  The vet declined to do this,  Oh! a kind hearted vet who does not have £ signs in front of his eyes. He then found Sally a new owner.  She's quite happy being taken out on a lead and had a good sniff at our dogs which I bet she recognised as being other Bedlingtons.   Diane will know her as Sally goes to Diane's for a trim at "Millionhairs  Grooming Parlour."  There's a plug which should be worth a pint,  from Wor Billy, LOL.


After a long chat with Sally's owner and a bit further walk it was off to the local Ice Cream Parlour "Lickerty Splits".  Ohhh wonderful ice cream treats and good 50s music, "Rock & Roll", Bill Haley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry  etc. some of the more senior bloggers may remember those days and might have their drain pipe trousers hanging up in the wardrobe.  Well worth a visit if in the area. The Makem

Thank you Derek what a heart warming story, I just can’t believe that anyone would put to sleep a elderly family pet just because it had become blind! Due to a very kind vet Sally will  live out her days with a very caring new family. What a great ice cream parlour, I can just imagine you and Eileen sitting up at a bar with glasses full of ice cream, strawberry juice a long spoon and a straw listening to Bill Hailey and the Comments

Happy Halloween

Hello all. are you ready for a fright for that time is upon us again we’re the girls and boys who go out and knock on doors and ask TRICK OR TREAT!!! well we know two little Bedlingtons who are getting excited and putting their costumes on to reek havoc in our neighbourhood. They want to see whether this year they can come home with 3lbs of chews, 4 1/2lbs of their favourite biscuits and 4 tins each of their favourite food ( fresh salmon) to beat last year result!  I will let you know how it went so stay safe where ever you are from Igor ha ha ha!


Happy Trick Of Treating Jazz and Sapphire!

30 October 2010

Congratulations to….

Yvonne Bannister, besides winning her 4th  bitch ticket  with “Cove” yesterday At Midland Counties, Yvonne was also third in the veteran stakes  with Aquila winning £50!

 Hefin and Enid,  after yesterday's show results young Solo cannot not now be beaten and  is top bedlington puppy 2010 

Belated Birthday Greetings to….


Malin Eriksson Fd Byberg on 28th October


Hope you had a great day Malin best wishes from everyone at Bedlingtonpictures!

Many Thanks

to everyone who has sent me cards and to everyone who signed a card yesterday regarding the loss of my dad last week. The family have been busy organising the funeral for next week but I managed to have a day out yesterday at the Midland show. Although entered I did not have time to groom so went as a spectator. As we often see Harvey taking photos at the shows I was pleased Jon was able to take photos for him and we will send him a copy on disc.Jon took 202 photos yesterday 

Midland Counties champ show photos



Mr Harvey Bell with the Dog CC winner Reserve Dog CC and Best Dog Puppy

Please Click Here to view photos of all the winners and exhibitors

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29 October 2010

Happy Birthday Sidney



Good Evening Bedlington Blogspot!

It was Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond's 2nd birthday and  he wanted to post a couple of pictures of him with his annual 'pork pie', this is his first encounter with a pork pie, Sidney is a very sensitive little chap and was 'scared' of it......until he was given a tiny piece and now appreciates the delights inside the pastry!

Sidney has asked me to say a big 'Hello' to his canine mum & dad!!  who are of course the award winning 'Janmarks' and tomorrow he is off to Wendy Scorah's of Rivendown dog groomers at Elsecar for his birthday clip and blow dry! Kind Regards Julia, John & Sir Sidney Ruff-Daimond xx


A very happy birthday to to Sidney,  hope he had a lovely day I don’t think he will be afraid of his pork pie next year!!! Do send us a photo after he has been to see Wendy for his birthday trim

Today At Midland Counties Championship Show.





Click HERE for the full results

Well done to all the winners blog in tomorrow for all the photos.

28 October 2010

Breed Notes


Dog World Breed Notes by Viv Rainsbury  Click HERE

Midland Counties Champ Show

Good luck to everyone entered tomorrow, although entered we won’t be attending due to a family bereavement. As always any photos for the blog of the exhibitors or winners would be gratefully  received

Show Diary Date

Ashbourne & District Canine Society, on 28/12/2010

at Newark & Notts showground NG24 2NY

Bedlington classes Junior, Post Grad and Open

Judge Barry Day

entries close 30/11/2010

Secretary Shula Shipton 01283 530408

Thanks to Donna,. The information can be accessed at any time from file in the index column

27 October 2010

Makems Away Day

It would seem some of us bloggers are back from the East Coast, Jane & Trevor from down in Suffolk and The Makems from a long week end on the Firth of Forth. Hope the weather in Suffolk was as good as in Scotland.

We stayed at Yellowcraig Caravan Club site about 3 mile west of North Berwick and about 20 mile East from the SKC show site at Edinburgh.  So not too bad if any one is interested for a few days stop off after the shows.  Nice clean site and only a couple of hundred yards from the beach and dunes.


The main walk around this area is The John Muir Way which is about 59K and mostly along the beach.  The island in the picture is Craigleith and a bit further to the east is Bass Rock which in the early summer months is home to thousands of sea birds, Puffins, Gannets etc.


As can be seen by the blue skies it was fine and bright but a bit on the raw side.  So coffee break in North Berwick after the walk along the beach was in the shelter of the harbour sea wall.  North Berwick, not a big town but a few places of interest, shops, and cafes.


A quiz for our colonial bloggers.  John Muir Way is named after, obviously John Muir who's family emigrated to America from Dunbar which is the next town east along the coast. But what was John Muir famous for and who did he spirit away for two days while at this place ???????

Back to your school history, no looking on Google. The Makem

Thank you Derek I love the top photo really stunning with the rainbow crossing the sky. Looks like you were very lucky with the weather  cool but sunny, good for this time of year.  Mmmm John Muir haven’t a clue maybe something to do with whiskey?

26 October 2010

Discover Dogs




Discover Dogs takes place at Earls Court, London on November 13-14, 2010. For more information Click HERE

What’s On At Discover Dogs 2010

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Fun On The Swing

Hello Bloggers

Well what a change in the weather nice sunny days and cold nights When Mum and I went to a local car boot sale this morning we had to scrape the ice of the windows of the car,  we left little Jazz and Sapphire in their beds where it was warm. Although we didn't get anything from the car boot we did have a good look round. When we got back home we all had a cuppa tea and some toasted tea cakes ( very nice). After I went out with Jazz and Sapphire on their daily adventures down the local park and it was nice to see the trees in their autumn colour and the sun shining them. When we got to the far end of the park some children had hung a rope swing from one of the trees and the next thing  I knew was both Jazz and Sapphire were having a go jumping and it made me laugh.


They was having such a good time their with this rope swing that it took an hour to get  them away from it, they really enjoyed their play time. Upon our return home Mum had gone up stairs to put her feet up for a quiet afternoon when she got bounced on by two mad little Bedlington pups telling her what a fun time that they had down the park!  Later this  week Mom and Brian will be heading of to the next show and I will have to think of some nice walks for the K9 Marshal Crew to go on, so bye bye for now Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups


Thank you Ian I think Jazz and Sapphire will be eager to visit the park again soon.

25 October 2010

Olive Stone 92 Years Young In November

Good evening, Just an item of news.  When we go to a show at Freehay we like to visit Olive Stones (she only lives about ten minutes away from the venue) imagine our surprise when a neighbour told us that Olive had gone into a care home! The neighbour had no details but told us the area where the home was, so off we went and found five care homes but non of them knew of Olive, eventually I managed to contact Olives family who furnished us with the details and whereabouts of the right care home.  The visit to the home was planned and along with two dogs off we went, we were greeted by a resident trying to escape she was knocking on the door to get out! Eventually we were admitted and sure enough there was Olive who started to cry, but that soon passed and we went into a room on our own for a good natter.  Olive is still "with it" not like Olive e some of the other residents, and had been talking about her dog days and to back this up she had a load of photographs, one of the other visitors told us he had seen a photograph of a wedding with four dogs posing with the Bride and Groom he was even more amazed when I told him that that was our wedding and Olive had made my wedding cake complete with model bedlington.  We were given permission to fetch the dogs in out of the car after Olive had given them the once over (you could see she would loved to have trimmed Sapphires tatty head) the nurses came to ask if we would take the dogs to see the other residents, so Sapphire and Jazz did their party tricks and gave a little joy and laughter to a sedate afternoon.

To those of you who do not know Olive, with her husband Stan she owned and bred bedlingtons for many  years their affix was "Stanolly" they owned some stunning specimens, she was MBTC secretary for many years, has been president and is a life member.

November 19th 2010 is the date of Olives 92end birthday,  if you would like to send a card she would love to hear from you, tell her your affix and a little bit about yourselves and your dogs.

The address is  Mrs O. M. Stones,  Grindley House, Aynsley Drive,        Blythe Bridge, Stoke on Trent ST11 9HJ

Bye for now Carmel (K9)

Thank you Carmel I did not know Olive but have seen photographs of her lovely dogs. How wonderful for her for you to track her down. She must have been delighted not only to be visited by you but to see Jazz and Sapphire. I know just how much residents of care homes love to see the dogs we are booked to give a special Christmas Heel Work to music demo  at a retirement complex in December.

Show Diary Date

Wath,West Melton & District Canine Society 5th march 2911

At Newark & Notts Showground, NG24 2NY.

Bedlington classes Puppy, Graduate & open

Judge Valerie Finney

Entries close 9/2/2011

Secretary Mrs J Kay 01709 510796


Thanks to Donna,. The information can be accessed at any time from file in the index column

Congratulations to Julie



Woh won group 2 yesterday, don’t know where, but thanks to Billy for the photo.

Inki Is Six Months Old

Inki, will be six months old on the 6th of November how time flies, I have just spent all day grooming her its taken me that long because I had a knee replacement 4wks ago and am still on crutches so I had to keep stopping for a rest.  I was hoping to get her into the ring for her first show next month but I'm not quite up to it yet so have put it back untill December,  rgds  Karen


Thank you Karen she looks lovely. It is so exciting to have a puppy in the show ring for the first time. We will look forward to seeing at LKA? Do hope your knee is on the mend and you will walking without crutches very soon.

24 October 2010

A Note From Jane &Trevor

We are back home in Worcestershire after a week in Southwold. It was great to see mum and enjoy some free time, away from the pressures of work. Back in front of the laptop I would like to thank everyone who sent their condolences and kind thoughts regarding the sudden loss of our darling Nesta. Being away from  home I’m sure detracted from us dwelling on the loss and helped with so much else to do. Tonight however back home, knowing her cheery personality should be filling the room, all of us including Stella & Maya are lost without her. I can’t begin to tell you what a gap she leaves here in our home and in our hearts. Jane

Hello From Tricia And The Girls

We have another glorious sunny fall day here on the island!  Much activity this day, with a new back door being installed.....they girls are very excited, because their favourite neighbour Aaron is helping Chris with the installation.  The noise of the drills and hammers has them very curious and interested and wanting to help, so they have been sequestered  here in the bedroom with me whilst I do my report.  The interior door and the storm door will be full view doors, so they will be able to see the whole wide world !  And the sun that will stream in in the morning!  It will make a fabulous sunning spot for all of them.  I waited on 2 lovely couples the other night from the Midlands!  They were so sweet and I had such a good time talking to them.  The nice thing about the slow down in business, is that you actually get to spend time talking to people, sometimes at length.  They were doing a tour of the East Coast and seemed surprised that I knew where the Midlands were.  This is the last full week of work, then an abbreviated schedule starting 3 Nov. with the last night being 27 Nov......I have already started my winter "to do" list!
The dogs really seem to be enjoying the fall weather.  They have all turned into puppies again,  racing through the house.  It has been a long time since all 5 of them have gotten going and chased each other around.  Storey will be celebrating her 2nd anniversary of her new life with us on 28 October...These 2 years have gone so fast and yet it seems like there has never been a time when she wasn't here.....she certainly was the perfect fit for us.  Amelia has her spaying coming up in the next couple of weeks, so she too will be donning some sort of collar to keep her from disturbing sutures......I make a collar out of a thick bath towel, fold it and use duct tape to  put it on. It slides on and off easily and makes a nice pillow when they lay down....I will have to send a photo when she is wearing it, because she will not leave the sutures alone, I am quite sure.  It looks like they are wearing a big turtle neck!  That is all from here.  Love to everyone from me and the Girls!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia it has been a beautiful day  for us as well, not a cloud in the sky but rather cold with a frost forecast for tonight.  Hope the door fitting went well, do send us a photo of the girls taking advantage of the morning sun! With the season winding down  It must be nice not rushing about at work  and having time to talk to the visitors. Maybe one day I will get to visit and would definitely come out of season when we could spend time with the girls. 

Happy Birthday Solo

It's Solo's first birthday today and all the dogs are going to have their own pork pies for tea. I can't believe a whole year has passed since we had to rush Fizz to the vet's for an emergency section. Enid


A very happy birthday Solo from  all your friends on the blog. Hope you are enjoying some outdoor activities on such a beautiful day!

Dog News:  Wales Receives Praise From Vets Over Puppy Farming

Click HERE

23 October 2010



Newsletter Click HERE

Blusmurf Pet Supplies

I will be exhibiting at Midland Counties next week, which will be my last Championship show this year, so if anyone needs to stock up on their pet provisions until the show season starts again, please e-mail me at bluesmurfpetsupplies@hotmail.com with their requirements and I will gladly bring it to Midland Counties with me next week. 
Thank you Kind Regards Chris 

“Spaying Aint Fun

Afraid my Matilda's not the happiest of bedlington-whippets today. She was spayed 2 days ago and is a little bit fed up!



("Well didn't like wearing a cone all night and don't think much about this t-shirt idea..Do you think that’s gunna stop me licking those stiches? We'll see!")

Well, Tilly's back home from the vet now, very slow and sleepy at the moment, but everything went ok, according to the vet. So no seasons for Tilly now to worry about. She's got a little draw-string stitches on her tummy that will have to be taken out in 2 weeks time. I'm hoping she wont pick at them, but I have a very fetching 'buster' collar for her if she needs it, (in electric blue translucent!) I just cooked her some 'boiled rice and chicken', but she's not hungry yet..I think she's still too drowsy. She looked so small and fragile when I collected her! ...Jjust keeping her warm tonight...walks on the lead for the next 2 weeks. ...She'll soon be back to bouncing about again! Alan Hayball


Thank you Alan I am sure by the time you read this Matilda is feeling like her old self, it is amazing just how quickly they get over major surgery. Do hope she is being a good girl and not trying to pull out her stitches!

22 October 2010

From Billy’s Photo Library

Lady Diana Cooper with her Bedlington “Major”
Thanks Billy I love this photo any idea when it was taken? We will soon be falling into a quiet time regarding show photos and the blog will need lots of support from personal or archived photos from bloggers if it is to remain updated on a daily basis.
Click Here for Lady Diana’s Profile

The dog was given to her for a companion by a friend while she was acting in the USA in the "Miracle" . Her husband had just returned to the UK and Diana was lonesome and homesick .

Billy’s Photo Library

Who Is This? 
Billy sent me this photo yesterday and would you believe I saw this photo in a 2011 Bedlington calendar being sold in one of the shops this morning. It stated the name of the photographer but nothing about the dog!


Problem solved, the dog is Highquest Hot Coffee a good worker and show winner, thanks to Stuart for the info! He certainly is a very handsome boy! 

A Study Of A Bedlington And Airedale


This picture sent to me by Mary Godden is one of her favourites. Has anyone any information about this painting?

The picture sent by Mary Godden is by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, an American artist and naturalist born in Ithaca New York who was painting at the beginning of the last century. 1874 - 1927.  His speciality was painting birds, and was reputed to be the best painter of birds since Audubon. However he also painted other animals, and in 1919 the National Geographic US published "The Book of Dogs" of which Fuertes was a contributor  - I'm not sure whether he simply illustrated it or whether he contributed to the text. The book is sub-titled "an intimate study of mankind's best friend" and a modern version is still available on a number of websites including Amazon.There is quite a lot about him on the Internet. Derek Owen

Thanks Derek, it is fun researching old photos and pictures that crop up n the internet that  depict the bedlington.

Help Us Identify The Mysterious Killer


Click HERE

Ralphie And Hester Visit The Big City!

Hi Lesley, We had a pack outing to London last weekend. Ralphie and Hester had a  great time in Greenwich Park, it's full of beautiful sweet chestnut  IMG_5554
trees and we've never seen so many squirrels. They met lot's of polite  city dogs , Hester joined in with some squirrel chasing and they both have the queuing tourists at the observatory something to smile at! Love from, Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester.


Thank you Ed and Becs , you would never think there would be so many squirrels in a London park. Bedlingtons always seem to attract attention from the public, well who can resist them!

21 October 2010

Gerome Barks Podcast- Balanced Nutrition With Dr. Joe Wakshlag

Click HERE



Breed Notes by Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

Jazz And Sapphire Meet Floss and Eric.

Hello all, just been out for our daily walk and we went down the canal from what we call Tunnel Bank and walked back towards Ellesmere. We had a nice surprise, we met up with a nice gent and he had a Bedlington who was a first cross and a rescue Bedlington.. The K9 Marshal Crew played for a good hour with their new friends who live on a Narrow Boat with their dad so we named them both as “The Canal Boat Crew! and hopefully he will be tuning in now to the blog and to Billy's blog. We hope to meet up again with little Eric and Floss some time soon.

Thank you Ian the photos were not good enough for the blog due to the dogs moving but hopefully you will meet Eric and Floss again soon. 

Dogs In Motion

Also, The Secret of Wet Dogs' Shake-Drying Discovered,

Click HERE


From Billy’s Photo Library


UK - Culture - Craigie Aitchison at his London home

Painter  the late Craigie Aitchison at his London home with some of his adored Bedlington terriers.


This is what the Bedlington was eating in 1907

Thank you Billy the “Spratts” bedlington has even shorter legs than our “Diesel”!

19 October 2010

We Catch Up With Ian, Jazz And Sapphire

Hello all, just a little post since its a very wet and coolish here in North Shropshire. While  The K9 Marshal Crew were waiting for the rain to go away whwn little Sapphire and Jazz decided to play with their uncle Ian's mobile phone and Sapphire took this picture of Jazz.. When I saw it I couldn't help but smile and it has caught Jazz at one of his cheeky moods. He has been in top form for the last three days and full of beans just like little Sapphire. Looks like I will have to take them on an extra long walk just to wear them out! Ian

Thank you Ian, winter and the wet weather is on its way, saying this it is beautiful in Oxfordshire this morning!

More Lure Coursing Photos From Jeri’s Bedlingtons

Thanks to Jeri for these fantastic photos, they really show the speed and movement of a bedlington in full flight.

Sunday At Lowestoft: Bedlingtons judged by Shelley Worrall

Limit D/B (8 entries, 1 absent)

1st Yvonne Bannister's Miteymidgets Matilda
2nd Sylvia Morrice's Mollora Wild Thyme
3rd Richard & Karen Button's Harrisclub Flash Harry
Res Edd & Viv Rainsbury's Sevray Repique
VHCHC  Elizabeth Douglas and Marian Storey's Campanula Rotundifolia

Open D (5 entries, 1 abs)

1st Kath Tredgett's Sevray Rebus
2nd Yvonne's Ch Moltyke Taggles with Miteymidgets
3rd Sylvia's Ch Mollora Ladida Crackerjack
Res Joan Hamilton's Harrisclub Mister Moonray

Open B (9, 2 abs)

1st Yvonne's (Ch) Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove
2nd Sylvia's Ch Mollora Fancy Pants
3rd Joan's Harrisclub Silver Charmer
Res Nicky Kinns Burmington Truly Blue
VHC Edd & Viv's Jetsway Mother's Ruin for Sevray JW

BOB    (Ch) Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove  (and Group 4)
RBOB  Miteymidgets Matilda
BOS    Sevray Rebus
BPIB    Mollora Wild Thyme

Edd and Viv's Ch Sevray Just Rumours was Best Terrier Veteran

Thanks to Shelley for a job well done - everyone was impressed with the way she went over the dogs and made her decisions. Viv

Thanks to Viv for the results, congratulations to all the winners and very well done to Shelley!

Snug As A Bug In A Rug


Miss Colin is in the middle!

Thanks to Billy for the photo, a real bevy of snuggly bedlingtons!

18 October 2010

Mail Problem

Have you sent me mail to caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk  over the weekend that I have not replied to? There may be a problem as I seem to have mail missing.

Just a quick line and some photos of Jasper and Fosbury on their holidays:


We had a week at Julie's parents in Liverpool followed by an exc11102010034iting adventure to Amble in Northumberland. We visited Bedlington, but unfortunately the Bedlington Terrier pub has been flattened, so we got a picture by a bin and a van!  We met a few people in the area with Bedlingtons, one of which was 3 month old Maisie shown with the boys.



We visited a few other places in the North East including Rowland's Gill, where the boys enjoyed playing in and around the water. Hope you're well. All the best Martin and Julie



Thank you Martin and Julie, what a shame the Bedlington Terrier pub has been demolished, It certainly made a tourist attraction for lots of bloggers visitng the area. It is great to see Jasper and Fosbury looking so well. For those of you who who don’t know these two delightful dogs they both suffer from Cushings . Jasper is nearly 10 and Fosbury nearly 15  years young


17 October 2010

Open Show Date Reminder

Please note there are 4 open shows with bedlington classes where entries  are closing this week. Please check “Open Show Dates” in the index column for details   

Results from  Today’s Eston & Barnaby Open Show


1st Janmark Just In Time - BP and Puppy Group 1
2nd Mollora Hazy Days at Bluesmurf

1st Bisbee Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf - BOB and Terrier Group 2   Open-mouth smile
2nd Janmark Misty Horizons JW
3rd Sevray Whisper

Thank you Christine for the results and well done BOB and Group 2. Well done also to the Janmark Puppy, Is this Mark’s puppy bitch?   

A Bright Sunny Sunday On Oracoke Island

I woke up to a bright sunny day!  The nights are starting to get very cool, at least for me.  The girls have all FINALLY been groomed, I finished the last 2 on Thursday.  Rose has turned into a puppy again with her new haircut, running and chasing with the other girls.  I think they all feel wonderful & with the cooler weather & not too much hair, I think they like the coolness of it all.  They have all been a bit wild and crazy lately.  I will try to get them all in one place and get a photo.  I am sure if I make popcorn I can get that to happen.....they would walk through fire for popcorn!  As soon as they hear those kernels hit the pan, they all run to the kitchen and sit at the stove hoping the pan will overflow and popcorn will hit the floor!  Then we sit in the living room and share it.  They are very good at taking turns & they know they have to be sitting to qualify for a piece.  It is getting to be that time of the year, where I develop "puppy fever".  Seeing all the puppies on the blog and on Facebook, I am glad they are all across the pond and not within easy access to me......a tiny set of paws in the house this winter would be so much fun!  *Sigh*  It was so sad to hear about Jane and Trevor's Nesta.....absolutely heartbreaking.  I have been thinking of them since I read the post last night when I got home from work.  I wish them peace and comfort in knowing what a wonderful life they provided for little Nesta.  Bless them.
That is all from me......Love from us all....


Thank you Tricia, we woke up to our first real frost this morning, everything was white and glistening in the autumn sunshine. Today has been sunny all day and warm enough to sit in the garden this afternoon! We all feel terrible sad for Trevor and Jane as they lost their Archie as well back in the summer. It is sad enough having to say goodbye to an older dog but Nesta was only 9 and seemed perfectly fit and well….

Who is the little dog second from the right in the photo? I just love the look on her face.  Your woofs are certainly great little characters.    

A Very Happy Birthday Today To:


Lyn Winstanley  today!  Many happy returns from everyone at Bedlingtonpictures.

Arn’t I A Grown Up Girl!


This little girl  8 weeks old is one of Millie’s puppies. I wonder what she is looking at? Thanks to Norman and Sandra Hyde for the photo.