04 July 2012

Enid’s Wedensday News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. We've just come back from an enjoyable week in Windsor. The camping facilities are very basic but the location is fantastic - in between the Castle and the Thames. Even the weather was kind to us and we did were able to watch the Changing of the Guard in glorious sunshine. The Guards on duty were the Coldstream Guards. It brought home to me how very young the soldiers were. It was lovely to catch up with our Russian friends on Sunday and, as we were camping, we were able to go to watch the group judging and give a big cheer for the Merlin, the Russian Bedlington.

Elwyn is off fishing with the Yearley's on Sunday and it's his birthday that day so I hope Stu has a tot of the strong stuff to toast the birthday boy (don't know about the pork pie!). Hopefully, they will be able to visit Ken Bounden who is making a good recovery from his minor surgery. On that track, Judy Thompson has a date at the beginning of August for her knee operation. I'll keep you informed of her progress.

Dianne Herbert rang to say that her ten year old, Zoe, has developed cataracts in both eyes. It was quite a shock as she didnt' seem to have any difficulty in getting around. I wonder if any of you have had this problem? Apparently, the initial consolation with the specialist is going to cost £250 and the operation would be over £3500. Any feed back would be welcome.
Tim is definitely judging Crufts next year and it really looking forward to the experience.

We had a bit of a hairy moment on the last walk of last night - Fizz almost caught our neighbours cat and the others were close behind. It dived over a wall into a garden just in time. They are great on the lead until we come into our street and the it's CAT ALERT! I think the cats lurk around deliberately to annoy the dogs!
Good luck to all those showing next weekend. Enid

Thank you Enid, Windsor camping is just lovely with being able to camp along the river bank and walk into town. I must say Sunday was very cold more like late autumn than midsummer! I am really pleased to hear Elwyn is off fishing again, do hope they have a  few days sunny down in Devon. Goodness £3500 for a cateract operation  sounds very very expensive, maybe it is a time consuming and tricky surgery for a dog.  


tony waller said...

Great picture of the guards Enid, hope you enjoyed your stay at Winsor, did you get to have tea with the Queen. LOL

Stuart said...

No Tony, Enid's much more important than that. The Queen has to go to Merthyr to have tea with Enid.