30 November 2010

General and Group Championship Shows 2011

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Bedlington Judges Click HERE

Can anyone fill in on the list  the missing judges for SKC, Southern Counties, Blackpool, Windsor, WkC, Darlington and Driffield?

Congratulations to Julie and Doehey Bedlingtons!

Sunday was a good day for us. Doehey Queen of hearts got another 1st and Best Bedlington Puppy at Manchester Sporting Terrier Doehey Heartstrings 2nd under Mr J Ashe. Rathsrigg Boudica got Best in Breed under same judge and Doehey Heartstrings got 1st any variety under Mr P Eardley’

Dot was going to put some photos on the Blog but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling too good. Hope she’s feeling much better now! This coming Sunday it’s Lancashire Sporting terrier where i believe there is quite a good entry and then the following Sunday LKA Hope to see everyone there, Regards Julie

Wow Julie what a fantastic day at Manchester Sporting Terrier. You must be thrilled to see your pups winning in the show ring! It is such a shame there are no photos but we hope Dot is feeling better, there are lots of heavy colds about!  The very best of luck Sunday at Lancashire Sporting Terrier, let’s hope there is no more snow forecasted for the North..   

Larry Celebrates His 6th Birthday

larrys birthday 003

This is Larry on his birthday, they could only have a small pie because of his tummy. Pat

A very happy birthday to Larry from brother Parker. It only seems like yesterday the pups were creating mayhem tearing round the kitchen!

Just A Dusting In Shropshire!

Hello all, well what a week we've had this week looking at all the snow that they have had up north and in South Wales and our Billy not able to any Lamping. We have still been lucky here in North Shropshire we have only had 1/2 inch of snow at most. The morning after we had the covering of snow Jazz and Sapphire couldn't wait to go out for their daily walks .On Saturday morning we went around Colemere for a walk that takes usually takes an hour to do but it  took 1 1/2 hours for us because Jazz and Sapphire were having so much fun! On Sunday we went down to Sleap Airfield to see our friend Biggles and to walk the 3 miles around the p erimeter road, there were interesting  smells and loads of foot prints left by rabbits, the dogs  didn't know which way to turn! We were glad to get back to Biggles's hanger were we parked the car and get home for a nice hot cuppa tea. Although  both Jazz and Sapphire had their woolly jumpers and warm coats on they said their paws were a bit chilly.


the picture is of our Sapphire trying to get over a log after Jazz jumped it (i.e. she was chasing him playing) it was taken at Colemere, so for now it’s TTFN from The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you Ian, we have only a dusting of snow in Oxfordshire but snow showers are expected today. Unfortunately I don’t think we will end up with enough snow to build a snow bedlington! 

29 November 2010

Cushings Syndrome



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Cushing's syndrome is a chronic illness that can affect your dog. If left untreated it can rapidly and severely affect your dog's quality of life and can lead to a range of more  severe health problems and in certain cases can cause fatal complications. Thanks to Stuart for the link. 

Snow Fun For The Rescues

Copy (1) of IMG_1333

Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. A couple of weeks ago we had a freak electrical storm with a loud clap of thunder and simultaneous flash of lightening at 2 AM. Several homes in the village had damage to electrical items, unfortunately we lost a computer and the internet router. Now back on line for the past week, so we can share our pictures of the unseasonal weather. We assume that Rosie and Jasper may not have experienced snow on the Isle of Wight. Rosie was initially a bit bewildered, but watching Ed and Ossie who love snow and regress rapidly to puppyhood, she realised that it's a lot of fun to play in and enjoyed chasing the boys across the field, barking excitedly. Jasper still stands and shivers and tries to go back indoors as quickly as possible. His coat hair is so fine, it doesn't seem to keep him warm. He probably needs a warmer coat.  best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah pleased you are back on line. One never imagines thunder and lightening during the winter! Lovely to read the dogs are enjoying playing in the snow. Maybe a thicker coat on Jasper will encourage him to join in the fun! 

Summer Makes Her Debut

Cleveland Show 6mth

We got up this morning in snowy Consett in the North East, where the snow has been falling heavy through the night. We decided to put our wellies on, and go to the show at Cleveland, once we were out of Consett the roads weren't too bad.  We were so pleased that we went, Airview Crystal Blue (Summer) brought home 3 rosettes.

1st in open             1st in A.V. Puppy

Best of Breed          2nd in Group

We thought she did very well at her first proper show at only 6 months and 4 days old. Lesley & John McNally

Well done little “Summer”.  What a fantastic start to her show career. It is so exciting to win at your very first show. Many congratulations John and Lesley

28 November 2010

Today In Janmark Country!!






J & VY in bed, K & M in front of wood burner, regards Mark

Thank you Mark I think it is going to take along time for that lot to thaw! The dogs look lovely and cosy after their outing in the cold!

Today At Stroud

1st: Sharnor Faithful Falcon
2nd: Sharnor Emerald Erigeron & Ystwythbay

Post Graduate
1st: Sharnor Emerald Electra
2nd: Gnejnabay Chokko Pops

1st: Jetsway Absolut Bling
2nd: Sharnor Crystal Clear

BOB Jetsway: Absolute Bling
Best Puppy: Sharnor Faithful Falcon

Best  AV Terrier & AV Terrier Post Graduate: Gnejnabay Chokko Pops

Congratulations to Judy, Sharon and Louise!

This show is not judged on the group system

A very well done to Sharon and Falcon who made the final cut to the last five for Best Puppy!

Cookie and family


This is a photo of Cookie with his family baby Nyla and big brother Cody. Cookie is Poppy & Millie’s brother. Sandra  & Norman.

Thank you this is just a lovely family portrait. I just love Nyla with her dolly and Cookie looks so relaxed posing for the family photo!

27 November 2010

Puppies In Israel


I know it is not easy to find good puppy buyers here in Israel. So Les, if you know of anyone that wants some nice Bedlington pups, especially for show homes, please let them know about our litter. (not actually mine, but I am helping the other breeder)
I know it is very difficult to get pups from Israel to UK, but not impossible. It is easy to take the pups to the rest of Europe. Anyway, if you know of anything....:)) I am attaching a few newer pics of the pups.  Enjoy!! Hessel



Thank you  Hessel what beautiful babies, I am sure if they had been in this country they would have lovely homes waiting. For those reading this reply do drop into Hessel’s website (Holy Lamb Bedlingtons) you will find the link in the index column.

Breed Notes


By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

Dog News:Get Rid of Breed Specific Legislation Now, Say Vets

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Our Dogs Newsletter

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26 November 2010

No Lamping Tonight!


I just had a drive up to my lamping patch i thnik i will give it a miss tonight Billy.

Thanks Billy I think you will wake up to a few  more inches of snow in the morning!

It’s Snowing In Wales Today


Snows here! Looks like we will be able to build snow dogs by next week Enid

Thank you Enid I think we are going to have some fantastic snow dog entries, no snow for us today but snow showers are  forcasted for the Midlands on Sunday. 

Happy Birthday Jasper!


Jasper is 10 years young today. He and Fosbury celebrated with their blog
pork pies. Jasper received a lovely card and a "Birthday Boy" badge that he
has worn all day - his friends were very jealous of him on his walk. Attached are some pictures of the boys enjoying Jasper’s birthday. All the best Martin and Julie



A very happy Birthday to young Jasper. How proud he looks in his birthday boy badge!  Jasper and Fosebury are very special blog boys as they are rescues and have a lovely forever home with Martin and Julie

KC Bedlington Judging Seminar

Mr David Taylor will be speaking on behalf of the Bedlington. Sharon Ames and Dorothy Owen have kindly offered to take along dogs for the judges to go over.
The Kennel Club are holding a judging seminar on the Bedlington Terrier on Wednesday 12th January 2011. The Judges Development Programme seminars are held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ 
Judges wishing to attend a JDP Breed seminar must have:
  • previously awarded CCs to at least three breeds within the relevant Group (i.e. the same group as the host Group) or
  • previously awarded CCs to two breeds within the relevant Group (i.e. the same group as the host Group) and at least one CC in another Group, or
  • been previously approved by the Kennel Club to judge a Group at Championship Show level.
Click HERE for further details
Thanks to Stuart for the info!

25 November 2010

Top Bedlingtons 2010

Top Sire
Mrs C Smallwood Cleveley: Burmington Baton Rouge Avec Brynsire (Final Standings)

Top Breeder
Mrs S Hyde: Gnejnabay (Latest Standings)

Top Puppy
Mrs E Jones & Dr H Jones OBE: Pengerrig Unique (Latest Standings)

Show News

This weekend:

Stroud and Districts Canine Society Sunday November 28th
At Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 4AF (10 mins from M5, Junction 13) Judge : Mrs Christine Worrall

Cleveland Dog at Eston on Sunday November 18th

Did anyone attend Camberley And District Canine Society 21st November? There was no news or results from this show.

Winter Is Here


Just had a look out my bedroom window! Billy

Crufts schedules now available

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Dog News: Wales Publishes Data on Dog Dealers

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24 November 2010

LKA Entries

54 Bedlingtons entered at the NEC. Thanks to Mark and Enid for the info!

Dog News:

Mum told to let stray bull terrier loose because no city dog wardens available

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Blog Statistics

The counter recorded a total of 2,903 hits over the past 7 days! Many thanks to everyone. We are recording an average of between 400 and 500 hits daily.  

Best Wishes Go To……

Ken Bounden who goes into hospital today for a small operation and to big Big Mo (Maureen Wright) who is going in on the 3rd of December for treatment. Lots of love to both of you from everyone on the blog. We say thank you to Enid who  will be filling in for ken and writing the breed notes in “Our Dogs”.   

23 November 2010

Polly Wins Best AVNSC Puppy

Polly had a good week last week.  Tuesday was the bronze class in which she was a star. Thursday she had her first obedience lesson with Audrey Whittaker who comes about every 3 weeks to the DTC.  Polly did very well and Audrey has great hopes for her as she picks up things very quickly. To round off the week the pup had 1st in the AVNSC minor puppy at Burnley open show.  She has the looks as well as the brains.  Not to forget Dora who I had entered into the Pre beginners the Sunday before.  After months of training she completed the round with NO sniffing and got full marks for her recall.  The heelwork was good but still a bit wide but we have plenty of time for improvement.  Rupert is Rupert and enjoys life.Regards Dot

Thank you Dot, Polly and Dora are a credit to the you and the breed proving that bedlingtons are capable of being successful in obedience as well as the show ring! Congratulations for Polly for her win in the puppy showing class sat Burnley. Keep up the obedience training, well done on Dora’s perfect recall it is great when the penny drops and everything come together!.   

Midland Musings From Jane

Hi one and all, not a lot has been happening around here. We are slowly adjusting to being a 2 dog household again, it’s been many years since there were so few dogs in our lives. Stella has had a marked change in personality, becoming far more relaxed and happier with her herself. Last weekend, Trevor, cruel man that he is, shaved both Stella and Maya back to their skins, (the photo of Maya is prior to her denuding).

coats 048

I think the coats are going to have to come out if it gets as cold as the weatherman is predicting!  Talking about hair cuts I don,t know if any of you saw this little chap at Crufts a couple of years ago, it just goes show what can be achieved with clippers and scissors!!!!

maya tassles 011[1]

There as been an influx of puppies into our village of late, a couple of Cockers, a beagle and the ubiquitous Staffies, they include Cloudy-Tara, Sherlock Homes and Tallulah Flowers, all christened by their tiny play group owners. Sadly there isn’t a beddlie amongst them! Any news on young Kermit,the boy in need of a home? Hope he gets fixed up soon.  Till the next time cuddle your bedlington it,s a wonderful way to keep warm. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, lovely photo of Maya she has such a beautiful head. I saw the poodle in the bedlington trim at “Crufts”, quite amazing even got a top line. The little stubby face looks all wrong, just compare it to the lovely head shot of Maya. All the grooming in the world can’t hide the wrong shaped head! I have not head any news on Kermit but I am sure that puppy won’t be in rescue kennels for long!

A Massage For Jazz and Sapphire


Hello Bloggers,  Its been a funny sort of a week for the K9 Marshal Crew, our usual paths where we walk all soggy and the fallen leaves going on the paths making them slippery, Jazz and Sapphire have been trying out their four paw drives out to great effect! On Wednesday they had a trip up to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport to pick Mum and Brian up after a week in Portugal. When. Jazz and Sapphire saw them they when wild, they were so pleased to see them! After 5 minutes they were doing a search of the cases and pockets for any presents Mum and Brian had brought back for them.

On Saturday while Mum and Brian went to see Olive Stones the dogs and I went for a nice walk from the wharf to Colemere and back a distance of 9.5 miles. On Sunday Mum, Jazz, Sapphire and I went over to Telford on a Tellington Touch course and after five or so minutes the dogs where lying on their backs with their paws in the air totally relaxed and enjoying the massage and we all enjoyed the day.  This Thursday (25th November)  we will be celebrating Sapphires 2nd anniversary of being with us, bless her.She has achieved so much in just two years, not only are we happy with her but her little tail hasn't stopped wagging since she came to us. so for now its bye bye from Ian, Jazz And Sapphire pups ( AKA The K9 Marshal Crew)


Thank you Ian, hope Brian and Carmel enjoyed their break, they certainly deserve it after a full summer at the shows with “Dorwest Herbs”.  How lovely to go on a Tellington Touch  course. I know  It is a gentle and innovative teaching method that the dogs warm to. Hope Sapphire has a special day on Wednesday she certainly has come a long way since joining the family.  

22 November 2010

Dog News:

Kennel Club Takes The Lead On Litter Limits For Bitches

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Puppy Time

rothshearmagic 007

We have been to Rotherham today to see Monty’s puppies, they are so scrummy. Here is Noah, Alice in the middle and Riley is on the right, they are five weeks old. I think it could be the first time I’ve visited puppies and not brought one home with me :) Donna

rothshearmagic 003

Ohhh Donna they are just lovely, it must have been sooooooooooo hard to leaving without choosing one for yourself!

Where Are Those Pesky Mice?


I think we must have field mice in our garden. Fizz has been teaching Solo how to dig them out. No mice but a big hole in my herb patch! Ecco joined in so there were three dogs to bath. Thank goodness for the ancient, huge sink in the utility room. The paw plunger really does get all the caked mud off their paws but is no good for heads! Enid


Thank you Enid, they obviously got the scent of something small and furry! Perfect having a big sink in your utility room for those intrepid muddy hunters.  

21 November 2010

Hello From Tricia On Oracoke

The Rescue Girl Storey Hello Bloggers,
The weather here has gone back to spring!!  Clear blue skies, sunshine and warm temps....hard to believe it is late November.  This past week, Willo celebrated her 6th birthday on Friday and it sort of got lost in the shuffle, because that is the same day we all went off island to get Amelia FINALLY spayed.  I am surprised that she is doing as well as she is, because she is such the little princess and so touch sensitive, I though she would be after her sutures, but she hasn't.  Her appetite isn't completely back, but she is eating.   THEN yesterday, while I was fixing the dogs their breakfast, Storey always gets a bone out of the bone box and lays in the living room chewing on it while she waits.   I had to stop before I had the breakfast ready and go in the other room for something & I found Storey, with what I thought was her getting her paw stuck under her collar & chewing on it........I took her paw out of her mouth and she acted like she had something stuck in her mouth.....so I rolled her over to check.....there was something wedged up in the roof of her mouth & I though at first it was a tooth, it was really jammed in there and took some doing to get it out.  After I got it and examined it I realized it was a piece of plastic.....like the cover on a syringe.....sometimes they get dropped when the vet is here.  So after that I decided to have one last look to make sure there was nothing else there & I saw a tiny bit of white plastic, so I grabbed it and realized that it was the NEEDLE from the syringe!!!!!  It was imbedded in the roof of her mouth....bless her heart she allowed me to pull it out and she was fine!!!  Quite dramatic happenings for early in the morning!!  It has been a rough animal week here on the island.....someone's dog was going around killing cats, feral and pet cats......someone apparently poisoned this dog and it was found dead in my friends front yard.  Then my bosses 10 year old Corgi just died.....he wasn't sick or anything.  Very unexpected and very sad for the family.  We are down to 3 nights of work.....Wed, Fri & Sat.  This is a holiday week here in the US...Thanksgiving, so with the great weather the island should be fairly busy...Willo will get a chance to have her "Salmon Pie" tonight to have a belated celebration....she is such a sweetheart. Until next week.....

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Miss Amelia

Goodness Tricia, it was lucky you went into the other room when you did. No harm done but definitely a few very worrying minutes. How uncomfortable Storey must have been with that syringe and needle stuck in her mouth! Please to hear Amelia’s little op was a success  and Willo is having her special salmon pie birthday treat. A very happy 6th birthday from everyone on the blog!  Enjoy the lovely weather, very cold for us today and getting even colder with possible snow by the weekend.

Mark Wins The Cuddly Toys And More!

A few of us up here in the cold North East went out to warm the cockles of our hearts on Friday night.  It was one of the local dog clubs annual diner dances at Bowburn Hall just outside of Durham.  I think we all enjoyed the night, certainly a nice meal and liquid refreshments from the private cellar LOL.


The Janmarks had another winning night with the raffle, don't know why anyone else bothers to buy the tickets, cuddly toys and the big prize of the night. Derek & Eileen


Thank you Derek, now I see why Eileen has been learning the “Zoomba” I saw a glimpse on TV what this dance entails, certainly loads of fast hip movements! I hope you all had a wonderful time, love the toys Mark but what was in the envelope? 

20 November 2010

Dog News

Opposition Fizzles Out As Judge Rules To Retain Ban On Shock Collars

Click HERE

By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

Hello From Sooty & Boy

Autumn woods 061
Well I tried my best to get some nice in focus pictures of my two enjoying themselves in the woods near where we live yesterday but it was enough of a job to capture one of them standing still for a minute let alone two together!  Sooty did his usual trick, which was disappear into the thick undergrowth (he may be old, almost completely deaf, and his persistent tickly cough is back, but he certainly seems to rediscover his “inner puppy” up the woods now autumn is here!) whilst Boy rang around like a mad thing!  Must work on my recall!  Andrea
Autumn woods 084
Thank you Andrea  looks like the rain has stopped in Wales! Lovely to hear that Sooty is having fun and enjoying his freedom in the woods .

19 November 2010

Olive & Family Celebrate



Hi Bloggers, thought  you might like to see  this nice picture of a very young  92 year old with us. As you know today is Olive Stones 92nd birthday (bless her). On the back row  is Tony (Olives son) just in front of Tony Is “Marge” Tony's Wife (Olive’s Daughter-in-Law) .On the right we have Angie (Olives Daughter). In the front in the nice red comfy hair We have the Birthday Girl Herself Olive Stones.   A Very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE From The K9 Marshal Crew ( Ian, Jazz and Sapphire Pups )

Thank you Ian what a lovely smiley lady, Olive looks terrific in this celebration photo. 

Olive Stone 92 Years Young Today

We all wish Olive a very happy birthday today. Carmel and Brian Cleveley are off to visit her this afternoon. Enjoy your day Olive from everyone at bedlingtonpictures.

Dog News: Stark Warning to Vets Over Antibiotic Use in Pet Care

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Leo, Larry, Rose and Jack

home 018

Love this photo Pat thank you for sending to the blog.




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18 November 2010

Stuart & Angela Have Gone Fishing


The heaviest catch so far 12lb 9oz and Stuart is in the lead. Come on Angela you can’t let Stuart win! It looks very wet and muddy, saying this hope you are enjoying your break!

Kermit only 12 months old needs A New Home

Someone on Bed-L posted this.  this dog is located in the UK.  Is anyone in Rescue aware of him?? Tricia



For further details regarding Kermit from Ravenswood Rescue, please email caroline@ravenswoodpetrescue.co.uk or telephone 07984 446717 or visit www.ravenswoodpetrescue.co.uk Dogs are rehomed all over the UK and our dogs are in various locations throughout the UK following a successful homecheck

Click HERE  fro the website

Thanks to Tricia for emailing me the link. I will contact Frances from Bedlington Rescue   

Titus Achieves A Mach 2

Titus mach 2 run

Hello Lesley,
Last year you posted a link to our video from our MACH run at the Montgomery All Terrier Agility trials.  Well, one year later Titus (who is now 9 years old), earned his MACH 2 in the rain and mud.  I posted a video taken the day after when the sun was shining and the ground was firm.  Enjoy!!Susan Wellington and her agility boyz (Titus and Axel) USA

Fantastic news many congratulations to you, a real achievement for a bedlington! A Mach is a title earned by scoring points on clear rounds in agility. A dog progresses through many stages starting in beginners classes working its way up the ladder to Champion and Mach titles. The scoring is very different ours in the UK.  

Wednesday’s News From The Welsh Valleys


Wet Wet Wet!

Good morning bloggers,
We're in the middle of the worst storm of the winter so far. My path is under water and the dogs are refusing to go out so I'm off to the gym to my Zoomba class. Larry would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes on his birthday last week. He enjoyed his trip to the West midlands on Saturday. He loves going to shows even if he's not taking part. I've spoken to Sharon and baby Adam is doing well but his Mum and Dad are shattered! I've included Sharon in Welsh news because she lives just over the border. Nothing else to report. All quiet on the Western Front. Enid

Thank you Enid dull miserable cold and wet today in Oxfordshire as well. The dogs not wanting to go out except Asha who is not bothered and eventually comes in from the garden wet and covered in mud where she has been trying to dig  at the many mole mounds in the garden. The blog is very quiet and if any of our readers can help with some photos that would be great.    

17 November 2010

Dog News

18 Nov 2010

Potential owners influenced by celebrities and media profiles

Click HERE

Great News!

Just to let you know that Kala has a new home in Kent, with a lady who lost her Bedlington over a year ago. Kala has settled in well, her first night was on Jan’s bed and not a peep out of her. Jan says that Kala strolls around the house as if she has been there all her life. I am just going to phone the previous owner to let her know that all is well. Thank you for all your help.   Frances Fuller

This just fantastic news! It is so special when our rescue dogs find new forever loving homes. It is wonderful to read Kala has already settled and enjoying her new life with Jan. Do keep us updated and if possible we would love to have a photo for our blog rescue page   

Dog News

Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association Loses Court Appeal Over Welsh Ban

Click HERE

16 November 2010

Happy Birthday Jazz & Sapphire Pups

Hello Bloggers, after a very busy weekend in the Welsh Forests spectating on the Rally GB we have just got back to normal, dried off and warm again  after a very wet Saturday afternoon. Today two little Bedlingtons reminded me that it was their Birthdays. yes two of The K9 Marshal Crews Members Jazz and little Sapphire pups  are 4 years old today. It doesn't seem 5 minutes when Jazz was a little pup and playing with his late but great Aunty Ruby pups. The same goes for little Sapphire it doesn't seam that on the 25th of this month it'll be two years ago when she was on her way to her new home (forever home) with us. She hasn't looked back since, she like Jazz enjoys life to the full. So from you're uncle Ian you two HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


A very happy birthday, with love especially from Mummy Diesel, Daddy Parker and Grandma Fudge. A big kiss to you both from all your blog bedlington friends, hope you had a fun day with your uncle Ian.

15 November 2010

Could Alys Be In Season?

Hello Lesley
Our puppy Alys is now 7 months old. Last week after her morning cuddle on our bed, she left a mark which we took to be the start of her season. We put on her modesty pants to enable her to wander around the house. However we have yet to see another mark at all. Could this be all she has, or could it continue over the next couple of weeks ?
Lucy was about 10 months old and she continued for three weeks as expected. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Regards Rod Chris Lucy & Alys

Thank you Rod and Chris, a bitch usually comes into season anytime from  six months but I don’t know the answer to your question. Maybe there is some one in Bedlington Land who has had a similar experience with a first season.

Critique for Driffield Champ Show

Judged By Mrs S Davies

Click HERE

Misty & Bailey- Jay

Hi everyone, these were taken of Misty & Bailey-Jay at the beginning of last month it is so difficult to get them both to look at the camera together they usually look like a couple of bookends looking in opposite directions Linda Dunn Edwards

4th Oct 2010 Hills (2)

4th Oct 2010 Hills

7th Oct 2010 Helmsley monument (12)

7th Oct 2010 Helmsley monument

Thank you Linda lovely photos of your boys!

14 November 2010

Can you help home Kala?

7yr. old blue bitch in Folkestone area is in need of a new home. Owner died she is in a foster home and needs to find a home a.s.a.p. She is good with children, ok on the lead but can pull, cats a no no. I have been told that vaccinations are up to date but not sure re-paperwork, she has been microchipped again I have not seen any paperwork, and I do not know if she has been spayed. If anyone wants to offer ahome can they ring me   Frances Fuller 01559 384499

This sounds a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking for a pet Bedlington. If you can offer a home to this little girl please contact Frances for further details.

Dog News

Symposium on dog health planned

Click HERE

Need for group and BIS judging questioned

Click HERE

Open Show Dates

Ashbourne & District Canine Society Dec 28
Newark & Notts Showground Winthorpe, Newark
Bedlington, Junior, Post Graduate & Open
Judge: Barry day
Show Opens: 9.00 am Judging: 10.00. am
ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 30th November 2010 (Postmark)
Secreatary: Shula M. Shipton, 121 Malvern Street, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs DE159DZ Tel: 01283 530408 mobile 07540 098879 -Email : mishules@sky.com

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society Monday 3rd Jan
Avon Hall, The Three Counties Showground Worcestershire WR136NW
Bedlington:Junior, Post Grad, Open
Judge: Mr Stuart Cooper
Show opens 8:30 Judging 9:30
ENTRIES CLOSE: Wednesday Dec1st
Secretary: Mrs Hilary Norbury, 39 West Avenue, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 2LT Tel: 0121 240 1563- E-mail: h_norbury@o2.co.uk

Please check “ Open Show Dates” in the index column for forthcoming events

13 November 2010

Say Hello To Our New Junior Handler




Baby Adam Michael Wheeler who was  born on the 11th November is the latest grandchild for Norman and Sharon. Many congratulations grandma and granddad,  he is gorgeous just look at all that dark hair! Lots of love to you and the family from everyone  on the blog!