24 October 2011

K9 Trick Or Treat

Lesley is away but I will post pictures and posts that she receives.


Hello All

Well it’s that time of year when you know it’s not safe on the streets with kids and Bedlingtons going trick or treat. This year Jazz and Sapphire have been helping their Uncle Ian down at Whittington Castle doing the Halloween Castle Tours where we have been scaring all the tour goers with our antics of rattling windows, door handles and strange laughing from different parts of the castle even Sue the manageress didn't know where we would pop up next, since I discovered some nice hiding places to hide in with enough room for two little Bedlingtons and myself.

But Jazz and Sapphire wanted to go trick or treat around the town so I took them, and they did some scaring of the youngsters and some treating of the elderly people by giving them loads of fuss and love (bless them) catch you all soon The K9 Marshal Crew.

22 October 2011

Blog On Standby 23 October Until 3rd November

M&M                        Mork and Mindy waiting for Jon to feed them their breakfast!  

I am really looking forward to a short break as I am taking my mum away for a  holiday. The blog will  not be updating while I am away but will remain open for everyone to leave comments! Jon is staying at home looking after the animals and will check my email every day. Please send in photos, news and stories so I have lots of material to update the blog on our return.
The BTA have a committee meeting in November and I will submitting a letter with event ideas for the fun day. It is your fun day please add to the list, any suggestions!!  Many thanks to Lois Sutton in Ibiza who has kindly offered to sponsor a beginners show event. The fun day is on May 20th and unfortunately clashes with SKC championship show but we will look forward to welcoming friends old and new at what will hopefully  be a well supported  bedlington gathering. Camping will be available as usual over a long weekend.
Good luck to everyone entered at Midland Counties Championship Show! Lesley.

Beach Walk

Hello Bloggers
If anyone is interested we could arrange to meet up for a beach walk at Seaton Carew, British West Hartlepool. A lot of you will have been on this walk before and as you will know it's not too strenuous. Hopefully the tide will be out that day which will mean hard sand on the beach then soft sand through the dunes.
For those of you who have not been here before there's a large car parking area at the start of the walk. Toilets are quite handy and for lunch the fish & chips here are also quite good. So bring your flasks.Proposed date Sunday 6th November meeting at 10:30 for 11:00 start.
So if any one is interested let's know and I'll get the directions put on the blog in plenty of time for the day. The Makem
Wish we could join you!

We Went Up To The Woods Today!



Little Leo up the wood today Pat

Thank you Pat, I bet the dogs enjoyed romping  through the woods,  the trees look  to  be loaded with green leaves, we are  waiting for our first frosty morning here in Oxfordshire! 

Today At Grantham & District Canine Society

Post Graduate - Dog/Bitch
1st Mollora Hazy Days at Bluesmurf - B.O.B. & GROUP 2  (Mrs C.Worrall)
2nd Sevray Rebus (Mrs K.Tredgett)
3rd Makems Honky Tonk Woman (Ms.M.Godden)

Open - Dog/Bitch
1st Bisbee Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf (Mrs C.Worrall)
2nd Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Ms.M.Godden)
The judge today was Mrs Tracey Butler (Ycart)

Many thanks to Chrisitne for the results and very, well done  for BOB and group 2

A Very Happy Birthday to…..


Trevor for yesterday, hope you had a special day. Looking forward to seeing  pics of the pups romping on the beach at Southwold. I met a lady yesterday in Marlborough wilts with a much loved 8 year old bedlington that you bred called “Sherbet”, it’s a small world!

Meet The Bedlingtons At……


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21 October 2011

Waiting To Go Lamping


Lots of rabbits at the campsite last weekend Billy

Thank you Billy three very eager faces raring to go!



Mathew with Pixie, Seaofiron Topsy Turvy aged 15 weeks
Thank you Mathew, Pixie looks lovely and very well behaved at just 15 weeks posing for her photo shoot!. 



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20 October 2011

The BTA 2012 Calendar

Now Available

Priced at £10.00 each, plus pp of £2.00 (up to 2 calendars) . Send cheques made payable to The BTA to:

Mrs J.E.Thompson, Mayfield, Minety, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 9QY

Enclosing the address of where you would like the calendar sent.

Tel/Fax 01666 860204 or e-mail jetsway1@tesco.net

Crufts Entries

Does anyone know where we can down load the schedule?. Has it been released on line ? Only requested postal schedules are being sent out for the 2012 show. I had the National Terrier Schedule through the post this week which is after Crufts..

Mob Targets Dog Owner Over Facebook Dog Beating


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K9 Marshal Crew's Star gazers


Hello all
We have been very busy of late since our last report. Not only have we been on our adventures every day but Jazz and Sapphire are back to school i.e. dog training and we are doing well!!
We were listening to our local BBC radio station and  became excited when they announced there was a chance to go to a national trust house (18 miles from where we live) to join the Shropshire Astro Club for a Moon Watch night.
Although it was cloudy there were big gaps in the clouds for us to do a bit of star gazing through the telescopes that they had there, and good grief not only did we see the moon close up but we also saw Jupiter and 4 of its moons too which was great. The clouds disappeared so the night sky was clear for us to see the Andromada galaxy which was just amazing. All the youngsters were just spell bound by seeing these stars and moon up close, I took Jazz and Sapphire along with me and they had lots of attention and fuss from the children and adults alike.


The following Saturday Radio Shropshire phoned us up to do a report on  our Moon Watch night!  The K9 Marshal Crew are turning into Radio stars and now getting known around the north of Shropshire. Everyone I work with and people I go and see at work have said we heard you on the radio on Saturday and the next time we do a bit of star gazing they want to come and see the stars through our telescope, ( which gives us an idea about a star gazing party l)


Jazz and Sapphire cannot wait for the next time we go to Attingham Park  to the Moon Watch to have a game of chess in the court yard before the star gazing starts. Sspeak to you all soon Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups

Thank you Ian what fun! How lucky you were to of had a clear night to look at the moon and stars. What makes the event extra special is having the experts at hand to identify the mass of twinkling lights in the night sky! A really fascinating hobby and i will look forward to hearing all about your next  outing with the Astro Club! The K9 crew are certainly becoming Radio stars in Shropshire, all very exciting!

19 October 2011

Winter Arrives In Wales

sols                                                         Novemeber 2010

Good morning, Bloggers. It's been bitterly cold here and looks like winter has arrived early. Last year the first heavy snow fell at the beginning of November so I hope we don't have a repeat this year. Despite the Rugby result, there's one very happy chappie in Wales - Tim Bouse. He was delighted to win the RDCC at the BTA show on Saturday. The last time Tim won such an award, with one of his dogs, was when The Joinery Boy got the RDCC at WKC in 1989. The DCC winner was none other than Ch. Vistablue Nelson Touch. The BCC was awarded to Ch. Craglough Coryanthus. RBCC went to Ch. Rathsrigg Rani. I bet that brings back memories to some of you.
We heard the sad news this morning that Sandra and Tony Waller have lost Blue - Rotherview Blue Comet. Blue had strong Welsh connections having sired Elwyn and Maureen Wrights Ch. Toffset Treasure Trove and Paula O'Leary's Ch. Bakabakas Evening shadow which was bred by Kevin Mumford. He was also grandfather to our Solo.
I've had a bust week getting four dogs ready for the MBTC seminar at Tollerton. Larry is loving all the attention and is acting like a puppy even though he will be thirteen next month! Hope to see some of you there on Saturday. Enid

Thank you Enid it was really great to see Tiim win the RDCC on Sarturday. Congtats Tim, trust  this is the first of many! Hope everyone has an enjoyable day at the Seminar, I wonder if Sandra will be making her delicious trifle for lunch?
My thoughts are with Sandra and Tony with the loss of “Blue”.  It’s been a sad week with two much loved dogs passing on!

RSPCA Warns Government on Dangerous Dog False Promises


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18 October 2011

Ecco and Boudica’s Babies

They were taken when they were 3 weeks old ,they are now 4 weeks old and almost twice as big! I will try and get some more up to date ones to you soon. There is just one dog puppy still looking for forever home.  Julie xpups1


Puppy heaven, they look real little characters, you are going to need eyes in the back of your head! Do send us some more photos before they go to their new homes. 

We Do Like To Be Beside The Sea

We were up in Northumberland last weekend and took the girls onto the beach for some fun and games. As you can see Tilly loves playing with sea weed and Tasha enjoyed running into the sea...it was baths all round when we got home!! Linda

berwick dog2

berwick dog1

Fantastic photos Linda the girls looked to be having a ball!

The Makems Say Goodbye To Pearl



Hello Bloggers
Early yesterday  morning we lost Pearl, Kenzed Marm, (Ch Skewhill Stay Lucky x Rabbitingon Competitor). She has been slowing up lately when out walking and had the usual lumps and bumps of an old dog. Late Saturday morning she was sitting in a chair with a look on her face she often has when she has eaten something she shouldn't have. Alas it was more then just a poorly stomach. She will be missed by all the family.The Makems

So sorry Derek to read about Pearl. What a stunning little bitch she was, photos like this will always enlighten fond memories of a much loved family member.

16 October 2011

Today at Hartlepool in the North East

It was a poor turn out for the Bedlington's there were only 3 entries.

Post Graduate
1st Aireview Cristal Blue ShCM
2nd Rubsters Piper At Jukenblu

1st Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu ShCM

BOB & Group 3 Aireview Cristal Blue ShCM

Lesley & John McNally

Well done Lesley and John for your BOB and group placing.

Today At Birmingham Gun Dog And Terrier

Judge Mark Ord

1st. Tobanie Earth Song (Trudie Hewitt -Taylor)
2nd. Bowlingbrook  Trick Or Treat (Jen Lacey

Post Graduate
1st Mollora Eatern Dawn for Tobanie (Trudie Hewitt Taylor)

1st. Janmark Justintime (Mark Walshaw) BOB
2nd. Sharnor Emerald Electra JW ( Sharon Ames) RSBOB
3rd Bowlingbrook My Blue Heaven (Jen Lacey)

Congratulations to Mark and Sharon. Many thanks to Sharon for phoning through the results.

Photos From The BTA Championship Show

Judged by Mr Steve Lockett (Skewhill)


Best In Show Stuart and Angela Yearley’s Genie

Click to HERE to view 190 photos from yesterday’s show

Diamond Wedding Anniversary


Many congratulations to Bruce and Eileen Nicolls (BTA Chairman) on their diamond wedding anniversary. A card was signed by all the competitors and visitors and a huge bunch of flowers and a bottle of something special was presented to them from the committee. Many congratulations to you both from everyone on the blog!. 

Toby Has His First hair Cut

At last Toby has had his 1st haircut,it was delayed due to his poorly foot and it was very much needed! He looks so grown up! Nicola.


1                                  2

How grown up Toby looks a very handsome young beddy. It  is fantastic to see this lovely litter grow and develop. Keep sending us updates! 

15 October 2011

T0day At The BTA Championship Show

Judged by Mr Steve Lockett (Skewhill) 


Congrats to Angela and Stuart with Ch Gnejnabay Gene genie Gal at Lowbrook JW ShCM   for Best In Show, my lovely Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington  for Reserve  CC and Reserve Best In Show, to Dorothy with Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW for the dog CC. Also congratulations to Tim Bouse with Tredomen Dixie  who won  Reserve dog CC, Photos of all the exhibitors and winners on the blog tomorrow night.

My  thanks goes to Steve Lockett.   Today  has been fantastic day for Asha as  it  proves that a working bedlington  can also win  a major prize in the show ring. a                                            Asha Simulated  coursing

IMG_0978as                       Asha out working with ferrets in the pouring rain

I have photos of Asha catching a rabbit that bolted! This little bitch has won two simulated coursing championships, a terrier racing championship, and now a reserve CC in the show ring. 

14 October 2011

BTA Champ Show


Good luck to everyone entered tomorrow at the. championship show. Hopefully we will have a photo of the Best In Show winner tomorrow night.

Can You Help Lucy?

Our Lucy is 6 years old, and has just started to have a problem. When she is asleep, she leaks urine. We understand this is the result of her being spayed. We have experienced this before in one of our Great Danes, who we administered drops of Propalin each day to solve the problem. However, after a visit to our local vet today, we were advised to give one pill named Incurin each day. These are quite expensive compared to the drops we used before, and we wondered if anyone else has this problem and if so what advise they were given. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. This photo was taken recently on a visit to Wells next the Sea, Norfolk.
Regards Chris & Rod


Thank you Rod and Chris, Lucy is not an old bitch and I would not have thought spaying would be the problem. My Chelsea can’t go all night, she is spayed but at 15  put it down to her age. She certainly had no bladder problems at 6 years of age.

Winnie the Pooh-dle and the other mutts who are dyeing to show off Read more:


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Thanks to Stuart For The Link

News: RSPCA Closes Investigation in to Cross Hills Dog Deaths

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13 October 2011

Book Your Pitch For LKA Or Crufts

Hello Bloggers with caravans or motorhomes. Eileen has been buying a new one, fancy at that. It was one spotted when Eileen was out in NZ.


For those of you that are planning to go to either LKA in December or Crufts in March next year and are planning to stay a couple of nights the Chapel Lane Caravan Club site still has sites available that can be booked. See some of you there. The Makems

Thank you Derek a good view from that motorhome i wonder what it is like inside?

Mork After Rabbit Lunch


But where is Mindy?

Kennel Club News


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12 October 2011

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers, we were away camping at South Wales Kennel show in Builth Wells over the weekend. There were lots more people camping this year and there were lots more electric hook ups so I was able to put up my fairy lights and used the dragon bunting to support Wales in the Rugby World Cup.


The game against Ireland was on TV at 6 o'clock in the morning and there were people walking their dogs very early and during half time. The match was over before the show was due to start but then England were playing France. Two of the stall holders had televisions with them and attracted lots of spectators. They were having to rush back and fore to serve customers and catch a glimpse of the action. There were frequent announcements of the score on the tannoy system. Unfortunately the result didn't go England's way and they had to return home early. Let's hope all those fans get behind Wales this Saturday. I hope the BTA manage to provide a television at their show because Wales are playing France in the semi finals at 9.30am.


On Sunday we were third in the ring and Solo was NOT impressed - in fact he went to sleep on the grooming table! It's a pity more people didn't enter. I know things are difficult at the moment but Peter did travel a very long way and this type of show gives the opportunity to develop new Judges and for younger dogs to do well in their classes. This is practically true of puppies as there is a Puppy Group at SWKA and unfortunately there wasn't a Bedlington there. It was good to see Elwyn at the ringside once again supporting us. He bought some new blades for his clippers as he's doing a great job of grooming his dogs. Hope to see some of you at the BTA. Good luck to all those taking part. Enid

Thank you Enid, there must have been a lot of excitement on the show ground with everyone listening and watching the rugby. A very well done to Peter for traveling all that way to judge just five dogs. It is a shame more of the Welsh contingency were not able to enter. Unfortunately with the price of fuel people  think twice about entering long distant shows. 

Kennel Club suspends testing dogs for banned substances


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11 October 2011

Pixie’s First Bath!


Seaofiron Topsy Turvy aka Pixie has her first bath. Mathew

Thank you Mathew Pixie looks just a little bedraggled and not very happy but I am sure she looked beautiful once dry and brushed

10 October 2011

Congratulations To Twister!


Yildiz Twister took his 3rd CAC and became BOS at Terrier Club Show October 8 2011... 10 months old.. His 3rd official show :) Judge at this show was Mr Martin Phillips – UK Ewa

Congratulations Ewa, this young dog has had terrific start to his show career!

Out On Exmoor


This lovely natural photo is of “Brough”  ownerd by Brian Andrews and bred by Mathew Wills . Brian is a  sculpture living in Devon  whose beautiful  bedlington models are prepared to the  ancient RAKU firing method.


Foe details of theses lovely models please contact Mark Walshaw treble99@mwalshaw.fsnet.co.uk

On The Beach In Cornwall


Thanks to Pat for the photo, apparently not great weather but Leo and Larry enjoyed their beach romps!

Summary Of Entries Midland Counties

Summary of entries - 31dogs 35 entries
Thanks to Enid for the info

A North East Weekend

Hello Bloggers,
How a weekend can change here in the North East


Friday nice and sunny so took the dogs for a walk around the river at Durham home of The Prince Bishops. Plenty of folk about with the usual interest in the dogs and another chance to promote the breed.


Then along came Charlie, brother of Mary's Mavis and Ben. This is his second hair cut so starting to take shape, however his misses doesn't want him to have tassels, Ahhhhhh!!!!! Still he's a lovely lad.


Saturday, well! what a difference in the weather, why do we live in the North East?? Mary can you build us a house in sunny Norfolk??. Anyhow as the oldest daughter and one of grandbairns were both in the Kielder races this weeknd I took the chance to call at Alwinton Shepherds Show.

Considering Alwinton is well up in the Cheviot Hills and at the end of the road type of thing I was quite surprised as to how big this show is. There was a small Terrier show but no classes for Bedlingtons, maybe next year. There were a few Bedlingtons about the show field and did encounter a well know face, it was Wor Tony, Sarah's other half, no dogs as Tony was doing his Dry Stone Wall demo's.



Here we have Sol the junior racer at Kielder along with some very bedraggled Makem Bedlingtons. Sol managed 5th out of 20 odd runners so not bad.


This is the winner of the Kielder Marathon 2011, he must have been at least 10 mins. ahead of the next runner and considering the weather on the day some feat. Any body fancy doing a sponsored Kielder Marathon for Bedlington causes, I'll drive round on the medics buggy.Ta! Ta! folks, The Makem

As they say “what a difference a day makes” lovely blue skies and then soggy and wet. I love the photo of the bedraggled bedlingtons, much nicer to see the dogs  as working terriers  rather than  highly groomed  for the show ring. The winner of the marathon looks to be very tall and have extra long legs. Congratulations to young Sol a very good result for this young athlete.