30 September 2011

Driffield Championship Show

Tomorrow is Terrier Day, good luck to everyone entered. I am sure you will all have a really enjoyable day in the warm sunshine!

Critique Error

I've had an email from Yvonne pointing out that at the end of his report the judge says Taggles was Best Veteran, although in his opening paragraph he correctly says Myaquila was BV. I did put an erratum on the results page, but couldn't amend the report itself as it was in Notepad which I do not use, and know nothing about. You have put the link on the blog directly to the judge's report so the correction is not picked up. Could you possibly point out the error on the blog next to the link please. Cheers Derek

Thank you Derek I have put a note next to the critique link

Bedlington Baby Boom?

This seems to be a boom year for puppies. I expect registrations are up on last year. In previous years I have  seen a list of  breeders and registrations in one of the club bulletins.

I Just found out in the quarterly registration list , that  in  210,  a total of 248 pups were registered in the first two quarters of the year. .
In 2011, 246 pups were registered  in the first two quarters of the year, two less!.

Play Fighting In Sweden!


Yildiz Twister and Isotop's Chevre "Flora"

A Lovely photo of  Twister and Flora playing by kind permission form Ewa Pajuniemi

Latest Standings For Top Breeder/ Puppy 2011


Points have been calculated from shows listed on the Our Dogs Web site  and / or catalogues received from Breed Clubs, web sites or judges critiques'

Top Breeder

Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw (Janmark)

Top Puppy

Mr R & Mrs P Garbutt  Highdene Hitman At Aireview




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29 September 2011

MBTC Judges Critique


Click HERE for the critique from Saturday’s Open show


That at the end of his report the judge says Taggles was Best Veteran, although in his opening paragraph he correctly says Myaquila was BV.


Brian Cleveley  the MBTC club chairman with Mr Jeff Luscott

Lost: White Terrier Bedlington Male In North East (NE63)

Click Here for details, unfortunately know photo! Thanks to Carol Newton for the link.

Preview Of Crufts Magazine


Enjoy a sneak peek of the latest issue of The Crufts Magazine with this exclusive 34-page preview, Click HERE

28 September 2011

The MBTC Show Photos


Best In Show Bisbee Belle Inni and Reserve Best In Show Sharnor faithful Falcon with the judge  Mr Jeff Luscott

Click Here For the full Results

Click Here for the photos

MBTC Show Photos

The photos taken by Harvey Bell  from the show arrived today. They will be uploaded today or tomorrow to the blog. Thank you Harvey!  

27 September 2011

Welsh News From Enid

The sun has come out at last and we are off to Driffield tomorrow and for once we have a brilliant weather forecast so I've packed the BBQ. Hefin reported that terrier Club of South Wales was very successful. Chokko was BOB and terrier Group 4 which delighted Louise. She very kindly handled Ecco to get 1st in Champion stakes. Hefin was stewarding so couldn't take him in. Elwyn went to watch and enjoyed himself catching up with Kevin,Tim and the rest of the local Bedlington people. I think Louise would have liked to kidnap Maria's puppy! About time you had another one, Louise!
I had a narrow escape on my way back from MBTC. A dreadful accident had happened minutes before I arrive at the scene on the M50. A three car pile up with one upside down. I managed to get past but Sharon was a few minutes behind me and was stuck for two hours.
I've heard at the Show that another dog has been very ill with an upset tummy and I'm wondering it's related to the illness that has affected dogs in Sandringham and Clumber Park. Have any of you had a similar problems this year? Thankfully Ecco is back to normal.Good luck to all those competing at Driffield. Enid

Thank  you Enid. Baby Asha says congratulations to Daddy Chokko! I was so excited to read Chokko went BOB. Good luck to everyone entered  at Driffield on Saturday, the weather forecast is brilliant  for camping. So pleased to read Elywn was attended the show and enjoyed catching up with Tim and Kevin. 

Algae Warning From Pat

‘Hi Lesley, been on holiday to Cornwall will post some pics, weather horrid, but had a nice time. thought you might give a paragraph on the blog regarding this blue green algae, the reason I say is because, I and probably most people was aware of the algae, but thought it was only stagnant water, I wasn’t aware it was is lakes etc. killing doggies, I expect most people saw it on country file, but just for those who didn’t see it, perhaps make peeps aware that it is in lakes and not just dirty water. just a thought. hope all is well, just catching up with the pics on the blogs I have missed loads! 

Thanks Pat I wasn’t aware that algae from fresh water lakes  was dangerous to dogs!

26 September 2011

Tassels & Tales USA


The latest addition of the Bedlington Terrier Club Of America’s publication dropped on my doormat this morning and how surprised i was to find a full page tribute to Hammer and Diamond. I just want to say thank you to Jeri, their success is due to Jeri’s commitment, training and enthusiasm to achieve the best from the dogs.

Happy Birthday Today To…….


Tina Welsh. Have a lovely day Tina and best wishes from everyone on the blog

Fred Gent And Foggyfurze?


A photo of Fred Gent in the 60’s does anyone recognise the dog? Thanks to Mathew Wills for the photo. 

Are You A Bedlington Show Groomer In The Edinburgh Area?

To cut or not to cut that is the question ? We have a debate going on at home at the moment....
Lucy and Odie's mum wants the dogs fur to grow and be brushed so they can enjoy life in the fields on walks with no worries about messing up their fur. They are lovable pets first ! Lucy and Odie's dad wants them to be show cut so they look smart. Our eldest daughter fancies showing the dogs now as a hobby ! So I guess dad will win the debate...
Is there anyone up our way (we live near Edinburgh ) that could show us how to cut the dogs fur to a show desired cut ? We could travel a couple of hours each way and we would be grateful for the advice. Debbie


Thank you Debbie, do hope there is an experienced groomer in your area who can help. We will look forward to seeing the dogs in their beautiful new trim and in the show ring!.

25 September 2011


Hello Bloggers,
Today we payed a visit to High Spen pet dog show and found that there were also Terrier and Lurcher classes. So as I had the camera i took a few shots for inclusion on the blog. As we all know those of you who look at the blog wor Lesley is always wanting news on our breed.


Here we have Wor Billy with Issac, not sure how many ccc or sss to put in the name. Anyhow Wor Billy was Best Bedlington but thrown out for best Terrier, Ahhhh !!!!


Here we some of the Bedlingtons in attendance at the show, Billy with Issac's Karen with Bramble and Eileen with Dusty, Chrystal and Opal. Billy, 1st, Karen got 2nd and Dusty 3rd.


Here we have The Makem decked out in his new dog walking coat along with Dusty and Chrystal who won best Terrier Brace in the show. Must buy a new belt.


Billy with his mate and his Lurcher wondering if this unknown Bedlington is a right AH. Billy went on the racing, expect he will be reporting on whether he won or not. Ta! Ta! The Makem

Thank you Derek well done to Issacc, Bramble and the Makem duo in the Brace. Do hope Issacc went well in the racing, Mmmm new belt maybe you lost some weight I do like the red racing jacket very sporty goes well with your Bedlington Brace!



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Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show

Best In Show
Bisbee Belle Inni
Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex
Sharnor Fathful Falcon
Best Veteran
Miteymidgets My Aquila

There were no puppies entered at this Show, A few pictures on MBTC web page. Full results shortly Derek Owen

Thank you Derek for the results. Congatulations to Dorothy, Sharon and all the winners! Click Here to the MBTC site to view photos of the judge and winning dogs.

24 September 2011

Terrier Of South Wales, A Good Day For The Breed

Congratulations To.......
Louise with Chokko who won Best Of Breed at the Terrier Of South Wales under Mrs Chris Harris and went on  to be awarded Best In Show 4 under Stuart Yearley. Also Congratulations to Enid and Hefin with Ecco (handled by Louise) who won the Champion Stakes!

Asha Today

Just one small mistake stopped Asha from her second clear round this afternoon. Parker went really well stayed in the ring was fast but finished the course with again one mistake and little Diesel would have been clear if I had not taken her over a wrong fence (another senior moment!)

Terrier and Lurcher Show Cancelled

Hello bloggers, Last Sunday I went to Murton ( in county Durham, North east England) to attend the Lurcher & Terrier show only to find when I arrived there was nobody there.At first I thought I must have got the date wrong, so when I got back home I checked the show list and the date was correct so I rang the secretary?? to ask what had happened.He told me the parish council told him 2 weeks before the show that he must attend a hazard awareness course and a first aid course if the show was to take place, and that because the club house was not built to accommodate such high numbers of people attending that he would also have to hire porta-loo's, all of this would cost approximately £1000.!!!To the secretary's credit he tried to inform as many people as possible, turned up at the show ground before the starting time ( I must of just missed him), and placed an advert in the countryman's weekly (I don't buy this) to inform people the show was cancelled. As profits from the show would have went to charity, they have now lost out due to the parish councils ridiculous demands.They Secretary has informed me, he is looking at the possibility of next years show being held at Easington dog track. (fingers crossed for a venue to be sorted out for next year).Karen and Bramble

1:00 PM FUN PET SHOW......Prettiest Bitch, Best Rescue,Child Handler,Pastoral. Etc
Thank you Karen hopefully tomorrow’s show will run as normal it sounds a really fun day out, don’t forget your camera!

Diesel Goes Clear?

Have to wait for the results to see if she went clear, Lesley might
have gone the wrong way. Still a good round for a fat girl.

Agility Cheltenham

Parker exiting the weaves then completing a good round.

23 September 2011

Summary Of Entries F0r Terrier Of South Wales & South Wales Kennel Association

I think there will be 6 Bedlingtons at Terrier Club of South Wales - Chris Harris is judging the breed.
There are only 5 entered at SWKA for Peter Keirnon to judge. I looked at the summary of entries and the terriers seemed to be very poor. I think they have made a mistake in moving from July - we always had a reasonable entry then and loads of people camping  Enid

Thank you Enid good luck to everyone in Wales and at the Midland tomorrow. We are at the UK Agility show Cheltenham Race course tomorrow and again Sunday. If you live near do come along to watch free entrance bring your dog, lots going on and fun to watch. Look out for Polo Shirts with “Felodn Flyers” our dog agility club!

22 September 2011

AKC Canine Health Foundation Photo Contest, Please vote for Hammer


Click HERE for direct page access to page to vote for Hammer! You may vote each day.

Boudica & Ecco Are Pleased To Announce


The birth on Sunday of this gorgeous litter of three boys and three girls. Congratulations to Julie and the proud Mum and Dad. Mother and babies are fit and well. For information on this litter please contact Julie at doehey@talktalk.net

Caravan Pass For Driffield Champ Show

I have  a caravan pass for the Drifield Championship show, It is available to the first person to contact me who would kindly give a £10 donation to Bedlington Rescue and Rehoming!

The Gatcombe Park Country & Craft Fair, Oct 01 to Oct 02, 2011


Show information Click HERE

For racing and show information Click HERE

This show would be a great introduction for anyone wishing to take up simulated coursing or terrier racing with their bedlington, several events are open to all breed of dogs. Gatcombe Park is in Gloucestershire. 

MBTC Show Entries

34 Bedlingtons are entered  on Saturday at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Open Show under the judge Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

Printed Crufts Schedules By Request Only


Click  HERE

Animal Health Trust calls for vigilance over mystery illness


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21 September 2011

Introducing Burmington Mork & Mindy


Two new ferrets join the Burmington gang!

The Working KC Registered Bedlington

John Glover has just written am new article on the KC registered working bedlington 


Frances Fuller at the Heart Of Wales Game Fair with her KC  liver dog Tod and Kevin Mumford’s KC liver dog.
Click HERE to read the article

If anyone is interested in joining  a working bedlington club for KC registered dogs only, please contact John at redunta@hotmail.co.uk

20 September 2011

KC Awards For Janmark Justintime At 16 Months Of Age


On our arrival back from our work at Darlington Champ Show we received certified confirmation from the KC of Janmark Justintime's awards.
She can now add Junior Warrant & Show Certificate of Merit to her name :-) which we are obviuosly delighted with for our youngest girl. The JW was awarded in August at 15 mths of age & the SHCM this month, September. Mark

Well done Mark, what a fantastic first year for VY !

The Bedlingtons At Glorious Beamish

Hello Bloggers
Sorry for the delay in the report for Beamish Show but after standing in the North East elements for four days it's taken awhile for the body to get back to nearly normal. Thursday started the show off nice and fine with quite a few folk about and plenty of school kids. So as usual we got a lot of visitors especially kids poking and prodding the dogs, just as well they are fire proof.


Here we have Chrystal and Dusty two of the Makems dogs having a short nap while the crowds were entertained with other goings on in the main ring. Apart from the usual stands at an agricultural show Beamish normally organises displays given by Birds of Prey, the museums ploughing Champion team of horses and handler. The Gordon Highlanders are in WW1 costume and enact training, gas attack and bayonet charges. The Durham County Scouts are also on site, actually both the scouts and the Gordon Highlanders teams camp for the duration of the show. This is quite handy as they have the frying pan on the fire for the bacon and sausage butties first thing in the mornings. Not a lot of Bedlingtons turned up over the week end, only a lone 14 week old blue pup came on the Sunday, he's local, West Cornforth or as we say up here, "doggie" so perhaps we might meet again.


Here we see some of the stalls with produce for sale. The veg was picked out of the fields at Beamish on the morning of the show so nice and fresh and tasty. The scouts used to make soup at lunch times and the next stall down sold fresh bread, just the job.


Here we have Tony with two of his dogs admiring the steam traction engine. Sarah, I think he would like one for Christmas. LOL


Part of the display table and some of the pictures from the Makems dogs to one of Sues pups, Trevor as was but now has a different name now that he's in his new home. And a picture of the Mother in Law taken in the 1920s along with Nettle her Bedlington, both of course are now dead, shame about the dog. There were also plenty of info sheets about the breed and the Bedlington Terrier Rescue. We did have a few enquiries about rescue dogs and sent away a few folk with the info sheets and phone numbers.


So the end of the show brought us a couple of heavy downpours which gave us a nice double rainbow over the Steam powered Carousel and the Shuggie Boats. When the public had left the produce that had been shown in various events was auctioned off to Beamish staff and exhibitors. So goodie bags were carried off full to the brim.

Many thanks to Sarah and Tony for their help, it was a long four days. Hopefully next year we will see more folk with their dogs ??
The Makem

Thank you Derek you certainly deserve a rest after four days on the stand, it certainly was not the warmest of weekends! What a shame more bedlington owners did not make it this year to Beamish. A big thank you to Eileen,Tony and Sarah for getting in the spirit by dressing up in bygone clothes and manning the bedlington stand over a long cool weekend.

Sunday At Pride of The Peaks


Gipcyan's Dixie Flyer aka BIEKE , 1ST in Bedlington pup at the Pride of the Peaks


Line up for Bedlington dog


Line up for Working Bedlington


Bieke in the line up for BOB
1st the dog on the right, 2nd Stone, 3rd Bieke

Thank you Billy looks like the weather stayed dry for the showing, and a good turnout as well.

19 September 2011

Best In Show At 9 Months in Sweden


Yildiz Twister got 1st CAC and became Best In Show Junior at Terrier Club Show September 17 2011... 9½months old..I'm SO proud over my beautiful male :) Ewa Pajuniemi

Wow Ewa, you should be proud  what an achievement for such a young dog, congratulations!

News: Killer Dog Disease Returns To Sandringham

Eleven dogs have fallen ill in the past two weeks within hours of being walked in woods on the Norfolk estate, which are open to the public.
Click HERE


Dog Owners Warned About Mystery Killer
Illness In the last week, the Newmarket-based Animal Health Trust (AHT) has been told about a number of new cases of seasonal canine illness (SCI) across Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk
Click HERE


At the moment – we don’t know exactly. We do know that cases of Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) are generally seen between August and November, that it can affect any size, shape or sex of dog and that it causes dogs to become very ill, very quickly.

The most common clinical signs are sickness, diarrhoea and lethargy. If you suspect your dog is showing symptoms of SCI then please contact your vet immediately!

18 September 2011

AKC Cainine Health Foundation Photo Contest, Please vote for Hammer

Click HERE to vote, then click on "vote now" then click on the left hand, "recently added see all entries" and Hammer is on page 9, You can vote once a day!

17 September 2011

Darlington Championship Show


Best of Breed and Terrier Group 4 HURLEY Mr A Ch Fralex Culibre

Click Here to view photos of the class winners and exhibitors kindly sent to us by Mr Harvey Bell



Click HERE

Midland Game Fair



2Photo shoot for the winners of  the terrier racing at the Midland Game Fair

Tomorrow is the Pride Of The Peaks Terrier and Lurcher Show

There is terrier racing and 4 bedlington classes in the show ring with a bedlington  championship on offer. Unfortunately just to far for a day out for us but good luck to Billy and everyone going tomorrow!

Asha Wins

Asha wins terrier racing at Midland Game Fair.

16 September 2011

The Gang In The Darlington Champ Stakes This Afternoon

Darlington11 014

Many thanks to Donna for the photo!

Summary Of Entries For Driffield

35 dogs making 35 entries to be judged by Mr Peter E Bakewell

Odie's First Walk


This is a photo of Odie on his first ever walk outside on Thursday. I walked him to the school and then we took him across the fields. He was hesitant at first, he needed a wee cuddle and a carry, but soon trotted along after Lucy.

Thank you Debbie what a lovely family photo, these are much loved beddys!

Results From Darlington

BEST OF BREED : 890 HURLEY Mr A Ch Fralex Culibre Saphire
Dog CC : 874 DAVIES Mrs S Bla Skuggans Jack In The Box At Honeymist (Imp)
Res Dog CC : 879 GARBUTT Mr R & Mrs P Highdene Hitman At Aireview
Bitch CC : 890 HURLEY Mr A Ch Fralex Culibre Saphire
Res Bitch CC : 865 AMES Mrs S & Mr N Sharnor Emerald Electra JW
Best Veteran : BANNISTER Mrs Y Miteymidgets Myaquila
Best Breeder : Bannister

Click HERE for class results. I think you will find that the main results are wrong on the website 

Congratulations to Jacqui, Shirley and all the class winners

Stop Press
Well  done to Stuart as Genie wins the Open Stakes and was second in the Good Citizen Stakes
Congratulations also to Trudie who was second in the brace stakes and placed 5th in the beginners stakes!

Stop Press
Congratulations to Jacqui who won Terrier Group 4. Also to Yvonne who won Veteran Group 2 and also second in the Breeder Group. A very successful day for the breed.   

15 September 2011

Woodland Fun!


Here's a photo of our two scruffs enjoying the view from the lookout point in Perry Wood.Not sure who or what Popsy was. Love from ,Ed , Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x

Thank you Ed and Becs the dogs are obviously having a great time  Does anyone know who Popsy was?

Coat-testing back on the KC’s agenda


Click HERE

Happy Birthday To The Gypsian Girls


Miss Colin,Minnie and Betty Beach Ball. I think they are 8 please correct me if I am wrong Billy

14 September 2011

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. It's Ecco's birthday today and he is going to celebrate with a special pork pie which he will share with Larry, Fizz and Solo. He did worry us a few weeks ago when he was so ill but he's on top form now and behaving like a puppy.
The camp site at Richmond was very muddy and so we had to wear our wellingtons the whole time. One lady said mine were the prettiest she'd seen all day. Perhaps there was a special competition for wellie boots! There was a double decker bus which was a bar there and it's the first time I've seen such expensive champagne for sale -£74.99 a bottle! The girls on the toasted sandwich stall told me they had seen lots of people drinking it but nobody with Bedlingtons.
It was lovely to see Viv and Susan Reed at ringside and be able to have a good natter. There was birthday party for someone in another breed at the side of the ring and it did upset some of our dogs. I think it would have been better if they'd gone into the benching area. In fairness to our judge he did ask them to keep the noise down.
Sharon and Lisa's pups were having a great time running about their "garden" and Sharon's were climbing very steep steps into her Winnebago!
There's still time to enter Terrier Club of South Wales on Saturday 24th. September - they are not closing entries until the weekend. Chris Harris is judging our breed and Stuart Yearley remaining terriers and BIS.
We're off to Newby Hall for the Darlington Show and I hope it's a bit drier than Richmond. Enid

Thank  you Enid it has certainly been a fun  few weeks for the Pengerrig beddys travelling all over the country. Shame about the mud at Richmond, last time we went there the wet weather rings were water logged, The show area seems quite low lying and prone to flooding. A very happy birthday to Ecco and good luck at Darlington on Friday.