31 August 2011

Bedlington Archives


The Bedlington Archive only accepts dogs that have a KC regististration number. The database is regularly checked and any dogs added without a KC registiration number will automatically be deleted this keeps the amount of bogus entries to a minimum. If you have a genuine reason for not having a KC registration number please contact the site administrator before adding your details.

We are trying to collect information about from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of lovers worldwide who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible. Our focus is on pedigrees and we would appreciate it to also host pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of breeding.

There is now a link to this website in the index column

Exemption Show At WKC

I have been asked about the exemption show in aid of rescue.

The National Bedlington Rescue ran an exemption show  to raise much needed funds at the Welsh Kennel Club championship show. Does anyone have any details or photos of the day’s events?  There is nothing on their  rescue website. 

A Piebald Beddy ?


What do bloggers think of this little chap? (Some of you may already know him ...) Viv

Thank you Viv  I did see a dog very much like him on one of the stalls at Crufts. He certainly looks very striking a real talking point among dog lovers!

Bitch CC SKC



Thank you to Tony Waller for the photo

30 August 2011

Summery Of Entries At The Following Champ Shows

Richmond 17 dogs making 17 entries
Darlington 38 dogs making 36 entries

Open Shows

Lowestoft, Oulton Broad & District CS, Open Show Sunday 16 October

Boston and District Canine Society
Sunday Jan 8th

Please find details of these shows in the “Open Show Dates” in the index column.

Results from Milton Keynes & District CS Open Show Saturday 26 August:

Of the 9 dogs entered, only 5 made it, and all were in Open. Trudie Hewitt-Taylor was the other exhibitor, but couldn't go, Viv's Dora wasn't trimmed (oops!) and Joan had had a clipping disaster courtesy of a #15 blade instead of a #5 (we've all been there!) with Swift.

Judge was Sarah Collier, who did a very thorough and efficient job - this young judge should be an asset to our judging ranks, so we hope for future invitations before too long.

1st, BOB & G4 - Joan Hamilton's Harrisclub Silver Charmer (Petal)

2nd, RBOB Viv Rainsbury's Sevray Repique (Bonnie)

3rd Viv's Ch Sevray Just Rumours ShCM (Penfold)

Res Joan's Sevray Rare Edition (Quin)

VHC Viv's Sevray Daisy JW (Daisy)

Many thanks to Viv for the results, well done to Joan for her group 4 I hope Sarah enjoyed her first judging appointment.

Best Of Breed SKC


Champion Bisbee Beaccomber

Thank you to Tony Waller for the photo.

Tuesday Midland Musings From Jane

!cid_X_MA1_1314695424@aol                                                    Erin
I hope everyone enjoyed their Bank Holiday weekend. Ours was taken up trimming the four remaining puppies, Arthur, Boris, Erin & not forgetting Ferdi. They behaved remarkably well and nobody lost any bits of anatomy, which was a great relief! They also have been subjected to wearing their first collars, again they took to them remarkably well, how walking on a lead will go down could be a different matter all together.

!cid_X_MA1_1314695506@aol                                                    Boris
There seems to be an abundance of beddie puppies at the moment. Having helped Trevor run the BTA puppy register in the past it is no surprise, however give it a few months and there won’t be a puppy to be found, "say la vie"!!!!!!!!! I believe the dog is again back in favour as a companion, though on the whole good news, it does mean there are those out there who would take on a canine companion without the proper consideration. This makes finding that special forever home, (the part I like the least of having a litter!) more of a challenge. Erin is staying here with us and either Arthur or Boris, as soon as Trevor can make his mind up lol!~
The days starting to shorten already, so I don’t suppose it will be long before the leaves are falling and the dreaded "C" word is hanging in the air.
Jane xxx

Thank you Jane the pups look gorgeous after their hair do. I have to say insuring the right homes is not easy. Often vary unsuitable people inquire about having a puppy and you have to put them off. 

Warwickshire Hunt

I spoke to a member of the Warwichshire Hunt and they have promised to put on Bedlington classes at their next Kennels Open Day August 2012. The kennels are at Kineton in Warwickshire. Besides a terrier and lurcher show there is a fun dog dog show plenty of other activities and stalls. The day ends with terrier racing. I will remind everyone next year  make a note in  next year’s diary, do try and support this show as very few working shows in the Warwickshire / Oxfordshire  area put on classes. Don’t forget Ragley Game Fair 2012 will also be scheduling bedlington classes for the first time.

City Of Birmingham Championship Dog Show held at Stonleigh
Bedlington day is on Saturday and 13 dogs are entered under Mr Gerry Pepper. 90 Alaskan Malamutes in the ring first.

Esther Goes To Scotland


Quick  photo of Esther's first trip away. We are in Scotland for the week and she is loving the fresh air. So is big sister Eva. Esther is doing fantastic and being very good when we are out, she is definitely growing as se is getting heavier to carry every day and is desperate to be running around with Eva.. Same can't be said for when we are in the cottage though!! Jayne

Thank you Jayne what a happy pair they look cuddled up on the sofa! Puppies grow very quickly it won’t be that long before Esther is the same size as her big sister. Enjoy your holiday and we will look forward to more photos soon.

Bedlington Dog Ragley


“Granitor Eclipse (Stone) won the class with a rescue liver taking second place. Thanks to Sue Hogan for the photo.

29 August 2011

Open Show Date

Grantham & District Canine Society
Sat 22nd October at Newark Showground
Bedlington Classes Junior, PG & Open. Judge Mrs T Butler (Ycart)
Sec Mrs J Handley 01476 571079
Closing date 22/9/11

Thank you Donna this show information is now in a new Open Show Dates File In The Index Column

Today At Long Itchington Working Terrier Show

No bedlington classes and no other bedlingtons entered today but Asha flew the flag for a 1st place  in the Any Variety Terrier Bitch class.


Yesterday At Ragley Game Fair

111                  The bedlingtons took a keen interest in the decoy birds

2                              Great to see Nigel and Amber yesterday

Click  HERE to view more photos

There is a working bedlington class at the Bedlington Terrier Championship Show at Banbury on October 15. This is a championship show for KC registered dogs only. The John Piggin Memorial Trophy will be presented to to the winner of the working class!  The working class in not a Crufts qualifier but 15 out of 22 classes are qualifiers. The first three in each of these classes will be qualified to enter Crufts 2012 . if you are coming for the working class do enter one of the qualifier classes It would be fantastic to see more working bedlingtons at Crufts.
You do not have to be a BTA member to enter and schedules are available from the club secretary Mrs Jacqui Hurley on 01980 862600. You cannot enter on the day and entries close on September 15th. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email or on 01608 686332 for more information on the schedule, entry form, or the Crufts qualifying classes.. 

28 August 2011

Wanted A Rescue Bedlington Bitch

A very good home waiting in the Birmingham Area. Please email me if you can help!

Today At SKC


Click  HERE for all the class winners

Congratulations to all the winners especially Tina with Isla who won her second CC today

Today At Ragley Game Fair


A really good turn out today of  bedlingtons so the game put on  two  bedlington classes with 9 in the bitch class!.

Best Bedlington dog went to Granitor Eclipse (Stone)
Best bitch went to Slatestone Storm.

Tune in tomorrow for photos of all the bedlingtons entered. With such a good turnout today Ragley will be scheduling bedlington classes at this event in 2012
Tomorrow we will be at Long Itchington Terrier and Lurcher show .

Ragley Hall

Waiting for the Bedlington classes.

27 August 2011



Good Luck to everyone showing at SKC



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Birthday Tea

Diesel Birthday tea

Diesel starts her special birthday tea!

Help End Puppy Farming


As a campaign close to its heart, the Kennel Club is urging dog lovers everywhere  to sign its new government petition to end the cruel practice of puppy farming and educate future puppy buyers on how to buy a dog responsibly

Click HERE  for The Kennel Club's Puppy Farming Campaign

Click HERE for the petition     

Birthday Beddies


Happy birthday to …… Stuart and Angela’s Harry who is 7 today

di_lure_3_thumb[2]                      To Jeri’s Diamond in Californioa who is 9 today

hammerTo Jeri’s Hammer Diamond’s litter brother

DSC_6081-794530And not forgetting my Diesel 

Introducing Cotton


Well after about 2 years of wanting a bedlington, we finally have our girl! This is Cotton.
She's 11 weeks now and took to the toilet training right away. She's learning the basics and doing really well already. She sometimes gets so excited that she gets hiccups! She's so dark still but I'm seeing more and more lighter fur coming through at the roots. My westie, also female, who is quite a lot older is coping very well, they aren't friends yet but both are being quite polite. Her favourite thing is probably leaves! She loves looking for one and then running all around the garden with it. I can't wait to start trimming her and getting those tassels on her. I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for but it's been the most wonderful and stressful learning curve ever!
I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the breed that I've been in touch with over the last 6 months or so. Everyone has been so nice giving advice and trying to accommodate. I'd especially like to thank Donna Walters & Christine Worrall. Emma (aka EJ) x

Thank you Emma how exciting, after a two year wait to have baby Cotton join the family. I am sure your Westie and Cotton will soon become good friends, it can be a little upsetting for an older dog when a bouncy new friend joins the household. Clipping is a learning curve but there is plenty of people who can give  advice on the blog. Also the breed clubs hold grooming seminars from time to time so keep an eye on their websites. The puppy registers at the clubs are a fantastic way to source new litters and the people that run them are very devoted and always able to give advice to those new to the bedlington.

25 August 2011

Hello Ferris


I'd like to introduce you to my new puppy he arrived yesterday! Ferris is Loki’s pup. i just went down to trim them to go off to there new homes and fell in love with him! His name is from the same myth as Loki's and Ferris is Loki’s son in the myth too! Its along time since we had Sigyn in the house forgot how nuts bedlington pups were! Melissa Lacey

Thank you Mel, how cute is he can’t imaging Ferris could be anything other than a well behaved little beddy. I just love his one white nail, maybe he has been at your nail varnish. It is definitely fatal going along to see beddy pups they are irresistible.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…..


Hessel In Israel with Holy Lamb Bedlingtons. Have a lovely day from everyone on the blog!

Morgan Has A Special Birthday Gift


Morgan had a very special third birthday present in the form of his little sister Esther. Morgan was absolutely besides himself when she arrived, running around the garden so fast that he hurt his leg and had to take to his sick bed.Three days on Morgan is still totally besotted with his new friend but thank goodness he has calmed down a bit, they are now playing nicely chasing around the garden and waging tug of war with a ragger.
I will post more photos and keep you up to date with the antics of Morgan and Esther from the valleys of Gwent, Best Wishes Maria.

Thank you Maria, Morgan obviously adores his new baby sister. I wish I could be there to see them playing together, I used to love watching Parker playing with Asha when she was tiny. It is amazing how gentle a powerful dog can be!

Hello Pixie



This is Seaofiron topsy turvy aka Pixie. She is Sasca (seaofiron this is the one) x 'T' (Ch Janmark blue encounter). She's 7 weeks old now.
We are still looking for a home for the little boy. Matthew

Thank you Mathew another lovely puppy on the blog, I think we are going to have very well supported show puppy classes in the New year.  It is fantastic that the breeders and new owners have been sending in photos to share with us.



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News: Zero Tolerance To Dogs In Hot Cars

Click HERE       dw

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Peggy Goes To Her New Home


Heres a couple of pictures of the Perera family collecting their puppy, Peggy.
They would be delighted to see their picture & I have given them details so they can hopefully send further pictures. to the blog  regards,Mark


We say hello to the Perera family, all those lovely pups i wonder which one is Peggy? Do hope she is settling in and we will look forward to seeing her in her new home very soon.

Lucy Loves her New Brother

Just a wee photo to show you that Lucy has taken to Odie and despite having separate baskets they are often choosing to be together.
Debbie 111

Thank you Debbie. Don’t they look happy together! Odie looks so cute with his long lanky puppy legs!

24 August 2011

Grading Dogs In The Ring In The UK


Newsletter Click HERE

Swedish Tracking Champion

Today  Stig  won another first  to complete the requirements  and now his Champion title in tracking, his name and title is now SEUCH DKUCH EECH SEVCH Bisbee Boarding Delta Blue. Guess if I'm proud over my wonderful dog :-)  In the photo Stig with the judge for the day, Jan Domarhed.

Best wishes Nina


This is fantastic news Nina it is great to see these dogs winning prizes for their field ability, proving they they really have the ability to work. We now have Stig a tracking champion and Asha a simulated coursing champion.  It is fantastic to see the bedlington winning major prizes in field sports as well s in the show ring. Stig is an English dog bred by Dorothy Owen of Bisbee Bedlington Terriers.  

We Catch Up With Jazz And Saphhire.

Hello All









Well we are busy again what with work and our daily adventures down the canals. On Saturday Jazz and Sapphire came to work with me to see the last person of the day (1pm till 1:30pm ) which they enjoyed and gave us time  to go for a nice long walk down the canal. We called in  in at the Castle in Whittington where they ere rinning a country fair, the dogs were really good and sat nice and quiet while we watched the Falcon and Owl Displays.  We then had a look around all the stalls and the dogs enjoyed loads of fuss from all of the visitors


This week we are trying to get our batteries on full charge ready for a busy time.  Friday we are going to the castle to cut the grass ( if Jazz and Sapphire don't try to pinch and drive off on my sit on mower).  Saturday we are going to see the Ellesmere Carnival, Sunday car booting and fishing then on Monday we are off to Beeston Castle joining the rest of the Whitchurch Dog Display team for a display in the castle grounds!  We will let you know how we get on. Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups aka The K9 Marshal Crew

169721_164145926962633_164143033629589_308468_3804455_oThe Whtichurch Dog Display Team

23 August 2011

A Very Happy Birthday To Yuva 2 Today



Lots of love Yuva from mummy Diesel

Soon To Leave Home!



I thought you might like a few photos of some of our litter as they are starting to leave to go to their new homes now. we have 1 boy and girl still available. If anyone is interested can they email me on helenmurby@hotmail.com or ring 07860 750783.  Thanks Helen Murby

Thank you Helen how I love liver babies, I wish we had room  for one more!

Edd's Funeral Arrangements

Edd's funeral will be held at Gt Yarnouth Crematorium, Oriel Avenue, Gorleston NR31 7JJ, on Wednesday 24 August at 12.40pm. and afterwards at the Short Blue PH, High Street, Gorleston, NR31 6RR.
All his friends are welcome to attend, but please wear bright clothes, as we are celebrating the life of a very special man. We should like to have family flowers only, but if anyone would like to make a donation in Edd's memory, they can be sent to Arthur Jary & Sons, 43 High Street, Gorleston, Norfolk NR31 7RR. Donations should be made out for "Nelson's Journey" which is a local charity supporting children following a bereavement, and who have done some tremendous work supporting these vulnerable children.
My thanks go to everyone who has been in touch, sent messages and cards, and for the tributes to Edd on the National BTC and Midland BTC websites - they have been a great comfort
Viv xx

22 August 2011

Introducing Eva and new sister Esther


Just couple of photos of my 2 year Bedlington Eva and her new little sister Esther - one of Sue's (Cody and Isaac) pups. They are getting on so well together now after little bit of uncertainty from Eva at first. Eva is proudly showing off her new haircut she got from Eileen today, so happy with it. Esther is off for her first injection tomorrow so hope its not to bad for her



We say hello to another litter sister baby Esther who has gone to live in her new home with Eva. It has definitely been puppy Monday with all the new blog babies. It is fantastic hearing from all the new owners with the babies from Cody and Issacc’s litter. It does not seem long ago  when we first saw these pups just a few day’s old the blog.

Breed Notes


By Viv Rainsbury
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Alice Wins The Junior Handling!


Hope you had as good a weekend as we have had. I have sent you photo of my 6 year old granddaughter Alice with Rupert. Alice wanted to go to a show in the Junior Handlers so we went to the companion show on Sunday at Bury. How proud she was when she got 1st out of four. Rupert was such a good boy for her and never put a foot wrong.

We had such a good time and there were more bedlingtons there than sometimes in a terrier show. Julie and Lloyd, Dencie and Rosa and me with Rupert and Polly. Dot xx

Thank you Dot how nice to meet Alice and to win first prize is terrific. I do hope this win spurs Alice on to enter more junior handling competitions.