11 July 2012

K9 Marshall Crew And The Dog Displays


Hi all, sorry its only a quick one before I have to go back to work,  I thought you might like to see Sapphire and Jazz's photos from the last display we did at the Ellesmere Regatta.  This is the display team photo of us ( well some of us) who were there with Sapphire and Jazz


Here we have Sapphire taking 5 after all the Equipment was put out.



Sapphire running along the fire walk

With in the next day or two we will sit down and do the report for you all to read  TTFN Ian Jazz and Sapphire.

Thank you Ian looks like you had a nice sunny afternoon for a change. It is lovely to see the beddys with the display team. Look forward to your next report very soon.



Looks good Ian, how did you manage to get some sun for the event.

The Makems

k9 said...

good ness knows Derek i think we all had a curry the night before and bluw all the clouds away lol