31 July 2011

Today At York Canine Association

1st Sevray Whisper at Jukenblue = Julie
2nd Aireview Crystal Blue = Lesley and john
3rd Aireview Special Print = Horsewood


whisper BOB and Group 1 terrier with 6 in the group. Nothing in the BIS which went to a Deer Hound res was sorry to say small and fluffy dog but don't know the name of the breed. Had a great day as our friend Jill who owns a Wire Fox and a Welsh Terrier was 50 today so we had  cake and non alcoholic drinks to celebrate  Julie xx

IMG_3142Whisper Wins The Terrier Group

Well done Julie it certainly has been a very good weekend for the breed at the open shows. We have some lovely dogs on the show circuit up and down the country.
Thanks to Billy for the photos

Saturday At Oxfordshire County & Thame Show


I took Tammie and Tiffanie Oxfordshire County & Thame Show on Saturday 30th July. Jodie, my dog sitter, her first show handled Tammie. Tammie was in a big AVNSC Open class and came 4th! Great result for a new member of the Bedlington crew!
Tiffanie was in AV Terrier Open class, came 1st then became Best AV Terrier! Not judged on the group system. Both girls then went on to be placed 4th in the brace stakes. Trudie

Thank you Trudie and well done, another fantastic day for the breed in AV and AVNSC classes. Tiffanie looks very proud of her ribbons!

Issacc has a go!!

Issacc has a go at "Sit Heel Jump" ...........6' 1''...but what is he jumping up to catch??? Billy


Don’t know Billy but probably something small and fury!

Today At Tonge And District CS

Doehey Heartstrings (Lloyd) got 1st AVNSC Open, Best AVNSC and Group 3 Doehey Heart of Darkness 2nd AVNSC Junior Julie

Well done Julie for group 3, it is fantastic to hear that  bedlingtons are taking top prizes  in AVNSC Classes 

A Weekend Break

It’s not often we get away with the camper that is not involved around dog activities. But this weekend was spent on a lovely small campsite at the Mill Club Wyre Piddle. We had a couple of lazy days walking the dogs and lazing about  in what has been glorious weather. Wyre Piddle is a super hamlet on the river Avon  in Worcestershire at the end of a no through road. The village just boasts a pub with glorious gardens over looking the river and a wine bar called the “Pisse at Piddle”! The Mill club is a private non profit making  club and those using the camp site are issued  temporary membership where lunch and dinner is served. I had home made steak pie chips and peas last night just lovely and only £5. Although the Mill is in the heart of the countryside 10 minutes walk across the fields following the river brings you to Pershore  with a host of shops and an Asda supermarket.       

millView of river from the Mill campsite 


Walking along the river into Pershore this morning to buy a paper look who we bumped into! Moored up on the bank was a cabin cruiser with Rags and and Flint on board. Rags and Flint live near Redditch on a farm with their owners and are enjoying a holiday in their cabin cruiser.

30 July 2011

Grace’s Babies George And Eric

Hi Lesley, thought you would like to see Graces pups now that they are 7 weeks and 3 days old. The one in the first two pictures is now called George and goes to his new home in Doncaster next Friday. The last two pictures are of Eric and he is staying here. Chris




george 1

Thank you Christine doesn’t time fly Little Eric will probably feel a bit lost when George goes to his new home. I once had two litter mate pups until 14 weeks old and it was fantastic as they played all day together. We will look forward to Eric’s debut in the show ring.

Dog News

Sit, heel... now jump 6ft in the air and spin! The leaping dog who may be a world record breaker


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Hello From The K9 Marshal Crew

Hello All
well its been quiet since the fun day but we've been on a lot of nice walks with the nice weather and we've been trying our hands and paws at something called sketching. This one is of one of our favourite haunts to go walking called Colemere and on Wednesday it was nice and peaceful so here is a photo of the scene and my or should I say ouSketch of colemerer attempt to draw it. P250711_12.13_[01] 

Jazz and Sapphire gave me a helping paw just before they went to dip their paws in the mere to cool them down from all the running around they did with their friends.when we get a bit more time we will send you another report and say what the mad marshal crew have been up to besides giving each other kisses in their beds T.T.F.N Ian


Thank you Ian. Wow there is no end to your talents what a great picture you certainly are a natural artist when it comes to sketching. Maybe you could sketch a drawing of Jazz and Sapphire!

29 July 2011

Breed Notes

Dog World

By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE




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A Quick Hi From Busy Tricia On Oracoke Island USA

Rose, baby Willo, GreysonRose,baby Willo and Greyson

I have been very busy. And it is HOT!!! 95-96F for the last month....I am about to wilt & I work outside. I am taking all of next week off because my family is going to be here and I want to spend tons of time with my granddaughters. Then after they leave I desperately need to groom my 5 rag-a-muffins. Sorry I have not been active on the blog, but like tonight, I didn't get home until after 11:30 pm

Willo & StoreyStorey and Willo

Have you seen this link? It it something you can share on the blog? It is so sad and heartbreaking...Temperament Testing, Bias & ridiculousness in shelter practice
Click HERE

Thank you Tricia, lovely to hear from, you certainly deserve a break from the restaurant,  enjoy your week with the grandchildren,  and do send us some photos. A very interesting video clip of a lovely kind pit bull. 

28 July 2011



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Photo News From Mary Lou In Florida

Here is the Pro Picture of the kids at their shows, and a couple others that Kathy took. Merlin is with Ray and Gypsy with me. Gypsy took BOB and Merlin took BOS to her. I am in love with these 2 babies. They are both very happy, outgoing youngsters. ml



Thank you Mary Lou lovely young dogs, Gypsy looks to have plenty of colour in her coat.

Debbie And Family

I thought I'd send you all a few photos of Lucy and Buster and the love that they get from the kids!" "So if you ever imagined that Scotland could be slightly on the chilly side... here is some evidence for you ! The photos were taken in late December 2010 just before Christmas. Now you will understand why Busters coat was red - so we could see him in the snow!


This photo is of my lovely 3 children taking Lucy (our puppy who is 10 months old now) on a walk together with our Buster (that we sadly have now lost) in the start of a very snowy winter! You can see how much our dogs are loved here by the whole family!


aaaOur Lucy as a small puppy!

Thank you for the photos it looks so cold when they were taken. I bet you are all so excited and can’t wait to collect baby Trevor. Lucy will just love having a young pup to play with and I will certainly look forward to all the photos of them having fun together!

27 July 2011

Trevor Off To Scotland With Lucy, Debbie and family


Hi Lesley just a couple of photos of Codey’s pups they are now 5 weeks old and full of mischief, they are all going outside for their playtime now and enjoying every minute . Trever (liver/tan) pup is going to live in Fife with Debbie who has just became a member of the blog x


Thank you Sue, these are just lovely pups and Trevor is gorgeous, be careful I don’t come up and steal him away before Debbie takes him up north! Little Lucy will have so much fun with  new young brother to play with.

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers,
Hefin did his last evening surgery on Tuesday and he officially retires on Friday. That doesn't mean that he can have a lie in because the dogs are creatures of habit and Larry will still want to be on the mountain at seven o'clock as usual!
Tim is feeling a lot better and his blood pressure is under control. Hopefully we'll see him around the show ring soon.
It's so sad seeing all those dogs needing rehoming on the blog. I hope they all find good homes soon. We're off to Paignton on Saturday. The entry is very poor but we'll make the most of it. It doesn't help that we are showing on the first Monday in August - not the time to be on the road to the West Country. I don't know who else is going camping. It's the first time for us to go on this site and I understand it's not as good as the previous place.
That's all for now. Good luck to those showing and competing in doggie things over the weekend. Enid

Introducing Maple and Ash from Wales


My first time contributing to Bedlington Pictures and I want to introduce everyone to Maple, she is one of the Llandovery pups. Maple has a Welsh kennel name Seren Canol Nos (or Midnight Star). Her father is Hefin and Enid’s Pengerrig Iron Duke and mother is Alwyn and Heather’s Honeysuckle Clover, thank you to all.


She is settling in well with Ash (Janmark Blue Encounter and Mollora Fancy Pants) and is already tormenting Ash. I’ve been told by a reliable source, that Ash is like his dad and he is unphased by his latest visitor, although, I’m not sure he’s realised she’s here to stay yet. Maple has already started protesting when Ash goes off for his walks without her and we can’t wait to be able to take them both out together.Pictures attached of Ash and Maple getting to know each other, I’ll try to send more as they grow up together. Lesley Wright

We welcome Ash and Maple to the blog and look forward to lots of news and photos from them. It has been so nice having all these pups on the blog over the past few weeks.
It is great to hear Tim is better and hopefully we will see Tim and Julie at the shows very soon, he certainly has not been well over the past few months.  I expect Hefin  is going to enjoy his new leisure time.  It must be fantastic to go away not having to worry about getting back to the surgery. Good luck at the shows  and have a lovely time away.

26 July 2011

Thinking About Twizzle

Hi, I am new to the Bedlington Blog Site, but Stuart Yearly kindly suggested I take a look. Now I know I am amongst everyone who loves these beautiful little dogs.. We have two beddies, Twizzle, a boy of nearly 9 and Sparkle, a girl of 4. Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a crisis with Twizzle. He is undergoing tests to see if the swelling on his leg is cancer, and the vet has not yet given us any reason to think its, not! The waiting is agony. We should know by the end of the week. It is his front right leg and the vet has bandaged it up like a splint, which hinders his walking and running. But having said that, he is managing remarkably well on 3 legs, so if the news is bad, but it hasn't spread anywhere else, and he has to lose his leg, at least we have seen that he can carry on with just 3 legs. I know you will all be thinking and praying for little Twizzle now and I will let you all know how we are doing as soon as I know anything. Hopefully, it will be good news. X Amanda and Phil

Welcome to the blog, poor Twizzle it must be agonising waiting for the results. All I can say is keep positive as there has been no confirmation of cancer. You will find a lot of friendly people on the blog, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for a a good test result. Do keep us updated!

Dora Wins Her Obedience Class At Blackpool

I have had the best day of my life  I took Dora and Polly to Tower Obedience show at Blackpool. I had both in the KC special stakes and also the pre-beginners class (Polly’s 1st proper Obedience show). They both worked beautifully in the stakes and I got 2nd with Dora and qualified as the abc (anything but a collie) for the northern semi final in Scotland round about November time. Surprise Polly got 4th. Both had done the stays 1min sit and 2 min down for the pre-beg and got full marks. I was last to work in the enormous class. Dora pulled all the stops out and we got first place. We went home with a crystal trophy, box of treats and place cards and rossettes. What a good day I was so proud of them we had quite a crowd round as I worked for Dora and we got a cheer when we had finished. Best wishes Dot x

Dot this is fantastic news I don’t know of any bedlington who  has actually  ever won the pre-beg class. I know the classes are huge as when i did it with Parker I was ninth out of 24 so to win this class with a bedlington is amazing. It takes hours of training and loads of patience to get a bedlington to this standard. I just wish the bedlington clubs would provide a trophy for the best member with a  bedlington in performance events. Points could be earned throughout the year from gaining Good Citizen Certificates through to all events placed that were not show classes! I know it takes skill to turn out a bedlington for the show ring and win challenge certificates but there is a lot more time and commitment put into training a winning performance bedlington! Polly has also been very siuccessful in the show ring if i remember even winning Best Pup In Show earlier this year 

Tuesday’s Midland Musings From Jane

Well as you can see the babies are growing very fast. Mayas fabulous 5 were four weeks old on Friday and Ferdi a week behind. Due to the excellent weather the first borns had a taste of the big out-doors at the weekend.

4Sun bathing babe

It was a load of frenetic fun until they collapsed exhausted in a short while later. In the other camp Ferdi escaped the confines of his whelping box today, (much to his mothers disapproval!).

11Ferdi’s great escape

It never ceases to amaze me amount of energy they possess and just how suddenly it wanes, returning them to a state of blissful sleep! If I only have one regret it is the lack of hours in the day, as looking after these families is so very time consuming, but in the very nicest possible way!!!!!


Lets hope this weather lasts and you and your bedlies can make the most of these rare and precious summer days. Jane xxx

3                                       What a handsome boy

Thank you Jane what time wasters babies are but enjoy as they grow up so quickly and in just a few weeks they will be gone. Little Ferdi looks a real character

Teddy And Jake Beddy Crosses In Rescue


Teddy is a 1 year old male Bedlington terrier Lurcher.
Jake is a 4 year old Bedlington Terrier cross Whippet

Click HERE
Thank you to Debbie for the link to these lovely boys

25 July 2011

Angie and Stuart Hit The Bubbly!!


I don’t blame them!!!!

Sweep Needs A Forever Home!!


Sex: Male
Age: 9 years approx.  Sweep is at  Southeast Dog Rescue. The minimum donation for adopting one of the dogs is £150 All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and assessed before re-homing'

Please call Kymm on 07886 620009 or email southeastdogrescue@hotmail.com

Many thanks to Emma for spotting Sweep on the rescue site and contacting the blog!

Bedlington Heaven

miss colin bunny land

The perfect Bedlington holiday destination!! Miss Colin says, “forget erecting the tent and the show, let’s go hunting!!!

The Fell and Morland Show

Well it was that time of year and it’s off to Miss Colin’s favourite place "bunnyland". When we got there it was blowing a gale and overcast, so off to the pub for a spot of lunch a bacon butty and a pint of larger and sit the storm through.
I got the class list for the show and no bedlington classes!! Mine were the only bedlingtons there. I went to the show tent  as on the list  was  veteran terrier and under 20" and rabbit dog.That was me sorted for the day. ,Sitting in my jeep the orginiser came over and asked if I would judge the entered terrier class for them (long time since I have been bitten) so i said yes. And the rest is history,massive cup / big ribbons / kept all my fingers and the sun came out!. Billy

Photos From Yesterday At Leeds

Open Bitch

A very big thank you to Karen Hoaksey for the photos from the show

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Bieke’s Adventures


It is a while since we sent any pictures of Bieke but here are a couple taken at the beginning of the month on the Caldbeck Fells in the Lake District. The first photo is Bieke asking for a treat and the second is self-explanatory. She spent a happy week on a farm with a pack of hounds, beagles and labradors. This was her second holiday, the first was in a log cabin at Kirkmichael near Pitlochry where there were lots of new smells from deer, red squirrel and rabbits to investigate. Bieke recently graduated from the Puppy Obedience class to the intermediate class, although she still prefers to socialise rather than work! Ruth and Howard


Well done to Bieke on the puppy graduation, what is an obedience class other than a puppy party! It is not easy for a young girl to concentrate when there is so much fun to be had with her class mates! Lovely photos the Caldeck Fells look like bedlington heaven. Do keep us updated with more news soon!

24 July 2011

Wow What A Trophy

champ miss colin vet

Working Champion Miss Colin with Billy and the Best Veteran trophy.

St0p Press

Billy with working Champion Miss Colin won the veteran class out of an entry of 13 today at the North Yorks Fell And Moreland Show. Billy and Colin take home a lovely trophy! Photos tomorrow

Genie Breaks The Record


Genie today won her 22nd challenge Certificate which breaks the bitch record. The previous bitch held the record for over 40 years. The champagne will be flowing tonight, congratulations to Stuart and Angela

Today At Leeds


Dog CC : 7362 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM


Genie Celebrates her 22nd Challenge Certificate with bite from Stuart’s pork pie

Well done to Stuart & Angela

Results From Leeds

BEST OF BREED : 7366 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Dog CC : 7362 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : 7338 DAVIES Mrs S Bla Skuggans Jack In The Box (Imp)
Bitch CC : 7366 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 7352 HURLEY Mr A Ch Fralex Culibre Saphire
Best Puppy : 7343 GARBUTT Mr R & Mrs P Highdene Hitman At Aireview NAF
Click HERE for the full results

Well done to all the winners I think this C C gives Genie the bitch record!

Introducing Lucy


Lucy lives with us in Fife in Scotland  and has just turned 10 month old. She is a really lovely part of our family and we really love her. She is a shining star and she was thoroughly enjoying sunbathing in our back garden yesterday morning!

buster                                                       Buster

Lucy came to to us as a companion for our sandy rescue rescue dog Buster. He stole my heart and we lost a ten month battle with CT just after Valentines day this year. We did everything to help him, but the disease took him. Last November we sought out a companion for him, a gorgeous mild blue bedlington girl. She is utterly gorgeous, and we love her to bits! Debbie

Thank you Debbie and welcome to the blog, It must have been heart breaking to see Buster poorly for so long and finally having to say goodbye. Looking after a playful pup will certainly help the family smile once again!  

23 July 2011

Today At Cleveland Agric Show

1st Walshaws 'VY'
2nd McNallys 'Summer'
1st Walshaws 'J'.
Best of Breed & Terrier Group 2, 'VY'

Well done to Mark and good luck to all who are showing tomorrow at Leeds Champ show.

Dog World Breed Notes

Hi Lesley - could you possibly put a bit into the blog about this week's breed notes in Dog World.

For some reason, the breed notes from 15 July were repeated in the issue of 22 July (DW have apologised, and I believe it wasn't just the Bedlington notes it happened to) The notes I sent for 22 July edition will appear next week, along with the ones I've sent in for 29 July, but they read as follows:

"The July edition of Kennel Gazette confirmed no new breed club or general championship show judges for next 2012, but did have details of our Crufts judges for the next two years. Lesley Butler (Yarbach) will be officiating next March, with Tim Bouse (Tredomen) in 2012. Just to update you all on 2012 judges confirmed so far: Birmingham National - Brian Rodgers; Blackpool - Philip Greenway; Windsor - Jacqui Hurley;Midland Counties - Trevor Rowe;LKA - Stuart Yearley, with the three breed clubs: MBTC - Christine REaston; NBTC - Sylvia Morrice and BTA - Ken Bounden.

We have another change of judge this year, this time at Paignton where Patsy Hollings will be officiating in place of Paul Wilkinson. At Leeds, Albert Wight has drawn an entry of 36, but this is roughly on a par with the entry there for the past two years - in 2009, we had 31 dogs entered, and in 2010 there were 38.Thanks, Viv

22 July 2011

Finlay Romps On The Beach


Hello,I took Finlay to Felixstowe beach last night and he had a lovely time. It was really dark and overcast so it was very quiet. We had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves :) He's now coming up to a year old, it's gone so quickly. He's changing all the time, he looks very different from the last set of photo's I sent in!! His terrier instincts seem to have suddenly set in now as well. He's chasing rabbits on every walk, whereas before he always seemed to miss them lol! Sorry for the poor quality, they were taken on my phone. Charlotte & Finlay


Thank you Christine how nice to have the beach to yourself, You are so lucky to live not far from the coast. Finlay certainly looks very grown up with a lovely dark coat.

It's not just your wife who doesn't understand you


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