30 April 2011

Andrea Says Goodbye To “Sooty”


Hello all,
Very sad, Sooty my bedlington poodle “unique hybrid” had to be put to sleep  after a relatively brief decline thank goodness, which the vet said was due to kidney failure. We think he was about 15. I don’t know how Boy will be as I don’t think he has ever been an only dog! I have already spoken to Frances Fuller (Bluey the dog needing a home is currently being fostered only about a mile from us, but I can’t have another dog just yet as my personal circumstances would make it unfair on the dogs) and had some advice to try and help Boy over this separation.
I am left with nothing but wonderful memories of the 8 years I was privileged to have Sooty in my life and for him opening up the world of bedlington terriers to me! Andrea Bird Neath

What a lovely photo of Sooty. We will always remember Sooty and Boy exploring the grounds of famous castles. It is always so sad to say goodbye, Sooty was  was much loved and will never be forgotten. In the early days Boy will certainly feel lonely and miss his pal.

Yesterday At WELKS



Bedlington Judge
Mr M Gent


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29 April 2011

Summery From Welks


Best Breeder

The Bedlington had a very good day in the stakes classes as Stuart won the Champion Stakes and will be returning on Sunday for the final, we will be keeping everything crossed for Genie on Sunday! Mark was second in the Open Stakes, Trudie was fourth in the Puppy Bitch Stakes and Yvonne was second in the Veteran Stakes
Congratulations to all the winners, I will have the photos on the blog tomorrow night or Sunday.

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Best of breed (2342) and reserve (2353).


28 April 2011

Home Needed For Bluey


Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re-homing

A 5 year old dog needs a home, he has been allowed to rule the roost and the owners are reluctant to become the boss. He was rehomed at the beginning of March and has now become a terror barking at people who pass by, Rhiannon has seen this dog and firmly believes that all he needs is a firm hand and put in his place!

He was with a foster home prior going to this couple and he was a lovely,obedient dog, a little shy of other dogs, as he had not been socialised but he was used to other dogs by the time he left the foster home and now has slipped back but easily remedied please can someone offer him a home. Frances ” Fuller And Re-homing”

If you can offer a home for Bluey please contact Frances on 01559 384499

This Weekend’s Shows

Friday May 29th  WELKS Championship Show Bedlington judge Mr Micheal Gent.
Sunday May 1st: Terrier Club of South Wales, 10 Bedlingtons under Mrs Jane Graham.
Sunday May 1st:  Lancashire Sporting Terrier Club Warrington.
Bedlington Judge Mr David Shields.
Monday May 2nd Newark & Notts Agricultural Show No Bedlington classes Viv Rainsbury is judging AVNSC – 4 classes - and Terrier Group

Breed Notes

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27 April 2011

Enid’s Wednesday’s Welsh News

Good morning Bloggers. The weather has been glorious over the Easter holiday so we were able to go for lots of walks in the forestry. We went early in the morning when it was cool enough for the dogs. As you can imagine there were lots of people with the same idea. here's a picture of Carlie the rescued Rottie that lives in our street. She's in peak condition now after her terrible ordeal of producing 52 puppies by the time she was three years old. Terry and Liz have worked hard with her and she is such a friendly, lovable dog with a super glossy coat.


We walked about three miles to one of our favourite vantage points with a fantastic view of the Brecon Beacons and Ecco decided to be a proper poser.
Tim was very pleased with his pup, Tredomen Big Floydd who got puppy group one at Pontypridd. Solo was BOB and the bedlingtons had one of the better entry of terriers. The show drew an entry of 298 dogs, which is good for the current climate, and committe members do not show their own dogs.
We will be camping at WELKS on Thursday but have to get back for our granddaughters fourth birthday after showing on Friday. As it's Royal Wedding day her party theme is Princesses but for some unknown reason the boys are dressing up as pirates. There will be big TV screens around the showground so that we don't miss the proceedings. Elwyn has gone camping and fishing with the Wallers and Welsh's and hopes to make it to the show. It would be great to see him there.
On Sunday we will be at Terrier Club of South Wales where our Jane is judging the breed. The best in Show judge is another specialist, David Taylor. Hopefully, I'll manage to take some photos.


Thank you Enid, a very well done to you and Tim at the show last Sunday and hope you get a good entry under Jane. Poor Carlie producing all those puppies you would never know looking at the photo! I really do hope Elwyn comes to the show everyone would be so pleased to see him. Judging should be over by lunch time and hopefully you will be in plenty of time for your little princess’s special birthday party, we are all keeping everything crossed for a lovely warm sunny day Friday. I love the photo another entry for the BTA calendar competition. 

26 April 2011

This Photo Has To Be A Calendar Entry!


Ralphie And Hester In The Bluebell Wood

Thank you to Rd and Becs for this super photo

Happy Birthday To………


Carmel today! Have a lovely day Carmel lots of love and best wishes from everyone on the blog. Look forward to seeing you later in the week at WELKS.

25 April 2011

Today At Selby Game Fair


Miss Colin and Issacc waiting to go into the ring

A great day for Issacc and Colin at Selby. There were a lot bedlingtons in the classes with Billy’s dogs coming home with a handful of ribbons.
Any Bedlington Dog/Bitch- 1st Issacc
Veteran- 1st Miss Colin
AV Terrier- 2nd Issacc
AV Registered 3rd Issacc
Pairs 3rd


Issacc has a quick power nap before the championship final


Lots of prizes for Miss Colin and Issacc. Issacc finished a very successful day by winning 3rd place in the championship!

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News: KC’s latest plan to introduce new blood


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Crufts needs new sponsor for 2012
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24 April 2011

Today At Manchester Sporting Terrier

1. Shorrocks - Doehey Queen of Hearts. Best Pup
2. Brooks - Doehey Heart of Darkness
1. Walshaws - Janmark Misty Horizons JW Best of Breed
2. Walshaws - Janmark Justintime
There was also 1sts for Doehey Heartstrings (puppy) & Janmark Justintime (junior) in the stakes, with “J” Justintime getting a special for winner best of (puppy, junior & post grad).
Doehey Queen of Hearts went on to get Best Pup in show!!

Thank you Mark. Another fantastic day for the bedlington, the breed is certainly being highlighted winning  many the top awards in the north of the country. Congratulations to Dot with Polly a fantastic win at an all terrier show!

Happy Easter from Oracoke

Amelia security dog

Hello and Happy Easter everyone. Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of Sundays, but I have been at the restaurant day and night since the 5 of April. We opened up last Thursday 14th and we have had a very good Easter crowd. The weather is summertime beautiful and even the water is warm enough for people to be at the beach. The girls have had a quiet couple of weeks, not much excitement for them, unless you count patrolling the yard and helping me plant stuff. I took some cutting off a fig tree several months ago, put them in a vase of water and lo and behold they grew roots, so the other day I planted them in a pot and hope the eventually plan them in the yard. The garden is in, growing and producing already....the lettuce has gone wild. Tomorrow the girls have to look forward to having their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned....we try to keep a little schedule so nothing gets over looked.....which is easy to do with the 5 of them. They have certainly enjoyed laying in the sun on these warm days on the deck.....I can barely get them to move!! Amelia, who is in charge of security, is constantly keeping her eye on the perimeter of the yard. She takes her job very seriously!!! She NEVER lays down on the job. The Woofs and I wish everybody a wonderful Easter....enjoy the day!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia how I love figs, we had a fig tree in our garden but unfortunately it did not survive the cold winter snow we had last December. If only I had taken a cutting!!! The summer has arrived early here but I don’t suppose it will last, it seems more like July than April. It sounds like the girls have settled into the lazy hazy days of summer life! Don’t work to hard, don’t worry if you are to busy to write but  we always love hearing from you with the Oracoke Sunday Bedlington news.

A Very Happy Easter

Easter Fun In The Sun

23 April 2011

Third Time BIS For The Janmarks


Another good day today, not to be out done Janmark Misty Horizons JW went BOB, Grp 1 terrier & Best in SHow at 190 class Cleveland dog Open show.
A long day, but an enjoyable one.
It was a change of judge today, the group was judged by Pat Beard & the BIS by Jill Peak.
This is the 3rd time I have been BIS at this show with 3 different dogs.
Ch Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark Shcm (Ellis Hulme).
Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Shcm (Pat Beard)
& now Janmark Misty Horizons JW, well chuffed. Mark

Well done Mark I think there will be a bit of celebrating tonight

Mark Wins BIS Today AT Cleveland

Janmark Misty Horizons JW, BOB, then Terrier Group 1 &  Best In Show!

1st summer with Lesley BP puppy group 2 1st AV Terrier
Post Grad
1st Mark with  Janmark Justintime
2nd Piper with Julie & 2nd in AV Post Grad Terrier
1st Janmark Misty Horizons JW  with Mark BOB Terrier group 1 and BIS
2nd Whisper with Julie 1st in AV Terrier Open
well done to Mark and Summer great day had by all Julie

Congratulations to Mark and Jan another fantastic day for the Janmark kennel! Also well done to Julie and Lesley a very successful day for the breed!

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22 April 2011

New Babies In Norway


Yesterday we had a new litter, 5 sweet little ones. There are a couple of females available if someone is interested. 
Father is: "Stepa" (Int DK N Champion World Winner-08 Norwegian Winner-08) and mother is "Mia" (7 x cc in Norway) Happy Easter to all! Best wishes Benny

Fantastic news Benny congratulations, what a perfect Easter present! I see there are two lovely liver pups in the litter. 

This Weekend’s Open & Country Shows

Pontypridd & District Canine Society Sunday 24th April. Rhondda Classes- Junior and Open Judge- Mrs. Lyn Bull (Aurgwen)

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club
24th April 2011
Judge Alan Small - Puppy and Adult classes only

Thame Country Fair, Apr 24 to Apr 25, 2011


The Thame Country Fair is a well established and popular event. This year, there is even more space for show attractions, so the 13th Thame Country Fair is going to be the biggest yet!
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21 April 2011

News Classes At Birmingham City Champ Show

The schedules now available to download on Higham Press for this show in September. Bedlingtons  classes  to be judged by Mr Gerry Pepper ( no CC;s).

Breed Notes

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Don’t leave dogs in cars this Easter


With the unseasonably warm weather set to stay with us until Easter and hopefully beyond, the Kennel Club is urging people to think about their dogs, particularly when out and about in their cars together.
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20 April 2011

No Home For Indi

Lesley the Bedlington I had with me on Saturday needs to have another home. He has attacked the new owners bitch, Chris Harris has gone over to Rustington tonight to pick him up. Maureen Levers wants a bitch. He needs to go to a home where he is the only dog, he is going to be a challenge, no children or other animals, he is possessive with toys etc.
Indie, 6 years old approx. lived on the streets of Bridgend with an alcoholic, good on lead, good in car and will travel in a cage, but if he is put in a cage in the house he will destroy the cage to escape, he likes company but needs to have a leader of the pack. Frances (Bedlington Rescue And Rehoming)

Thank you Frances, Indi was at the BTA show on Saturday on his way to his new forever home. We all got to say hello, he was well behaved and loved all of the attention.  Even in his cage in the boot of the car with the door open he sat quietly and watched everyone come and go. Indi certainly deserves a nice new home with one to one attention and someone who has time to take him to training classes at a local dog club. He is a lovely very dark coated dog that deserves a new beginning!  

Good Morning From Sunny Wales


Good morning Bloggers. We all had an enjoyable day out at the BTA Open Show. It was good to see Tim and Julie there especially as his puppy won BMP. I was very pleased to win the best prize in the raffle- half a dozen free range eggs from Francis Fuller!
The weather here is just perfect. Yesterday morning we went on our usual walk on the Forestry road and met lots of our doggie friends. Ecco loves Guiness the standard poodle. She adores my home made liver cake. In June she is going to be a bridesmaid in her owners wedding on the magical Gower. I'll have to give Madeline the details so that she can go and watch.
Not all the dogs on the road are best friends. Maggie ,the Jack Russell ,is Queen of the road and objects to minions using it! She toppled Ecco over when he was a puppy and he hasn't forgotten it.IMG_2874

They have to be kept apart and the only way we can have a chat is to tie them to the railings but I enlisted the help of Dai Black Dog and Colin yesterday. With John, Maggie’ s owner they make up The Last of the Summer Wine on our patch. They are a font of knowledge and we heard the first cuckoo of the year which they said is a week early. Dai's dog Lucky died recently at the ripe old age of seventeen. He is going to get a dog from the Dogs home when he gets back from his holiday but we've given instructions that it has to be black or we'll have to find a new name for him

We're entered in the Pontypridd Show on Sunday. Three classe2222222s of Bedlingtons but I don't know who has entered except for Tim. There will be great rejoicing in the Ames family today. Sharon and Norman's son Bruce is due home after serving for six months in Afghanistan with the Irish Guards. "WELCOME HOME, BRUCE " from all of us on the Blogg. Enid

 Thank you Enid I expect as I write this you are already out walking, the weather is just glorious. Do send us a photo of Dai’s new dog, it is always so sad having to say goodbye to a long loyal friend! Welcome home “Bruce” I expect there was much celebrating yesterday in the “Ames” household.  Good luck at the show on Sunday, maybe  you could take a photo of the winner for the blog.

19 April 2011

Jazz And Sapphire Visit Myherin Forest

Well we are what you would call cream crackered  after a very busy weekend. We have just got back from Myherin Forest where the big wind farm is and boy o boy those wind turbines are much bigger than we ever imagined!


On Saturday we got up at 5am and drove down to Rally HQ to sign on and to get our info on entries. We then drove 6 more miles down forestry (very dust) roads to our post, as soon as we parked up Jazz,Sapphire and myself went for a walk to see our part of the stage. When we got back to the car I gave them a nice drink of cold water and cooked  our breakfast of Eggs, Bacon and Sausages, guess who pinched all the Sausages? Yep Jazz and Sapphire! Once the racing started we settled down in our car with the windows and the sunroof open, thank goodness the slight breeze was blowing the dust away from us, we had a very good spot to marshal. After racing was over for the day we went back to within 2 miles of the Rally HQ for a picnic where Jazz and Sapphire had their teas and I finished of the bacon. After tea we went around and talked to our friends and the organisers in the service area before making our way back home. It was a long day packed with fun and nice weather


Thank you Ian you certainly live a full life! I have never seen so many wind turbines in one place, i wonder how much electricity they generate and where for?  It is wonderful to have such beautiful warm weather so early on in the year. Toast and coffee for me  outside on the decking this morning!  

18 April 2011

Hello From Florida


Hi All,
This is Bubba, from the first breeding I did to Billy's & my English Male, Billy Bob to my Miss Molly. Bubba is a little past 2 years now and I think quite the handsome guy. I thought you all might like to see that your UK breeding is doing you proud across the pond. Mary Lou & The Gang


Thank you Mary Lou, Bubba looks well balanced  and carrying a great coat, It is nice to see him in an English trim.

Judge: Alan Vernal And Dorothy Owen……

With the BIS “ Bisbee Belle Inni” at the Bedlinlgton Terrier Association’s Open Show. Many thanks to Harvey Bell for the photo.

Yesterday At Sunderland


1st Janmark Justintime. Best of Breed
2nd Sevray Whisper
3rd Aireview Cristal Blue. Best Pup

Vy went group 1 of 12 terriers, then went onto get Reserve Best in Show.
Summer went puppy group 3 of 4 terriers.Judges Susan Seabridge Terriers & Richard Kinsey Best in Show.

Congratulations to Mark  another great day for the “Janamrk” kennels in the Northeast,  many thanks to Mark and Julie for the results.

17 April 2011

BTA Open Show Photos

The show was Judged by  Mr Alan Vernal


Ratzwell Dolly Mixture Reserve Best In Show


Trudie Hewitt-Taylor  receives a lovely spring basket of flowers from Eileen  Nicollls (Chairperson) for manning the Discover Dogs stand at Earls Court.

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Time For A Cuddle


Youva at the BTA Show

16 April 2011

Today At The BTA Show


Best In Show: Bisbee Bisbee Belle Inni
Reserve Best In Show: Ratzwell Dolly Mixture
Best Opposite Sex: Bisbee Beachcomber
Best Puppy: Tobanie Earth Song
Congratulations to Dorothy, Chris, and Trudie. Photos of all the class winners and exhibitors will be on the blog tomorrow night!

BTA Open Show


Good Luck to everyone entered at the show today, judging is not until 1pm, the main results will  be published until this evening.

Bailey-Jay Celebrates His First Birthday

14th April 2011 Bailey-Jay 1st b'day (36)

Hi everyone thought you might like to share some of my 1st birthday photos. I had a lovely day first I went for a walk on our home hills. We then came home had breakfast then I opened my presents, had my birthday cake then Misty & I had our pork pies. We had a little nap and then went for a car ride & walk round Boltby reservoir. We came home had tea and another nap then I played with my new toys chasing Misty all round the house We both then crashed out on the settee, I've never had a birthday before by they are exhausting.!!!

14th April 2011 Bailey-Jay 1st b'day (18)

Here are some photos of my cake and blog pork pie which were lovely Misty & I were covered in fresh cream also some of our walk at Boltby.  Lots of love to everyone Bailey-Jay xxxx

14th April 2011 Bailey-Jay 1st b'day (63)

14th April 2011 Bailey-Jay 1st Boltby (9)

Thank you Bailey-Jay for sending us your birthday photos. I think you had an exciting day and the perfect first birthday, you must be looking forward to sharing in Misty’s special day later in the year! Lots of love to you from all your bedlington friends on the blog.

15 April 2011

Anyone For Eggy Soldiers?

I thought I'd share my latest Bedlington 'memorabilia' purchase to add to my ever expanding collection. It's a Bedlington(?) Egg Cosy that somebody at works wife made to order for me.
What do you think? She's done it in white by mistake but a few years of dust should put paid to that!!! Linda Hopper


Thank you Llinda how cute is that?  What a lovely stocking filler for a child.  I wonder if she could make a couple more and I could auction them on the blog for bedlington rescue!

Learn About The Genetics Into Blue And Liver Pigmentation And Coat Colour


Click HERE

This is a fantastic website certainly worth a look if you want to breed a liver bedlington.

Introducing Honey From USA

GCH.CH. Bluenote's Sweet On Carillon



I saw this dog sitting on someone’s foot at the Houston Dog Show in Texas
almost a couple of years ago ,, ,, Big TV show July ,, I just thought she was lovely reminded me of my moms type,, and I loved her expression and couldn't keep from thinking of her ( couldn't sleep) ,, long story short, the lady ,, who co- bred her with Bonnie Nelson ,, gave her to me   I've had her a little over a year, won many groups and numerous  placements, and awards of merits. I am teaching her all sorts of things,including agility. she is 3 years now. The photo below is my Talyn and Honey Sandy USA

valentines day

Thank you Sandy lucky you were tuned into the TV that day! Honey certainly has won a lot in the short time you have had her. We wish you and Honey the very best for 2011. Do write again soon as we love to hear from our overseas friends.


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14 April 2011

Happy Birthday Today To Janamark pups and Nora

May I wish happy birthday to today to:
Nora (our friend married to Alan, often seen at the champ shows)
VY, Bailey Jay & Paddy who are all 1 today!
Regrads Mark

Thank you Mark a very happy birthday to Nora and all the baby Janamrks, hope you all had a special pork pie tea!!!!   

Meet A Junior Handler In The USA With Hershey


Hello My name Is Lacie and I own a little bedlington called Hershey. Hershey showed with a Junior Showmanship with a young lady “Sarah” (our friend’s daughter). She started when she was 8 yrs. old, so Hershey was small enough that she could lift her on the table. Sarah has gotten a few "Best Junior" awards with Hershey. Now Sarah is showing her own English Cocker & went to Westminster (for Juniors) with most of the points to qualify from Hershey.


Thank you Lacie, it must be lovely to have seen Sarah winning ribbons with Hershey. Little Hershey certainly helped Sarah on her way to handling her own dog in the ring. It must have been so exciting to qualify for Westminster.