19 July 2012

Busy Bedlingtons


Bieke and Bonnie have been two busy Bedlingtons recently. They have been on holiday to the north west highlands of Scotland where there is a drought! This was Bonnie's first holiday since she came to live with Bieke and a lot of fun was had on the beaches, Bieke spent a happy half an hour chasing some sand martins up and down the beach at Gruinard, though they kept cheating and flying out over the sea. There were lots of lovely walks on beaches, in woods and by lochs. Since returning home they have been helping to look for a new house and they were very pleased to find out that they will be soon living by the sea in Cumbria. They are now keeping their paws crossed that everything goes smoothly so that they can get to the new house quickly. We think that they are also hoping that there will be a dog training club nearby so that they can meet lots of new friends We took loads of photos while on holiday but Bieke and Bonnie were too busy exploring to stay still long enough to stay in the picture. Best wishes Ruth and Howard


Thank you Howard and Ruth, great to hear that Bonnie has settled in and having fun  with her new sister. Although dry it does not look warm in the photos but it sounds like the dogs had a real good time. Do hope the move goes well, how lovely to be able to move to Cumbria, all that beautiful countryside and wonderful walks, the dogs will be in their element. Looking forward to lots of photos!  


Timmy said...

Adorable Dog!

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Sarah and Tony said...

Looks like you all had a great holiday. love the pictures. Hope the move goes smoothly.


love the pictures, looks like the dogs are having a great time!

k9 said...

Great Photos of two Bedlies haveing lots of fun
From Sapphire and Jazz