31 July 2012

Beautiful Lurcher Babies

Shamba Pups 2

There mum is ¾ Whippet / ¼ Bedlington and their father is a Bedlington. They are 8 weeks old and absolutely beautiful.
Thank you to Sharon for the photo, I just love the broken coated baby. For details on this litter contact Sharon on sharon@amesweb.co.uk

30 July 2012

Selected Prize Winners……..


had their own personal exercise area at Leeds Champ Show!! Thanks to Stuart fro the photo

A Great Weekend At The Game Fair



Billy helps with the ferret display and Issacc makes a new friend

1111 2

Issacc with the lure and at, 9.00pm Saturday night and the game fair still going strong with live bands.
Thanks Billy sounds like a great fun weekend!

29 July 2012

Results From Leeds Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Alice Emsley

BEST OF BREED : 7589 WALTERS, Miss D B U & MITCHELL Mr B S M Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
Dog CC : 7589 WALTERS, Miss D B U & MITCHELL Mr B S M Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
Res Dog CC : 7561 GRAHAM Mr T D & Mrs J E Ruffsfurze Kazan
Bitch CC : 7583 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Res Bitch CC : 7579 PHILLIPS, Mr & Mrs & RATHSRIGG Mrs J Ch Cassdenal Serendipity
Best Puppy : 7547 BANNISTER Mrs Y E & Mr C R Miteymidgets Look Of Love
Best Veteran : 7548 BANNISTER Mrs Y Miteymidgets Myaquila
Best Breeder : BANNISTER

Click HERE for the full results
Congratulations Donna  and to all the winners but especially Jane and Trevor with their lovely young boy Arthur who won his first reserve Challenge Certificate. 
Stop Press
Well done to team Miteymidgets for winning the breeders group and to Paul and Mark for Janmark Jeremiah’s third in the Junior stakes 

One Very Special Bedlington!! Yuva makes The Grade With Flying Colours



Heart of Wales Game Fair Yuva won third place out of a class of 19 working bitches


Yuva was third out of a class of 11 show bitches at Crufts this year

On Friday 27th of July 2012 Burmington Truly Blue a show bred Bedlington and Crufts competitor who belongs to Nicky Kinns was entered in a working grading in beautiful north Oxfordshire.
The grading’s come in two categories, the first a Grade 1 certification for underground work to fox under Exempted Hunting and in accordance with the law as it currently stands within The Hunting Act 2004. The second is a Grade 2 certification where the grading is an above ground procedure whereby the dog is expected to display its hunting prowess in the field with ferrets and enter rough cover.
Nicky Kinns accompanied by her son Tim, they used their own nets and ferrets and were unassisted by no-one else except their dog ‘Yuva’
Upon being graded the terrier proved her steadiness with both domestic livestock and ferrets. A warren was netted the dog did not mark and NO rabbits were bolted, correct marking. A second warren was approached the terrier marked and 3 rabbits bolted 1 of which ‘Yuva’ actually caught as it slipped a net again correct marking.

She worked tirelessly in quite hot conditions, her recall is instant, she is a very steady dog. The final test was with a long net which was placed around a fenced off tree, its warren totally hidden within the dense summer cover which incidentally was stinging nettles! ‘Yuva’ never hesitated to work through these savage plants and was rewarded by a rabbit being secured in the long net.
At the end of this short grading Burmington Truly Blue absolutely proved her working ability beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I am generally a staunch critic of the show Bedlington, however no one could criticise this terrier for her prowess in the field. Given a hard winters work on rabbits this bitch would enter the show ring in immensely hard condition. The show world should very proud of one of their dogs actually gaining this working certification, she passed her grading easy and is the first Bedlington terrier to have been subject to a grading. JOHN GLOVER.Working grading examiner.


How proud Nicki and I are of this little show/working bitch, now proven fit for purpose. It will be wonderful to see Yuva in show trim at working terrier shows, knowing her to be a true working bedlington. Congratulations to Nicki and Yuva the first show bedlington to take and pass working grade 2 certificate. Thank you to John Glover for examining Yuva and Tim for handling and getting the best out of this fantastic all round bitch. Yuva is not yet three and will carry on ridding us of vermin, she will continue to be entered at shows and I will look forward to seeing Yuva in the ring at both KC and working events.

27 July 2012

Sop Press: Urgent

Two eight month old non registered brother and sister pups urgently need to be re-homed. They are currently at Prestwick in Scotland. The pups must be re-homed together. For more information contact Frances Fuller at Bedlington Rescue and Re-homing on 
Tel: 01559 384499

Lurcher Show Poster


This is the poster for the show Billy told us about yesterday. I know quite a few bloggers have lurchers, what a fun  weekend this will be for those attending the show. Thank you to Mathew for the poster...

A First Haircut For…


Alfie, I am not sure how old he is but what a handsome young man! Thank you to Pat (his babysitter) for the photo. 

26 July 2012



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News: APGAW calls on KC and Blue Cross to get behind Puppy Contract


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There seems to be a shortage of puppies at the moment but if you are looking for a puppy check out the Assured Breeder breeder list on the Kennel club website as all Assured Breeders will all provide a sales contract. These ABS contracts are not universal as they have been drafted by each individual breeder. The link below gives some idea of what you should  expect to see in an ABS puppy contract.   

About The BVA AWF Puppy Contract 

Click HERE

Lurcher Racing And Showing This Weekend At


Mackinly Park Rugby Ground, Green Lane, Redcar
28th & 29th

Oscar The Rescue Has His First Hair Cut


Oscar just got back from his haircut and was given a Mr Men toy for being such a good boy.He looks a bit more like a Bedlington now! All the best Martin and Julie
Thank you Martin and Julie it is lovely to see him in his proper trim, Oscar certainly is handsome and from the photos a very  happy little fellow. He looks a real character and lots of fun to have around 

25 July 2012

Bournemouth 2012 Summary of Entries

Just 3 entries, what a shame, hope we don’t lose the classes! 

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. Meet our newest prospective Junior Handler, Lucas. he's the first grandchild of Maria and Alan and that makes Jake a very proud uncle! I'm sure that Morgan and Esther will love him and as he only lives 5 mins. away they will see quite a lot of him. Now that he has arrived safely, Maria can go off in the caravan for a well deserved holiday.


It's very hot here and the dogs have been seeking the shade although Fizz does have to go a sun bathe in the hottest spots for a short time! We're off to the Millennium Stadium this  afternoon for the Women's Football. It's Team GB playing New Zealand. Our seats are in the front row near the goalpost- so look out for us on TV! We're going down to Cardiff on the X4 bus with our bus passes and we've got Granny seats ( concessions) so it's not costing us a fortune.
It's Elwyn's granddaughter's birthday on Thursday so I'd like to wish Alma a very happy third birthday in New Zealand.
We're off to Harewood House on Friday for the Leeds Championship Show and are going to stay up in York until the NBTC Show on the following Saturday. Fortunately, I have a very good neighbour who will water my pots while we are away. Good luck to all those showing over the next two weeks. Enid

Thank you Enid congratulations to Maria and Alan an exciting time with a new baby in the family. Don’t forget your sun hat this afternoon it will be scorching in the stadium, I feel sorry for the girls who have to play in this heat. Safe trip up to Leeds hope the weather holds, right now this warm dry weather is just perfect for a few days camping!

24 July 2012

Tuesday’s Musings From Jane


At long, long last we’ve seen an end to those dreary unseasonably wet and cold most un-summery days. Now all we have to wish for is that the sunshine will last and make up for its most notable absence. Happily for us, the weather in Suffolk was a bit better than in many parts of the country, when we took one of our annual visits there a couple of weeks ago. Maya and her offspring were delighted to be back in "bunnyland", Southwold has a real rabbit problem, which our lot would love to make it their job to fix lol! Unfortunately we had just missed the Olympic torch making its journey through Reydon and passed the beach-huts in Southwold, mum did catch a glimpse though.


Last week we had a very special visitor, Anne who bought Luka from us almost 7 years ago was taking a well earned break in a lovely cottage on the Shropshire boarders close to us. So not to miss the opportunity she called round for a catch up, it was wonderful to see them both again. He is a real character, (well aren’t all beddlies!), he had recently had a grass seed between his toes and was doing a real Oscar nomination performance to make sure we knew about it. Anne is going to try camping with him so may make next years "fun day". I love catching up with puppies we have bred, as I’m sure the rest of us do. It is most satisfying to know they are in homes where they are loved and will remain for all their lives.

Lets hope the summer is here to stay now and Leeds dog show on Sunday will be spared the deluge so many others this year have been forced to endure. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane Southwold sea front is deserted you would never think the photo was taken mid summer. I love the photo of Luka out side the cottage another good calendar entry! Pretty it may be but I don’t think I would like to live in a cottage with low ceilings beams and the resident spiders.. 
Asha’s pups are now weeks old and dates are being booked in the calendar for them to go to their new homes at the end of next month. They all have lovely new homes waiting, but for me it will be sad saying good-by and handing them over to their new Mums and Dads. On a positive note I am sure I will get lots of photos and hopefully see them from time to time on visits and at bedlington events. 

A Very Happy and Sunny Day Birthday Today To….


Tony, one of our bedlington blog fishing team, have a lovely day in the sun from everyone on the blog. 


Calendar Photo Competition Closes A Week Today


You only have a a few days left to send in your photos to Viv for the 2013 calendar competition.  Good clear prints or original size jpeg email photos only. No mobile phone photos! Entry just £1 a photo and the competition closes on July 31st. All profit to bedlington  rescue and re-homing.  Please send your prints and entry money to: Viv Rainsbury 174 Bells Road, Gorleston On Sea, NorfolkEntry, NR31 6BA, to include a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your prints returned.

Another Senior Moment!

Could the lady looking for an old adult bedlington possibly a rescue please send me the email again I have accidently deleted it

Judge wanted for Maidenhead

Maidenhead and District Canine Society are looking for a judge for next February's Open show. Please let me know if you, or somebody you know, is interested and I will forward your particulars to the secretary. Ideally you will be qualified to judge four classes but three classes will be considered.Maidenhead have supported the Bedlington for many years so let's see if we can repay their loyalty to us. Stuart

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…..


Tricia on Oracoke Island in the USA. Do hope you have some time off today and can celebrate your special days with the woofs, lots of love to you from everyone on the blog.

23 July 2012

Chase The Bunny Finals In October


This is Diesel after she won the chase the bunny championship final last October. Asha has already qualified for the champion final 2012 and hoping to get her fit enough to run in October..  

Go Have A great Day Out And Support Animal Rescue


On Sunday 29th July, CLEVERPAWS (at Stephenson Industrial Estate, NE37 3HT) are holding a FUNDRAISING PET DOG SHOW, FOR BRYSON'S ANIMAL SHELTER.

Starts 11 a.m. Entry £1 per class, Opening with 'Heel Work To Music' demonstration Classes 1-5 are : 'Waggiest tail' / Shiniest Coat / Dogs Sit / Prettiest Bitch / Saddest Eyes.
Lunch break with Dog Agility Demonstration
Classes 6-11 are: Fancy Dress/ Handsome Dog / Best Veteran / Best Puppy / Dog That Judge Would Most Like To Take Home / Best BRYSONS Dog.
There will be various stalls and refreshments available throughout the day.
Enquires please Ring 0191 4875858

Please If you can, support this great charity by attending the pet dog show.Bryson's Animal Shelter (registered name NCHPS, registered charity number 227361) was founded by the late Bill and Marion Bryson in 1947 (at Eighton Banks, Gateshead) to provide sanctuary and a home of rest for retired and ill-treated horses and ponies. Over the years Bryson's has expanded and now also provides a refuge for dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, and other animals.
Bryson's never, ever destroy a healthy animal unless under veterinary advice. As a registered charity they receive NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING and rely totally upon the donations of the public
Karen and Bramble

Thank you Karen do hope you have a really fun day and raise lots of money, don’t forget your camera!

22 July 2012

A Belated Happy Birthday To Norman Ames


from everyone on the blog. Do hope you had a wonderful time trip in Europe and enjoyed your special day.

Alfie says,


“What’s that coming over the hill? Its a monster! 
Many thanks to Pat (Larry and Leo’s mum) who babysits Alfie two days a week while his mum is at work.

21 July 2012

Calling Derek Lewes

Hi all, just seen the following message on Facebook, does anyone know anything about a lost Bedlington in Shiney Row?
A friend of mine found a Bedlington Terrier on Shiny Row roundabout 3am this morning, it's safe but the council will be collecting it today. If you or someone you know has lost a dog like this please call 01388 721351 Thank you Carly

I will get in touch with Derek he lives in Shiny Row.

Is Holistic Pet Food Just Marketing Hype?

Food for thought on this subject

Click Here

Pet Food Reviews and Articles


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Check The Labels, Beware Of Dog Treats Made In China

Dog owners in eight USA states who believe contaminated chicken jerky treats from China sickened or killed their pets are banding together in a class-action lawsuit against Nestle Purina, the maker of two popular brands of the canine snacks, and several mega-stores that sell them.

They are suing just as Food and Drug Administration officials have refused to release results of inspections of Chinese plants that make the jerky treats blamed for at least 1,000 illnesses and deaths in U.S. pets.

Do you know of any dog treats on sale in the UK made in China?  Always read the information on the back or side of the pack before purchasing.

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Owner Handlers Don’t Want Cake, We Just Want A Fair Share

I can across this article yesterday from an American publication “The Dog Press” makes interesting reading! 

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Periodically Terrier World will update you with what we regard is important information. As you are probably aware, Terrier World has been running a campaign about the ethics of Professional Handlers judging and should it be allowed by the Kennel Club. The latest update will be on their website  shortly.

20 July 2012

19 July 2012

Busy Bedlingtons


Bieke and Bonnie have been two busy Bedlingtons recently. They have been on holiday to the north west highlands of Scotland where there is a drought! This was Bonnie's first holiday since she came to live with Bieke and a lot of fun was had on the beaches, Bieke spent a happy half an hour chasing some sand martins up and down the beach at Gruinard, though they kept cheating and flying out over the sea. There were lots of lovely walks on beaches, in woods and by lochs. Since returning home they have been helping to look for a new house and they were very pleased to find out that they will be soon living by the sea in Cumbria. They are now keeping their paws crossed that everything goes smoothly so that they can get to the new house quickly. We think that they are also hoping that there will be a dog training club nearby so that they can meet lots of new friends We took loads of photos while on holiday but Bieke and Bonnie were too busy exploring to stay still long enough to stay in the picture. Best wishes Ruth and Howard


Thank you Howard and Ruth, great to hear that Bonnie has settled in and having fun  with her new sister. Although dry it does not look warm in the photos but it sounds like the dogs had a real good time. Do hope the move goes well, how lovely to be able to move to Cumbria, all that beautiful countryside and wonderful walks, the dogs will be in their element. Looking forward to lots of photos!  

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…….


Hefin Awarding BOB to Stuart Yearley and Genie at Bournemouth Championship Show last year

Hefin , have a lovely day from all your friends on the blog!

18 July 2012

This Boating Thing Is Very Tiring!


Yuva reporting in from somewhere on the river Nene!

A Note From Paula

Dear all,
Some or all of you may have received weird spam from my e-mail address. For this I apologise. It seems my email address had been accessed and my addresses spammed. I have taken steps to prevent this happening again. Again my profuse apologies Paula O’leary

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. This photo was taken earlier this year but it's still raining although not as bad as this. The older dogs hate going out in it but Ecco and Solo don't mind. Elwyn arrived home after a very wet fishing holiday with Stu and Angela. he enjoyed the break but wished it had been a bit drier. He didn't catch a single fish and it's going to take him ages to clean the caravan.
Good news from Diane Herbert. She took Misty to see the eye specialist and she doesn't have cataracts but an eye condition common in older dogs. She won't go blind but bright sunlight will affect her vision. We are looking into finding dog sunglasses. has any one any idea if they are available?
Although they are not from Wales, I'd like to extend our good wishes to Janet and David Taylor who's son is getting married in London on Saturday. I hope they have a fantastic day and the sun shines on the celebrations.
We've got tickets for the first event in the Olympics next week. We're going to watch the women's football in Cardiff and Great Britain are playing New Zealand. The stadium won't be full but they have sold 33,000 tickets for the game. I'll keep you posted! Enid

Thank you Enid, not exactly raining here today but very dull and overcast. I can hardly remember the few sunny warm days we have seen this year. Good news about Misty what a worry it must have been with a possible huge vet bill for the cataract operation. Do hope the sun shines for the wedding the forecast is for Saturday is sunny spells and mostly dry!   

17 July 2012

More Rain


Well what a mixed weekend we had weather wise. Friday it was not to bad with a wet start, then it turned dry Saturday. Sunday was dry sunny and warm and the K9 Marshal Crew headed off to Newport ( Shropshire ) for a big show where we did another Dog Display team. We had two displays to do, one at 1:00pm and the second one at 3:15pm, both displays went very well in front of a large crowds. After first one was over we had our dinners and a drink and headed off into the show to have a look around the stalls,  the food and drink stalls made our mouths water!  Sapphire and Jazz said that they liked the Strawberries and cream stall the best, even the stall holder gave them extra cream, he is a big fan of the Bedlington Terrier and is going to have a look at the blog. What they enjoyed the most was looking at the different animals which included  horses, cows and birds of pray, the feathered kind Billy and Derek NOT the other kind of birds of pray ha ha!!  Sapphire's favourite animals  were the little Meercats she stood on her back legs talking to them.  As we got back to the arena to get ready to set the equipment out for the second display the heavens opened, and yes it poured down for half an hour.


We all sheltered in the equipment trailer and Sapphire was in the best place up on the top shelf nice and comfy on all the beds. People in the team  asked me, where is Sapphire? They  did they realized were she was and they were really jealous  for she was so comfy, dry and warm on the doggie beds. Even the Morris Dancers who were on before us couldn't do their dancing display. They postponed everything for 30 minutes till the rain eased off then we all raced around to get the stuff ready for the second display which went well. By the time we had finished and got everything packed away it was 5:30pm. After the display The K9 Marshal Crew had a fuss from  the crowd that had gathered which they really enjoyed.

When we got home they had their teas and put their paws up for the rest of the evening. Early Sunday morning we headed of to Whittington Castle to a car boot sale where Sapphire and Jazz got even more fuss. We then we headed off to where we practice for the displays and agility for the annual display teams BBQ. Thank goodness the weather stayed dry for us and the sun came out and was warm and pleasant. After we filled our tummies up we had a chat with everyone before we came home.  Sapphire and Jazz were so tired from their busy weekend they took themselves of to bed and only came down for a special treat for being good dogs all weekend.

With a bit of luck there is another display in a fortnight time,  so for now bye bye and speak to you all soon ! Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


teddyThis is Little Sapphire relaxing with her little teddy bear, bless her

16 July 2012

Introducing Ted



We say hello to young Ted who is going to to live with, or maybe already living in his new home with Sue Jenkins. What a cutie he is, I just love liver babies! Many thanks to Sue for the photos, do hope we see a lot more young Ted growing up!

Change Of Judge For Evesham

Just three entries yesterday for Eveshan with only Trevor and Jane Graham’s Arthur and Erin turning  up.  There was a a last minute change of judge and Mr Jeff Luscott judged the dogs.  He awarded BOB to Arthur (Ruffsfurze Kazan).  Although no place in the final large group Trevor and Jane were really pleased from the very positive feedback from Mr Luscott.       

Final Reminder


You only have a a few days left to send in your photos to Viv for the 2013 calendar competition.  Good clear prints or original size jpeg email photos only. No mobile phone photos! Entry just £1 a photo and the competition closes on July 31st. All profit to bedlington  rescue and re-homing.  Please send your prints and entry money to: 

Viv Rainsbury 174 Bells Road, Gorleston On Sea, NorfolkEntry, NR31 6BA, to include a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your prints returned. 

Life On The Canal


Yuva is enjoying a weeks holiday on the narrow boat. Apparently she loves the boat and is confident jumping on and off the boat when moored and loves to watch the world go by from the roof as the boatt winds its way along the river. At the moment they are on the river Nene near Wisbech heading for the Grand Union Canal near Northampton.  

15 July 2012

Today At Alfreton & District Canine Society


Tasseltabs Timber 1st in Junior AVNSC, Best AVNSV Terrier and Terrier Group 3.  I am proud of him, he beat some other good terriers!
Luckily the weather stayed nice for us. Thanks Helen
Well done Helen a really good result to win out of the Junior Class and go on to to be awarded group 3. How nice to see the sunshine!

Today At Durham Canine Association

Judge Julie Oxbury

Junior + Post Grad
1st -Janmark Jeremiah with Paul BOB  Group 1
Open 1st - Janmark Justintime ShCm J W with Mark

Janmark Jeremiah BOB Group1

Well done to the Janamrks and many thanks to Julie for the results and photo,
Does anyone know the results from the Evesham show today?

Grooming The American Style Bedlington




Click HERE to down load the magazine and turn to page 46 to read the article.  Bedlingtons with their oh so soft coats!!