31 December 2011

Happy New Year To Everyone


A New Baby Janmark  just six months old will soon be making his debut in Puppy Classes.  


A very Happy Birthday to my Asha who will be two on Jan 3rd

Good Luck to everyone showing at Worcester and Malvern (three belington classes) on Jan 2nd.

Waiting For The Queen’s Speech!


This is Betty after her Xmas pud waiting for the queens speech on the telly Billy
Thank you Billy she is a real character, there is only one Betty Beach Ball

Millie Bedlie Cross and Pete At Wigan Vets, Looking For Forever Homes.


'Millie is a 10 yr old female spayed bedlington cross. She is mother to Pete a 7 year old male (soon to be neutered) whippet x. Pete has a heart mumur but is not affected by it at present. Otherwise they will be in good health once given a little TLC and a few good baths! Please help us to find them a home. They do not have to go together. These two are at Gilmore Veterinary Surgery, 52-54 High Street, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0HF
Click HERE for more photos. They have such sad little faces in this photo, you just want to pick them both up for a cuddle. Thank you to Emma and Cotton for the info!

A Busy Xmas For The K9 Marshal Crew


Hello All,
First of all we hope that all of you have had a very good Xmas, and that you all are going to have a good year ahead (2012). Well Jazz and Sapphire have being trying their hardest to be good so that doggie paws would come with presents for them and he did!  I was working Xmas eve, Xmas day, Boxing day and now right through till tomorrow (Friday) but I still found time to take my little Jazz and Sapphire pups out on their daily adventures. On Xmas day I worked from 7am till 12 noon,  I came straight home and picked Jazz and Sapphire pups up and went around Colemere.. It must of been the year of the Xmas jumpers again 99% of  people had new jumpers on! Jazz and Sapphire had their turbo's wound up to the max and their four paw drive going to get back home to see what Doggie Paws got for them,  also eagre for their Xmas dinner, once home they didn't stop for one minute they even helped the rest of us to open up our presents..


So when I have Friday off I hope to go somewhere nice with them for a special walk for being such good dogs over the xmas period, Jazz and Sapphire cannot wait for the dog displays to start in March at the Walford and North Shropshire Collage some 16 miles down the road. We will write again soon but Jazz and Sapphire are shouting at me for it is their tea time and they said that if I don't feed them now that they will jump all over me and use my large tummy as a trampoline!! So for now HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL ( including little Bedlingtons). Ian and the K9 Crew 


Thank you Ian at least with working all over Chrsitmas you were still able to find time to walk the dogs. It is not easy with very short day light hours, saying this we have now turned the corner with the shortest day on Dec21st!. Hope you had a special day with the dogs yesterday!  

30 December 2011

All To Much For Senga


I thought you might like this photo. Senga had a great Christmas with her friends but it was all too much for her in the end. She decided to chill on the sofa! Happy New Year! Helen.
Thank you Helen, Senga certainly looks out for the count, not much room left for you on the sofa. A very happy New year to you and the family!

Diary Date For Ian and the K9 Bedlingtons

A short note wishing everyone a happy, successful and most importantly, a healthy 2012. One little snippet of news is that the 'Olympic torch' is to be carried by boat over the Ponty' aqueduct on 30th May. We would have loved to have been there, but unfortunately it is quite a long way from our home mooring, and I have hospital & other appointments just a few days later. It is certainly something for Ian to put in his diary. I am sure that he and the K9 Crew will attend, and look forward to him posting pictures for us on the blog.. Best regards Pam Morton

Thank you Pam  let’s hope Ian can have the day off! It would be great to have blog photos of this very special one off event. 

Whose Who?


Hello Bloggers

The hay day of North East Country shows. This is Sedgefield a few years back with 12 dogs entered and the eventual BIS a Bedlington. We even had one show when 16 dogs were entered.
For those of you sitting at your work desks twiddling your thumbs and surfing the net, lets face it this week at work is a waste of time, try and name as many who's who, people or dogs. I'm lost on two names 9th & 10th from the left. The Makem
Thank you Derek  i can see Eileen, not sure on any of the other folk. Do you know the year this was taken?

29 December 2011

Results From Luton

Results from the show at Wood Green Animal Shelter today................

Junior 1st Vakurblue Bacon Buttie (Mavis)
2nd Bluesmurf Black Magic

Graduate 1st Woolytop Zuks Hoolahan
2nd Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget)
3rd Burmington Truly Blue (Youva)

Open 1st Sevray Rebus (Freddie)
2nd Bisbee Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf
3rd Woolytop Lucky Star
4th Mollora Hazy Days at Bluesmurf

Best of Breed Sevray Rebus (Freddie) Reserve  Best of Breed Woolytop Zuks Hoolahan .

Best Puppy Vakurble Bacon Buttie (Mavis)

Mavis went on to get a Puppy Terrier Group 4 and Freddie Terrier Group 4
Mavis starred in the Puppy Stakes - I think there were 18 dogs and she got a 2nd!!!! and £5 for me! Mary

Thank you Mary. Congratulations to baby Mavis a great day for the pup and very well done to Freddie for his group 4



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Good Luck Today

Today is the Luton Club show and there are 9 Bedlingtons entered under Robin Searle
Thanks to Mary for the info.

Christmas Visiting


We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. We have had a busy time visiting Tony’s relatives. Everyone commented on how well behaved we have been, not too boisterous, and we particularly enjoyed helping our human friends walk off their Turkey dinners and Christmas pud. We even had turkey too, mixed with our kibbles. Here we are, sharing the sofa with Tony’s niece. Best wishes for the new year.Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

What a beautiful photo of a very pretty girl and three very happy contented bedlingtons. I think you really enjoyed the special turkey lunch and Christms day walk.

28 December 2011

Christmas Dinner


Mmm, something smell delicious

Hi Grandad, is our Christmas dinner ready, the oldest 4 (D,Z,K,M) looking for their lunches on Christmas Day at Mam & Dads Regards, Mark

Thank you Mark I think there must  have been lots of bedlington noses at the kitchen doors up and down the country on Christmas Day. No bedlington can resist the wafting aroma of a turkey in the oven

Today At Ashbourne


Best Puppy: Bluesmurf Black Magic, Eric went on to win puppy group 4, a good result as about 12 terrier breeds today at Ashbourne!


BOB:  Mollora Hazy Days At Bluesmurf

Congratulations to Shelley, Christine and the Bluesmurf team.
The very best of luck to everyone showing tomorrow at Luton Canine Society.

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning Bloggers. I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas as we did. Elwyn and my father came over so we had a nice quiet time. One set of grandchildren went skiing and the other lot are little and stayed home to play with their toys. The dogs enjoyed their turkey dinners. They really love roast potatoes. I'm pleased to say that Larry is almost back to normal and I think I'll be able to trim his head in a few days time.
We took Ecco and Solo to Aberavon Beach today. They had a great time running and playing with the other dogs. The dog coat manufacturers must have had a good sale this year as we spotted lots of dogs with new coats. They didn't really need to wear them as it was mild. We met a lovely 5 mth. old Bedlington called Larry. He lives in Aberavon but was bred in Aberkenfig so does anyone know who is the breeder? He's got papers and there are Crufts winners in the pedigree.
Sunday will see the annual get together of the local Bedlington gang at our house. It's nice to see everyone and have a chat although I'll be busy in the kitchen. With other friends , we are usually about thirty so I'll have to start cooking soon.
Ken is off to Egypt next week so I'll be writing the breed notes again for three weeks. I'll be grateful for any news of show results or anything you want to include in the column. Don't forget that it is coming up to the closing date for Crufts entries - I think it's the 8th. January but it may be a bit later on line.

Thank you Enid, what a perfect winter’s day to go for a walk by the sea, it’s really mild not the weather you expect at Christmas. Pleased to hear Larry is nearly back to normal it must have been  a hard blow  from that flying hoof.
Enjoy your News Year’s gathering it will be  great to catch up with everyone and, hear all the the bedlington news from the Welsh contingency, We certainly missed you this year at LKA. Please feel free to take any news from the blog for the breed notes, unfortunately not much going on in the world of show dogs during January.

27 December 2011

At Sleaford & District Canine Society AVNSC Terrier Today



Helen’s Honeymist Ladybird with Tassletabs was best AVNSC terrier  and Tunman Topsy Turvy was best puppy & G2
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all bloggers.Donna xx

A good result  for the breed at the first of the post Christmas shows. Well done to Helen and a great result for Donna with the puppy. .

Happy New Year Bloggers. A Christmas Tale

Here we have Charlie who came for his Christmas hair cut recently. Charlie is now about 8 months old and is one of Mary Goddens pups. He's a canny lad though does not like to be too fancy with his hair cut as he is not a poser and hates ear bobs. He lives at Cornforth Co. Durham which has the local name of "Doggy" how apt is that.


Now Charlie has had his hair cut it's time to meet up with the Makems girls, Ohhhh!!! what a noisy lot. And it's time for hair cut treats even if the girls have to share.



Eenie Meenie Miney Mo who dares to be the first to have a go. One move from Elba and they all run.


It's a left jab to the face then a smack across the nose with the right then perhaps a half nelson round the neck for a good nip.

So after the boxing match and as it was Boxing day we took a drive down to the beach. Actually dropped Julie our oldest daughter off half way for her to have a training run down to the beach. Sh'e doing the London marathon next year so needs to train when ever


It turned out to be a bright but very windy at the beach. We were expecting to go in for the Boxing day dip but arrived a bit too late, oh! dear!. This is Olley who we met at Whitburn beach, that's the bit at the far end of Roker & Seaburn for the unknowing. He's about 4 now and a nice friendly lad.


Even when he met the Makem girls with Opal having a snack on a piece of sea weed. Bedlingtons must know their breed as our lot can be very noisy when other dogs are around but always seem to be quite when it's a Bedlington.

Have fun next year bloggers with your dogs and remember Lesley wants your pictures and reports. Forget face book now and then and instead send your Bedlington news to the blog. Stop sitting on the fence and looking in, lets see you partake your Bedlington knowledge to those new to the breed. The Makems

Thank you Derek, poor Elba very out numbered but she looks like she can cetainly take care of herself. Nice to meet Charlie definitely a real man dog with out his tassels!  Fantastic to read about Julie how proud you must be to have a Makem  running in the London Marathon.
Thank you for all your lovely stories over the past year, I know just how much time it takes to publish photos and then write a report, also many tanks to all of you who support and keep the blog updated. It is certainly appreciated by me and many of our regulars who have got to know the Makems and  all our regular blog  bedlingtons  over the past years and months.
A very happy New year to you all

Good Morning Everyone

Hope everyone had a lovely time with family and friends, as usual the Burmington gang and us have had far to much to eat. The fridge is full till bursting point, cold turkey and ham will be on the menu for the rest of the week
Good luck to everyone showing this week, tomorrow is “Ashbourne” with three classes and Thursday is a show, I think at Woodgreen Animal Shelter, please email me if you have more information.on this one
Not much going on the show scene over the next couple of months, so please do send me photos, stories and news so i can update the blog everyday.Those of you lucky enough to be on an extended break,  enjoy the rest of your holiday and i look forward to hearing from you all very soon. 

25 December 2011

Poor Larry


Happy Christmas from the Pengerrig Gang. Larry has been in the wars after being kicked on the head by a pony last week. Fortunately he has made a good recovery but is still too sore for me to brush his head. Fizz is filthy dirty as she is determined to catch mice and is constantly digging in the mud under the tree. Ecco and Solo are quite clean- for a change!
Enid and Hefin

Thank you Enid, never a dull day having a bedlington family! Pleased Larry is on the mend, he was lucky not to have incurred a serious head injury! Enjoy Christmas day with the family.

24 December 2011

23 December 2011

22 December 2011



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Even Time To Knit!

IMG_2100_1Sorry that I haven’t posted much recently. Partly it’s that quiet part of the year when there’s not a lot happening, but I’ve also been busy knitting Christmas decorations. Some for friends and family, but most for the village Christmas Fair. I’ve done 5 santas, 2 snowmen and a mix of about a dozen other items. Thought you might like to see my creations. Best wishes Sarah (Ed, Ossi, Rosy and Jasper’s mum).



Well done Sarah with four bedlingtons and a full time job, you must be our our star bedlington mum!. The decorations look fantastic,  family will enjoy having one and they would have raised money for charity at the Christmas Fair. 

21 December 2011

Sunderland & District Canine Society

know I’m not a member of the Blog, but noticed no-one had given you the results of the above show. Only open, Judge David Todd “Chattaway” I know only four dogs entered, but all were present, that seems to be a good entry at the moment in the North East.

1st BOB Walshaw Janmark Just in Time JW

2nd BP Morris Honeymist Mellow Tone in Bluemazzu

3rd McNally Aireview Crystal Blue

4th Morris Polly Pocket in Bluemazzu

Mellow Tone also was Terrier Puppy Group 3. I would like to comment on how enjoyable your Blog is and it is so nice to see that Bedlington followers everywhere, are friendly and helpful to people whom are new to a breed, Well Done. Hope Santa is good to Bedlington’s everywhere. Wendy

Thank you Wendy for your support of the blog. Another good win for Mark and well done for the puppy with group 3

More lovely Jacob Photos





20 December 2011

Welcome Home Daddy

daddys home1111

Christmas came early today for Chokko and Aggie, when their daddy came home from India, where he has been working over the past few weeks. After a rapturous welcome, which knocked John off his feet, they all settled down for a snooze. Welcome home Daddy!
Thank you Louise, lovely to read John is now home to complete the family  for Christmas.  I think Agatha and Chokko are dreaming about the arrival of Santa Paws. The three of them look so warm, happy and contented. 

19 December 2011

Home Wanted!!!!!!

4 year old Winston is looking for a new forever home through no fault from him! If you can help please contact Frances Fuller on  Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing on  01559 384499

1968 NSU Audi And Go-Go Girl And Bedlington Terrier Dog Factory Photo


On USA ebay site click HERE
Does nyone know these two bedlingtons?

Burmington Team Bring Smiles To The Residents

2011-12-19 11.16.22

The bedlingtons gave a dance display to Carols and Christmas music this morning. After the display the dogs enjoyed a cuddle and treat from the residents. 

Note For Deb With “Ford” In The USA

Hi Deb I have accidently deleted your letter and can’t find your email address can you resend the email? I am sorry, another senior moment I fear!

Jon’s photos In Finish Bedlington Paper


Hi Lesley and Jon, is it be possible to publish some of the photos from the BTA championship show in the Finnish Bedlington paper (of course by mentioning the photographer)? With your permission, I would be happy to share the photos with the readers of the Finnish Bedlington paper! And of course I would like the readers to see the difference in, for example, grooming styles, etc.
Earlier this year I asked permission to publish photos from Crufts and it was ok to publish them. If I remember correctly some of the photos were published in the Finnish Bedlington paper 2/2011. As an attachment to this email a photo from the Finnish Bedlington paper with pictures taken by Jon.
Best regards and greetings from Finland, Kiia Westin

Thank you Kiia, hope your readers  enjoy the photos. All being well Jon will  once again be taking the photos at Crufts  next March. 

Onwards and Upwards For Lulu

DSC_7183lllPhoto from LKA
I Just though that you might want to know how Lulu (Ystwythbay Rhapsody in Blue) got  today at Chepstow got Best Puppy in AVNSC and Group 2 Terrier She was a real star. Thanks Lisa Williams
Wonderful news Lisa congratulations. What a fantastic start to Lulu’s show career, you must be delighted!

18 December 2011

Auction For Bedlington Terrier Rescue

Congratulations to Louise who has bid £20 for the lavender bedlingtons. A  cheque will soon be on its way to recue and re-homng


Jeanette who lives in Chicago USA crafted and sent me four of these gorgeous  lavender bedlingtons to help raise money for rescue. Two will go directly  to Frances for the rescue and re-homing stall and the two in the photo are up for grabs on a blog auction. .  
My thanks goes to Jeanette a very kind thought from one of our overseas friends!

Today At Colchester

Just thought you might like to know that Richard and Karen Button's Harris Club Flash Harry won BOB at Colchester under judge Moray Armstrong, today. There was a strong contingent of bedlingtons, including Mary Goddens , Nicky Kinns , Cath Tredgett and Sheila Baldwins, so Karen is cuffed to bits, especially as it was her birthday a few days ago. Thought you might like to give her a mention on the blog, Regards Carol

Congratulations and well done Karen what a great birthday present!

A Very Happy Birthday Today To……



Julie, have a lovely day Julie from everyone on the blog!

17 December 2011

Champagne Corks Popping At Janamrk!

T BIS Darwen December 2011

A brilliant day at Darwen Canine Societies 100th anniversary show. Coming home with top honours from over 500 dogs. Delighted with Ch Janmark Blue Encounters Best in Show, from a field of top exhibits. Winning through from AVNSC. Bottle of red wine, bottle of Champers, £100 & a sack of Royal Canin.
Well done mark Congratulations, a fantastic achievement and a great day for the breed! 

Good Luck…….

To all entered at Colchester tomorrow!

Diary Date!


The schedule is on the MBTC website. Click HERE for direct link


BedlingtonTerrierLiver Puppy1

A lovely family are  looking for a bedlington puppy  bitch as a pet. If you have or expecting a litter soon please contact me!

Throw The Stick Dummy!

Summery Of Entries For Boston

14 entered under Mrs Sharon Ames



Click HERE

16 December 2011

O What A Night!


Good Morning All
Well what a good night we had at the Whitchurch Dog Display Team’s Christmas Dinner The atmosphere was good, The food was great,  the beer was flowing, and everyone was chin wagging well. Once the food was underway it didn't last long, in some cases it was just one bite, great food especially puddings with me (did I tell you that I love puddings)! Once all the food was out of the way Carol and Rob (who run the display team and  the dog training on behalf of the Walford and North Shropshire Collage) handed out rosettes for all the team members who appeared in this years displays and for people who appeared in the most displays. But in the last few weeks running up to Xmas everyone at the dog training classes voted who they think is the reserve and top dog of the year in both dog training classes and the displays. At  the Xmas meal they hand out rosettes, the top dog was Roofus a nice little dog and a big surprise to me when the reserve top dog place was called out, for it was our very own little Sapphire pups. I went up to get a nice bottle of red wine  and a  white and blue Rosette for Sapphire,  What a little super star she is!  Everyone clapped,  I couldn't say to much because I have lost my voice due to a heavy cold much to Mum and Brian's relief (they have some peace and quiet ha ha )! But what an out come from our little Sapphire I was more than over the moon. When we got home little Sapphire had a very big cuddle and lots of love as did Jazz man for being so good and so clever.. So for now its t.t.f.n. I've got to take them on yet another special walks, Ian


Thank you Ian fantastic news, what a little star Sapphire is you must all be so proud of a little Sapphire’s achievements in training to win second top display team dog of the year.  Lots of commitment, pertinence  and love has turned this little rescue girl into a super star!