17 July 2012

More Rain


Well what a mixed weekend we had weather wise. Friday it was not to bad with a wet start, then it turned dry Saturday. Sunday was dry sunny and warm and the K9 Marshal Crew headed off to Newport ( Shropshire ) for a big show where we did another Dog Display team. We had two displays to do, one at 1:00pm and the second one at 3:15pm, both displays went very well in front of a large crowds. After first one was over we had our dinners and a drink and headed off into the show to have a look around the stalls,  the food and drink stalls made our mouths water!  Sapphire and Jazz said that they liked the Strawberries and cream stall the best, even the stall holder gave them extra cream, he is a big fan of the Bedlington Terrier and is going to have a look at the blog. What they enjoyed the most was looking at the different animals which included  horses, cows and birds of pray, the feathered kind Billy and Derek NOT the other kind of birds of pray ha ha!!  Sapphire's favourite animals  were the little Meercats she stood on her back legs talking to them.  As we got back to the arena to get ready to set the equipment out for the second display the heavens opened, and yes it poured down for half an hour.


We all sheltered in the equipment trailer and Sapphire was in the best place up on the top shelf nice and comfy on all the beds. People in the team  asked me, where is Sapphire? They  did they realized were she was and they were really jealous  for she was so comfy, dry and warm on the doggie beds. Even the Morris Dancers who were on before us couldn't do their dancing display. They postponed everything for 30 minutes till the rain eased off then we all raced around to get the stuff ready for the second display which went well. By the time we had finished and got everything packed away it was 5:30pm. After the display The K9 Marshal Crew had a fuss from  the crowd that had gathered which they really enjoyed.

When we got home they had their teas and put their paws up for the rest of the evening. Early Sunday morning we headed of to Whittington Castle to a car boot sale where Sapphire and Jazz got even more fuss. We then we headed off to where we practice for the displays and agility for the annual display teams BBQ. Thank goodness the weather stayed dry for us and the sun came out and was warm and pleasant. After we filled our tummies up we had a chat with everyone before we came home.  Sapphire and Jazz were so tired from their busy weekend they took themselves of to bed and only came down for a special treat for being good dogs all weekend.

With a bit of luck there is another display in a fortnight time,  so for now bye bye and speak to you all soon ! Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


teddyThis is Little Sapphire relaxing with her little teddy bear, bless her


Viv said...

May I suggest a mass migration to the East Anglian coast? We had a lovely weekend - warm and sunny, after overnight showers, and I was able to spend Sunday in the company of the Household Cavalry. (Not what you're thinking - they had an Open Day at their barracks in Thetford Forest, so we watched various "horsy" displays and met all the horses)
See what you miss when you live on the wrong side of the country ...


Like wise Shiney Row. We are in drought condition as it has not rained for 4 days.

The Makems

Stuart said...

Our hosepipe ban was only lifted last week. Just as well, the state everything was in when we got back from hols!