31 December 2012

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all the Bloggers from Enid, Hefin and the Pengerrig Gang!

Happy New Year !

South Cambridgeshire-20121231-00344

Don't think we can stay awake until midnight?' Mavis and Nigel.

They are not the only ones who will be asleep before midnight.

Issac Has A Full Time Job


I just thought i would bring you up to speed with Issacc seeing as i do not show him anymore.
Well it’s work work work with him, out lamping with the lurchers and digging with his pals on permission land. Plenty of ferreting and ratting at the local allotments. Yesterday morning it was off to the North Yorkshire Moors for a spot of ferreting in the snow.i must admit it beats the hell out of standing on a table and walking in a triangle. Billy
Thank you Billy I know Issacc would much prefer to get dirty out in the countryside to being bathed, groomed and spending a lot of the day in a cage.

News: Could Dogs Help Heal Trauma Stress?


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30 December 2012

Summery Of Entries For Boston

Bedlington Terrier 14 dogs making 19 entries

Boxing Day Walk


The run up to Christmas has been busy, but now it’s all a bit quieter. We always like to have some good walks over Christmas and new year, this year mainly on the disused railways, which are cleaner than the paths across the fields. Christmas Day was so wet and dreary that it was too gloomy to take photos on the path from Leadgate to Stanley. Boxing Day was better and we had a nice walk near to Consett. Every so often there is something to remind us of the industrial heritage. When we got home, we were all nice and relaxed and Ossie was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up. Happy new year to all our blog friends. Sarah, Tony with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper
Thank you Sarah, the disused railway paths make ideal walking this weather especially when you have 16 paws  to exercise and wash the mud from. 
Does anyone know what the orange monster was used for? It looks looks like some sort of hopper.  

One last Playtime


China went back to visit Stuart and Angela today, and had a great time playing with her brother. He is a gorgeous boy, and has gone home with his new mum and dad this evening. Louise
Thank you Louise I bet the pups had a great time together. I know the house will feel strange for Angela and Stuart without their little ball of fun. It is always sad to say goodbye to the last pup in the litter.

29 December 2012

Lost Bedlington

Jack Is Missing From Sherrif Hill, Gateshead, North East
Click HERE for details.

Spennymoor Jan 5th

Just wondered if anyone has any info for Spennymoor show next week. I have misplaced my schedule with venue and times on etc..Can't seem to find anything online for it
Jayne. Fletcher

Results From Luton


BOB Nicki with  Burmington Truly Blue (Yuva)
BP   Christine with Bluesmurf Glory Daze (Lucy)
Puppy Stakes   Nicki with Burnington Reet Petite ( Chino) was award 3rd place out of 15 puppies judged.
Congratulations to Nicki and Christine.

Meet Millie


Hi, have been reading the blog for a while since we got our first Bedlington, Millie in November and i thought id share some photos with you! Millie has enjoyed her first Christmas here in North Wales. Cerys

Thank you Cerys, Millie is just gorgeous do send us lots of updates,  puppies grow and change daily over their first six months. Millie has the cutest innocent face but I bet she is very naughty and playful like all bedlington babies, enjoy her while she is tiny.


28 December 2012

Benny Looking For A home



Click HERE for contact details
Thank you to Marie Ovenden for finding this poor bedlington on the internet. I don’t have any information but will pass the contact number to Frances Fuller Bedlington Rescue and Re-homing

Team Janmark 2nd In The Breeders Competition Points

For those of us who do not take part in the KC Breeders Competition it is easy to lose track of how those who do have performed.

The Leader Board for the 2012 competition is currently headed by Lireva Pomeranians with 158 points. Second on the Leader Board are Jan and Mark Walshaws Janmark Bedlingtons with 105 points closely followed by Holbain Irish Water Spaniels with 104 points. The next highest score is 85 points. The grand final will be held in the main arena at Crufts on Saturday 9th March 2013.

Congratulations to Jan, Mark and Paul on such a great performance in showing the flag for our breed, and good luck for the grand final which is to be judged by Michael Coad.
Derek Owen

Thank you Derek Many congratulations to Jan, Mark and Paul, a really great performance we will all keep everything crossed for a good result at Crufts. It is so special to see bedlingtons at the top of the leader board in this prestigious competition. 

Today At Ashbourne


JUNIOR 1st Bluesmurf Glory Days BP, 2nd Burmington Reet Petite  


POST GRADUATE, 1st Burmington Truly Blue, 2nd Tobanie Earth Song


OPEN 1st Sharnor Faithfull Falcon BOB, 2nd Burmington And Me Too RBOB

An extremely long day today with this show having 433 classes. Congratulations Sharon, Christine, Nicki for place in a well entered stakes class, Louise who came along to support us all, and Trudie after a very long day yesterday with  6 hours driving to Lincolnshire and back. Everyone enjoyed a really friendly but tiring day.      

Yuva 3rd Stakes Ashbourne



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27 December 2012

Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog Competition 2012


Ch Bisbee Beachcomber  is the provisional annual breed leader in the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition 2012.

Congratulations to Dorothy and the Bisbee Kennel!

Great Photo From The Lowbrooks

cccccThe Lowbrook pack beg for turkey scraps

I love this photo especially with the pup patiently waiting his turn. I think we have from the right Lucy, Harry, Genie, Cilla, Maurice and the pup?? . 

News from Today at Sleaford

Nicki Kinns with Yuva who went on to win group four out of 11 in the Terrier Group

Christine Worrall with Lucy

Nicki’s Chino was second in the puppy stakes, 

Well done Nicki and Christine 

For Adoption


Pat has just sent me this cute pup who is up for adoption, I don’t  have any more details but you can contact Pat at patriciachapman86@hotmail.com

21 Today!


A very very happy birthday today to our Derek, from all your friends on the blog! Hope Eileen is making you a coke. I am looking forward to seeing some photos, enjoy your day.

26 December 2012

The Breed Connection Website



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Ready For A Day Out In The Fields


This is Ramsey who is just six months old in working trim, he is ready for some serilous action out in the countryside..

Jazz and Sapphire’s Christmas Day


Hello all,
Sapphire and Jazz here, well we hope all of our friends on the Blog are having a great time over Christmas and have got what they wanted., Jazz and I think Uncle Ian is getting better from his bout of chicken pox he has started to tell jokes which are worse than Xmas Cracker jokes! He took us for a special on Xmas day which Jazz and myself enjoyed. We  met up with some of our doggy friends and ran about like mad pups. but Jazz and I could not wait to get back home to see if Doggie Paws had been to drop us off some presents off. We know Uncle Ian had written to him to say what good little Bedies we had been. When we got home we saw some presents for us, Jazz and I were really excited to see what we had got.


We even helped Granny, Granddad and Uncle Ian to open their presents. Jazz and I played with our toys till we collapsed on the window sill on the settee worn out from all the excitement.


We  had a Xmas dinner to which was very nice and we had some of Uncle Ian's trifle for pudding. After all the excitement and full tummies  Jazz and myself had big cuddles from Granny and Uncle Ian and we all fell asleep in front of the telly dreaming of all the fun we had during our Xmas day.
We hope that all our Blog friends had as much fun as we have so for now seasonal Greetings to you all  From Jazz and Sapphire pups (AKA The K9 Marshal Crew) xxxxx

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire, I see Santa Paws made a visit to Ikea for some toy rats, I think these rats must have been the number one must have on the bedlingtons wish list this Christmas. Please to read uncle Ian is back to his normal self and able to take you out to meet your doggies friends. Have a lovely boxing day and best wishes to Ian Carmel and and Brian

24 December 2012

News: Santa Spends Christmas Eve At Battersea


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Photos From Yesterday At Colchester


Mary, Karen and Nicki


Thank you to Sean for the photos, I like your white jacket Nicki!  Just  a short break for Christmas before  the next show with classes “Sleaford” on Dec 27th. 

Happy Christmas from The Ruffsfurze Bedlingtons


Thought you might like to see how Maya’s youngsters are progressing. They were introduced to the garden this week. After initial cautiousness they soon began to explore and even did a little gardening, (as only a bedlington can lol). They love to play with big sister Erin, who adores them. We are hoping to introduce them to the clippers this week, not a job Trevor enjoys but has to be done. I’m sure they will enjoy their Christmas presents, though probably not half as much as the unwrapping of them. Happy Christmas to all at Bedlington Pictures, hoping 2013 is wonderful year for you all. Trevor, Jane and the Ruffsfurzes, (little and large).
Thank you Jane this is just a lovely photo, how lucky you were to get them looking at the camera together! I love the one at the front with the white chest and little white paws. Enjoy tomorrow with lots of fun and chaos, Do send us a photo after their trim, a long job for Trevor with 5 wriggly babies to clip.

23 December 2012

Today At Colchester


Congratulations to Nicki Kinns with Burmington Truly Blue “Yuva” who won Best Of Breed today.

1st Dohey Ace of Hearts (Seamus)

Post Grad
1st. Vakerblue Bacon Butty (Mavis)
2nd Harrisclub Flash Harry (Taz)
3rd Vakerblue Eggie Bread (Barney)

1st Burmington Truly Blue (Yuva)
2nd Seaofiron Where Angels Play

BOB was Yuva and Mavis reserve. This show is not judged on the Group System, so Yuva will have a long wait until they judge BIS. Thanks  Karen

Thank you Karen for the results,

Give Me My Ball!

Barking mad 1

I want to play with that large ball.
I'll bark and it will fall down


After 10 minutes of barking.....
I'll just sit here and wait instead.

Thank you to Sean for he photos, this is so funny,I am surprised Seamus  noticed it so high up, maybe it sparkled in the light!   

22 December 2012

Dog Saves Christmas- SANTA PAWS

I thought Ian Jazz and Sapphire would enjoy this clip!

Flint The Confetti King

The Confetti King

1 puppy + 1 free newspaper + 2 minutes = mayhem Flint (the Confetti King) sends best wishes to one and all  Viv

Thank you Viv  he is so cute and looks a mischievous and fun loving pup  I think he is going to keep you on your toes,  a real time waster! Enjoy they grow up so quickly

21 December 2012

Dora Is A Top Rally Girl


I hope you all have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.  I have sent you a rare pic of Dora.  Denice and myself got invited to Burnley Dog Club Christmas Rally.  I took Dora and Denice took Rosie.  What a start for Christmas as Rosie won veteran and surprise surprise Dora got Best in Rally.  I came home with a  cup, rosette and several 1st cards.  Dora behaved perfectly what a good girl.  Its now upwards and onwards as I have an obedience lesson on Boxing Day for both Dora and Polly. What a way to end a very good year. Best wishes to every one. Dot

Brilliant Dot and Denice what stars Rosie and Dora arel congratulations to you both!!! I have never competed at Rally but luckily have the opportunity to train Rally as  Carmel has given me a fantastic gift, a set of Rally stands and cards, I hope to introduce Rally training  to my obedience class in the New year.



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Christmas Greetings

Do take time to read our Christmas messages which can be found in the index column under “Christmas 2012”. If you would like to add a message with or without a picture just email the greeting to me at caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk  and I will upload it to our special Christmas blog page page.

Have A Starry Christmas and Shinning New Year-737212

News: Dog Food Contaminated With Metal And Plastic


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Pit Bull Owner In Court For Possession Of Fighting Dog
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20 December 2012



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Show Dates With Bedlington Classes

Dec 23rd
Sleaford And District Canine Society
December 27th
Ashbourne And District Canine Society
December 28th
Dec 29/30 December
Worcester And Malvern Canine Society
January 5th
Boston And District Canine Society
January 13th
Manchester Champ Show (No CC’s)
January 17th
City of Cambridge
January 7th
Rugby and District
February 2nd
West Midlands Terrier
February 9th
Maidenhead & District
Feb 16th

FCI Newsletter


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Christmas Greeting Page


If you would like to leave a greeting on your Christmas a message page with or without a photo just email me caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk and I will upload for you!

18 December 2012

Sapphire and Jazz Have A Go At Doing Their Own Report


Hello Every One and to all our friends on the blog. Well uncle Ian has left Jazz and myself in charge of doing this report, he told us that we must not fall out with each other over trying to type in a word on the keyboard, if there is any spelling mistakes we apologies now! Well last weekend Uncle Ian was due to have it off. We had a very nice adventures on the Friday and he helped Jazz and Myself (Sapphire) to finish our Xmas shopping. When we got home we all had our teas, then we relaxed in front of the telly and later Jazz and myself started the play station up and we played a car racing game which was good fun.
The next morning when we awoke OMG it was like waking up to a horror film as poor Uncle Ian was just plain ugly as he had a rash all over him. When he woke up he took us for a quick walk and we all kept out of sight! For the rest of Saturday and Sunday Uncle Ian spent in bed not very well and when our Granny and Ganddad got back from the N.E.C and LKA our granny took Uncle Ian to the human vets where he was said to have the dreaded lurgy and was told by the vet man to stay away from work for at least 10 days and to rest as much as possible. We think our uncle Ian will be board out of his skull! While he was asleep last night Jazz and myself got a couple of black marker pens off of granny and this morning Uncle Ian's back looks like a giant dot-to-dot puzzle. Everybody in the house bar Uncle knows about this but we think Uncle Ian knows now as soon as he reads this. Jazz and myself better find some good hiding places to hide  and sound proofed because of the amount of laughing we are doing.
Run Jazz he is standing right behind us and I can feel him breathing on the back of my neck!  Thank goodness he saw the funny side of it and he just fell about laughing and gave Jazz and myself a treat each and gave us a both a big cuddle. So for now bye bye From Jazz and Sapphire Bedlingtons
P S Get well soon Uncle Ian we miss you're terrible jokes and our adventures together!

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire do hope Uncle Ian is feeling better. He can’t be ill with Santa Paws arriving in a few days time. Do hope it won’t be long before Ian is well enough to take you both out walking. Get well Ian from everyone on the blog.