29 February 2012

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning , Bloggers. Not a lot to report this week except for some traffic information. For those travelling to Crufts via the M50, it is closed from Juction 2 (Ledbury) to the M5 for the next two weekends. We had to come back from MBTC show through Malvern and Ledbury. Tim lives closer to the M4 than us so he went M4/M5. Another alternative is to go from Ross along the A40 and pick up the M5 there. Whatever route you take it's going to add time to the journey. We're second in the ring after 79 Manchester Terriers so it's not crucial to be there at start of judging at nine o'clock.
We've got an excellent team of helpers for Discover Dogs over the four days so don't forget to go along to Hall 3 to say hello.


Tomorrow is St. David's Day and my Red Dragon flag will be out as usual. The grandchildren will be taking part in their school Eisteddford. The younger ones will dress up in Welsh costume although the boys usually wear Welsh rugby shirts these days. We are holding a coffee morning to raise funds to repair the organ in our Chapel and Eleri Darkings is playing the harp. We've all been busy making Welsh cakes, bara brith and teison lap - all traditional cakes from around here.

Thank you Enid, if anyone is going to Crufts do go along to Discover Dogs, meet the bedlingtons and have a chat to a great  team of friendly people who will man the stand over the four days. Chris and Rod Tigh and the bedlingtons, and Nicki Kinns and myself will be at the booth all day Friday. Come and say hello to all the dogs, we are taking Diesel Parker and Yuva.
Enid, have a good day tomorrow, all those lovely cakes!  Do hope your coffee morning raises enough money to repair the chapel organ!!

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show Feb 25

Judge Mr Mark Walshaw
BIS Highdene Hitman At Aireview
Photos By Mr Harvey Bell
Click Here to view 180 photos of the class winners and exhibitors.    

Pedigree Dogs Exposed II – BVA Speaks Out

Pedigree Dogs Exposed Three Years On: still more to be done

Click HERE

28 February 2012

New KC Regulation


Identification required on all dogs’ crates and cages,

Click HERE



Click HERE

A Very Happy Birthday To……


Dorothy, I am not sure of the day but do know it was recent. Hope you enjoyed your special day, lots of love to you from everyone on the blog!.

Gloucester & District Open Show

Very enjoyable day today at Gloucester & District Canine Society Open Show - Eric (Bluesmurf Black Magic) won Junior then went on to win Best Puppy, Best Of Breed, Terrier Group 3 and to cap it all Terrier Puppy Group 1 :)) I am delighted
Christine Worrall

Fantastic news Christine, congratulations! Bedlingtons have been very successful at the open shows this year!

Liverpool Sporting Terrier

On Sunday we ventured over to Liverpool Sporting Terrier, which was a very long day, but very worthwhile. Over 120 terriers entered.
6 bedlingtons were shown, Janmark Misty Horizons JW Shcm (J), won open & was awarded Best of breed.
Janmark Jeremiah (Blue), co-owned & handled by Paul Richardson, was awarded Best puppy in Breed.
Breed judge was Mr S McCardle.
BIS & BPIS was judged by Mr Tom Mather.
J went on to be awarded 3rd Best in Show, stood behind a Sealyham & a Airedale. Blue was awarded Reserve Best Pup in Show, with a Airedale receiving top honours in front of him. Delighted with Blues results so far, at Bury Sporting terrier he was 3rd BPIS, last weekend at Yorkshire Sporting terrier he was again 3rd BPIS & then going one better this week.
regards, Mark

Congratulations Mark. The Janmark team have certainly been the top stars of the Northern Open and Terrier Shows this winter, it is lovely to see the breed being so successful.  

Whitchurch Dog Display Team

The Whitchurch Dog Display Team is based in Whitchurch, North Shropshire - we are the star attraction you need for any show or event.
Typically a display includes obedience, agility, heelwork to music, fun tricks and a spectacular finale with our famous high walk of fire, fire jumps and fire carrying dogs. We have staged hundreds of spectacular displays all over Shropshire and neighbouring counties. Over recent years, we have staged displays at major events further afield With over 30 years success in professionally staging dog displays we know what it takes to entertain any size crowd and pride ourselves in demonstrating what can be achieved with any family pet dog Our 30 plus team members handle over 30 dogs of all breeds from Deerhounds to Jack Russells, working with Crufts qualifying pedigrees to Rescue dogs, Gold Standard Kennel Club Good Citizen to Pets As Therapy dogs.
As we know the display season is about to  commence. Jazz and Sapphire will once again be valuable team members.. Many thanks to bedlington007 for sending me the link to the display team video clip.

MBTC Open Show

Capture 1

Photos Mr Harvey Bell
For the full results click HERE to the MBTC website.
Congratulations to Ralph, Yvonne and Peter. Tune in later this week to the blog for photos of all the exhibitors by Harvey.

27 February 2012

Pedigree Dogs Exposed BBC 4 tonight

Was scheduled BBC 4,  9-10pm this evening! I have missed it but hope to view on iplayer .
Thanks to Viv for the info!

Vote For A Scooter!!!!



Scooter the Beddlington Terrier would love your votes to appear in an episode of Emmerdale...

Click HERE

Thank you to Louise for the link. Let’s give Scooter the best chance of winning and appearing on Emmerdale, do take a couple of minutes to vote for him!

Sad News


It is with great sadness that I send this email to you. Percy, our wonderful 4 year old Bedlington died a month ago and it still breaks my heart to think that he is no longer with us. Percy had featured a few times on you blog pages and I only wish now that I had shared a bit more of his life with all the other wonderful Bedlington Terrier owners who follow your blog.
I first noticed that he was drinking a lot a water towards the end of November and having got another dog who has diabetic I thought "here we go again" ! I took him to the local vet who did various test and the results indicated that he had a liver infection so he was put on anti-biotics for the whole of December with a strict chicken and rice diet and this seemed to decrease his need for water. During that time I noticed a slow weight loss and the occasional bouts of sickness but nothing really to warrant alarm bells. He returned to the vets in January for some more test and a Copper Toxicosis gene test. His results showed that his liver still wasn't performing as it should and the Copper Toxicosis test indicated that he was simple a carried of the gene. It was suggested that he could possible have a portosystemic shunt. Our vet recommended a course of medication to "jump start" the liver and a medicated diet but within the week he had deteriorated so badly that by the weekend he didn't want to go out for a walk and really couldn't be bothered with anything. He started to fit on the Monday and was admitted to the vets overnight and put on a drip and it was recommended that he was referred to a veterinary specialist in liver conditions. My husband and I made a desperate last minute dash on Tuesday 24 January down the A1 to Croft Referral Centre in Cramlington where it became clear to us that very little could be done for Percy. The vet at Croft Referral Centre was very well informed about Copper Toxicosis and explained that Percy's genetic test wasn't as clear cut as it appeared, he was extremely open and honest with us and also doubted that Percy had a portosystemic shunt. Percy was tested and scanned that day and it was discovered that he was in the last stages of liver failure with irregular brain activity. We made the heartbreaking journey back down to Cramlington on Wednesday morning to be with him when he passed away and brought him back home with us to be buried in his favourite spot in the garden.
I still find it very difficult to understand how this savage disease took over Percy so very, very quickly. Since his death I have been trawling through the Internet and discovered that some Bedlingtons can live controlled with this condition and others seem to slip away so quickly just like our Bedlington did. I only wish now that I was more informed about this disease and pushed our own vet to explore the possibility of Copper Toxicosis further by having a biopsy rather than waste precious time trying out different medications. It's also highlight just what a mind-field the gene testing is with the various combinations of genes and markers which build up the genetic picture of Copper Toxicosis. Percy was the second Bedlington I have owned and since his death we have done nothing but talk about having another one or two but I guess I'm just so worried that it will happen all over again, I know the chances are highly unlikely but I just don't want to go through all this heart ache again. Can any of your breeders or followers tell me if there is some kind of data base listing the breeders who are endorsing preventative measures to insure that this disease is eradicated totally from the breed ? With kind regards Fiona Calder

I have just returned from holiday and how upset I was to receive your very sad news. To lose such a young dog to this terrible condition is devastating and we all shares in your sadness!
It seems that some dogs can lead a normal life with CT without their owners knowing their dog have a copper problem, and unfortunately a few  fall sick with liver failure. The current test whatever the result gives no accurate indication to whether a dog will contract CT. It is thought that other faulty gene or genes need to be identified before an accurate test can come into force.

From The Health Group Website
“It looks like we'll have to wait a little while longer as some still further interpretation needs to be performed on the results of the DNA sequencing before we can know the gene(s) involved in the CT dogs.

24 February 2012

Lucy and Ben Pork Pie Time

Lucy.9   Ben.4 Birthday

Here are Lucy and Ben enjoying their birthday pork pies. Lucy is now 9 years old and Ben is 4 years old - I can hardly believe that he has been my friend for over three years. Lucy and Ben really enjoy each others company and cuddle up together so often and always at bedtime.

For their Birthday photo - they are wearing their yellow bandanas that they got for taking part in the 'Waggy Walk' on behalf of the Dog's Trust. Lucy came to us from the Dog's Trust at Roden when she was about 4 years old.
We hope to see all our 'blog' friends at the Fun Day this year as we missed you all in 2011.

Love to all from Dora, Lucy and Ben

Happy birthday both, Jon.

23 February 2012


2012-02-23 17.50.05 (800x600)

Sunset over the Chokko and Agatha’s residence, but what is that in the sky, approaching from the right?


Winter Sunshine

DSCN00622012-02-23 13.22.51 (800x600)

Parker sleeping after doing the business (left pic). Agatha and Chokko enjoying a little bit of Spring sunshine.

22 February 2012

News From Wales



Good morning, Bloggers, I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes yesterday on Shrove Tuesday. It was also Richard Trevithick's Day here in Merthyr Tydfil. On 21st. February 1804, he drove the first steam powered engine in the world along ten miles of tramway. This was twenty five years before Stevenson's Rocket. We went to the opening of the new Puddler's Bridge which crosses the main road on the Trevithick Trail which follows the route taken by the first train. Julien Macdonald, the fashion designer (Star at Debenhams and Kayleigh's favourite) who is from the town cut the ribbon and you can see him with some young cyclists who had come in their specially customised high viz jackets. Just peeping out behind him is Laura Ashley's cousin. Laura Ashley also came from Merthyr. At the side of the trail is a bench with three portraits of important people from the town -Richard Trevithick, Julien Macdonald and Laura Ashley. They are made out of metal. Solo enjoyed all the attention he received from the children and dignitaries present, especially Julien who was very taken by him. Not even the rain could spoil the occasion and all the children were treated to pancakes afterwards.

There's been a nasty flu like bug doing the rounds. We've both had it and Tim failed to go to Devon and Cornwall Show last Sunday because of it. Hopefully, we will be over it by the weekend for the Midlands Show. We've got bacon butties to start the day followed by pie and peas or Ploughman's, with Sandra's trifle, Vicky's apple pie and chocolate fudge cake amongst other things.The AGM is going to be held after the show this year. I hope to see lots of you there.  Enid.

Thank you once again Enid for your contribution. Jon.

21 February 2012

Windsor Championship Show - 28 JUNE - 1 JULY 2012

Windsor Championship Dog Show is now available for on-line entry at www.dog.biz

The show dates are:-
Thursday 28th June - Working and Pastoral
Friday 29th June - Gundog
Saturday 30th June - Hound and Toy
Sunday 1st July - Terrier and Utility

Held at Home Park, Windsor SL4 6HX

Schedule download at: www.highampress.co.uk/download.asp

Online Entries Close: 12 noon on Monday 21st May 2012

Queries/problems with online entries - please telephone 01773 832390

20 February 2012


For those going to Tollerton next weekend via the M62/M1 there are roadworks for about 20 miles, 50mph speed limit.


Thanks Julie. Jon.

19 February 2012

Suffolk Kennel Association


Today at Suffolk Kennel Association Limited Show:

Post Grad

  1. Mary Godden's Mavis
  2. Gay ???'s Barney


  1. Nicky Kinns' Yuva
  2. Mary's Bridget
  3. Viv Rainsbury's Dora
  4. Richard Karen Button's Taz
  5. Kath Tredgett's Freddie

Mavis was BPIB and PG1 and Yuva was BOB and Gp2

Bitterly cold - all dogs and humans frozen but happy! Sorry no "posh" names, but I'm too tight to buy a catalogue and I can't remember them (and sorry, Gaye, for not remembering your surname!) Barney, by the way, is litter brother to Mavis, and a very nice puppy, like his sister.


Thanks for the results Viv. Jon.

Lanarkshire Canine Society

Lanark 2012 (4)

Results from Upperwards of Lanarkshire Canine Society.

Today was well worth a trip up to Lanark. The forecast for Scotland said heavy snow, so we thought we might have had problems getting there, it only snowed for an hour or so, then the sun shone and soon melted it away!

This was the first time we had been to this venue, it is a modern Agricultural Centre, loads of parking & lovely and warm.

Aireview Cristal Blue (Summer) won BOB & Group 1

The McNally's

18 February 2012

Peggy Tall


It is with great sadness that I have to report the recent death of Peggy Tall. Not so active in recent years, Peggy was a great supporter of all things Bedlington, especially the campaign to eradicate copper toxicosis and breed rescue. Not one for the limelight she became a close friend of the late Celia Taylor and beavered away in the background to raise awareness and funds for both. In partnership, and with Ken Bounden's help, they achieved a major success in the show ring, making up homebred Ch Jenash Just A Dreamer (Jason) in the late eighties. Peggy served on a number of committees including the B.T.A. and was always present at Paignton shows where her welcoming smile and friendly chatter were always welcomed by the regulars. One of the backbones of our breed she will be sorely missed.


The Official Word

FAQs for identification of crates/cages - 17-Feb

Introduction The Kennel Club has recently announced that it requires exhibitors to display exhibit/owner identification on their crate, cage or container at all times when attending shows.

17 February 2012

Important Information

As from 16th February a new regulation from the Kennel Club is in force for all dog shows. Everyone will be required to have their ring number attached to their dog crate. So at Crufts we will have to write the number and attach it to the crate, we will not be allowed to use the card provided on the bench. For more information, check out the Midland bedlington Terrier website.


Thank you Enid for the heads up.

3 Generations Leave On Holiday



Happy sailing

Happy Wedding Anniversary


It’s Stuart and Angela's 33rd wedding anniversary today!

Well done guys and a happy day from all your bedlingtonpictures friends.

Guess This Dogs Name


From Mary Lou & The Woofs USA. Can anyone guess this dogs name?

Accredited Breeder Scheme (ABS)

Advice Sheet templates for Assured Breeders - 16-Feb

One requirement of the Scheme are that Assured Breeders must provide detailed advice to new owners on a variety of important topics. To assist with this there are now downloadable advice sheets, (written with the help of the Pet Care Trust, Pet ...

16 February 2012

New film from the Kennel Club 'Dogs - A Healthy Future'


Do I need a hair cut" or something


Derek saw this woolly guy at a show last weekend, but do you know what breed it is? I must say I knew this one as I researched  the breed as an agility prospect. If anyone ever comes across a Hungarian Pumi do let me Know.

Do you know what the oldest Bedlington terrier is?? And who owns it ?

Do you know what the olest Bedlington terrier is?? And who owns it!? I know of a 17 year old. I'm going to try and get a pic today and I shall send it to you.
Matthew, Mouse, Sasca, Blue and Pixie.

Thank you Mathew, bedlingtons can live to a good age, my Fudge is nearly 14 and chelsea 16.   

15 February 2012

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2012 February 15, 2012


Malachy, a Pekingese, won best in show at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show Feb. 14 in New York.

Click HERE to watch BIS video clip

Westminster Kennel Club


To view video of the bedlington judging Click HERE


Congratulations to the winners!

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers, I hope you all enjoyed St. Valentines Day. Our main road was festooned with red heart shaped balloons tied to every gate by the local Church. It was such a lovely sight to see walking the dogs in the morning. There were about 300 of them all together. I don't know when they did it because they were not there when we came home from the AGM of SWKA at nine o'clock.
Tim had the date wrong for Devon and Cornwall Terrier- it's Sunday coming -luckily, he checked before leaving!
Thanks to a link from Linda Freeman on Facebook, we've spent ages watching the Westminster Dog Show. It's interesting to see the difference in trimming and size of the American dogs. I don't know how they qualify for the show. Perhaps someone could fill me in.Enid
Thank you Enid,Tim certainly would have had a long wasted journey, lucky he checked before leaving home. I put a link on to the judging last night but was not able to watch as out internet speed here at night is so low it would not stream the video.


Cat lover jailed for trying to run down dog walkers  Click HERE

Thank you to Andrea for the link.

What A Weekend For The k9 Marshal Crew


Well what a weekend for the K9 Marshal Crew. It all started on Friday ( my day off ) when we all went to a very misty Sleap Airfield and walked two laps of the perimeter road ( 6 miles). We watched the radio control airplane club flying their model planes.  Jazz and Sapphire thought that they were great as they sounded like angry wasps, they stood and watched for some 20 minutes. The model airplanes don't hang around they were moving like hell though the air. When we got back to the car we met our friend Biggles  and checked on his plane, after which  we went to the cafe under the tower and   had a sausage sandwich each with a cup of tea. Jazz and Sapphire enjoyed theirs so much that they wanted mine too, we even saw the air ambulance fly over on its way back to its HQ.

On Saturday we had a lie in till 9:30am, had breakfast with Mum. While Mum relaxed Jazz, Sapphire and myself went for a really nice adventure, we drove to Trevor Mmarina and parked the Bedlington Limo and walked down the canal over the big aqueduct. We walked down the side of the aqueduct to  the bottom to walk along the River Dee to the Cefn Mowr Country park.  Jazz and Sapphire enjoyed looking at all the animals that they had  in the park before heading back along the same route back to the car.  Lots of people stopped us to make a big fuss of Jazz and Sapphire and even some of the people  had heard of two Bedlington terriers who text in to Radio Shropshire. They were surprised when I said that it was Jazz and Sapphire on the radio, they will be listening out for them in the future, When we got home Jazz and Sapphire had a special tea for being so good on their special walk then they relaxed by watching some of my rally DVDs.

On Sunday morning  we are off to dog training to get ready for the display season, after training I will take Jazz and Sapphire up Haughmond Hill Nr Shrewsbury for another nice walk before we go and storm, I.e. gate crash my step sister’s house  as its  my step- nephew’s Birthday Party, Jazz, Sapphire and myself have agreed to eat all the sausages, the Birthday Cake and yes you guessed it the Trifle!!!  We will look at everyone outside in the cold  and finish the rest of the food off (ha ha ha.). When we get home we will put our paws up and  watch our favourite TV program of the week “Top Gear”. We will do another report for you all soon from Jazz, Sapphire and Ian aka The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you Ian hope you did not eat to many sausages and bowls trifle! Talking about trifle I shall definitely miss Sandra Waller’s trifle at the MBTC show in a couple of weeks time. If you are going to the show make sure you don’t miss out on her delicious pud!

14 February 2012

A Very Happy 6th Birthday Today To Agatha

2012-02-05 10.55.16

Today is Agatha's 6th birthday. Here is a photo of her and her valentine, Chokko, waiting to see what presents the postman is going to bring! Louise

Thank you Louise they are certainly looking  eagerly at something or someone! Hope the postman did not disappoint and they had a lovely day and special birthday tea.

Westminster Kennel Club Show USA


Today is terrier day at this very prestigious show. The judging has commenced and you can watch the judging live form their website. As I write this you can watch the Kerry Blues being judged. Bedlingtons have not yet been exhibited
Click HERE to watch live the judging!

American Kennel Club Gazette


Click HERE for the Bedlington Terrier Article  written by Laurie Friesen in this month’s digital form of the AKC Gazette.

Be My Valentine


To all our bedlington friends!!

Do You Know Of An Adult Bedlington That Needs A Home?

Does anyone know of an adult (any age) Bedlington in need of a permanent home? There is a wonderful home waiting here in Norfolk, with two really lovely people. They've recently borrowed one of my dogs for a few days, to make sure that this is the right breed for them (one of them is a bit allergic to short-haired breeds) and are now really keen to share their home. Can anyone help? Please get in touch if you can. Viv Rainsbury (viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com)

Thank you Viv, I don’t know if Benji at Battersea is still looking for a home, Chris Harris on  01483 472823 will have up to date details..


Bramble Meets Mikey & Barney

    bramble2012 697                                      Bramble with Penshaw Monument in the background.

Hello bloggers,  me and Bramble went to Herrington Country Park (Sunderland) to meet up with a friend and his wife (Gordon and Elizabeth) and their 2 Beddlington x's Mikey and Barney, (2 rescue dogs) who would be meeting Bramble for the first time.

bramble2012 694

It was a nice day, fair weather and mild, and the dogs had acres of space to run and chaser each other. Barney and Bramble hit it off straight away, running after each other and sniffing all the different scents around. Mikey was a little more wary, staying close to Elizabeth and wondering who this strange new dog was. Barney was like a rocket, running around and then would change direction and run straight towards us (and a couple of times into us) so Bramble soon picked up his pace and they were teasing each other as to who could run the fastest and keep up.  Mikey decided that he was'nt going to miss out on all the fun so off he went to sniff out bramble and enjoy some running and chasing too. Bramble had met 2 great new friends who he really liked. Only problem was he liked Barney a little bit too much......and tried to mount Barney on a few occasions, but Barney just shrugged off his advances and they remained friends.
Really good walk, and will meeting up again in the near future. Karen and Bramble.
Thank you Karen it is fun catching up with Doggie friends on a walk. Bramble certainly had a great time, able to run free and play chase with his new friends. I love having blog letters of  dogs enjoying life to the full.   

13 February 2012

A Very Happy Birthday Yesterday To……

Ken Bounden, lots of love to you Ken from everyone at  Bedlington Pictures!


Yesterday At The Grooming Seminar


Despite nearly losing her voice Sharon  was terrific yesterday. Sharon demonstrated the art of bedlington  grooming to  newcomers as well special tips to those of us who groom our dogs for the show ring.



Diesel drools as John dunks his digestive at tea time!



We all enjoyed a terrific home cooked lunch from Chief Cooks “Chris, Sarah Judy and a dedicated team of helpers. It was lovely to catch up with friends and to meet Jane with Tess who is gorgeous,  we all cooed and had a cuddle!  Also lovely to meet Hazel and her family who are thinking about having a bedlington puppy.   

Jarrow & Hebburn Open Show

Post Grad
1st Janmark Jermiah BP & group 2 puppy
2nd Honeymist Mellow Tone In Bluemazza
1st Janmark Justintime BOB & group 2
2nd Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu
AV Terrier Whisper came first of 6
Well done Mark and Paul
Julie Oxbury

Thank you Julie well done to everyone!

Ashington & District Show

Saturday  was Ashington & District show with 3 Bedlingtons being shown

22Here we have TJ Makems Caught In The Act who came 2nd in in Post Grad

!cid_15E80F93-E088-4F43-81F5-4B6AA4D40C1DOnce again TJ, he's a lovely lad even though we are biased


Here we have all the entered dogs, from the left, TJ, Summer, Aireview Cristal Blue ShCM who was Best Of Breed and on the right Esther, Nicnasus Sparkling Diamond who was 1st in Post Grad and Best Pup. Only her 2nd show.

!cid_C263DD6C-1FA7-4D69-AC42-5B78CD39784EJayne with Esther and her rosettes.


The last photo is John with Summer. Well done to all. The Makems

Thank you Derek for the lovely photos, well done to everyone and   especially Esther puppy at her second show..