31 March 2012

Results Today From Northern Sporting Terrier


1st Honeymist Mellow Tone in Bluemazzu
2nd Seaofiron Topsy Turvy
Post Grad:
1st Polly Pocket In Bluemazzu
1st Gnejnabay Solo Starboy
Gnejnabay Solo Starboy

Issacc was not placed for BIS but Honeymist Mellowtone In Bluemazzu came 4th in BPIS

Congratulations to Billy and Eileen with best puppy!

Results From Today At National Bedlington


Best In Show…                                          Mark Walshaw with Janmark Misty Horizons JW
Resevre and Best Opposite Sex             Kath Hall with Palm Of The Desert
Best Puppy                                                Walshaw & Richardsons. Janmark Jeremiah.

Congratulations to the Janmark Team and Kath Hall

Today Is The …..


National Bedlington Terrieer Club Open Show, good luck and have a enjoyable day to all those taking part. Also good luck to Billy and everyone at another open show today. I Hope to have the main results on the blog this evening

Jasper And His Favourite Ball


We all enjoyed ourselves at Crufts, but it was very busy and hectic and we were glad to get back to the usual routines. The dogs were very pleased to come home, and had a good roll on the rug and their sofa when we got home. Jasper is very fond of his toys and wasn’t sure which to play with first. His absolute favourite is a bald tennis ball, and he really missed it. He has been taking it to bed at night, and here he is making sure that he doesn’t forget to pack it for his next holiday. Best wishes Sarah
Thank you Sarah, what a lovely photo the bald ball looks to be a real comforter and a very special possession! Hope Jasper remembers to bring it along when camping for the Fun Day weekend 

29 March 2012

If the Characters in Downton Abbey Were Portrayed by Canine Actors, What Breeds Would They Be?


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Weekly News


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Cotton's First Spring


Here is a picture of Cotton trimmed earlier in the month (time for another trim already!). And here is Cotton learning about gardening as it is her first Spring. She had lots of fun running off with the gardening gloves! She was no help with digging either, digging is reserved for nice things like the carpet and the sofa so hopefully our new flowers will stand a chance espeically with this nice weather.
You may remember earlier in the month that I emailed the blog about her itchy skin. Well we've cracked it! Her paw chewing habit has been broken using bitter apple spray and a cone at night and when we're out and now we don't need to use either. She is also a lot less itchy thanks to a supplement called Yumega Plus. We have now started attending Rally Obedience classes and she has been having a great time! She loves all her friends there both four legged and two legged. Her progress has been brilliant and it definitely helps her obedience in general too, she was good before but now she's fantastic...although now she's found her voice but we're working on that too of course ;)
Emma (aka EJ) & Cotton x


Thank you Emma, lovely to catch up with “Cotton” and to hear her itchy skin has cleared up. Good luck in your Rally Obedience. I think this discipline is new in the UK, but it’s a very popular form of training in the USA governed by the American Kennel Club where dogs compete for titles..  

Congratulations to……

012[4]Photo from archive

Trudie with Tammie who gained her Kennel club Good Citizen Bronze test this week. It is fantastic to hear about all the bedlingtons taking part and being successful in this very worthwhile scheme.

28 March 2012

Mature Bedlington Terrier For Adoption

We have a 3 year old Bedlington dog to offer to a good owner only, his name is Tupper and he would make a great companion for someone needing a dog for company. He has a good temperament and is very friendly. He is used to children.

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I found the advert this evening, hope he finds a good home soon!

Alliance meets KC - latest

Three members of the Canine Alliance met this afternoon at The Kennel Club with Kathryn Symns and Caroline Kisko. The meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes during which both parties listened carefully to the other's point of view


News: Choking Dog Saves Its Own Life By Dialling 999

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Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. It's been really warm and sunny here for the past week and the dogs have spent hours sunbathing in the garden. We had a visit from new girl on the block, Tilley. She is ten month old liver and lives with Anita and Eric in Swansea. She had a whale of a time playing with our dogs, racing round and round. Fizz hasn't exerted herself so much for ages! They would have loved to have come to the Fun Day but they'll be on holiday in their caravan. They've met Madeline and Thandi on the beach so are going to the same groomer. The first one they went to shaved Tilley down all over so it's work in progress to get her looking OK.
We'll be at the National Bedlington Terrier Open Show on Saturday and, hopefully, there will be a few of you there to catch up with. I'll have schedules for Terrier Club of South Wales with me if you want one. The show is on 6th. May at the Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre and there are three Bedlington classes. There is always a warm welcome for everyone at this show as Louise will testify. You can also download a schedule from the Terrier Club of South Wales page on Facebook. Good luck to all those entered on Saturday
. Enid

Thank you Enid, how nice to see a liver baby, do hope Eric and Anita send us some photos. Fizz has obviously found an new female soul mate and having fun, boys can be such a bore!  Good luck to you and everyone showing on Saturday, we won’t be at the show but hope someone will phone me through the main results.

We Say Goodbye To Jed

jedCrufts 2002

Sadly Frances Fuller’s Jed (Scarlett Emperor Of Plashett) passed away this week.. Jed had a long happy life and was used at stud many times to working and show dogs. His latest babies are just two week’s old and Jed is daddy to my Diesel and Stuart’s Maurice. He has produced lovely pups with super coats which has carried on down his line to Yuva his granddaughter and many of his offspring.. Jed has always been a real favourite and will be remembered  by many of us

27 March 2012

Bedlington On Tonight’s BBC1 programme “The Syndicate”

Ian just phoned to say Carmel has just seen a bedlington at the beginning of tonight’s episode. I missed it as Jon was watching Alcatraz!.

Another Pre Fun Day Event

Another get day out awaits those camping or staying in the local area, who are real foodies! Besides three open shows  (Redditch, Hereford, New Forest & Christchurch) all with bedlington classes, Wellsbourne Market and our walk and barb e que, you can visit the food festival about 40 minutes drive from Brailes.
There is nothing than Alcester likes better than putting out the bunting, closing the High Street to traffic and having a ball. And the Alcester Food Festival is going to be the best excuse for a good day of fun. Go and say hello to Chokko and Agatha’s mum and dad who will be selling their lovely chopping boards on one of the stalls in the high street.
Click HERE for more details.

List so far for those joining in the Saturday walk / Barb e que from Brailes village hall.
Lesley & Jon
Derek & Eileen
Andy and Nicky
Carmel and Ian
Karen, Nigel & Kieran
Mary and Nigel
Ed & BecsSally and Sean
Email me for more details or leave a note in the comments if you would like to join us.
For those requiring local  B & B  image
Room prices start from £30 and a warm welcome awaits you, For more information contact Maggie Cripps on: Tel: 01608 685226 (also fax) ≈ or Mobile: 07977 704240
The George Brailes  Click HERE for details


North East Natter, Ferreting in Boston


It was off to Boston at the weekend for a spot of ferreting with my cousin.I took Issacc and Minnie as I wanted the old girl to teach Issacc a few tricks to rabbit hunting.The land we were on was near stables, the rabbits had to go as the owners worried about the horses breaking their legs in the burrows..It was not the best of days as unfortunately only caught 4 all day but the weather made up for it. Once once the fog had cleared it was up to 17deg! .We had one bolter so Issacc was off after it but he lost it. The rabbit had squatted down it bolted and flew past Minnie who spotted it and within ten foot she nailed it with a leap, grabbed it and did a sumersault. I  can still see her on her back with the vermin well held, the old girl still has a keen hunting instinct. The poor old girl felt it afterwards, she is no spring chick any more, I think it’s time to retire her.Issacc has come on so much now  Billy

chris with ferret

issacc minnie

Thank you Billy the dogs look tired bet they slept all the way home after a very busy and exciting day!

And Here He Is!!!

skeggy 1

Mr Yearley in his bathers at Skeggy.  What a bonny young man you were!! 

k9 Marshal Crew Lend A Helping Paw

Hello all,
Well as promised here is Sapphire and Jazz's report. After a busy week the dogs helped their Uncle Ian do up a trailer, to go behind their Bedlie Limo for when they go on their camping trips and their tours around the country. We repainted the trailer which came together well, all we need to do now is the electrics and get a trailer cover made for it, then it will be ready to roll. Saturday we set of at 4:30am in thick fog to Dyfi Forest to marshal on this years Bulldog Rally, the first cars through were the historics, then the clubman class, then the big boys in the Subaru's etc. The historics made a second run through our stage. One of the clubman entrants crashed out of the event into scrub land,  the car was set to go no further for it was stuck solid in-between trees.  Sapphire,Jazz and myself ran to assist, thankfully the crew were unhurt, we  helped the driver and co-driver to get up the bank to the stage road. and to get both of then a cold drink from our limo, which they were really grateful for!

The day was nice and sunny and warm just like a summer’s day. After their heroics Jazz and Sapphire sunbathed and relaxed and watched the rest of the cars come though our section  On our way out of the 15.8 mile stage we passed 16 rally cars that had gone off the road into either the undergrowth or off into the trees, thankfully no one was hurt! I kept the Bedlie Limo on the stage in one piece ,  in some places the stage road was very rough indeed, so for now we will leave you to look at some pictures of our great day out marshalling ttfn Ian Jazz and Sapphire pups.


Thank you Ian lucky the rally crew were unhurt, it seem a rather dangerous sport. not for the feint hearted!  Looking forward to seeing the reconditioned bedlington trailer at the fun day. Seems like you really enjoyed your two weeks holiday, you were really lucky to have a week of glorious weather in March!

26 March 2012

What A Wonderful Sunny Weekend!

We had a wonderful two days camping on the banks of the River Avon, if you were out and about in the sun with the dogs and camera, do email me photos!.

Nesting Time


Next time you trim your Bedlington you can do the garden birds a favour. Instead of throwing the coat trimmings away, put them out for the birds. They make an ideal nest lining as they are warm and are short enough not to tangle the chicks' legs. The goldfinches are queuing up for the Lowbrook trimmings at the moment along with the chaffinches, greenfinches and various tits.Stuart.
Thank you Stuart I have a large black bin bag full of trimmings, I shall scatter some on the grass this evening.

Fun Times For Rupert, Dot & Polly

What wonderful weather we can go up the reservoir at long last.  Have sent a couple of photos of the dogs Rupert couldn’t keep up with Dora and Polly.  Dot



Thank you Dot, lovely to see the dogs having fun in the warm sunshine!

25 March 2012

Tune In Tonight For Mr Rich And The Terriers

Trevor has just noticed this. Mr Rich & the Terriers BBC2 10-50pm this evening, originally shown on BBC1 Cumbria/North East. Ok  It’s about football but maybe there will be a real bedlington terrier in a staring role.Jane

Thanks Jane hope to see the programme provided I don’t fall asleep in front of the box!

Today At Gt Yarmouth Open Show

Gt Yarmouth, Gorleston & Dist CS, 25 March 2012

Great Yarmouth, Gorleston & District Canine Society Open Show, Sunday 25 March. 3 classes, 11 dogs entered, judge Shelley Worrall

BOB and Gp2 Viv's Bonnie

BPIB & PG3 Mary's Mavis

Still not sure who won Spikiest Hair rosette - leave it to the bloggers to choose Viv

Congratulations Viv and Mary great result in a very good entry, and very well done on your group places!!!  Lovely smiling faces in the photo, what a glorious day to be showing.

Yet Another Open Show! Three With Classes Day Before the Fun Day

There is another show with Bedlington a class on the 19th of May, just before the Fun Day. Hereford & County Kennel Society, 1 class of Open, at Bromyard Equestrian Centre. Judge Lennart Stahle (Shallcome). In between Hereford and Worcester, so not too far for the fun day. Jane

Thank you Jane The Hereford show and the Redditch show (3 classes) are both in striking distance of Brailes. Also don’t forget The Christchurch and New forest show with 3 classes to be judged by Michelle Alders. The Fun day also falls on the SKC championship show weekend!

24 March 2012

How Much?

We will take it.

Another Beautiful Day Ahead

Breakfast is up!

Dairy Date: Pre Fun Day Walk And BBQ On The Saturday

IMG_0576[5]Beautiful Brailes Hill


For everyone camping or staying in the local area there will be a morning walk from the campsite to our house, then time to recharge the batteries  with drinks and BBQ before walking back over Brailes hill to the camp site. The round trip is about 5 miles in total but is over  very hilly terrain. We welcome everyone and those who do not want to walk can sit in our garden and enjoy the views over the Cotswold Hills and help Jon with the food. If raining we will cancel the walk but the BBQ will go ahead as the marquee is big enough for us all to enjoy lunch in the dry. There will be no charge for food but we need to know numbers. If you can join us please put your name and numbers attending in the comment
Also, on the Saturday is the famous Wellesbourne huge outdoor market and Roger Bannister will be judging Bedlingtons at the Redditch Open Show held at the Sports Connexion just 30 minutes drive from Brailes.s.
For everyone camping over several days I will be running agility,  simulated coursing and  Bronze Good Citizen workshops during the week. Camping is available for the week for £5 a night. Contact Derek for more infro or to book a place. No problem with space as Brailes camping can accommodate forty units. 

Roving Blogger



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Crufts 2012 - Bedlington Terrier. Part 4


Crufts 2012 - Bedlington Terrier. Good citizen Dog. Best Dog. Res. Dog. Veteran Bitch. Puppy Bitch. Junior Bitch. Post Graduate Bitch.

National Terrier Entries

60 dogs with 84 entries at National Terrier.
Thanks to Enid for the info.

23 March 2012

A Very Happy Birthday To…….

Edward Eves. Hope you still have those running shoes ready for this year's Fun Day! Lots of love from everyone on the blog.

Wyre Piddle

Lovely sunny day.

Canine Alliance - Post Crufts Meeting - Part 1

‘Further review of the Standards needed,’ says BVA president

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News: Dog Shot After Attacking Police

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Crufts 2012 - Bedlington terrier ring. Part 3

Open Dog

News: Three In Hospital After Dog Attack

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22 March 2012

2 Lurchers On Death Row

I have been made aware of 2 lurchers that need a home, they are both male, tan I think in colour and good with other dogs. I don't have any more information but I do know that they are at South Derbyshire Kennels and on death row, they have until 4pm on Friday 23rd March. The kennel does have a euthanasia policy as heart breaking as it is. My friend runs Burton Wildlife & Animal Rescue and does a good job trying to rehome the dogs from there. If anyone is interested can they ring Lindsay on 07880 742748 for more details.
Many Thanks Helen Murby
This is very sad hope they have a reprieve if not homed!

Weekly News


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Heelwork to Music - Freestyle International - 1st Place - Crufts 2012

Nothing Bedlington (wish it was) as in my opimnon this is one of the best routines I have seen, so thought I would share it with you!.

Crufts 2012 - Bedlington Terrier Ring. Part 2

Post Graduate Dog

News:The day dogdom changed forever? by Andrew Brace


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A Very Happy 9th Birthday Yesterday To………


Trudie’s lovely boy Tobie, hope he enjoyed his special day  This is a great photo of Tobie in the veteran class at Crufts.

21 March 2012

Our Midland Musings


Just in case anyone missed our ugly mugs at Crufts, Trevor, myself and mutts took the opportunity to take a well earned break in our beloved Southwold last week. Arthur and Erin were born just a little too late to try to qualify for this years Crufts but hopefully they’ll make it in 2013. A huge "Congratulations" to all the winners, the kids were especially proud of daddy Merlin and to everyone else, hope you enjoyed your day.
Our week away was wonderful as always, it was made a little tricky though as Erin had just begun her first season! We coped quite well with a little dog juggling, as one does, just glad to have it behind us, the season, that is. Southwold was under siege by rabbits, which made for some very interesting walks, especially in the evening. Maya was in her element not knowing which way to turn next.
With it looking like spring is on the horizon things will be getting busier for Trevor, (he,s a gardener), so getting the terrible two ready for shows will put even more pressure on the poor chap. We have had several inquiries for puppies of late, so if you,re planning a litter why not let Chris or Chris at the appropriate puppy registers know. Bedlington puppies seem a bit like busses to me, none for ages then a whole load arrive at once, lol. Well that,s all for now, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and make the most of the longer days ahead. Jane xxx


Thank you Jane Southwold sounds a real old fashioned English seaside town, we must definitely make  time to visit. I love the photo, the intense look on that dog’s face means it must be Maya trying to pounce on some unsuspecting bunny. 

News: Canine Alliance asks KC to suspend vet checks

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Spring Is Officially Here!!!



Leo and Larry enjoy the sunshine while watching mum zoom up and down with the lawn mower!

20 March 2012

News: Canine Alliance - Post Crufts meeting - Andrew Brace interview


Marina Scott interviews Andrew Brace at the emergency meeting the week after Crufts 2012, to discuss the BOB testing which happened for the first time at Crufts this year and where the Canine Alliance was founded. Andrew talks about his hopes for the meeting and the future, aiming to unite dogdom and get their message across to the Kennel Club.

News: Canine Alliance - Post Crufts meeting - Michael Gadsby interview

Marina Scott interviews Michael Gadsby at the emergency meeting the week after Crufts 2012, to discuss the BOB testing which happened for the first time at Crufts this year and where the Canine Alliance was founded. Mike talks about his hopes for the meeting and the future of pedigree dogs, aiming to unite dogdom and get their message across to the Kennel Club.

New Classes At The Fun Day May 20th


3 Working Bedlington Classes and 3 Working Lurcher Classes
BOB rosette for Best Bedlington and for Best Lurcher
Trophy Awarded for overall Winner and BIS
Lurcher and Terrier Simulated Coursing
Lurcher and Terrier Timed Sprint Racing
Rosettes to all the winners and prize money for the sprint winners.

Beginners Bedlington Terrier fun show, 3 Classes open to KC registered dogs and handlers
who have not won a first prize any championship show
(Dogs do not have to be in show trim)

The Most Obedient Bedlington competition. A very simple test trophy to the winner.

This year’s fun day has added lurchers and coursing to the timetable. These events will take place in the morning. Frances Fuller who is an experienced lurcher and working bedlington breeder will be judging the working bedlington and lurcher classes
The BTA  have added three fun show  classes for KC registered bedlingtons. These classes are for beginner dogs and handlers, This is a great chance to introduce your pet bedlington to the show ring and to introduce young people to the world of showing and handling. Dogs DO not have to be in show trim!

A complete list of the day’s events can be found in the index column. Camping at the venue is now available over the week, please contact Derek to book, details in the index column. Just a reminder we will be testing the KC Bronze Good Citizen we have 5 dogs booked. Please contact me if you would like to take the test, I will be running a practise session on the Saturday. We have an outside KC examiner coming in this year.

K9 Marshal Crew On A High


Hello all , Just a quick one before we pick mum up from her card making class. Jazz and Sapphire are on a high at the moment as they have been spending some quality time with there Uncle Ian having lots of fun, walks and adventures. We went up a hill near Shrewsbury called “Haughmond Hill” which they enjoyed.


Walking up they met other dog friends and played. From the  top  view point they could look down to see if they could see the pub ha ha!! On our way down there is a view point that over looks the quarry. Jazz and Sapphire wanted to see what was going on and act as formdogs ( a dog version of a form man) and watch the blasting at ne face of the quarry. To my surprise both Jazz and Sapphire never battered an eye they just looked and watched, eventually got bored and started playing. By the time we got to the car they were ready for a cup of tea! On Sunday we went to the grass tracking meeting only to find that it had been cancelled (bah humbug) but never mind we still have the Bulldog Rally to go to. So for now bye bye from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


Thank you Ian lovely photos, you certainly have some stunning walks in Shropshire! Jazz and Sapphire must be the fittest bedlingtons on the blog. I bet you were disappointed to find the grass track racing had been cancelled.