30 November 2011

Good Morning From Wales

mmmmBefore Grooming


Good morning, Bloggers, this is Millie after Tim had given her a good haircut. It won't take long to grow back and should be better than ever. Tim and Julie have just come back from a short break in Portugal. His son had booked it but couldn't go so they went instead.
We had a good day at the Barry and Penarth Show on Sunday. Solo was best AVNSC and then went on to win Terrier Group 1 so we had to stay for BIS which was won by a very nice Japanese Chin. (Not as nice as the Bedlington!!!!) It was a good thing that we had entered the others NFC as my dog sitter from next door has got himself a part time job in Pizza Hut while he studies for his A Levels. Larry was a bit miffed that he didn't get to go into the ring- he loves showing off. While we were there we were told by one of the stewards that he had seen two Bedlingtons walking in Risca so that must have been Maria with Morgan and Ester. Someone else, with cocker spaniels, told me that they go to ringcraft in Camarthen with a Bedlington -must be Clifford and Pat with Ecco's daughter.
Good luck to all those showing at West Midland Terrier on the weekend.

barryshow 015

Thank you Enid Milie looks fantastic and it won’t take long before her coat grows back. She must have been very uncomfortable wearing that matted fleece!. Well done to Solo for his group1!

29 November 2011

Guess Who?



I think these two Beddys have had their heads in the coal scuttle!
Clue: J&S

Midland Musings From Jane

There,s not a lot going on here at the moment. Arthur & Erin continue to grow at a pace and getting into even more trouble. Last night Arthur took it in to his head to try DIY by removing the kitchen wallpaper, whereas Erin took a vantage point from on top of the kitchen table!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard not to laugh whilst wringing your hands in despair.
On a different subject, Trevor and Maya found a stray while out for their Sunday morning walk and a strange one at that! Hidden among the leaves on a path close to the canal was a rather large Bearded Dragon. Needless to say he didn't look too happy, being a native of Australia a frosty morning in Worcestershire would have soon seen his demise. So once the dogs were back home Trevor returned to collect the rather sickly looking reptile and put him in the sunny porch to warm up. This most definitely did the trick as by the time I came home from work he had vacated the bucket to explore his surroundings. Later, as we were waiting for an RSPCA officer to collect him, he was moved upstairs, his box on the radiator which he seemed to enjoy and became quite animated again. So it goes to prove, you should always keep your eyes peeled while out and about as you never know what you might find. I just hope his owner is found or he is found somewhere warm to live lol Jane xxx

bearded dragon

Goodness Jane I wonder where he came from. Was he tame, looks like a reptile that size could give a nasty bite? Little bit of warmth was obviously what he needed to regain his strength, lucky Trevor  saw him in the undergrowth, it was very cold yesterday morning!

Dog News: Family dog stolen five years ago returns on the 37 bus


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Polly Makes The Final Cut!


I was so pleased that Julie gave us a first on her first appointment to judge.  Julie looked an old hand at the job and was very professional in her approach to the judging. Polly was also pulled out in the final seven for best in show didn't get anything but was good being in the final line up.  We always enjoy the sporting terrier shows especially Manchester. Dot

A very well done to Julie, it is fantastic to have more breed specialists taking judging appointments.

Odie Update


Well Odie is nicely settled in the house now, that's him 5 months old.
It's getting very cold and windy here. The dogs are going to start wearing little coats soon! Lucy and Odie go for plenty of walks across the fields here and have plenty of opportunity to get thoroughly mucky........ thank goodness for vax machines. Looking forward to Odie's first Christmas with us. I wonder what he wants from Santa ? Debbie

Thank you Debbie, hasn’t Oddie grown up he looks a real teenager! I know what you mean about muddy paws, living in the country and 5 dogs in the house I seem to spend a good part of each day with a mop in hand.

28 November 2011

Yesterday At Manchester Sporting Terrier

Judged  By Julie Oxbury


1st.Shorroks. Doehey Queen of Hearts. BOB
2nd McNallys. Airview Cristal Clear
3rd Brooks. Doehey Heartstrings


A few photos I took at Manchester Sporting terrier show yesterday from my mobile. Only 3 in attendance. I didnt show as was judging other breeds It was a very enjoyable day, as the Sporting terrier shows usually are. Mark



Thank you Mark and well done to Dot and Polly!

27 November 2011

Who Would Have Thought!!!!


Hi Everyone,
Well who would think that time would fly passed so quickly today (25 November). It,s three years since Tony Waller phoned us up about a little blue Bedlington girl!  We picked her up from just north of Newark from a rescue kennels where a nice lady called Val had saved her by an hour from death row. Little did we know she would blossom into a Princess and within 18 months fly through her good citizens bronze, Silver and Gold awards,  be 1/3 of the K9 Marshal Crew and marshal on motorsport events, be an active member of the Whitchurch Dog Display Team, go fishing and have a brother as good as Jazz Man. She has  a family who loves her so much and  takes her out for a nice walk every day come rain or shine! Three years on this little Bedie girl is loving life to the max, this little Bedie girl is our little Sapphire. To this day I'm greatfull to Val for saving little Sapphire and to Tony Waller for telling us about her, to me she is my very special super girl and we love her to pieces and so does our Jazz Man. Today the K9 Marshal Crew have had a special walk, tea, lots of cuddles and love for her 3rd anniversary of being with us bless her fury little socks!!



Thank Ian, the stars on the blog are all those special people who give a home to a rescue bedlington. What a success story, little Sapphire has achieved more than most dogs in the short time she has been with you, well done! It is wonderful to see Sapphire happy and enjoying life once again. its all down to you and the family!!

26 November 2011

Jasper was 11 Yesterday!


Jasper was 11 yesterday. He and Fosbury had a blog pork pie to celebrate but unfortunately they scoffed the pies before we could get the camera ready! All the best Martin and Julie


Thank you Martin and Julie Fosbury and Jasper obviously really enjoyed their birthday treat. A very happy birthday to  Jasper.

OAP’s Today



A very happy 7th birthday today to Larry and Parker, love from mummy Fudge.

23 November 2011

Handsome Whippet Boy Looking For Bedlington Girl For Love!!!

WilburMy name Is Wilbur 

Wilbur is almost two and a KC registered whippet who we would love to mate with a Bedlington bitch. He has a wonderful, gentle character and been brought up with our 2 young boys aged 2.5 and 4 years. We live near Chipping Norton but would be prepared to travel and ideally would like a puppy some time next year. Thank you very much in advance for putting the info on your blog and also for keeping an ear out for anyone you may come across who may be interested. Many thanks and Kind Regards Henny Haworth-Booth 07812 085912


Thank you Henny,  how could any pretty bedlington girl resist such a handsome loving young man! Hopefully a mate can be found.

Home waiting!

I got your address from the Bedlington Pictures website. I saw the post re Milly - a young Bedlington Terrier who has just found a new home with Janet and Barry in Worthing.  Coincidentally, I also live in Worthing and am looking for a young female Bedlington and I wondered if you could keep me in mind should you hear of another. I have already given my details to Frances Fuller but so far no luck. Many thanks and best wishes Lesley Drayton

Thank you Lesley we will certainly contact you if we hear of a young bitch that is needing  a new home. I don’t know of any just at this moment. 

First Dog World TV Broadcast Tonight

The programme is an hour in length was  filmed at The City Of Birmingham Championship show and includes the highlights of each group plus best in show. Around the Dog World is presented by Marina Scott and includes expert analysis by Simon Parsons and Andrew Brace. The programme will go out at 10pm on Wednesday November 23,   Horse and Country TV, available on Sky, channel 280.


Genie winning Best of Breed at the City Of Birmingham Championship Show. Tonight’s programme should feature Genie winning Terrier  Group 2

Good Morning From Wales

Tenerife 2011 and dogs 039

Tenerife 2011 and dogs 041

Good morning Bloggers. Here is a picture sent to me by Tim of 2 year old Milly before he trimmed her. She was with him because her owner wanted to rehome her. She was well in herself but very badly matted so Tim had to take everything off as he couldn't get a comb though her fur.
Last friday I had an email from Janet and Barry in Worthing who had recently lost their 14 year old Bedlington and were looking for a bitch about one and a half years old. I gave them Francis Fullers number as I didn't know that there was a little bitch with Tim. On Saturday I was out collecting for Lifeboats in Merthyr (we're 25 miles from the sea but I am the chairperson of the branch and have been doing it since the 1970's) when I bumped into Kevin and Deborah Mumford. I mentioned the couple looking for a dog and he told me about Milly as his dog, Sam, Bakabaks Bold as Brass, was the father. He is also the father of Stuart's champion Harry. As soon as I got home at 4 o'clock I rang Tim only to find that the dog was already on its way to Worthing! The couple are friendly with Mary McEarlan (president of the Bedlington Terrier Association) she had told them to ring Tim as he used to do a lot with rescue. He was the first person they had contacted and so they jumped in the car and came up to Wales straight away. She has made herself quite at home and her tail hasn't stopped wagging. She spent Saturday evening snuggled up on the chair with Barry. She is going to visit Mary shortly which will undoubtedly bring a smile to Mary's face. It quite amazing how small the Bedlington world is and how caring people can be. We're off to Barry and Penarth Show on Sunday - no Bedlingtons so Solo is in AVNSC. Enid

Thank you Enid this is just a lovely story with a happy ending. Do hope Janet and Barry send a picture of Millie in her new home, As you says there are some wonderful people in the bedlington world. We would all like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in rescue and the families that rehome one one of these needy dogs!
A very good luck to Solo the show next weekend.

22 November 2011

Felt Lavender-stuffed Bedlington


Hello, there!
I had some dried lavender that I needed to use up at home, so I decided to make a felt, lavender-stuffed Bedlington using a grooming guide as a pattern for cutting the fabric. Although it is not a real Bedlington, I thought I'd send you a picture of it because I have long loved Bedlingtons and have so very much appreciated your terrific blog. Many sincere thanks to Ms. Caines and all the contributors who shared their pictures and stories with those of us who merely wish we had a Bedlington. Take good care and many happy returns of the upcoming holiday season. Thank you and take good care, JC

Jeanette who lives in Chicago USA has kindly offered to craft another lavender bedlington bag for me to auction on the blog with the proceeds going to bedlingon rescue and re-homing.

Thank you JC, it is no nice to read that the blog gives pleasure to all  bedlington fans.  This lavender bedlington is just  beautiful, I can tell a lot of time and love went into making such an accurate perfumed bedlington. Very well done and thank you so much for sharing with us..     

21 November 2011

Heir Hunters

Hello Bloggers
Interesting program now on the BBC iPlayer called Heir Hunters. This one is about Britain's first bona fide supermodel Grace Woods. Lived in a flat in London and guess what she had 2 Bedlingtons. Take a look. The Makem

Thank you Derek just had a text from Stuart to say he watched the programme!

Sid and Ted In Rescue




Sid arrived into care with his brother Ted due to their previous owner’s marriage breaking down.

Thank you to Mary and Kizzy for the information. I will contact Frances Fuller from Bedlington Terrier rescue and Re-homing.

Watch Genie Winning Group Two At Birmingham Champ Show



First DOG WORLD TV programme airs next week. The programme called Around the Dog World, was filmed at City of Birmingham. The programme is an hour in length and includes the highlights of each group plus best in show

For more programme information Click HERE.

Gypsy In Florida



Thank you to Mary Lou for the photos of “Gypsy” who was attending a show last weekend. I think “Gypsy” is a bitch  by “Billybob” who was bred here in the UK  and went to live in the Florida  sunshine. 

20 November 2011

Today at Camberley & District Canine Association


Photo from Archives

Congratulations to Chris Harris with Ratzwell Dolly Mixture won today Best Of Breed under Mrs Sharon Ames  and Terrier Group 3 under Mr Stuart Yearley.

FREE exclusive preview of The Crufts Magazine Autumn 2011



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Yesterday At Newton Aycliffe C/S

A great day today at Newton Aycliffe C/S a 520 dog open show.
Janmark Justintime JW Shcm, was 1st in Open & got Best of Breed (judge Nigel Stock).
She went on to win Terrier Group 1 :-) (judge Helen Bakewell)
'VY' also won AV terrier open & went on to win best AV Open in Show (in the money!!) regards, Mark.

Well done to “VY” lots of pretty ribbons and pocket money to take home. A fantastic day winning all those classes!

19 November 2011



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Hello Everyone!

Hello all In Blog Land,


Well it’s almost end of term for little Jazz and Sapphire with their dog training and they are doing well ( even if they cause chaos)!  They really love going training, One of the exercises are stopping when your dog’s half way down a badminton court, sending them away into a square of cones, retrieving a toy through a tunnel, finding a toy that has been hidden from you dog and heal work around a course.
Jazz and Sapphire went for a very nice 6 mile walk for their Birthday down the canal by Whixall Moss, they enjoyed meeting new doggie friends and playing together.By the time they got home, had their teas, they disappeared off to bed tired out from all the excitement. The next day we heard on the weather forecast that it was going to be a clear night so we got our telescope out to do a bit of star gassing and focused the telescope on Jupiter, it was a clear night and you could see Jupiter clearly with the orange rings and 4 of it’s moons. Then we turned to the moon, even Mum and Brian came out to see what we were up to and even looked through the telescope at all the moons creators.


After an hour and a half we packed up and came in for a cupper tea to warm up cause boy was we were cold!  For being so good Jazz and Sapphire had a hide chew as a treat, they retired to their beds and put their paws up to have their chews. They then watched some telly with programs like = Its the dog or me, reruns of Top Gear, and Driving Wars while cuddled up with their Uncle Ian! . They have even said that they cannot wait for the Whitchurch Dog Display Teams Xmas Dinner as they can have  treats for every dog that is a team member, It is so good of them they are even wrapped up nicely and named tagged for each individual dog.  They are then sent to Doggie paws ( the dogs version of Santa Claws) ready for Xmas.  Jazz and Sapphire said that they will write to you all soon. Bye bye for now Ian and the K9 Crew 

Thank you Ian it must be fascinating to view the planets and stars through a telescope. I bet the dogs will enjoy the end of term party, do take along the camera so we can see them open their presents from Santa Paws!.

18 November 2011

NEWS: New Petition Demands Urgent Dog Law Reform


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Akela bedlington

This is a fantastic photo of Akela retrieving water foul. Akela is owned by Matej Hrasko  in Slovakia.

Our Dogs Newsletter


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Erin & Arthur’s Sister


Thought you,d like to see a photo of Erin and Arthurs sister Esther, who lives in Wales with Maria, Alan, Jack and big brother Morgan. Jane

Thank you Jane lovely photo, the pups have really grown up, I think there is a look of mischief on little Esther’s face! LKA will see the first of this year’s pups making their debut in the show ring. With all the new pups born this year the puppy classes are going to be well supported 2012.

17 November 2011

Puppy School Photos



I Just like to share with you couple of Esther’s first puppy school photos! She enjoyed posing for them! Jayne Fletcher

Thank you Jayne, these photos are just beautiful, I love the white background

Mugs From Gweli Pottery In Wales


A Sample of a new item produced by our local pottery, I have ordered some for resale. Frances Fuller (Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re-homing)

16 November 2011

Five Years Old Today


Hello to all of our friends on the Blog
Today we have two Birthdays in the Bedlington world and on the blog and they are 5 years old today, they are 2/3 of the K9 Marshal Crew = Jazz and Sapphire are 5 years old today! They are going out for  special walks today after they have eaten their blog pie and had their cuppa tea (bless their furry little socks) and they are full of mischief today and enjoying themselves. We will write our report soon,

A very happy Birthday to Jazz and Sapphire from everyone, especially Diesel who sends a big kiss. I bet they enjoyed their pork pie tea!

The Bedlington Terrier Association 2012 Calendar


bta 2

2012 Calendars Now Available

Profits from the calendar go to Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Re-homing. To save on postage Judy can take calendars to LKA in December.

Priced at £10.00 each, plus pp of £2.00 (up to 2 calendars) . Send cheques made payable to The BTA to:

Mrs J.E.Thompson, Mayfield, Minety, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 9QY
Enclosing the address of where you would like the calendar sent.Tel/Fax 01666 860204 or e-mail jetsway1@tesco.net