09 July 2012

Adlington Carnival


Thought blog followers in the North West of England would like to know that Adlington Carnival is coming up this weekend from Friday 13th - Sunday 15th July (oooh no Friday 13th!).
It's their 40th anniversary so they're gonna go all out I reckon. On Saturday 14th is their annual fun dog show plus there will be a heelwork to music team display and loads more. It starts at 12.30pm and the display is at 2pm.
I'll be there with the dog training club in my light blue work hoodie with Cotton the dark blue Bedlington, please come over and say hello as she would love to meet another Bedlington! (Seems ironic that Adlington and Bedlington are such similar names). Sadly we can't enter the dog show because we know the judge (my boss!).

To get to the event look for or google:
The Bridge Inn
11 Park Road

The Jubilee Playing Fields in which the event is held is just along from the pub, after the canal, behind Park Road but I think you will be able to find it easily by asking someone once
you got there. For more info you can visit: http://www.chorleypeople.co.uk/ADLINGTON-CARNIVAL-2012/story-16394183-detail/story.html
And here's a recent pic of Cotton on a lovely long walk after she'd finally had her stitches out from her spay, its a long time to wait for stitches to come out for a proper walk when you're as bonkers as Cotton: Emma x

Thank you Emma Cotton looks fully fit and ready to run. The carinval sounds like a great fun day out with your dog. Are you and Cotton in the heelwork display team?

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EJ said...

Unfortunatly we arent in the display team either! I couldn't get to rehersals because of work & lack of transport and by the time i'd thought to ask for a lift they were 2 or 3 rehersals away from final rehersals!