15 July 2012

Hello From Nina In Denmark

14.07.12 014


14.07.12 064

Anija, Adora & Vita

Thank you Nina Looks like you have some of that rare thing called Sunshine over in Denmark!


Nina said...

We have had days with showers of rain, temps above 20 degrees.
We are very pleased, but the Danes are not; I guess they have never lived at the West-coast of Norway...
Adora-the white one, will (surprisingly) celebrate her 8. birthday this Tuesday. She has been ill since we brought her home, 8 weeks old.
These are the girls who makes my life worth living!!

Elaine & Ern said...

Hi Nina

Lovely to see Anija - she is looking really well.

It doesn't seem five minutes since we brought these gorgeous girls home!

Elaine, Ern, Mac and of course, little Lily

Stuart said...

Pleased to see Anija has kept her lovely liver coat. A bit of a rarity in the Nordic countries.
Her furnishings look pretty good too now she has matured.