31 May 2011

Two Beautiful Girls For “Charmer”

"Charmers 1st Litter


Sharnor Crystal Charm at Ystwythbay (Charmer) gave birth on Monday 30th May to 2 beautiful bitches. It is Charmers first litter and she was very laid back about it all and slightly confused when puppy no 1 appeared but we soon overcame that. We had to wait another 4 hours before no 2 arrived and by this time Sharon had arrived too give me a helping hand. We would like too thank Sharon and Norman for all their support and help. Paul and Lisa Williams


Fantastic news, it has been some time since we had blog babies. Many congratulations to Paul, Lisa and new mum “Charmer.” Do send us regular photos, we will look forward to seeing the pups  develop into lovely playful mischievous young bedlingtons!

Yesterday At Corbridge

Yesterday was the first of the North East County Shows, Corbridge. The day turned out well and luckily the weather stayed dry. A total of 9 Bedlingtons were entered for the show and all turned up. However at one point there were a total of 23 various shapes and sizes of Bedlingtons around the ring at some point.
A few old faces turned up, well I had better say old friends than old faces, Sarah & Tony, Ed & Ellen Noades, Jeanette and a few more who's names I'm missing all with their packs of dogs. However not a harsh bark was uttered by any dog.


We even had a new Liver pup on the block. Morris's, Polly Pocket, (Elle) was being shown in her first show and became Best Bedlington Pup and Group 3. Here she is along with McNally's Aireview Cristal Blue who is now out of the puppy stage.


A closer look at Polly Pocket


Here we have Mark with Janmark Justin Time, and again McNally's Aireview and Morris's Polly Pocket. Mark went on to BOB and Group 4.


Now we have a clutch of "Makems" First Eileen with Makems Filthy & Gorgeous (She beat me), second The Makem with Makems Lavendar Lady, third John with Makems Caught In The Act and finally Ann Ovenden with Lisanne Singing The Blues.


And the final picture a group shot of exhibitors and some of the supporters. As ever when it's fine the show was well supported by both dog folk and onlookers the public. The Makem

Thank you Derek,  you had  enjoyable day in fine weather. Well done to Mark for Group 4 and Polly Pocket for her puppy group 3. Also a big thank you to all the supporters. It is fantastic to see all the bedlingtons by the ringside  

30 May 2011

Today At Yorkshire Game Fair

Issacc: 1st bedlington dog .BOB .then we did nothing in the Championship. 3rd AV terrier good entry of 14
Miss Colin : 1st terrier veteran only 5 in this class, 3rd AV Veteran another good entry of 8. Got there to late for the terrier racing but Issacc was ready to go Billy

hannible issacc

Well done Billy a good day for the “Gypsian” Crew! Isacc definitely looks keen to run wearing his muzzle! Shame you were to late.

A Happy Looking Diamond


Lure coursing certainly agrees with Diamond, what a happy expression on her face!  

SKC Judge

Just reading the critique and result of the Bedlington Judging at Scotland last week, and having it confirmed by a telephone call from Alan Vernall, I notice that there is an error,

"The result of Post Graduate Bitch at the SKC in May, is the wrong way round, first should read Archibold's Con Ali Di Angelo and second Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu. The same comments apply to the placings. Apologies to all concerned. Regards Max King

I published the error from fosse Data after uploading the SKC photos.

29 May 2011

“Stone” Has A Terrific Day!


“Stone” had a terrific day by winning his heat, the semi final and  then the final in the terrier racing this morning . He also went on to win in the Bedlington dog/bitch show class out of a good entry of 8 bedlingtons. Stone is well known as he won the working terrier championship in Wales in 2009. Stone is a registered “Granitor” bred dog stands 14 and a half inches and is regularly worked by his owners! This little dog has it all when it comes to bedlingtons fit for purpose!


The Lurchers and whippets had great fun coursing and then racing this morning. 

Today At Highclere Game Fair


Jam Packed this afternoon!

Game show Bedlingtons

Group photo after terrier racing.

Miss Olga Is 5 today!


A very happy birthday to Miss Olga. Do hope Billy has a big pressie for you and birthday pork pie for tea!  

28 May 2011

Elwyn’s Flowers


Enid received a lovely bunch of flowers given to her by Elwyn on her birthday. The timing was just right as she  returned home from her flower club lesson with this beautiful arrangement.
Dorothy I think you could put Enid’s talent to good use in a coupe of week’s time for an arrangement on the judges table at the MBTC show!

Lots Of Love To Brian And Carmel


Who have just celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Many congratulations from everyone on the blog.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…..


Tony Waller, have a lovely day Tony from everyone on the blog!

27 May 2011

Photos From Bath


Judged By  Mr S Plane

Click HERE




Well done to Jen Lacey with Bowlingbrook Trick Or Treat who was second in the Puppy Bitch Stakes. Thanks to Enid for the photo

Blog on later for photos of all the exhibitors!

Today At Bath

Genie BOB

Well done to.....
Jacqui Huley with Fralex Culibre Pharos for second in Junior Bitch Stakes and Yvonne Bannister for second with Miteymidgets Myaquila in the Good Citizen Stakes
Click HERE for class results

26 May 2011

Bath Champ Show

20 bedlingtons entered tomorrow judging at 10am. Good luck to everyone entered. Check the blog tomorrow evening for photos and results!


our dogs

Click HERE


dog world

Click HERE

Corbridge Country Show


Click HERE for details

Does anyone know if there is a bedlington class?

Thank You From Donna

Hi Everyone, a little late but i would like to thank all for the cards, messages and comments for Monty's third cc.

It was a lovely week for us as we also had our new friend arrive, a little girl, she is 3wks old today. She makes me chuckle with the little bedlington things she is doing already. I don’t have a name for her yet. See you soon Donna xx 

puppy3 003

Thank you Donna what a lovely pup, I can’t wait until we have the patter of tiny paws again!

We Catch Up With Ed And Ossie


Sarah and Tony have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that they didn’t get chance to tell you about our holidays. We were worried that our new oldies wouldn’t manage ‘big’ walks and our mountaineering might be curtailed, but we needn’t have worried. We went to the Lake District for Easter staying in a smart hotel Holbeck Ghyll. We’ve been there before, for special occasions. It is very dog friendly, providing a throw in case we sit on the furniture (not that we are allowed), chews, bonios and poo bags. The best thing for us are the lovely woodland walks. It was so hot and sunny on Good Friday, we managed the Loughrigg Terrace walk and enjoyed paddling in Grasmere.

View to Grasmere

View To Grasmere

Saturday was cooler so we did an 8 mile walk around Langdale. We thought that might have been too much for Jasper, but when we got back, he was throwing his ball around and even tried playing with the man in the next door lodge, while we put our feet up. Sunday was very hot again so just a short walk by Aira Force waterfall, and a bit more paddling.

We only came home for a couple of days before our usual Spring trip to Scotland with a big group of friends. We took the caravan, and stayed at a lovely site on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. What a beautiful place, sandy clean beaches and great walks. One day Rosie fell in a loch, and that’s when we learnt that she loves swimming. (strange girl – we still walk round puddles and try not to get more than our toes wet). It was windy and she got a bit cold, so had fun trying to dry herself on Tony. We stopped a few days on the way home in Killin and managed to ‘bag’ another Munro: Beinn Ghlass 1103 m. We would have managed another if we’d gone on to the top of Ben Lawers, but the weather changed with strong winds and horizontal rain, and we came down off the mountain very quickly. Rosie and Jasper clearly share our love of the mountains, Rosie loves walking at the front with us, Jasper plods at his own pace with Sarah. He’s a determined little guy, fitter than ever, and no sign of problems from his arthritic hip or his leaky heart valve.

Ardnamurchan point Adnamurchan Point

We definitely looking forward to our next holiday in July, when we go to Devon on the way to the fun day. Love from Ed and Ossie

Thank you Ed and Ossie, what lucky bedlingtons having such special holidays staying in a smart hotel and exploring the glorious hills and lakes in Cumbria and Scotland. Down to Devon in July you just need a visit to Wales to complete your UK tour. It is fantastic to read Rosie and Jasper are fitter than ever and share your love of the great outdoors!

25 May 2011

Yorkshire Game Fair

Yorkshire Game Fair

29/30 May 2011

Harewood House

Harewood, Nr Leeds, Yorkshire LS17 9LG



Click Here for details. Thanks to Billy for the info, there is a bedlington class at this show

Countdown to the Highclere Game and Country Fair!


The Highclere Game and Country Fair offers a wide range of Terrier and Lurcher showing classes and field events, professionally organised by the Coursing Crew. There is a bedlington class at this show!


Click HERE for details

Class Winners SKC









Photos by Norman Ames

Diamond, Lure Coursing USA


Went lure coursing last weekend. AKC has opened coursing for all breeds. All 4 of mine qualified. I didn't think Hammer would run the full course, but he did!! Diamond and Taffe ran it in 47 seconds, Booker 48 seconds and Hammer 49 seconds. They had 2 minutes to run it. They all had a great time. Am sending some pictures that were taken. Jeri and crew


Thank you Jeri I just love these photos you can really see the wonderful action the bedlington  has in full flight, quite outstanding!

Introducing Karen and Bramble

Hello bloggers,
I thought it's about time I introduced Bramble ( Rainstall Balladen Horizon ) to you all. I have been reading the blog for a while now and have met a few of you bloggers and your beautiful dogs at some of the north east shows. I would like to thank Eileen and Derek who i met last year for all their patience, time, and effort spent showing me how to groom a bedlington. Many,Many thanks to you both.
Bramble is my first Bedlington my other dogs have been a border terrier, Labrador X whippet and two of her pups, and a whippet. After finding out I'm allergic to some dogs ( amongst other things ) I decided ( after seeing photo's of a friend’s bedlington X ) and researching the breed, that was the breed for me. Bramble is very intelligent ( well I think so ) can be very stubborn, independent, and I love him to bits!! He will be 2 in July so I suppose he's still learning, but will not walk to heel on his lead ( my fault, I curse the day I used an extendable lead ) but he doesn't pull as much on the way back home after his walks, ( he probably isn't too keen to get home as he loves being out in the park and on his walks.) The first photo is Bramble taken about a month ago.

bramble 2009-2011 696

The second photo was taken yesterday at Pelaw. From left to right: Rhonda with Shaun and Dolly, Me with Bramble, and Billy with Isaac.

bramble 2009-2011 706

Isaac came first, bramble second, unknown third.  I look forward to reading further posts on the blog and will post again soon. Karen and Bramble.

Karen and Bramble welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for writing and sending us the photos, we always love having new friends join  in bedlingtonpictures. Bramble looks lovely with a real cheeky expression on his face in the photo.  A very well done for your second place at Pelaw, as you know we are all a very friendly bunch and only to pleased to help those new to the world showing or any other activity you may wish to try. Do write again soon.

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning Bloggers. We're home safe and sound from a very windy Scotland before the ash cloud struck. As you can see from the photo, Larry feels the cold these days. He had been out for a walk wearing his coat but started to shiver when we got back in so I put his fleece on and wrapped him in a trusty blue blanket. He soon settled and was sound asleep in no time.


Solo had a whale of a time trying to get into the rabbit warrens by the airport perimeter fence. Fortunately he was on an extending lead but still managed to get his head and neck down so was very dirty the day before showing.


Elwyn has been our good Samaritan once more and has welded our dog trolley so that it is as good as new. He bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday. I was thrilled to bits. I'm going to use the roses in my flower arrangement in floral art this afternoon.
I spoke to Diane Herbert and her brother in law is quite poorly so she has no one to look after her dogs so can't get to any shows. She's missing them and meeting up with everyone but sends her best wishes to you all.
I spent some time ay SKC looking for an orange collar for “Guinness”, the standard poodle to wear to Clair's wedding. We wanted one with a bit of bling on it. I've found someone who makes plaited ones and he can weave in beads and things but would be grateful if anyone knows where we could get one with rhinestones. It has to be orange because that's the colour the bridesmaids are wearing. We're off to Bath on Friday. We're on first for a change and there are 20 dogs entered. Good luck to all those showing. Enid

Thank you Enid Larry does look quite miserable in the photo but as we all get older we start to feel the cold. I bet he was feeling better in no time. the fleece looks really snuggling and warm. Do hope you enjoyed your birthday and we will look forward to seeing your flower arrangement from Elwyn’s bouquet.

24 May 2011

Obedience News: Dot & Dora are placed 7th place out of 42!

I took Dora to Southport DTC for their annual obedience show. A large class of 42 we didn’t finish until 4.30. Dora lost 2.75 marks in the KC special pre-beginners which was a very strong class. We lost the run off for 6th but came home with a smile clutching the seventh rosette. It the best Dora had ever worked was so pleased. Although very windy her stays were rock solid. But Dora being Dora turned into the terrier from hell in the beginners decided she had had enough and worked several feet away from me but that’s terriers for you. Best wishes Dot

Fantastic Dot! It is a great achievement to be good enough just to enter obedience competitions with a Bedlington let alone winning a 7th place out of 42 you must be delighted!!!! It takes a lot of commitment and patience to get a bedlington to competition standard!

Well Hello Out Their In Blog World

Well we hope everybody is well, we had a very good County Show with the Whitchurch Dog Display Team. We did the three displays over Saturday and Sunday that went well in-between the showers of rain. When the photos are ready I'll send them to he blog. on the Sunday we were finished for 2pm so after we loaded all the equipment away into the trailer, had another look around the show we made our way back home via  the open gardens that Mum likes to have a look round.  We ambled around, the flowers and shrubs  that were wonderful and in full flower. Even Jazz and Sapphire enjoyed the walk around the gardens.


This is a little hide away that Mum, Jazz and Sapphire found. It was 5:30pm when we got home so we all settled down for our teas and an early night, we were all tired from a very busy weekend. Hopefully this weekend the K9 Marshal Crew are of to Whitchurch for a Grass tracking meeting and cause chaos there, hopefully have some fun! So for now bye bye and take care one and all (Catch you all soon) From The K9 Marshal Crew 

Pit Crew

Thank you Ian what a busy fun weekend for the K9 crew! The open gardens sounded lovely, a peaceful  diversion on the way home from the bustle of the County Show.

I Spied With my Little Eye………

Were you in the Matalan car park in Banbury this morning? We noticed a parked  estate car  with one of our black  bedlington car magnets.

Fosse Data Error (SKC Results)

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

Please note the Mollora bitch won the class

How Does Your Garden Grow ?

I have a new composter and in the instructions it says you can put in human and dog hair. I get a lot of clippings of Bedlington fur - do you think you could ask on the blog if anyone else has tried composting their bedlington clippings? Thanks, Dorothy!

Dorothy I have bags and bags of bedlington clippings been saving them for years hoping to stuff  cushions, never got round to it. I need to wash the hair first but even contained in a pillow case I am frightened to put it into the machine. I have been told it is not possible to spin as it is to short. I spend most of the time trying to stop the field mice from breaking in the bags, it is just perfect for their nests!  

Where Were We?


Larry and Leo have been on their hols do you know where this photo was taken?

SKC Class Winners





Photos by Norman Ames